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Nightly News Full Broadcast – July 5

Nationwide Violence Ravages Fourth of July, Record Temperatures Scorch US, Navy Intervenes in Iran Tanker Crisis, Mexico Bus Crash Kills 27, Renters Fight Corporate Landlords, Musk and Zuckerberg Compete for Big Jackpot

  • This Fourth of July holiday was marked by violence across the country, with 20 people killed in mass shootings in 18 States
  • In Philadelphia, five people were killed and two toddlers injured when an individual opened fire
  • The suspect is believed to be mentally ill and heavily armed
  • In the White House, a bag of cocaine was found in the West Wing, prompting an investigation into who had access to the secure area
  • Across the US, 35 million Americans are facing scorching temperatures, with some cities setting record highs
  • US Navy steps in to stop Iranian boats from seizing two oil tankers off the coast of Iran
  • A deadly bus crash in Mexico has killed 27 people
  • A group is helping renters fight back against corporate landlords refusing repairs on their homes via a new platform going live tonight to take on Twitter
  • Billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are battling it out over a half-billion dollar Powerball jackpot.

Record-Breaking Heat, Wind, Hail, and Rain Take Toll Around the World; Tenants Fight Corporate Landlords

  • The global average temperature is the hottest on record since recordkeeping began
  • A combination of human-caused climate change and El Nino, a natural warming of the Central Pacific Ocean, is to blame
  • In the US, millions of Americans are facing heat alerts, while others are cleaning up from wind hail and rain that has surpassed Denver’s annual rain total
  • In Mexico, at least 27 people were killed in a bus crash due to driver error
  • US Navy destroyer thwarted Iranian Navy’s attempted seizure of two oil tankers in international waters
  • In Syria, Russian aircraft harassed US drones forcing them to take evasive measures
  • Tenants are fighting back against corporate landlords for inadequate repairs and maintenance.

Battle For Microbloggers Heats Up As Minnesota Court Denies Tenants Claims, Powerball Jackpot Reaches Record High, And Threads App Launches To Take On Twitter

  • Minnesota court denies allegations of tenants waiting an inordinately long time for repairs
  • Jamari Brown finds her voice to push for better living conditions
  • Powerball jackpot reaches $546 million, cash option of $282 million
  • Meta and Instagram launch new app Threads as a challenge to Twitter’s 360 million users
  • Zuckerberg and Musk battle for microbloggers with threads having potential built-in user base of billions.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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tonight a holiday weekend marked bybrutal violence across the countrynearly two dozen mass shootings in allfrom cities to suburbs in Philadelphia arampage leaving five dead and twintoddlers injured the suspect in courtfacing charges now the new questionsabout the possible motive boiling pointour planet just had two of the hottestdays since record keeping began thejaw-dropping heat hitting again todayfor 35 million Americans facingscorching temperatures how long will itlast cocaine mystery at the White Housewho left the bag of the illegalsubstance in the West Wing investigatorsnow zeroing in on surveillance footageand visitor logs Scare at Sea the U.SNavy steps in when Iranian boats try toseize two massive oil tankers new imagesof the deadly bus crash in a popularMexico tourist destination at least 27killed the new details taking a standthe renters begging for repairs on theirhomes and the group now helping manyfight back against corporate landlordswho they say won't listen we investigatethe new platform going live tonight totake on Twitter The Clash of the techTitans as billionaires Elon Musk andMark Zuckerberg battle it out and thehalf a billion dollar Powerball jackpotmillions are watching closely tonightthis is NBC Nightly News with LesterHoltgood evening and welcome there was nocelebration for too many Americans ThisFourth of July holiday whose lives wereshattered or ended in mass shootingsyesterday alone saw five shootings inwhich four or more people were struckaccording to the gun violence archivewhich tracks the awful tally the July4th toll includes nine people wounded ata celebration in the nation's capitalthe extended holiday weekend has alreadybeen an especially violent one with 20people killed in mass shootings theviolence recorded across 18 States amongthem the attack that killed five inMonday's wild attack in Philadelphiacarried out by an individual police saywas heavily armed in wearing a ballisticvest it's where we start tonight