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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

How to detach from people and situations

Navigating Lifes Challenges Through Detachment and Self-Love

  • Detachment is important to maintain control over our emotions and not become powerless
  • We need to realize that when attached, we are operating from the ego rather than love
  • We need to believe that self-love means we can have what we want, and not be dependent on anyone else
  • Everyone who comes into our lives has a purpose, and we should trust our intuition more.

The Journey of Personal Growth: Learning to Let Go and Move On

  • Humans should not create false fantasies about people or situations
  • We are all meant to constantly evolve and learn from relationships, whether good or bad
  • Everyone has a purpose in our lives, for a period of time, after which the contract ends and we are meant to separate
  • Stop creating attachment and be willing to let go of past experiences
  • Focus on getting better rather than trying to find someone or something that can provide comfort.

Finding Joy and True Value Within: How to Disconnect from External Sources of Unhappiness

  • I do not succumb to FOMO
  • I value my own personality and how I treat others more than comparing myself to others
  • I detach myself from external forces that create a false reality of happiness
  • True Value comes from within, not from outside sources
  • Attaching myself to an outcome will never bring me happiness
  • Nothing outside of me can make me happy, the joy is inside me already
  • Even when I am alone, I can still enjoy my own company and appreciate it for what it is
  • I will never lack because miracles are meant to happen to me.

