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The Amount of AI News This Week Was Insane!

Exploring the Impact of AI: From Warren Buffet to Imran Chaudry

  • At the Google I/O event, AI generative systems were discussed
  • Open AI released a text to 3D model called Shape-e
  • Warren Buffet compared AI to the atom bomb and Jeffrey Hinton said it is more urgent than climate change
  • Loveless Studio created a tool to create text to metaverse
  • Meta open sourced their Image Bind research which can convert images to audio and vice versa
  • Imran Chaudry showed off wearable AI augmented reality tech in a TED Talk.

AI Advances Shake Up the Tech Industry

  • Hugging Face has their own version of an AI model similar to GPT-4 or Pal2
  • IBM has announced the soon-to-be available Watson X, but it may be too late for businesses to change platforms
  • Wendy’s is testing an AI chatbot on Google’s Pal2 platform while McDonalds had a failed attempt at the same
  • Airtable is adding AI functionality, and Hugging Face has Transformer agents that use large language models and multimodal data
  • Spotify has removed all AI generated music from its platform and Google Music LM allows users to generate instrumentals online.

Google I/O Unveils AI Innovations, Expands Bards Reach, Adds Duet AI to Workspace Suite

  • Google I/O announced AI updates such as the Magic Editor, Palm2 and Gemini
  • Google photos, email and docs have been integrated with AI capabilities
  • Bard is now open in 180 countries, has a new tool for coding, and can generate images using Adobe Firefly
  • Google Workspace Suite of tools will now have Duet AI.

Google I/O Event Reveals Variety of AI Innovations

  • Google’s I/O event featured the introduction of Google Duet, an AI based cross-talk system
  • Project Tailwind, a chatbot generated from a user’s Google Drive documents
  • Universal Translator, an AI technology capable of translating a video into another language while also copying the speaker’s vocal characteristics
  • Pixel folding phone and 7A
  • AI aiding text messages
  • Generative AI for backgrounds
  • Space Invaders World Defense augmented reality game for developers to create similar applications.

Anthropic AI Limits and Comparisons: What You Need To Know Now

  • Anthropic announced a 100,000 token limit window for AI
  • GPT4 has an 8,000 token limit and 32,000 token limit but most people don’t have access to the higher limit
  • Anthropic can process up to 75,000 words
  • Anthropic is not yet available to everyone as they need to request access
  • compares the output of GPT4 and Anthropic
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so this week was one of those weeks inAI where it was just announcement afterannouncement after announcement andwe've got a lot to cover in this oneGoogle had their annual i o event wherethey make all of their big announcementsabout all the cool stuff that they'rerolling out and here's a super quickrecap from The Verge Ai and aiki AIgenerative AI generative AI generativeAI Aisait uses AI to bring ai ai ai and AI orAi and that pretty much sums up whatthey talked about at the event butbesides the Google event there was stilla ton of other AI announcements and I'mgonna break them all down for youincluding the stuff that I found themost interesting from the Google eventso technically this one rolled out lastweek on Friday but because I recordthese videos on Thursday it didn't makelast week's video but on Friday of lastweek open AI rolled out their new textto 3D model called shape e and as ofright now there's a hugging face spaceavailable where you can play around withit yourself I'll make sure the link isbelow in the description but you cancome to the face page type in a promptand it'll make a 3D image of whateveryou prompt it with so I can type arainbow wolf and I get something thatkinda sort of looks like a rainbow wolfI can click this download button and itdownloads it as a glb file which Ibelieve I can open in something likeblender some other examples a spaceshipa green Boot and a chair that looks likean avocado they also have image to 3Dwhere you can upload an image and it'lltry to make it into a 3D image theirexample here is this little Corgi imageI tried uploading my own images and noneof them looked anywhere near like theimage I uploaded so I don't know how toget this to work but you could playaround with it it's free over on huggingface right now it's not the most amazing3D assets I've ever seen but it's thebest looking text to 3D we've seen sofar all right now moving into this weekwe started off the week with WarrenBuffett comparing AI to the creation ofthe atom bomb and Jeffrey Hinton sayingthat the threat of AI is more urgent tohumanity than climate change but I don'twant to get all doom and gloom in thisvideo I want to talk about some of thereally cool and fun advancements thathappen in AI so let's just move rightalong also on Monday we got this demofrom Loveless Studio where they show offtheir tool to create text to metaverseessentially we could see that this wasan alien snowy world that they createdGreat Lost City of Atlantis this is whatit created got