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Mr Noteds Mission to Impact 1 Million with Cryptocurrency Swing Trading

  • Swing trading cryptocurrency has the potential to make a significant difference in financial freedom
  • Mr Noted, leadswing trading analyst Trader at Swingtrade Pros is on a mission to impact 1 million people by providing tools, insights and support for navigating this exciting but challenging landscape
  • Swing trading is not just about technical analysis, but understanding market psychology and developing disciplined risk management strategies
  • Mr Noted is inviting others to join him on this transformative journey with the goal of achieving trading success.

NASDAQ, Gold, and ETH/BTC Charts Show Signs of Bullish Momentum

  • The ETH/BTC chart is key to understanding altcoin movements
  • The ETH/BTC RSI is at an all-time low, and a slingshot higher could yield large gains
  • NASDAQ looks bullish on both the weekly and monthly charts, with weekly ASO already crossed up
  • Gold has been in an accumulation structure and is close to an all-time high breakout with room to run.

Oil Price Volatility and Risk Assets Performance: Analysis of Recent Market Activity

  • Gold is looking good
  • Crude oil has broken a wedge and looks like it could be at an area to enter a long trade
  • Suggested stop loss in the 7240 region
  • Weekly charts show bearish momentum for oil, suggesting downside movement
  • Dxy double topped near weekly support levels
  • Risk assets performing well with bearish cross already on monthly chart
  • TP for short term Avac trades around 25 bucks, with long term target of $380
  • Alice coin breaking range with high volume
  • Ilv breaking out of wedge, first resistance level at $45 with next target of $125.

A Closer Look Into Cryptocurrencies: Advice From an Experienced Trader

  • The speaker is discussing major patterns in various cryptocurrencies
  • He suggests entry levels for each asset and how much capital should be allocated
  • The speaker shares his experience with one of the assets, UniProtocol (UP) which was traded at $4 when posted. He recommends monitoring weekly chart confirmations for major swing trades
  • He also mentions IMX, Gala, Apoin, XRP, Madic, and Dogecoin as well. He believes that many of these assets will see multi-month upside potential.

Crypto Market Booms as Several Tokens Show Signs of Bullishness

  • Crypto is rising
  • Waves, Solana, Radium, HarBar and Aptose are tokens that have shown good volume and technicals
  • Waves has a perfect uptrend channel, Solana has the potential to reach $4, Radium had a double bottom breakout from 236 with high volume, HarBar showed low higher lows on the chart and could potentially reach $1, Aptose had a falling wedge breakout. Glimmer and Moon River also showed signs of bullishness with their monthly stochastics.

Electric Vehicle Stocks On the Move: Lucid Motors, Tesla, and Vietnam EV Soaring with Node Squeeze Indicator Alert Service

  • Lucid Motors (LU) has a falling wedge pattern with coiled RSI on the weekly chart
  • Tesla (TSLA) has a bull flag setup with two days about to cross up right, and is bouncing off a 50% retracement
  • Vietnam EV (VFS) looks like a “spack” with $9 appearing as a breakout point
  • Node Squeeze Indicator alert service is being offered at an attractive price for two years worth of subscription.

Analysis of 8 Hot Cryptocurrencies for Swing Trading Revealed

  • This video discussed potential swing trading opportunities, specifically in GameStop, Rubik, Waves coin, Avalanche, Madic, Harar, XRP and Kusama
  • The presenter analyzed each asset using technical indicators such as RSI and weekly stochastics
  • They also went over the entry points for Rubik and Leo token
  • The presenter recommended holding onto EVL and Joy for potential short-term gains.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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