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Diablo 4 Big Update

Diablo 4 Open Beta: Early Access Starts March 17th, Five Zones Available with Rewards for Launch

  • Diablo 4 Early Access starts on March 17th
  • Open Beta will include Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer in the first weekend and all five classes the second weekend
  • World Bosses will be available with four spawn times on each Saturday
  • Minimum and recommended specs include that console players cannot play during beta
  • Raytracing will be available after launch
  • Apostles can play, but each person needs their own Battlenet account
  • Open Beta progress carries over with a wipe after the beta
  • Five zones are available for the beta test with rewards for launch including titles, cosmetics, and an adorable wolf pack item
  • Armor system is based off of monster power and mitigates physical damage as well as absorbs non-physical damage at a 50/50 ratio.

Diablo 4 to Feature Limit on Players, Ultra-Wide Support, and More!

  • Diablo 4 will have a private experience with strongholds
  • Game progression and end-game systems will be revealed after the beta
  • Items will stay the same instead of being retroactively changed
  • There is a limit on the number of people that can be seen in the open world
  • World bosses and open world events will see more players
  • Diablo Immortal may offer an indication of what systems to expect, such as gem upgrading and crafting
  • Streaming the beta is allowed
  • And finally, Ultra wide support was confirmed with some black bars.

Diablo 4: Improved Trading and Customization Promises Better Experience than Free-to-Play Path of Exile

  • Diablo 4 will have four-player party size, more customization with regards to builds and controls, and less restrictive trading
  • However, open trading is not supported at launch
  • Path of Exile is an example of a free-to-play game that has open trading and doesn’t negatively affect the gaming experience
  • Diablo 4 should be able to handle bots better since it is buy-to-play and Blizzard is a multi-billion dollar company.

What Diablo 4 Can Learn from Path of Exile: Exploring the Benefits of Trading in Video Games

  • Blizzard should consider introducing a trading system in Diablo 4 to improve the game experience
  • The positives of trading outweigh the negatives
  • Trading can give players a clear path to improve their character
  • Path of Exile is an example of how trading could work in Diablo 4
  • Regulations can be put into place to identify bots and people engaging in real money trading (RMT)
  • Blizzard should invest money to improve the game experience, rather than punishing everyone by removing features.

The Impact of Trading in Video Games: From Diablo 3 To Path Of Exile

  • Trading is necessary for a successful game
  • Blizzard has not done a good job with dealing with bots in Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft, leading to them throwing in the towel on trading
  • Path of Exile does not have the same problem, which is why it has trading
  • Trading provides every player with a clear path to an upgrade, whereas without trading players are rolling dice for an upgrade
  • The base game of Diablo 3 was better than Reaper of Souls due to trading.

