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The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff | Full Episode

Love Triangle Leads to Tragic Murder of Texas Womens University Student

  • Jacqueline Vandegrift was a 24 year old nutrition major at Texas Women’s University
  • Charles Bryant, her accused murderer, was 29 and worked as a bartender and personal trainer
  • Caitlyn Mathis, Bryant’s ex-girlfriend, was 18 when they began their relationship
  • Jackie and Caitlyn had known each other since high school
  • Bryant had been frequently visiting Denton to try to win back Caitlyn’s affections
  • On the night of her death, Jackie spent time in Denton with Charles
  • On September 14th a body was found in the banks of Grapevine Lake
  • Using fingerprints, police identified the victim as Jacqueline Vandegrift
  • Surveillance video, cell phone pings, and evidence at the scene put Vandergriff and Bryant together
  • Bryant had become increasingly controlling and violent towards Caitlyn prior to Jackie’s death which she reported to police.

From Breakup to Stalker: Caitlyn Mathis Journey of Escape

  • Caitlyn Mathis broke up with her toxic boyfriend, Brian, mid-August 2016
  • The next day he showed up at her mother’s house and she eventually decided to end things
  • On August 24th, he was pulled over by Lieutenant Polk for traffic tickets and let go
  • A week later he returned to Caitlyn’s college campus and scared her
  • Captain Polk issued a no trespass order banning him from the campus
  • On August 31st Bryant again tracked down Caitlyn in her new restaurant
  • She quit and moved back to her old job an hour away from campus
  • On September 6th, what would have been their 3-month anniversary, he appeared at her dorm again and she hid in her suite mate’s closet until the police arrived
  • A week later, he sent Caitlyn flowers and an apology letter but was arrested for stalking when caught near her dorm again
  • After being released from jail twice more, Charles Bryant appeared at Fry Street public house where Jackie Vandegrift was working that night. Her friend Jackie Todd posted on Twitter at 9pm glad she had decided to go out instead of using Tinder. Jackie left 45 minutes later with Charles Bryant with whom they went to another bar before it started raining.

Charles Bryant Arrested in Connection with Jackie Vandergriff Murder

  • Charles Bryant was a fitness instructor that Jackie Vandergriff had been hanging out with for a long time before she disappeared
  • Grapevine police suspected the post on her Twitter was from her killer, so they tracked down her friends and got a business card leading to Charles
  • Caitlin Mathis, Charles’s ex-girlfriend, received emails and a picture of them kissing under a tree after Jackie’s murder
  • Police searched his residence and found evidence including a large military-style knife and a kiddie pool that matched the one Jackie’s body was found in
  • Charles was arrested for violating Caitlyn’s restraining order
  • Jim Holland, an expert Texas Ranger, interviewed Charles to determine if he committed the crime.

Suspect Charged with Murder After Lengthy Interrogation by Texas Ranger

  • Charles Bryant was charged with the murder of Jackie Vandegrift
  • Texas Ranger Jim Holland conducted an interrogation to uncover the details of the crime
  • Bryant initially denied knowing Jackie, but then remembered her coming into the bar looking for a job
  • Holland eventually asked if what happened to Jackie had anything to do with Caitlyn Mathis and Bryant seemed evasive
  • Christy Dixon who had met Charles on a dating app before the murder, noted his behavior as that of an abused child
  • During his interrogation, Bryant revealed they had consensual kinky sex before her death and claimed she wanted to be choked with a zip tie located in his car
  • He felt compelled to burn her body afterwards and denied having any malicious intent
  • After over 6 hours of intense questioning Charles was finally charged with murder.

