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Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 15

3 Dead, 2 Injured in New Mexico Mass Shooting; FBI Criticized for Seriously Deficient Performance; Virginia Man Attacks Two Staffers with Baseball Bat; Americans Keeping Cars Longer; Sanchez Steps Up Presidential Bid

  • A man with a metal baseball bat attacked two staffers at the office of Virginia Democrat Jerry Connolly, injuring them
  • The Trump-era special counsel released its final report on the FBI’s handling of the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, criticizing its performance as “seriously deficient”
  • Three people died and multiple others were injured, including two police officers, in a mass shooting in New Mexico
  • Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever, potentially leading to higher repair costs
  • Florida Governor Rhonda Sanchez is taking steps towards launching a presidential bid.

Reforms, Shooting, Investigations, Restrictions, Ukraine, Asylum Seekers and Illegals: A Comprehensive Look at Current Events

  • The FBI has implemented reforms to National Security investigations
  • Eight people were killed and 10 wounded in a shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas
  • Dispatchers provided advice to those calling 9-1-1 during the incident
  • Various groups are demanding an investigation on whether or not the attack was racially motivated
  • After title 42 restrictions were lifted, there has been a sharp decline in illegal crossings at the border, though there have still been high numbers
  • Ukraine is seeking support from Europe’s leaders as they fight against Russia
  • The Biden Administration believes their stricter enforcement rules for Asylum Seekers is slowing the flow of migrants across the border
  • Illegals are being released rapidly into the US, with processing facilities over capacity.

Governor DeSantis Visits Iowa to Bolster Primary Chances, as Americans Pay More for Cars and 42M Set to Travel this Memorial Day Weekend

  • Governor DeSantis visited Iowa over the weekend to take advantage of Trump cancelling a rally
  • DeSantis is the strongest rival to Trump in primary polls according to most polls
  • He is trying to convince major donors that he can stop Republican losses by hammering his message
  • Americans are keeping their cars for longer and paying more on average for new and used cars due to pandemic-fueled shortages and high demand
  • AAA estimates that 42 million people will travel 50 miles or more this Memorial Day weekend, despite high ticket prices.

