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How to set up VS Code for C++ and make your First Program? + How I use AI to help me code faster

Summary: Using VS Code for C++ Programming

  • Title: Setting Up VS Code for C++ Programming
  • 1. Explains personal preference for Visual Studio but acknowledges that VS Code is sufficient for learning purposes
  • 2. Details how to install the required extension, compiler (Mingw), and environment variables
  • 3. Describes Tab Nine, an AI completion tool, which can be used to help code faster
  • 4. Provides a link in the description to learn more about the tool and its features.

Tab 9 Overview

  • Utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Code Completion
  • Installation Tutorial with Visual Studio
  • Compile/Run Program using Command Prompt and VS Code
  • Privacy/Security of User Code.

Summary of Sensitive Data: Title

  • The individual is contractually prohibited from working for another company in the same industry for two years after leaving their current organization
  • The algorithms, code, and data must remain private
  • Research was required to understand this concept
  • The video outlines how to set up and use Visual Studio Code (VSCode) to write C++ programs
  • The details are included in the video’s description section
  • Viewers are encouraged to comment on future videos and if they enjoyed it give it a thumbs up.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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hi everyone and welcome to my channel inthis video i'm going to show you how youcan set up and use vs code to make cplus programs some of you asked if thatis possible and the answer is absolutelyyes so today i will show you a simpleand easy way to do that now as some ofyou already know i personally use visualstudio and there are a few reasons forthisum first of all i have a free licensefor visual studio i have a lifelonglicense from my universitybut they made a mistake there theyprobably thought she's going to live for50 or 60 years so let's give her alifelong licensewhat a mistakeas some of you already know i'm avegetarian and i lead a very healthylifestyle so if my calculations arecorrect i'm going to live for 120 yearsand i plan to use this free license formy entire life because i paid for myuniversity a loti'm just kiddingi mean i do have a free license but thisis not the reason why i use visualstudiobecause of the nature of my work i haveto do a lot of code analyzing a lot ofperformance testing i have to use a lotof advanced development tools that vscode does not have so basically i needan entire ide for my work but fortutorials for learning purposes uh vscode is going to be more than enough soyou can use that and today i want toshow you how you can set it up and useit to make c plus programs and then ialso want to share some tips on how iuse artificial intelligence to help mecode faster i know that a lot of peoplethink that ai is very complicated butthe tool that i want to show you isactually very simple and it is calledtab nine it is an ai completion toolwhich means that it basically completesyour code for you and then it usesmachine learning in order to learn aboutyou and your coding style so the moreyou use it the more helpful it becomesand i personally use it for c plus andthen also for c sharp and javascriptbecause you can use it for all modernprogramming languages and the best thingis that if you're a student if you usethis to learn and save some time whilecoding your girl has you coveredyou can use this for free and then ifyou want to get some additional featurescustomization and things like that youcan get a pro plan and i will leave alink in the description so that you cancheck out all the details for yourselfand then later i'm going to show you howyou can install and use this tool tohelp you to code faster so that is whatwe will do in this video and now i'mgoing to show you how to set up vs codefor c plus i'm going to explain everysingle step of this process so that youknow what is happening it's not going tobe hard it's very easy but you will haveto be carefulso that you don't make a mistake becausethen it is not going to worksoas you can see here i have opened visualstudio code and the first thing that weneed to do is we need to install anextension for c and c plus plusso go to viewand then extensionsokayand here i'm going to search for c plusand you need to install this one so theone from microsoft it's c and c plusplus from microsoft i'm going to clickinstall hereokay and it is downloading andinstallingokay perfect so now after i haveinstalled the extension for c plus plusthe next step is to install a compilerand this is because c plus plus iscompiled language which means that thecode that you write and that isunderstandable to you is notunderstandable to your computer it firstneeds to be translated or compiled intoa language that your computer canunderstand and for this we use acompiler you can find many differentcompilers that you can use online theone that i will use is called mingw andi will put the link that you can use todownload it in the description it isfree so you can use thatso let's download our compilerand the download will start shortlyafter you open the linkokayand after this installer is downloadedyou are going to click itso you should get a window like this oneclick nextand then here for architecture selectthe architecture of your computer for methat is 64.and then click next again and then thisdestination folder i'm going to copythis text so i'm going to select all ofthis text so ctrl a and then ctrlc because we will need it later and iwill just paste it in a basic notepadfileokayand then clicknextand here it starts the downloading andinstallation process of your compiler soi will be back once this is finishedso once the installation is finishedclick next and then finishand then third step isthis path here that i told you we willneed later so now i'm going to copy thisand what we need to do with this padis we need to put it inside ourenvironment variables so how you do thatwell search on your windows foredit environment variables for youraccount and then open thisokaynow here you will select this path andthen click edit and then here we willneed to add the path that we just copiedso click new and then here i am going topaste this pad and then here we willneed to append something else i will putit on the screen and that isthis text here okay soonce you have pasted everything itshould look something like thisand then click ok and then okay here aswell and that should be it if you havedone everything correctly everythingshould work perfectly but if you want tomake sure that you have installed yourcompiler successfully what you can do isyou can use your command prompt which iwill open nowand here you are going to type twocommands that i will put on the screenas well that is g plus plusversionokayand theng d bversionlike thisokay so if you don't don't get any errorhere that means that everything isinstalled as it should be but if you getan error here make sure to go back tothe previous step and go again throughthe installation process of yourcompiler and then make sure that thepatch that we copied inside ourenvironment variables is correctokayso let's minimize this and as i saidthat is everything that you