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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

How to Use AutoGPT – Complete Tutorial

Local Auto GPT Brings New Capabilities to Chatbots

  • Someone recently created Auto GPT, a version of chat GPT which can do things that chat GPT cannot and which runs locally on the user’s computer
  • It has internet access and can output found information in text format, as well as come up with ongoing prompts for itself
  • It also has access to a world of plugins not available in web-based or online versions
  • Installation requires downloading Docker depending on the type of computer, creating an OpenAI account and API key, and setting up billing

Configuring Auto GPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Creating a folder and text file and copying necessary code
  • Downloading the latest version of Auto GPT from Github and extracting it to the documents folder
  • Show hidden files to find the dotenv.template document in the main Auto GPT folder and configure it.

Visual Studio: Easily Unlock Hidden Files on Mac & PC

  • A popular app for coding called Visual Studio can be used to download, unzip, and install from a Mac or PC
  • Visual Studio then allows the user to open hidden files, as opposed to manually searching through the terminal
  • From here, the user has to create a copy of “dotenv.template” and name it “.env”
  • After this they have to add their API key into the .env file, and change certain parameters (such as removing a hashtag) if they are on a Mac
  • Finally they can save the document and run the Auto GPT using a command line inside of Docker.

Exploring Auto GPT: A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Business

  • The video demonstrates how to use Auto GPT in order to build a business
  • It explains that there is plug-in support and the cost for using the API is minimal
  • It also mentions two other options, Agent GPT and God mode, and explains the differences between them
  • Finally, it offers resources organized below the video to help viewers understand how to use Auto GPT.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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someone recently created a version ofchat GPT called Auto GPT still poweredby chat GPT but it could do things chatGPT just can't do and it runs locally onyour computer so if you have a PC if youhave a Mac you could actually install iton your computer with a few simple stepsthat I'm going to show you how to do inthis video and there are plenty oftutorials online about this but they'refar too complicated I'm going tosimplify this so anybody without anytechnical knowledge could actuallyinstalled Auto GPT and run it on theirlocal device and some of my favoriteways to use Auto GPT is one it hasinternet access so it could do Googlesearches for you it could actuallyoutput what it found in text format inyour own computer so you could actuallyreview it later and it has access itselfit also could come up with ongoingprompts for itself so you actually giveit a big task and then it makes smallertasks for itself and every step of theway is going to ask for your input orapproval before it just keeps on goingand you could actually access a wholeworld of plugins because this is againon your computer so no one else iscontrolling it once you install it onyour local device these things justcan't happen on any version of chat GPTthat other people are creating that areweb-based or online so I'll show youexactly how to install it step by stepthe very first step on the process isgoing to this page here and this isgoing to walk you through step by stephow to do it but I'll do this muchsimpler in this video because this isstill made for developers and I want tomake this accessible to any person thatwants to download Auto GPT without anytechnical knowledge now I will linkeverything I'm going to mention in orderso this link to this website andeverything else I'll mention I'll put inthe first comment below or in thedescription below and the first thingit's going to tell you is you couldactually run auto GPT on Mac or PC inthree different ways but you need tochoose which way now some othertutorials that are way too complicatedway too long are using the python methodway too too complicated some are usingthis code developer called Visual Studiowe could use visual studio just tosimplify some things that are technicalI'll show you that but we're going touse the very first recommended methodcalled Docker so that's the first stepwe're going to click over here and weneed to install this program calledDocker choose Windows or Mac dependingon where you're on they have it forLinux too I'm going to choose Mac hereI've installed it on Windows 2 so I'llpoint out the differences as we go Ihave the Intel chip Mac it's a littlebit older so I'm going to go ahead anddownload it here and here's the documentI'm going to click here in my downloadit shows up in my download folder