Charles Bryant Sentenced to Life for Murder and Dismemberment of Jackie Vandegrift

  • Charles Bryant was found guilty of murdering and dismembering Jackie vandegrift
  • Evidence included a zip tie, shovel and large knife found at his house
  • Prosecutors did not provide evidence of sexual assault
  • Caitlyn Mathis, a victim of stalking by Bryant, was not allowed to testify against him in open court
  • The jury deliberated for two hours before finding him guilty
  • Bryant was sentenced to life and eligible for parole after 30 years
  • Caitlyn still fears he will come back for her when released from prison
  • The family of Jackie vandegrift met with Caitlyn and endowed an internship in health.

Decades Later Arrest in Texas Womens University Murder Case Revealed After 30 Years of Silence

  • This case discusses the murder of a young mother at Texas Women’s University
  • One suspect was arrested decades later
  • A witness changes everything and kept their secret for 30 years
  • 48 Hours Saturday at 10/9 Central on CBS.

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foreign's mom had texted mebecause she lived pretty close toGrapevine Lakeand she was like look what happeneddeveloping story right now a body foundin the banks of Grapevine Lakenothing happens in Grapevine nothingexcept for what he didthe victim was identified as JacquelineVan de Griffhello everyone my name is JacquelineVandegrift but friends call me JackieJackie Vandegrift was 24 years of age Iam currently a junior here at TexasWomen's University and my major isnutrition with an emphasis in wellnessand just beyond this area where theshade is pretty much hitting is where wehad our crime scenethere are a lot of things that willshock you and this is by far the worstthing I have seenmy manager texts meCharles has just been arrested[Music]I felt like the world was spinning likeeverything was out of controlit's believed that last TuesdayJacqueline Vandergriff met up withCharles Bryant at a bar in Dentonsurveillance video also cell phone pingsall put Vandergriff and Bryant together[Music]I remember him just being kind of quietI immediately said there's no way theyhave the wrong guy there's no way thathe did this are you telling me there'sno evidence that Charles Bryant killedJackie Vandegrift not direct evidencethis is kind of my callingdealing with these really strange casesthe serial killers the ritualistickillings hey how you doing today Jimhome with the rangers life good today ornotthis is not a normal homicideyou know how to kill someone it allseemed it started with Caitlynhow screwed up are you from Caitlin manin the early days it was goodafter that first month that's when Istarted to see these warning signsthat he was manipulative verycontrolling I just told him I can't dothis anymore this isn't working this isoverhe flipped outhe showed up at your dorm room out ofthe blue you never gave him the addressnohey trespass in his mind he was seekingRevenge that we got us for stalking onhis ex-girlfriend who had called thepolice on him how he was stalking me wascompletely relatedto Jackie vandergriff's deaththere's some similaritiesthe way the Vandegrift looksand the way that Brian's ex-girlfriendlookeddo you think there's a chance apossibility that he walked into this barand saw somebody reminded him of youand took his rage out on her mostdefinitely I think that he really wantedto kill me I think that he wanted medead[Music]foreign[Music]when I first arrived on the scene I sawa lot of police cars saw fire trucksthere was a lot of activityit was September 14 2016 Just BeforeDawn when John Luna a captain with theGrapevine Police Department responded toa call about a gruesome Discovery hereat Grapevine Lakejust off of the worn footpath you havean area that's pretty well overgrownwith weeds but you can clearly see asmall area that was burned just beyondwhere I'm standing there was a body thatwas obviously charred it had been set onfirethe body found inside a blue kiddie poolwas so badly damaged that police couldnot determine the most basic facts aboutthe victim we didn't know if that was anadult or a child a male or a femalethe next day using fingerprints policewere able to identify the victim it wasJackie Vandegrift a 24 year oldnutrition major at Texas Women'sUniversity in nearby Denton I chose thismajor because I realized the importanceof nutrition and just overall healthwe're both named Jacqueline named afterJacqueline Kennedy one of Jackievandegrift's closest friends Jackie