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Why Jay Croucher doesn’t believe in Lakers + NFL MVP, Coach of the Year odds | Bet the Edge

Lakers Take Lead Over Warriors in NBA Playoffs; Will Fatigue Decide Series?

  • The Lakers have a 3-1 lead in the NBA playoffs against the Warriors
  • Steph Curry is widely seen as the best player in the series at this point
  • The decision to play Lonnie Walker instead of D’Angelo Russell was praised
  • Fatigue may be a factor for both teams and could decide the series
  • The Warriors have been resilient in the past and are not counted out yet
  • A possible reckoning could be coming for the Lakers.

LeBrons Lakers, Heat Face Tough Out, Celtics Defense Shine, Warriors Struggle Despite Record, Sixers Rely on Embiid Health, Suns Depend on Paul Return

  • The Lakers have been successful due to LeBron James’s on-court strategic advantage
  • The Heat are a tough out, but don’t have the same ceiling
  • The Celtics have strong defense, shooting and off-ball play
  • The Warriors are not as strong as their 44-38 regular season record suggests
  • The Sixers are reliant on Joel Embiid’s health
  • The Suns could be good if Chris Paul returns.

Celtics Refocus After Losses; Suns Favoritism Questioned; Heat Worth Small Bet for Finals MVP; Milwaukee Assured Series Win at 4-1 Odds

  • The Celtics have a recognizable pattern of refocusing after losses and performing better
  • The Suns were 4-point favorites over the Nuggets in game 3, but the market could be overrating motivation as this is too large of a difference
  • The Heat have a 20 to 1 chance of winning the title, and are worth a small bet for Finals MVP
  • Milwaukee had a 100% chance to win their series at 4-1 odds.

Unpredictable Suns-Nuggets Series and NFL Awards Market: Who Will Come Out On Top?

  • The video discusses the Suns and Nuggets series, noting that the deciding factor is unlikely to be TJ Warren, Terence Ross or Landry Shaman
  • It compares the unpredictability of this series with the Lakers and Warriors series, remarking that off-the-radar performances have been key in determining winners
  • The speaker predicts a Nuggets victory but favours the under in terms of total points
  • Finally, they discuss NFL awards markets, recommending caution when betting at this stage.

Evaluating Market: How QB Potential Could Determine Coach of the Year Winner

  • The Coach of the Year market should be evaluated by looking for “insane prices” on quarterbacks with potential
  • Jordan Love, Sam Howell and Desmond Ritter could be good bets
  • Ron Rivera is undervalued due to the Washington Football Team’s quarterback improvement and other factors
  • Kyle Shanahan has a chance of winning if the San Francisco 49ers have a successful season
  • Lamar Jackson won Coach of the Year when he led the Ravens to 14 wins.

Ken Barkley Discusses Criteria for Coach of the Year, Makes Recommendations on Mahomes MVP Odds and Shares His Media Platforms

  • Ken Barkley discussed the criteria for “Coach of the Year” which includes either winning a lot of games or making substantial improvement over the previous year
  • He then went on to mention that if the Bears win their division, it is likely Shanahan will receive credit and win Coach of the Year
  • Ken then gave his opinion that Patrick Mahomes should never be plus 700 to win MVP as he believes Mahomes to be the greatest quarterback of all time
  • Ken recommended people should check out his show, “You Better You Bet”, as well as his Substack called, “The Chalkboard”
  • Lastly, Ken mentioned Jay’s expertise with MLB awards.

