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Chronovisor: The Vatican’s Secret Device to See Through Time

Exploring the Unseen: The Secret Apostolic Archives of the Vatican City

  • The Vatican City is home to the Secret Apostolic Archives, which includes the rarely seen Chronovisor
  • Father Pellegrino Ernetti and a team of twelve scientists invented the Chronovisor, a device which could detect residual electromagnetic radiation and translate it into images and sound from any place and time in history
  • Enrico Fermi and Werner von Braun were part of the team that created it
  • Pope Pius XII ordered the machine dismantled out of fear that it could be used as a powerful weapon
  • Father Ernetti spoke about it for the first time in over 10 years.

Mysterious Chronovisor: Unanswered Questions Surround Fathers Beliefs and Lasting Legacies

  • Father Pellegrino Ernetti and Father Francois Brune believed the Chronovisor existed
  • They both said it was a real machine that could photograph the past
  • Photos associated with Chronovisor have been debunked as fakes
  • Ernetti’s transcription of the Estes is considered clumsy and likely not authentic
  • A letter emerged claiming Ernetti confessed on his deathbed to making up the story, but Bruin defended him and claimed he was coerced by Church to make such a confession
  • Both men remained steadfast believers in Chronovisor until their deaths.

Risky Technology: Fears of the Chronovisor Acquisition by Large Institutions

  • In 1988, the Catholic Church issued a decree that if anyone was caught using the Chronovisor, a machine that could travel back in time, they would be excommunicated
  • Despite saying the machine wasn’t real, many people believe it is
  • If such technology exists and is kept secret, it could be used to influence world events and ultimately have immense power in the wrong hands
  • While AJ is unsure of the Chronovisor’s authenticity, they do not want any institution to possess such a powerful tool.