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we're going to look at the Diablo 4. soI didn't watch this whole thing it was aq a session uh Canon made a kind of likea synopsis of it and I wanted to watchit just to see kind of what I missed outon here we go let's watch thisbig updates as well as a bunch ofquestions answered in the latest Devstream for Diablo 4. in this video we'regonna be going over every single thingall the Keynotes that was mentioned inthe dev stream and tldr fashion now asyou can see here there is a post thatthey made on the website that goes overand just kind of Spark Notes what theywent over but there are a lot of missingdetails that you might find interestingso I've written them all out here in myhandy dandy notepad and we're going tobe going over these one by one as fastas we can so first thing that theystarted with was the Early Access beingMarch 17th and it's going to last 15days from now that's [ __ ] nuts it'sso soon at 9 00 a.m Pacific time uh andit's going to end at on March 20th noonPacific time uh and it's the same withthe open Beta first weekend of beta willinclude the Barbarian Rogue and sorcerermy plan is I'm gonna play Barbarianweekend one and I'm gonna playNecromancer weekend toounless Barbarian is just so fun that Idon't want to quit uh the second weekendyou can play all five classes whichmeans the Druid and the necro will beavailable they want to test the servercapacity and the balance that's going tobe really important that's going to bepretty big there there will be a worldboss active uh there will be four spawntimes on each Saturday that the boss iscalled ashava I hope I spelled thatcorrectly and it is a level 25 Worldboss World bosses you just show up andother people will be there camera pullsout it's all seamless okay that's wellplayers can fight a world boss in onesingle instance so what happens ifnumber 13 shows up like that's what I'mkind of curious about what yeah what isthis is it tapped are they not able toget loot can they participate or does itjust get I don't know does it scale didgo on to say that the party sizes lateron were uh four-man parties so I'massuming three parties here uh per Worldboss minimum and recommended specs herethey say that you can play console orexcuse me console players can't play uhduring the beta and that's crazy listedright here I think that makes sensebecause again a lot of these betas areeffectively them testing Tech andfiguring out what works and what doesn'twork and console is huge for Diablo soof course they need to have that theminimum and recommended specs here Raytracing will be available after launchpreload will be available a week beforebeta oh wow Apostles can play with couchcan't play couch Co-op each person willneed their own Battlenet account thoughuh Early Access to open I think that'skind of dumb I I don't know why like whydo they need their own battle on anaccount I feel likelet me guess maybe you have to have thatbecause like the characters are there ahthat kind of sucksbecause like I remember you know you buyhalo for example and then your friendcomes over and you display co-op Haloand he's like and you can even playonline and it would just be like [ __ ]uh you know Aspen gold and then it wouldhave like parentheses like one two andthreeif it if if you were playing splitscreen with somebody else in Halo 2open Beta progress carries over therewill be a wipe after the beta and fivezones in the beta test uh beta rewardsfor the launch are they are right hereyou'll get the initial casualty Title byreaching kelvashod with one characterduring the beta test you'll get theearly Voyager Title by reaching level 20on one character during the beta okayand finally you will get this adorablelittle beta wolf pack cosmetic item byalso reaching level 20. so definitely sothat's cool to level 20 during the openbeta test which is open for everyone uhthen they go on to talk about the armorsystem oh which by the way they alsosaid that they will be the devs will beplaying live with the community on the Iwill actually say that I think theDiablo guys have been doing really welllike I don't like how they wanted to putrestrictions on respeking I'm not a fanof that I think it's it's just bad ideabut overall it seems like they'veactually been trying to make the gamegood and I've even had people contact meprivately about this or like notprivately but like talk to me about thislike not on stream and they're like yeahthis game looks pretty good24th uh via live stream and then thenext thing that they go over is thearmor system and the uh they kind of gointo a lot of detail here with howdamage is being scaled with armor so togo over this really quick chest armor uhand pants provide more armor value thanboots and gloves which this is how it isin wow is like chest helmet and legshave the highest value and then I thinkit's gloves and boots that have thesecond highest and then belt and thenbracer underneath that so yeah it'ssomething like thatarmor value item power will representthe power of the item items drop basedoff of the monster's power item powerrepresents how strong gear a gear pieceis high item power usually means it'smore powerful but not always dependingon the pass yeah that's how I confirmedarmor value is item Powers it just seemslike