I'mgoing to drag it onto my applicationsfolder and this computer actuallydoesn't have any of this stuff installedI have installed it before on PCM Macbut not on this one this is a laptopthat has none of this installed now if Igo to my applications folder I couldlook for Docker here double click toopen it up here to make sure I gothrough the installation process nowthat it's inside of my applicationsfolder so find your application hereyour applications folder and open it andgo through the rest of the process withDocker I'll acceptand use recommended setting finish typein my password this is my password forthe computer and I could either skip oranswer these questions here to set upthe rest of it I'm going to go ahead andset up the rest okay now this is set upso I'm going to go ahead and minimizeDocker I don't need it right now andI'll go back to the website where we didour setup so I'll close all these andhere back in the setup mode next step iswe need to get something called the APIkey Now API key comes from the samecompany open AI that makes chat GPT sothey made chat GPT the original versionversion 4 all of that comes from openaiso we need to give this key basically toour setup so we could access thatinformation without that you know we'renot going to be able to get theinformation from chatgpt to run auto GPTeven though Auto GPT is made bydevelopers that are not related to chatGPT we still need to set this up sothey're going to give you a link againthis will be the second link we need toclick on and this link is going to bringus to platform Dot and thisis where our API key is going to beaccessed now we have to have a accounthere for openai or chat GPT so I alreadyused Channel GPT so I have an account soI'm going to log into that account ifyou don't just sign up if you haven'tused the regular chat GPT before onceyou log in this link will bring you tothe API key page so this is what itlooks like and you could create a newkey so you just press create a newsecret key and then you could name yourkey so you could name it auto GPT forexample and create a key so I'm going toname it auto gpt2 just to have it andI'll delete it and then this is yoursecret key don't share this with anyoneand make sure you copy it because assoon as you press done it will not beeditable again you can't find the wholekey so make sure you copy it click herecopy it to a safe text format or anytype of place you save this maybe aGoogle doc and then go ahead and pressdone now you could delete these anytimeso you can press the delete key if youdid didn't copy it or if you want tomake a new one or if you don't wantanyone to access it just press deleteright over here next is going toactually tell you to set up your billingokay this is going to charge you alittle bit sometimes this Pennysometimes is a dollar let me just showyou where that setup is in the sameplace but it's under the billing tab soon the left side there's a billing tabclick here and then you want to set up amethod of payment now if you pay forchat GPT you might have set this upalready but set up some kind of creditcard payment then I'll show you here ifyou go to usage this tab this is goingto tell you how often it's going tocharge you okay so so far I've onlyspent 35 cents and I've made maybe fourdifferent types of tutorials aroundthese kind of things and that's my totalfor the whole month is there 35 centsand they have a cap actually on theirbilling so you could actually set ausage limit right here to make sure yourhot limits doesn't exceed 120 dollars amonth that's by default so this way ifyou run something that just ends upgoing for a long time you see still hitthis hard limit and don't spend morethan you want to so even if you want tospend less than twenty dollars a monthjust change your hard limit here nowthis next step is setting up Auto GPTnow this is a little bit technical butit's really something anybody could doso what you need to do is basicallypaste this into a command prompt insideof your computer so on a Mac there is anapp called terminal on your PC it'sactually called command shell so Windowscommand shell you open that up I'll showyou terminal here on my Mac so I'llsearch for terminal up here press enterthis is terminal so I just need to copythis right here if I take this and presscopy and if I paste this right here andpress enter it's actually going to runthe latest version and pull whatbasically all this data is so you seeit's downloading a bunch of data now ifI don't have Docker installed and set upin the previous step it's not going tofind anything right so that's why we aredoing this in step by step and I'll putthis in a text format too on my websitein a very clear step-by-step instructionwith this video so if you want to watchit there and just refer back to thedescription section to make it a littlebit easier things that I just couldn'tput on the YouTube page I'll make iteasier with resources there now it saysit has the latest version of Docker solet's go back to our format