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15 Graphic Design Trends for 2023

Exploring 2023s Graphic Design Trends: Systematic, Midjourney and AI, Collage, Holo-morph, Military Inspired, Dark Mode Typography and Neu-Brutalism

  • Graphic design trends for 2023 include “Systematic”, which encourages creating multiple variations on a design theme
  • “Midjourney and AI”, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence to produce unique illustrations
  • “Collage”, a technique that requires maintaining an aesthetic thread among elements
  • “Holo-morph”, featuring iridescent colors and shapes
  • “Military Inspired”, characterized by simple typography-driven layouts
  • “Dark Mode Typography” with white text on black ground
  • And “Neu-Brutalism”, an unapologetically aggressive aesthetic.

The Resurgence of 70s Typography, AI Revolutionized Illustrations, and Bright Magenta Red: Creative Trends for 2023

  • Graphic design is seeing a resurgence of the 70s typography, featuring vintage fonts and type treatments
  • The Lensa AI app has revolutionized illustrations
  • Geo-Simplicity is characterized by super simple geometric shapes and primary colors
  • Cyber Wave combines elements of technopunk, steampunk, and game characters with high tech fonts
  • The Blob trend uses amorphic puddle-like shapes to mask illustrations and photography
  • Vaporwave 3.0 is still going strong, featuring 80s Miami Vice type visuals
  • Global Voice celebrates the work of designers who use their superpower to stand for those oppressed or deprived of justice
  • Viva Magenta is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023, a bright red with a slightly magenta cast.