item level right I mean that's Idon't know why they're adding a like ohwe won't call it item level and thenthey won't think it's item level broughtit's item levelto item power the higher the item powerthe higher the armor value oh yeah threeversus Diablo four there's a little bitof a difference here with elementalresist armor not only mitigates physicaldamage but it also absorbs a certainamount of non-physical damage this ishow long will absorb 50 of non-physicaldamage for example if it absorbs 60 60physical damage it will absorb 30Elemental damage high oh I see all rightso it absorbs half of whatever itsphysical absorb is rural tiers haveelemental resist penalties so you needto keep up with your Elemental resistman that's a good idea I wonder whatgame they got that from higher the worldthe higher the world tier the bigger thepenalty there is a 20 penalty fromtiered from World tier 2 to tier threetwenty percent less resistance a 40penalty isn't that funny how like maybeDiablo 2 had that and then Poe stole itand now everybody thinks it Diablo 4 isstealing it from Poe but Poe actuallystole it originally from Diablothat's so funny I I didn't play Diablo 2so I didn't even know thatfour armor skills level shownrepresented in the chart which I'm goingto pull up right here this is the chartthat they showed us on the stream damagereduction from armor goes down withlevel as shown on the chart higher levelmonsters penetrate more armor damagereduction as shown on the chart monstersalso now have damage mitigation higherlevels they absorb more damage insteadof traditionally just increasing themob's HP values at each level problemwith the HP values just increasing makesdamage numbers extremely high in thebillions as you go and game the damagereduction on mobs will not exceed thedamage oh wait wait monsters now havedamage mitigation absorb more damageHP value is just increasing oh yeah yeahokay that's good I always didn't likethat in Diablo how like you're doingtrillions of damageit's just that's too muchthere's no need for that player so youwill still see a damage increase thiswas a change that they made for Diablo4. next they go on to talk aboutstrongholds as you explore the worldthere will be one strong hold per zonefive zones private experience this is aprivate experience so you and your partyonly will be able to complete thestronghold missions uh once you completeyour stronghold it then becomes publicand then people can't interact with itwhen you conquer a stronghold there is alasting impact on the world andstrongholds also give a lot of renownwhich is essentially just a new currencyto purchase more upgrades to think itseems like more of an MMO feature whatI've heard from people they've told meis that Diablo 4 functions a lot like anMMOit is very much like an MMO it's justthat blizzard doesn't want to Market itthat wayrep vendors strongholds do unlock avariety of things including dungeonswaypoints aspects Etc our core also wasfinally confirmed as the last thing thatthey mentioned in the devstream beforethe Q a that's good that's a lot ofpeople first question that was asked waslearned more about Diablo 4'sprogression and ing end game systems Idon't think they need to figure that outreally because that doesn't matter untilafter the beta and also like it doesn'treally matter until the first seasonstarts because the truth is thepre-season whenever Diablo 4 comes outis just going to be a beta testso that was after the beta we will begoing over this and they will be sharingthat information the next question Ihope they this is this is like kind of areally small thing it's like I hope theyhave items that are like the uh like theLegacy items that Poe has right like 1000 Health comms chest or com's heartfor example and they keep them like thatand they don't retroactively changeitems so people can make broken [ __ ]Builds on standard leak I always thoughtthat was so cool to watch in uh in pathof EXO is there a limit on the number ofpeople that you can see in the openworld the answer to that was yes thereis a limit you can see at one time thisadjusts depending on the content more onthat they said that they wanted Diabloto feel desolate they don't want playersto lose immersion by seeing a lot ofpeople strongholds and dungeon I am nota huge fan of that personally I well I'ma huge fan of having a way to togglethis on and off but I do think thatespecially whenever you get into somecities or strongholds or whateverI I like the idea of seeing a lot ofplayers together in the same areabecause it makes it feel likelike it's busting you know like I don'tknow I think that's really cool yeaheverybody's there whole squads here likehell yeahthey will only see the people that youhave in the party but when strongholdsare open to public after completingyou'll see more people but not atremendous amount not a lot World bossesopen world events however you will seemore players that's cool in that area Ithink they confirmed earlier in the deadstream that there will be 12 people perinstance for the world bosses forexample when you go to town however thisis where you're going to see most of theother players uh where you can party upyou can see their gear I really am gladthey're allowing you to do that I hopePoe too also allows this to where