withGeorge Solistonight new details emerging as a qshooter 40-year-old Kim Brady carragherappeared in a Philadelphia court facingmultiple charges for the July 3rdrampage that police say killed fiveincluding 15-year-old DeJuan Brownhis grandmother Odessa Brown heartbrokensaying her grandson was killed whiletrying to help another gunshot victimit's going through your mindjust to know that my baby's going outfor no reason two children were alsoinjured when according to police theshooter fired more than 50 roundsaimlessly including at a Jeep inside amom and her three young children hertwin boys in the back seat one of themsuffered injury from the glass and theother suffered gunshot wounds to his legand her ten-year-old daughter who wasnot struck thankfully the shooter washeavily armed with an AR-15 style rifleand handgun wearing a ski mask andbulletproof vest according toinvestigators authorities say some wholive with character say the shooterfrequently wore a bulletproof vest andnow authorities saying the shell casingswere covered at the scene Matt's shellcasings found at the home along with aHandgun Ammunition and a will I believethey thought he was getting more andmore agitated as the days were passingand their way of dealing with it wasjust to avoid it and not interfere withhim according to the city's Office ofthe controller in Philadelphia therehave been 190 fatal shootings this yearPhilly mayor Jim Kenney calling for gunreform at a news conference today thatwas planned before Monday's massshooting make no mistake through to theproblems the proliferation of guns inour city and in our country guns are thecommon denominator in every singleshooting another victim was 31-year-oldJoseph wama Jr his family emotionaltoday as they remembered their loved onehe was gorgeous inside and outI'm gonna miss that beautiful smileI really amand George you have some late-breakingdetails on the suspect in this casetonightyeah that's right Lester I'm justgetting this information police say theshooter is believed to be mentally illand made several social media postsabout guns according to a senior lawenforcement official the shooter has notentered a plea and is being held withoutbail tonight LesterGeorge Solis thank you not a mystery atthe White House an investigationunderway to figure out who brought asmall bag of cocaine into the West WingKelly O'Donnell now with the latest onthattonight A Secret Service investigationis focused just steps Beyond thoseiconic West Wing doors to find out whohad access to this secure area and leftbehind an illegal drug in a smallplastic baggie test results back todayconfirm it was cocaine officials sayfound Sunday night in a common areawhere staff and visitors store personalbelongings like cell phones beforestepping closer to the heart of thepresident's office space the presidentthinks it's very important to get to thebottom of this sources familiar with theinvestigation say the baggie is still atthe lab to determine if fingerprints orDNA can be detected and to do a fullchemical analysis of the contentsinvestigators are also reviewing videosurveillance and visitor logs whenpeople visit the West Wing there is anair there is the area of the West Wingwhere it is highly traveled uh and thatis what happens people come through thisparticular area is highly traveled theWest Wing Lobby is often included inprivate tours led by White Houseemployees officials say those tours weredone Friday Saturday and Sunday beforethe baggie was found the Biden familywas at Camp David let the Secret Servicedo their job it's under their purviewofficials point out that all White Housevisitors are screened to detect weaponsor dangerous chemicals that could beused to harm othersKelly joining me now Kelly what are theexpectations the secret service will beable to find the individual responsiblewell Lester officials arelike DNA they say they may not be ableto solve this because the baggie is sosmall video surveillance may not havecaptured the incident Lesterno you can't wait thank you the last twodays have been the hottest ever recordedon earth scientists say it's a dire newphase for our planet a cities Nationwidewith new highs today Emily aquedareports tonight A crippling heat presseson fueling fires in the western U.S andbaking residents in Northern Californiain triple digit temperatures for aneighth day in a row drinking a lot ofGatorade water staying hydrated Tampa ElPaso and Portland all threatening recordhighs today and a staggering 109 degreesin Tucson we stepped out of theapartment and we were like Saturday yeahthat sweltering heat isn't unique to theU.S new high setting Canada and Peruthis week and Beijing reported ninestraight days of temperatures topping 95degrees all teeing up July 4th to havethe hottest global average temperature62.9 