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Tabletop Simluator – How to Import Other Tables into your OneWorld Mod

User Unlocks D&D Table in One-World Map

User imports a D&D table into a one-world map

Imports image from photobucket to an album in their imager account

Creates two object bags and initializes them

Finds the map and unlocks it.

Creating and Saving Custom Maps with Tabletop Simulator: A Tutorial

The video shows how to use Tabletop Simulator to create and save a custom map

The user opens their file explorer, goes into the documents folder, and finds the Tabletop Simulator folder where the mods and images are saved

He has to wait for thousands of files to load before he can find the correct image

He then uses an image editing program ( to scale it down to 1600×945

He copies the link of this image and goes back to the Tabletop Simulator table, pastes in the link, flips it around if necessary, builds it up and exports it as a save object

With this object he can now quickly add it back into his adventure.

Explore the World with One: A Mapping Software Revolution

One World is a software that allows users to build interactive maps

It provides an easy way to add and delete objects and NPCs, as well as reset the table like a board game

It is not necessary to change player character sheets in order to switch between maps or stories

Maps can be shared between players without them having to navigate exterior links.

Unleashing Creativity with Tabletop Simulator: A Pirate Ships Journey

This video explains how to use Tabletop Simulator to create models

It focuses on how to reclaim images and correct size issues

The video also shows how to access different maps and tables, as well as how to customize them with names and photos

Finally, the video showcases an example of a pirate ship-themed map that has been customized for use in a game.