here andthen it says create a folder called AutoGPT now we're going to create a regularfolder on our computer so I'm going toopen finder I'll go to my documents andI'm going to just create a new folderagain called Auto GPTand then if I go back it says now thatyou've created that inside of it createa text file called Docker slash composeslash yml so I'm going to go in here andI need to create a text file in here soto do that you have a lot of textcreation not Microsoft Word or anythinglike that but typically you havedifferent apps like text editor you needthis to be very plain text so if I openup text editor here okay I'm going to goahead and cancel this I'm going to pressfile and new I'm going to create a textbasically I'm going to name this exactlywhat this told me to name it which isthis document name I'm going to copythis over and I'll go ahead and name itthat make sure there's no spaces okayand I'll just make sure I save thisinside of my documents right same placethere we go we have the name now we needto copy this information right so thisis the code basically that we need tocopy so I'll go ahead and copy this codeall the way to the bottom copy thisbring it over here and then I'll goahead and paste there we go so now weneed to save this so I'm going to go tofile and save so now it's been saved Icould close it now let me go back tothatfinder window okay I put it actuallyright outside it needs to be inside ofthis folder called Auto GPT I'll drag itput it in here okay now I'm gonna justpress enter and actually make sure thisis saved as a yml and not a RTF okay souse ymlthere we go so everything is set upbased on what this told us to do nowwe're going to get to the section wherewe gotta configure a few different filesso it says create a necessaryconfiguration if needed use thistemplate okay so this one is going totake a few different steps if I clickover here basically it's going to takethese six steps but then you're done ifyou do these six steps it's going to beall done so to do that what we need todo I'll come back up here and we'll goto the repository here okay so I'llclick repository this is going to takeyou to another page here and this is where the codefor auto GPT is saved this is a bigwebsite for developers they basicallycontribute and save their codes hereokay if I go to the bottom of all thesecodes I'll should see a section calledlatest release you see that if I clickover to latest release it's going tobring me to the latest version of AutoGPT now they update this almost everysingle week so you're going to see itdifferent number by the time you watchthis video but let me go all the way tothe bottom because on the bottomyou'll see all the different developersthat contributed to this project this isan experimental project and the sourcecode is here I need to download this ZIPfile okay I'm going to click it's gonnadownload it to my computer this is allthe code for auto GPT the latest versionI'm going to open it it's going toextract it and you see put it over hereI'm gonna just take it to mydocuments folder so it's in the sameplace as the other ones so if I go todocuments this is the folder I justcreated with the docker this is the autoGPT one I just downloaded so this isgoing to have a bunch of stuff inside ofit that you don't need to worry aboutokay now I need to do a couple ofdifferent things to configure this so itsays find a file name dotenv.template in the main Auto GPT folderthat's the one I just downloaded so I'llgo ahead and go there I'm going to openit and here this is where you would findthat document except it's a hiddendocument unfortunately so you have toshow hidden documents I'm going to showyou the simplest way I know how to dothis because there are some ways thatyou'll have to use way too much of acomplicated code to do this but there isa version of this that's much easier todo and that is by using another appcalled visual studio now this one youcould download this is a verypopular app that most developers use forcoding but it's going to actually let usmake that couple of tiny adjustmentsfor the code so I'm going to downloadagain a version of it for my computer soin this case it's kind of downloadedfrom my Mac if you have a PC it's goingto know that and if you already havethis obviously it's not going to requireyou to download it you could just goahead and open it I'll go ahead andunzip this and I'll double click from mydownload folder to install this app andyou could just X out of everything orjust get through to get to this pageokay so now inside of here all you haveto do is go to file and then you want toopen a folder this is the folder forinside of our desktop for chat GPT it'sgoing to see all the files even thehidden ones so if I open it I'm going totrust the author I'm going to press okI'm going to let this install for asecondOkay then if I again go over here toexplore it's going to show thisbasically table of contents and this iswhat it was asking me to find dotenv.template okay