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I tried 20 Gamer drinks, here are the best… and the worst

Unboxing Top Gamer Drinks: Pomegranate Red Bull Wins, Water and Aspartame Drinks Lose

  • The video is about unboxing and tasting top gamer drinks
  • The narrator does not consume caffeine and does not like the taste of Mountain Dew
  • Red Bull’s pomegranate flavored drink wins as the best one
  • Water wins as the worst one, followed by drinks containing aspartame or red 40
  • Game Fuel’s charged berry blast wins for the Wall of Fame and charged original Dew for the Wall of Shame
  • Lastly, a surprise sponsored product is presented in foreign.

Five Foot Nine Individual Experiments with Height Increase, Pro Wrestler and Tetris-Inspired Drinks Ranked

  • In the video, a five foot nine individual attempts to become taller by trying on different shoes
  • They manage to get an extra inch, which their mother-in-law may accept
  • Various energy drinks and sodas are tested for flavor and aftertaste
  • A professional wrestler themed drink collaboration between Dwayne Johnson and Logan Paul yields mediocre results as does a drink inspired by Tetris
  • The best flavored beverage is the coconut water from the Rock’s brand, but the worst is judged to be Tetris.

Taste Test: Zola Wins Worst Gamer Drink, Prime Most Expensive at $6

  • Zola was the winner of the worst gamer drink, Tetris G Fuel versus Zoa
  • Orange and Prime were close contenders but Prime won as it was slightly better tasting than Orange
  • Mountain Dew was worse than expected
  • All drinks were expensive, the most expensive being 6 US Dollars for a 4 pack of Prime
  • The cans had an AR game on them and came in a fancy box.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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what's up Gamers today's video is goingto be a little different because I havenot seen any of the items that I'm goingto be unboxing and putting into my bodythat's right we are going to be tastetesting the top gamer drinks and I'll beselecting as someone who has probablynever consumed any of them I do notdrink gamer drinks how much caffeine doyou consume on a daily basis I do notconsume caffeine okay it's gonna be funso you run around all day yeah there's acrash right I will actually feel acaffeine Rush sometimes just from youlike a chocolate bar yeah this is me notcaffeinated by the way what are welooking at first Mr bellivols our firstcategory is traditional gamer drinkstraditional gamer drinks you haven'tdone a very good job of covering them Ican see them so are they supposed to becovered up from me or from themtheatricsRockstar never tried it Monster nevertried it Red Bull never tried it andMountain Dew this I've tried it's awfulwere you planning to give me a cup or uham I justI mean I don't go I don't mean to gofull Diva oh this is classy with an eyedrink water who is it Ronaldo one of thebig soccer players was like sitting at apress conference next to like some Cokecan or some and it was like drinkwater what a Chad let's go withfamiliarity first this ought to beenough Mountain Dew for anyoneokay that's a low bar Mountain Dew's afourpeople drink this on purpose I mean it'sbetter than Mountain Dew like it's a wowI've got like a weird aftertaste I'llgive it like a five monster fun colorsthoughthat smells badyeah that's a four like I want to knowfrom you guys though like which one doyou think is probably the best on thistable I only drink exclusively whateverthe rock makes you drink whatever therock makesoh that tastes like oh well it's gotginseng in it that's probably why okaythat's a three maybe my standards arejust too high just to make sure we'renot giving Red Bull an unfair Advantagewe're also going to try theirtraditional non-pomegranate flavored oneoh I'd go pomegranate for sure it's likea three or four what would you considera 10 drink oh God like a Thai iced teathat's a delicious drink getthat milk in there oh so goodpomegranate Red Bull's my winner fromthis round this comes out ahead justbecause it's so Bland okay here's myloser in the Wall of Fame already bydefault is of course good old-fashionedpure water in an LTD store water bottleI get a lot of compliments every time Igo to like a new dentist or like Dentalprofessional they're like wow for yourage your teeth are like in amazing shapeI don't drink coffee don't smokego yourselffor your age up next we have traditionalgone gamer traditional gone gamer oh myGod I can tell you already this is gonnabe any zero sugar thing sucks the onlything worse than sweetening with cornsyrup is sweetening with not corn syrupor cane sugar that aspartame taste Iknow some people apparently can't tasteit it's like a genetic thing I can cantaste itthis is just Coke but with that awfulaspartame aftertaste you're donebud I don't know how to describe itother than it tastes like aspartame ohwow that's a cool pop top what is thatyou drink it from here they'vereinvented the wheel am I am I doingthis wrong or is the hole so you canlike shotgun it and the and it opens upon the other sideokay I have to be doing this wrong thereis no way that that's right you gottarip off the whole thing or somethingpull tab upslide backclassic definition of over engineeredhow much does this cost that is notvery good yeah it's got red 40 in itthat explains it sorry I shouldn'tdeclare a loser until I've tried all theother losers anything with aspartame init can't get