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[Music]vatican city is an inspirational placeyou don't need to be catholic or evenreligious to appreciate the architecturethe art and the city's historicalsignificance but there is a place withinthe vatican that's rarely seen hiddenbeneath the city is an undergroundfortress inaccessible to the public andprotected by armed guards andstate-of-the-art security the secretapostolic archives within the stone andsteel reinforced walls are vaultsclimate-controlled rooms and over 50miles of shelves and on those shelvesare countless texts relics and artifactscollected by the church for over athousand years and one of the mostintriguing objects hidden in the archiveis called the chronovisor a device thatcan view events anywhere and anytime inhistory and for years its existence wasjust a rumor no proof of the chronovisorwas ever found but a book released by avatican priest would change all thatlet's find out whypellegrino ernetti was a scientistworld-class authority on music and ascholar he spoke several languages hedabbled in electronics physics and eventhe occult arts he also happened to be abenedictine monk now whether by luck orby fate father pellegrino or neddy foundhimself in the company of francois brunea priest from france and they weresharing a ferry ride down the grandcanal in venice the water was calm andthe trip was long so the men struck up aconversation they shared a love oflanguages science and history and theywere discussing differentinterpretations of the bible whenhernetti interrupted there's nothing tointerpret ernetti said it's possible tosee what actually happened to see thetruth with your own eyes the broomthought ernetti was joking or beingrhetoricalhe wasn't ernetti spoke of a device hehad worked on hidden in the deepest mostsecret levels of the vatican archive adevice that allowed its operator towitness events anywhere and any time inthe past and it was called thechronovisor do a time machine sort ofyou can't travel anywhere with thechronovisor but you can program it toshow you certain events on a screen likea television oh boy you can streamanything these days now francois brunewas stunned by the story he knew fatherpellegrino ernetti to be a serious manernetti was well read well educated andwell respected in the church he was notone for exaggeration yet ernetti claimedto have heard speeches by napoleon andmussolini he visited ancient rome andernetti was amazed that cicero was ascaptivating as speaker as historyclaimed my name is maximus desmosviridius commander of the armies of thenorth general of the felix legions andloyal servant to the true emperor marcusaurelius father to a murdered sonhusband to a murdered wife and i willhave my vengeance in this life what anextare you not entertainedi'm not anyway broon wanted to knowabout the events in the bible did theyreally happen it's all true ernetti saidhe had seen the final days of jesusincluding his crucifixion he saw thecreation of the ten commandments thelast supper the destruction of sodom andgomorrah and everything in the bible thebroon was obviously skeptical eventhough ernetti was intelligent andtalented he didn't have the skill andknowledge needed to build this kind ofdevice and ernetti agreed that hecouldn't build the chronovisor himselfhe had help[Music]in 1952 father pellegrino arnetti wasworking on a project at the catholicuniversity of milan and being an expertin early christian music he was studyingand restoring tape recordings ofgregorian chants while listening to oneof the tapes the school's founder fatheragostino jameli was convinced he heardhis father's voice even though hisfather was dead at the time of therecording but what gemelli heard was nothis dead father relaying some profoundmessage to his son from beyond the gravewhat he heard was more mundane hisfather arguing with someone over theprice of shoe wax jamelli's father was acobbler who made and sold shoes andjamelli thought he'd been given a giftfrom god but hernetti wondered if therewas a scientific reason for this thatthe sights and sounds of people in thepast somehow continued to exist longafter they happened and if they didcould they be detectedwell it does and this technology is notthat different from what we now callevps or electronic voice phenomena andsince jameli was president of thepontifical academy of sciences he wasable to fund a project to explore thepossibility of listening or seeingevents from the past ernetti assembled ateam of 12 scientists but he would onlyreveal the names of two and one wasenrico fermi the nobel prize-winningphysicist known for fermi's paradox andfor creating the world's first nuclearreactor the other scientist was nazirocket scientist turned director of nasawerner von braun like sound waves can bepressed into vinyl to produce arecording ernetti said that his team haddiscovered that light and soundcontinued to exist as forms of energyand using a series of antennas thechronovisor could detect this residualelectromagnetic radiation and translateit into image and sound operators of thechronovisor could designate a specificdate and location then the scene wasreconstructed on a large cathode raytube now francois broome was obviouslyamazed by the story and asked her nettiewhat happened to the device bernettisaid that once the team realized whatthey had invented they brought theirdiscovery to the pope and since thechronovisor can tune into any place andtime in the past it could be used as apowerful weapon it could reveal statesecrets or be used for blackmail so popepius xii worried that in the wrong handsthe chronovisor could launch adictatorship unlike anything the worldhad ever seen the pope ordered themachine dismantled and forbid anyonefrom speaking of it ernetti said thiswas the first he's spoken of it in over10 years and brune understood and agreedthat a machine like the chronovisorwould be extremely dangerous and it wasprobably best if it stayed hidden anddismantled but brune said tornetti it'stoo bad there's no proof that thechronovisor actually worked ernetti saidto brune my friend i have proofquintus inius was a writer and poet wholived during the roman republic between239 and 169 bc he's often considered thefather of roman poetry and during hislifetime he wrote about 20 plays and anepic poem on the history of rome calledthe annals but only a few fragments ofhis work survive his final play theestes was produced shortly before hisdeath in 169 bc and scholars havewondered about this play for centuriesthey knew the story was based on thewriting of another author seneca but theactual text of theestes except for a fewlines has been lost to history ernettiused the chronovisor to