procedural terraingeneration Dynamic Landscapes dynamicgeologies dynamic lighting Dynamicpost-processing all sorts of coolfeatures that takes us one step closerto being able to just build video gamesusing prompting and this all worksinside of Unreal Engine we don't knowwhen we're actually going to have accessto this this was just kind of a teaservideo of what's to come but this lookslike a really really fun tool that isgoing to further democratize gamecreation also on Monday we got theannouncement that meta was open sourcingtheir image bind research which hasimage to audio audio to image text toimage and audio audio and image to imageaudio to generated image so for exampleif we select an image it will try tomake an audio out of one of these imagesso if I click on this dog you can see itgenerated two audios from this dog sothat's AI generated audio from the dockif I click on this tiger here this iswhat it sounds liketheir audio to image is the other wayaround so if you give it a sound ofbirds singingit generates these images off of thataudio or a train runningbased on that audio we get these imagestext image and audio if you give it thetext drums you get this image and thisaudio[Music]or this image with this audioand then we have audio and image to anew image so we have a dog barking witha picture of a beat so here's the dogbarkingif I combine the two we've got a pictureof a dog on a beach we've got the soundof pouringwith this picture of apples and itgenerated this picture of apples under asink and finally audio to generatedimage this engine soundgives us this picture of a boat orsomething dog barkingwe get this picture of a dog and this iswhat image buying does and you can readmore about this over on meta's blog atthis URL which will be in thedescription and like I mentioned it isopen sourced so you can actually find itover on Facebook research is GitHub pageand use this code in your own projectsif you want this week Ted also uploadedthe Ted Talk from Imran chaudry herewhere he showed off some of his wearableAI augmented reality Tech and it'spretty dang cool and we agreesorry this is my wife I'm gonna have toget this hello hey Bethany how's itgoingyeah I'm on the red circle right nowactually let me show you somethinginvisible devices should feel so naturalto use that you almost forget abouttheir existenceyou'll note that's me and my voicespeaking fluent French using an AIspeech model that's part of my own AIthis is not a deep fake in fact it'sdeeply profound this is my AI giving methe ability to speak any languageimagine this you've been in meetings allday and you just want a summary of whatyou've missed catch me up coming totomorrow's design meeting Bethany wantsto move next week's dinner and Oliver isasking about soccer this weekend theseare emails calendar invites and messagesall surfaced up to the top picked up oneof these chocolates used to eat a ton ofthese when I was a kid can I eat thisso I can't eat these anymore I'm gonnaeat it anywaywhich is a really really awesome TedTalk one of my favorite TED talks in along time it's less than 14 minutes andI highly recommend everybody check itout I'll make sure the Link's in thedescription but what I can't say aboutthis is that Ai and wearable technologyis going to get really reallyinteresting and this Ted talk withactual working technology shows sort ofwhere things might be heading this weekIBM also announced that they're goingmuch deeper into the AI space with theirWatson X AI they actually partnered upwith hugging face so you can experimentwith the open source models that areavailable on hugging face this appearsto be their own version of like a gpt4or Palm 2 like what Google has andthey're expecting availability forWatson X in July so as more access forthis one rolls out we'll probably betalking about this one a little bit morein the future the interesting thingabout something like this Watson X isit's starting to feel a little late inthe game if everybody's already startingto build out apps on top of open AI orstarting to build out apps on top ofGoogle's new Palm 2. by July it almostfeels like most businesses will alreadyhave sort of picked their platform ofchoice to build on top of it'll just beinteresting to see how it plays out andwhat IBM can bring to the table that'sactually unique it's also announced thisweek that Wendy's is going to test AIchat Bots that take your drive throughorder and it appears to be built on topof Google's Palm 2 technology whenMcDonald's tested it out it didn't go sowell can I please have vanilla ice creamcan I get you anything else no caramelwould you likeno cream packet no I didn't Ijust want a large water and a cup of icecream now to catch it back oh my God Iliterally can't wait where did thebutter come from I was just like a largewater and a cup of ice cream we're stillsaving this we need to just go and tellthem McDonald's I'm done for the Sundayumnone plain zero zata nothing justvanilla ice cream for the Sunday oh myGod I'm done I'm done we're done Jesusso yeah hopefully Wendy's take on theautomated ordering bot fares a littlebit better than McDonald's airtable alsoannounced that they're adding AIfunctionality into their