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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

How Habits, Emotions and Technology Shape our Lives

  • Habits are formed through repetition
  • Emotions are the product of past experiences and shape our state of being
  • People often turn to technology to feel connected but this becomes a routine that limits free will
  • We become 95% memorized behaviors by age 35
  • Meditation can help slow down brainwaves and access conscious mind
  • People wait for crisis or tragedy to make a change, but one can learn and change in joy as well
  • Trauma is difficult to get past because highly emotional experiences create long-term memories which shape our neurology and chemistry
  • Survival emotions tell us to pay attention to past experiences, leading us to anticipate the worst-case scenario.

Navigating the Path to Positive Change: Rewiring Your Brain to Create Abundance

  • The body believes it is living in the same past experience and so when person attempts to make a different choice, it can be uncomfortable
  • Feelings of suffering, guilt, and shame may arise
  • However, if a person rehearses mentally closing their eyes and imaging they have already achieved success, the brain does not know the difference between what is imaged or experienced in 3D world
  • This creates a map to the future where feelings of abundance, empowerment, wholeness, and love can be created without waiting for something outside of one to change their inner state.

Discover the Power of Meditation: A Path to Mental Freedom and Liberation

  • Meditation can be used as a tool to help disconnect from one’s environment and break away from the patterns of the past
  • By sitting still and focusing on the present moment, individuals are able to train their minds to become greater than their programs
  • This leads to an increased mental freedom and liberation of energy, allowing individuals to move beyond emotions that would otherwise keep them in the familiar past.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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well a habit is a redundant set ofautomatic unconscious thoughts behaviorsand emotions that's acquired throughrepetition the habit is when you've donedone something so many times that yourbody now knows how to do it better thanyour mind so if you think about itpeople wake up in the morning they beginto think about their problems thoseproblems are circuits memories in thebrain each one of those memories areconnected to people and things atcertain times and places and if thebrain is a record of the past the momentthey start their day they're alreadythinking in the past each one of thosememories has an emotion emotions are theend product of past experiences so themoment they recall those memories oftheir problems they all of a sudden feelunhappy they feel sad they feel pain nowhow you think and how you feel createsyour state of being so the person'sentire state of being when they starttheir day is in the past so what doesthat mean the familiar past will sooneror later be predictable future so if youbelieve that your thoughts havesomething to do with your destiny andyou can't think greater than how youfeel our feelings have become the meansof thinking by very definition ofemotions your thinking in the past andfor the most part you're going to keepcreating the same life so then peoplegrab their cellphone they check theirwhat's up they check their text theycheck their emails they check facebookthey take a picture of their feet theypost it on Facebook they tweet somethingthey do Instagram they check the newsand now they feel really connected toeverything that's known in their lifeand then they go through a series ofroutine behaviors they get out of bed onthe same side they go to the toilet theyget a cup of coffee they take a showerthey get dressed they drive to work thesame way they do the same things theysee the same people that push the sameemotional buttons and that becomes the routine and it becomes like aprogram so now they've lost their freewill to a program and there's no unseenhand doing it to them so when it comestime to change the redundancy of thatcycle becomes a subconscious program sonow 95% of who we are by the time we're35 years old is a memorized set ofbehaviors emotional reactionsunconscious habits hardwired attitudesbeliefs and perceptions that functionlike a computer program so then personcan say with their 5 percent of theirconscious mind I want to be healthy Iwant to be happy I want to be free butthe body is on a whole different programso then how do you begin to make thosechanges well you have to get beyond theanalytical mind because what separatesthe conscious mind from the subconsciousmind is the analytical mind and that'swhere meditation comes in because youcan teach people through practice how tochange their brainwaves slow them downand when they do that properly they doenter the operating system where theycan begin to make some really importantchanges so most people then wait forcrisis or trauma or disease or diagnosisno they wait for loss some tragedy tomake up their mind to change and mymessage is why wait and and you canlearn and change in a state of pain andsuffering or you can learn and change ina state of joy and inspiration I thinkright now the cool thing is that peopleare waking up that's really interestingand where I found the deepest hooks intohow powerful this can be for somebody iswhen you talk about trauma you've talkedabout how people experience a traumaticevent but they then basically rehearseit and how that then has this knock-oneffect so what is that why do peoplefind it so hard to get past trauma thestronger the emotional reaction you haveto some experience in your life thehigher the emotional quotient the moreyou pay attention to the cause in themoment the brain puts all of itsattention on the cause it takes asnapshot and that's called a memory solong-term memories are created from veryhighlyemotional experiences so what happensthen is that people think neurologicallywithin