Tanthey met in high school ever since thenwe were Jackie squared and I loved itshe made me feel like I could be myselfand just be goofy and funnyJackie Tan remembers her friend as agood student who was focused andtrusting that girlsmartest girl I've known[Music]she had her whole life ahead of her shehad plans me and my detectives we wentout there for her memorial serviceandsorryfor Captain Luna the brutality of thiscrime hit close to homecould it just as easily been my daughterthat this happened to youJackie spent the last evening of herlife in Denton with this mandidn't know his identity right away butthis woman knew him very wellhe would always give me flowers alwaysespecially if he had something to besorry aboutCharles Bryant lived some 20 miles awaybut he had been making frequent visitsto Denton trying to rekindle arelationship with his ex-girlfriendCaitlyn Mathiswho had recently moved there to attendthe University of North Texashe was just trying to win me back and Iwas just like nothing is going to workCaitlyn's involvement with Bryant hadbegun three months earlier in June inthe town of Grapevine when it came intothe restaurant where Caitlyn was workingas a server the day that I met him wasthe day after I graduated high schoolhe had lots of muscles and Tattoos whichkind of interested me at the timeBryant was then 29 working as abartender and personal traineryou're 18 he's 29 he's got muscles andtattoos and must have made your mothercrazy yeah extremely crazy in a good waythough yeah she cared about mebeing a mother of adult children is adifferent role you have to let gofor them to to fly away andgrow upCaitlyn is the youngest of Karenhulsey's four children she says Caitlynwas hard to missFireball you know when she's in thehouse she never walked anywhere she raneverywhereand Caitlyn ran headlong into therelationship with Charles Bryant thatsummer of of their regular date spots was atthe park by Grapevine Lake where thispicture was takenwhen Karen learned about therelationship she asked Caitlin to showher a picture of himI Got This Feeling Just deep inside tomy bones an evil feelingand I said he's going to hurt you he'sgoing to do something bad wow and she'slike oh he's nice he's good to me hemakes me feel like an adult were youthinking to yourself you're 18 you'retoo young to know yesbut I didn't want to insult her withinweeks Caitlyn was having serious doubtsof her own about Brian that's when Istarted to see these warning signsthat he was manipulative he was a bit ofan artist narcissisthe thought very highly of himself hewould say things like oh you'll neverfind anyone better than me it was toxicand he was toxicin mid-august 2016 Caitlyn broke up withBrian she thought that was the lastshe'd see of him but the next day heshowed up uninvited at her mother'shouse and somehow he convinced me to getback with him he was trying to say oh Ican work on this and I can be betterand making all these promisesbut Caitlyn realized she wasn'tinterested in promises that was one ofthe things that my mom taught me peopledo not change you you can't changesomeone at that point I was just waitingfor the perfect time to end thingsa little more than a week later afterCaitlyn moved away to school she toldBrian it was over againlater that nightpolice found him on campus just by sheercoincidence I had made a traffic stopand he was driving that vehicledidn't Jeremy Polk was then a lieutenantfor the UNT Campus Police he pulledBrian over early in the morning ofAugust 24th I thought he was anintoxicated driver by the way he wasdriving and that was my focus so rightnow I'm at the place you on you know arace so good you could just remainsecret it's all good Bryant was not overthe legal limit he was charged with afew outstanding traffic tickets and theylet him golater that same day he was back onCaitlyn's campus againhe actually knocked on the door of mydorm room he didn't know prior to whereI lived and he said oh her name was onthe door did that creep you out it didat that point I was scaredCaitlyn got him out of there and calledcampus policeCaptain Polk recognized Brian's name onthe report and went along to interviewCaitlin the next dayshe told us things like I I just did notlike the way Charles spoke to me I didnot like the way he treated me and Imade that choice then and there you knowI would do everything I could to helpher with this situationPolk issued a no trespass orderBanning Charles Bryant from the UNTCampus but once again Bryantnot take no for an answerthe biggest fear