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Sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s extraordinary claims from prison | 60 Minutes Australia

Glenn Maxwell: From Billionaire Madam to Prisoner, New Interview Seeks to Rewrite History

  • Glenn Maxwell, the one-time Madam of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was convicted of sex crimes against underage girls
  • Maxwell is appealing her 20-year sentence and is conducting an audacious and strangely compelling interview from prison in an attempt to rewrite her history
  • She claims Prince Andrew is a victim of a malicious hoax and that those who think she is guilty misunderstand her completely
  • She has chosen to speak with her brother Kevin in an interview brokered by producer Daphne Barack
  • Virginia du Frey, an abuse survivor, believes there is no disputing the facts as the court found
  • Randy kogan, a psychologist based in Florida’s Palm Beach, believes Maxwell hunted and preyed on young girls for sexual exploitation and sex trafficking
  • Maxwell attaches herself to causes such as saving the planet’s oceans and helping other inmates
  • She believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and that Robert Maxwell did not commit suicide.

Prince Andrew, Glenn Maxwell and Epsteins Trafficking Allegations: The 12 Million Pound Settlement and Staged Photo

  • Glenn Maxwell is currently incarcerated in Florida
  • She has been trying to exonerate herself, as well as fighting for the redemption of Prince Andrew
  • Virginia Du Frey accused the prince of being trafficked to him by Epstein and Maxwell
  • The prince settled a civil lawsuit with her for 12 million pounds
  • Glenn is now claiming a photo taken of Virginia and Prince Andrew was a hoax
  • She believes there is evidence that it was staged in her London townhouse
  • Psychologists say destruction of properties related to abuse does not remove all scars, but it helps healing.

Prince Andrew Settles Case Despite Evidence of Discredited Photograph from 2011

  • Glenn Maxwell exhibits narcissistic qualities with no remorse, empathy or compassion
  • There is a lack of insight which means she is unlikely to be rehabilitated
  • The photograph was published in 2011 and never contested as fake until Prince Andrew was sued, despite having evidence that could have disproven it
  • Prince Andrew settled the case instead.

