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Ram Dass Here and Now – Episode 11 – Letting it All Go

Raghu Marcuss India Experience: Learning Dharma and Letting Go of Anger

  • Raghu Marcus is the host of “ROM das behere now podcast”
  • Raghu talks about his experience living in India with Maharaj and RAM DAS who acted as a teacher
  • RAM DAS walked for half a day to the ashram, while the others took taxis and buses
  • RAM DAS threw a plate of food at someone when he got upset because of the Westerners being self-involved
  • Maharaj ji taught them about Dharma and how to let go of anger by giving RAM DAS milk to drink
  • ROM DAS later described this experience as understanding that you follow love back into pure energy which is consciousness.

Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness with Ramakrishna Varma and the Power of Desire

  • Ramakrishna Varma was a saint who had a hard time staying in the physical plane due to his high state of being
  • He needed to create desires in order to stay embodied
  • Desire is what brings the Guru from being part of pure consciousness back down into form and knowing
  • When in presence of the Guru, one can experience miracles which cut through cynicism
  • One needs to go beyond roles, thoughts and body to get to a place where they just are as pure energy
  • This journey is an evolution of consciousness for God itself.

Exploring the Path to Enlightenment: A Journey Through The Planes Beyond Heaven and Earth

  • Staples is a manifestation of physicalplane desires
  • The astral plane is the next level, inhabited by supernatural beings and accessible through meditation
  • There are six more planes above heaven and earth, including the causal plane which is Plato’s domain of pure ideas
  • Desire creates one’s universe in the astral plane
  • One can achieve enlightenment and transcend all planes within one lifetime if they stay on the path.

Reaching Beyond Formlessness: Experiencing Pure Bliss Through Transcendence of Physical and Astral Planes

  • Ramdas Baba Caixahi TK describes how one can transcend physical and astral planes to reach the causal plane (Godhead)
  • Reaching this level of understanding is pure intellect and leads to feelings of pure bliss
  • From here one can go even further, beyond the beyond, where formlessness is experienced
  • By going through all the forms, one reaches quietness and ultimately submission to fate.