visit rome in169 bc where he saw a performance of theplay in a roman square ernetti fluent inlatin was able to transcribe and finallycomplete enes's play after 2 000 yearsand that manuscript still exists thestory of the chronovisor remained hiddenfor another 12 years or so then in 1972an article appeared in the italianmagazine le domenica del corrierethe headline of the article was amachine that photographs the past hasfinally been invented and some believethat the chronovisor was not dismantledbut was actually functional and beingused by the church to maintain watch andcontrol of the population that theorymakes sense oh you you believe that onehuhin the woodssoon several photos were leakedincluding this one taken by ernettihimself ernetti used the chronovisor toview jesus's entire final day includinghis crucifixion my favorite photo isthis one which shows jesus walking andtalking with his followersand this photo is also pretty compellingbut again the chronovisor fell out ofthe public eye all the information wassuppressed by the church or that wellthen in 2002 francois bruin released hisbook called the new mystery of thevatican which documents his relationshipwith ernetti and includes more detailsof what ernetti saw with the chronovisorand even includes blueprints for themachineand father pellegrino ernetti passedaway in 1994 but until his dying day heswore the chronovisor was real he evenpublished an open letter saying sofather francois brune passed away in2019 and during his life he publishedmultiple books and papers on theologyand its relationship to quantum physicshe gave talks on evp phenomenacommunicating with spirits and manydifferent aspects of parapsychology hetoo until his last day believed thechronovisor existed and possibly stillexists today two highly regarded andwell-respected clergymen insisted thatthe vatican is in possession of the mostimportant most advanced and mostdangerous scientific invention evercreated the vatican denies this claim asfantasy sowho's telling the truth[Music]the chronovisor is a story that bothersmeon one hand there are a lot of detailsthat are easily debunked but on theother hand the story comes from crediblesources father pellegrino arnetti waswell known and highly respected by hispeers he spent most of his liferesearching teaching and writing and hisbooks are highly regarded fatherfrancois brune is also well known andrespected so why would these men of suchhigh esteem risk their reputations on alie of this magnitude what was there togain their entire lives both men saidthis device existed and possibly stillexists but the legend of the chronovisordoes have a few problems first anyonewho can confirm that it existed in thefirst place is dead when the story firstemerged fermi had been gone a long timeand von braun while still alive nevermentioned it von braun had a lot ofsecrets though he sure did and it's fairto point out that both fermi and vonbraun worked on multiple top secretprojects during and after the war nowthe photos associated with thechronovisor are fake the crucifixionphoto is actually a picture of a statuefrom a church in central italy and thesculptor was lorenzo valera a relativelyfamous spanish artist who created thestatue shortly before his death in 1931.when confronted about this bruin saidvalera took inspiration from a nun whohad seen a vision of the crucifixion andthat's why the statue is so similar tothe photo taken from the chronovisor butto me they don't look similar they lookidentical but father brune said thephoto was real and there are otherphotos associated with the chronovisorbut these became attached to the storyover the years they don't come fromernetti this one is sometimes attributedto the chronovisor but it shows up inother urban legends as well it's aphotograph but not one taken through atime machine it's a photo of a paintingby german artist johannes rafael velait's called jesus among the wheat fieldsand was painted around the year 1900 andthis photo is another that's becomeattached to the chronovisor this is aphotograph of a painting by eugenebernande called peter and john runningto the tomb dated 1898. so what ofernetti's transcription of the esteswell it doesn't hold up ernetti hadwritten about 150 lines which he saidwas the complete play but experts arepretty sure the play would have beenmuch longer than that probably athousand lines or more and linguistsaren't impressed with the transcriptionscholars have said the latin is clumsyand uses words that wouldn't appear inthe language for at least 200 years sowhoever wrote it wasn't a native speakerin 1994 just after ernetti's death aletter was published by someone whoclaimed to be a distant relative of hisbut wanted to remain anonymous thisperson said that on ernetti's deathbedhe confessed that the photo and hiswriting of the estes were fake and thatenrico fermi had nothing to do with themachine but he still claimed thechronovisor was real then anotherdistant relative said ernetti made thewhole story up to get more peopleinterested in the church i don't trustwhen distant relatives suddenly crawlout of the woodwork well father francoisbruin didn't trust them either heinsisted that the chronovisor was realand if fernetti confessed it was becausehe was coerced to do so by the churchi believe well that brings up aninteresting side note now obviously thecatholic church said the chronovisorwasn't real but in 1988 the churchissued a strange decree but said ifanyone was caught using a machine likethe chronovisor they would immediatelybe excommunicated so if the chronovisoris fake why bother releasing a statementlike that at all when i first heard thestory of the chronovisor it was one thati desperately wanted to be true and manypeople believe it is true believers saythe church keeps the chronovisor asecret but does use it occasionally toinfluence world events and that'ssomething to think about if thetechnology exists that allows someone toview anyone anywhere and at any time inhistory we wouldn't want any governmentto have such immense power and the onlyworst institution to be the steward ofthis technology that i can think of isan organized religionso with that in mindi don't know if the chronovisor is realbut for all our sakes i really hope itisn'tthank you so much for hanging out withme today my name is aj that's hecklefishthis has been the y-files if you had funor learned anything do me a favor andlike subscribe comment and share thosethings really help a small channel now ilove the secrets of the bible and thevatican so i'd like to do more of theseand if you want to hear those storieslet me know in the comments until nexttime be safebe kind and know that you areappreciated[Music]you