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How to Write a Book with ChatGPT and Grow a Business up to $100 Million

Daniel Steele: The Artificial Intelligence Expert Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing

  • Daniel Steele is an entrepreneur and expert in artificial intelligence
  • He has written a book about chat GPT which explores how this technology will affect our lives
  • Daniel was also able to take a company called Silly Bands from zero to 100 million dollars in sales just using social media
  • He used personal accounts to invite 500,000 people to the product page on Facebook, and was the first company not publicly traded to get a million followers on Facebook
  • Daniel later co-founded Influential, which uses AI archetypes and natural language processing to match brands with influencers and create more engaging ads.

Chat GPT: AI Accessibility Enables Startups, Understanding Financing and Right Investors Key to Avoid Mistakes

  • AI is becoming increasingly accessible and available to startups with relatively low startup costs
  • Founders should do research, understand their stage of financing, and talk to the right investors in order to avoid common mistakes
  • Chat GPT is a large language model that uses data to learn how a computer processes words
  • Daniel came up with the idea of writing a book on chat GPT six months after its release, as it took some time to build requests and commands in order to obtain enough material for each 2000 word chapter.

Navigating the Uncertain Business Climate: How Small Businesses Can Thrive in 2020

  • Small businesses can use outside software and technology to run their businesses with ease
  • AI is being increasingly utilized to create opportunities for entrepreneurs, including creating a book through chat GPT
  • Challenges faced by entrepreneurs today are macroeconomic conditions such as the war with China and banks like Silicon Valley Bank collapsing
  • Raising money is more difficult due to higher interest rates and lower valuations
  • Short-term trends suggest small businesses should focus on product/market fit instead of metrics and burning money
  • Technology has created an environment where influencers are not necessary, but rather automated software.

How AI and Influencer Marketing are Shifting Small Businesses

  • AI is becoming increasingly accessible to smaller businesses, cutting out the need for human labor and enabling them to compete with larger budgets
  • Attention and intention are now the new currency of influencer marketing, where having access to a smartphone can make one wealthy
  • The future of influence marketing looks like building a loyal audience in order to increase purchase intent, rather than focusing on gaining millions of followers
  • Daniel offers a signed copy of his book if one reviews it after buying the Kindle version.

