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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

Surviving 200 Days on Just Dirt

100 Days With Hobbies: Spent the first 100 days with a friend building a mob farm and collecting resources

  • Unlocked the diamond ax trade
  • Completed wheat farm, Iron Golem Farm, pig pen and bridge in first 20 days
  • Acquired silk touch iron shovel
  • Built villager trading hall
  • Improved lighting of base to battle griefers
  • Gathered wood for a chest for each color of sheep.

The Grind of Day 22 to 43

  • Bobby and Hobby’s Iron Golem Farm Expansion: Bobby and Hobby worked on expanding the water perimeter, tending wheat fields and combining shovels to form a tool that instant mines dirt, which was used to finish the pig pen. They saved emeralds for a bell to encourage wandering traders and built a cow farm, bred sheep and collected wool. The Iron Golem Farm was repaired and diamond tools were gifted, while a Spruce wall was attempted before taken down. A zombie was added to the Iron Golem Farm, decorations were made with Azalea trees and bushes, a giant entrance for the third floor of the trading hall was created with Oakwood gates between main buildings, Wandering Trader llamas were brought home, torches replaced with lanterns, and finally items from a Wandering Trainer such as Oak saplings, pufferfish, bubble coral and Nautilus shells were purchased.

Villager Breeder and Decorating Progress

  • 100 Day Summary: Bobby and Hobby have made considerable progress in the past 100 days, making a Villager breeder, adding item frames for storage, upgrading side buildings, creating a fishing pond, constructing roofs for the side buildings, using pressure plates to prevent mobs from spawning, building up a Kelp farm and mob farm with water flushing systems, and adjusting hoppers. They also traded with villagers for Spruce wood and got 11 gold ingots through lightning strikes on their Pigpen. Finally they caught several enchanted items while fishing.

200 Days Journey: Hobby and Javi worked together to build a mob farm, an Auto Croc Farm, and a fishing sanctuary

  • They bred villagers and designed rail systems for transportation
  • They constructed with wood, seaweed bars, and leaf blocks
  • They collected kelp, white wool, bone blocks, and potatoes
  • They farmed chickens, lit up areas, did terraforming and shearing of sheep
  • Javi had a nightmare but they persevered even when their decorations were less than ideal.

“200 Days in the World: A Summary of Creation

  • Javi, Hobby and Poppy spent 200 days creating a world out of dirt, adding features such as customized cherry blossom trees, fishing docks, lily pads, moss carpet petals, campfire smoke in waterfalls, dirt paths and lanterns
  • They also managed to breed pink sheep for wool and level up their villagers through trading
  • On the 200th day they crafted a table and chairs with a candle made from cyan dye to celebrate their accomplishment.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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I spent 100 Days with my friend hobbysurviving a super flat world with nostructures by building a mob farm usingiron from zombies to get a cauldronusing The Cauldron to collect rain usingthe water to get drowned drowned for alightning rod by Easter eggs pigspiglets drop gold if you're a zombievillager and we ended up getting asapling with only a few days to sparebefore the hundred days was up you guyswanted a sequel so here we are on day101.Poppy and I were a bit tired of workingon decorating our base interior so I gotRight to Work decorating the pig penarea so it'll transition better into ourbase hobby collected some iron from IronGolems sorted out his inventory and thenput his big brain to work making planson day two hobby outlined a generaloctagon shape for our base expansionafter all we're gonna need a bigger baseif we're gonna live here for another 100days I decided we should go green andput some dirt down for the pigs whichwill eventually turn into lush greengrass we also decided to cover up ourold fish farm and build a new onesomewhere better at some point we reallyneed to light everything up so we don'thave to sleep as much because right nowwhenever the mobs get bad at night wehave to run to sleep which means wecan't get as much done on day three wewoke up to a rabbit hide that our catsleft us overnight Bobby continued hisoctagon outline and farmed up some woodand iron while I continued placing dirtto make our base green and grassy dayfour and five were more of the samedigging dirt placing dirt getting catgifts and collecting Resources by daysix I was basically done with placingall