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tonight breaking news the brutal attackat the office of a U.S congressman a manwith a metal baseball bat injuring twostaffers in the field office of VirginiaDemocrat Jerry Connolly one of thoseattacked an intern on her first day thesuspect in what was described as a ragecrushing computers and smashing glasswhat we're finding out about his historythe mass shooting in New Mexicoauthorities say three are dead withmultiple others injured including twopolice officers just released the finalreport by a trump-era special counselits sharp criticism of the FBI for howthe bureau handled the investigationinto whether the 2016 Trump campaignconspired with Russia the chilling 9-1-1calls during that shooting rampage at amall in Texas Witnesses describing thehorror a big drop in the number ofmigrants Crossing into the U.S but thenumber in custody Beyond capacityAmerica cities increasingly feeling theimpact NBC News first to report detailsof Florida Governor Rhonda Sanchez'slatest step towards launching hispresidential bid what we're finding outAmericans are keeping their cars longerthan ever but it may cost you more tokeep them running what it all means forthe price you paythis is NBC Nightly News with LesterHoltand good evening I'm Tom yamas in forluster tonight at a time of hightensions in this country a brutal attackon the office of a U.S congressman thesuspect allegedly entering the Virginiafield office of democraticrepresentative Jerry Connolly going on arampage with a metal baseball batdemanding to see the congressman thatattacking two staffers with that bat oneof them an intern with other staffershiding in fear the suspect thought to bea constituent damaging computers andshattering glass in that office thecongressman calling the assaultdevastating and unconscionable thesuspect is now under arrest and it's thelatest attack and what has been agrowing number of threats aimed atelected officials and it's where webegin tonight with NBC's Ryan Nobles inFairfax Virginiatonight police in Fairfax Virginiaworking to figure out why a man enteredCongressman Jerry Conley's districtoffice and went on a rampage it is veryconcerning and it's it's quite franklyscary that someone can just walk up toan office holding a baseball bat andjust start swinging according toConnolly the suspect identified bypolice Aswan Ka Tron Femme came into theoffice demanding to see the congressmanwho wasn't there he allegedly then wenton the attack hitting two of Connolly'sstaffers with a metal bat one of them anintern it was her first day on the jobhe then went into a rage crushing officecomputers and breaking glass policearrived within five minutes and took faminto custody both staffers were taken tothe hospital with non-life-threateninginjuries we are all praying for thequick recovery for the staffers fam wasnot known to Capitol Police but filed alawsuit against the CIA last yearclaiming the agency had been wrongfullyimprisoning him in a lower perspectivebased on physics and alleging that he isbeing brutally tortured from the fourthdimension according to Capitol Policethreats against members have skyrocketedfrom just over four thousand in 2017 toalmost ten thousand in 2021 the sameyear as the January 6th attack but it'sbeen more than just threats within justthe last year the husband of houseSpeaker Nancy Pelosi was violentlyattacked at their family home in SanFrancisco going back further in 2017 agroup of GOP members were targeted by agunman while practicing for theCongressional baseball game and in 2011former congresswoman Gabby Giffordssuffered a mass shooting that killedseveral of her staff membersand fam has been charged with multipleaccounts as a result of this attackincluding a felony for aggravatedmalicious wounding he's currently beingheld without bond in addition to thosetwo staffers that were injured were toldthat a police officer was hurt duringthe attack but he's expected to be okayTom a terrifying incident there RyanRyan while I have you you cover CapitolHill for us I know there's been anothermeeting over the debt ceiling tomorrowat the White Houseyeah that's right Tom and this meetingcomes after secretary Janet Yellen fromthe treasury Department sentCongressional leaders another lettertoday warning that June 1st is the datewhere the government will run out ofmoney to pay its bills President Bidensaid over the weekend that he'soptimistic that the two sides aregetting close to a compromise butspeaker McCarthy said today that they'restill very far apart Tom okay RyanNoble's leading us off there Ryan wethank you that is some breaking news adeadly shooting in New Mexico police sayat least four people including theshooter are dead two officers andseveral civilians were injured ithappened in the far Northwest part ofthe state schools in that area were onlockdown but that has since been liftedand the investigation is ongoing okaynow to another investigation this oneinvolving whether the FBI mishandled itsprobe of the 2016 Trump campaign andRussia tonight's special counsel JohnDurham slamming the FBI and how itcarried out its investigation into theTrump campaign here's kendallaniantonight in his long-awaited report thespecial counsel looking into the originsof the trump-russia investigationblasting the FBI's performance asseriously deficient John Durhamconcluding the bureau was too quick toopen an investigation into the Trumpcampaign in 2016 based on raw anduncorroborated information while sayingthe FBI was much more cautious andskeptical about allegations against theClinton campaign code named Crossfirehurricane the FBI probe examined allegedlinks between the Trump campaign andRussia and led to the appointment ofspecial counsel