I have as a policeofficer sometimes is emotionbecause emotion drives people to dothings you would never imagine[Music][Applause][Music]it was my first day thereand he walked through the door and myheart just dropped to the bottom of mystomachit was August 31st 2016 a week sinceCharles Bryant had tracked CaitlynMathis down at her new dormnow he was invading her space againcoming into her new restaurant on herfirst day of workI was like I just want you to leavewhat did he say to that he didn't reallysay anything he looked upsetmy new co-workers they were like yeah hewas here yesterday looking for youCaitlin asked her manager to keep Bryantout but her manager said there wasnothing he could doI can't work hereI don't feel safe enough to work hereCaitlyn went back to her old job a halfhour's drive away her mother found itall hard to watch from a distanceI said come home it was my motherlyinstinct to protect her and in order toprotect her I had to have her with mebut Caitlyn thought she'd be safe in herdorma week later on September 6th what wouldhave been their three-month anniversaryBryant was back yet againhe showed up to my dorm knocked on mydoor and at this point I was shaking I'mall aloneI actually hid in my Suite mate's closetyou hid yes when I was on the phone withthe police they were like we can't hearyou you need to speak up and I was justafraid that he was going to hear myvoice I did hear him say Caitlin I knowyou're in there just open up I havesomething for youand I'm like God what what do you whatdo you have for meI don't want itBryant left flowers and a two-pageletterpolice arrived he was gone I heard himsay hey it's Charles said something foryou even though for sure was him yeah27 myself and 443 police found himoutside ten minutes later you're stillhere yeah what's your name now inrunning clothesand arrested him for trespassingwell you know you're not supposed to behereBrian posted Bond and was releasedwithin hoursalthough Caitlyn had already blocked himon her phone email and social media hecreated a new email address and wrote toher later that same dayhere I am heartbroken and with acriminal record for bringing the girl Ilove flowersthat's when it became really serious forme if an actual physical arrest doesn'tstop the behavior then you're you knowsomething is wrongCaitlyn get an emergency protectiveorder and because Brian had kept tryingto reach her after his arrest how youdoing Charles get your ID with you Polkhad his officers go to Brian's house thenext day and charge him yet againthis time for stalking this was histhird arrest 14 daysI told him if he continued tocommunicate with Caitlyn I would useevery email I would use every textmessage I would use every phone call asa reason to have him rearrested two dayslater Bryant posted a five thousanddollar Bond and got out of jailhe was telling his roommatethat I was the crazy one in thisrelationshipso all of his friends were kind ofcoming at me and they were like why youneed to like drop these charges againsthimby September 13th Bryant was back inDenton just a half mile from Caitlyn'sdorm in an area she had told them aboutback when they were still dating I wastalking about going up to fry Street andlike meeting new people Bryant went tofry Street public house that night atabout 7 pman hour later Jackie Vandegrift walkedin asked about a job and ended up in aconversation with the bartender andCharles Bryantabout 45 minutes later Jackie posted amessage on her Twitterglad I decided to get off Tinder andwalk to a barJackie's friend Jackie ToddJackie was a very social personwhenever she went outshe would make friends with everybodyand it wasn't even flirty it wasn'tanything you know she was talking to thebartender talking to other peopleat about nine o'clock Jackie left withBryant and the bartendershe and Bryant went to another barnearby and started talking to a group ofwomenby 9 45 it was raining and everyone washeaded outJackie left with Charles BryantI feel like she felt comfortable enoughwith him that night because she had beenhanging out with him for so long thatshe was like hey well whatever he's justgonna drop me off it's not that farand I'll be goodonce in his car Brian stopped at aconvenience storethis was the last time JackieVandergriff was seen alivethe day after she was found dead therewas a new post on her Twitter never knewI could feel like thisit was just really bizarre policesuspected it was a message from herkiller they knew they had to movequickly to ID the man Jackie had beenwiththey