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Rupert Murdoch Admits Fox Lied About 2020 Election in Bombshell Court Filing: A Closer Look

Fox News Spread Lies for Fear of Losing Trumps Base, Private Communications Reveal

  • Fox News, led by its star personalities like Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, endorsed the baseless conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump, despite knowing the truth
  • Rupert Murdoch, Fox’s boss, admitted that they knowingly spread lies out of fear of losing Trump’s base
  • Hannity appeared on stage with Trump at a campaign event and called reporters in attendance ‘fake news’
  • A new court filing revealed Fox News hosts weren’t actually believers of this conspiracy theory
  • Private communications showed they trashed Donald Trump and ridiculed his legal team while hyping these same conspiracies to their viewers on air.

Rupert Murdoch Admits Fox News Aired False Election Narrative Despite Warning from Paul Ryan

  • Fox News, led by Rupert Murdoch, has been promoting the narrative that the 2020 election was stolen
  • This week a court filing revealed a partial transcript of Murdoch’s deposition where he admits that Fox hosts endorsed this false notion
  • According to the transcript, Murdoch acknowledged that Fox Business Hosts Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro, Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity all endorsed this false narrative
  • The same filing also revealed that Fox Board Member Paul Ryan emailed Murdoch warning of the consequences of airing false information about the election and that Hannity had been privately disgusted by Trump for weeks
  • This shows how conservative media outlets are struggling to reign in their own narratives.

Fox News Desperate to Keep Trump Base With Lies and Humorous Examples

  • In the video, the speaker discusses Fox News’ desperate attempts to keep their Trump base by repeating lies about the 2020 election
  • He also compares Fox’s attempts to wriggling their way out of the situation with running after a roadrunner and highlights Tucker Carlson’s apparent terror of President Trump
  • Additionally, he uses humorous examples such as deleting an app called Compass and dressing as Village People to mock Fox News’ attempts.

Exploring the Allegation of Gods Voter Fraud: Fake News Confirmed

  • The video examines the idea that God may have committed voter fraud
  • It concludes that this is fake news
  • The conclusion was accompanied by music and applause.