Robert Mueller who inthe end did not find any conspiracybetween the Trump campaign and theKremlin while noting some Russianscontacted the campaign tonight Mr Trumpposting the American public was scammedas part of Durham's investigation an FBIlawyer pleaded guilty to falsifyingrecords in an application for a secretwarrant to conduct surveillance on atrump campaign Aid Carter page but afternearly four years Durham's report doesnot find corruption or conspiracy orrecommend any wholesale changes Durhamlost the only two criminal cases hebrought to court with juries acquittingthese two men of lying to investigatorsDurham's report follows this 2019 reportby the Justice Department's InspectorGeneral which found that the FBI mademistakes but was justified in openingthe Trump investigationKen joins us now live can the Specialcounsel's Report was highly critical ofthe FBI and now the bureau is weighinginyeah Tom the FBI says in a statementthat they have overhauled how theyhandle National Security investigationsand that if those reforms had been inplace in 2016 many of the misstepsidentified in this report could havebeen prevented Tom all right kendallaniafirst can we appreciate it people inAllen Texas are still mourning tonightafter a gunman killed eight people at amall last week the chaos captured innewly released 9-1-1 calls that alsoshow how dispatchers help save livesMorgan chesky has the late details andwe do want to warn you some of youviewers may find the audio disturbingseconds after a gunman opened fire aterrifying flood of calls for helping about the shootingfactors as hundreds hid wherever theycould police say Mauricio Garcia openedfire almost immediately after he pulledup on a busy Saturday the 33 year oldarmed with a rifle handgun and wearingbody armor began shooting near themall's h m store can you please pressbefore an allen police officer shot andkilled a gunman those calling 9-1-1given tragically familiar advice I needyou to stay where you're at and lockyourself in place keep your head down doyou understandokay when it was over the gunmanshooting spree took eight lives andwounded 10 others today multiple groupsdemanded investigators examined thepotential for a racially motivated hatecrime I urge you to take actionstand against hate and discrimination wemust rally our elected officials to callthis a hate crime which has not happenedyet as the community fights its wayforward a somber moment Sunday whenhundreds stood silent remembering thoseno longer here from a tragedy we've seenbefore and tonight investigators saythis scene has been cleared for days nowbut there was still no timeline on whenthe shops will be reopening and as forthis memorial for the victims officialstell me it'll be coming down tomorrow tobe shared with the families who lostloved ones Tom all right Morgan cheskyfirst Morgan thank you we want to headback to the border now there's been asharp decrease in the number of illegalCrossings since the end of the title 42restriction last week but tonight we'relearning officials are now rapidlyreleasing migrants into the U.S asprocessing facilities are over capacitywe get more now from Miguel almaguertonight four days after the Borderrestriction known as title 42 was liftedofficials are rapidly releasing migrantsinto the U.S with border patrolprocessing facilities now over capacitymore than 21 Thousand migrants currentlyin custody in facilities meant to holdjust 18 thousand according to two DHSofficialsthis woman just released in Californiasays I do it all for my family I wasable to cross we were lucky it comes asthe Biden Administration says illegalborder crossings have dropped nearly inhalf since title 42 was lifted how doyou think things are going to The Bordersirmuch better thanit's much better than you all expectedthe president touting the drop over theweekend after the border patrol reported11 000 apprehensions on Tuesday andWednesday that number dramaticallydwindled to just over 4 000 Saturday andSunday the Biden Administration believestheir series of new stricter enforcementrules for Asylum Seekers is slowing theflow but while the number of migrantscrossing the border is no longer arecord it's still high many of themigrants are being sent to cities wherethey don't have the resources to handlethem the mayor of Laredo Texas says hisCity remains on high alert now theunfortunate reality is that we're we'reand already at near capacity in ourhospital before title 42 expired withmore migrants coming by train to Denverin New York City they arrived on schoolbuses today mayor Eric Adams says theinflux will cost taxpayers 4 billiondollars by 2024. many hotels nowbecoming shelters officials say onereason for dropping border numbers isincreased cooperation from Mexico wherethese migrants from Guatemala could nolonger get permits to go north the wearynow growing desperatewe are here at God's mercy says this manjust hoping to pass authorities say it'stoo early to tell if the drop in bordercrossings will last Tom all right Miguelalmaguer first Miguel thank you for thatwe want to head overseas now Ukrainianpresident zielinski's high-stakesmeeting today looking for support fromEurope's leaders as he ramps up thefight against Russia here Simmons hasthis onetonight Ukraine says this video shows itblowing up a Russian Ammunition Depotnear bitterly contested back mudit's not Ukraine's long-anticipatedspring offensive not yet but meetingwith the British prime minister todaypresident zielinski vowed that is comingwe're really need some some more timenot too much we'll be ready signing thevisitors book together we will win theUK promising more weapons includinglong-range attack dronesand as president zielinski touredEuropean capitals this weekend