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when Glenn Maxwell the one-time Madam ofbillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epsteinwas last year convicted of sex crimesagainst underage girls her victims hopeda jail cell would silence her turns outthey were wrong as well as appealing her20-year sentence Maxwell has now begun aconcerted campaign to rewrite historyand in an audacious and strangelycompelling interview from prison she'smaking some extraordinary claims notonly is the disgraced prince Andrew thevictim of a malicious hoax she saysanyone who thinks she's cruel horribleand guiltymisunderstands her completelyit's behind the high walls and thebarbed wire of Florida's TallahasseeFederal Correctional Institution wheresex trafficker Glenn Maxwell will spendthe next 20 yearsfamous for her High Society connectionsher toxic Devotion to pedophile JeffreyEpsteinand for going on the run for a year61 year old Maxwell now wears a newmantleinmate zero two eight seven nine fivezero nine good morning good morning goodmorning so um what is that behind youit is a painting okayGlenn Maxwell is nothing if notaudacious how's it going Prison Wallscannot stop her calling out what sheconsiders a great untruths speaking forthe first time since her convictionMaxwell has chosen to talk to herbrother Kevin in an interview brokeredby producer Daphne Barack everyone I wasalways asking who is the real Gwho's the real Gila it's definitely notthe person who portraits I feelcompletely divorced from the person thatequal reference and talk aboutand so the biggest misconception of youbecause I'm the cruelest meanesthorrorless person who's done committedcrimesyeahand I mean I I literally haven't seenany details that areaccuratefor many it's a galling PR campaign byMaxwell and her brothers Kevin and Ianto set the record as they want the worldto see it my sister is no monsterwe believe in her innocence and thatshe'll be exonerated in the end and askyou about the the all the allegationsthat have come the effort torehabilitate their disgraced sister'sreputation comes as the appeal againsther conviction and sentence looms do youfeel safe in jail do you feel safebecause there was threats on your lifeand do you feel safebut yes I feel safeI don't I don't have any safety issuesbecause as you told me it jails aresometimes dangerous and Jeffrey Epsteindied in jailumdo you believe that he committed suicidebecause many don'tno he didn't I don't believe he didI believe that he was murdered[Music]she has no shame she has no heart shehas no consciencefor Virginia du Frey and survivors likeher there is no disputing the facts asthe court found Gillian Maxwell procuredunderage girls for Jeffrey Epstein shegroomed them sexually abused andtrafficked themin many ways some say she was even worsethan the Despicable EpsteinI don't mean to sound sexist in any wayshape or form but I I expected it from amanbut I didn't expect it from a womanand umyeahI think that's what Iswear what do you make of GlennMaxwell's decision to speak from jaillike this it wasn't a surprise it wasn'ta surprise because it gives her stillthat feeling that she's in control evenBehind Bars and I think she's doing itfor attention[Music]Randy kogan is a psychologist based inFlorida's Palm Beach okay okay slow downslow down so I can understand tell mewhat happened for years now she's beentreating women who as girls were abusedby Epstein and Maxwellis she a monsterI think in many ways she iswhat Colleen Did she hunted she prayedon these girls and procured them forsexual exploitation and sexisttraffickingthat's a monsterbut from behind bars Maxwell isdetermined to present a selfless side asshe discusses her future with brotherKevin if you um when you win your appealand and get out of prison do you thinkyou'll be accepted Again by the peoplewho are once your friendswell I can'tjust know what my friends will will door won't doI mean my focus won't be on that I willalways tend towhat I've now decided though will formthe rest of my life which is helpingother people who areall have been incarcerated[Music]it's an honor to be here attachingherself to causes is not new for GlennMaxwellI'm here representing Civil Society itwas not that long ago in an attempt todistance herself from Epstein her greatpassion was to save the planet's oceansthe deep sea and the wild animals thatlive there now it's other inmates and ofcourse herself with yet another spin onher relationship with former boyfriendEpsteinwhen you look back and what you thinkyour biggest mistake wasI obviously wish I'd never met herbecause I didn't knowthat it was so awfulI mean obviously now I was looking backwith hindsightof course do you consider yourself avictim of Jeffrey well I I don't I don'tlove meuse of the wordvictimbut clearlyum the fact that I worked for him andthat I spent time with him and knew himhas devastatedmy life and hurt many peoplethat I love and hold the air that arearound me do you believe that I don't Ibelieve that Jeffrey Epstein was anopportunity to her and I believe thatshe was an opportunity to JeffreyEpstein without Jeffrey I don't believethat Colleen could have maintained thelifestyle that her father gave her formost of her lifewell he paid her 30 million dollarsthat's exactly rightand he got plenty in returnif Glenn is a victim of anyone accordingto Randy kogan it is most likely herdomineering father the disgraced mediaBaron Robert Maxwellhe fleeced hundreds of millions ofdollars from his employees Pension fundsbefore his body was found floating inthe Atlantic Ocean having apparentlyFallen overboard from his yacht the ladyGlenn the official cause of hismysterious death in 1991 was heartattack and accidental drowning but inEchoes of her response to Epstein'ssuicide Glenn believes in something moreSinister as she revealed in thisinterview in 1992what do you feel what happened to himyou'll never know soyou'll never be 100sure of exactly what took place anythingI'm sure of is that he did not commitsuicideI feel that Robert and Jeffrey have verysimilar qualitiesand I feel that Elaine spent most of herlife trying to please her father and herfather groomed her to be this socialiteto learn how to read people andmanipulate and exploit peoplepeople who spent time with GillenMaxwell and Jeffrey Epstein when theywere together say that Glenn was deeplyin love with Jeffrey Epstein that shewould do anything for himcan what happened to those girls becategorizedas an act of love that she was actingout of love for Jeffrey and that's whyshe did these despicable thingsI don't know that galane is capable oflove and the love that she has forJeffrey I think it was the idea of whoJeffrey was and what Jeffrey had tooffer I think that's where her love wasfrom behind Prison Walls Glenn is notonly determined to correct the world'sview of her but she is doing her best toresurrect her close friend the canceledand shameful prince Andrewthis photo changed the course of historybut Glenn claims to know it's a hoaxI haveinformationthat would indicate that it is a fraudand a fakeJeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell liveda glamorous life of travel and