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[Music]all right happy Canada Day dulled myCanadian France got back from a littlecamping this weekend did some soliddrinking and had some fun good timeshanging out with my friends yeah satdown on my computer fart around checkout some stuff on TTS and I rememberedthat there was something that I wantedto do when I saw this table I was kindof like going through my stuff and I'mlike this D&D table number eight Ihaven't got rid of this is a great tableyou know it's already sort of set up andready to go so you don't have to fartaround building anything you couldactually get rid of these woodenlampposts I really dislike it whenpeople leave the names on things so Iwould just you know delete the moat sothat you don't have to look at them Idon't know why there's a gazillionfreaking lamps there anywayoh I see because they're on the groundright okay cool so they're there becauseof whatever the the look of the the maphas reload this table now I never justuse straight tables so what I want to dois I want to import this table into aone world map where I can take it andjust drop it into you know it'll beit'll become ultimately useful if I canput it into a bag that I can add to itlike a collection you'll see on here andmy saved objects map locations I havejust five pages of what is there 20 perpage so you're looking at eighty ninetyfive Maps I've got so far different mapsthat I've collected and scooped up overtime so what I want to show you is howyou get this table into like a one worldsetting and how you do things like thisis obviously missing an image so let'sstart with this first and try and fixthis if you right-click on this and goto custom you'll see here it saysdiffuse image diffuse slash image butwhat this means is this is where theimage for this thing is hosted but ifyou just click on the on the the linkyou can hit control and copy ctrl C andI'll shoot over to my right monitor andyou'll see that it's it's over herelet's close these things downwe are going to go here control thatwill open up a new page sothere you can see it is in photobucketit has this weird tag on it but this isthe image this is what's supposed to goover top at this thing now what you wantto do is you can just right-click onthis and you can hit save image as andyou'll see that I've got a couple copiesof it in my downloads directory when Igo to my downloads directory and I movemy downloads over here you're going tosee that my other stuff I havethose images there's three of them onetwo and three so we don't need theseones should delete to get rid of it thisis it here now what I would do is Iwould take this image and I would uploadit to an album on my imager account if Igo to my injury account these are allthe different storage places for imagerfor images that I have different thingsthat I've been making and cutting outstuff that I want to drag in this is areally nice file folder system that youcan have for free and so this honey hornbrewery would for example would be allthe cutouts for all the maps that I didon the the honey horn brewery map rightthere it is all there so and then I justdragged those pieces in create tokenspretty straightforward but it's a greatway to store stuff much better than theoptions that you have in game but what Ido is I have a folder here calledmiscellaneous random and then you cansee that I have a bunch of I've donethis multiple times trying to find orcorrect the screwed up images wherethings get overlaid and here it is hereso essentially all I've done is takenthe image from my downloads and I'vedragged it into my folder like so itcreates a duplicate and then I'm gonnadelete this one to be the image fromaccount then all you do is just rightclick and hit copy image address thenyou come back to sir I saw your tabletop simulatorand in diffuse immaterial again and hitctrl-v and then import now right awaythat's been fixedit now it's what it's going to do isit's going to call on the image from myspecific imager accountget rid of this bridge thing because wedon't need that thereyou see a name pop up you want to getrid of itMapp is generally fixed we want to getrid of these wooden lamppost things butI'll do this later because you no needto sit here and watch me do this or youcan will I just tell you like completelyoops I screwed that up so we'll have tounlock this hit control-c click on thisthing and control me drop another oneroughly there somewhere lock it in placeI'll get in placeaccidentallywell let's let's get past this stuffbecause this is just dumb so what I gotto do now is I have under my games andmy workshop I have saved one world it'sright here you can click on this thingand you can just hit expand and then youcan see what is in the side the oneworld table without actually opening itup what you're gonna need to do isyou're gonna need to crack out this huband these two bases W base and u basethen these are the only two pieces thatyou need so I would take these I'll spinthis little thing around drop this hereand I'm gonna smash this button and it'sgonna pop up and say that it's missing azone object bag so it creates it rightclick on the bag and just call thiswhatever you want so we're gonna call ittest and then we press the button againit creates another bag we're gonnaright-click on that and we're also gonnacall it test there so we have two bagsboth call tests now when you press thisbutton it initializes it if it needs anupdate it'll tell you there'll be abutton that appears here then you lockit and now you notice that this map isgone so you are gonna have to find checkthat out there's a weird-looking littlegreen thing