the circuitry of that experienceand they feel chemically within theboundaries of those emotions and so whenyou have an emotional reaction tosomeone or something most people thinkthat they can't control their emotionalreaction well it turns out if you allowthat emotional reaction it's called arefractory period to last for hours ordays that's called the mood I say tosomeone hey what's up and so I'm gonnamove well why are you in a mood well Ihad this thing happen to me five daysago and I'm having one long emotionalreaction if you keep that same emotionalreaction going on for weeks or monthsthat's called temperament why is he sobitter I don't know let's ask him why ishe so betterwhy are you bitter well I had this thinghappened to me nine months ago and ifyou keep that same emotional reactiongoing on for years on endthat's called a personality trait and solearning how to shorten your refractoryperiod of emotional reactions is reallywhere that work starts so then peoplewhen they have an event what they do isthey keep recalling the event becausethe emotions of stress hormones thesurvival emotions are saying payattention to what happened because youwant to be prepared if it happens againturns out most people spend 70% of theirlife living in survival and living instress so they're they're alwaysanticipating the worst-case scenariobased on a past experience and they'reliterally out of the infinite potentialsin the quantum field they're selectingthe worst possible outcome and they'rebeginning to emotionally embrace it withfear and their conditioning their bodyinto a state of fear do that enoughtimes body has a panic attack withoutyou you you can't even predict itbecause it's programmed subconsciouslyso then you say to the person why areyou this way and they'll say I am thisway because of this event that happenedto mefifteen or twenty years ago and whatthat means from biological standpoint isthat they haven't been able to changesince that event so then the emotionsfrom the experience tend to give thebody and the brain a rush of energy sopeople become addicted to the rush ofthose emotions and they use the problemsand conditions in their life to reaffirmtheir limitation so at least they canfeel something so now when it comes timeto change you say the person why are youthis way well every time they recall theevent they're producing the samechemistry in their brain and body as ifthe event is occurring firing and wiringthe same circuits and sentence the sameemotional signature to the bodywhat's the revelant behind that wellyour body is the unconscious mind itdoesn't know the difference between theexperience that's creating the emotionand the emotion that you're creating bythought alone so the body's believingit's living in the same past experience24 hours a day seven days a week 365days a yearand so then when those emotionsinfluence certain thoughts and they doand then those thoughts create the sameemotions and those same emotionsinfluence the same thoughts now theentire person's state of being is in thepast so then the hardest part aboutchange is not making the same choice asyou did the baby for a period and themoment you decide to make a differentchoice get ready because it's going tofeel uncomfortable the bigger thing isthat we we keep firing and wiring thosecircuits they become more hardwired sothere you have a thought and then theprogram runs but it's the emotion thatfollows the thought if you have a if youhave a fearful thought you're gonna feelanxiety the moment you feel anxiety yourbrains checking in with your body andsaying yeah you're pretty anxious sothen you start thinking morecorresponding thoughts equal to how youfeel while the redundancy of that cycleconditions the body to become the mindso now when it comes time to change theperson's steps into that river of changeand they make a different choice and allof a sudden they don't they don't feelthe same way so the body says wellyou've been doing this for 35 yearswell you're gonna just stop fieldsuffering and stop feeling guilty andstop feeling shameful and you're notgonna complain or blame or make excusesor feel sorry for yourself long thebody's in the unknown so the body says Iwant to return back to the familiarterritory so the body starts influencingthe mind then it says start tomorrowtoo much like your mother you'll neverchange this isn't gonna work for youthis doesn't feel right in so if yourespond to that thought as if it's truethat same thought will lead to the samechoice which will lead to the samebehavior which will create the sameexperience which produce the sameemotion I want to talk about that notionof give me a little more detail what youmean by the body becomes the mind or theunconscious mind what do you mean bythat exactly well those are twodifferent things your body is yourunconscious mind in a sense if you'resitting down and you start thinkingabout some future worst-case scenariothat you're conjuring up in your mindand you begin to feel the emotion ofthat event your body doesn't know thedifference between the event that'staking place in your world our world andwhat you're creating by emotion ourthought alone so most people thenthey're they're constantly reaffirmingtheir emotional states so when it comestime to give up that emotion they cansay I really want to do it but reallythe body is stronger than the mindbecause it's been conditioned that wayso the servant now has become the masterand the person all of a sudden once theystep into that unknown they'd ratherfeel guilt and suffering because atleast they can predict it being theunknown is a scary place for most peoplebecause the unknown is uncertain youknow people say to me well I can'tpredict my future I'm in the unknown andI always say the best way to predictyour future is to create it not from theknown but from the unknown what thoughtsdo you want to fire and wire in yourbrain what behaviors do you want todemonstrate in one day the act ofrehearsing the mentally closing youreyes and rehearsing the actionthey're rehearsing the reaction of whatyou want or the reaction of what youwant by closing