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ChatGPT Tutorial for Developers – 38 Ways to 10x Your Productivity

Exploring the Possibilities of Chat GPT: An Open AI Language Model for Code Generation and Job Interviews

  • Chat GPT is an advanced language model created by Open AI that can understand and generate text
  • It can be used to create content, generate code in different programming languages, and explain code
  • It can also help users learn and remember things faster, prepare them for job interviews, improve their resumes, write cover letters and interview them like an interviewer
  • Chat GPT has limitations as the generated code is not guaranteed to be right.

AI Tool Promises Increased Productivity, Time Savings

  • Chat GPT can be used to generate git commands, create business related names and contracts, write resumes, cover letters and interview questions, answer computer science questions, write code pieces in different languages and suggest ways to improve code
  • It is an AI tool designed to increase productivity and save time.

Revolutionizing Software Development: Exploring the Capabilities of Chat GPT

  • Chat GPT is a new technology that can help developers generate code, HTML markup and CSS
  • It can also create dummy data and suggest solutions to compile and runtime errors
  • It can write code using Tailwind CSS and make it interactive with JavaScript
  • It can also build APIs using Node.js, Express.js, Python and Fast API with support for NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Finally it can use Typescript to improve the quality of code written in JavaScript.

Chat GPT: Unlocking SQL Complexity with Natural Language

  • Chat GPT is a tool that allows users to generate SQL tables and queries through natural language
  • It is able to understand commands with varying complexity, such as specifying a certain table schema or joining two tables together
  • Users may also specify the type of data associated with each column of a given table
  • Through its use, it can help users create more complex queries by joining tables and sorting results.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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[Music]in this tutorial you're going to learnall about what chat GPT is how it worksand most importantly how you can use itto boost your productivity as a softwaredeveloper as a seasoned developer andteacher let me tell you chat GPT is agame changer you don't want to miss outon don't take my word for it just watchthis video and see for yourself[Music]my name is mosh hamadani and I'm superexcited to be bringing you this tutorialon chat GPT I've helped millions ofpeople learn to code and becomeprofessional software Engineers throughthis Channel and my online if you are new heremake sure to subscribe so you never missa videoso what exactly is chat GPT and how doesit work chat jpt is a Cutting Edge AItool created by open AI it was releasedin November 2022 and gained 1 millionusers in just 5 days in comparison ittook Netflix three and a half years andInstagram two and a half months to getthe same number of users chat gbt is anadvanced language model that canunderstand and generate text you can useit to create content for your websitewrite articles emails tweets coverletters and so on you can also use it togenerate code in a number of differentprogramming languages like pythonJavaScript HTML CSS and much much moreyou can use it to generate dummy datawrite unit tests translate text or codefrom one language to another you can useit to explain code for example if thereis a piece of code you don't understandyou can ask it and it will explain toyou like a patient teacher but I have tobe honest sometimes it explains too muchchat GPT can also help you learn andremember things faster for example youcan give it some text and have it askyou a bunch of questions it can alsoprepare you for job interviews you canhave it improve your resume write acover letter for you and also interviewyou like an interviewer now do you thinkchat GPT is going to take your job letme know in the comments below thereality is whether you like it or notchat GPT is here to stay in thistutorial I'm going to show you how touse it to get more creative and getthings done a lot faster I'll be showingyou various examples for differentprogramming languages both for beginnersand experienced developers but before wedive into that let's take a moment andunderstand how chat gbt works chat GPTuses a type of artificial intelligencecalled a language model a language modelis a type of software that is designedto understand and generate humanlanguage it does this by looking at alarge amount of Text data and learningthe patterns and rules of a language forexample if the language model is trainedon a lot of English texts it will learnabout the grammar and structure ofEnglish as well as the meanings of wordsand how they are used in differentcontexts once the language model haslearned about a language it can then beused to generate text in that languagenow chat GPT provides different languagemodels for different purposes gpt3models which are designed to understandand generate natural language likeEnglish and codecs which arespecifically trained to understand andgenerate code these models are trainedon billions of lines of code publiclyavailable on GitHub they're mostlycapable in Python but they're alsopretty good in a bunch of otherlanguages like HTML CSS says JavaScripttypescript Ruby SQL and more now beforewe look at specific examples remembershot GPT like any tool has limitationsit might sometimes generate incorrectharmful or biased information so don'ttake whatever it tells you as a silverbullet don't use it to learn to codebecause the code that is generated isnot guaranteed to be right it might befunctional but it might not be the bestway to code so in a