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Deep Fakes That Changed The Internet Forever

Jordan Peterson Calls for Criminalization of Deep Fakes

  • The internet has seen an influx of deep fake videos, which are video clips generated with AI technology
  • The first of these were created to create adult entertainment, but they soon spread and became more sophisticated and realistic
  • Deep fakes can be used to spark panic, start real conflicts, or blackmail victims
  • Jordan Peterson claims that creating such videos should be a crime.

Deepfakes: A Growing Threat to Democracy and Privacy

  • The proliferation of deepfakes has become a serious threat to democracy
  • This was highlighted by an incident in 2021 where members of the European Parliament were shocked to discover they had been speaking with a deepfake of Putin critic Leonard Volkov
  • In order to convince the global population of their war efforts, Russia released an entirely fake video of President Zidinski telling Ukrainian troops to lay down their arms and surrender
  • Deepfakes have been used for insidious purposes, such as creating fake advertisements, as well as for entertainment with victims being stripped of their rights to their own body and privacy
  • Major sites have banned these kinds of deepfakes, but legislation is still far away.

Uproar Over Imitation Videos: Combatting Deep Fakes Proves Difficult

  • Imitation videos, also referred to as “deep fakes” or “defects”, have become popular and prevalent on the internet
  • These videos use facial recognition technology to imitate celebrities and notable influencers, often without their knowledge or consent
  • This has caused a huge uproar in the online community, with victims of these videos having little legal recourse
  • Additionally, due to the quick progression of technology, legislation is slow and combatting these videos has been difficult
  • With current techniques such as spotters, audio and lighting defects may be detectable with the naked eye but they are not foolproof
  • As deep fake programs continue to develop, it may become increasingly difficult—if not impossible—to detect them.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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from your favorite twitch streamersturning into adult entertainers JoeRogan setting scam products to defectswith the potential of course in the nexthuge global conflict these are the sevendefects that changed the internetforever Putin's illegal occupation ofKiev and the impending Chinese blockadeof Taiwan has created a two-frontnational security crisis that requiresmore troops than the volunteer militarycan supply receive what you just watchedis one of the most dangerous to effectsthe internet has ever seen a defeat thatwent viral on the Twitter recentlygaining over 8 million views somethinglike this has the very real potential ofstarting real conflicts in the futurewith defects becoming more and morerealistic almost to a point wherethey're indistinguishable from realityHow could a world leader or populationknow what is real and what isn't evenwhen the disclaimer in this video peoplewill still fooled into thinking that itwas real and once the hard work ofcreating the defect has been done itdoesn't matter what the originalintention was people can still justrepackage it to push whatever agendathey want a more advanced more maliciousversion of this video because easy sparka mass panic the worst that could causea precautionary retaliation and then ina time of Crisis a nuclear war hostcould easily set off an already panicregime this eventuality will be possiblein just a few years or even months atthis point considering how quicklyGlobal tensions and Technology have beengoing in recent years you can see theevidence of this in the video itselfwith both the visuals and audio havingbeen deep faced in a very convincing wayand it was the first taste of theinternet of how damaging these defectscould truly be however as serious asthis topic is the very firstly fakevideos were originally sourced fromReddit after an anonymous user going bythe name deep fake released a collectionof videos depicting female celebritieslike Gal Gadot Daisy Ridley and JessicaAlba in an adult setting the user hadtrained an existing image creation AI tosuperimpose the celebrities faces ontoexisting footage and the results werelike nothing anyone's ever seen beforethey recruited reprehensible and clearlyfake but because of the nature of theseDVD videos they exploded in popularitywith these videos eventually being knownas defects all after this Reddit usercool deep fakes who first posted themand it was these very first deep feedvideos that would change the internetforever a subreddit created to housethem at any new deep fix quickly tookoff as well gaining over 15 000subscribers in just two months monthsand so it's depressingly predictablethat the first use of this newtechnology by the internet was to createadult entertainment but just a fewmonths later Reddit would ban thesevideos from the site but this crackeddown on deep face wouldn't do anythingto stop this new technology the geniewas now out of the bottle and so monthby month these videos slowly became moreand more sophisticated and realisticpart of this was due to improvements intechnology but it was also because thetourists to create them became much morewidespread deep fake the Reddit user whostarted it all even released its own appfor recreating this process in just afew simple clicks anybody could create adeep fake using this free software andso by now the floodgates were openwithin weeks thousands of defectsproliferated every corner of theinternet but this wasn't just adultentertainment videos anymore because atthe same time as the rise of these adultdeep fakes other examples of thistechnology began popping up whicheventually led to one other trend ondefects that would change the internetand this is where people would insertNicholas Cage into whatever movie youcould think of the culmination of thiswas a scene from France