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all right welcome to bet the edge I'mJay Croucher here with a revved up Drewdinsic Drew I went to bed atthree-quarter time of Lakers Warriorsand uh woken up to find uh what I missedand uh I for one welcome our new LonnieWalker overlordsoutcomes what that game was completelydone uh we're going to talk about thatand the NBA in general then close outwith a little sneak peek at some NFLawards so let's bring in today's guestKen Barkley of you better you bet Kenalso has a sub stack that will get youto plug at the end Ken uh very good readfor anyone who's interested in justbetting in general But Ken first of allwhat did you make of last night's gamesand are you ready for uh heat LakersRedux oh man it feels feels like we'regetting that bubble I couldn't tell ifwe were gonna get the last year finalrematch or the bubble rematch I couldn'ttell like a couple weeks ago I couldn'ttell which one it was going to be is itgoing to be Warriors Celtics again or isit going to be Lakers heat it was crazytoo before the finalists that bubbleseason I think a lot of people havepointed this out are the same finaliststhat we got that we got this time in theConference Finals like like likely uh interms of what we're gonna get and justlike that's I guess the bubble seasonwas more meaningful I uh I didn't betthe game very much I had the under whalewhale kind of talked me into the under Iin going into the series I was like ohevery other day when we get late in theseries I should be like banging undersin the series because like the rest isbrutal whale's a big rest guy so he kindof he like knocks some sense in the mewhen he came off the show yesterday Ithink we all ended up at the under I hadthe Lakers for a little bit also at twoand a half like a very lucky winhonestly and I can't believe Currymissed both shots but he did and uh andso that was pretty good I I probablyunders the rest of the series but Iactually don't I'm still not sure untilGolden State's like dead dead dead I'mnot sure they're dead so like oncethey're eliminated I'll believe it butuh still think a lot of things arepossible in that seriesyeah and I mean I yeah I I unlike Jaystayed up for the fourth quarter becauseI was very concerned we were going toovertime in which case I would havethrown a glass of my television and uhbe out shopping for a new televisiontodayum but yeah the under was sweet theunders coming home was good uh and theLakers win was wild two Series in a rowgame four which was the pivotal gamethey managed to Come Away with wins andjust how in the world did they do thatfashion uh and sometimes you need alittle bit of luck if you're gonna go ona championship run and uh right now youknow if the Lakers can close this out infive which I don't believe but but morelikely in six then they could even havea rest advantage over a nuggets teamthat looks like they may be going thedistance all of a sudden soum still a long way away from uh rulingwhoever comes out of this series out ofthe out of the uh mix for the finals butum uh is uh is your confidence in theWarriors at all tied to you you thinkSteph Curry is the best player in thisseriesI mean I I do think he's the best playerin the series like we'll work theproblem in Reverse I don't I don't thinkthis is like some hot take I think it'slike a fun argument like Davis is reallygood and LeBron's really good andCurry's really good and at this exactmoment Curry is probably the best playerin the series just because of whereeveryone is in their careersum I think the the belief in theWarriors too is just tied to like a nota not belief in the Lakers I I don'tknow about you guys like I I was prettyskeptical of Darvin ham coming into theseries not that it had to go badly notthat it was going to be like JB bickerstaff or something against the Knicksbut that I just like is he is are theyready for this like is he going to beable to make adjustments that are goodand you know I'm not like the guy who'sgonna watch the film and be like look atall these intricate things that they'redoing but even just like the decision toride Lonnie Walker and not reinsertD'Angelo Russell who you know there aresome coaches who might have like loyaltyto the players who start the gamewhatever even if that was like a reallyreally small thing and maybe it seemsobvious you know is JB Bickerstaffputting D'Angelo Russell back in thegame his tips putting D'Angelo Russellback in the game like just is JoeMissoula putting D'Angelo Russell backand they're like these are just the kindof things where you go like well yeahthat makes a lot of sense and they didthat and uh and so I kind of I don'tknow if he's winning me over necessarilybut I just the Warriors are I'm not I'mnot gonna tell you guys anything youdon't already know uh like the mostresilient accomplished group ofbasketball players of the last 20 yearsbasically it's like them on the Spursand whenever team LeBron plays for andso until they're just outI'm gonna always kind of think thatthey're not gonna be out and we're andwhere every other again like we're stillevery other day so like who does thathurt more maybe the Lakers have betterrole players like Reeves was really goodyesterday and Lonnie Walker was reallygood yesterday maybe that's that ends upbeing the difference because of like thefatigue that'll impact the star playersor maybe Curry is the best conditionedathlete of all time and LeBron