right therecurious to know what that is but you'regonna have to find this map so in orderto find this map you got to do anotherthing which is basically go back tolet's go back to my right monitor whereI'm gonna open up my file explorer andwe're gonna go into my documents andthen under my documents you are going tofind my game's tabletop simulator and Ibelieve under mods and images everythinggets saved here which is kind of slickso you essentially just this might takea few seconds for it to go through andload everything but what you do is youjust sort by datewe have to let this load all the fileswhile that's doing that I'm gonna take adrink this shouldn't take too long buttabletop simulator every time you loadup an item or an object or something itsaves it in a mod caching file and thisis where you find it so that tabletopmap should be in here somewhere and ifwe sort by date because this would belike the last thing that you load it upit should be right near the top now I'veprobably got thousands of files in hereso you know I don't know where it'sgoing to appear and we're just gonnawait for it to do its thing here forhalf a second maybe I'll get lucky andscroll down a little bit and we'll findit somewhere there it's done I scrollback up to the top at look what I foundthis is it right here so I'm going totake this map right click and I'm goingto open with my window willappear over here let me just move ithereprefer using because it's free andeverything on it seems to work wellenough that I don't I don't need to payfor Photoshop or any of that kind ofstuff so this is a great program fordoing this you're gonna go to image andthen you are going to go to scale imageyou want the entire thing scaled but youwant this thing scaled and it already isto 1600 by 945 scaled you see it scaleand then you just file export itwherever you want it to go to and closedown and then you would find itunder your likes let's say you saved itto your downloads directory which Iclearly did notyou go back to your mg r account I thinkI have a 1600 by 9:45 tables see if Ialready was smart enough to drop this inmy tables probably pretty sure that Ididn't do it already so that no I didrightso essentially you would just take thefile resize it like I said 1600 by 9:45there it is there I must have called ityikesfor whatever reason and you take it andyou drag it onto your imager file andthis is this is just my maps I'm like myflat maps have to be 1600 or double sothat they fit perfectly on to the tablethen it's as simple as doing this youjust right click and hit copy imageaddress this is the image that I want wego back to our tape or our sorryour TTS table and then we're back to oneworld now from one world you're gonnaexpand this you're gonna create a newtableso this says name of zone so we're gonnaright-click on this and we are gonnacall this D and D let's put it in caps Dand D e zero zero eight and then undercustom where this image is we're gonnacontrol V and paste in the image fromour image your account and see that it'scoming into the game and then you pickthis up and you drop it on to pack inthe base once it's doneyou'll see that the map just reappearedin the table we're gonna scooch up hereonce it pops in and now it totally lookslike it's not where it's supposed to beso that's all right because this has theadded ability of these two little cornerpieces that are gonna allow you tochange the way the maps it's so I thinkif we just click both of them Wow suckawhere's the button there it isturn it like thatusually it just needs to be like flippedin Reverse there you go see it's rightback to where she needs to be so nowthat that's done you can just hit thisbutton right here and pack and then youjust look at the table and I'm cute allyou're doing is looking for stuff likeleftovers so there's no leftover bits orleftover any things that need to bemoved around so we can come back hereand I can go to this dandy table andI'll hit buildouch my finger while it builds the tablein a matter of secondsbuildingyou can do is you come back over hereand you hit export and then here youhave it310 pieces of love the bag is called D&E0:08 so I'm gonna right click on thisand I'm going to go to a save object andI want to save this in my map locationsand hit saveokay so that's it this one actuallyworked out relatively easy there wasonly one thing to find I showed you guyshow to get this bottom map so you canpull it off you just sort of edit andedited and and away go now if I goto games and let's go to my work tablehere you know I hit load my work tableup it comes up loading complete just acouple of things that I like to screwaround with here and we're gonna smashthis button twice lock the table I'mgonna go to saved objects and we'regonna type in zero zero eight take thisand drop it on the table and then moveit out of the way actually with thiswith this empty and the table fired upyou just want to drag it on here andit's going to import the artonce that is done we're going to go tothis mainmate this is like all the maps that I'vebeen working on so I'm gonna take D&Dtable number eight drop the link downhere and check this out double click onit there's the map already positionedand I'll just hit buildyougive it a second to fire up and there itis I've completely like pulled it out ofthat other table thrown it into a bagand now when I'm building my adventuresI know that I have this map availableand what I would do for example is justlike I have down here like I set myscenarios up from this blue sword desertthis would be like the parent view mapthe best way to do is go watch theflight of the red sword with thedifferent rooms