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-Damning new detailshave been revealed fromthe billion-dollar defamationlawsuit against Fox Newsfor spreadingthe baseless conspiracy theorythat the 2020 electionwas rigged against Donald Trump,including an admissionfrom Fox boss Rupert Murdochthat the network's hostsendorsed that liedespite knowing the truth.And yet even now,Fox's star anchorsare still repeating the lieout of fearof losing Trump's base.For more on this,it's time for "A Closer Look."[ Theme music plays ]♪♪The conservative movement,led by their chief propagandaoutlet, Fox News,has a problem.You see, they spent yearslaying the groundworkfor Donald Trump's rise.Some of theirstar personalities,like Sean Hannityand Jeanine Pirro,even appeared onstage with Trumpat a campaign event.-The one thing that has madeand defined your presidencymore than anything else --promises made, promises kept.-[ Loudly ] If you like theAmerica that he is making now,you've got to make sureyou get out there tomorrowif you haven't voted yet.Everyone you know --your grandmother, your cousin,your kids.Even your next-door neighbor,if you don't like them,get them out to votefor Donald Trump.-[ Loudly ] "I hate my neighbor,and he hates mebecause he's alwayscalling the copsto file a noise complaint,even though it's just metalking quietly on the phone."[ Normal voice ] In fact,that microphone --that microphone isn't even on.Pirro's voicejust carries like that.If the microphone had been on,it would have flippedall the breakers in the arena.-[ Loudly ] If you like theAmerica that he is making now...[ Electricity powering down ]-Although the grossest partof that clip iswhen Trump first invites Hannityup onstage,and Hannity usesone of Trump's linesto insult the reporterscovering the rally, in the back,then smiles at Trumplike a little kiss-ass.-Sean Hannity, come on up.Sean Hannity.[ Cheers and applause ]-By the way, all those peoplein the back are fake news.[ Cheers and applause ][ Chuckles ][ Laughter ]-He smiles back at Trumpthe way your two-year-oldsmiles at youwhen they first learnto poop in the toilet.[ Laughter ]"Look, Daddy,I went potty all by myself."[ Laughter ]"But don't get used to it."[ Laughter ]You know, he's supposedly a hoston an alleged news network.And by the way, they didn'thave to call it Fox News.They could have called itThe Loud Guys Channelor, if they insist, FOX News,but spell "news"with two O's and a Zso everyone would knowit's ironic.Point is, he works for Fox News.He's campaigning onstagewith a political candidatewhile calling the restof the media fake news.Look, I think my politicsare pretty clear,but I'd never appear at a rallyfor a presidential candidate,mainly becauseI would need cue cards,and for some reason, Wally can'tget Secret Service clearance.-It's true, Seth.I have a criminal record.-Wally, what crimedid you commit?-Oh, I commit a crimeevery night, Seth.You see, whenever I'm in frontof an audience, I kill.[ Laughter ][ Cheers and applause ]-Don't make a Hannity face![ Laughter ]You're fake news!Anyway, we now know froma bombshell new court filingand a billion-dollardefamation suitthat Hannity,along with other Fox hosts,are the ones who knowingly liedto their viewers.-A stunning, new court filingrevealing how top talentand executives at Fox Newstrashed Donald Trumpand ridiculed his legal teamand their 2020 electionconspiracies behind the cameras,all while hyping thosesame conspiracies on the airto their viewers.-As Trump lawyers, Rudy Giulianiand Sidney Powellwere making wildly false claimsabout rigged voting machinesafter Trump lost in 2020,private communications revealthat pro-Trump voicesat Fox Newswere calling it nuts."That whole narrativethat Sidney was pushing,"said Fox's Sean Hannity,"I did not believe itfor one second."-No, you didn't believe itfor one second.Well, then why did youhave her on your show?Were you doing a segment on howleopard print is back in style?[ Laughter ]Look at her.She looks like theTampa Bay Realtor of the Year.But...[ Laughter ]"Oh, yeah, on a tough year,it should be noted."In fairness to Hannity,maybe -- maybe he was justgrilling Powellon this narrativehe says he didn'tbelieve for one second.-Let me ask you --and I asked you about thison the radio show today --I've gone overeverythingI've been able to find out.Nobody liked DominionVoting Systems -- nobody.You said to methat there were peoplewatching an Internet connectionin real time,but they can't speak publiclyand haven't signedaffidavits to that.Why?-Well, there area number of reasons.Some are within the government.We've gotevidence of corruptionall across the countryin countless districts.The machine ran an algorithmthat shaved votes from Trumpand awarded them to Biden.They used the machinesto trash large batches of votesthat should have been awardedto President Trump.And they used a machineto inject and addmassive quantitiesof votes for Mr. Biden.The only reason we reallyfound out about it ---I thought Democrats told usthat we like whistleblowers.You're saying thatthese people can't talk,'cause they'regonna lose their job?I would think thatthey get protection.-They're gonna lose their job,their liveshave been threatened.One witness we know ofgot beaten upand is in the hospital.-"It's very sad.One witness we know ofgot beaten up so bad,his head started to leak."