your eyes and mentallyrehearsing some action if you're trulypresent the brain does not know thedifference between what you're imagingand what you're experiencing in 3d worldso then you begin to install theneurological hardware in your brain tolook like the event has already occurrednow your brain is no longer a record ofthe past now it's a map to the futureand if you keep doing it priming it thatway the hardware becomes a softwareprogram and who knows you just may startacting like a happy person and then Ithink that the hardest part is to teachour body emotionally but the future willfeel like ahead of the actual experienceso what does that mean you can't waitfor your success to feel empowered youcan't wait for your wealth to feelabundant you can't wait for your you'rea new relationship to feel loved or yourhealing to feel whole I mean that's theold model of reality of cause and effectyou know waiting for something outsideof us to change how we feel inside of usand when we feel better inside of us wepay attention to ever or whatever causedit but what that means then is that fromthe Newtonian worlds that most peoplespend their whole life living and lackwill hitting through something youchange out there what do you mean theNewtonian world a Newtonian world is allabout the predictable it's all aboutpredicting a future but the quantummodel of reality isn't is about causingan effect the moment you start feelingabundant and worthy you are generatingwealth the moment you're empowered andfeel it you're beginning to step towardsyour successthe moment you start feeling whole yourhealing begins and when you loveyourself and you love all of life you'llcreate an equal and now you're causingan effect and I think that's that thedifference between living as a victimin their world saying I am this waybecause of this person or that thing orthis experience they made me think andfeel this way when you switch thataround you become a creator of yourworld and you start saying my thinkingand my feeling is changing an outcome inmy life and now that's a whole differentgame and we start believing more thatwe're creators of reality so how do wego from okay I have this negativeemotion it's controlling my life it'sgot me in this cycle of I think aboutthis emotion which triggers a chemicalreaction which trains my body to feelthat way which makes it easier morelikely I will do it again and so now I'min this vicious line unconscious andit's unconscious right and you you saiddoes your thinking create yourenvironment unders your environmentcreate your thinking which I thought wasreally really interesting so how do wethen go from that like mechanisticallyto begin this visualization process ofsomething that's empowering its me in adifferent state is my future self is itmeditation is it what does that looklike if you're not being defined by avision of the future then you're leftwith the old memories of the past andyou will be predictable in your life andif you wake up in the morning and you'renot being defined by a vision in thefuture as you see the same people andyou go to the same places and you do theexact same thing at the exact same timeit's no longer that your personality iscreating your personal reality now yourpersonal reality is affecting orcreating your personality yourenvironment is really controlling howyou think and feel unconsciously becauseevery person everything every place ofthe experience has a neurologicalnetwork in your brain every experiencethat you have with every person producesan emotion so some people will use theirboss to reaffirm their addiction tojudgment they'll use their enemy toreaffirm their addiction to hatred touse their friends that we affirm theiraddiction to suffering so now they needthe outer world to feel something soto change them is to be greater thanyour environment to be greater than theconditions in your world and theenvironments is that seductive so thenwhy is meditation the tool well let'ssit down let's close our eyes let'sdisconnect from your outer environmentso if you're seeing less things is lessstimulation going to your brain ifyou're playing soft music or you haveearplugs in less sensory informationcoming to your brain so you'redisconnecting from your environment ifyou can sit your body down and tell itto stay like an animal stay right hereI'm gonna feed you when we're done youcan get up and check your emails you cando all your texts but right now you'regonna sit there and obey me so then whenyou do that properly and the you're noteating anything or smelling anything ortasting anything you're not upexperiencing and feeling anything youwould have to agree with me that you'rebeing defined by a thought right so whenthe body wants to go back to itsemotional past and you become aware thatyour attention is on that emotion andwhere you place your attention is whereyou place your energy your siphoningyour energy out of the present momentinto the past and you become aware ofthat and you settle your body back downin the present moment because it'ssaying well it's eight o'clock younormally get upset because you're intraffic around this time and here youare sitting and we're used to feelinganger and you're off schedule oh it's 11o'clock and usually check your emailsand judge everybody well your body'slooking for that that predictablechemical state every time you becomeaware that you're doing that and yourbody is craving those emotions and yousettle it back down into the presentmoment you're telling the body it's nolonger the mind that you're the mind andnow your will is getting greater thanthe program and if you keep doing thisover and over again over and over againover and over again just like training astallion or a dog it's just gonna sayI'm gonna sit and the moment thathappens the body's no longer the mindwhen it finally surrenders there's aliberation of energy we go from particleto wave from matter to energy and wefree ourselves from the chains on thoseemotions that keep us in the in thefamiliar past and we've seen thisthousands of times in fact we canactually predict it now on a brain skin[Music]