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Ohthis podcast is brought to you by thelove sir remember Foundation andRhonda's gorg welcome to the ROM das behere now podcast and I'm your hostRaghu Marcus well we've been talking alittle bit more about what I call aslice of life just being with Maharajaday-to-day at that point I wascompletely relaxed and felt at home inIndia in there I guess going on a yearat that point and in fact the thought ofgoing home was like oh who don't think Ican do that not that there was one JITof an idea of leaving that was a wholeother drama that took place later but atthis moment we were just day-to-dayliving up at this wonderful hotel in 92which is this British Hill town thatthey kind of built a lot of hotels arehad them built to get away from the heatin the summer it's fantastic placelovely placeand so we were all staying there I guessaround 30 people or so and obviouslysharing day to day our experience goingto see Maharaja and ROM das of coursewas with us and he was you know kind ofacting as the teacher he wasn't kind ofhe was although there were some peoplewho did not consider that part of theirjourney and that once we all metMaharaja we all had direct experienceswith him but ROM das was older and weall had all kinds of issues all the timeso he certainly acted in that stead umbut then at one point he got a littlebit had enough of these Westerners andtheir glomming onto him and and a lot ofmanipulative egos were happening then souh heone day once upon a time her hummed uswalked took about I don't know takesabout from 90 tell where the ashram isabout half a day and he walked therewhile the rest of us took wonderfultaxis and buses and and as a matter offactRamdas head for a while a Volkswagen busthat we used to use until Maharaj jitold him no you don't know guru doesn'tdrive group is humble and takes walks ortakes the bus so Christian does ended updriving the Volkswagen bus and Rhonda'sdriving him out of his mindanyhow so he walked to Kenji and he getsthere and were being served food acrossthe courtyard from Maharaj ji who issitting on the bench Tucket and he getsthere and he's not a happy camper andone of the satsang goes over and giveshim plate of food which he promptlythrows back in his face which in Indiafood being totally like sacred you can'teven not finish your meal or else he'slike you might as well go slap some thehost so this was a terrible terribleevent and and he was really upsetMaharaj ji called us over and Ram Dasswas just sitting there glumly with thisplate of food all over the place andsaid what happened then we told him wellhe Ram Dass is is not happy with us hethinks we're being very a dharmic or youknow in a simpler way that meansself-involved where our self-interestwas so high he just couldn't handle itanymore which of course to some degreeit was and uh and maharaj ji' justlooked at us and said hey listen hedidn't say it like thatbut he said no one would have gottenhere to me except for wronged us youdon't know who he is and he went on likethat then he called ROM dasa and he saidyou're angry and Ronde I said yes I whyI can't take these the self-interest ofthe Westhe said a Dharma of the Westerners andMaharaj he said you have to give up thisanger but I'm going to help you and hegot a glass of warm milk and he saidI'll give you the milk but you have todrink it which is a key teaching whichis having the intention to want to letgo right so and of course Maharaja it'sit's his job to to provide it but thereis some relationship there of from aguru and a devotee so that happened andboythis was I'd say well it's a storythat's been told by Ram Dass and othersmany many times because the realteaching in there of letting go avolition to let go is so powerful youand and again this is another slice oflife slice of a day of hanging out withhim so and here is what ROM das wastalking about in Sanskrit what happenswhen you pursue yoga which means unionyoga or Union you go behind the forumyou go into the place where it is allone all that place in Sanskrit is calledsucked chit Ananda sup chit Anandasuch chit Ananda is the kingdom ofheavenRon Tirith the poet who was a realizedbeing describessatchitananda from inside he lives onthe other side of the doorway see on theother side of the doorway you seethere's no doorway there's only adoorway from this side another paradigmhe says I am without form without limitI am beyond space beyond time I am ineverything everything is in me I am thebliss of the universe everywhere am i Iam such absolute existence absoluteknowledge Ananda absolute 'lesstucked wha masih I and that went well Isee I am that not chit Ananda think ofthe fine energy now what is the fineenergy the quality of the fine energy itpermeates everything remember I saidabout Padma Sun bhava he is pure lighthe is pure consciousness he is pure lovehe is pure wisdom he is pure energy ifyou understand that identity I amtalking about a specific identity verycold systemic identity when you go upthe pyramid and this is what Platosuspected when he got into his realm ofpure ideas when you go up the pyramidfollow Beauty all the way back followlove all the way back behind into personelope follow follow energy back as thephysicists are doing you will end up atthe top of the place where it all turnsout to be the same do you understandthat that fine energy we've just beentalking about is the same exact thing aswhat we call consciousness the universeis conscious it is consciousness it isnot self conscious it does not know itknows it just is it is it isconsciousness thought chit Ananda myguru who was a guy that lives on