over like a two or a threefor me because it's just awful I don'tthink this one has aspartame in it thisone does but this one has red 40 in itwhich is just it's hitting me nownever mind it's got a fair bit in itthree two this just looks like poisonforeignstinks I don't want to cheat but thismight have aspartame in it too no thatmust just be like a weird dye dye tasteyellow five and yellow six when yellowfive is not enough you need more yellowyou turn to Yellow six I'd say this onestarted out as a four or a five actuallyquite nice and then just had a wickedaftertaste that puts it down to a twocharged original do so what this is justMountain Dew probably with extracaffeine oh because that's what MountainDew needs more caffeinehow'd they make Mountain Dew worse can Ihave the regular Mountain Dew back sorryI know this is not the format of thevideo but like God that's disgusting ohyeah they put a whole bunch of other inthis yellow five makes anotherappearance you know I was I know I Iknow I hate red dye number 40. but Iwonder if Yellow 5 is anotherproblematic one for meoh yeah this is way better I mean thiscan still go to but I'll tastesdownright good by comparisonlet's try charged berry blast I do likeBerry flavored drinks so this one has achance at least as long as it doesn'thave yellow five or red 40 in it oh blueunoffensive I'm picking game Fuelcharged berry blast for the wall of fameand for the Wall of Shame it's trulydifficult for me to decide between theseI'm gonna go with charged original Dewfor my Wall of Shame not because ittastes that much worse than the otherones on the table but because I feelit's so misleading calling this originaldo when it tastes so much worse thanoriginal Dew is just offensive to mebefore we go to our next round of drinksthough we have a surprise from oursponsor apparentlywe're inforeignheight increased insoles what is thepoint of this dbrand literally allyou're doing is insulting me thisdoesn't even help them sell theirproduct I meanan extra inch couldn't hurt right Yvonnecould wear something other than Flatsnext to meuh 67 and a half inches why do I dothese things oh you're definitely talleryou are now five foot nine whoaoh put the other ones in uh this can'tworkthat is basicallycome onI don't know if I'm gonna get my foot inthere imagine showing up for a firstdate in theseoh that's very off kilter right nowdon't forget tall people before you lookdown on me I'll probably live longerthan youand I can sit comfortably in economy notthat he does I've flown first classtwice in my life you know that you arenow 70 inches or five foot ten wowreally I only got one inch from all ofthat maybe my mother-in-law will acceptme now you know that's one of the firstthings she said to Yvonne hey seems nicegood looking it's too bad he's not alittle taller I'm comfortable in my skinspeaking of skins check where you can get yourown dbrand skins when the checks stopclearing dbrand we're done you knew whatthis was up next we got balls we gotballs heyhere they are well I'm obviously gonnahave to start with the original actuallyas far as energy drinks go not that muchgarbage in it corn syrup so it can't bethat good butewmaybe that's why they put all thatgarbage in the other ones it's a solidtoo let's make our way down the linehere we got ginger ale not a big gingerale fanballs is the first one to manage tophysically hurt meit's not badif all it took to turn balls from thatto this is a little bit of natural andartificial flavors I guess they're doingall right either my standards arelowered or this is a pretty decentbeverage I'll give it a five Cherry Colayou got an uphill battle ahead of youI'm sure of all of them butPlus in mykind of bitter cherryI'm really not looking forward todrinking these anymoremaybe I was wrong about the lack ofsweetness being a plus the best thing Ican say about it is it's bland four thisis a contender I do like orange drinksoh we're about to find out if yellow sixis the gross one or yellow five becauseit's got six in itnot bad actuallyit's like a not overly sweet orange sodabecause I want a five too so it'sbetween the ginger ale and the orangethis is garbage that can go on the Wallof Shame that's pretty good balls gingerale go into the wall umoh the aftertaste though until I get youto keep drinking it it's like I swearsnack companies do not care about a badaftertaste that's a feature for themGinger ale's got the better initialflavor but I gotta take away the winbased on that aftertaste I'm giving itto the orange have we had anything overa five yet the pomegranate I think evenoh yeah the pomegranate let's just seeitI can't taste it again yetoh what's coming next this is our videogame and influencer Warheads drink sothis is a collaboration with ghost Gfuel PewDiePie Edition can your drink dothisthat's an old oneinspired by Tetris what the actual everlovingwould a drink inspired by Tetris tastelike guess we're about to see and thenwe've got G fuel sour chug rug who'sthis guy oh oh oh Rod sorry I don't Idon't know uh phase I don't know FaZeClanwe want Tetris rug I'm Gonna Leave theWarHeads one for the end I I'm a sourfreak all rightsubtle pink coloractually not bad until the awfulaftertaste that's gonna have aspartamein it nope you managed to achieve thatlevel of awful aftertaste without itthat one is great out of the gate that'slike our first seven out of the gate butthen it quickly shifts to just anatrocious aftertaste ew well man thisone's hard to grade