platform whichkind of felt inevitable I'm pretty sureeverybody saw this coming anyway itlooks to do the same kinds of thingsthat you might get out of something likeNotions ai airtable ai will be anoptional paid feature with details onpricing and availability coming soonalso this week hugging face announcedTransformer agents you can control ahundred thousand plus hugging facemodels by talking to Transformers anddiffusers and it's going to be fullymultimodal meaning you can use textimages video audio docs Etc in theirTwitter thread they say you can createan agent using large language modelslike open Assistant star coder and openAi and start talking to Transformers anddiffusers it responds to complex queriesand offers a chat mode create imagesusing your words have the agent read thesummary of websites out loud out readthrough a PDF comes with built-in toolslike speech to text and text-to-speechtext classification summarizationtranslation image generationTransformations captioning segmentationupscaling text to video now this is thepart that I found really reallyinteresting here so designing a tool andpushing it to the hub can be done in afew lines of code the toolkit of theagent serves as a base extend it withyour tools or with other communitycontributed tools so what this means tome is that you can use all of the toolsets available inside of hugging face tobuild a brand new tool once you buildthat new tool that does whatever youmake it do you can then add that tool tohugging faces set of tools and now thattool becomes available for others to useand iterate off of and becomes a newtool in the tool set that developers canthen use to build off of so the morethese Transformer agents get used tobuild tools the more tools people haveavailable to build new tools so witheach new tool built inside of this itjust improves and improves and improvesgiving people the ability to continuallymake better tools the last few weeks wealso talked a lot about AI generatedmusic and a lot of that music was endingup on Spotify well apparently Spotifyhas flushed all of that music off theplatform with Spotify saying artificialstreaming is a long-standingindustry-wide issue that Spotify isworking to Stamp Out across our serviceso although Spotify is now allowing AIgenerated playlists Spotify seems to bevery anti-ai generated music when weidentify or are alerted to potentialcases of stream manipulation we mitigatetheir impacts by taking action that mayinclude the removal of streaming numbersand the withholdings of royalties thisallows us to protect royalty payouts forhonest hard-working artists now anybodythat's actually generated AI music willprobably be slightly offended by thisbecause it's not as easy to create asmost people think it actually doesrequire some talent and some skill andquite a bit of time to put into it tocreate something really good still butspot modify at least for the momentseems to be drawing a line in the sandagainst people making AI generated musicat least with the voices of existingartists it's going to be interesting tosee how this plays out because thisfeels like a very gray area to me likewhat if I had a voice that soundedexactly like Kanye's and I sang in a waythat sounded like Kanye but I'm notKanye but I did actually sing it doesthat mean that my song would get bootedoff of Spotify because it sounds toomuch like his voice just because a voicesounds like Kanye but wasn't actuallygenerated by Kanye does that make itKanye's voice I don't know it wasdefinitely trained on his voices data sothere is that element to it but in thefuture I don't think we're going to beable to differentiate what was generatedon somebody else's data versus somebodythat just sounds like somebody else andso it's gonna get real slippery and I'mnot really making a lot of AI musicmyself so I don't really have a dog inthis fight I just think it's going to beinteresting to see how this one playsout speaking of AI generated music withall of Google's big announcements atGoogle I O this year this is one thatflew under the radar because it didn'tget announced at their event but theyjust opened up their music LM modelwhere you can generate AI music now itdoesn't generate vocals but if I go tothe AI Test Kitchen I can actually playwith this right now and generate somemusic with it you can see it gives ussome examples songs that would play in apoolside party with a light summer VibeI could see what this sounds likeand this is totally AI generatora pop punk anthem from the early 2000s[Music]I can actually download this song righthere but I'm very unclear at the momentwhether or not you can actually use thismusic commercially or not my guess isthat you probably still can't but I'mnot sure it doesn't specifically sayanywhere that I can find even in theirterms of service there's nothing abouthow we can use this or if we can use itcommercially all right so now we'regetting into the meat of what happenedthis week and that is Google's i o eventwhere they just had announcement afterannouncement after announcement aboutall of the AI stuff they're doing now Idid make a sort of tldr version of theentire Google I O event the entire eventwas almost four hours