degrees Fahrenheit since recordkeeping began according to preliminarydata climate scientists Blame ADangerous combination nation ofhuman-called climate change and theonset of El Nino a natural warming ofthe Central Pacific Ocean typicallyoccurring every two to seven years thatrises into the atmosphere and generallymakes the planet hotter it's almostcertain that next year will be theglobally warmest year on record GavinSchmidt is a climatologist with NASAwe're pushing our ecosystems and ourclimate into a different place than it'sbeen for the entirety of humancivilization and that is alarming andwhile nearly 30 million Americans arefacing heat alertstonight others are cleaning up from adeluge of wind hail and rain thatcontinues to dampen the holiday wheatDenver already surpassing its annualrain totaland the Twin Cities getting Nature'sversion of a fireworks displaymillions in the midwest now bracing foranother bout of severe weathercontinuing in unrelenting start toSummerand Emily Acadia joining us now I seecalm and sunny skies behind you whatdoes that mean in terms of air Travelersare they having an easier time nowwell Esther it's not quite the travelchaos we witnessed over the weekend butstill some 5 000 flights have beendelayed today another 400 canceled justas many of July 4th's record number ofTravelers begin taking to the skies androadways to return from the holidayLesterEmilia Canada tonight thank you there'sbreaking news from Mexico this eveningat least 27 people have been killed in abus crash in the southern state ofOaxaca it had been traveling from MexicoCity when the driver reportedly lostcontrol the bus plunged into a ravine 21people survived but were injured a U.SNavy destroyer may have stopped theIranian Navy from seizing two oiltankers today in Iranian ship evenfiring shots at one of the incidentsCourtney cubey joins us from thePentagon Courtney what do we knowyeah that's right Lester two IranianNavy ships attempted to stop board andseize two commercial oil tankers ininternational waters in the Middle Easttoday according to the U.S military inthe first case around 1am the Iranianship left the area after the U.S Navydestroyer the USS McFall and twosurveillance aircraft arrived on scenebut in the other more daring incidentabout three hours later another Iranianship fired multiple rounds on a separateoil tanker the Ricochet of those roundsseen in this U.S Navy video no one wasinjured or killed the Navy saying theship did sustain minor damage the tankerissued a distress call and the USSMcFall sped to the scene chasing awaythe Iranian ship according to the U.SNavy in the last two years Iranian shipshave attacked or seized commercial shipsnearly 20 times leading the U.S to stepup its patrols with additional ships andaircraft in the region today Iran deniedany attempt to seize the ships callingthe U.S claims false Lesterand Courtney before we let you go you'vegot breaking news about a Russianaircraft getting a bit too close forcomfort for some with U.S aircraft yeahthat's right Lester today three Russianaircraft fighter aircraft harassed threeU.S military drones flying over Syriadropping parachute flares and releasingtheir afterburner in front of the U.Sdrones forcing them to take evasivemeasures late tonight the U.S militarycalling the Russian actions RecklessLesterCourtney cubey tonight thank you in 60seconds our investigation how some homerenters are fighting back againstlandlords they say won't listen when itcomes to making repairs plus the bitternew social media battle as meta takes onTwitter our inside look at what toexpect with threadstonight tenants taking a stand againsttheir corporate landlords we havereported of the growing trend for bigcompanies to buy up the inventory ofsingle-family homes Brian Chung now andwhat happens when their renters demandbetterJamari Brown moved into this home inNorth Minneapolis in 2020. we bet ratsand roses for three years she showed usbusted locks where the basement leaksafter it snowsand crumbling walls that's all you gottado Brown says she complained but thather landlord progress residentialbrushed her off and she can't afford tomove elsewhere so what's it take for thelandlord to come and fix these issuesfor this house they explode and has todiebeing honest Brown is getting help fromUnited renters for justice and we needchange nowthe non-profit has been fighting toimprove living conditions for some ofthe roughly 600 progress renters inMinnesota tenants have won repairscompensation one-year rent freezes andin the case of Shanika Henderson thechance to move into a newly renovatedhome these pictures of her previousprogress home show the poor conditionsoutside and inside it had mold in thebasement probably about thistake about two inches thick that set inon the walls from the windows