and stuff like that butwhat I would do is when I create my mapsif I go to I have got aCRPG for king and country workshop tableslowed this upthis is an adventure that I built youcan also see this on theso available if you follow me so if I goto murder hobo over here and I changedmy color to black you see my table popup so you can see everything smash mybutton smash my button load up the maintable which is my IC RPG table deal andthen yeah this is what I would do I juststart creating my adventures so here'sthis here's Alf I'm we're gonna buildthis I start telling my story and then Iput all my links on for my maps andstuff like that these people start onthis slaver ship and they're on theirway to the city of norburg they'reactually going to this norburg prisonwar camp and stuff like that so I'mtelling my story and then the next mapwould be this one here you can see thebutton which is the slavers boat so thenI would build the slavers boat and thisis how you put an adventurer togetherinside of one world why I think it's sofantastic because you don't have to youcould pre build everything so here'shere's my slavers boat that I built I'vegot some tentacles on here just for youknow basically like shits and giggles ifyou're not interested in these thingsyou could just essentially get rid ofthemwhich is just you know delete not deleteif they're not part of your story buthere's the like a little Kraken guy thatcould attack the boat delete deletedelete and then also inside the ship ifI hitf/8 and I just slide the top of the shipoff you can see inside the inside theboat you've got a couple of slave guysyou just throw a in down here a coupleof you put your PCs down here drop themin and these slave guys are in herethese tentacles attack the boat yeahwhatever you want to have kind of athing right essentially this boat isgonna sink and they're gonna end up in adifferent placehere's Admiral Jackson this should havebeen locked up in place but for somereason it wasn't that's cool if anythinggoes wrong with the table it is assimple as hitting clear and hit andbuild and then it just rebuilds thetable this piece here will be a bit of ascrewy thing because it was off thetable when it needed to be built sowe're gonna clear the table and build itagainbut a bing bada boom resets the tableputs everything back to where it'ssupposed to be now this guy should havebeen locked and then I got a resave thetable but you get the gist of it sothat's actually kind of slick so againwe go back here because I reloaded thattable or even if I wanted to do it fromherelet's say I'm gonna hit clear clear thisone and inside this game now I want toadd that map I'm like these guys aregonna do a dungeon adventure somewhereinside here so I'm like okay I need thismap I'm gonna drop this on this dealright here let's say we put this off tothe side right now oh and it doesn'tmatter because I just need the link soI'm gonna clear this back out I'm goingto take this D&D number eight drop it onhere it's going to load it into thistable and drop me this little link andthen all I got to do is just lookthrough these things here's the Alphamap where does this take meback to the mainframe so here's thenorburg city gates gonna go into themerchant district and then from themerchant district into the city streetsbut let's build the city streets map andI'm like okay so this this dungeon mapis going to be in the sewers herethere's little sewer grates you can seethere's one right there right so yourstory would consist of them poppingthrough this thing so what I'm gonna dothen is I'm gonna take this D and d8 I'mgonna drop it on my map right aboutwhere that sewer is like rates rightthere and then now you're good to goright so my players can go to the deepsewers they can go up to the longhouseor now I've added this extra underlittle sewer hidden cave areadouble-click on this and build and boomjust like that I've expanded my story tohave an underground hidden sewers cavearea that my players can go and exploremaybe there's a Thieves Guild down herethat's hidden in this underground cavecomplex yeah whatever you want to putright but that's the advantage of addingthese maps to one world one world justlets you you know put anything in anycombination and instantaneously buildsthe map unlike the other table so I'mnot gonna save this so I could just showyou what I'm talking about right now butthis is the beauty of it like I can loadall of these different maps inside ofone world I don't have any exteriorlinks so we're gonna have to go back tothe city streets but I can load all ofthese maps and build the city streetsagain it's beautiful map by Zofia that Ijust tossed some houses on and put somecool stuff I can't share this onebecause this is Soviet property this isjust for my personal players but I got abit of snow I got some rooftops cityguards and the main streets and stuff soif your players want to like sneak overthe top maybe you want to make it likenighttime I don't have the bar on thisone smoke coming out of the chimneyskind of a thing there's an outhouse etcetc but yeah that's the beauty of itwithout changing my player charactersheetsa little icy RPG character sheet I canchange the maps without messing with thetables right say I want to go to Norbertlonghouse just the map changes not theentire room which is kind of the crappypart about doing this which is if I gohere and go to workshops when you go toD&D table 8 and you want to load itI'm sure there's there's a way of doingthis but now all the stuff is gone so hewould actually have to sort of go to ohI don't know let's say you build yourown room or something like mine would beSunday