long and Icondensed all the stuff that I foundinteresting down to about 15 minutes youcan find that over at my Twitter I'lllink to this exact Twitter post in thedescription below if you want to watchthe 15 minute recap that I created let'sgo over some of the quick highlightshere so they started by showing anexample of how it can help you in emailwhere somebody got an email about aflight that was canceled they gave it aprompt to ask for a full refund for thiscanceled flight the AI wrote a shortemail they asked the AI to elaborate andthen it wrote a more detailed emailasking for a refund for the flight nowwhile I think it's really cool that thisis going to be built directly in theemail it's nothing really new rightwe've been able to do this with chat GPTthere's probably a hundred Chromeextensions that do this for us right nowit doesn't feel like anything supernovel or exciting yet it just kind ofsaves us one step of having to use athird-party tool and instead we aregoing to have it just built straightinto Gmail they also announced thatGoogle photos is going to have what theycall Magic editor they rebranded theirmagic eraser to Magic editor it can dostuff like erase unwanted items in animage adjust the brightness make it looklike a more clear day and then even movethings around in the image to get itcloser to what you were originallylooking to create in the first placewhile I think it's cool that it's goingto be built directly into Google photosthis isn't super novel technology thisis the type of stuff we've been gettingfrom tools like clip drop and Runway mlalready now they also announced Palm 2which is their sort of Next Generationlarge language model that tools likeBard are being built on top of it's muchbetter at coding and can even do thingslike add comments in Korean they alsotalked about fine-tuning Palm 2 andfine-tuning it on medical knowledge intheir Med Palm 2 which was quiteimpressive in the fact that it was thefirst large language model to reachexpert performance when it comes toclinical knowledge I think it'soperating behind the scenes on Bard soif you have access to Bard you're kindof seeing Palm 2's capability they alsotalked about their next-gen model calledGemini which will be coming out laterwhich is trained on even more I mean Iguess this is kind of like their GPT 5 Isuppose I don't know how to compare itbut this is their next even larger largelanguage model that they're inproduction on right now it's still beingtrained they talked about how Bard ismuch better at coding now now trained onall of these programming languages thatyou see on the screen they also announcebarred tools which is really interestingbecause if you're familiar with whatchat GPT is doing with chat GPT pluginsit sounds like that's what they're doingwith Bard Bard will directly connectwith tools like TripAdvisor and Wolframand Redfin and instacart and Spotify andYouTube and Khan Academy and a lot ofthe tools that we've seen are gettingplugins on chat GPT this is really cooland I think this is a great feature butit also feels a little bit like they sawchat GPT do it and now they're doing ittoo now Google may have totally had thisidea before chat GPT I can't say forsure but just the timing of events itkind of feels like they got the ideafrom chat GPT and when we need to addthat to Bard 2 if we want to compete nowone of the other big announcements isthat they are partnering with AdobeFirefly inside of Bard and if you'veever used Bing chat and had it generateimages with their next-gen version ofDolly then it's sounds like Bard is kindof doing the same thing just with AdobeFirefly so you can go inside of Bard forexample and say generate an image of aunicorn in front of a birthday cake forme and using Adobe Firefly it willgenerate that image for you again itkind of feels a little bit like beingone step behind what Microsoft and openAI are doing with their current versionof Bing chat they also announced attheir event that Bard is now opened toeverybody in 180 different countriesit's available in English Japanese andKorean and on the screen right now youcan see all of the countries that isavailable in I'm gonna go ahead andscroll slowly so that you can you knowtake a screenshot or pause this videoand see where you can get access but I'malso going to link up to this page inthe description so you can check it outfor yourself now there are somenoticeable omissions from the list onething I noticed is Canada still doesn'thave access up here which seemed verysurprising to me and also I've noticedthat a lot of people in places likeSweden and Switzerland don't have accesseither which is a little bit surprisingand the other reason I pinpoint thosecountries in particular is because Ihave friends in those countries whoactually reached out and said I stilldon't have access to it I thought theywere unrolling it to all of thecountries well they enrolled it to 180countries and Canada Switzerland andSweden aren't three of them they alsoannounced Google duet AI which isessentially them putting AI in all oftheir Google workspace Suite of tools soyou'll have ai directly inside of Googledocs directly inside of Google Sheetsdirectly instead of Google