Uncover the Keys To Self-Improvement, Comfort and Appreciation

  • Focus on yourself and evolve yourself to be the best version of you
  • Believe in God for comfort when feeling alone
  • Self-value does not depend on anyone or any situation
  • Appreciate your life and what you have.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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hi guysum I just got out of the shower my hairis still wet and I decided to make avideo today about Detachment and why Ithink Detachment in life is so importantnot only Detachment from people but alsodetachments from things situationswhateverwhy is Detachment so important first ofall if you are attached to something ifyou are attached to a person if you areattached to your situationthat thing controls youso that person that situation can makeyou feel any type of way if they do nottext you if they do not reply to youthey can make you feel unhappy and thesame same way if they do give youattention they can make you feel happybut that means that you're completelypowerless over yourself and over yourown emotions this can get so dangerousto a point where a person can take theirown life because they're so attached tosomeone or so attached to a situation Ithink this is a very important subjectto talk about also if you're in attachedto something that might have happenedbefore in the past and and that's theonly thing you hang on to that you canalso not move on in your life so inorder we need to completely detach andwe need to realize a lot of things andin this video I am going to show youwhat you need to realize in order foryou to attack hi guys my name is thisand welcome back to my channelokay so first things firstum you need to realize that when you'reattached to something you are operatingfrom your egoI read this book recently it's fromGabriel uh Weinstein and it's calledspirit junkie I absolutely love theauthorum definitely check it out and in thisbook she was kind of talking aboutDetachment and she basically said thatour true Essence is love so we are lovewhen a baby is born a baby is just youknow loving a baby doesn't hatethemselves a baby is just like joyfuland happy about life but when we we getolder our ego starts to develop and whenour ego starts to develop we also becomeattached to things we come attached topeople and we idolize them or we idolizea certain lifestyle whatever rightyou have to realize that this is yourego this is not you and this is not yourtrue Essence this is not your love ifwe're we were thinking from a lovestandpoint we would believe that we canhave everything we want and we cancreate anything we want and we can bewith the person we want because we havethat self-love and when you have thatself-love inside of you when you're notcontrolled by your ego then you attractalso everything you could not getattached to someone or something becauseyou know that you have abundance in yourlife you know that whatever you wantwould comfort you regardless because youknow that you were meant to you that youwere put on this Earth to be blessedjust because you are breeding you can beblessed you would know that yourexistence is enough to attract MiraclesThere Is No Lack in life if you'reoperating from love but our ego makes usbelieve that we're not good enough ourego makes us believe that in otherperson's life is better than you andthat you cannot have that but that's notreality our ego makes us put otherpeople on a pedestal and makes us obsessover them because it makes us feel likewe're not good enough and we will neverbe on their level but if you put likeyou yourself and that person that youidolize in a situation where for exampleyou guys are in a plane crash togetherand the plane is falling down do youthink that other person is special noyou wouldn't look at them that way youwould literally be all just be fearingfor your life you know I think this isalso a big misconception about thethings that I preach because I love tosay you're amazing you're you're specialyou're unique to myself in the mirrorbut that's also what I say to myself tohelp myself with my self-confidence andto work on my inner child and healing myinner child but at the same time I donot go out and think that I am betterthan anyone or that I'm special or thatI'm unique I'm not we're all equal andwe're all connected I have said thismultiple times I bleed you will bleedum I leave this earth you leave thisearth and another way we get attachedespecially in a relationship is becausewe think like oh no I will never findanyone like that again but see that'swhy you are in this lack mindset youthink that you cannot have more andthat's the issue because I for example Ihave a relationship right and in myrelationship I know that right now whatwe have is very nice it's it's very goodbut I'm not attached to my partner likethat because I know if he leavessomething else will come as somethingbetter which will come I do not base tomyself completely on this relationshipbecause I if I give my partner the powerto make me happy or make me unhappy thenthen I'm so powerlessit all depends on me I can make myselfhappy I can make myself fulfilled andwhatever he gives me is just extra I'mnot looking for someone to complete mebecause I'm complete myself anyone thathas been in a long-term relationshipknows that if you do not have thatindividuality in the relationship and ifyou do not have separate Hobbiesseparate things that you guys like to doas well you will become depressedbecause at the end of the day Everyonelikes their space everyone needs somespace sometimes and you have tounderstand that you have to realize iseveryone that comes into your life has apurpose in your life see I believethroughout my whole life I have beenguided I have had so many miracleshappen and honestly I would love to talkabout them but I think like a lot ofpeople are not ready to hear thesethings and they will not believe mesimply so I I'm not gonna put thesethings out there but I know for myself alot of Miracles have happened in my lifeand I've always been guided but I'venever realized at that moment that I isbeing guided certain people came into mylife certain things were being said tome but I just took them as like oh whata coincidence but now that I am moreaware I can see how I am being guidedtowards what I need to go I can see thatI I have to trust my own intuition