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I Tried Andrew Huberman’s (insane) Morning Routine – [30 Days + Blood Tests]

Andrew Hubermans Journey to Success: An Evaluation of Habits and Routines

  • Andrew Huberman has become the go-to expert on the best habits and routines for living a successful and fulfilling life
  • Brendan, Andrew’s brother and boss, is evaluating how he does his job
  • Andrew is conducting three tests to track his progress: a blood test, tracking energy and mood levels at the end of each day, and testing work productivity
  • In week one he struggled with focusing on work despite having a science-backed checklist
  • He revisited some Huberman Lab episodes to make tweaks to improve focus
  • He has noticed benefits from the morning routine in terms of energy and mood, but work sessions still come up short.

Man Finds Success with Self-Improvement Strategies While Working From Home

  • The protagonist is struggling with his productivity and focus while working from home
  • He decides to try a few strategies to improve, such as powering down his phone and avoiding distractions
  • After two weeks of trying these strategies, he sees an improvement in his energy and mood levels, as well as better health results such as a higher Vitamin D level and lower cholesterol
  • He continues the routine on his own and even encourages others to do it
  • On the final day, he celebrates by going for a cold plunge.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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thank you to hellofresh for sponsoringthis videothen Drew hubermanthe internet's favorite neuroscientistAndrew huberman Andrew Huber Andrewhuberman through his research atStanford University in his excellentpodcast he has become the go-to experton the best habits and routines forliving a successful and fulfilling lifeand this is mewhile I don't think I have the worsthabits in the world lately I've been ina slumpless energy throughout the day slackingoff in healthy habits and an inabilityto focus on my work leading to aconstant feeling like I'm going throughthe motions at half speed so for thenext 30 days I want to try Andrewhuberman's science-backed morningroutine to see if he can pull me out ofthe rut that I'm in but what is Andrewhuberman's morning routine for me I tendto wake up sometime around 6 a.m 6 30and I write down the time in which Iwoke up the second thing I do after Iwake up is I make a beeline for sunlightso getting outside for a 10 minute walkor a 15-minute walk is absolutely vitalto mental and physical healthwe get back I start craving caffeine butI purposely delay my caffeine intake to90 minutes to 120 minutes after I wakeup so for me I just drink water I alsoput a little bit of sea salt in thewaterand I also drink my athletic greenswhich is compatible with fasting so Idon't eat anything until about 11 A.M or12 noonnext I would do a 90 minute bout of workand that's typically phone off and outof the room you'd be amazed how much youcan get done in 90 minutes if you arefocusedafter I finish that cognitive workout Ido some form of physical exercise forabout an hour very last but certainlynot least deliberate cold exposureand that's what I do each morning andI'm certain that these tools workon day one I wake up craving coffeehowever instead I get ready and I headout from my morning walk and while it'sdefinitely no morning coffee it actuallyis really really nice and I feel prettygood afterwardswhat doesn't feel so good though isdrinking salt waterbut I don't want to rely on how I'mfeeling to evaluate my progress on thisgoal as feelings can change prettyquickly I don't want to do thishere we goto track my progress with this challengeI'm gonna be conducting three tests thefirst is I just took a blood test forday one that's gonna measure things likemy testosterone levels and judging byhow scared I was to prick my finger oh Ican't do it I can't do it I'm worriedthey might be a little low oh testnumber two is by tracking my energy andmy mood levels at the end of each dayI've already been doing this for thepast month so at the end of this I'mgoing to compare my numbers and see ifI've made any improvements and finallyI'll be testing my work productivity tohelp me evaluate that I've asked forhelp from the one person who knows mywork habits better than anyone else myname is Brendan I am Cam's brother andhis bossthat'sI'm evaluating how you do at your jobthat makes me your bosssure you procrastinate get distractedprocrastinate more just a Serialscroller bad communication bad timemanagement missed deadlinesyeah I think that sums it up and sadlyhe's not wrong I am terrible at focusingand in my first week in this challengethat seemingly has not changed even witha science-backed checklist to help mybrain is still struggling to get intothe zone and work effectively and eventhough it's still early into this goalI really need to figure this out or abit more context I work from home mostdays and if you come through here youjust gotta come through the bathroompast the toilet and voilathis is where I work staring at a screenin a storage room closet that isconnected tomy bathroom now I have done the best tomake this space feel cozy however it isstillkind of a shitty place to work no punintended and with that I've becomereally good at getting out of this roomand distracting myself at any chance Ican get even with my phone out of theroom I am getting up constantly to topup on coffee or look for snacks that Ican't even eat because I'm fasting andwith each of these interruptions I'mkilling my momentum when I try to diginto a task and I'm falling further andfurther behind in my work and this isdefinitely the area I need to improvethe mostor at least that's what I thoughttestosteronethat's your ideal range 2.492.4I'm below averageI am speechless I am speechlessso one weekend and I am failing in twocategoriesgreatwith the discouraging week one completeI really want to hone in on improving mywork sessions for week two so I decidedto revisit some huberman lab episodes tosee if there's any tweaks I can make toimprove my focuscouple of things for optimizingworkspace that are grounded inneuroscience and physiology so what I dois I prop the computer up such that it'sat least at eye level when our eyes aredirected upward it creates a state ofheightened alertness in addition I uselow level White Noise turned on at a lowvolume