youcan inspect people and see their gearthat is so important I think that reallyit in my mindanything that's in Diablo immortalwill probably be in Diablo 4. in termsof like systems right like gemsupgrading gems you'll probably need toupgrade gems and then put more gemstogether to make better gems that's howDiablo 3 worked as well uh the likegoing out in the open world having thesedifferent quests pay to win wellhopefully not that system okay yeah allthe systems accept that because fromwhat I had heard from people who hadplayed the beta for Diablo Immortal isthat the game was actually very goodbefore they made it extremely pay to winwhich I played the game I disagree withthat I thought it was a [ __ ] terriblegame but that's what people thoughtosmetics it will feel like a city now tome this sounded like kind of like ahub-based MMO feel that's just obviouslymy thinking of course uh the nextquestion was can you stream the betaanswer yes you can stream the beta andthen they went on to confirm a few otherpoints here the game will support Ultrawide supports three by one uh Mega Ultrawide little type of the mega Ultra widethey will see black bars so like theSuper Shoes they had to they have to dothis because like what people used to doand they do this with Poe too like I'mgonna call them out cute dog had thisright he had the ultra wide screenmonitor where you could hit the mobs offthe screen and they wouldn't they wouldnot [ __ ] aggro to you and back inDiablo 3 I was doing the exact same[ __ ] thing and there was a hack thatyou were able to download that allowedyou to zoom your character even fartherout and then you could shoot thingsbefore they were programmed to attackyou because your character wasn't closeenough but the arrows would still beeach over there yeah it was a good oneit was a very good oneUltra wide monitors you can play on thePC with a controller and Diablo 4 willalso have seasons more info on the firstseason as we get closer to launch theyalso said that they do want each seasonto really change and be different foreach season Rune world I think thatmatters a lot like whenever I wasplaying Diablo 3 I stopped playing thegame for Seasons because every seasonwas effectively the same thinglevel up it's super fast then after youget done leveling upum do Riftsand after you get done doing Rifts youdo more Rifts that's itlike I felt like there was no there wasnothing really to like look forward tonothing to Aspire to like in Path ofExile for example there are all theselike benchmarks that you can meet andthe ways that you meet those benchmarksare based off of how you how you youbuild your character you know you haveso many different boss benchmarks likeshaper and uh you know Uber elder oruberX Arc [ __ ] Maven uh like I Idon't know it's delve like there's somany different thingsBirds also being worked on to reachplayer expectations lost wasd will notbe supported at launch but they willcontinue to look into it Diablo 4however will have a lot morecustomization when it comes to buys andcontrols compared to Diablo 2 in Diablo3. party sizes as I mentioned earlierwas was confirmed to be four uh fourplayers per party and the final questionthat was asked was is there trading inDiablo 4 and that was being asked andspammed in the twitch chat yeah I meanthat's what really matters like tradingis very important I think party size offour players is totally finethat that's okayto that was trading in Diablo 4 is lessrestrictive in D3 but not wide open theywant to protect the game Loop of killingmobs to get loot but they do understandthat some people want that open tradingI really want open Tradingthe reason why I like Path of Exile isbecause every single map that I do Iknow that I will get something that willmove me towards my goal of being able tobuy the item that I wanteven if I only get two chaos bolts orchaos orbsI am that much that little bit closerand in Diablo 3 the game for me kind ofdied whenever uh they did the pre-patchand you couldn't trade gear anymorebecause it was likeokay so now all I have to do is justrandomly kill mobs until I get this itemor I get enough resources to buy arandomized uh identifiable belt thatmight be witching hour and then thatWitching Hour might be goodthat's not fun to meI don't think that's fun at all like Idon't want to just like continue playinga slot machine I want to be able to getsomething really really really good forlike a wizard and then I'm a barbarian Isell that and then I buy the Barbariangear that's what I think is [ __ ]great about these games and that's whatkeeps them alive is the economy wheneveryou don't have an economy in a game youget to this point where you just starthitting these diminishing returns whereit's like okay what are the odds thatyou know like I think Witching Hour hadlike a top end let's just think aboutthis a top end of uh 50 Critical Strikedamage so like you've already got a 47okay and all the other stats are youknow one point off of perfectwhat are the odds that you're going tobe able to upgrade that itembasically [ __ ] zerobecause you have to you have to get alegendary drop the legendary has to be abelt the belt has to be witching hourand the bell has to roll at this levelit's like nothing so whenever I get tothat point I just quit the game