Explore the Bright Side of 2023: A Look at Color Trends in Popular Culture

  • The Pantone choice for 2023 illustrates the shift to more vibrant colors in popular culture
  • This trend is already being heavily adopted in beauty, fashion, sporting goods and advertising
  • Graphic design trends for 2023 have been discussed, with a call to subscribe and share the video for others to be inspired.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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- Hey, everybody, welcome back.In this video,I'm going to share 15 trendsin graphic design for 2023.Now, the definition of a trendis a movement in designthat's gained wide enough usageto be actually recognizable as a trend.Trends aren't always somethingthat's absolutely brand new,in fact, very little is.So what I recommend is usingtrends to stay inspired,use 'em as a jumpingoff point in your work,and then making that design your own.Or you can choose to consciouslyreact against these trends.It's totally up to you.But knowing what the trend is is criticalto informing your workone way or the otherand to keeping your clients informed.Trend number one is called 'Systematic'.I don't know any designerwho doesn't love working in series.Creating multiplevariations on a design themeoffers really unique challengesas well as exciting opportunitiesto expand on an ideain a really visually compelling way.Working in series or in systemsare particularly well-suitedto the food and beverage category,as you can see here,but opportunities also exist in apparel,in hard goods, and posters,promotional materials among others.The idea is to maintainan aesthetic threadbetween the range of itemsthrough things like illustrationor photography style,color, or typography,while maintaining enough consistencyfor the system to holdtogether as a group.Trend number two is "Midjourney and AI".Artificial intelligencehas been taking the designand the illustrationworlds by storm this year,and it will certainly continue and expandas we move into 2023.Midjourney, the AI illustration tool,has been garnering a ton of attentionwith the quality of work that it produces.Now, while it has deep strengthsin imagery that's more fantasticalor has a science fictionor a fantasy leaning to it,it can also create work thathas fascinatingly inventivewhen it comes to static objects,like the wolf statue on the leftor the electric guitar justto the right of the wolf.Trend number three is "Collage".Collage has been around for a decades,and it finds its rootsin Russian constructivismand the data movementat the beginning of the last century.With the invention of digital tools,it became incrediblyeasy to create collage,but what's harder is howto make it hold togetheraesthetically and thematicallyso that it serves thestrategic communicationrequired of the designthat it's being used in.Collage can be surrealistic,but it can also be used tocommunicate complex topicsin an inventive and multifaceted way.For example, the Netflix"History 101" imageon the center left,or the Adobe CreativeCloud promotional imageon the upper right,or the Cougar Paper 50thanniversary promotional imageon the upper left.Trend number four, I call "Holo-morph".Holographic imageryrequires complex blendsof iridescent electric colorsrooted in cyan and magentaand green and turquoise.This design trend createsa sense of movementand ongoing evolution assomething morphs into being.It communicates a futuristicand a high-tech aestheticthat's being used ineverything from app designto advertising, poster design,even apparel and packaging.The shapes used are often amorphic,undulating on a dark groundto accentuate the electricglow of the color blends.And also advances inmetallic printing techniqueshave made it easier to reproduce this lookon physical materials and products,which is succeeding in keepingit in the trending category.Trend number five is "Military Inspired".Now, the design used in military materialsand in generic utilitarian packaginghas always held a specialallure to designers.The simplicity of thesetypography-driven layoutsare made possible by theuse of sans-serif fonts,simple linear dividing lines and strokes,abbreviations, numbers,and technical information.Imagery, photography, or illustrationare really rarely usedand tend to detract from the abilityto achieve the aesthetic.White open space is reallyimportant to maintainas well as severelyrestricting the use of colorand relying mainly on blackand white to achieve the look.This design trend is being used heavilyin the spirits and foodand beverage category,but also in men'saccessories and products,because this design stylehas historically been reallyattractive to male consumers.Trend number six is"Dark Mode Typography".Probably the biggest trendin color in typographythat we've been observingis a usage of whitetext on a black ground,particularly on websites and on mobile.Now, historically, designershave been discouragedfrom using reversed text on blackbecause it can benotoriously difficult to readparticularly if used inlarge blocks of copy.But as computer monitorshave increased in resolutioncombined with the trendof having significantlyless copy on websites,it's made this aestheticpractice more realistic to use.Also, dark mode has infiltratedthe preference settingson a lot of computer operating systemsas well as web browsers,making this typography treatmentincreasingly acceptable.It also has the added benefitof creating a mysterious and dramatic moodin the designs that it's used onas well as carrying theperception of premiumthat people instinctually associatewith black and dark rich colors.Trend number seven is "Neu-Brutalism".Brutalism refers to thebrutalist architecture movementin Western Europethat lasted betweenthe 1950s to the 1970s.It featured raw concreteand was really devoidof paint or decoration.In graphic design,it has roots in the earliest web designswhen the internet was only basic HTMLand decoration was often clunky and ugly.What I call neu-brutalismvacillates between the unadoredblack and white simplicityof the early internet,like the "Soft Pillows"webpage on the upper leftto the intentionally ugly, crowded,and often glitchy functionalityof early websites,as in the California Collegeof the Arts Career Expo catalogin the upper right.The neu-brutalist design aestheticis unapologetically aggressiveand visually strikingand it's surprising in its simplicity.It's great for use in digitalmedia and apps and websiteswhen you want to stand out from the pack.Now, I want to take aquick break to mentionI often get comments on my videosasking