theother side of the doorway he just is hedoesn't sit around knowing he knows thecandle flame doesn't sit around saying Iam being a candle flame it's just beinga candle flame if there is a requirementa motive a desire desire brings the Gurufrom being in the place where he is justlike the candle flame just part ofconsciousness the vast pure energy thatis consciousness it brings him back downinto four brings him down into formbrings him down into knowing he knows Imean I meet the guru and I'm there bychance and I go up and in a few minuteshe tells me all about things that havehappened to me in my past and he tellsme things that he can't know by anymeans I know he knows by any of theusual techniques of knowing one knows sowhen he does that to me he completelytakes me the next step he creates thefaith he blows my mind lest ye seemiracles you will not believe Christsaid with great compassion I was one ofthose people it's the kind of kind ofWestern cynicism that is the basis ofscience also I'll entertain a hypothesisthat's cynicism the null hypothesis thenull there is no relationship until Ican demonstrate with a certain degree ofprobability that there is a relationshipand he did that thing and he cut throughwhat had to be cut through now did hesit there and say yes like well here'sthis cat I think I will remember I willtell it that now that's thinking that'sknowing you know he isn't there at allhe was just being he was being a leaf ona tree like and I came along and therewas in me a desire to get ahead can cutthrough my cynicism and it was my desirewhich brought that thing out of him itwas my desire which process than eithernow this is very far out and if you cangrasp it it's really very very importantvery important because to be that pureenergy is just a state of total beingand when I say you are who you think youare it's because you define yourself interms of doing versus being knowing youknow your thoughts your body and what itdoes you say I'm a lawyer or I'm anarchitect or I'm a hippie or whateveryou are you define yourself in terms ofsocial roles in terms of actions how doI know myself as if I'm a behavior studymyself from outside the fact of thematter is will you go in and in and inand in and in and behind that role andthat role and that role and that one tooyou get to a place where you just arejust pure isness pure isnesspure awareness of your consciousness ifyou are energy if you really reside inthat then you live in such andunder that means you no longer live inits time-space locus called the bodythat's the beginning of what is at thelower levels is called astral travel seeastral travel still means going frompoint A to point B so it must mean thatsome finite being that goes from A to Bthe gore was beyond astral travel he ispoint a and point B that's what I saidwe knew who we were Leo there only beone of us here there is only oneconsciousness in the whole universe andwhen you cut through the drama youreside in that place in this place inhere from here here now you understandwhat means absolute knowledgeabsolute knowledge I mean can youimagine what you've been doingyou've been when I said to you there'snothing I can say you don't already knowyou didn't believe me you didn't reallybelieve me if I was putting you onI mean you are actually probably I dothe same thing you go into book storesand you buy a book like this somethingin the book you aren't here as you'realready the book if you but knew me myteacher he's like he's a very pure beinghe's not as high as the Guru but he's avery he's got a number of cities orpowers to take a book like this he'llpick it up andyeah there are some things in it thatwill be helpful to you you got to bearound these people for quite a whilebefore you understand they're notputting you on in their world there areno hypes there's nothing but total truthtotal purity of urine they live in thespirit we live in this in this place sowhat we are in is a journey called theevolution of consciousness is God comingto know himself which finally becomeshimself because you understand let meshow you the levels the way it worksyou're at the physical plane whereyou're receiving vibrations at a certainrate so all you see when you look aroundyou in this room our other grossphysical beings you're not seeing anyastral beings in this room at thismoment most of you some of you are someof you see the astral bodies in eachother by seeing auras others of youdon't see those are some of you when yousee the aura you think it's a trick thatthe lights playing on you because youdon't trust the processes that happen inyou many of you are higher than you letyourself be most of the time that's thefact that most people are constantlyhaving experiences where they breakthrough the veil and they reject italmost all the timebecause it doesn't fit in with theexisting model always happen thephysical plane is the plane at whichyou're at this vibrational rate andyou've got a body and you're what keepsyou there now you've got to understandwhat I'm going to say about desire iswhat keeps you there is your own desirethe only reason like Ramakrishna Varmahunt the beautiful beautiful Saint inIndia RamakrishnaRamakrishna was in such a high state hehad a terrible time staying in his bodyit was a terrible problem he keptdrifting off and he had to keep creatingdesires in order to stay in his body inorder to be to hang out because his tripwas to help people do their thing Iguess I mean I know I'm not I'm not incosmic government so I don't I don'trecall giving him his assignment if Idid so he'd say I'm first to get me aglass of water and they get in black waythough I