becauseI'm bored there's I don't want to keeplike rolling for this this isn't fun orenjoyable at all so then I just stoppedplaying but in Path of Exile I alwaysknow that not only whenever I get thisnew item or that there is a way to get a50 witching hour but I know alsowhenever I get that 50 witching hour Ican sell my 47 witching hour and then Ican buy it and get even better stuff sothere's the continual gear progressionthat trading provides I am a massiveadvocate for trading and I would ratherhave trading than not I know thattrading comes with a lot of negativeeffects but I think the positivesoutweigh the negativesthey're gonna try and balance it to acertain degree but the concept ofwanting to protect the game with onesecond somebody says uh open tradeequals rmt equals BotsI will not accept that blizzard amulti-billion dollar company does nothave the tools to deal with Bots to anacceptable level while Path of Exile asmall Indie developer that comes fromNew Zealand is able to protect theirfree to play gamethat also has open Tradingand it does not negatively affect thegame I I'm absolutely [ __ ] nut don'ttell me that we have to have our gameexperience made worse because they can'tbother to deal with Bots [ __ ] that Poedoes it and that game is freeyou're telling me Diablo 4 can't do thiswhenever it's buy to play get the [ __ ]out of here it's a jokealways going to supersede everything andthat will be the priority finally thelast thing the difference sorry I don'twant to do again but the difference isbecause the bots in Path of Exile do notruin my experience in the gamelike I am never thinking man like Ican't get anywhere because there's somany bots in this game they're devaluingthe price of chaos or of so much thatyou know I have to farm uh 275 chaosorbs to get I I don't know some random[ __ ] item you know at series uhthat's Ziri flaskyeah it's just it doesn't negativelyaffect me so obviously of course there'sBots but there's not enough Bots towhere they have massively impacted theeconomy to where it's non-functionalmentioned was yes there are treasuresand that's pretty much it guys I try toget through that as fast as possiblelike And subscribe if you guys foundthat helpful let me know what you guysthink in the comment section below Iplan on covering Diablo 4 as much as Ican glad to hear that currently playingDiablo 3 on Twitch come check me out onthat platform next month I'm going to bedeep diving Diablo 4 with the team we'regonna try I also think that one thingthat really matters to me a lot andmakes me very excited for Diablo 4 isthat everybody has said that the newDiablo 3 season is goodlike again it's the age-old thing thebest indicator for pre for uh for futureperformance is current performancewell the current performance is goodwell that's I mean [ __ ]okay maybe maybe the new game is goingto be goodbecause right now it's goodas many guys out there for you guys aspossible and just give you guys a goodsolid review of the game because I knowa lot of you guys are I'm gonna playwaiting for that once again join me onTwitch join the Discord I'll see you inthe next video I am super opinionatedand very very much an advocate of havinguh having trading in Diablo 4. I thinkthat is so important like I reallyreally really want TradingI don't care about the negative effectsof it I think the positives outweigh thenegatives massively the idea that youcan't manage bots in a buy to play gameis a joke to me soI don't know to me I hope that they atleast you know a blizzard says they wantto try out different seasons withdifferent things at least blizzard canyou considerhaving a season with Trading just to seewhat happensmaybe let's just yeah see what happensyeah try it one season why not whatcould go wrongyou mean give not trade well no I meanI'm talking about my experience and whatI got out of trading in these gamespredates my experience as a streamerlike none of these things that I'mtalking about and drawing like analogiesto happened whenever I was a screamerthis was all stuff that I did whenever Iwas just a neat living at my mom's houseoff of [ __ ] food stampsand I was so happyit was greatbuy to play equals New World equals Botsnew world doesn't have a lot of botslike yeah new world doesn't have thatmany Bots like it has obviously some ofthem but it doesn't have that manylike what do you guys thinkyeah trading leads to Bots and pay towinyeahthat is something likeI I don't think that you want like Iknow that but I would rather have peopleI would rather have rmt in the game thannot allow Trading because that isfundamentally what how that isfundamental decision you are you aresaying okay I want trading in the gameand there will be a level of rmt thatwill happennow that level should be very low andblizzard is it's their responsibility tomake that as low as possible however thermt will existand I think that is a much better gameexperience and I think Path of Exile isan example of thatso yeah uh what would it uh add to thegame though what's the value of tradingwell I already said it gives people avery clear path for how they can advanceand improve their characterthat that's it's just that simplelet me go ahead and Link this you guysthe reason we have inflation is becausewe don't have trades anymore onlyrestricted and pay