so let's go backto the document again and basically wedid all of that with Visual Studio to beable to find this hidden file so youdon't have to use Visual Studio youcould actually try to find a hiddenfiles this is basically on Windows andMac it tells you how to do it but itrequires stuff in terminal I like VisualStudio I could see it physically onthere and it says create a copy of thatand call it dot EnV okay so I couldcreate a copy of that I'll go back tovisual studio this is really easy to doI'm going to go ahead and just create anew one right here this is the new DOTEnV that's what it told me to make andthen I could go in this one so here justselect everything so on the Mac iscommand a PC control a I'm going toright click and copy everything I'llbring it back here and I'll right clickand paste everything okay so there we gowe just made a copy of thisand named it EnV and I'm going to goahead and press file and save this oneand then let's go back and I told you todo one more thing here so I created thecopy and then here it says open in atext editor right in this case I havethe visual studio so that's my texteditor I don't have to do that I havethe open API key now if I then save it Ineed to go back create a new one basedon a previous step but I saved it so I'mgoing to copy it and inside of visualstudio in that new document I madethere's a section here called open APIkey your API key goes here so I need toerase it leave the equal sign and pasteit okay there we go so I pasted my openAPI key one more step you need to dowhich it doesn't show you in thedocument if you have a Mac so let me goahead and file save and then I'm goingto do control F to find something on aMac so if I search for the word Mac itshows me this section I need to removethis hashtag to activate it and I needto change false to true I need to typethat in here okay so that's all I didremove hashtag now this is activated fora Mac inside of this EnV now I'm goingto save that if you're on a PC you don'thave to do that step you're just type inyour API key that's what all thissection is for okay then it says enterthe API key and then save it and then itsays you could type in all kinds ofdifferent API Keys here this is why AutoGPT is a lot more powerful than some ofthe ones that are web-based right sothere's web-based versions that I'llpoint out at the end of the video that Imade complete complete videos on that dosome of these things but you don't havecontrol right because someone else setthem up this is local for you so thenI'm going to save and close thatdocument so this was the document Isaved that already I'm going to close itokay so everything pretty much inside ofVisual Studio could be closed and that'spretty much it it's going to give yousome other options for running GPT onAzure and things like that and thisbasically could tap into things calledplugins all kinds of different apis fromdifferent companies we just logged intothe open AI one to get access to chatGPT but this could do so many morethings with plugins that I'm not goingto cover in this video but you couldlook into some of the plugin optionsonce you get this up and runningearnings okay now I need to run thisAuto GPT and it says the best way to dothat is using this command and this isagain inside of my command app or inthis case it was terminal on a Mac soI'm gonna just create a new window hereI close that one and I'll paste that andI'll press enter and because again Ihave Docker installed it's going to giveme some options and one of them is acommand called CD so if I basically thisis going to let me look into the folderwhere all this information is saved okayso let me go back to my finder windowhere and I was in this folder right hereokay so I need to find a path for thisfolder and usually it shows up on awindow in a URL type of thing but um Macyou have to go to window and you need tobasically show the path bar that'sbasically what you'll see over here andthen you could copy and copy thispathway okay a path name and then if Igo here so CD space and then paste thatand enter is going to bring me into thisfolder so this is just a command to getinto a folder right in your finderwindow you just double click to get intoit but this is how you get into thatfolder so now inside of that folder Icould go backand I could basically build an imagethis Docker image if I copy this overand paste it here inside of this folderand press enter it's going to ask me toaccess my documents okayand then it's going to basically write awhole bunch of stuff here okay if youget an error that means you weren't inthe right folder so make sure you followthat path you put in that command that Ishowed you CD space and then the userpathwherever you saved it so I don't knowexactly where you said that if you savethe documents folder it's going to looksomething like mine then it's going toassemble this this is going to take acouple minutes here to assemble it thenI'll show you the next step as well andwhile this is running I'll