when nearly allof the access had been replaced byNicholas Cageterrific togetherreallybitching however these other defectswere still obviously not the person theydepicted although this would change veryvery soon as it wouldn't be long beforethe true potential deep fix was put onshow which leads to one of the mostgroundbreaking deep fix because afterthese amateurs videos popped up theinternet eventually got its first tasteof what professionals could accomplishwith this new technology it all startedwhen BuzzFeed uploaded a new videocalled you won't believe what Obama saysin this video in it Barack Obama gives apublic address and staying aware aboutmisinformation and the potential dangersof deep fakes we're entering an era inwhich our enemies can make it look likeanyone is saying anything at any pointin time as well as throwing in a fewjokes president Trump is a total andcomplete [ __ ] and it's only halfwaythrough the video that we learned thiswhole video is a d fig Jordan peelappears alongside the president and hasrevealed that he was the creator of thesource footage and voiceover but whatwas really concerning about this deepfake was how accurate it looked now itstill wasn't perfect but it was MilesAhead of anything else at the timecombining these defects with a talentedimpression along with a higher budgetincrease the quality of these videosexponentially and after the video gainsnearly 10 million views the messageabout being wary of believing everythingyou see online hits home now one of thereasons why this footage was sorealistic was that the AI that made ithad access to a huge amount of referencefootage Obama is one of the most filmedand documented people in the worldmeaning that AI could get a very goodread on his mannerisms and facialexpressions and so in just a few daysthe program is able to master it anotherwas the lack of need for a deep fakevoice you see these deep faked voiceswere still very primitive in 2018 andcould be easily recognizable as fakehellohow are you with a good impressionist adefeat could seem very real indeed butboth of these limitations could easilybe surpassed with better deep fakingtechnology once the amount of sourcematerial needed is reduced anyone can bedefeated realistically the billions ofselfies floating around the internetensures this and any truly maliciousparty can make the source featuresthemselves so by using these techniquesthey could then defame the victim oreven blackmail them by threatening torelease the footage which is why thisObama defect was the first one todemonstrate how real these videos couldreally look using these defeattechniques they could then defame thevictim or even blackmail them bythreatening to release the footage andthis is certainly the concern thatJordan Peterson has surrounding deepfakes with Jordan recently claimingquotes the production such fake shouldbe a crime with a mandatory 10-yearsentence this Tech is dangerous beyondbelief the sentiment followed from aviral D fake of Jordan where in the Dfake Jordan Peterson brutally denouncesmembers of the German governmentlabeling them as an embarrassmentthere's this classical notion ofkakistocracy meaning a government run bythe worst the least qualified so to saynow No Other Nation on Earth is a moreVivid example of this than the currentGerman government claiming that oneGerman politician refers to Ukraine ascocaine this lady is struggling not tomess up the simplest of words she ismispronouncing names of people capitalseven her own she called Ukrainecocaine for goodness sake as hedescribed the German government as acomplete freak Show and in the videosaying good luck Germany I'm sorry butyou are [ __ ] the video had peopleseriously questioning if it was realwith tweets like this with it laterbeing updated after being pointed out asfake with some tweets taking the D fakeas a message of truth even if this wasquote a good D fake others claimed thatthe word spoken was self-evidently trueeven though Jordan Peterson never saidany of this but the fact that it's notimmediately recognizable to many as fakeis very scary and with defeat technologybecoming better and better it's only amatter of time into the video like thisweren't just for some people buteveryone when this is the case and I sayone because this is pretty muchinevitable at this point he won't beable to verify if anything is real orfake without actually Consulting withthe person in the video and it's thisability to influence large amounts ofpeople that has the true power behind Dfakes being able to disrupt or evensoaked out on your opponents isincredibly valuable to any governmentwith a relaxed view on ethics which iswhy it's no surprise in the countrieslike China and Russia or North Koreahave began experimenting with deep fakesmost clearly this starts in early 2021where members of the European Parliamentwere shocked to learn that they hadn'tactually been speaking with the Putincritic Leonard volkov in fact whatthey've been speaking to was a deep fakeby taking advantage of the lowresolution of video calls twokremlin-backed social media prankstersposters volkov and had meetings withhigh up officials across the continentas well as other news agencies and itwas only discovered later after thatthis whole thing had been faked allthese politicians had been speaking toA.I and master was very embarrassing forall the governments and people who gotfood it didn't really lead to any realdamage however regardless the incidentcame as a warning of the danger thedefects posed to democracy and havingfound success in such a small scaleRussia then decided to push defectsfurther in an audacious attempt to swingthe war in their favor having failed intheir initial attempt to make Ukrainecapitulate Russia needed a new tactic toconvince the global population of theirWar efforts and this was when they wouldrelease an entirely defeated video ofPresident zidinski telling Ukrainiantroops to lay down their arms andsurrender to Russia it was the firsttime the defects had been so blatantlyused by a state as a weapon to spreadmisinformation