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Nardwuar vs. Tyler, The Creator (2019)

Tyler the Creator Experiences Vancouver, Admires Wigs and Samples 45s

  • Tyler the Creator visited Neptune Records in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • He was gifted a Fresh Prince Doll, and admired a wig modeled after One Direction’s Zayn Malik
  • Tyler discussed his experience on tour with Jayden and his appreciation for hip hop samples
  • He also discussed his admiration for wigs and lawn signs
  • The group visited a back room and saw 45s with potential samples
  • Lastly, Tyler was gifted an inflatable wig stand called the Stand-O-Matic.

The Innovative Sounds of Paul Weller and Tyler, the Creator: From Soul Music to Punk Rock and Cartoon Network

  • Paul Weller and the Style Council was a UK band from the 1980s that blended soul music with a new wave pop sound
  • The Jam was Paul Weller’s punk rock band before the Style Council
  • Stevie Wonder’s album “Lookingodd” featured more electronic sounds in comparison to his earlier work
  • Thrifting and crate-digging can often surprise listeners with rare finds such as a song poem from 1969 called “The Earthquake”
  • Cartoon Network and Robert Crumb inspired Tyler, the Creator’s creative works.

Tyler the Creator Rocks UK With Shows and Message of Do Loot Do Rhythmically Doo Doo Doo Did a Little Dude