had some luck when they trackeddown the women Jackie met that nightone of the friends that was with her hadgotten a business cardfrom this personbecause he was a fitness instructornow the Grapevine Police had CharlesBryant's name they learned about thatrestraining orderso in my eyes that played into him asbeing a good suspectGrapevine Police called Captain Polk whowas in the middle of a road racethe first thing he told me was CharlesBryant was their main suspect inJackie's murder and I immediately justsat down on a park bench in the middleof the race it floored meBryant was emerging as a strong suspectbut Grapevine Police did not havephysical evidence okay connecting him toJackie's death so for now Bryant wasfree and Polk was worried about what hemight do nextI called Caitlin and I just asked whereare youI was like does this have to do with themurder that happened in Grapevine andhe's like I I can't tell I can't specifythat to you Caitlynbut are you safe right now and what didyou say I said I think sohe might have been wrongin the days after Jackie's murderCharles Bryant sent Caitlin severalemailsincluding this picturewriting on it first kiss under this treeOnce Upon a Timethat photo was taken at Grapevine Lakehe might have taken that picture thatsame day that Jackie was killedit was September 2016 and Caitlyn MathisCharles Bryant's ex-girlfriend was veryworried he might have been involved inthe brutal murder at Grapevine Lake justdays beforeI was waiting for more news to come outbecause at that point they hadn't evenarrested him yet were you worried he wasgoing to come after youI wasI thought that's exactly what he wasgoing to dothe emails in picture Bryant hadrecently sent Caitlin would prove thathe was still thinking about her in thedays after Jackie was killed but theywere also proof of something elseit was prohibited for Charles tocommunicate with her in any manner andthen if he did he would have beenviolating that orderCaptain poke thought they could usethose violations to help the GrapevinePolicedidn't have enough to make an arrest yetso I told the detective we can get awarrant signed on some evidence we justgot and at least you know get him offthe streetokay Charles Bryant was arrested onSeptember 18th for violating Caitlyn'srestraining order Grapevine detectiveswere hoping they'd soon find moreevidence connecting him to Jackie'sdeathhe's brought to the Grapevine PoliceDepartment for an interview and rightaway he's beginning to distance himselffrom having any almost any interactionwith Jackie you recognize who she isSenator barand at the same time we begin serving asearch warrant for his residencewhat can you tell me about herthat's about it I guessit had been four days since Jackie'sbody was found plenty of time to disposeof any possible evidence but CaptainLuna at Grapevine PD says they found alot at Brian's home including a largemilitary-style knife you know whatpurse was found in there tooBryant had no way to answer for any ofitincluding two more items police foundwhile he was in custodyvideo of him buying a shovel the nightJackie disappeared and a kiddie poolmissing from his backyard that matchedthe one Jackie's body was found inwe have video of you with this girlyou're at the baryou're walking around Walmart at fouro'clock in the morning buying a shovelshe's found deadin a pool that came from your backyardhe even got to the point at the end ofhis interview with our detective wherehe said well I must have done it I Idon't remember doing anything everythingpoints to me it's like I had to havedone itan open and shut case not even closealthough there was overwhelming evidencethat Bryant had disposed of Jackie'sbody there was no evidence yet thatconfirmed how Jackie had diedwith it Bryant had killed herand that's when they reached out to meand asked if I could come in and spendsome time with him and and interview himand see what I could get because youhave a an expertise in dealing with thiskind of personality right this is kindof my calling Jim Holland is the seniormember of an elite team of Texas Rangersa select division of the Texas statepolicehe specializes in interviewing some ofthe country's most prolific killers andanalyzing their thoughts hey how youdoing todayand Charles Bryant seemed to fit thebillJackie's body had been dismemberedbefore being set on firehow do you begin to understand a mindthat would do thata lot of these people I actually want totell you they want to tell someoneat first Bryant kept to his claim thathe didn't remember