one shot let's load this up andthen if I go to objects and I go to hereI think you can basically go with thisroute here options and you can goadditive loadand then this'll load this into thetable but look at the problems thathappen now I got to change the table artobjects let's see if I can get this toworkgo to expand here's all the custommodels table customsee because that doesn't allow me toit did do it that's what you want to dokind of a pain in the ass this thing'sall screwed up so you'd have to correctit and make sure that thing st. it'sjust uh not my cup of tea one world istop notch but anyways that's how youlike do things like reclaim these imagesbecause sometimes they'll be screwed upand whatnot I'm pretty sure under aworkshopand then if you find cool tables you canalways do things like just basicallysteal everything probably gonna do thesame thing for these other maps that Ihaven't done yet I actually didalready done it which is very cool hascreated this map games so you just wouldcopy this and drop it into your dealalright well that's enough for todayyou get the gist of how to do thingswhich is actually pretty slick that'show you get stuff into one worldchanging the image size and correctingany sort of issues on the maphopefully that helps some people learn afew thinks I'll make this map availableon my table that you can also find bylooking up the murder-hobos show stuffin where's my tableTable one shot where did you go toa table man I here it is it's got adifferent image for some reasona table of tablesyouclick on this yes no we want we can goback to back to the main tables andbuild this is this is a table of tableswhich is pretty neat there's a littleexplanation how to work it here but Ireworked to this so that you can seewhat they all are and you sort of justsee them from a different from adistance you need a fantasy tavern youcould scroll in you could see okaythat's what this bag is full of maybeyou don't like that maybe you're lookingfor something with walls here's fantasytavern one pyramids tombs but yeah Iwent back and renamed all of thesethings I clean this table up a littlebit because I've been adding to it so Iwill some time this week get around toadding not only that map but I willactually add another map that Iconverted a little while ago if I goback to my work table not sure if it'shere or not but there is a really coolmap that I wanted to share a while agothat I converted that is an inn that'sthe under crypt that I was fartingaround with goblin layer map dogs and PCcards objects saved objects let's goback here and hit 0:06 drop this ontothe table is this as this is the otherone that I'm going to import I willclear this drop this into the middle itwill import this I'm going to take adrinkto eardrop this link here oh this isn't evenit what a fail we'll build this one thisis D and D 6 D map 6 mm I'll actuallyput this on there as wellbecause I cleaned all this one up Ifixed all the these things used to sayphoto bucket and stuff on them so Ifixed all the images so that they're notscrewed up this map is actually back upand running 100% great spot for anambushyou got some giant that sits up heresome something along those lines he'sgot this gate that he's working on theresomething I missedwagon covered supply and yeah he'sstopping these people from walking downthis trail there you can put some formof obstacle that these people need toovercome or your party needs to overcometo get through herelightsaber very cool fade to black let'sdo a little dusk boom lights drop itgets a little dark and eerie out yeahvery cool it's a neat map but the onethat I actually wanted to show you thatI'll show you right now I'm going toshow you because he just called sandsomething pirate ships and six ships andso I will do two versions of this map Iwill also be adding I got quite a fewthings to update I'll do videos on eachone of these twos so that they're youknow people can see what's going on herebutwhen I go to blue sore desert drop thisin a spotbuildthis for my treasure of the lost sandsgame that I was playing and when we hitthe build buttonthis normal light but what a fantasticwhat a fantastic tavern somebodysomebody did this or pulled this off ofsomething or built this inside oftabletop simulator ice completely 100%stole itI dropped the sand on the back cut outall of the water that this this hadotherwise have rebuilt it so that itwould look like it's made from the holesor the you know the Front's of pirateships sitting on sand as opposed tobeing on the water there's an alternateversion to this one called six sandswater that somebody else had built and Iscooped that and I think it's called sixlike ships tavern water yeah so this isit here to quickly show you this onebecause this is just like that D&D mapwhatever it is clear clearso in here another fantastic map dropthis on this map I'll be adding theseyouactually access them and then use themin your own one world deals becausethey're beautiful frickin Maps man whata cool idea for some kind of pirateadventure you find this thing floatingout in the middle of nowhere maybe it'san offshore tavern or something likethat that you could pull your ship upand just hop in here and you know have adrink maybe it's a you know like apirates hangout or something like thatin in like Nassau and the Caribbean orsome cool place like that does this saythis is like an old Wizards of the coastmap that somebody scooped up was not meit probably blew that out but this wasjust the original one that I scooped andgot the map and yeah fantastic sothere's a water version sand version allright I'm cutting this one done stoprecording peace out