the dirt for the new and improvedpig pen and hobby spent the day tradingwith villagers and getting materialsready for a new and improved iron farmonce we get a steady automatic source ofiron we can easily use Minecarts andrails to transport villagers into avillager trading Hall plus iron itselfis a pretty good trade for emeraldshobby was chopping wood in the morningof day seven when we realized that thedifficulty of our server hadaccidentally been reset to easy I justrealized a local difficulty reset butwhatever we switched it right back tohard but this meant that our localdifficulty would probably now be too lowto get any mob spawning with DiamondArmor this is a huge bummer becausewithout a way to get stoned andstructural is super flat there's no wayto get an armor or villager meaning thatall diamond armor needs to be dropped bymobs after the sad news hobby went offto start a big wheat farm and I coped bysadly farming Pacman I lost myself in mysorrows and lost track of time and spentthe whole next day farming packed muduntil I realized I should probably helphobby by bringing him some materials forhis new Farm we worked together on daynine as well and by day 10 hobby wasdone with the wheat farm and I hadacquired a bunch of mud our first 10days are over but we basically haveeverything we need to start working onthe new Iron Golem Farm once that's donewe can finally start our main projectfor the hundred days which is a hugevillager trading Hall after sleeping in8 on day 11 I headed off to tend to thewheat in our new farm and hobby spentthe day trading for emeralds and thenstarted getting loads of campfires bybreaking and then recrafting them thetwo of us even shared a special momentat Sunset hi hion day 12 hobby continued to trade andgot a silk touch iron shovel meaning weno longer have to kill Enderman holdinggrass in order to get grass blocks healso unlocked the diamond ax trade thenext day I forced hobby to begin workingon the Iron Golem Farm while I gatheredwood so I could make a chest for eachcolor of the sheet pan I finished upplacing the chests on day 14 and I saidhi to Hobbies forgotten donkey who willprobably be abandoned in this randomsheep pen forever Bobby kept working onthe Iron Golem farm and I went to givethe wheat another Harvest by day 15 Ihad finally managed to fill in theentire wheat farm with seeds making itmuch easier to breed animals and obtainpacked much which is good because hobbyis currently burning through it veryquickly while working on the iron farmoh and by the way the design is byavaman's I'll link it in the descriptionI also started planning 2x2 spruce treesto fill in the octagon shape hobby laidout for the outer wall of our base onday 16 Hobby and I had a wholesomemoment chopping down a tree wow TeamworkMakes the Dream Work once again we'veproved that the real 100 days are thefriends we made along the way Bobbyfinished up the Iron Golem farm so nowwe just have to move some villagers into get it running hobby spent day 17finally lighting up our base so that wecan stay up catching zombies is a fancymod that overlays light levels on theground so you can see where mobs aregoing to spawn meanwhile I got some ironto use for mine carts and rails wecaught a few zombies and named them porkchop one and pork chop two and we forgotto light up the top of the mob farm sohobby had to battle this Griefer themorning of day 18 hobby went to light upthe top of the mob farm careful hobbyafterwards he worked on moving villagersinto the Iron Golem Farm can you tryyour best we don't succeed while hobbywas trying his best I was expanding theOuter Circle of the base I also got tosee this Griefer get absolutelydestroyed by our security systemon day 19 I continued expanding theOuter Circle of the base and hobby spentthe day moving villagers we did somezombie moving that night and it lookedlike the farm was working after spendingthe morning of day 20 getting a roguevillager back into his forever cell Ispent the rest of the day tearing downour old Iron Golem farm and startingconstruction on a new bridge through thepig pit also I got a new record butwe'll never be able to listen to it 20days are now behind us and with a betterIron Golem Farm complete we can at lastget a villager trading Hall started it'samazing what we've accomplished in thelast 20 days compared to our first 20days in this world on day 21 I continuedworking on the bridge and tearing downthe iron farm Bobby worked on expandingour water perimeter a bit and tendingthe wheat fields on day 22 hobbycombined shovels to get a shovel thatinstant mines dirt used it to help mefinish off the dirt layer of the pig penI just about finished up pigpit passwhich is what I've decided