nutshell chatgpt isa powerful tool that can help you bemore creative and efficient but it's nota substitute for human expertise andjudgment so that's the theory part nowlet's move on and see chat GPT in actionso head over if you don't have anaccount sign up it takes only a minuteonce you have logged in you're going tosee the main screen with an input box totalk to chat GPT there is also a Chromeextension and a desktop applicationavailable if you don't want to use theweb interface I'll put the links downbelow this video alright now let's getto the fun part going forward I'll beshowing you various use cases fordifferent programming languages we'llstart off with some general purposequestions that apply to anyoneregardless of the programming languagesand tools they use you will see how youcan use chat GPT to learn new thingswrite shell scripts get commands start abusiness write legal documents and so ononce we cover the basics then we'll diveinto specific examples for front-endback-end and database development I willshow you examples using HTML CSSJavaScript typescript python SQL andmorenow here's my first question what arethe top three books for learning Javaall right as you can see chat GPT hasgiven us a very comprehensive anddetailed answer now here we can ask moredetailed questions for example we canask questions about the first book so wecan ask what are the key takeaways fromhead first Javaall right another comprehensive answeryou can see that this book teaches youabout object-oriented programming Javafundamentals threading and concurrencyGUI programming and so on now we canalso ask more general questions like howdo I become a front-end developerso now chat GPT is saying that to becomea front-end developer you need to knowthe basics of HTML CSS and JavaScriptyou should practice building websitesthen you should learn a front-endframework like react angular View and soon you should also know about VersionControl Systems like git GitHub and Swapthis is pretty much the same answer youwill find on every website that givesyou a roadmap to become a front-enddevelopernow let's look at more specific exampleswe can ask chatgpt to write a shellcommand for us for example we can saywrite a bash command to find the name ofall JPEG files in the directory andwrite them all to a text filetake a lookI love this answer so if you're not goodwith Linux commands you can easily findthe final instruction you should use tosolve that problem but what is beautifulabout chatgpt is that it also explainshow this command Works line by linepiece by piece we can also have chat GPTred git commands for us for example wecan ask how do I knowhow many lines of codeI've committed to a git Repositorywe can also use chat GPT to get creativefor example let's say you want to starta business you can have chat GPTgenerate app or website names for youfor example we can say I want to make arevolutionary online shopping app giveme some good app namesso chatgpt is suggesting names like shopis Swift cart streamline and so on Ithink this list is pretty damn good nowthese are just some example prompt youdon't need to use the exact same wordingto talk to chat GPT you can ask anyquestions you want in your own way nowif you have used this tool before let usknow in the comments below theinteresting questions you have asked sowe can all learn and Inspire each otherwe can also ask chat GPT to writecontracts for us here's an example Iwant to hire a graphic designer todesign a websitewe have agreedthat they will deliver the first draftin two weeks and offer three iterationsfree of chargeany iteration after will be chargedat fifty dollars an hour write acontract for us so the more details wegive to chat GPT the better responsewe'll getall right take a lookthis is a pretty damn good contract tostart with of course you don't want totake this as is and use it in the realworld without first passing it by a reallawyer that's why earlier I told youthat chat CPT is not a replacement forhumans at least none at the moment it'sjust a way to increase your productivityand get things done in less timenow if you're applying for a job thereare a number of ways chat GPT can helpyou for example you can have it write aresume for you hear me can say I havethree years of experience coding in HTMLCSS and JavaScriptwrite a resume for me of course we cangive it more details we can explain oureducation level our past projects and soon but look at what we get with thissimple promptall right take a lookso chat GPT created a basic layoutthat includes our name address phonenumber email some objective summarytechnical skills and it has alreadylisted all the related web Technologiesso we have HTML CSS JavaScript jQuerybootstrap we didn't mention any of thisbut it assumed that we have these skillsit also included a section aboutprofessional experience including pastprojects as well as educationcertifications and so on again it's agreat starting point now let's sayyou're applying for a front-enddeveloper role you can ask chatgpt towrite a cover letter for you that youcan email to that company so we can sayapplying for a front and engineer roleat some companywrite a cover letter for meall right take a lookwe have a comprehensive cover letterbeautifully written in perfect Englishhow good is that now let me show youanother fun one you can have chat GPTask you interview questions we can sayact as a technical interviewer and askme five questions about JavaScripttake a lookall right so here we have five questionsthat are often asked in technicalinterviews now let's say you don't knowthe answer to the first question you canask a follow-up question so the beautyof chat GPT is that it rememberseverything you have told it in thisconversation thread so here we can saywhat is the answer to the first questionagain we get a very comprehensivedetailed answer you can also ask chatGPT to help you write