andeverythingthe mother of four says she is finallyat peace in her new home with progressand it's everything that I ever imaginedI can see this me and my forever homeeven though I am still a renter but myfamily is safe progress residential isone of the largest providers ofsingle-family rental homes in the UnitedStates operating with more than 85 000homes in 22 States Renters of progresshomes in other states have told NBC newsabout similar issues to those we saw inMinneapolis alleging that seriousproblems were either inadequatelyaddressed or ignored entirely inMinnesota Attorney General Keith Ellisonlast year sued Havenbrook homes andprogress residential alleging adeliberate and calculated strategy toextract ever greater profits from theirtenants by severely under maintainingtheir homes we cannot let a a companyahead a hedge fund or a private EquityFirm get to a point where they can movethe market his lawsuit also includedpremium Partners the private Equity Firmtied to Havenbrook and progressowners and operators all of them areresponsible and they will be heldresponsibleso it's not going to be good enough tosay I I just own the place and get theprofits from it I don't operate no sothat's not going to work we expecteverybody to operate ethically in withinthe law prentium declines a comment forthis story in a statement progress didnot address the issues raised by theMinneapolis tenants but told NBC Newsmany millions have been invested in theproperties we manage in Minnesota and incourt the company denies the allegationthat tenants had to wait an inordinatelylong time for repairsbut now Henderson hopes her successinspires other progress renters I wantto put Power into these families to letthem know stand up speak out foryourself helping tenants like JamariBrown find her voice we gotta keepbeating the door down on them and pushfor better conditions one fix at a timeBrian Chung NBC News Minneapoliswe're back in a moment with a big newPowerball jackpot 546 million dollarsbig and bringing new meaning to aTwitter battle our inside look as metalaunches a new app to take them onall right we're back if you're feelinglucky you may want to get yourself tosomewhere that sells Powerball ticketstoday's jackpot has reached an estimated546 million dollars with an all cashoption of 282 million that's the 19thlargest jackpot in U.S historynow to a major shake-up coming to socialmedia as Instagram and parent companymeta launch a direct challenge toTwitter it's shaping up to be a battleof big Tech and big personalities AaronMcLaughlin has detailsthe latest battle between billionairesMark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk is ontonight Instagram and parent companymeta launched a new app called threads atext-based offering taking direct aim atmusk's Twitter and that platformsroughly 360 million users earlier todaymeta founder Mark Zuckerberg's apparentinitial post saying let's do thisvisible to a select few given EarlyAccess to threads so it kind of lookslike this right now it looks like amashup of like Instagram Facebook andTwitter content creator drexly who makesmoney as an influencer on Instagramselect it today for a sneak peek andhe's already posted 10 times what gradedo you give it so farumI mean everything has been runningpretty smoothly so I would give it likea the growing rivalry between Zuckerbergand musk might even get physical the twotrading barbs about a potential cagematch but is their battle formicrobloggers that is the prize fight ofthe moment this fight is about so manythings this is about users it's aboutmoney it's about ideology it is aboutpower Zuckerberg potentially sensingTwitter's vulnerability after a stringof what some see as musk's social mediamishaps just days ago imposing limits onhow many posts Twitter users can readper day musk's controversial commentsalso pushing users and advertisers awayI'll say what I want to say and if ifthe consequence of that is losing moneyso be it and with threads appearing toallow users to log in with theirInstagram handle leveraging thatplatform's more than 2 billion users ithas the potential to be a knockout I saygame set Matt Zuckerbergso Aaron what more do we know about thedifferences between these two platformswell Lester directs the early user wespoke with says he's noticed for Threadsposts both text and video can be longerthan Twitter allows the other feature hetalked about is being able to integratehis Facebook and Instagram profiles andexperts say that's the big Advantagehere a possible built-in user base inthe billionsand that's Nightly News for thisWednesday thank you for watchingeveryone I'm Lester Holt please takecare of yourself and each other goodnightthanks for watching our YouTube channelfollow today's top stories and breakingnews by downloading the NBC News app