to call thebridge and just before the dawn of day23 I moved the villagers from the oldIron Golem Farm into a little spaceunder the far end of the bridge theselittle guys will come into play laterBobby and I grinded for bone blocks ofit which I needed to finish pass and heneeds for the Villager Training hallhobby also started saving up emeraldsfor a bell which we think mightencourage wandering traders to spawn inour pigpen on day 24 I finally finisheddecorating pigment pass and hobbyofficially started the trading Hallhobby purchased that shiny new bell wewanted on day 25 and I made a nicelittle Gateway for it I quickly madesome mini pig pens in case of lightningand hobby was kind enough to quicklyconvert the mob farm to a drown Farmonce again so I could get the copperneeded for a second lightning rod by thenext day I had my second lightning rodand I went off to start working on alittle cow Farm out towards the wheatfields at this point hobby noticed thatonly the right side of the Iron GolemFarm seemed to be working so he set outto correct it that night afterdelivering me some nice resources tohelp me finish off the cow pan I broughtthe cows to their new home on day 27 andhobby gifted me a beautiful new diamondshovel oh thank you we worked onbreeding our sheep and collecting woolfor future projects for a while and thenhobby successfully got a new zombie intothe Iron Golem Farm on day 28 I workedon trying to make our giant Spruce walleven at the top and free of leaves whilehobby finished up the repairs on theIron Golem farm and after spendingalmost all of day 29 on the spruce wallI decided it looks absolutely terriblethe wall doesn't look good and doesn'tdoes it no looks terrible so on day 30Hobby and I worked together to take downthe wall the Iron Golem Farm was nowworking on both sides and we now had aton of wood this session was a realgrind and a bit frustrating with so muchtime spent building and tearing down theouter wall as well as fixing the IronGolem Farm but we did get a cow Farmdone a bridge built and the skeleton ofour future trading Hall all set up wekicked off the next 10 days by finishingup chopping down the tree wall hobbybought a new diamond ax and combinedthem to make an OP wood Shopper he thenremoved the ugly dirt path to the IronGolem Farm now that it was officiallyfixed and brought me a new diamond ax ofmy own hobby is really giving Santa arun for his money the next day we took abreak from the hustle and bustle to telleach other some nice campfire storiesafter that I did a bit of decoratingwith Azalea trees and bushes and hobbykept working on the Villager Traininghall Bobby began expanding the hall onday 33 as I helped him out by bringingmaterials to him this continued on forthe next several days on day 34 I workedon copying the right side while hobbystarted the second floor on day 35 wejust kept on grinding and on Day 36 Idecided to construct a big circularentrance for our third floor by day 37and we were getting pretty annoyed withconstantly having to farm white wool andwe were also almost out of the woodalready the good news is once I tearthese walls down we probably won't everneed to farm wood againI decided to start working on some Torygates to go between the main and sidebuildings of the hall on day 38 hobbyonce again expanded our water perimetera bit to cover the new base expansionsand I switched up the design for thetour gate to use Oakwood for a bit morecontrast on day 39 I spent the entireday copying the gate to the other sideof the base and I failed about fivetimes in a row because I refused to takeany screenshots for reference meanwhileJavi got an efficiency 5 shovel and inhonor of our last video named it The BigDig he then spent the rest of the daycollecting bone blocks upgrading hisarmor and listening to me mess up thegate over and over and over what the am I doing wrong on day 40 Ifinally organized my inventory which hadbeen driving me crazy for the past 10days hobby decided to bring a WanderingTrader llama back home to our base whichwould surely become another one of hisneglected pets I did my best to gothrough our base and get rid of anytorches I could replacing them with nicepretty lanterns and in the process Imanaged to create this horrifying zombiehorde so we ran to bed another 10 daysdown and our base looks trulytransformed it's amazing what focusingon Aesthetics can do for the quality oflife in your base speaking of AestheticsI spent day 41 one decorating the centerof the base finally Bobby worked on thethird floor of the main building whichis where our villager breeder will go wejust need to be careful to spawn proofthe area because it is inside of a slimechunk on d42 hobby began construction