a thing yeah that'scrazy because I really don't remember methe idea that he doesn't remember doingit um no it's absolute nonsense so youknewCharles Bryant remembered exactly whathad happened oh yes absolutely and yourjob was just to pull that out of himright you know you're not a violent dudeyou haven't uh haven't really been introuble Holland says his strategy was totry to make friends with Bryant and gethim talkingyou obviously work out I mean you'restud rightyou don't want him to look at you as alaw enforcement officer you want him tothink of you as a friend a Compadre adrinking buddy you know you kind of goback to what two boys would talk aboutin a high school locker room you knowabout the the girl they kissed on Fridaynight you don't have any issues withgirlsjust blowing my mind and Hollandsuggested possible scenarios to see ifBryant would take it from there okay soso something happens bam there's there'sa snapand we need to figure out what that isand maybe you know she got mad maybeshe's giving you all the signals and andthen Cuts you off I mean there could beall kinds of different things going onhere right I mean chicks right you knowchicksyou know as we're going through theinterview there's I'm watching him I'mum I guess in a way a human lie detectorI'mum I'm reading him and I'm throwingthings at him in which I know the answerand I'm looking for his responseswhether they're false uh or trueunder the pretense of helping Bryantremember what happened Holland suggestedthey do a memory exercise what we'regoing to do is these mind exerciseswhich means we're going to move back intimeBryant who first claimed he didn't knowwho Jackie was then seemed to rememberher he said he could see her coming intothe barI think she was looking for a joband offering her a ridehomethere's tons of things in this that Ican tell you right over a pizza asHolland tried to steer Brian to confessprobed about a possible motive but whatdoes everyone want to knowHolland eventually cut to the Chase andasked if what happened with Jackie wasreally all about Caitlynis there a time that you pictured her asthis girlfriend that did you wrong ordid anything like that come into playthe level of nonsense that came out ofhis mouth at different points about thatwas justastonishing do you think Charles Bryantlooks around the bar and sees JacquelineVandegrift ah she looks like Caitlyn itwouldn't surprise me if you actuallymistook her at firstyou know that saw her from behind andthought man you know my ex is here Ithink in his mind that whole night Ithink that's what he picturedafter the murderright after the murder he took Jackie'sphone and used it to add me on Facebook[Music]when Texas Ranger Jim Holland wasbrought in to interrogate Charles Bryantthe nature of the crime made him wonderif Brian's brain was wired like theserial killers he'd encounteredin what way is the mind of a serialkiller different fromcommon criminal you know generallypeople like that tend to be sociopathicor Psychopathic mindsets and it's just adifferent game psychopath would besomeone who's basically born with a scaron their brain then a sociopathicmindset is something that Society hasbrought on something happened to themthat changed their psyche somethingmaybe had happened in his childhoodChristy Dixon got a glimpse of CharlesBryant's psyche firsthand she met him ona dating app the year before Jackievandegrift's death he seemed prettyquiet and reserved almost like he wasshy by the second or third time that wewere hanging out I noticed he wasgetting pretty attached pretty quicklyand I just was not there it was verycasual to meafter she broke things off he continuedto pursue her Bryant even told her thathe loved her Christy says they'd nevereven shared a kiss it was a little toomuch too soon too fast I work withabused children andthat to me kind of stuck out Christiesays that's when she asked Brian abouthis childhood he told her he had beenmolested a claim that 48 Hours could notindependently verify I remember thinkingthat makes sense I'm not a psychologistor anything but his behavior sort ofcame off to me asmaybe an abused child or someone who isjust needing that extra love that mostpeople probably aren't seekingstill Christy thought he was harmlessand stayed in touchI thought he was just a really nice guyand felt sorry for him I'm not an angryguy I'm not aggressive as Ranger Hollandcontinued his interrogation he wanted tosee if Bryant would answer the keyquestion how did Jackie Vandegrift dieher autopsy didn't provide