also put alink to a website that we're buildingout that is going to be a completelibrary of content for all things Ai andfor beginners as well as intermediatebut nothing Advanced this is not fordeveloper for regular people that arejust trying to be better more productivejust more efficient at work with AI wehave all kinds of tutorials and coursesit's going to be Netflix style reallyeasy to use so I'll go ahead and Linkthat below it should be released soon bythe time you watch this but if it's notyou'll have a countdown you could giveme your email and I'll notify you whenit's released so you could be one of thefirst people to test it out okay this isdone so only one more step is left whichis running Auto GPT and the command forthat again is this right here I'll copythis command I'll bring it back here andI'll paste it and I'll press enter nowthis is actually going to build Out AutoGPT for us inside of of year and once wename our Auto GPT Auto GPT could benamed anything once we name it we couldalways open up terminal or the windowsversion of it the command shell andbasically run it so I'm going to justpress OK hereand then it says press enter to continueI'll press enter and then it says I wantAuto gpt2 so this is basically the taskI'm going to give it I want Auto cheapbt2 to build me a business for my videocompany and in this case it's basicallynamed at CEO GPT the role is Naidesigned to assist entrepreneurs inbuilding Successful video productionbusinesses providing expert guidance inall aspects of Business Development thegoal is to conduct market research andit's going to give you the fivedifferent goals it has sometimes itactually gives you a prompt for that soyou can name it yourself you couldactually tell it the goal you could giveit a roll and then you could type thatin and as you can see it's going to keeprunning so this is the thought this isthe reasoning this is the plan and youcould give it an input here basicallybased on what it's trying to do so inthis case it's trying to do a Googlesearch Okay so the plan is to conductmarket research which requires Googlesearch and then you can basically typein why or no and for no to stop it ifyou give it y so I'll put y here andpress enter it's actually going to dothe thing so here is doing a Googlesearch these are all the differentthings it's going to search for it'sgoing to say thinking and if I scrollroll back up a little bit by the waythere's something called plug-in supporttoo so you can see plug-in support onthe website that I showed you from thedocumentation they show you all aboutplug-in support right here under theGitHub page so you could learn moreabout that because right now it is doingthings chat GPT can't do right now soall these internet searches is going tomake text documents in a second withwhat it found so it could refer back toit it's going to sit in my localcomputer right and I could change thecode and figure things out in GitHub anddo all kinds of different things rightand then it's going to ask me again if Iwant to give it input or if I want tojust agree with this plan right sothought reasoning plan criticism andthen tells me what the next action inthat that it wants to do so I couldliterally sit here and just press ynow a little bit of money is going to bespent on the open API side so you couldgo to the usage Tab and you could seethat right now it's probably just twocents I've spent in the last hour rightit's not very much but make sure youkeep track of your own especially ifyou're using the latest version of chatGPT sometimes that could add up but makesure you keep on that so I'll just keepsaying yes and I'll get exactly what Ineed so this is still going to be in theworld of research and then it's going togive me the text documents and it'sgoing to keep going with the plan untilas long as I want right my end goal isto launch a business right so it's goingto help me get to that point with allkinds of ways that I basically need toimplement it's going to do a lot of thework for me now two other optionsbesides Auto GPD there is a version ofit called Agent GPT it's a websitethat's kind of like this it's not localon your computer I have a video for thatthat I'll link below as well there'sanother thing called God mode againsomeone made this version for theinternet on a different website so thatone could could actually give you textoutputs too very close to this one againyou don't have access to the code withthat as well right so you can't doplugins and things that you could dowith this so it's a good combination tokind of learn a little bit about eachone and see where the limitations areand let's see where you want to take itfrom here so I'm going to keep goingwith this plan and I'm going to get allkinds of different search results hereresearch outputs and it's probably goingto save me days and days and days ondoing this manually on my own again allthe resources are linked and organizedbelow this video I hope you found thisuseful and I'll see you next time