onthe breeder which is designed by logicalgeek boy I decided to carve a circle inthe roof of our storage room to let alittle natural light in then Hobby and Iboth teamed up to transport thevillagers under the bridge into thebreeding chamber nighttime was makingthe villagers want to run towards thebeds so we decided to sleep to makethings easier but before we couldcontinue with the villagers on day 43 wespotted a Wandering traitor oh wateryTrader water trainer we purchased asmuch as we could of his entire stock wegot Oak saplings which meant no new woodtype unfortunately but we can get beeshelp will let us make a kelp farm andpotentially use kelp blocks on our buildcyan dye gives us access to a new woolcolor the pufferfish can potentially beused to make a proximity detector forfuture redstone contraptions we got thebubble coral and the Nautilus shellsjust because why not it seemed worth itto buy them we confirmed that kelp doesindeed cook on campfires and crafted ourfirst kelp block this might be reallygood to use as a roof for one of ourbuildings after all the excitement fromthe trader visit calm down we got backto work Bobby got a villager into thebreeder and I made some item frames forour storage room to make it a bit nicerto use the next day hobby got the secondvillager into the breeder and cleaned upa bit while I made a big yin yangpattern with carpet in the Slime shopthe yin yang represents Hobby and I butI don't know who's Yin and who's Yingplease help us figure it out which oneis the cool one can I be the cool one onday 45 we were officially out of ourwood supply probably finished theVillager breeder and I began to upgradethe side buildings a bit and made thehorrifying discovery that they don'tmatch we spent all day fixing this onday 46 while hobby did some decoratingwith his fancy Emerald blocks andconfirmed that the Villager breeder wasindeed working we got a baby villager onday 47 I discovered that once again theside buildings did not match and thistime hobby took pity on me and spent theday helping me correct the mistake onday 48 hobby began setting up the systemfor transporting villagers out of thebreeder I finished up with the sidebuildings for the time being and insteadturned my attention to decorating thecow form a bit on day 49 hobby got ourfirst B Nest I expanded the cow Farmeven more and hobby took care of someescaped villagers on day 50 I startedworking on some roofs for the sidebuildings and hobbies started layingrails for the Villager transportationsystem I needed a bit of spruce wood soI traded with hobby do you have anySpruce on you hello I am a villagerwhere are you ohit's Bruce boatthank you I think the villagers arerubbing off on him already we're halfwaythrough our second hundred days and ourbase has completely changed I neverthought I'd say this but it's startingto look like a base you'd see in anormal Minecraft world our second 50days kicked off with a bang or well aFlash and then a bang both of our pigpens were struck by lightning and wemanaged to get 11 gold ingots in totalenough for a set of powered rails ourPig Supply is now dangerously low so wedefinitely need to breed these guys onday 52 hobby gifted me an efficiency 2diamond ax which I used to collect someoak wood for decorating Bobby and I thenplanned out some of the finer details ofthe Villager transportation systemtogether and I went off to continue workon the roofs for the side buildings Iused pressure plates to make sure thatno mobs could spawn I continued workingon copying over the roof for theentirety of day 53 while hobby worked onthe rail system and even got the firstvillager into place we really need fishto trade with the Villagers so hobbybegan constructing a new fishing pondbehind our sheep farms by day 54 I wasfinally done with all of the roofs andhobby finished up his fishing pond atthis point I decided to Begin work on aseaweed bar the plan is to be able toeasily farm and cook tons of Kelps sothat we can use the kelp blocks fordecorating while I was working on thathobby spent some time fishing and evencaught a nice new one Breaking FreeFishing Rod the next day hobby took afishing break to come help me with theseaweed bar and we planted the first Kelon day 56 hobby went back to fishing andcaught some nice enchanted books I spentanother full day building up the kelpFarm by day 57 I was almost done withthe kelp farm and hobby caught some moreawesome Treasures like this mending bowthe next day I took a short break fromthe Kelp Farm to add some carpets to allof the villager trading Halls both forAesthetics and for Mob proofingmeanwhile hobby managed to get a luck ofthe C3 Unbreaking three fishing rod bytrading with villagers and combiningrods