exclusivegetaways with homes in Paris New YorkNew Mexico the Virgin Islands and PalmBeach Floridabut beyond the glitz it was dark andevil with much of the sexual abuse ofunderage girls happening Behind Theseclosed doors[Music]most of the properties have been soldoff with Epstein's former Palm BeachMansion now raised to the groundpsychologist Randy kogan says for herpatients the destruction of this placedoes not remove all their scars but itcertainly helps their healingit was very hard I have one or twovictims that would have to drive pastthere to get to work and it was veryhard because they would have to trydifferent routes and just to preventbeing triggeredNew York attorney Eric fedalirepresented eight victims of the Epsteinand Maxwell's sex trafficking ring hesays knowing Glenn Maxwell is locked upgives them a great sense of peacebut this interview with her brotherKevin and producer Daphne Barack herability to get her voice heard as inaneas it might be and the tofu has noseason there's no seasoning allowedthere's no salt or Pepper or anything soit's it'sBeyondtasteless jeopardizes their sense ofachieving Justice I think it's justtrying to shift the narrative I thinkshe's trying to play the victim whichwas exactly her trial strategy the tofudoesn't taste good enough you know she'sjust such she's playing the role ofvictim and it's really I think justgross is the best word it's it's reallysad and it's really unfair to thevictims for her to keep doing thisI mean it's something that everybodyasks and you've now been in jail for twoand a quarter years and what gives youthe strength to keep goingthe love of my familyand friends since many many sports thatI have and becauseIfight for myself for what I know is trueand that inspires me every day and thekind of the more negative side there aremany women whofeel betrayed by you and want you tostay in jail what what do you say tothemI say that the Epstein died and theyshouldtakethe and take their disappointment andupset out on theauthorities that allowed that to happenI hope that they have some closure bythe judicial process that took place andI wish themumtime to heal and to be able to have aproductive andgood life going forward and that's whatI hope for them is she justified in anyway in claiming that she's the full guyfor Jeffrey Epstein because he's nolonger around to be prosecuted I don'tsee that I don't see her as being a FallGuy she hunted these girls she preyed onthem she groomed them she participatedin sexual actsshe is just as much guilty as JeffreyEpsteinMaxwell is not just trying to exonerateherself she's also fighting for theRedemption of prince Andrewit was the explosive allegations ofVirginia du Frey that she was traffickedto him by his good friends Epstein andMaxwell when she was just 17 thatultimately led to the prince beingexercised from the Royal Familybut as the saying goes with friends likethese who needs enemies I thought it wassatire when I first saw it I cannotbelieve someone actually put that outthere to try to disprove any of theseclaimsit was Preposterous and clumsy but thisphoto was offered by the Maxwells to theprince in his legal battle with Virginiadonning masks a Virginia du Frey andprince Andrew this couple wasphotographed in Glenn Maxwell's bathtubthey were trying to disprove Virginia'sallegation she and the prince had a bathtogether claiming the space was toosmall for the foreplay she described butthe photo would seem to prove otherwiseI'm not sure I've ever seen someone posta picture of two people in a bathtub totry to prove that two people couldn'tfit in that bathtub I mean add to itthat they they taped pictures of princeAndrew and Miss Drew Freight to theirfaces it's one of the most absurd thingsI have ever seen I've been doing thisfor a pretty long timewithout making any admissions of guiltlast year the prince settled the civillawsuit brought against him by Virginiafor a rumored 12 million pounds it hasbeen reported prince Andrew is nowtrying to withdraw from the settlementand re-establish his role in the royalfamily what are the chances of him beingable to claw back some of thatsettlement which he's claiming he wantsto do now zero he has zero chance ofbeing able to claw back that settlementhe is a competent adulthe was certainly well informed about theuh the results and the consequences ofsigning that settlement agreementback in her Florida jail Glenn Maxwellcontinues her campaign to discreditVirginia du Freyand her so-called Smoking Gun is thisnow Infamous photograph of prince Andrewand Virginia who was just 17 at the timethe photo was taken by Jeffrey Epsteinin 2001 in Glenn Maxwell's Londontownhouse but the mission to cast doubton its authenticity began with princeAndrew in 2019 in this disastrousinterview but it's possible that it wasyou with your armor that's me but butwhether that's my hand or whether that'sthe position I I but I don't I havesimply no recollectionof the photograph ever being takenand now are the desperately Glenn claimsshe knows it was a sitter another issuewas just the the photo that was shot inkennerton Street whichumwe've always was a fakeand um and that's just abecause it didn't happen and because wejust think it was a fakeI don't believe that I don't believeit's real for a second in fact I'm sureit's notit Remains the fact that no original hasever been producedlook there's never been an original andthe further there's no photograph rightand I've only ever seen a photocopy ofitand umfurther I haveinformationthat would indicate that it is a fraudand a fakeMaxwell was not pushed on what herso-called information was but Virginiaaddressed these claims back in 2019 thisphoto has been verified as an originaland it's been since given to the FBI andthey've never contested that it's a fakethis is a real photoit has to be remembered that thisPhotograph was published in 2011. nobodyfrom Buckingham Palace jumped up anddown said this is a fake nobody said itwas a fake only when it came down to thecrunch no that's a great point and againif prince Andrew knew that this photowas fake that means that when he wassued he would have known that he had thebest evidence right why did he settlethe case if he had this bombshell pieceof evidence that could have disprovenand completely destroyed mystery Frey'scredibility he did it this is over thatPrince Andrew's case is settled MissMaxwell is behind bars Jeffrey Epsteinis dead put up and shut up exactlyrather than Ghana sympathy Glenn's jailcell interview seems to have revealedmore than she perhaps bargained for thereal Glenn Maxwell Glenn Maxwellexhibits narcissistic qualitiesshe has no remorse there's no empathy orcompassion is she tradable in youropinion could she be rehabilitated theproblem with individuals whoexhibit symptoms of a narcissisticpersonality disorder there is a lack ofinsight and when there's no Insightthere's no change so right now she iswhere she belongs that's correcthello I'm Tara Brown thanks for watching60 Minutes Australia subscribe to ourChannel now for brand new stories andexclusive Clips every week and don'tmiss out on our extra minutes segmentsand full episodes of 60 Minutes on9now.comand the nine Now app