need inorder to set up vs code to write c plusplus programs but one more thing that ipromised is i want to show you how youcan install and use tab 9 to help you towrite fasterso for that let's open their siteokay i'm going to put the link that youcan use in the description so click gettab nine it's free and then here you aregoing to select your idei'm going to select vs codeokayand here i'm going to click install nowand here it should ask youif you want to open this with visualstudio code so make sure to select thatso i will say open visual studio codeand as you can see here we havethe extension that we need to install soi will click installand it should start installing it nownow one very important thing that i wantto mention while this is installing isthatif you are installing anything anythingin visual studio code make sure torestart your visual studio code afterthat because sometimes it just getsstuck and it doesn't even realize thatsomething has been installed soafter we have installed this i am goingto close my visual studio codeokay and then uh let's also close thisnow one thing that i want to do isinstead of opening visual studio codemanually is i will use this commandprompt in order to make a directorywhere we will put all the files that wecreate for our program so thateverything is organized as it should beso here i'm going to create a folder adirectory so i will useum mkthere so make directory command inwindows and i will create a directorythat is calledfirstprogramlike thisokayand then after you have created thisfolder this directory what i want to dois i want to enter inside that directoryso i'm going to use cd command and iwill sayfirst program so create a first programfolder and then enter inside that folderand as you can see this path of mycommand prompt has changed now we areone folder deeper so inside this firstprogram folder and what i want to dohere is i won't say please open my vscode here like this so that is thecommand that you use and now it shouldopen vs code inside this folderokay perfectnow what i want to do is i want tocreate a new file and i want to do thatinside this first program folder so iwill clicknew file here and then i'm going to namethat file for example helloworldand then one very important thing isthat you will need to use extension dotcpp because you will write source codeso you will write inside a file that hasextension dot cppokay so hello world dot cpp and here isour editor and here we are going towrite our c plus codeso let's create a simple hello worldprogram i will sayincludeiostreamokay and then usingand as you can see immediately tab 9 isoffering the completion for this line sousing namespace std and you can pressstop in order to complete that commandand then intmainand here i want to say returnzero okay and if you see that codeappears like magic on this on the screenthat is because i'm just using tab inorder to complete the lines that areoffered by tab nineand here i just want to say c out andthen let's sayhello okay it is offering already helloworld so i'm going to uh select thatso after we have written this verysimple hello world program i want toshow you how you can compile it and runit using vs code so in order to compilethis program you will click on terminaland then hererun build taskand it should offer something like thisand here you are going to select yourcompiler so make sure to select g plusplus so this oneokay and then here it says that buildfinished successfully and then if younoticed here it created an additionalfile which ishelloworld.exe so this is yourexecutable file this is your applicationso in order to run this file i'm goingto open my terminal again and we arepositioned inside this first programfolder so this is one folder beneaththishelloworld.exe so now in order to runthis helloworld.exe what you need to dois just typehelloworld.exe so not cpp this isone way and then you can also sayumdot and then you can use this backslashso dot backslash helloworld.exeand if i press enter as you can see itsays hello worldokay so that is how you compile and runyour program using vs codenow let me show you how tab 9 usesartificial intelligence in order to helpyou to code faster so let's create avariable of type string and let's callitfruit for example and here i want toassign a value of let's say letter a andthen letter pand as you can see it is offering me afruit called apple and that is probablybecause it reads that the name of thevariable is fruit and then it knows tooffer a fruit that starts with letter aand then letter p that i typed so anappleokay now let's create anothervariable let's make it an array calledfruits and it will be array of fivestrings for example and here i want toassign different values so uh it alreadyoffers apple as a first value for myarray and then let's say here forexampleorangeand thenum let's say pe okay it's offering pierand then uh for example strawberryokaystr and then it is offering strawberryand let's say for examplebanana okay perfect and now let's writeout all of these um elements of my arrayso i will say fourand then int i is equal to zero and theni is less than five i plus plus again ifyou see code appearing very fast that isbecause i'm using tab in order tocomplete what tab 9 is offering so iwill say c out and thenfruits ofiand let's add endlineokay and let me show you one more timehow you can compile this program so makesure to save everything and then go toterminalokay terminal and then run build taskselect g plus plus compilerandwhen build finishes successfully whatyou can do is you can run this programin your terminal so you can sayhello world dote x eor you can use this approach here sowhen i press enter as you can see ourprogram works as expectedokayone very important thing that i want tomention related to tab 9 is i know thata lot of people will be concerned aboutprivacy and security of their code andthis is very important for me personallybecause i work with very sensitive dataand basically when i started working formy company i had to sign a contract thatstates that i cannot work for anothercompany from the same industry for twoyears after i stopped working for mycurrent company and that is because allthe algorithms all the code and dataneeds to be very very private so theyare probably giving me two years inorder to forget it or for them to changeit i don't knowbut basically i had to do a very goodresearch about tab 9 and i wouldn't saythat all the code that you write staysprivate and secure so you don't have toworry about that again i will put a linkin the description that you can use inorder to read more details yourselfso that is what i wanted to teach you inthis video how you can set up and use vscode in order to write c plus programsand all the details that you will needwill be in the description so if youenjoyed this video please give it athumbs up for the youtube algorithm thathelps me a lot to reach more people andteach them programming and then if youhave any questions or if you havesuggestions for my future videos you canput those in the comments section i madethis video because some of you asked meto show you how you can use vs code tomake c plus programs and then also letme know in the comments which one willyou use from now vs code or visualstudio so thank you very much forwatching and i'm going to see you insome other video bye