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News: May 15th 2023

Investigations, Unrest and Support: A Look at Recent Developments in the US, Europe and Ukraine

  • Special counsel John Durham released a report sharply criticizing the FBI and DOJ’s investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia
  • President Zelensky of Ukraine visited Europe to secure additional military aid in response to Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine
  • A survey of Asian Americans found that over half felt unsafe in public transportation, their neighborhoods, schools and workplaces
  • BDO and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation provided financial support for the PBS NewsHour
  • Former President Trump said Durham concluded the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia probe, however the report does not state this explicitly
  • The report faulted the FBI for rushing forward with an investigation without sufficient evidence or analytical rigor
  • The UK is sending long range attack drones to Ukraine as well as political support.

U.S. Crisis: Cooper Vetoes Abortion Bill, Connolly Reports Attack, Liu Sentenced to Life in Prison, Cyclone Devastates Myanmar, Turkey Heads for Runoff Election, Ukraine Makes Advances in Bakmout

  • This week, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a Republican-backed abortion bill banning the procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Kentucky and Pennsylvania are having primary races for governor and state Supreme Court respectively
  • Congressman Jerry Connolly from Virginia reported an attack on his staff members by a man with a metal baseball bat
  • The US Embassy in Beijing sentenced American citizen John Xinwang Liu to life in prison on spying charges
  • Myanmar was hit by a powerful cyclone that so far has caused 6 deaths and injured 700 others, while Bangladesh was spared but still affected
  • Turkey will have a runoff election between incumbent President Erdogan and main challenger Camal Kellogg Darolou after neither secured an outright majority of votes
  • Ukraine has made its first advances in 6 months in Bakmout, the war’s longest and bloodiest battle, with help of military packages from NATO countries including France, Italy, Germany and Britain.

North Carolinas Abortion Ban Veto Sparks Political Firestorm Ahead of Kentucky Election

  • The bill Governor Roy Cooper vetoed this weekend in North Carolina is a ban on most abortions after twelve weeks with some exceptions such as rape, life of the mother and fetal abnormality
  • The bill also includes new notification requirements, new requirements for in-person doctor’s visits, making it harder for women to access abortion services, particularly in rural areas
  • Governor Cooper made his veto at a very public rally with thousands showing up in order to fire up the Democratic base for the upcoming election
  • Republicans have just a narrow majority of votes needed to override Cooper’s veto
  • If approved, the bill would take effect in July and make it harder for people from other states to access abortion services as they would need to make multiple visits
  • Republican voters will head to polls tomorrow in Kentucky with a chance to secure all levers of government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Facing International Arrest Warrant as Pennsylvania Primaries Draw Near

  • In 2015, a Republican primary race saw a low 10% voter turnout and the winner of the race was Matt Bevan, who ultimately won by 83 votes
  • This was attributed to two candidates in the race getting into a big fight where voters soured on them
  • Low voter turnout is expected in Pennsylvania tomorrow for both Democratic and Republican primaries
  • In the Republican side of this race, Carolyn Carlucha has far out-raised Patricia McCullough where she has received backing from Republican donors and major school choice donors
  • Doug Mastriano who is the former Pennsylvania candidate for governor backed Patricia McCullough as he was very entrenched in stopping the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results in 2020
  • Republicans seem to not be motivated by this movement as evidenced by Doug Mastriano’s loss in last year’s election
  • The seven member court currently consists of four Democrats and two Republicans with one vacancy and if Republicans were to win this seat, it could open up striking distance for taking over the court in a few years
  • The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin and his high command due to their campaign of stealing children from Ukraine
  • US Ambassador Beth van Stock has demanded a strong international message as Russia has violated the UN charter leading to systemic war crimes across all areas they are deployed.

Ukraines Push for Justice: Zelensky Seeks UN Tribunal, US Departments Disagree

  • Odmyr Zelensky demands a special tribunal authorized by the UN General Assembly to hold Russia’s leadership accountable for their decision to wage war. Ukraine’s proposed tribunal would be deeply rooted in Ukrainian national law
  • The US and Western Europe have proposed a different, weaker court supported by international funding and intelligence with no UN authorization. The US Department of Justice has been supportive, but the Department of Defense has raised concerns about possible future prosecutions
  • Congress has passed a law allowing the US to aid the ICC with intelligence, funding and staffing for its Ukraine investigation, but the Administration has yet to comply. Despite this, Ukraine is continuing its efforts to bring justice through an international court.

Senator Amy Klobuchar Encourages Americans to Find Joy in Comebacks Amid Turbulent Times

  • In her new book, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about the joy of politics in relation to a tumultuous personal and political period
  • She candidly discusses her experience with cancer, the death of her father, her nearly loss of her husband to COVID-19, and her run for president
  • Her overall message is that although it has been a difficult time for many Americans due to the pandemic and political divisions, it is important to not only reflect on our setbacks but also rejoice in our comebacks
  • She encourages readers to be honest about what we have been through and emphasizes the joy found in getting things done in Washington.

Senator Klobuchars Journey to Joy: Overcoming Adversity and Upholding Democracy

  • In this video, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar speaks about her experience with breast cancer and the valuable lessons she learned from it
  • Her husband’s near-fatal fight with COVID and how it changed her focus to helping people with their mental and economic issues
  • John McCain’s Whispering of historical figures and lines during Trump’s inauguration as a reminder of past leaders’ messages of hope
  • Joe Biden’s comforting words to her in debates and town halls
  • Klobuchar’s failed pin at the PBS debate that Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer helped her out with
  • Klobuchar, Mike Pence, Roy Blunt and 3 pairs of young pages walking through broken glass to certify the vote on January 6th 2021, ensuring democracy prevailed. Through these experiences, Klobuchar finds joy in politics by getting things done.

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