couldn't touch a drop yes Ithought you weren't class well I justwanted to want something to bring meback here I haveso those of you know don't understandover there there is a raised platformand around it there is a pool that isfilled with charcoal but there's nowater in at the moment all that you hearwhich sounds like horses and staples isthe charcoal somebody may have justfallen offit is desire it is our desire that keepsus in this physical plane I'll explainmore about that in a second now there isa physical plane and when you havefinished with the desires that keep youwith the physical plane when you finishwith that level of desire then you moveinto the next plane which is called theastral plane and the astral plane is aplane with beings dwell just like youand me except their desires are moresubtle and the desires do not requirethat they have physical manifestationsand all the beings you've ever readabout in all the nursery books and allthe fairy tales and the Bible and allthese things about demons and devils andgoblins and fairies and nymphs and oddlysome bhava and all these they're allhanging out at the astral plane andthere are real because that plane isjust as real as this is it's justanother cut another vibrational cut it'sjust another vibrational cutand if you can go from what happens tomost people like we've all witnessedrecently the drama of James Pike and hisson Jim and Jim shot himself and then ordied somehow I guess he shot himself andthen he was in contact with his fatherafter across the plains through a mediamedium is a being who can tune in on theastral plane okay now what happens isthis astral plane this next level outhas a number of layers to it you got tounderstand that all the time we in theWest we're busy charting the moon andthe trip to the moon and hotter and howto work in the frontiers of the West andhow do you dig into the ocean there havebeen a lot of guys who have been busycharting the inner world and these otherdomains and there are beautiful maps andcharts if you can read them if you haveenough faith to be able to open yourselfto be able to see what they're above sothere are many many many well some soulyou can probably in the in most theSanskrit literature there's six or sevenlevels above this one the first one outis what is in the Christian Bible calledheaven and hell and it's that kind of alevel it's got all those things in it bethe Lord the Christian Lord is amanifestation he's got his he's got hisis a throne and he's got his angels andall that sing around and that's allastral that's all astral and hisbhagavad-gita says those that pray prayto the gods go to the gods if you desireto go to heaven that's where you go toheaven which is the first plan of theastral plane it's a very groovy place togo there's six more above it so don'tyou know don't get to one up there butnice but certainly good a good people gothis Persian Rumi says I died as mineraland became a plant I died as plantedrose to animal I died as animal and Iwas man why should I fear when was Iever less by dying yet once more I shalldie as man to soar with angels blessedbut even from Angel hood I must pass onall except God perish when I havesacrificed my angels soul I shall becomewhat no mind air conceives oh let me notexist for non-existence proclaims inorgan tones to him we shall return Godand that fine energy and Padma Sun bhavaand your optimize all the same stuff allsame thing its behind it all it's behindthe physical plane behind the astralplane and we got one more plane to go wegot the cause of play the causal planeis what Plato was talking about it isthe plane of pure ideas and the planesare like this there there each planesubsumes the next planes when you finishwith the grossest desires that keep youhere in the physical plane then you'releft with a lot of subtle desires likeyou want to be go to the wind babyyou're going to be God of the wind Imean you realize how it's all going tocome out wait till you see it's reallygonna blow your mindyou're going to be everything you everwanted to be that's the funny part aboutthe astral trip you do it all yeteverybody does it all in store foreveryone don't worry about you don'thave to be chosenyou can think anything you want theastral plane you can create youruniverses you're given that privilegeyou're also given the wisdom to know howto not screw it up because your egosgotten very subtle very subtle it'sstill desire as long as this desire tosteal ego as long as it's desire this toan astral plane your desire creates youuniverse that's the rule of thumb desirecreates the University of physicalastral Icaza so you get finished withthe gross things that keep you on theastral plane I mean you really want tohave that full-color experience you wantto travel like light you want to bathein ambrósio bliss why hang onto blissbecause it feels so good sure man you'regoing to plenty of chance then you gotto give that one up to go give that oneup - I have a guru brother who is in thehim audience he's in a cave in thehomogeneous he is a 23 year oldWesterner from Laguna Beach that hehappens to be a very high being I'lltell you why what who's what in a secondhe is spending most of his time in thiscave on the astral plane he's doing hisastral work at the moment because therules of this game are when you startthe trip as you get purer as your mindgets karma through meditation as youlearn to work with the energies you caneasily get out of the time-space locustand the gross physical plane then you gointo the next plane but you've got a lotof work to do there because it's veryseductive and you got to go a lot oftrips there just