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did you do that you took this companyfrom zero to 100 million dollars insales just using social mediacan you explain like step by step whatare the user need to do with child GPTyou get the whole book readour GPT suggesting to us to connectresilience yes okayare you ready for an exciting episodetoday we are diving into the world ofcharge GPT a cool new computer programthat can answer any question since itsrelease to the public since months ago25 million people use Char GPT daily andjoining us to discuss this Innovativetechnology highly accomplishedentrepreneur and expert in artificialintelligence he has written a bookcalled a iron hinged and the book onchat GPT his book explores how thisexciting technology will affect ourlives in the future besides that Danielhas impressive track record of takingsilly bands from zero to 100 milliondollars in sales using only social mediaso what can you expect from this episodewell if you're curious about effectivelyLeverage social media to grow yourbusiness the technology trends that willhelp the most short-term impact or howyou can benefit from using artificialintelligence keep watching because thisepisode is going to be wild right sowithout further Ado let's give a warmwelcome to Our Guest author speaker andbusiness strategist Daniel Steeleforeignthanks for coming on the contributorsChannel yeah thanks for having me onVictor I'm very excited to have thisconversation with you wonderful Danielbefore you started interesting in chatGPT you were helping differentbusinesses with advertisement and socialmedia and what's struck me from yourbiography it's case with silly bands Ieven never heard this company I want youto tell me how enough viewers how youwhat did you do that you took thiscompany from zero to 100 million dollarsin sales just using social media I'dlike to see like details like how it'spossible sure so this was in 2010 when Istarted working with um I I was playingpoker professionally before that and oneof the guys that I met through pokerhe's like I have I have this productit's selling pretty well you know I'mhaving a hard time keeping it in stock Isaid oh you need to make a Facebook pagehe goes oh I don't have time for that Isaid all right I'll make a Facebook pageso at the time um I don't know if youremember the games Farmville and MobWars so those games required you to havea lot of friends so that you could takea lot of turns and their Facebook groupswhere you could go and Max your friendsout if because the most you can have onFacebook is 5 000 friends so you'd go onthere and say hey I want to take a lotof turns at Farmville and they a bunchof people would add you you'd max out at5 000 friends so I made a hundredpersonal accounts and maxed them all outat 5 000 friends doing this so I had mythe person that I you know connectedwith had this product and I went and Iinvited all so I had you know basically500 000 people there was duplicatesbecause you know the similar groups andthat sort of thing but um I invited allall 500 000 people to that page andovernight we had 40 000 followers andthis was when Facebook didn't charge youto reach your audience so every one ofyour posts would show up in the feed ofthe people that followed you so thatquickly Grew From forty thousand to ahundred thousand to a quarter millionand uh we were actually the firstcompany that wasn't publicly traded toget to a million followers on Facebookoh my God yeah how much time I think westarted working on the Facebook andlet's call it like October November andby the next June we were at a millionfollowersdo you think you can do it right now toobecause everything that I've donesuccessfully in business I found youknow something that uh kind of gave mean advantage so like with silly bands Ihad all of those accounts you know wherewith the Farmville friends with uh so inmy when I got into AI was with a companythat I co-founded called influential sowhat influential does is it uh connectsBrands like Coca-Cola Pepsi movies withpeople that have large social mediafollowings and we started the company in2013 when people didn't really know whatan influencer was there weren't verymany influencer marketing companies sowe went in and we were selling to adagencies but we're only selling likefive and ten thousand dollar packages wedid a partnership with a with IBM andWatson and what that did is that helpedus create these archetypes so the thebuyer profile of the person who wouldlikely buy their product and it wouldwe'd be able to run the influencersfollowing against the archetype typesand we had other AI built in there towhere we're matching the brands with thebest possible influencer and the brandswere able to since we were connectedwith IBM they're able to buy throughtheir agencies for fifty hundredthousand two hundred fifty thousand at atime instead of using the smallerbudgets because we're using Ai and we'repartnered with IBM and that sort of soIBM Watson created like you saidarchetype of the influencer right of theaudience so the audio Yeah so who islikely to watch this next Disney movielet's say and then or or buy it I guessbecause the parents make the buyingdecision so let's uh reach and then wedid something really cool with languageand natural language processing we wouldlook at like the way that Disney fansspoke the way that they worded thingsand we would process that and build thatinto the archetype as well so then thead content that went out would be in atone that's organic to the Disneyfollower and the ads were getting moreengagement than normal posts yeahbecause you show this uh to the moreengage people who yeah and in the tonethat they're used to speaking in so itfeels natural and organic to them wowand you did this before even Shia GPTexisted so it was like wow yeah and thatI guess that's a good segue into why I'mso excited about chat GPT so when we didinfluential