many answersthere's a lot we didn't know we didn'tknow where it occurred we didn't knowexactly how it broke down and so that'swhat my goal was Holland wondered if thecrime had a sexual element but initiallyBryant denied anything sexual took place[Music]you don't no normally I recall havingsex after three more hours ofinterrogation Brian said they did havesex kinky sexaccording to Bryant Jackie wanted to bechoked with an oversized zip tie thatjust happened to be in his carshe didn't fight you in any way when youput it onthe consensual sex aspect of it was wasone of those things that no I feltstrongly that he was lying aboutand Bryant also claimed that neither henor Jackie had tightened the zip tieintentionallyokay so you think he's tightened up onits own basically not some Shadow Icould have a snag on something or okaythen what happenedyou know she's not responsive shakerare you just thinking this is a completeand total lie yeah it's totalfabrication Diddy killer yes absolutelywhen you deal with these peopleit's it's so rare that you would sitdown with them and they would just tellyou A to Z this is what occurred andthey're always going to leave out thingsthat make them look really bad in otherwords there's an excuse I'm not a badperson I didn't mean for this to happenit was an accidentalthough Bryant was evasive about howJackie died as Holland led him throughthe memory exercise Bryant went intogruesome detail about how he disposed ofher bodyokay what do you see in the poolwith the originalsall right now tell me exactly what yousee occurring after thatI'm gonna go down that trueand what happens nextlet's put it on firethe firewhy do you burn the bodyeven if he couldn't admit to murderBryant seemed to waver between denialand acceptance at one point concedingthat the evidence showed he had to havedone itI can't fight it it's obviouslyafter an intense six-hour interrogationand with mounting evidence CharlesBryant was finally charged with Jackievandegrift's murderChristy Dixon could not believe the newsthat night I actually was scared to goto sleep I had nightmares he had neverthreatened me before but just the factthatsomeone that I felt that I knew hadmurdered someone potentially I wasterrifiedfor Caitlyn Mathis her worst fears wereconfirmed and when she tried to learnmore about the woman Bryant killed shemade a shocking discovery on Facebook Ilooked up Jackie Vandergriff and Irealizedoh my God I'm already friends with herCaitlyn says that digital friendshipbegan after Jackie's death you got afriend request from Jackie VandegriftyesCaitlyn believes that Facebook friendrequest could only have come from onepersonCharles Bryant that reallysounds diabolicalit wasBrian pleaded not guilty to Jackie'smurder his defense was the same story hetold Ranger Holland these two youngpeople metthey consumed a lot of alcohol ourposition is they had sex kinky sexalbeit and she died Brian's courtappointed defense attorney glennisMcGinty says Jackie vandegrift's deathwas a tragic accident are you telling methere's no evidence that Charles Bryantkilled Jackie Vandegrift not directevidenceprosecutors Lucas Allen and AnnaHernandez believed the evidence they didhave would be enoughthey also knew that most jurors want tomotivethey weren't sure they'd be able to tellthis jury why they thought Jackie wastargeted you have to wonder what isdriving this person to do something likethat in your minds there is no doubtthat the murder of Jackie Vandergriff isconnected to the stalking of CaitlynMathisyes I think we believe that definitelyshe might have just been victim numberone with Caitlyn being victim number twoto help prove this the prosecution washoping the judge would allow Caitlyn totestify against her ex-boyfriend turnedstalker in open courtI felt sick[Music]what do you think the most telling partof Charles Bryant's interviewtake a look at the evidence in the caseagainst Bryant on Facebook at 48 hours[Music]Jackie was the most special person[Music]I know I'll never meet someone like heragainin April 2018 a year and a half afterJackie vandegrift's untimely deathCharles Bryant was standing trial forher murderher friend Jackie Tan could not bringherself to be there I wanted to gobut I'm going to be honestI couldn't look at himCharles Bryant would have to answer fora long list of items the prosecution hadcollected including that giant zip tiethe shovel he purchased the night Jackiedied and that large knife which policebelieve he used to cut up her body allfound at his housethis is