slides andthey all kind of tie together with eachother so if you need information on yourslides from one of your Google Sheets itcan reference and access what's in yoursheets for your Google Slides if youneed access to something that's insheets in one of your documents they allsort of cross talk to each other andthat's called Google duet here's one ofthe examples of them using it that Ifound interesting something like clientand Pat roster for a dog walkingbusiness with rates and hit create shesends this input to fine-tuned modelthat we've been training with all sortsof sheet specific use cases the modelfigured out what you might need thegenerator table has things like thedog's name client info notes Etc this isa good start for you to Tinker with theyalso gave another example of it beingused in slides where they generated awhole slide presentation forgot tocreate notes for the slides and then hadAI generate all of the speaker notes forthem automatically based on the contentof the slides they also showed off whatGoogle's new conversational search isgoing to look like it looks very similarto what Bing has planned for theirsearch engine you can see they asked aquestion what's better for a family withkids under three and a dog Bryce Canyonor Arches National Park it actuallygenerated a response with AI gave somepotential follow-up questions gave somesources and then below that gave thesearch results they also showed off somefeatures for shopping on Google whichwill help you compare various productsusing AI on Google for example showinge-bikes in red for Five Mile commuteswith hills and it was able to findstores near their location that had redbikes that were good for working onHills they also showed off their newvertex AI which to me feels very verysimilar to nvidia's Foundation platformor Amazon's Bedrock platform wherecompanies can build their own customlarge language models on top of theirGPU resources now of all of the thingsthat they showed off their projectTailwind was probably the single thingthat excited me the most because what itis is basically you create your owninternal chat bot based on files thatare inside of your Google Drive so ifyou have a whole bunch of documentsinside of Google Drive you canessentially query those documents with achat and it will use those documents asthe sources to answer your questions andthen cite the source from your databaseof documents it's basically creating achat bot by embedding the content ofyour Google Drive for you and thenmaking all of that content of yourGoogle Drive chattable that to me seemssuper valuable because you can createfolders on your Google Drive forspecific topics that you're interestedin and add various documents that youfind around the web write your owncontent in there save transcripts frominterviews and videos and whatever youcan imagine in there and then createyour own custom tailored chat bot toquery all of those documents that yousaved in there that concept to me isreally exciting so this project Tailwindis something that out of everything theyshowed throughout this entire keynote isprobably the thing I'm most excited toget my hands on they also showed off auniversal translator where they took avideo of somebody speaking translatedthat video into a different language andthen the person's mouth and voiceactually followed along as they werespeaking in that other language sohere's the example what many collegestudents don't realize is that knowingwhen to ask for help and then followingthrough on using helpful resources isactually a Hallmark of becoming aproductive adult universitiesso that's pretty cool but they alsomentioned during this keynote thatthey're not going to make that availablefor everybody because they're too afraidof it being used for deep fake andthings like that so when the generalpublic will have access to this fromGoogle who knows during the event theyalso presented a few new phones theyhave a new pixel folding phone and apixel 7A I wasn't too interested in thatI was more interested in the AI featuresyou're going to be able to use AI tohelp you with your text messages whereif you've ever seen that South Parkepisode where they talked about chat GPTthis feels straight out of that episodethey're also going to let you usegenerative AI to generate AI backgroundswhich I mean cool and then they moved onto the developer keynote so there wastwo main Keynotes during this i o eventyou had the main Google keynote and thenyou have the developer keynote wherethey focused a lot more in on the apisand the various development softwarethat was available for programmers andthings like that they did mention thatthere's a whole bunch of apis thatdevelopers are going to get access toand a whole bunch of code helperssimilar to like a code Whisperer orGitHub co-pilot Google is going to havetheir own version of that they alsoannounced their own Android AIdevelopment platform and a whole bunchof cool tools for Builders but most ofwhat they talked about in that portionwas over my head they used a lot ofcoder speak and Industry jargon that Icouldn't really translate other than thefact that it was tools to make coding alot faster and a lot easier if