and Davisare both really old and injury prone andsomebody steps the wrong way tomorrownight and this whole thing pivots reallyfast so I just until they're out I Iwould never feel this way about mostteams down 3-1 until they're out I'malways going to kind of believe theythey have a chance yeah I think areckoning is coming for the LakersumI have a big ticket on the lake as a 20to 1 to win the title which was placedat an ill-advised time it wasn't a goodbet at the time it's just gottenfortunate to be in this spot now but Ijust don't believe in this team at allwatching them last night I still don'tunderstand how they won the game Iwatched back the fourth quarter thismorning if the Warriors missing openlayups and threes and Lonnie Walker andAustin Reeves hitting contestedmid-range twos and they just won thegame I think the Warriors are clearlythe most the the better team and withthe Lakers I think the thing with theLakers is that LeBron James has settledinto being like the 14th best player inthe league or something at this pointlike I don't think the differencebetween LeBron and say I don't know PaulGeorge is like that significant I thinkLeBron is better but I don't think it'sthat significant and it just it allturns on Davis being the best player inthe league which he can be on a givennight like his game three was the best25-point performance I've ever seen fromanyone I think he just wrecked that gameby himself but look they're at the pointnow where they just need to win one ofthree so presumably they will getthrough this series but I think they'regoing to be a pretty significant wellthey're going to be an underdog throughthe Nuggets or the Suns and then I wouldthink that would be an underdog to theCeltics or the Sixers and I don't thinkthey would be a significant favoriteover the heat because the heat wouldhave home court in that Series so Idon't believe in the Lakers yeah yeahokay Jay as soon as you start believingin them you say so and I will jump offaggressively that'll be the sign that'llbe the side let me ask you a questionJane real quick and well you can answerthis too obviously too yeah just becauseJay was just talking about the how hekind of sees things playing outcan you remember getting this late andbeing like I got I have no idea maybeyou have a really strong opinion on whoyou just who's gonna win the title likeMarket is hard Celtics like they arevery likely to win now part of that'sjust the projected path not even ifthey're like that great but just twohome games against Philly to go thenit's Miami well they'll be a bigfavorite over who they played in theConference finals last year then whoknows out of the West I I just look andI go I I'm definitely not confident inBostonI don't know who's going to win eitherWestern Conference Series so all four ofthem seem like they're in playPhiladelphia is bizarrely alive and likekind of makes sense but they you knowthey still have James Harden and thenbeats hurt and everything I mean I justsaid six teams I mean basically like youknow it's like that's our seven teamsand yeah basically didn't say the Knickslike whatlike I just I mean if you had to guesslike are you picking the market if youjust go by the prices I'd say who winsthe time you'd be like oh Boston likeBoston what's the title do you feel thatway like are you that confident as themarket is the only two teams that I'mconvinced are definitely good are theCeltics and the Nuggets uh and I thinkthe Suns obviously can can get good ifthey uh get Chris Paul back um seemslike they've figured some things outwith their rotation for this series atleast but not convinced the Lakers arethat good I'm not convinced the Warriorsthat could necessarily either the teamthat went 44 and 38 is looking like ateam that went 44 and 38. I think theheat are what the heat are and they'llbe a tough out but they don't reallyhave the ceiling and then the Sixersjust kind of hinges on joelle's healthand I don't think they're as good as theCeltics or the Nuggets so no I don'tthink there's a clear favorite Iwouldn't be shocked if the Sixers beatthe Celtics but I thought the Celticsthe level they got to defensively in thesecond half against Philly that was thedefense from last year when they werehistorically good day defense uh and Ithink that just with their shooting andthey're off I think the Celtics are thebest team probably pretty clearly butthey could absolutely lose to the sixesthey could lose to the heat but what doyou think DrewI it's gone to head Celtics and it's notit doesn't feel great because they'regetting out coached so regularly uh andyou know to the point about you knowdarbenham you're coming around ondarwinham Ken I I guess I mean he's he'scoaching based on Vibes uh yeahsometimesyou know I I just say like the thedistinguishing Factor so far for theLakers it kind of has been very veryquiet and I I agree you've gotten somesingular performances out of AnthonyDavis where he's been the best player inlike yes that's true but I think evenmore than that like LeBron's kind of oncourt like you know strategic Advantagehe's giving you particularly an end ofgame has been very apparentum you know he had the he had the bookon what the warriors were going to tryto do and all the key kind of offensivesets that really decided that game lastnight like he had it already figured outso uh you know his kind of on-cordcoaching I think has gone a little bitunder the radar andum