  • Tyler the Creator is an up-and-coming rapper and producer, signed to Jack Polydor record label
  • He visited the UK for three shows and was less than impressed with the food
  • He encourages people to take notice of him because he is “daddy”
  • Tyler wishes people would take screenshots of his interviews, as a reminder of his message “do loot do rhythmically doo doo doo did a little dude”
  • Tyler’s message to fans is to keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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here we are at Neptune Records waitingfor Tyler that Creator you sexy dog ourthird time togetheryes I've kept in records yes Igor onvinyl good [ __ ] lets us court youdownstairs okay to the private room I'mdrunk right nowwhere did you come from yes your hoteltoday sleeping yesthe back room yes have you been to a lotof back rooms Tyler no a [ __ ] afraiddo you love the back room look at allthe 45 possible sampleswatch your step daddy oh you're verygood are you good at navigating in blowlight yeah I have good eyes records leftaround the corner and we go into theactual record room the backstage ofNeptune Records up third time third timeby Southwest second time losing Canada Idid that festival well I think like[ __ ] what's the DJ dude that'd becrying as [ __ ]he Johnny MacLaren's not DJ snake thatdeadmau5 he was sad and some [ __ ] andthen now we're here[Music]who are you Tyler the Creator alsonotice Big Dig daddy 27 so what myfriends call me toil I've been calledmr. turkey a few times yeah Tylerwelcome to Vancouver British ColumbiaCanada and right off the bat I have agift for you a fresh prince doll that'shot this [ __ ] buff in honor of Jaydenthat's fire yeah I just left tour withhim or he just left tour with us thenthey got home now it's like look how bigthis thing is bro daddyso Tyler you just mentioned Jayden leftthe tour yeah what's it like on tourlike you do a lot of biking you weregonna do biking today but it's rainingit's raining we were gonna uh we weregonna bite we biked around every city wego to and get lost in we was [ __ ]with deer and Utah there's some deer tome the staring is key how do you findout where to go we don't we just get ina car and I try to drive to wherever itlooked like it's a lake or just likestraight up mountain and yeah what canyou say Tyler about this artist righthere bad Bascom bad bascomb who yousampled for what Oh what's good it's thedrum break yes wow that's crazyyou're deep this make it look likeMaxwell this make it look like 88 keysthat's crazywhat made you choose them for Igor uhjust that drum break is just I justwanted to dance if you see the live showI dance crazy when that song comes on souh that's what made me pinkie because itjust has like the groove is just tempodrum breaksI wonder ask you about this drum breakright here the Winston's amen brotheroh wow yeah you sold this break pigsyeah um damn you went back famous hiphop sample pretty much yeah no seriouslyum that song sucks that's a good assbreak I wanted to make some Portisheadtype [ __ ]so if it perfect for that I'm happy Ihave this I don't have none of these onvinyl or anything where do you get yoursamplesum from a folder I just lurk music a lotlike I wake up every morning and spendtwo hours listening to music that I'venever heard before so I think it's greatTyler then at one time you had lawnsigns lawn signs yeahand snowflake ice cream yeah what do youthink about that ice cream and lawnsigns yeah I don't know this is cool Ilike itI made it now would you ever take thestep and have right here a Justin Bieberpillow oh [ __ ] would there ever be aTyler pillow I'm gonna take this home noit wouldn't be the first time I laid onhim notice he's very daring isn't hesome hair as well you could pluck it hewas a battyI was curious you've mentioned wigsthere are some wig themed isn't thereyeah yeah wigs are flooding I like themwhat do you think about this gentlemanright here he is all wigged up right nowzine from one direction this [ __ ] [ __ ]just waked up right nowhe look trashy either way what do youthink about the wigs like doll wigs I'venever seen it so nice they could put awig on a doll especially wait if thiswig come with it no they're special ifyou pull it out it's actually a companyknow actually if you pull up the wigit's actually a company that makes wigsfor dollsoh that's fire that's fire I'm gonnatake a photo with this on later eyesoresnobody [ __ ] huh with the [ __ ]cowboy hat for the lizardit's a [ __ ] wrap who do we have hereTyler could you introduce who's thereKelly Wyatt Lionel and team doc inVancouver British Columbia Canada yeahwe are in Canada right nowand speaking of wigs I have another giftfor you right here it is inflatable andinflatable wig stand to stand o maticfire it's think about to get all to Igorwigs Oh after the gig you can put it onis that a dildo from Arthur's IncaCerseiand what's legit you have a wigstaff youhave a few that's a portable weak standto stand o matic so just [ __ ] justtravel with me this is crazy this is thecraziest butt plug it's actually a standomaticaya is it's it's no it's legit letme sell it it's a vintage lookwigstaff I don't believe you it doesn'tsay butt plug on there freaky [ __ ] butit's something you could use would youuse a stand oh man ik I haven't used itat all it's complete it is used no stando matic it's cool the stand Oh Maticcool I'm not using it you can fit thisand you are Tyler the Creator or dad aredig dig daddy 27 what's that 20 roomCastle that you stayed at like 20 roomsa castle in Italy yeah a friend of minehad a uh he has a castle thing out therethat is pretty next level but 20 roomswhat does each room like and did youlook in each room I looked in every roomincluding the made corners what was inthe room uh [ __ ] just [ __ ] is that insquare circle here we are Tyler lookingodd it's in square circle by StevieWonder could you please explain you havean amazing eye Tyler yeah I knew thisside uh it's a song on there callednever your son that's like number five Ibelieve and it's it's really goodthere's one of albums like an eightiesor you can have that oh no I have liketwo copies I think at