[ Laughter ]So, Sean Hannity,the guy who's gleefullystood onstage with Trumpand called the reportersin attendance "fake news,"was on air endorsingthe views of a personhe himself said hedid not believe for one second.And just to be clear,it's not just me sayingHannity endorsed that lie.It's Hannity's boss,Rupert Murdoch.A new court filing this weekfeatures a partial transcriptof a deposition with Murdoch,where he admits that Fox hostsendorsed the bogus claimthat the 2020 electionwas stolen.Here's part of that conversationbetween Murdochand the attorneyquestioning him.Now, as I read this,I just want you to know,I can't really doa Rupert Murdoch impression.So instead,I'm gonna read his answersin the most cartoonishAustralian accent I can manage.Here we go."You are aware nowthat Fox did morethan simply host these guestsand give thema platform, correct?"[ Australian accent ] "Yeah,I think you've shown mesome materialin support of that."[ Normal voice ] "In fact,you are now awarethat Fox endorsed at timesthis false notionof a stolen election?"[ Australian accent ]"Uh, not Fox, no.Uh, yeah, not Fox.But maybe, uh, Lou Dobbs,maybe, uh, Maria,as, uh, commentators."[ Normal voice ]"We went through Fox hostsMaria Bartiromo, yes?"[ Australian accent ]"Yes. C'mon."[ Normal voice ]"Fox host Jeanine Pirro?"[ Australian accent ]"I think so."[ Normal voice ] Fox BusinessHost Lou Dobbs?"[ Australia accent ]"Oh, yeah, Dobbsy,he did a bit, yeah."[ Normal voice ]"Fox host Sean Hannity?"[ Australian accent ]"Ah, the wombat.Yeah, a bit.Sean 'The Wombat' Hannity."[ Normal voice ] "All werein the document, correct?"[ Australian accent ]"Yeah, they were."[ Normal voice ] "AboutFox endorsing the narrativeof a stolen election, correct?"[ Australian ] "No.Some of our commentators,yeah, they were endorsing it."[ Normal voice ]"About their endorsementof a stolen election?"[ Australian accent ] "Yeah.Yeah, they endorsed it."[ Laughter ][ Normal voice ]Anyway, the point is,Murdoch said, quote,"they endorsed,"meaning Fox hostsendorsed the liethat the election was stolen,knowing it was a lie.In fact, that same court filingalso revealedthat Hannity laterchanged his tune on Trumpafter the January 6thinsurrection,although you'd never know itfrom watching Hannity's show.Again, this is fromSean Hannity's boss,Rupert Murdoch.According to court filing,Paul Ryan,who is now a Fox board member,had e-mailed Murdoch,"Ryan believed that 'somehigh percentage of Americans'thought the election was stolen'because they gota diet of informationtelling themthe election was stolenfrom what they believewere credible sources.'Rupert respondedto Ryan's email,"saying, "'Thanks, Paul.Wake-up call for Hannity,who has been privatelydisgusted by Trump for weeks,but was scared to lose viewers."Oh, my God.Sean Hannitywas disgusted by Trump?What else was he doingin privatethat he wasn't tellinghis viewers about?Was he wearinga "resist" T-shirtand playing with gender-neutralpotato-head gods?Oh, God, was he eating...[Echoing] woke M&M's?[ Thunder crashes ][ Woman cackling ]-The milk chocolatemelts in your mouth,not in your[Echoing] hand.[ Applause ][ Laughter ]That's right.Hannity was, accordingto Rupert Murdoch himself,disgusted by Trump.But Hannitydidn't tell his viewers that,just like he didn't tellhis viewers,the stolen-election narrativewas B.S.Which brings us backto the central problemthe conservative movementled by Fox is currently facing.They created this monster,but they don't control it.They know that, andthat's why they're terrified.Right now,they're desperately tryingto put the genieback in the bottle.They're hyping Ron DeSantisas an alternative to Trump,even though Trumpstill leads in many polls.Just watch this clipfrom "Fox & Friends,earlier this week,where host Brian Kilmeadescurries arounda Florida diner,just desperately searchingfor someone, anyone,who is willing to backDeSantis over Trump.-First off, Metro Diner here,I got a question for you.Ready?-Yeah.Alright, 2024, who'spumped up for the election?[ Cheers and applause ]Alright.[ Smash Mouth's "All Star"plays ]Rap-- Rapid-fire.Who's your man?Who's your woman?-My man -- Donald Trump.-Donald Trump.-Donald Trump. Christie, no.Christie, No.-Who's your man?-Trump.-Or woman? Donald Trump.-I'd say Trump.-Trump. A lot of Trump fans.-Trump and Nikki Haley.-And Nikki Haley.-Donald Trump and Nikki Haley.-Alright, so far,a lot of Donald Trump.-I see -- I see"Governor DeSantis."And what aboutPresident DeSantis?-I like it, I like it?-Who's your pick?-Oh, gosh, I don't know.Trump or DeSantis?I'm either/or.-So you're right in the middle.-Yes, I am.-But you're pumped up for it?-I am super pumped.-Oh, my God.That was like watchinga gerbil trapped in a mazefor a science experiment,just locked in there,desperately searchingfor a reward pellet.Also, it's funto watch Brian Kilmeaderun around a dinerwhile Smash Mouth playsand, at the same time, think,"He ain't the sharpest toolin the shed."Also, I would just liketo point outthat accordingto the clock on-screen,it is just past 6:30 a.m.,and they are blastingthe "Shrek" soundtrack.Obviously, a prettyconservative place.But based on the factit's the crack of dawnand your diner is astanding-room-only dance party,seems like Biden's America isgoing pretty well for you guys.You all got egg money.[ Laughter ]Now, before you make the shapeof an "L" on your foreheadin regardto Kilmeade's inabilityto find a DeSantis reporter,even I feel badwhen he finally sees someonewearing a DeSantis T-shirt,races across the roomto talk to her,and even she says she's tornbetween DeSantis and Trump.Come on, lady,that's almost as badas wearing a shirt that says,"Ask me about howI'm voting for DeSantis!"Are you voting for DeSantis?"Um, maybe."