our our uh CTO Peter Builtjust a great team but you know likeweekly Sprints guys that would stay tillmidnight one two in the morning likepushed them hard got it built in theyear and it costed us about 10 milliondollars to build we had to raise a 10million dollar financing round now withchair gbt you might not be able to buildexactly what we built with it centralbut you can use AI to impact so manyparts of your life and it's there's ait's accessible now you don't need 10million dollars for your startup tobuild you know something that runs ontop of open AI or all these other AISthat are launching right now yeah thisis amazing time I I absolutely agree soit's on the yeah I know that you're theadvisor for startups right you in Vegasrunning like an incubator something likethat right yes so what common mistakesdo you see from your experience Foundersmake and how can they avoid them so whatare the most common mistakes I would saythe most common mistake that I seeFounders make is they make assumptionswithout doing research and they didn'tso they come in and they walk in andlike they end up not looking like theyknow what they're talking about insituations for instance a lot of timesyou'll ask a Founder well are youpre-seed are you seed investment youseries a they're like oh we can be anyone of those although I mean you can'tyou're either a pre-seed seed andinvestors only invest in you knowcertain verticals like that so likedoing a lot of research andunderstanding you know exactly whereyou're at because you'll waste a lot oftime talking to the wrong investors ifyou're pitching so when we didinfluential there wasn't as muchinformation out there uh precede reallywasn't a thing there was just Angelrounds and then Siri seed was justbecoming a thing so we spent nine monthsknocking on doors and talking to peopleand we were talking to the wrong typesof investors but people were too politeto tell us and then one day about ninemonths in the fundraising we hadn'traised a dollar yet we go to SiliconValley on Sand Hill Road we walk intothis intimidating office they had everylogo from every company Facebook Twittera square everybody you know they hadFinance we sit in this conference roomthis guy goes in he goes I have no ideawhy you're in my office I only write 50million dollar checks but you are sopersistent at contacting me over thelast nine months I just had to see whowas this you know persistent but youneed to figure out what stage offinancing you're in and talk to thoseinvestors because you're just wastingyour time and spending your wheels hereand from there we were able to you knowunderstand that we were a seed companyand we need to talk to seed investorsand then somebody gave us a shot andthey put us in with one of their youknow when their Partners helped usrecreate Our Deck and build a data roomand all the things that you're supposedto do so really doing the research onwhat BCS expect for your stage will helpa lot because if you get a yes from a VCyou still have to do due diligence whichmeans you probably need a financialmodel you need to make sure that youhave the minutes from your boardmeetings you need to have every employeecontract having all of that prepared andunderstanding where you're at is reallyimportant wow that's if yeah I'm surethere's not many startupers understandthat they think they will just comepitch and they will get money yeah thosewere the crypto daysit doesn't work this way I went throughthis 10 years ago it's so hard yeahmisunderstanding and delusion rightthanks so much so Daniel can you explainin a layman's term how chargpt works sochat GPT is a large language model andwhat that means is an artificialintelligence that's trained with datathe data that it's trained with islanguages so uh words starting out theygave it probably most of the internet tostart processing words and then theybuilt an interface where humansinteracted with it and said you know youwould give it a request it would giveyou an output and then the human wouldtrain it and say this is right this iswrong you'll work on that so it takesthese large amounts of data a largeamount of words and learns how to use itlike a computer uses it you know sortgives you it does a ton of things I'mnot gonna dig in exactly everything thatit does now so when they did that theyhad to use a lot of human resources andthen when they release it to the publicnow they have like you said 25 milliondaily users typing and interacting withit so it's learning even faster than uhwith you know just when it was behind aclosed garden with open AI oh so when weuse chat GPT it's actually with eachinteraction it's a learning yes yeahit's a self-learning technology so forinstance I had it write some emails forme and some of the things that it didwere incorrect so in this newer versionI was like hey don't do that anymore andthen the rest of the emails I didn'thave to go back and change the promptsor anything just the rest of the emailsit would uh it would fix that for me soyou just said like don't do itoh no I'm very nice to it sowow so smart so Daniel how did you comeup with the idea to write the book onShad GPT just six months it was therelease so you already get like I knowlike there's three books right yeah so Iwas riding with my wife and I saidwouldn't it be funny if I could havechat write a book about chat GPT and shegoes actually that'd be really funny soI sat down to do it the problem is I'mnot a technical person so I don't usethe apis I use the interface thateverybody else or all the regular peopleI call myself a regular person here usesor you just type in requests and itgives you responses the problem withthat is you can get maybe 600 words outof a response if you're but that's youknow that's pretty lucky and then if youreceive multiple responses it'll startrepeating informations and things likethat so it took me about a week to beable to build a set of props andcommands