you know I think the the fact that uhin general the heat are playing as acohesive unit and that they're kind ofoperating with one kind of vision and uhand nobody's making mistakes like that'sgood coaching and uh in a in this muddyof a field where there's this littledistinguishing teams the fact thatcoaching is mattered as much as it hasto this point in the playoffs has beenpretty amazing so uh with that said uhCeltics uh take on the Sixers tonightandum I got a little wild got a littlesquirrely I've played a little bit of uhplayed played some alt spreads here withthe Celtics yeahum that's not squirrely squirrely islike Philadelphiayeah yeah count me out on embiid withthe quick turnaround being able to giveyou four quarters of solid defense uhcount me out on the Celtics not havingbetter shooting from some of the roleplayers uh particularly you know if theycan get their three-point shot fallingand if they can uh in any way put theclamps on hard and early in this gameand get him just out of kind of out ofcomfort out of a a playmaker abilitythen I feel like the Celtics could runaway with this oneum do you have a general sense of whenseries are tied 2-2 game five are thereany kind of historical context you canprovide to why a favorite may be adecent bet even at a number like minusseven seven and a half I think it's kindof like how we got to 2-2 also right andI think you also you have to and youknow this obviously but you gottaconsider just the team and and kind ofwhat their profile is like what how dothey tend to play and some teams I feellike that's just like a Fool's errand totry to figure out you try to solve likewhat is what does this team do and it'slike actually they're pretty random andthey don't really have anything but theythey kind of just show up sometimes theydon't show up sometimes it's likeAnthony Davis like what is what is eachnight gonna bring I have no idea mightbe the best player on the court mightyou know take four shots it just itcould be either one and there doesn'tseem to be a Rhyme or Reason to whetherit's going to be one or whether it'sgoing to be the other but for whateverreasonman the Celtics seem to have this likereally recognizable pattern and patternsare really dangerous in sports bettingbecause they can be really random andthere can be no explanation except thisone the Celtics talk about all the timeand they always say that like they Iwhich I think you can blame coaching forthis but they always feel like they haveto like refocus in certain situationsand they like let games get away fromthem and then after refocusing they puton a performance like kind of what Jaydescribes maybe the second half of ofthe last game but also like game two forexample of the series where they losegame one and I think it's like the lasttwo years now granted this is with udokaand with Missoula but it stayed the sameso maybe it's the core group of playersmaybe it's Randomnessum man they're the nuts off of lossesbasically they're just the only twolosses that the only two losses they'vesustained after losing a game are thewarriors in the finals last year otherthan that every playoff series it's justlike all right they let one get away andthen the defense shows up I mean this isgame one game two it's the same handicapso I don't know if that's wortha reasonable sized bet at the same timeit's like okay I have that and I havethe embed fatigue that you describedwhich is that this is the third game infive days and it's whatever it was 38 39minutes three days ago four days ago and40 something in the overtime game andjust what how how can this go okay likehow how is this gonna go okay it's it'sbasically gonna have to be winningdespite him probably would you be here'sa really stupid question but I'm gonnaask would you be shocked if he didn'tplaynoand he's always questioning I wouldn'tbe out that's like predictiveI that's a ton of mileage or maybe it'sjust he starts but like if this gets outright yeah 25 minutes yeah your alts arekind of the right way to play like whichwhich way is this likely to be lopsidedaway from How The Market has the gameI know everyone feels the same way aboutit that it's like it's Boston but I justI just agree with that I think it justmakes a lot of senseum small bet on Boston probably they'realso already a big favorite I like yourthought on the alts uh I like bettingand beat unders I just you know I that Ijust I can't see really how this looksgreat after the last couple games on themileage yeah the hardened fatigueelement is a thing as well where he'salso dealing with the Achilles thingwhich I think is still lingering andsuddenly same to I mean he was just adifferent player in games two and threeuh in terms of the patent stuff I meanin terms of serious context I've alwayslargely thought that was overrated butthat's informing like the global marketwherethe sun's the four-point favorites overthe nuggets in game three yeah and gamefour was pick like I just can't havethat I just can't have it you can't youcan't have that that's four pointsdifference based on people guessingaround motivation like I just can't fourpoints is too much to me yeah one one totwo points maybe sure but four points isa ton and uh doesn't form the marketjust uh we'll get the sun's nuggets in aset but in saying everything we've saidabout the East I think the best bet forthe title right now it's actually theheat at 20 to one because at the end isout the series by