to win [ __ ] bringback the middleman what's your thoughtswell I just want to see I want to seecomplete trading with no restrictionsyou should be able to trade anythingthat you get minus I don't know maybe afew like Capstone Uber elite boss itemsthat aren't tradable but other than thatyou should be able to trade anything youwant it works perfectly in Path of Exileand I will not [ __ ] hear an excuse towhy it can't work in Diablo 4. that'sall there is to it other than that Ithink Diablo 4 is shaping up to looklike a great game I think this is agreat synopsis of the the video Canonmade a ton of Lost Ark videos back inthe day now he's doing Diablo 4 videosI'm very glad to see that so I'm veryhappy about this I'm super happy aboutDiablo IV there are a handful of thingsthat I disagree with with the game butoverall I am in general super excitedand very happytarkov is taking away border trades dueto rmtI do not consider it a good thingwhenever a company tells their playerswe're throwing in the towel because weare not willing to invest money toimprove your game experiencewe are going to punish everybody in thegame by removing a featurebecause we do not want to to uh to paypeople to ban Bots and to ban rmtershow would you regulate it the same asyou do anything else you just we [ __ ]figure it outyou figure out like oh okay so here'sreally simple so if you have this oneguy and he's always trading gold torandom characters that he has had noformer interactions with no you foreheadthis but it's actually not a forehead[ __ ] thing so how do you figure outhow if somebody is a bot or not orthey're buying or rmting well it's verysimple you have a white list ofdifferent characters like maybe they'restreamers or something like that so youdon't keep getting false flagged fordifferent people and maybe alts of otheraccounts and you know that's like awhite list but other than that for likean average player if an average playeris receiving a hundred thousand goldfrom another player that they have nohistory of interactions with which ofcourse they have all that data becauseit's all chat logged it's all chat filesthey have tons of this [ __ ] you knowblizzard does that's how they can banyou for what you say in the game becauseit gets parsed and then it gets sentthrough a [ __ ] algorithm thealgorithm reads you saying the [ __ ]reads you saying [ __ ] or [ __ ] or someother bad word and then it bans you soall you have to do is you take itthrough a [ __ ] algorithm it says thischaracter has never interacted with thisaccount ever before and now they're justrandomly trading a hundred thousand goldthere is no action taken there was nocommunication given and if it was it wasonly one or two [ __ ] lines this is animmediate red flag and it can be lookedat by a specialist and then they make adecision based off if it was rmt or notit's so [ __ ] simple this is somethingthat anybody who plays this video gamewould know immediatelyit I mean come onmakes me so mad isn't exactly how Poetrade worksyes it ismost people don't care about trade itdevalues your achievements in my opinionif it was really that important theywould have added it in some form thoughit devalues your achievementsI don't know I I actually I disagreewith thatyeah I I am a huge trade Advocate I cantalk about this for [ __ ] hours andhours and hoursyou know bro but it sounds like someonehas never had to implement any of thesesystems too many edge cases it requireshuman interactions it's not going toscaletoo many edge casesokayso why is it then Path of Exile can doitwhy is it that rmt is not a huge issuethat is ruining path of EXOvery simple questionit is no it's notyeahit's that simpleit makes trade better yeah it's becausethere's no excusethat's whypath is full of pay to win no it's notbecause they value the longevity oftheir game over profitI think Banning rmt is something theycould do but they don't want toprioritize it because then it couldchange their game to trade making lessnecessary I can I mean guyslisten we can argue about this foreverI this is this is what I thinktrading is absolutely necessary for agame like this to be successfulI think not having trading is justtelling your players that you don't wantto invest in making them have the bestexperience possible there are many freegames that have trading that don't havethis problemblizzard has historically not done avery good job with dealing with bots inDiablo 3 and also World of WarcraftI think that blizzard not having tradingis simply them throwing in the towel andtelling the players we are going to makeyour experience worse because we don'twant to pay enough money to solve theproblemis annoying I think trading providesevery single player with a clear path toan upgrade whereas whenever you don'thave trading you're just continuouslyrolling the dice and at a certain pointpeople burn out of doing that becausethey realize how low the percentage ofan upgrade isand I don't think that it's been aproblem with Path of Exile which is anequivalent game to Diablo 4. and I don'tsee why Diablo 4 can't have the samesystem The Path of Exile hasthat's what I thinkI and I thought Diablo 3 base game wasbetter than Diablo 3 Reaper of Soulsbecause of tradingnot just because of trading but that wasa very big reason[Music]thank you[Music]