morein life are constantly being guided inlife and the people that come inside ofyour life have a purpose I believe thatwhen when we have a partner I believethat when we meet certain people that wecreate something with we have a soulcontract with them right so that personis meant to be in your life whether itwas a good relationship or it was not agood relationship that person was meantto be there to elevate you and it willalways be elevating you there is nothingbad about it even though it was a badrelationship you became wiser because ofityou learned a lot about yourself andabout other people and that person wasmeant to teach you that that person wassupposed to show you and show you a sitethat you need to work on in life Ibelieve we are put on this Earth to workon our traumas I believe that we are puton this Earth to constantly evolve andlearn more and be willing to learn andbecome more conscious I've had uhconversations with doctors I've hadconversations with um artists I've hadconversation with other YouTubers thatwhen I sat down and I talked to themthey made me realize so much aboutmyself and they said the same thing theysaid Liz I can see that we were meant tomeet because you made me realize thisand now I can go work on this becauseturns out I still am triggered by thissituation and I didn't knowso when these people come into your lifedo not look at it as like oh my God likewhy this happened no why is thisteaching me what do I have to deal withthat I I didn't realize before when yousee that everyone has a purpose you canalso see that oh okay when thisrelationship ends that person did hispurpose you did your purpose in his lifehe did his purpose in your life and thenyou guys were meant to separate you guyswere not you guys were only meant to betogether for a period of time and whenthe contract ended you guys were meantto separate and when you have thatunderstanding that life works that wayit becomes much easier to not attachyourself because you can see the valueof the relationships of the friendshipsof the people in your life interestingis you need to stop creating fantasiesabout the situation about this person weas humans we naturally like to fantasizeright but if you start have to do thatyou can make this person into somethingor the situation into something thatthat they're not and after that you getupset because you think oh why did theydo that because you created a falsefantasy in your head about this personbut honey they were never that personyou did that to yourself by creatingthis attachment you have to go intosituations whether it's a job whetherwhether it's a relationship thinking itjust is what it is it will be like whatit is you know just go with the flow anddon't cry to create oh it has to be likethis oh this has to happen whatever nothat means that you're you're not livingin the present moment if you're notliving in the present moment you willnever be appreciative of it first of alland you it will never be good enough foryou it will never be good enough becauseyou know what people cannot live up toyour fantasy in your head because yourfantasy is not real you're talking toreal peopleare volatile their emotions are volatileyou cannot base your whole rose coloredglasses that you have on life and saythat it has to be that way we can neverpredict what will happen and you have toaccept this you can hope for the bestpossible outcome but maybe some badthings happen because you are meant tolearn something in that situation butyou did not calculate that in yourfantasy you just thought I wanteverything to be perfect but what ifsomething bad happens then you get sadabout it and afterwards it would beperfect so it doesn't go your perfectplan way but another way the thing isget a life like honestly I think peoplethat are so attached to to other peoplethat are so attached to uh situations orwhateverI think these people have no life likehonestly because how can you even havethe time to constantly focus on someoneelse if you're constantly focusing onsomeone else or if you're waiting onyour phone like please text me pleasetext me like do you have nothing to dohonestly you have nothing to doif you don't have a life get a hobbylike like get passionate about somethinglearn a new skill uh go outside go for awalk but don't be constantly in yourhead like oh my God oh my God like whatare they gonna text me when I'm gonna dothis like calm down and it's it's justdesperate it's unattractive because it'slike this person is your whole thinglike this person can can literally makeyou make you depressed in a second ifthey don't replyit's embarrassing to be honest to belike that you're focusing on yourself ifyou're focusing on getting better thatway if that person texts you if theydon't text you you don't really care youit's nice it's not like it's cute andall these things but when you're sofocused on yourself as well then like Isaid they just add value into your lifethey don't give you your words becauseyou define your word already you see youare whole and they just add value andlike I said you're operating from a lackmindset because you think if you do notget this job if you do not get thisperson whatever you will not haveanything else anymore which is not truebut if you put out that attachment tosomething and and if you're not willingto let go of that then that is what youwill get you have to be willing to letgo of past experiences you have to bewilling to let go of of pastrelationships rightI had this thing with my uh pastrelationship he would always help melike uh with everything and and I wasnot willing to let go of him because itwas comfortable right but I knew thisrelationship could not work out anylonger and it's not what I wanted but II was so scared and I was in my likemindset I was thinking if I let go ofhim then I will not have something likethis anymorebut so and I would constantly ask thatplease give me please give me somethinglike that please give me relove whateverbut I was not willing to let go of my exso then what I did is one time eventhough I was uncomfortable and I didn'thave anyone else I said okay you knowwhat whatever I'm done I do not care howmuch comfort he provides I'm gonna letgo of it a couple months later I met mypartner that I have now and he hashonestly been the best relationship I'veever had in my life but see I was notreceiving what was meant for me and