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What’s New in FlutterFlow | May 2023

May 2023 Flutterflow Update Enhances Flexibility and Customization

  • Flutterflow for May 2023 has made updates to data types, allowing for more flexibility and less need to query a collection
  • Custom Dialog Actions allow users to create drop down menus with the new aligned dialog option
  • Pastestyle allows users to copy widget styling such as padding, border color and background color from one widget to another
  • Custom Breakpoints enable users to establish a more finely tuned responsive layout by setting what pixel width their responsive triggers target on
  • AI Gen Theme Settings generate colors with AI and provide options for dark/light mode and other color/text themes
  • Firestore Batch Writes group several write operations into a single atomic operation in back-end calls
  • Widget Tree Search makes locating specific widgets easy by typing in the name of the widget
  • Hold To See Widget Tree allows users to right click, copy styling, right click again and paste widget styling onto other buttons quickly
  • Reusable Action Blocks let users create sequences of actions that can be reused across the app while supporting parameters and return values
  • Tooltip Widgets provide contextual messages that appear when a user hovers over or taps an element with customization options such as colors, fonts and display direction
  • Conditional Builder Widgets save time by allowing users to conditionally display widgets within mobile/web applications based on conditions
  • Project Labels enable projects to be categorized and filtered across teams by adding labels when creating a label (e.g. AI or client)
  • Download Code for Snapshot/Versions provides the ability for multiple users working on the same project to export and test known stable versions while others continue development potentially introducing breaking changes
  • Choice Chips Widget upgrade adds border radius weight.

Maze App Offers More Design Customization for Users

  • Maze has added new customizable options for color and padding to their choice chips
  • This provides users with more control over the design of their app
  • Users are encouraged to comment on their favorite features.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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let's take a look at what's new influtterflow for May 2023[Music]first off we made some big updates todata types and flutter flow number onedata types are no longer tied tofirestore so you can create them withouthaving to set up Firebase you can accessit from the left panel and set up yourschema for your variable similar tocollections so now you can use datatypes in your app State variables forAccess across your applicationyou can use them in page State variablesto generate children directly from yourdata type if it's a listand you can use it in component Statevariables without having to query acollection and lastly it's also mucheasier now to create and use data typesin custom code and API variables theseupdates give you much more flexibilityand allow you to use custom data typeswhether or not use firestorenext up is custom dialog actions createbeautiful custom drop down menus withthe new aligned dialog optionlet's use it to build this drop downfirst I'll navigate to the containerthat holds the account button then onnavigate to the actions panel I'll setthis to on top and look for customdialog action once I'm presented withthe properties I can select my pre-builtcustom component as a dialognow we can go ahead and toggle on a linewith Target widget set up our dialogalignment and Target alignment selectavoid overflow and that's all it takesnumber three we have updates to pastestyle you can now effortlessly pastestyling such as padding border colorbackground color from One widget toanotherthis will allow you to create consistentAesthetics across widgets in secondslet's add in a button here all we haveto do is right click select copy widgetstyle right click again and paste thewidget styling to the other buttonsimple as thatmoving on we have custom breakpointscustom breakpoints allow you toestablish a more finely tuned responsivelayout by letting you define what pixelwidth your responsive triggers Targethere we have a 479 pixel width fromMobile to tablet view I have the sidebarset to appear conditionally on a tabletview now as I expand to 479 pixels itappearsso now let's go backif I change this to 500 pixel widthinstead the sidebar appears on tabletview after 500 pixels as a result you'renow empowered to decide when your UIelements go to mobile tablet and desktopviewone of our favorite new features is partof our AI gen release and the themesettings and in the colors tabgo ahead and select generate with AI andwelcome to theme gen our first AIfeature publicly available now you candescribe the kind of color theme thatyou'd like let's go with penguin's Beachvacationin Suite we're presented with a greatlist of colors with the penguin whomight be spending some time in Miami andnow we can toggle dark and light mode onthe same panel and also explore othercolor and text themes that may fit ourapplication and then when we go aheadand hit save changes the colors areadded into our design systemautomatically and you can see that ourapp takes on a penguin's version of aBeach vacation be sure to use this andshare your favorite themes with us onsocial medianext up we have firestore batch ridesbatch rides allow you to group severalride operations into a single Atomicoperation when creating back-end callssimply toggle on batch rights to ensureall your data updates either completelysucceed or completely fail preventingany partial updates next we have two newfeatures for faster building first offis widget tree search locating specificwidgets is as simple as typing in thename now no more endless scrolling orhunting through long widget trees tofind that one container you've beenlooking forand tip number two is to hold to see thewidget tree once you've selected yourpreferred widget from the widget panelsimply click and hold to see the widgettree from there you can drag the widgetanywhere on the widget tree for easybuildingnext you now have access to use reusableaction blocks action blocks allow you tocreate a sequence of actions that can bereused throughout your entire app youcan use app wide action blocks orpage-wide action blocks depending onyour use casewhen you have long action chains thatyou reuse you may forget to update themacross all similar action chains whichleads to bugs with action blocks if youneed to make changes just update themain action blockaction blocks also support parametersand you can specify return value as wellthis means less repetition less room forerrors and more time to focus onbuildingnext up we have a new tooltip widgettool tips are small contextual messagesthat appear when a user hovers over ortaps an element here I'm going to goahead and wrap this button in a tooltipwidget you can also find tool tipswithin the widget panel tooltips aregreat because they provide additionalinformation for the user making themhelpful in offering guidance orclarifying functionalityour new tooltip widget provides a rangeof customization options such as colorsfonts and display Direction this allowsyou to create a unique and personalizedexperience for your end userour new conditional Builder widget isnow live this widget will save you timeand allow you to conditionally displaywidgets within your mobile and webapplications you can now effortlesslyswitch between different UI elementsbased on conditions all within a fewclicks here for example I'm adding inthe conditional widget into a list viewnow I'm going to set it so that if aniOS device is displayed then the iOScomponent will be showcased for thistravel app else the Android componentwill be showcased for the travel app youcan add in more else statements intothis widget and you can select which oneis displayed on the UI Builderlastly a new update we have is Projectlabels you can now add labels to yourproject and keep your project dashboardorganized this is especially helpful ifyou have clients or different types ofprojects here I have labels for AI andmy favorite client labels can also beused for your entire team you justtoggle the song When creating a labeland this makes it easy to categorize andfilter all your various projects acrossyour team and lastly we have downloadcode for snapshot or versions now whenpeaking a snapshot or a version you candownload the code of that version orsnapshot this is especially helpful whenmultiple users are working on the sameproject one user can export and test aknown stable version While otherscontinue development potentiallyintroducing breaking changesand finally our choice chips widget justgot a big upgrade you can now add borderradius weight color and padding to yourchoice chips these new options will giveyou even more control to create an appthat's not just functional but alsobeautiful that's it for Maze productupdates share your favorite features inthe comments below and we'll see you inthe next one[Music]