at first it did seem likeit was working one post of the video gotover 120 000 views on Twitter Ukrainiannews channels were even hacked into andforced to broadcast his first surrendermessage until it was eventually takenoffline however it's downfall thatanyone ever took it seriously as itwasn't too realistic or convincing andUkraine also Matters by merelydisproving it however the issue ariseswhen you consider what the attempt meansfor the future considering thistechnology is only a few years old onceand improves over the decades it's gonnabecome harder and harder to disprove anddiscredit these as fake making theimpact far more unpredictable and for acountry on the brink of losing a war ora country where Morales at low point onewell-placed defect could spark a masspanic and propaganda is a huge part offighting Wars and controlling theenemy's population so it's really nothard to imagine countries incorporatingdefects as yet another weapon in theirArsenal but of course D fakes aren'tjust going to disrupt politics they'vealso started to be used for otherInsidious purposes which becomes clearin this next examplenow you see the best defects come whenyou find more sources of data onpeople's speech and mannerisms assomeone's voice is very hard to defeatconvincingly especially compared tovideos we see right now so consideringhis thousands of hours of podcasts andhis high profile Joe Rogan is perhapsthe perfect Target now most of thedefects of Joe Rogan are completelyinnocent comedy like a d fake of JoeRogan and Jordan Peterson discussingBionicle which went viral did you everwatch the Bionicle movie yes yes yes notthe metronui ones or God forbid the 2009one however what came from these defectsof Jay Rogan was one of the first defectscams to take off first uploaded inearly February of 2023 the video seemedto show Joe Rogan and a guest discussinga new male performance supplementtelling people to go buy it off ofAmazon and immediately the video wentviral well look that Alpha groundproduct is all over Tick Tock if you goto Amazon and you type in libido boosterfor men you're gonna find it right atthe top and that's because guys arefiguring out that it literally isincreasing size and making a differencedown that stimulates the testes if yougot those to make more testosteronealthough people picked up on the scamit's no certain how many people wereactually duped into believing this andusing Joe Rogan's reputation it likelyworked and then the success andnotoriety of this scam generated a wholeslew of copycats which is only gettingmore and more sophisticated but thebiggest problem with defects today isconsent to take someone's likeness intheir voice to push whatever agenda youwant is a form of identity theft butwhen defects are used as adultentertainment the victims then strippedtheir rights to their own body andprivacy as well and although most majorsites have banned these kinds of defectslegislation and an overall ban are stilla long long way off and this combinedwith a completely deserved publicoutrage has forced these defects ontotheir own Shady sites and this is whyone of the most famous deep face coursesuch a huge Scandal recently when afamous twitch streamer atriarch wascaught with one of these sides open onstream whilst he was streaming from onetab to another the streamer accidentrevealed the site that he was on and itonly got worse when it was discoveredthe society had been using had defectsof other twitch streamers like cutieCinderella Maya Higa and poke he madewhich results in an Atrix embarrassingapology video where he failed to salvageany remaining shreds of his reputation II don't like I'm morbidly curious and Iclicked something and I and I it's just[ __ ] it's it's gross it's gross andI'm sorry I really am I really [ __ ]it I know I'm like joking a lot of thestreet and unfortunately whilst hiscareer is taking a massive blow hisactions have only promoted these sickdefects even more in fact this massivedrama machine surrounding this instantprobably did way more to boost thepopularity of illicit defects thananything else before and dealing withthis problem is almost impossible rightnow victims of these deep fakes oftenhave less to recourse other thantargeting individual videos or sites butwhen one gets removed more spring up toreplace it and it's not a battle thatshould have to be fought by the victimsin the first place however the glacialpace of legislation compared to thequick progression of Technology makesBanning these a fairy tale scenario andit's not just about adult entertainmentthis is about the impact on society as awhole and when you think about it it'sonly been about one year and defectshave already completely saturated theinternet but the problems they'recausing are only getting worse so it'snot really surprising that people arenow trying to find a way to combat thesevideos but the question is how do youeven do this well right now there aresome techniques to spot evensophisticated defects with the naked eyesubtle facial movements like blinkingare often dead giveaways as deep fakevideos often blink too often or notenough and the movement itself may seemjittery D fake programs also strugglewith the natural lighting and theborders between facial features althoughto be fair this is so much harder tospot audio defects are also stilldetectable being nowhere nearsophisticated as deep fake videos withthese audio defects often gettingthemselves away because the pausesbetween sentences are always too shortor too long hey boynuggetsno need for thanks get me some fries toobut as they get hot at the spots we'llhave to turn to compute techniques tofind them out and this also has its ownproblems because the way deep fakeprograms are designed means that onepart of the AI is always trying to telldefects apart from reality meaning thereis a constant AI arms race ragingalready and whenever one way of findingout the truth is found it willinevitably be accounted for by otherprograms with all of this lead into theterrifying conclusion that div face canbecome undetectable in the very nearfuture