formy highest good because I was notwilling to let go of my otherrelationship because I I feltcomfortable in that so I had to createthat Detachment and I had to have thatfate that that something better willcome from for me and then that's when itall came the thing is what is fomo sofomo means fear of missing out and afriend of mine she came over for NewYear's and she basically she asked meshe's like Liz do you ever get fomo andI was like no I don't get fomo uh I'mlike do you get fomo and she's like yeahI get it all the timebut then I started to wonder why is thatwhy do I not get that and why does shehave that but my friend she's like everyother person right she just uh followspeople on Instagram her friends whateverlike everyone that's normal andum she she like she sees their lives sheshe looks at Instagram people this wholesocial media world like I've told youguys I have I do not check Tick Tocklike videos I do not check otherInstagram accounts I post my stuff I donot read anything and I leave okay Imake social media work for me I do notwork for social media this way I do nothave a fear of missing out because Idon't know what I'm missing out on Idon't know what other people are gettingup to and I don't care because if I dostart to constantly look at otherpeople's lives I will start to comparemyself to them and I will start thinkingoh my God okay like am I doing enoughmaybe I should do better and whateverand I will go into a big panic mode soyou get attached to a false reality ofhappiness because most of those peopleare also not happy but obviously they'renot going to post their sad momentsbecause they don't owe you that to posttheir sad personal things but they willpost their best life and you will createagain a fantasy about their life andthat you're upset because you'reattached to a lifestyle that does notexist True Value comes from yourpersonality True Value comes from yourwisdom True Value is how you treat otherpeople the thing is you have to realizeyou will never arrive to happiness ifyou attach yourself to something and youthink if I have that I will be happy ifthis happens I will be happy if I buythis I will be happyI used to have this mentality and let metell you I was never happy if anything Igot more depressedwhy because I had attached myself somuch to a situation and I thought thiswould bring me happiness and when itdidn't I got depressed because of iteven though I had that thing that Iwantedso you have to realize nothing will makeyou happy the happiness you aresearching for outside is already withinyou the love you are searching foroutside is already within you I've spentmany vacations where I was supposed tojust rest and lay down and not worryabout anything just completely in apanic mode and Restless because I wasthinking I have to achieve this I haveto do this whatever otherwise I'm notgood enough and the other ones I willnot be happy whateverit completely took away my happinesslike I wasted I honestly feel like Iwasted that vacation because it was likeI was supposed to relaxwhy was I not in the present moment whycould I not appreciate it because I wasattached to an outcome that did not makeme happy now when I became detached fromall of this I can be happy right now I'msat in my kitchenthank you God like I'm happy just to bestanding here I'm happy that I can makea video for you guys like these thingsmake me happy and right now I feelgrounded I feel that I'm actually Idon't feel that I'm chasing for a futureor that I'm living in the future or thatI'm living in the past no I'm actuallyin the present moment and I'm enjoyingwhat I'm doing on a minute to minutebasis if you want to detach you alsohave to realize that you will neverleave you you might think like somepeople attached to people because theyhave abandonment issues and they thinklike oh uh I'm so attached like theycannot leave me whateveryou will never leave you you are the oneperson you will always have in your lifeand in the Hereafter you will alwayshave you okay maybe you won't have yourphysical body but you will have yoursoulwhen the hard times the one person whenyou say nobody was there for me the oneperson that was there was you you werethere for youso start acknowledging that giveyourself some more credit you werealways there for you and you will alwaysbe there for you so do not think like ohmy God like I will have no one when thatperson leaves me you have you and that'swhy I say develop you more work onyourself more heal yourself look at thethings that trigger you heal thosethings sit with yourself Journalmeditate go to therapy is once your soulevolves and secure within yourself youdo you're not afraid that anyone willleave you you do not think that you'realone because you you know that you haveyou I was talking to a girl and Ibasically told her I was like yeah Ihave this like issue that I really enjoybeing alone and and I feel like I shouldgo out and I socialize and constantlylike try to make friends but I reallylike my solitude and I like being alonewith myself and as you said but Lizthat's so much better than than notbeing able to to enjoy your own companyand that's so true like imagine I couldnot sit with myself and I constantly hadto have people around do this all inorder to have Detachment you shouldrealize that there will never be lackbecause you were put on this Earth to beblessed and start to realize that startto realize that good good things aremeant to happen to you so when yourealize these things then then you youliterally think like oh Miracles shouldhappen to me because that is what Ideserve because I am walking on thisEarthlike um I don't know who said it but Iheard it somewhere if if God was donewith you you would not be alive he's notdone with youhe's not done with you and you're meantto be blessed whoever leaves youwhenever you feel alone you're neveralone when you have yourself and if youbelieve in God you have God as wellstart focusing on you start availingevolving yourself to the best waypossible and honey it will be soliberating because you don't need anyoneto determine your value you don't needany situation to say hey if you get thisor if you get this person then you'revaluable no honey you're alreadyvaluable just because you're alive justbecause you're breathing anyways I loveyou guys so much I hope you guys learnedsomething and yeah I see you in the nextvideo love you bye