series prices I thinkthey'll be like I mean like minus athousand now probably plus 400 in theEastern Conference Finals and then plus220 in the finals just this because ofthe scope for the Lakers being there andthe heat having home caught andobviously you'd have to upgrade theirrating if they get out of the EasternConference Finals so I think it shouldbe more like 16 to 1 and it's 20 to oneso that's worth a small bet for me uhand you're better off just bettingButler Finals MVP because he's about 100but that's funny Jay because you're likeyou were like the when we talked aboutthe teams that could win so I believeyou I'm sure you're right about thepricing uh but you were like fiveminutes ago you said I don't think theheat can ever win basically they're likea ton so it's that really funny balanceright of okay like what are the BestBets yeah the probabilities are thisthis this and this but then you justkind of look and you go yeah but likereally I don't knowfelt the same way about Milwaukee Ithought you were 100 chance to win thatseries and that was 4-1 so yeah I thinkthat the hate also you have to projectwhen you're projecting out series byseries like if they get to the finalsthey're going to be a better team thanyou have in your head right now right sothey will have to have beaten Boston orPhiladelphia to get there and they mayhave here like a zero percent chancethat he could win the finals but youknow I felt like a zero percent plusthey haven't deployed the secret weaponOmar you're saving yet they got him inthe back pocket for whenever you need toreally yeah really unlock the seriesyeah all right before we get to Sun'snuggets a reminder to download theRotoworld app to receive breaking playnews all season long stay ahead of thecompetition by favoriting players onyour roster get the latest injuryupdates player news and much moredelivered right to your phone it'savailable in the app store today allright Sons nuggets Suns nuggets minusfive and a half just continuing therandom prices in this series uh total is227 and a half Nicola jokic is playingimmersive uh right decision thereclearly uh with this one Ken want to getyour thoughts because to me it seemsjust seems highly improbable that aseries that could shape the NBA championis going to be decided by TJ WarrenTerence Ross and Landry Shaman uh andthe fact that Booker had to play at a 12out of 10 level for them to eke out twowins at home makes me think like thisone again feels like nuggets by 20 butBooker and Durant obviously cannot bewritten off so what's your read on thisguy and to be fair we didn't thinkLakers Warriors would be decided byBlondie Walker you know becomingotherworldly for an entire seven minutestretch which feels like that's kind ofbeen the postseason it's been right likethe the off the radar performances eveneven like some of the Stars you knowlike James Harden made the three StephCurry missed the shot like these are notthings that we're accustomed to seeingfor the last whatever 10 years of whatwe know about the players uh I the sideof this game I don't really have astrong opinion on it strikes me as thekind of Series where home court is likethe most likely to hold because thebenches are so bad that the benchplayers seem like they can only playwell at home because they're such badplayers and in other series I think theyesterday I made the comparison likeMalcolm Brogden is not a typical benchplayer so like Malcolm Brogden can go onthe road and play well but the types ofbench players that these teams areemploying are two of the worst benchesin the league so like on the roadthey're very unlikely to play well asopposed to like seasoned good playersso with that in mind like I think thenuggets are very likely to win so doesthe market uh I like the under in thisgame and I think now that we're back onevery other day like remember we had aweek off basically for Durant was one ofthe reasons I like the sun's in gamethree so much is Booker and Durant hadfive days to just like chill out andthen be at absolutely all in to try towin the game and they still almostdidn't cover uh but that was like Ithink an advantage for them and if we'regonna be every other day I don't knowhow the off I know we had 253 in thelast game I don't know how this level ofoffense is sustainable running this backover and over and over again though so Ihonestly think it might be unders therest of this series because we're nottaking any more breaks and we'retraveling uh I know that's like a prettysimilar opinion to Lakers Warriors but Ithink just the brutality of these NBAplayoff games once now that every seriesis going to be on this track toward theend uh I think you could see a lot oflow scoring games yeah that's a wellsaid and uh I think your only the onlything you may be sweating is um you knowonce the Nuggets get to 127 you just gotto make sure the sun say under 100 rightpossiblyis a good one because you because you Ithink you nailed the handicapuh Jay's Countryman Jack Landell he'she's not he's not giving Saint Mary'sLegends St Mary's Legend he's not givingyou he's not giving you double digitsright sorryJack Landell TJ Warren Terence Ross uhyeah I don't see these guys reallydelivering on the road in a hostileenvironment at altitude on shortturnaround so uh yeah I think uh againlaid the favorite here laid the alts uhI went as high as minus nine and a halfhere because that was his decent pricesI could get on a big