it goes from a sixto a two so I guess we'll average itwe'll call it a four all right Tetriswhat does Tetris taste like I expectedit to be multi-coloredBland almost like a hint of kind of likea bubble gum at the end what a weirdflavor I feel like this is one of thoseproducts that's more of a collectiblemaybe that was what they thought too Igive it a three what does the world'sformer number one YouTuber taste likeflavor and then it just disappearsthat's not too bad I think this is thebest one yet I'll give it a fourI have high hopes for the Warhead ghostcollaboration high hopes that aretempered by the concern that there mightbe a nasty aftertastesour but it's a boring kind of sour Iwant like a sour apple kind of sour likea sour blue raspberry kind of sour it'sjust sour I could see this being a greataddition to something else if I couldcombine thesethey say don't do that they say not todo that wait that's illegalI did not improve either of them I'mgiving it to the Lincoln Berry all rightway to go Pewds you won as for the worstbut probably my mixture I'm gonna giveit to Tetris for being across the boardmeh at least this one starts goodoh man how is it even possible that I'vebeen burping this much I've consumed solittle actually oh it's coming out theother end too last set of drinks theseare professional wrestlers we have theRocks zoa and Prime by Logan Paul I'mGonna Save The Rock for last I trustDwayne Johnson he's not gonna let medown this is going to be the best onename a bad movie Dwayne Johnson's beeninI do not like coconut oh that's a badsignthat's actually not I might alreadyknow who the winner is that's a sevenyes yes yes the coconut water isactually nice I'm settling on a sixthough noMr Johnsonthis is my trustlike to be clear I you know respect theguy he's done an amazing job built anamazing career butI'm experiencing some regret that'sgonna be a three but that's that'sunfortunatethere's no red 40 there's no aspartamedoesn't even really have a badaftertaste it's just not good see youlater buddy oh God do I have to pick theworst of the worst I have to drink allof those again[Music]excuse me here we go whoathat is disgusting a bit flaccid lookslike there's stuff growing in it I'm notfalling up why the did they addbreadsticks to no Henry now we're gonnago back to our winners and our Losers ofeach round to determine who is the bestof the best and who is the worst of theworst rather than try to score them outof 10 this time though we're just goingto be focused on which one tastes thebestcharged berry blast game Fuelright pomegranate Red Bull let's go[Music]it's gonna be down to Orange and Primeyou know I think part of it is thatthey're not as cold anymoreyeah I'm giving it a primeyeahit's not quite something I wouldactually consider buying but it's theclosest by a long shot given how hard itwas to get through the winners I'mreally not looking forward to drinkingall the losers againstart with ballsbest thing I can say about it is itreally doesn't taste like much oh zoaagainnot very good TetrisTetris might be worse than zoa actuallyRockstaroh all right yellow number five andnumber six cheerswell you're not the worstMountain Dew but worse[Music]oh that was really truly very badI can't decide but I really don't wantto drink them again okay we're goingplayoff style these two these twothey're losersZola starts out better but gets worseyeah Zoe you're truly awfulI keep expecting Mountain Dew and thenit tastes so much worse than I'mexpecting I think if I'm being objectiveor at least trying to the tetris one isever so slightly worse Tetris G fuelversus zoa for the Worst Gamer drink atleast with Zola I can kind of see whatthey're going forlike it has kind of like a flavor to itthis is justcrap G fuelyou win bestworst so if you had to guess how mucheverything costs this is gonna be reallytough and this is not like you know BillGates guessing how much a banana costs Iliterally just do not drink thesebeverages it's not because I don't setfoot in a grocery store I stopped buyingdrinks out of vending machines when theywent over a dollar I was like more thana dollar for a can of pop forget it so Iwas like 2001. to give you guys someidea it's been 20 years since I'vebought a canned drink I would say thisis probably not cheap this is probablylike an eight dollar drink just with theYouTuber Tax Plus it being as far as Ican tell legitimately kind of a a smallcompany like it's not just you knowanother Coke brand or whatever so I'mguessing eight US dollars that one wasabout six dollars Canadian six Canadianon that Canadian store reallywow Tetris co-branding I'm gonna saythis is another six dollar drink thensure that one is four dollars Canadianuh three dollars U.S all right I mean Iwouldn't even let me begin to considerbuying it but sure so in total we spentabout 250 US Dollars 250 what was themost expensive drink was it zoa uh nothat was the samereally same as the prime six bucks Iguess six bucks is a lot for a drinkfour pack cost 57 US Dollars wait whatwas that only because we had to importit though yeah okay well what was it inlike US Dollars it's a limited editiondon't have pricing outside of that whatwas even limited edition about that codeon the volume in a fancy box oh fancybox you say so the cans also have likean AR game on it there's an augmentedreality game so this was the mostexpensive drink that was a lot of grossgarbage to drink on an empty stomach Ineed to go pee subscribe to ShortCircuit