emails for examplewe can say write an email to my bossasking for a raiseI've worked at this companyfor two years and successfullydelivered several projectson timeseriously if I wanted to write thismyself it would take me 10 to 15 minutesif not longer I got the answer in justtwo secondsall right now let's look at a fewexamples involving code we'll start withusing python for writing a command linetool we can say write a python functionfor generating a random passwordso as you can see we get a piece of codebeautifully highlighted with explanationof how it works now if there's a part ofthis code that you don't understand youcan always ask follow-up questions forexample we can ask what this expressiondoes in this code so we can ask whatdoes4 in I range of length 2 in this codetake a lookreally really useful couldn't be betternow we can also ask computer sciencequestions like what is the timecomplexity of this functionnow if you're not familiar with thisconcept time complexity is a way toexplain how large inputs impact theperformance of an algorithm it's reallybeyond the scope of this tutorial I'vecovered it in detail in my datastructures course in case you'reinterested so let's see what we getso chat GPT is saying that thisfunction's time complexity is linear nowlet's take this to the next level we canask chatgpt to write unit tests for thisfunction so write unit tests for thisfunctionseriously how good is this if I wantedto write all this unit tests by hand itwould take me probably 20 to 30 minutesif not longer of course we should alwaysuse our own judgment to make sure thatthe tests are correct but I think thiscode is a great starting point and itreally saves us a lot of timewe can also ask chat GPT for ideas toimprove our code for example here we have this piece ofpython code where we use a for Loop toiterate over a list of fruits if thefruit has a in it then we add it to anew list I'm going to copy this code andgive it to chat GPT to see how we canimprove this code so take a lookhow can I improve this code now here weshould hold shift and then press enterso we go to the next line now we pasteour code and then press enter to submitthe questionall right look a lot of detailsabsolutely amazing one thing I love hereis that chat apt is suggesting to use alist comprehension which is a one-linerfor implementing the same logic ofcourse there are more ways to improvethis code we are not going to get intodetails herewe can also ask chat jpt to convert ourcode from one language to another forexample we can say convert this pythoncode to JavaScriptforeignjust a few seconds our code wasconverted to JavaScript and down belowwe have all the details about how thiscode workswe can also use chat CPT to generatedummy data for example we can saygenerate dummy data for a table calledcustomers each customer should have anIDfirst name last name and Citynow in this case chat GPT gave us apython script for generating dummy databut what if we want the actual data nota python script we can say I don't needa python script just give me the dataso now we get a list of 10 peoplerepresented using the Json format now wecan take this to the next level and saycreate a python class for storing theseobjectsforeignlook we get an example of a python classcalled customeralong with how we can use this class tostore a bunch of customer objects insidethe list absolutely beautifulnow if you're a front-end developer youcan ask chat jpt to generate some HTMLmarkup for you and this is whereexamples get more and more interestingfor example we can say write the HTMLand CSS code for displaying a cardforeigntake a look we have the markup here wehave a div with the class of card insidethe div we have an image then we havethe card content inside this div we havethe card title and cart descriptionreally really good and right below thatwe have all the CSS we needto display a beautiful card of course weprobably need to customize this butagain this is a great starting point nowwe can stop here or we can customizethis further for example we can say adda button below the card contentforeignlook what happened so now we have a newmarkup right under the card descriptionwe have a new div with the class of cardaction and inside this div we have abutton beautiful now we also have morestyles for this button we have the planeStyles as well as the styles for thehover effect now let's take this to thenext level we can say when I hover mymouse over the cardI want the card to slightly slide upso charge if it is suggesting that weshould use the hover sudo class and thetranslate function Translate Y to slidethe card up beautiful I love it it'salso suggesting an alternative solutionusing box Shadow so it's pretty up tospeed with CSS features now let me showyou something really cool we can askchat GPT to rewrite this code usingTailwind CSS if you're not familiar withTailwind it's a CSS library that hasgained a lot of popularity lately sohere we can say can you rewrite thiscode using Tailwind CSSforeignthere you go now we have the same markupbut with the utilityclasses that comewith Tailwind CSS so we don't have tocreate CSS classes anymore now here wecan get more creative and see what otherUI libraries are supportednext we can bring some JavaScript to themix and make this interactive so we cansay when I click on the buttonsend an HTTP request to slash API slashproductsforeignlet's look at the generated code so chatGPT is suggesting to use the fetch APIthat is supported in pretty much mostmodern browsers but I personally don'tlike to use the fetch API so I'm goingto customize this further and sayinstead of the fetch API use axis whichis a library for sending HTTP requestsnow take a lookall right now we have the instructionsfor installing axios using npm or yarnas well as a modified example using axisbeautifulwe can also ask chat GPT to help us withcompile time or runtime