home but it's uhhe started using like more electronicthat Gary Wilson or Newman he startedusing more uh more electronic sounds andstuff during the 80s so it was adifferent sound for Stevie it's goodstuff though you have a great I like tobe able to pick out records aha yeahhave you done a lot of Thrifty cratedigging uh here and there like dependingon the city we go to I'll try to checkout like what they have I found somegood stuff what city was that with thatfire a store no no no no no it was likethe early one where you there OhMinnesota Minnesota has thisstores out there with like good shitsit's usually the cities that you thinkdon't have [ __ ] that has like fire stuffplease warm why Weiner [ __ ] uh no Ihave a gift for you Tyler right nowplease warm my winner oh [ __ ]with our crumb cover art Wow RobertCrumb actually was just reading a weekago his books of dreams that he just putout you can see right thereplease warm a my wiener from 1935 that'scrazyI didn't I know this exists existedthat's for youwith something you could possibly sampleyeah maybe maybe Robert crumbs reallygood though I love his stuff [ __ ] cuzyou make my earth oh my god [ __ ] youwere crazy quick quick and I have a giftfor you right here Vancouver BritishColumbia Canada a record a song poemfrom 1969 called the earth quake theearthquake free to sample okay thatseems hot Leo Jung that's a good name arare 45 from 1969 this is sick did youlisten to it I did indeed it's a spokenword music amazing thank you for contentThank You ver sexy is fun I like thatthe sidekick to video Jasper mm-hmmblock said yes what do you rememberabout that he was called bonbon yeahthat uh I wish he was here right now weliterally just dropped him off he uhthat was when me and Jasper would uploadlike crazy videos when we were like 1516 and um we broke a few sidekickswe broke one that we never uploaded atthe video it was tight Jesus eats jelloI guess with Obama that's um a littlebit yeah okay on the block said yeah Wowoh that's a black-and-white video I haveon a red beanie me tell her the craterwhining up heremy TV stays on the Cartoon Network [ __ ]that I don't know but I feel like that'sfreestyle lyric Twilight [ __ ] parade Ohfrom bastard that [ __ ] turned ten in twomonths was thinking like [ __ ] thatTwilight [ __ ] that's pretty intenseI had movies not my type of cup of teaexactly but this Twilight right here youlove this Twilight from 1981 what canyou say about 1981 Twilight still lovingyou and panes of love Twilight so thisguy was he a janitor I don't know whathe was but very talented guy and heplayed all the instruments itself madein his basement except for I think onewhich was like either the drums or thebase or something got another guy tojust come knock that stuff out he wroteeverything and they end up making twoalbums and it's really really [ __ ]good like I mean everything I love aboutmusic from just like melody it's a lotof love songs good chords weird drumpockets and it's not perfect like it'snot the skill set isn't the best but Ithink that's why I like it because theamateur shape allows them to not reallyhave a ceiling and like it's good it'sgood this album influenced a lot of themusic I make so hooray for Twilight yeahboth of these that's fire you're hot andyou are Tyler the Creator tell her whatdo you like to eatRaleigh's restaurant Oh [ __ ] uh-uh[ __ ] we just stopped by Riley the otherday so don't shake your [ __ ] hand Iknow me and it's [ __ ] Lionel will driveall the way from Hollywood Lana welisten listen we would drive from[ __ ] Hollywood all the way tohot dog california boulevard to go getthe [ __ ] barbecue baconcheeseburger and that she was what 249bro[ __ ] they stopped selling that [ __ ]three months ago so anybody at Riley'sif you could bring that [ __ ] back I'mtelling you you have a [ __ ] loyalcustomer stop [ __ ] playing we meanthey get that [ __ ] out make it is theironly rallies what else is there likerallies or nothingwhat uh-huh oh you got me [ __ ] twistand you are Tyler daddy tell her whatcan you say lastly about this gentlemanright here Paul Weller and the StyleCouncil Wowyeah uh style councils good jesus[ __ ] christ they're tight they didn'tget there I don't know if they got theredo or not but umUK [ __ ] white dudes definitely like soulmusic but probably didn't grow up withit so when they made their music it wasthis weird mix um they have a songcalled long hot summer [ __ ] great theUK is like they was doing some good [ __ ]in the eighties they had shot a poppingout style council everything but thegirl like freeze like level 42 like thatwas such a crazy time in music and Idon't think anyone uh I feel like peopledon't talk enough about it what wasgoing on out there a little while backlastly a gift for you the jam which isPaul Weller's band before the StyleCouncil Wow kind of punky no yeah so alot of the guys who's in a lot of thoseweird like jazz fusion bands and stuffsome of them like come from like punkbackgrounds and like they may winswitched it up when they went when theystarted new stuff this is crazy andthat's for you thank you sound effectsby the Jack Polydor such a great labelput out a lot of the best warriors [ __ ]you auntie UK for a while you didn'tsample in the UK stuff where you stilllove UK uh it wasn't on purpose but UK Ijust did three shows back to back thereI'm back in and great parks some greatlooking people have friends out thereand I will say some of the worst [ __ ]food I've ever had it's like they don'tseason anything beans and tomatoes forbreakfast but you know y'all do yourthingno rallies no [ __ ] rallies broanything you want to add to the peoplethere at all Tyler the CreatorLionel anything I said this is our thisour third tire third oneI hope somebody put all the screenshotsback-to-back just to see how shitty IHwhy should people care about Tyler theCreator why should people care cuz I'mdaddy well thanks for much Tyler keep onrockin in the free world and dude doloop do [ __ ] the free world almost do doloop do is there anything else I gottasay I didn't say in any other interviewsdo to loot do rhythmically doo doo doodoo did a little dudeI could do this all day[Music]