Francepledged further tanks and armoredvehicles and Germany promised a massivethree billion dollars more in Aid I'mpraying for peace the pope told zelenskiwhen they met but Ukraine wants moreterritory back first President PutinUnder Pressure Russia admitting twocommanders were killed last week hislongtime Ally Belarus leader Alexanderlukashenko reported to be sick deniedtoday by lukashenko's office and anothersometime partner for Putin turkey'spresident erdogan tonight faces a runoffelection to keep his job all this werethe major Chinese diplomatic offensivenow underway including this week keymeetings with Ukraine Russia France andGermany Tom okay cure thank you for thatin 60 seconds Florida Governor RonDeSantis moving closer to making itofficial our NBC news report about howhe could be just days away fromannouncing his candidacy for presidentas he takes new swipes at Donald Trumpstay with usall right we are back now with the clockticking for Florida Republican GovernorRon DeSantis as he takes a big steptowards a potential 2024 presidentialcampaign and takes another veiled swipeat former president Trump Gabe Gutierrezhas the latesttonight Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isinching closer to a presidential runtoday his political staff moved into anew base of operations in Tallahasseeaccording to the state GOP NBC Newsfirst a report that DeSantis will nowneed to announce within two weeksbecause the move triggers disclosurerequirements it comes as DeSantis todayramped up his not so subtle swipes andRepublican front-runner Donald Trump Ithink the party has developed a cultureof losing I think that there's notaccountability in his latest grenade inthe culture Ward DeSantis signing a billinto law today barring Florida's publiccolleges and universities from spendingon diversity equity and inclusionprograms Dei is better viewed asstanding for discrimination exclusionand indoctrination over the weekendDeSantis visited Iowa a critical earlyState the time for excuses is over eventaking Advan advantage of Mr Trumphaving to cancel a Saturday night rallyin Des Moines due to a tornado threatrequires commitment to principal makinga surprise visit there himself meanwhilethe former president is stepping up hispersonal attacks on a fellow Republicanthe problem with Rhonda sanctimonious isthat he needs a personality transplantand those are not yet available Whilemost polls show to Santa's Trails formerpresident Trump in a Republican primaryhe's widely seen as Mr Trump's strongestrivalall right Gabe Gutierrez joins us nowlive in studio so Gabe how does GovernorDeSantis plan on attracting Republicanslooking for a change while peeling awaysome of trump supporters well Tom he ishammering this idea that he is the bestoption to stop Republican loss as apitch he's now making to Major donorsseveral sources tell NBC news that thescientist and his wife have hosted aseries of dinners with them over thelast few weeks Tom all right GabeGutierrez with a lot of new reportingfor us tonight Gabe we appreciate itstill ahead the record number ofTravelers expected to hit the road forMemorial Day and later why so manyAmericans are putting the brakes onbuying a new car the sticker shock youwon't believewelcome back brace yourself Memorial Daytravel is set to break records this yearAAA says more than 42 million Americanswill travel 50 miles or more thisMemorial Day weekend and the airportswill they'll be packed with nearly threeand a half million passengers thosenumbers are above pre-pandemic levelsdespite High ticket prices so get readyto pay and if you're planning to drive aMemorial Day Weekend the roads will befilled with cars that are older than youmight think with drivers keeping theircars for longer plus the shocking amountwhen it comes to the average priceAmericans are now paying per month tolease a new car here's sambrockwith demand for vehicles in overdrivenew data shows Americans keeping theircars in smaller trucks for a record 12and a half years while they're lastinglonger they're also more expensivewhich is why South Florida mechanic NickOsborne is still holding onto a 2007 SUVunder normal circumstances would youstill be driving around in this no way Iwould already replace this car thefather of five swapping out an Enginewith 200 000 miles for one with a merehundred thousand a short-term fix thatfits his family's budget do you feelsafe driving this no not at all fourhundred thousand miles no you know andthen my kids are in it I'm not I'm notsure if I feel too safe for two hundredthousand milesyou know but do I have a choice no Idon't have a choice it's it's the impactof years of pandemic fueled shortagesSupply disruptions and heightened demandthe average used car payment is morethan 560 bucks and for new vehiclesnearly 730 according to one group that'sup more than 250 a month compared tojust five years ago industry analystssay pricing higher interest rates andgreater reliability of newer cars allplay a role someone going into themarket for the first time in a whilethey're going to be shocked as to howhigh the prices are for both new andused carsa byproduct of this Trends auto repairshops are seeing way more customers evenwith high mileage they're keeping thecar we've seen an average uh car go fromanywhere between 80 to 90 000 miles nowover a hundred a hundred and fiftythousand many hoping to ride out thistidal wave of Demands like Nick I wish Icould afford a minivan right now with alot less mileage when the road toownership is a little smoother sambrockNBC News Miami we thank you for watchingNightly News tonight I'm Tom yamas inYork have a great nightthanks for watching our YouTube channelfollow today's top stories and breakingnews by downloading the NBC News app