[ Laughter ]"I just wanted to be asked."[ Laughter ]Kilmeade ran to herlike he saw a tunnelpainted on the sideof the mountainand thought, "I'm gonnacatch that roadrunner."[ Laughter ]But that clipperfectly encapsulatesthe problem for Fox News.No matter how hardthey try to wriggle their wayout of the situationthey put themselves in,they are captiveto the audience they created.That's why Fox is terrifiedof losing viewersin the aftermathof the election,and that's whythey were willing to do or saywhatever was necessaryto avoid losing them,even if that meantrepeating outright liesthat they knewwere outright lies.Fox host Tucker Carlson wasapparently so terrified of Trumpthat, accordingto the court filing,he wrote in one text messagethat Trump is "a demonic force,a destroyer.But he's not going todestroy us."I don't even think I've evercalled Trump a demonic force.That's worse than anythingI've ever said about Trump,including the time I calledTrump a [Prolonged bleep].[ Laughter ][ Bleep continues ][ Cheers and applause ]Ohhh, we got -- we got some --I've got some lip-readers.[ Laughter ]Tucker was apparently soterrified of this demonic forcethat when a Fox News reporterfact-checkedTrump's unhinged claimsabout Dominion on Twitter,Tucker wanted her punished.-When Trump falsely claimedthat Dominion Machinescost him 2.7 million votes,Fox reporter Jacqui Heinrichresponded with a tweet,saying, "Dominion Votingand top electioninfrastructure officialscategorically deny this."Some of Heinrich'scolleagues at Foxwanted her to be punished,even though they knewthat what she was sayingwas true."Please get her fired.Seriously,"Tucker Carlson wrote hostsLaura Ingraham and Sean Hannity."It needs to stop immediately,like tonight.It's measurablyhurting the company.The stock price down.Not a joke."-Ugh. Cancel culture.Am I right?But there you go.Faux-populist scourgeof the establishmentTucker Carlson was worriedabout the company's stock price.You know what that means?That means,on top of everything else,on top of being a liar,racist, conspiracy theorist,he's also one of those guyswho actually uses the stock app.I mean, what kind of monster?Isn't that the first thing weall do when we get a new phone?You either delete the stocks appor you moving into a foldercalled Apps Only Psychos Use,along withApple Maps and Compass.Also, you guys,why is there a Compass app?Is a large percentage ofApple's customer base sailors?"Arrrghh!I think we're lost.You find the North Star,and I'll open the Sextant app."[ Laughter ]"Ah, avast, ye mateys,anyone got a charger?"[ Laughter ]"Always down to 2%."[ Laughter ]"Blackbeard, use your head!"[ Laughter ]I'll tell you this much.If things ever go badly enoughthat, "Yeah, we're stillon Compass bits,"we'll get back to the newswith a bone to pick, right?Every now and then,you know, a door opensand you get a chanceto unload a lot of thoughtsyou've hadabout the Compass app."Sure, I can moveback on to Fox News.We talk about them all the time.This is my one chance.And look, I can tellI don't need an appto tellyou're not fully with me.[ Laughter ][ Chuckles ]I'll tell you this much.If things ever go badly enoughthat I need to usemy Compass app,start writing my eulogy.If my phone knows me at all,I'll click that thing open,instead of north or south,it'll just say, "You're gonnadie in these woods."[ Laughter ]See?[ Cheers and applause ]Also, let me just say,by way of comparison,as far as I can recall,I have never oncelooked at Comcast's stock price,mostly becauseI'm super worried it went downwhen I was doingmy Australian accent.I don't want to get a callfrom the head ofInternational Business Affairstelling me, [Australian accent]"Oi, mate, give it a rest.Crikey."[ Laughter ][ Normal voice ]Yet, two years later,Fox is still scared of losingthat Trump base.And so. two years later,they're still repeatingthose same liesabout the 2020 election.Now they just do itin their thinly veiled,"Just Asking Questions" style.Here's Tucker doing thatjust last month.-There are so manyunanswered questions,some of them lingering.How, for example,did senile hermit Joe Bidenget 15 million more votesthan his former boss,rock-star crowd-surferBarack Obama?Results like thatwould seem to defythe laws of known physics andqualify, instead, as a miracle.Was the 2020 election a miracle?-"Was the 2020 electiona miracle?Did God himself interveneand make Joe Biden president?And if so, how did he do it?Did he go to a polling place15 million timesin different disguisesto vote for Joe Biden?Did he go one timedisguised as a chef?Did he go a second timedisguised as a pilot?Did he go a third,a fourth, and a fifth timewearing all the various costumesfrom the Village People?And if God did do that,it would raise the question,'What if God was one of us,just a slob like one of us,just a stranger on the bus?'Was he trying to makehis way home?And if he was tryingto make his way home,how did he find it?Does he use the Compass app?"[ Laughter,cheers and applause ]We stuck it out. It paid off."And if all of that is true,does that meanGod committed voter fraud?And if Godcommitted voter fraud,does that mean he's..."-Fake news.This has been "A Closer Look."[ Theme music plays ][ Cheers and applause ]