to where I could get enough fora 2000 word chapter oh yeah and thenonce I did it was you know I was able todo it pretty fast so did the book onchatgbt4 came out so I'm like well we got todo another one and so we use chat gpt4and did another one on chat gpt4 andthen a couple weeks ago I was sittingaround and I was like what am I going todo next because it's been fun I'mgetting booked on podcasts like yoursthis was all just a joke with you knowsitting with my wife and I was like wellwhat's kind of scary here because ElonMusk had released a letter with like1100 or 1200 people that were concernedabout you know what's the future of AIwhat an impact on the world and that weneeded to take a pause so I asked ChadGPT I said well what are some thingsthat are technically possible with AIthat would freak out normal people thatthey just seem far-fetched but um notreal so that that's when we came up withthe sections for the new book which isAI on hinge starts off a little slowjust the sentient City so the connectedall using AI that augmented Humanityexploring the function of AI within thehuman body uh brains as computerinterfaces stuff like that and it startsgetting a little scary chapters three isAI is alien diplomats so Chachi PTbelieves that if we were to encounteraliens it would be able to find a way tocommunicate with them and it even goeson to suggest ways to try to outreachand connect with aliens prior to themconnecting with us and it believes thatit can do it uh GPT suggesting to us tocomment resilience yes to reach out tothe aliens and that we could use chatGPT to talk to themYeah question for you so for examplesome of our users our viewers would liketo write another book with child GPT canyou explain like step by step what theuser need to do with child GPT likewhere to start what the first thing todo then the second because there's likewe need to figure out what kind ofchapters then you need to figure outother things can you just briefly giveso what did you do like step by step onetwo three four so you get the whole bookreader sure so first thing I did wasasked it you know if you're going towrite a book about let's say thecontributors what uh what would 10 or 12or 15 chapters be and then it would layout the chapters and then from there Iwould have it break each chapter intofive to ten parts so chapter one theintroduction break that into seven Partsabout introducing the contributors tothe world and then I would then in eachone I'd be like okay I would type out mythoughts on that part and then I woulduse chat CPT to edit it so it's givingme motivation for the content that I'mwriting I write content and it wouldedit it you know some of it I just letit auto do the content and then I I havea fourth book which when does thispodcast come out in a couple of weeks ina couple of weeks so this will be out Ipartnered with a 2 million followerInstagram account called the positiveMinds I've been friends with them for 10years or so but uh so he had written out365 daily mantras so like positiveuplifting things and then I went andwrote a lesson for each of those mantrasand put you know and then use chat gbtto do the editing and put it alltogether so now we have a fairly sizablebook where people can you know read apositive affirmation every day and thenget a lesson along with that whoa sothat uh it's in review at Amazon rightnow but that'll come out about the timethat this podcast wow and then once youget a book you just upload to Amazon andthey do review and they just publish itright yeah yeah so Amazon gives youtemplates that's I spent a way sorry Igot a little off track there for youroriginal question but um Amazon givesyou templates uh so my books are righthere uh the book on chat gpt4 this is asix by nine uh matte finish a hard coverso the Amazon the Kindle publishing theygive you a template where you just copyand paste your words in uh the morecomplicated you get with differentsections more images things like thatthe harder it is so like for the DailyAffirmations book I actually hadsomebody go and format it for me thatcost me about 250 but all the otherbooks I was able to do on my own wow soit's not that complicated for anybodyjust to publish their own book yeah somespare income one yeah it's an amazingtime to be alivethis is just amazing so what do you seeas the biggest challenges facingentrepreneurs today and how can theyovercome them um the biggest failchallenges facing entrepreneurs today isunfortunately the macro economicconditions like um you know the wars youknow what's going on with China thingsand then the banks Silicon Valley Bankcollapsing it makes the money it makesit harder to raise money than it was acouple years ago so valuations are lowermoney isn't flying in the way it was acouple years ago and as long as theEnterprise interest rate stays High tofight inflation you know it's not goingto be so easy to raise money but this isa just a great time to put your nosedown and build because things aren'teasy I think when money was easy to getyou didn't have to worry so much aboutproduct Market fit you just had to worryabout you know metrics and VCS like andnow you know we're looking at you knowseed stage companies that need to find away to get the profitable not just burnburn money so I I see the near future ischallenging but I think it's worthwhileand the best companies you know some ofthe best companies that we've seen inour lifetime are being built right nowthat's true yeah it's much harder toraise money right now during therecession and all these interest ratehikes will you just mentioned aboutdifferent Technologies right and we livein such a great time right now where youcan use chat GPT and avoid paying 10million dollars to achieve what youachieved with influencer 10 years ago sowhat technology Trends do you think aregoing to have the most short-term impacton how do you think they will impactbusinesses and individuals in