stakeum and I think the Nuggets take care ofbusiness pretty comfortably but under isa decent look as wellum and uh I honestly think you can runit back in game six but it sucks andyou're gonna get basically the samehandicap like you know unless all of asudden Michael Porter Jr turns into uhyou know an effective Road shooter uhyou know I don't know that the nuggetsare gonna be uh just some outstandingRoad team in this series so Jay are youwith us on nuggets tonightI am I just I think as someone who'sheavily invested in the Nuggets to winthe West I think they may Rue playingwith their food in the first half ofgame three before the sun's figured outthat they needed to go all shooting andgo all offense to win the series becausethe Nuggets didn't show up for the firsthalf of that game and then it was toolate uh and they or they obviously loseit so now I think we're exposed to thembecause the series has been extendedhaving to potentially play you know agame seven where Chris Paul is back uhand then you're subject to the mercy ofjust Devin Booker going crazy for agiven game uh and then the dream is overbut hopefully they take care of businesstonight and I suspect they will allright every season is draft season getyour Rotoworld draft guide bundle todayand dominate your football baseball andbasketball drafts packed with profilesrankings projections order today and getall three Rotoworld draft guides for theprice of two plus use promo code Barryand save an extra 20 at checkout allright NFL awards uh never too early todiscuss these markets which are going tobe settled in uh 10 months or soum but let's get stuck into it any anysingular Market or bet that you've gotcircled capyeah I try to not go too all in thistime of year right Jay to your point youknow I just it feels like uh it feelslike Mahomes just won MVP and Dabblejust one coach of the year and all thosedifferent markets settled right and Ginoone comeback player feels like thatliterally just happened and you knowit's like what am I trying to get aheadof right now like if I wanted let's sayyou look at a market I mean not reallyyou guys but maybe the person listeningoh I love that guy to win MVP or hellookay well like on August 1st is it goingto be way different and why is it goingto be way different is something goingto happen and if that's the case then byall means like if you think you're gonnaget ahead of something happening uh youknow please like a trade that we don'texpect or some kind of off the fieldthing that we don't expect sure but thistime of year it's kind of just like it'spretty quiet so all I'm really lookingfor are what I would refer to as likeinsane prices on things like extremelyhigh prices on things that are at leastpossible that I kind of makes sense so Ithink you know in the MVP Market if youwere trying to price in quote insaneprices it would be like quarterbackswith really big upside that we have noidea whether they're good or not andthey might be Dreadful but they might beawesome so last year you probably wouldhave bet Tua maybe for that reason andhe ended up actually playing pretty wellthey got concussed maybe you would havebet Jalen hurts because I don't thinkanybody really thought he was going towant to be like that kind of player sothis year what would that be that wouldbe like Jordan love that would be SamHowell uh that could be Desmond Ritterthat could be like a lot of guys I knoweveryone's gonna like laugh at thosethree names you probably would havelaughed at Jalen hurts last year and youprobably would have left a tua last yearand it's the same kind of a thing sothat's that kind of pricing and then oneCoach of the Year bet that I put againjust what seems to be drifting a littlebit too far out to being like thelongest shot on the board or the secondlongest shot on the board that's likeall I'm kind of looking at uh I bet RonRivera to be the coach of the year inthe NFL not that I think he's going tobe or that he's the most likely coach towinum just that there are lots of coachesthat I think almost have no chanceeither because they won too many gameslast year or the quarterback will getthe credit if they end up like havebeing pretty successful or that it'sreally likely they're tearing their teamaround like Arizona or something forexampleum but Rivera coaches a team that's beenaround 500 for a few years Taylorheinecke Carson Wentz Alex Smith thesehave been their quarterbacks and if SamHowell is anythinganything he is a dramatic upgrade overwhat they've been Fielding at thequarterback position and this is a guywho's won this award twice who peoplewho vote for the award love they've soldthe franchise the owner is no longergoing to be a part of it like there is alot going on here where if the team popsand they don't have to then I think he'sactually alive to win and there was a 50out there he's still one of the longerprices on the board like I see on thescreen right now like 25 30. I mean he'salongside like Sean McDermott's notgoing to win Coach of the Year unlessthey go 17-0 and it's like the only waythat he wins the award right like youlook at some of these other names whatdoes Nick siriani after like last yearwas his coach of the Year campaign soagain if we're just putting thesecandidates alongside each other there'ssome names that will stand out more thanother names for me that was Rivera andjust Price shopping I was able to findsomething pretty good is there a case tobe made