like you going tripshereand if you do enough you cando the whole thing through the physicalcause Oh a stolen cause all in onelifetime once you're on the path if youjust don't get caught in the cul-de-sacsand this is what he has to say aboutthis he's if he's in this cave and thehim on Jews this is his letter to mecrystal-clear illumination here we aresitting in the flowers rock rain dropbirds fire spring of light last night wetuned the sitar to the morning star andthe goddess herself came in dazzlingbrilliance as mind dances the HajjAnanda great Ananda great bliss vastnesseffortlessness emptiness wrapped up intwo hands whole hot wooden bowl of chiveteeth with wisps of mist and steamingJade Baba Ram Dass ji that's me isnowhere to be foundwhat a hollow bamboo is growing outsidethe window who could have imagined thatright from the first mind is absolutelypure who could have believed that rightfrom the first not a thing is here inthe North Country winds blow heavy fromhim ayahs as I collect sticks and woodfood Unni for the fire as abiding isreally no abiding I'm abiding in thiscookie this cave a lot of ancientChinese days and nights with goneblowing mind andflying sky dragons and Vajra yoginidances lightning bolt goddesses dancingin the wall of time complete abandonmentthe nectar is a makalah drippingeverywhere at every moment from unionwisdom love dance of Sun and Moon whichconceives bodhichitta conceives pureintellect or which intellects one leveldown naked freezing to death in themiddle of a roaring fire lay it downdrop it let go sing it out throw it outgoing all the way is holy but alas somelinger on the path to see and smell thepretty golden sunflower or hold handswith eternity or practice ecstasy blissor circulate the life or reach neitherperception nor non-perception butlingering anywhere you might get stuckfor culpas for ages ages but the sahajacity Samadhi the final Samadhi is reallyknows the money therefore it's reallythe end since there is no end you can'tput the end anywhere blue sky andBuddhist it's throwing blanket overshoulder sending apples in alldirections at once ROM das Baba Caixahi TK boom dah chutney Joe Joe Joe andlingering is gone gone gone well gonelong gone gone beyond the beyondMaharajah our guru is nothing specialand yet his body fills the universeyou can't go forwards or backwards orstand still move whoamove you can feel that letter he'smoving in and out of the levelthis is writing it this is he's writinghe's describing these different levelnow when you go from physical to astralto causal you'e still with a subtledesire the desire for pure idea pureidea for thought creates matter mindcreates matter the Congo playing is theworld of ideas that creates the universeright at the top of the causal plane iswhere we call what we call Godhead theGodhead it's the first place into theuniverse of form it's the first world ofform it's the place where God createdthe universe his mind misper foughtmanifested into the universe his thoughtmanifested into all the lower levels ofthe causal plane all of the astral planeand all the physical play his thoughtmanifested in all of it and when you goback and back and back and back you goto that place when you become one withthe Godhead you areat that point you are the idea that liesbehind the universe you literally are isyou're not making believe you're it youare it and the funny thing is you'restill not finished and as far as aBuddhist is concerned you haven't evenbegun the trip you still hung up in formbecause he says baby it's all illusionno matter how groovy it gets mean thisphysical plane obviously illusion all adream then you go to bed at night andyou're going to sleep and then you dreamnow you notice about your dreams they'revery real and yet they don't have anyphysical form that's the astral planeyou're dreaming in the astral plane andthen when you get to the point of justpure idea sometimes when you're a veryhigh physicist or a very poets you'veseen a touch just pure idea sometimesart or a vase or something gets so S&Cyou feel you are touching God by beingin connection with that piece of artbecause it's pure idea if the idea ofVedas if you will that place is at itsits causal causal plane a mind at thecausal plane created the base createdthe baby and then you go finally throughthe final door and you go from the forminto the formless into the void into thebeyond the beyond the Tibetan mudTibetan mantra is got a got a par got apara son got a Bodhi swaahaaa wisdom which has gone beyond beyondthe beyond to the homage when you havecrossed the ocean of son SCARA the oceanofillusion the ocean of desire the oceanof the tax which you can call itwhatever you will it's all a promotionwhen you have crossed through all theform you become you enter into the stateof formlessness is eternally quiet it'seternally quiet yeah it never was pushedfar enough told the void hold fastenough to quietness and of the tenthousand things none but can be workedon by youI have beheld them whether they go backsee all thingshowsoever they flourish return to theroots from which they grew this returnto the root is called quietnessquietness is called submission to fatewhat has submitted to faith becomes partof the always so to know the always sois to be illumined not to know it meansto go blindly to disaster says Lao Tzuin the book of Dowthis podcast has been brought to you bythe left serve remember Foundation andRamdas org we appreciate all the supportfor the foundation and for Ramdas workand we hope that you will continue thatsupport you can go to Ramdas org andclick on the donate Now button andfollow the prompts thank you