how to achieve the aestheticsthat are in these trends.So I want to share with you anot-so-secret secret with you,Daniel Scott, in my humble opinion,is the best certifiedAdobe trainer out there.And he has an Adobe appvideo training websitecalled "Bring Your Own Laptop."The site is subscription-basedand it is an absolutely insanevalue at only $12 a monthfor access to everytraining he has on his site.Now, Daniel even sometimes uses the trendsthat I feature in my annual videosas examples in his training videos.So if you want to get betterat using your favorite Adobe appsor even learn a new one,I suggest you head over to, that's my affiliate link,which I hope you'll useif you want to supportmy work here on YouTube,, back to the trends.Trend number eight is "70s Typography".Increasingly, fun isreturning to typographyand graphic design.More and more designers areusing vintage 70s style fontsand type treatments in their design work.We're seeing it in print, in packaging,in mobile apps, marketing,and even animations.The fonts being used can bebubble-like balloon fontsor bold, rounded sera fontsonce popular in the goldenage of magazine advertising,or they can be trippy, swoopy sera fontsthat fill simultaneouslyliquid and psychedelic,the 70s illustrator, Peter Max.Trend number nine, I'mcalling "Lensa-tion".Well, unless you've beenliving under a rock,you've probably heard aboutLensa in recent weeks.Lensa is a design AI appthat digests 10 or so pictures of youand then spits out remarkably polished,and in some cases,totally gorgeous illustrativeportraits of you.It's amazingly fun to play with,and I expect to see thiskind of illustrationshowing up everywhere,in personal brand websites,the music industry, entertainment,and of course, social media profiles.Trend number 10 is "Geo-Simplicity".The simplicity of basic geometryis the mama that the designcommunity always runs home towhen things get too crazy with technologyand visual complexityin the design industry.That's what's happeningnow with geo-simplicity,rooted in the use of bright,often primary colors,super simple geometric shapesof circles, squares, hexagons,and rounded cornered rectangles.This trend has been gaining steamover the last couple years,and as popular culture andsociety becomes more complexand difficult to navigate,we welcome the simplicityand the cleanlinessand the restfulness of this design style.Geo-simplicity is beingused in everything,from an environmentaldesign and wayfinding,to print, packaging,food and beverage, spirits, you name it.Trend number 11, I'm calling "Cyber Wave".Cyber wave is simultaneouslyan illustration styleand also a design layout style.The combination of heavily-manipulatedand colorized imagery,photography, or illustrationscombined with high tech fonts,digital interface, andcontrol panel design elements.With nods to techno punk and steampunkand game character design,this trend is heavily usedin the music industry,particularly in theAsia-Pacific countries,also in professional gamingculture and cosplay subcultures.Now, the sportswear industryis embracing this trend heavilybecause it aligns with thehigh-tech functionalityof their products and their shoesas well as speaking directlyto their younger, streetwear-lovingcustomer demographic.That leads us to trend number12 that I'm calling "The Blob".The blob is recognizableby the use of amorphic puddle-like shapesas the main visual designelement in a layout.The shape can be used asa simple striking vehiclefor a field of color,or it can be used to maskillustrations or photographyin a visually interesting way.The shapes can be simpleor they can be longer and more convoluted.They can also become reallyinventive type treatments.They can be hand-generatedor they can be obviouslycomputer generated.The range is really broad.This design style is a great wayto offset simple typographical layoutsand inject a level offun and lightheartednessinto a composition.Trend number 13 is "Vaporwave 3.0".I know, I know, "Not vaporwave again!"But that's why I'mcalling it Vaporvave 3.0.It's a design trend thatis just not going away,so I have to mention it.Look no further than the"new Twitter blue logo"that was released just last weekon the left side in the middle.Sure, it's not bleedingin its design anymoreand it's making its way into larger usage,but actually that is the definitionof something that's trending.Characterized by the 80s Miami vice typeand technicolor sunsets and palm trees,it leverages magenta and cyanheavily to achieve the design aesthetic.It's also showing up in social media,sportswear, gaming,and now even into the realm of fine artand gallery settings,as in the image on the top center.Trend number 14 is "Global Voice".Now, please understand,by calling it a design trend,because it's not, and it shouldn't be.But what I am doing is celebratingand showcasing the amazingwork of thousands of designerswho've used their superpowerto be a global voice for good.Throughout history,designers have led the waywhen it comes to givingvoice to the oppressedand speaking out againstinjustice in the world.And when it comes tohaving both the imaginationand the creative means to communicatein a really motivating way to the worldand speaking truth to power,designers are perfectlysuited to the task,and we have to own that responsibility.The war in Ukraine has sadlygiven the design communityanother opportunity toshowcase that strength,and they've done it in amazing form,shining a global lighton a tragic conflict.And finally, trend number15, "Viva Magenta".This is not actually agraphic design trend per sebut a color story trend,but color is an incrediblyimportant part of graphic design.Pantone's Color of the Year in2023 is called Viva Magenta.It's a bright red witha slightly magenta cast.Last year in 2022, Pantonenamed "Very Peri", a periwinkle,as the Color of the Year,which was definitelysofter and more muted.But the zeitgeist of popular culturehas moved to embracingcolors that are more vibrant,leading to this year's Pantone choice.This color trend is alreadybeing heavily adoptedin the beauty and fashion categoriesas well as sporting goods and advertising.So that's it.I hope you were inspiredby these 15 trendsin graphic design for 2023.And if you were inspired,make sure to hit that subscribe buttonand bang that notifications bellso you can get alertedwhen I post a new videoor when I go live.And as always, I'd really appreciate itif you'd forward this videoto a friend or colleagueor post it on social mediaso others can get inspired too.So thanks for watching, stay creative,and bye for now.(upbeat music)