not with headphones most of thetime puts the brain into a state that'soptimal for Learning and workflow theone single perk of working in a bathroomwhite noise is easy to come byI'm hoping that if I compare as much ofhuberman's advice on focus with the restof my morning routine that it can put mein the best possible position to lock inon my work and really start to see someprogress this feels crazy to say thisearly into a challengebut I feel like I'm already noticingbenefits from this strictly from like anenergy and mood standpoint I used towake up every morning and just like dothem scroll Twitter and now I like Igenuinely look forward to these walksbut get some natural light in my eyesget some fresh air some steps I'm likehalfway through an audiobook that Istarted this weekthings are going well even with my coldshowers while they're definitely not funduring I do feel energized afterwardsand it feels like it fuels the rest ofmy day this next blood test is about tobeso much better[Music]but as much as I've seen Improvement inmy energy and in my health my worksessions still seem to come up short ifI'm being honest there hasn't been asmuch improvement as I was hopingit's hard to point to anything and sayyou've accomplished more than younormally dodetermined to improve my performance Iopted to switch where I was going to beworking and and hopefully get myselfinto a better zone for focused work[Music]three days working out of my housemy work still hasn't improved and it'sstarting to look more and more like theproblem isn't where I'm workingthe problem is me yet another daywhere I am not as productive as I shouldjust feels like the story of my life atthis point ever since I started workingfor myself ever since it's just me andmy computer in my houselike it is like pulling teeth it it justfeels like my brain cannot do thisand I don't know what that is but itfeels like I've been fighting againstthe same thing number one problem in mylife is being able to work for myself bedisciplined be focused in my own workand I like it's been eight years offighting this same thinglike how does it make any sense itstarts to just feel like like it juststarts to feel like thisis who I am like this islikemaybe I'm just like not the person thatI thought I was maybe this is just likeit you know and that's that is scary andI just feel like I'm leaving so muchpotential on the table for myself for myfuture and that like that thought islike horrifying you knowgoodness graciousfeeling defeated my only hope now is totry and work backwards through the pasttwo weeks to hopefully try and figureout what has been holding me backwhy is it that everything feels likeit's working except for this one thingever since it's just me and my computerin my house it is like pulling teethjust a Serial scroller halfway throughan audiobook that I started this weekand I just feel like I'm leaving so muchpotential on the table for myself for myfuture like that thought is likehorrifyingeven though I've been working with myphone off and out of the office I amstill constantly using it throughoutthis routine on my walks before I getready to work and after my 90 minutesare up I immediately go to my phone andif I'm constantly distracting myselfbefore I sit downit feels like I just keep craving thatdistraction when I'm working[Music]the next morning I decided to trykeeping my phone powered down until itwas time for my lunch break to see if itwould help me Focusthe moment you sit down to do someserious work and you flip off theinternet all of a sudden it's as if thephone has a voice but we all arefamiliar with the fact that if we arefocused on something that all that justkind of melts awayso I'm creating this space I'm funnelingmy brain into a state where I set up arelationship not just between me and thework that I'm doing but between me andmy ability to control my own State ofMindthe more I avoided using my phone themore focused I felt allowing me to movethroughout my mornings faster and moreproductivelyand on the days where I really wanted touse my phone the mostI straight up stashed that in mycar because I need to focusand I have to say that while it can be achallenge to try and achieve this stateand this tunnel of work some days youstart to get kind of addicted to it itfeels really good it's like a workoutfor the mindI don't remember the last time I had anexperience where I I feel like I was ina flow state twice todaytwice oh and it feels good I cannot sayit enough that felt so good todayas strange as this may sound I feel likethe habit of jumping in the cold showersand drinking those awful salt waterdrinks has actually made me moreresilient when it comes to distractionbecause just practicing that daily habitof doing something hard that I know willbe satisfying once it's overliterally the exact same thing withgetting in focused work it's hard it'schallenging but I feel so much betterthan I have in some time we got a 10 inenergy in a 10 in mood that is the firstperfect day of this challengetoday was a good day a really reallygood day and when I tally up my numbersfrom the last 30 days there's beenImprovement in both my energy levels andmy mood with my reported energy levelsincreasing almost two whole points notjust that you've turned in everything ontime this week which I appreciate it'sthat it's really good work which leavesjust one final test here we goday one day 30 let's go I'm averagevitamin D got better my cholesterol gotbettereverything is betterthings have been going so well I evenstarted putting my friends onto theroutineand how did you hear about ityou told me about itthings have been going so well that I amhonestly going to continue doing thisand I'm so thankful that I gave this atry and to celebrate on the final day Iinvited my brother and my friend Mattout to go for a cold plunge to finishthis off by doing something challengingthat I know will feel good afterwardsand my hope is that going forward afterthis challenge that I can do that moreoften that I can force myself to dodifficult thingsthat I know will pay off 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use thecode to go guys 50 for 50 off plus freeshipping on your first box this isgenuinely something I wish I had signedup for sooner it's great food greatprice delivered to your door so if youdo want to check it out the link is downbelow and I hope you guys likehellofresh as much as I have becauseit's low-key changed my life