something that you pray everynight does not happen to your child whenthey go off to school investigators hadalso found a stun gun in his car withJackie's DNA on it but it appears Jackiewas spared at least one harm prosecutorsAnna Hernandez and Lucas Allen said themedical examiner was able to run testson Jackie's remains and found noevidence of sexual assaultthere was Zero evidence to support thatthey had any type of sexual encounterprosecutors say this undermines Brian'sstory that this was kinky sex gone wronghis attorney glennis McGinty how couldthey have had sex if there's no evidenceno evidence to the degree of no spermfound in her that doesn't mean theydidn't have some type of consensualsexual uh encounter she likes itprosecutors chose not to play thatinterrogation tape for the jury whichmeant Bryant would have to take thestand if he wanted jurors to hear hisversion of events he elected not toshouldn't he be explaining to the jurywhy he's not at fault for her death andthen that flies in the face of ourconstitutional rightsbut the defense knows it has an uphillbattleto convince a jury that Brian is notguilty of murder while admitting hedisposed of Jackie's body if he says itwas just an accidentwhy didn't he call for help sure fairquestion intoxicatedpanicked and his mind would not processall of that to make a rational decisionthat you or I would have made call thepolicebut Bryant went further than simplydiscarding Jackie's body much muchfurther and prosecutors wanted the juryto hear their Theory a huge piece ofthat storywas the stalkingbut before the jury could hear fromCaitlyn the judge would have to rule onwhether or not to allow this evidencehow is he his boyfriend local TV cameraswere there when without the jury presentCaitlyn took the stand and faced her exI was disgusted just to see his face didhe look at you did you meet eyes at onepoint we had to when they made medescribed to the court what he waswearingand he just had this smirk on his facethere's nothing really that can prepareyou for that is there nothe second I walked out those doors Istarted bawlingin the end the judge ruled againstCaitlyn being able to tell her story tothe juryit was definitely a real blow to us thatwas the right decision why she had notbeen convicted of anything with Caitlynas the jury went out to deliberate thedefense was hopeful I don't believe thatthey could prove that he murdered herI don't think that they prove that butwould the jury agree they were out for alittle over two hours and even withouthearing Caitlyn's Story We the jury findthe defendant Charleston Bryant Jrguilty of the offense of murder CharlesBryant was found guilty of Jackievandegrift's murder and dismemberment toyour way of thinkingwas Justice Done yesI knew she was up there and said thankyoubecause prosecutors had no evidenceBryant committed another crime at thesame time as Jackie's murder like Raperkidnapping he was not eligible for thedeath penalty he was sentenced to lifeas terrible as this is to say but Iwanted the death penaltyunder Texas law Bryant could be eligiblefor parole after 30 yearsCaitlyn says she feels like she's stilllooking over her shoulder and alwayswill be I fear that when he gets outhe'll come and find meand do something to either me or someonethat I lovethat's my biggest fear[Music]ever since this happened Caitlyn and hermother have been thinking about Jackieand her familythis whole time I wanted to reach outbut I didn't know how they felt nearlytwo years after Jackie diedthey finally mether grandmother bless her heart sheimmediately came up to us and to Caitlynand hugged her and said I've been soworried about you these past two yearswow[Music]Karen why is this the part that gets youhe took away their little girlin the pain I saw in their eyesI could feel their painand yet the grandmother was tellingCaitlin she was worried about Caitlynyes you sound like very special peoplethey are[Music]saying she struggledhe survivedand Jackie did not[Music]this so easily could have been youand some days I wish it wasit's just the guilt that eats me upsometimesI would have easily had taken her placeif I had the chance[Music]Jackie vandegrift's family has endowedan internship in health and wellness atTexas Women's University in her namea young mother murdered there was onlyone suspect in this case who else wouldwant this sweet young lady murdereddecades later the prime suspect arrestedbut a witness changes everything I keptthe secret for 30 years 48 hoursSaturday at 10 9 Central on CBSforeign