I crafted up some mine carts andwent to go transport some villagers andI immediately got stuck and had to havehobby rescue me my hero on day 59 Hobbywe decided to get a cat of his own I'm ashiny of him uh gray Tobinonce again I found myself begging hobbyfor something this time it was leavesthank you so much you're welcome hobbycontinued fishing and got a really goodfishing rod while I transported loads ofvillagers into their cells by day 60hobby had made an awesome bow andafterwards began trading with our newvillagers I continued transporting abunch of villagers into their cells andthen wrapped up the day with some goodold-fashioned wood farming we've nowaccomplished a ton of our goals forthese hundred days but there's so muchmore we can work on for example our mobfarm which hobby began renovating on day61. the plan is to take down the old oneand construct something that uses waterflushing to be a little more efficientwe're also going to use hoppers so thatwe can automatically collect dropsinstead of killing the mobs by hand wellhobby worked on that I tidied up ourCircle entrance a little and spent therest of the day expanding our seaweedbar by day62 I had planted half the kelpfarm at this point I needed some morewood but I realized we didn't have anymore bone meal because the old mob farmwas no longer in operation so I wasgonna have to wait for trees to grow theold-fashioned way we made some goodprogress on the mob renovation projectand I went back to transportingvillagers into their trading Hall cellson day 63 hobby once again continuedwork on the mob farm used a clever boatclock design by ill mango to get theRedstone timing needed for our flushingsystem I forgot that the giant sprucetrees create a bunch of PODS all soafter Gathering wood I had a big mess toclean up if only I had a Hobby's big dayyou know his awesome shovel with mynewly gathered wood I went back to workon the kelp Farm hobby realized we needto lower the height of the hoppers atthe bottom of the drop shoot in orderfor witches to die from Fall damage thenext day I finished up the kelp farm andhobby worked all day long on the mobfarm on day 65 I tried harvesting thekelp for the first time and it wasactually really fun to smelt it all inthe campfire wall meanwhile Javi finallydescended from the heavens in order togather some more wood for the farm weused the wood to continue constructionon day 66 while I farmed some more woodI began to decorate the mob farm and inthe process I decided to deliver hobbysome more wood like a nice friendcry there you go nooh and I died due to clumsiness this wasthe only death during these 100 days butit felt pretty bad once again Hobby andI thanked our pastels for deciding notto do this in hardcore I'll be finishedup the mob farm on day 67 while Icontinued to decorate it to the best ofmy ability on day 68 Javi decided to addLeaf blocks to the drop shoot to preventmobs from missing The Hoppers andescaping I went on top of the farm inorder to disable mobs from spawningwhile he did so the Farms seemed to beworking slower than it should and afterinvestigating hobby realized that I hadleft a hole in the roof my bad on day 69I farmed up some more kelp at theseaweed bar and hobby once againextended our water perimeter to preventmobs from spawning while he fished onDay 70 hobby decided it was finally timeto make a chicken farm so that we'd haveanother source of food I went back todecorating the mob farm which wasdangerous business with the new mob farmdone another huge goal had beencompleted now it feels like that 200 dayMark is fast approaching I got nervousbeing so high at night on Day 70 so Iwent to sleep up there and I had aterrible nightmare that I woke up insideof the mob farm it freaked me out so Ireturn to Earth more villagers had bredso I went back to putting them in theirplace hobby was having no luck withgetting chickens in his farm so hedecided to lure one home with seeds thechicken fell in our pink sheep pit andhobby decided to leave it there tocollect some eggs the next day he wentback to spawn to look for anotherchicken I guess I'm not the only onehaving night terrors because hobby dozedoff and dreamed that his boat sunk intothe ground while hobby struggled to gethis second chicken past the Slime Armyof No Man's Land I worked on a secrettunnel leading out of our storage room Ispent the morning of day 73 collectingbone blocks and white wool to continuedecorating the mob farm hobby worked onfinishing up the rail system for thevillagers so that we can finally get thelast few cells filled in the morning ofday 74 hobby went to go breed hischickens afterwards he found my secretentrance so now I guess it's just anentrance I continued working