for Kyle Shanahan if he gets theone seed in the NFC with Sam darnoldunder Centeryeah or or Lance like in like the theLance Reclamation project in addition tothe darnold record I justsure uh any any coach that coaches ateam that is going to win that manygames has some chance because the crazyrecords come into play like the whatwhat basically what syriani was gonna dountil they lost a couple games in jailHearts got hurt like that narrative orthat path is always available the Ravenswith Lamar Jackson when they wonwhatever 14 games if you're just thatgood then your coach can win sometime sothat's janahanum you know that's McDermott if theylose one game that's uh that's sirianilike they have some chance it's justagain like price it out go go shop whatare the Eagles to lose once this year orsomething you see the odds of that aregoing to be astronomical yeahyou can you can find other ways tocapitalize yeah so Shanahan to me isthat and I know he's the quarterbackWhisperer and maybe there's a littleextra probability for something likethat but to me that's kind of it theyjust won so many games last year yeahit's just that there's a disconnectbetween the price of Niners to win theNFC which apparently the market thinksis still very likely and the fact thatit's going to be Sam darnold underCenter which which means that ultimatelythe price of the Niners being that highis because people believe that much inthe coach and if it's darnold's if it isdarnold like he would also fall into thecategory of the quarterbacks that wetalked about sure if you knew it wasgoing to be him now if like a Purdy'sgonna be ready and they're going to kindof alternate or we don't know what'sgoing to happen then that makes thingsunclear but like the if people arelaughing when you're saying the name ofthe quarterback but we don't actuallyknow whether they're good or not itprobably means it's a pretty good betactually because nobody knows anythingnobody knows anything but people knowfor sure if Jordan loves good or not orthat Sam Howell is good nobody has anyideaum and it's definitely not priced intothe market like it's a total guess andwe're guessing too but we get when we'reright we get to win a lot of money yeahI think uh Lamont Jackson was 70-1 sowhen MB paid the Year great example itwas 50-1 Matt Ryan was 40-1 so certainlyguys come out of nowhere I think you'reright Ken with like with coach of theyear the big thing historically is thatyou just you need a team that is goingto either win a lot of games or make asubstantial Improvement over theprevious year who doesn't have asuperstar quarterback who steals creditthe way that Rogers always stole creditfrom leflore so I think that that's whyShanahan is more live than Andy Reid forinstance never going to win with myhomes the bet I made in that market theprices tanked a little bit but I betMount ever flews at 20 to 1. sure juston the idea that the Bears are like plus300 to win their division and if theBears win their division I don't thinkhe's plus 400 to win coach of the year Ithink he's shorter than that because ofall the credit that he gets in a bigMarketum just to close out the only big betthat I've made in across these Awards isPatrick Mahomes should just never beplus 700 to win MVP I think he shouldjust be plus 250 every single year ofhis prime I think he's the greatestquarterback of all time and uh I justdon't think that he should ever be plus700 until proven otherwise so uh that'smy big bet at the moment okay thank youso much for joining us mate it's alwaysa blast can you tell people uh where tofind you and anything else you want toplugyeah absolutely thank you thank you verymuch for having me on guys it's been alittle bit I feel like we'll be talkingNBA awards again before we know it tooyou know like October next year Jay willbe rolling up no bridge is mostimportant yeah exactly yeah yes exactlyI I do think he will be the we don'thave time for this I think he will bethe favorite in the marketuh kind of makes sense also Josh giddy Ikind of have circled potentially we'llsee how that goes anyway that's a nicefor more spicy kind of irrelevant NBAaortics uh I'm on uh you better you betis the show Nick Costas and I hostwhales uh Anna we gotta get Jay on oneof these days to talk about some stuffand talk about some awards for suremaybe we get around to through thesummer to NBA again uh three to seven PMEastern just search you bet wherever youfind your podcast you'll find the showand then I also have a sub stack that Iwrite on less now but more when Sportsstart again uh called the chalkboard anduh a lot of cool stuff there about justlike betting Concepts and pricing thingsin Futures markets and awards because ifyou've listened to us on the show youknow that that we all love Awards a lotprobably too much probably especiallyJay and I and will like some awards tooI think yeahbut yeah Jay's got the answer key to theMLB awards too you know you don't haveto wait for football what's the what'sthe answer key what's the well let mesave it for you better you bet when youget them no okayall right again thank you so much man uheveryone don't forget to check out NBCSports Edge for more information to helpyou with your wages thanks everyone forwatching on the NBC Sports YouTubechannel and if you're listening to us inpodcast form don't forget to rate andsubscribe from Jay Crouch Andrew dinsicthanks again to Ken Barkley uh we'll seeyou soon cheers