errors here isan example let's say as part of writingsome JavaScript code we got an errorsaying uncut type error cannot readproperty let's say bar of undefinedanyone who has written a little bit ofJavaScript code has probably come acrossthis error so we can copy paste theerror message herenow chat GPT explains exactly what thiserror is and how we can potentiallysolve itso going forward I think a lot of peoplewill start to use chat GPT instead ofGooglenow we can also throw react here andmake the example more interesting so wecan say create a react component fordisplaying a cardall right let's see what's happeninghere so up here we have an example of afunction component for displaying a cardnow I personally don't like to have aparameter called props it would be nicerto destructure this parameter and grabindividual properties like titledescription and so on so if you're notfamiliar with this concept don't worryjust continue watching we're not goingto do a lot of fancy JavaScript stuff inthis video this is just to open youreyes to the possibilities so let's takethis to the next level and say thisstructure the props parameter so thebeautiful thing about chat GPT is thatit remembers our conversations so let'sgo aheadforeignwe have a new implementation of the cardcomponent with the props parameterdestructuredall right now let's move on and look ata few examples involving back-enddevelopment for example we can ask chatjpt to build an API for us with node andexpress so here we can say I need an APIbuilt withexpress.js to return the list ofproductseach product should have attributes likeID title description price and image URLthank youall right look at this implementation inthis implementation we have an area ofproducts stored in memory and we have anAPI endpoint exposed at this URL I don'twant to have an area of products inmemory I want this product to be storedin a mongodb database so here we can saymodify the code and retrieve theproductsfrom a mongodb or a MySQL or a postgreswhatever databasenow we get a new implementation whereproducts are retrieved from a mongodbdatabase using the Mongoose Libraryhere it isnow in this implementation the type ofthese parameters is not clear becausethis code is just plain JavaScript nowwe can improve this implementation anduse typescript so we can say usetypescript in this codenow we have a new implementation of thesame web server implemented usingtypescript now let's say you're a pythondeveloper you don't want to useJavaScript so here we can say generatethis API using Python and fast API whichis another library for building apisusing python soall right now we have a newimplementation but in thisimplementation our products are storedin memory again we can talk to chat GPTand customize this furtherall right now let's look at a fewexamples involving databases this one ispretty interesting so I'm going to saywrite a SQL query to generate a tablecalled products with four columns notethat I'm not specifying the column namesand types here I'm just saying I want aproduct table with four columns see whathappensnow look chat GPT is smart enough toknow that quite often products haveattributes like ID title description andprice if this is not what you want youcan always specify the name and type ofeach column for example we can say writea SQL query to generate a table calledproducts with these columns now here wepress shift and enter so we go to thenext line and on each line we can list acolumn we can say ID of type integertitle of type stringcategory of type integer unit price oftype floatand image URL of type string and youdon't necessarily have to put a type inparenthesis you can type a colon andright after that we can specify the typeso chat GPT doesn't have a particularsyntax you have to follow because it canunderstand human languageall right now in the products table wehave columns like ID title category unitprice and so on we can also use chat GPTto write queries for retrieving orupdating data for example here we cansay write a query to retrievethe top five customers in Manhattan notethat we don't currently have a tablecalled customers so we're just askingchatgpt to write a query to retrieve thetop five customers in Manhattan take alookalright in this example chatgpt hasassumed that we have a table calledcustomers with these columns ID nameaddress and City if our customers tablehas a different schema we need tospecify that ahead of time so we specifythe name and type of each column then weask chat GPT to write a query toretrieve the top five customers now lookat this query in this query we're simplyselecting customers who are located inManhattan so in this query the customersare sorted by their ID in descendingorder and the top five are returned thisis not what we really want what we wantis the top customers who have spent themost so we need to be more specific withour prompt so we need to tell chat CPTto do a join with the orders table tofind out how much each customer hasspent then it should grab the top 5customers who have spent the most so wecan say revise this query and join thecustomers tablewith the orders tableto find out how much each customer hasspent then pick the top five who havespent the most and again here we canspecify the schema of the orders tableas wellso let's go aheadall right look now chat GPT is assumingthat we have two tables customers withthese columns and orders with theseother columns and based on this schemait has revised our query to retrieve thetop five customers who have spent themost so that's it guys there are endlessways to get creative and use chat GPT Ihope you found this video helpful if youenjoyed it please give it a like Andsubscribe for more videos like this alsolet me know in the comment section whatinteresting questions you have askedchat GPT I would love to hear from youso thanks for watching and I will seeyou in the next video