ondecorating the mob farm all day long onday 75 hobby finally got a baby chickenin his Coop and I farmed wood for awhile in the rain then the two of usworked together to finish the very lastrail line of the Villager transportationsystem hobby decided to tackle one ofour last remaining project ideas on day76 Auto Croc Farms we decided to usethis design by mysticat while hobbypicked out a good spot and watched thetutorial I continued decorating the mobfarm but by day 77 I had to face thefacts my decorations didn't look greatBobby I gotta say it looks terrible noit doesn't it doesit looks so bad it was blockingvisibility around the base and justoverall looked a little basic plus Ikept almost dying while working on italso how the heck did that cat get herewhat the heck I was feeling pretty burntout so I went to use the seaweed barwhile I dealt with this personal crisishobby was actually being productivemaking great progress on the autocroftfarms by day 78 he had finished half ofthe build I continued to screw up bymaking a big mob oopsie at the kelp FarmI worked on killing off all the mobs andlighting everything up and thencontinued transporting villagers intotheir cells by the next day I hadfinished and all of the cells in ourtrading home were now filled up Hobbycontinued working on his Auto crop farmsall day finally on day 80 it was time todo the inevitable Hobby and I spent theentire day removing my mediocredecorations of the mob farm sometimespart of being a good Minecraft player isabout knowing when something isn't quiteworking and being willing to remove abuild you spent time on there's only 20days remaining but we still have a fewfinal projects up our sleeves on day 81I worked on decorating the kelp and ironbuilding whereas we've been calling itThe South Way hobby worked on somefinishing touches to the auto crop farmsin the Northway by day 82 he was readyto move villagers in and get the Farmsrunning he got one of the two Farmscompletely finished up meanwhile I ranaround getting workstations so that allof our villagers would be employed Hobbyand I have zero percent unemploymentbeat that Mr President come onafterwards I started the last majorproject I wanted to complete before 200days I want to transform our boring fishfarm into a Scenic Pond complete with awaterfall since we don't have access toStone I'm using wool so I need tocollect lots of it the next day hobbyfinished up the second Auto crop farmand I made some awesome progress on thefishing sanctuary I'm having to getreally creative with the blocks I usewith his Auto crop project all donehobby decided to help me on day 84 bycollecting phony stone for me anddelivering it to me while I worked allday since we haven't lit up the area yetwe brought some beds over so we cansleep through the night but this meanswe'll have to work extra fast to make upfor the Lost Time on day 85 hobby actedout a Precision strike on a rogue Leafblock that refused to vacate ourairspace after his tactical maneuver weboth spent the rest of the day workingon the sanctuary together on day 86 Idecided to really switch things up andworked on the waterfall all day get it Iwas being sarcastic because I keepworking on the the fish pond area nevermind Bobby helped out by doing someterraforming in the water and continuingto Shear the Sheep he also crafted upsome bone blocks and planted morepotatoes in the auto crop farms turnsout they're working great this is goingto be awesome for trading Emeraldbreeding pigs and most importantlysnagging the grind on the sanctuary areacontinued on day 87 and hobby helped meout by lighting up the area a bit andcheering the Sheep as always on day 88Javi tried some terraforming of his ownby making some Cliffs on the left side Idecided to try and make a custom cherryblossom tree I really think this willtie the area together I finished thetrunk and the branches and then beganplacing magenta and pink wool to act asthe leaves I spent the next day breedingand sharing pink sheep to get more woolfor the tree I also began sprinkling inbone blocks at the top to complete thegradient it's kind of a chunky gradientdue to the limited color palette but Iwas pretty happy with how it was comingout poppy spent the day building alittle fishing dock and adding somefinishing touches like lily pads andazalea leaves these little details go areally long way on day 90 hobby decidedto do some fishing in our newlybeautified Pond I thought of a few funimprovements to add like Pink Carpetpetals falling from the tree I usedstring in order to get the carpet tofloat I also thought campfire smoke inthe waterfall might look kind of likeMist hobby was kind enough to share hisscreen with me so I could get theplacement