the comingyears so for small businesses this is areally exciting time you know Ium just as an exercise I went andbasically did a whole business on my ownwithout using anything but outsidesoftwares I didn't launch it I justwanted to see if I could do it soeverything down to the art I had my wifemake the art and the brand identity forit but I was able to get a website up Iwas able to get SEO copy in there I wasable to get social media everything Iwas able to do everything I needed for acompany in like a couple of days and youknow so you're a smaller place there'speople with big budgets where youcompete with a search engineoptimization now you can read a fewarticles understand what is importantfor search engine and optimization usechat GPT to help you write the copy usePick 3 to do a video on the post and usedolly for an infographic or another'sany other site for an infographic andyou have a high quality blog post thatand you're competing with the companiesthat are spending tens of thousands ofdollars on SEO so all of those thingsthat were kind of behind that were tooexpensive for a small business there'sAI coming out so you're cutting out thehuman labor and you're able to competewith these large companies okay so theAI right so what what other technologydo you think might be effective for thebusinesses anything else so I think AIis going to drive most all of theTechnologies you know so you evenservices that you currently use areprobably looking at uh chat GPTintegration or Focus you know and thenso for the worker I think that there'stwo types of people that I've heard youknow talking about how it's impactingwork one is the oh my gosh my job isbeing replaced by AI what was me I don'tknow what to do with my life and thenthe other is the person that sees it asan opportunity to be more effective soyou're able to do the work three or fourdays worth of work in a day because youhave these tools and those are thepeople that are rising up they're goingto do really well inside theircorporations whilst the people that aresitting there feeling sorry forthemselves about oh I'm not I don't notcreative anymore because AI does it forme stuff like that those types of peoplejust won't last very long in this newenvironment and it all changed with thelaunch enchant GPT for sure I see rightyep as we all know right now tick tocksit's launched from Google and Facebookeverybody right now voicing allinfluence answers right now creatingthose channels on Tick Tock even I triedlike nine months ago I already have like17 000 followers compared to 3500 ontheir own YouTube it's so much easier togrow audience yeah and what I learnedright now so this attention which peopleget in on social media influencers rightthis is the new currency pretty much sothe more influencer you are the moremoney you can make the more in demandfor different businesses so people justwith access to their smartphone canright now become very wealthyentrepreneurs just selling through theirchannels different type of Affiliatesand programs and products so what do youthink what does the future of influencemarketing look like to you as a owner ofthis influencer company and been in thisbusiness for so long so just to be clearI left the team in 2017. Ium I still well versed in the influencerspace I'm starting to see a trend whereso Tick Tock when you as soon as youopen it you're on the for you page andyou're viewing a curated feed that thealgorithm feeds you you're notnecessarily seeing the people that youfollow so the people who get lots ofattention can gain a lot of followersbut they might not be that meaningfulbecause they're only getting a followerbecause they they saw their video onceso which we took up we talk about itwhen my friends and I talk about it inour circles is attention and intentionso somebody might be really great atdoing Tick Tock dances or playing oneinstrument or that sort of thing butthey might not drive peer purchasingattention so you with 3 000 followers orwhatever you said you had on otherplatforms those three thousand followersmight be worth a lot more than a millionTick Tock followers we did merch withsomebody who had eight million Tick Tockfollowers and but they were justattention attention attention and we youknow the whole cost to get the projectup and going was over twenty thousanddollars getting it set up getting itperfect and then only sold eight shirtswith 8 million followers and they get 2million views of video so it's not likethey don't get views in their fakefollowers but they they're gettingattention and they don't drive anypurchase intent at all oh I see so withwhat you're doing here you're building aloyal audience people that listen to youand you can drive purchase intents so 3000 followers on YouTube is probablyworth or wherever it's probably worthway more than 17 000 followers on TickTock makes sense right okay so thank youso much for coming on the contributorshow and share your insights with ourviewers and I hope that viewers todaylearned something new and dear viewersif you want to buy a book Amazon versiona Kindle version of the book Ai andhitch and chat GPT will be indescription and Daniel has a offer foryou guys if you would like to buy a bookDaniel please can you share your offersure if you buy the AI on Hench or thebook on chat CPT on Kindle and then youmessage me a screenshot of the reviewthat you left I'll send you a signedcopy for free you don't pay shipping andhandling or anything like that so youjust buy the Kindle version take ascreenshot of a positive review send itto me on LinkedIn which by LinkedIn willbe in the show notes and I will send youa signed copy of any of the three booksawesome awesome thank you so much Danielno problem thanks for having me dearviewers if you like this video pleaselike and share subscribe and hit theBell below to be notified about newvideos thanks for watching stay healthystay wealthy stay tuned[Music]