you'regoing to code with Google's platformsfor tools like Android and finally theywrapped up the event with somethingreally fun which was showing off theirSpace Invaders World defense augmentedreality game which actually uses GoogleEarth plus augmented reality technologyto add Space Invaders directly into thereal world so you can see this is aGoogle map street view here and thenthey added Space Invaders right over thetop in reality and they call this gameSpace Invaders World defense and thiswas how they wrapped up the entireGoogle event so this is something that Ifound really cool really fun I'm excitedto see this play out but they alsotalked about how this augment realitytechnology is available for developersto develop on so you can use the GoogleMaps tools and their augmented realitytools to build games like that yourselfthey call it the AI Core geospatial APIand developers will have access to thatAPI to build similar stuff to thisaugmented reality Space Invaders gamethat's pretty much my recap ofeverything that they talked about duringGoogle I O I do have a 15 minute recapon Twitter again that will be linkedbelow it really is a super edit of fourhours down into just 15 minutes and ifyou want to know about all of thevarious AI stuff they talked aboutthat's the place to go and watch italright so wrapping up the weekstability AI announced the stableanimation SDK meaning that developerscan actually build animation tools usingstability AIS animation program thislooks very similar to deforum pluscontrol net to me I've talked about thatstuff in previous videos but now this isavailable for developers to use andcreate tools that make animations thatlook like the ones that you're seeing onthe screen right now we can already dothis this is already open sourcestabilities version is not open sourcefrom what I can tell they actuallycharge to use this API in your softwarebut it looks to be some sort of newerversion of like a d4m technologywrapping up the weak anthropic announceda 100000 context window for AI when you'reusing something like chat GPT or gpt3 orgpt4 and you put a big chunk of text inthere like let's say you're trying toread an online document and it says thatyou're out of tokens there's not enoughtokens to read this whole thing that'sbecause gpt4 only lets you use 8 000tokens at a time the higher limit ofgpt4 gives you a 32 000 limit but mostpeople don't have access to that I don'thave access to that well anthropic givesus a 100000 token limit which gets us roughly 75000 words so between your input put textand the text that it outputs you canhave a combined 75 000 ish words inanthropics demo video here they actuallyupload a 240 page Dock and then askquestions of that giant Doc and getinformation back out of it you couldn'teven come close to doing that with gpt4right now with their 8 000 token limitwhich gets you roughly 6 000 wordsalthough you can use a lot more wordswhen using anthropic it's not yetavailable to everybody you have torequest access to get it and in myopinion it's not quite as good as theoutput that you can get from somethinglike gpt4 right now if you really wantto see the difference between somethinglike gpt4 and Claude you can come overto compare enter a prompt hereand actually see the output that you'dget out of anthropics Claude and openai's gpt4 and compare the differenceswhile clot is much faster gpt4 justseems to be a lot more detailed andthere you have it there's my wrap up ofall of the news that happened this weekand I'm recording this on Thursday sothere might be more news on Friday thatI didn't get to in this video but I'lltry to cover it in next week's video ifthere was and if you like nerding outabout all of this news and all of thiscool Tech and all these Cool Tools checkout this is where Icurate all of the coolest tools that Icome across I add new tools every singleday I also keep you in the loop with allthe latest AI news it's probably themost up-to-date resource on AI news onthe entire internet I'm a little biasedbut pretty sure it is and if all of thisis just too much for you you just want aonce a week tldr of everything that'shappening in the AI space join the freenewsletter and I will cut it down tojust the five coolest tools that I comeacross just a handful of the mostimportant news that came out from theweek a few YouTube videos and one coolway to make money with AI it's the tldrof the world of AI it goes out everyFriday I won't send you any other emailsthroughout the week and you can find itat by clicking on thejoin the free newsletter button so onceagain the pace of this AI news reallyseems to be picking up and I reallyreally appreciate you tuning in to thischannel to keep in the loop if you likethis video and you want to see more likeit make sure you give it a thumbs up andif you're not subscribed alreadysubscribe to this channel because I makevideos like this news video every Fridayand I make cool challenges and tutorialsand various breakdowns of research andother cool AI info throughout the restof the week so make sure you subscribedif you aren't already thanks again fortuning in I do really really appreciateyou I'll see you guys in the next videobye[Music]thank you