just right hobby wrapped upthe day by adding more dirt paths andreplacing some of his torches withlanterns after I yelled at him fortorched spamming the fishing pond iscoming out incredible but with only 10days left it's time to focus on somelast minute improvements to the base onday 91 I finished up with the flowerpetals touched up the dirt paths a bitand added more to the rocky area of thewaterfall hobby kindly continued tobring me resources and worked on shapinghis own area of the build a bit on day92 I added a bit more to the Rocks onceagain and I did my best to bury all ofthe Torches underneath Moss carpet forhidden lighting hobby spent the wholeday farming wood so that we can build abridge through the Sheep area to get toour Sanctuary on the morning of day 93hobby finally managed to get a secondChicken in his little Coop afterwards heonce again spent the day collecting woodwhile I raised the waterfall up to be abit more dramatic on Day 94 hobby wentto go trade with villagers and levelthem up a bit I went ahead and beganconstructing the bridge through theSheep pens it was a pain in the butt towork around the Sheep but I made goodprogress and nearly finished it beforegetting distracted by a thunderstormlightning once again struck our pig pensso as the sun came up on day 95 Hobbyand I cleaned up the piglets and managedto get 15 gold ingots with the leftovergold from the previous storm we now have26 ingots in total unfortunately itseems that all of our pigs had wanderedinto the pens prior to the storm meaningthat we now have a pig population ofzero at some point we'll need to go backto spawn and get some new pigs or elsewe may just have to rename pigpit passto Pat pissed sorry pit pass pit pass Ithought those even real words startingto sound meaningless anyways I finishedup the bridge to the sanctuary and thenadded a bit more to the waterfall whilehobby worked on organizing our mob dropsinto bulk storage bins on day 96 Iworked on the transition from thesanctuary bridge to our main base whilehobby traded for golden carrots and onceagain populated the auto crop farms withmore potatoes so that all four moduleswould be running I also spent some timeconsolidating one of our old chests intoour storage room the next day I stoppedby the seaweed bar for another Harvestwhile hobby spent the day working a bitwith our bees he didn't realize thatbreaking a beehive would still make thebees angry just like it does with thenests so he ended up getting stung andkilling one of our poor bees R.I.P onday 98 Hobby and I spent the morningworking on finally covering up the openceiling in our main base that had beenbought bothering us for quite some timeit's where our original fishing pondused to be and we never knew quite whatto do with the area then Javi rememberedto go turn off the Villager breeder nowthat our trading Hall was at fullcapacity for the rest of the day hobbyworked on small things like tradinggetting rid of torches around the baseand cleaning up random chests andcrafting benches while he was doing thatI was working on the south Wing I addeda Mossy Terrace and a facade for thesecond floor complete with a beautifulkelp roof I finished up with thatproject on day 99 and I was really happywith how it came out poppy continuedremoving torches from around our baseand managed to get both our pigless pitand our sheep pens looking nice and neatwith lanterns and then the sun came upon our 200th day in the world meaningour second Journey was coming to a closeto celebrate hobby baked us a cake whileI made a table and chairs on our brandnew deck so that we had a place to sitand enjoy it yay Hobby and I need a jumpso I can eat the cake we ate a bit ofcake and then remembered that we totallyforgot to use the cyan dye we had gottenfrom the wandering Trader so we went andcrafted a little candle for our tableunfortunately it wouldn't go into thecake since we already ate some the 200thday wrapped up in the best way possiblewith me watching the sunset with myhabibi during our first hundred days wehad grinded so much to get into the lategame of structureless super flat and itwas truly incredible to see just howmuch we could accomplish in 100 dayswhen we didn't have to kill hundreds ofzombies for iron or spend our timetrying to get witches to throw weaknesspotions as zombie villagers our worldlooks so different now and we're both soproud of how everything came out it'spretty amazing to think you can createall of this from just dirt there's stillso much potential for this world andhobby and I have a whole list of ideasso if you guys want to see anotherinstallment leave a like and a commentdown below if enough of you want itwe'll definitely do another thanks forwatching