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Update: The AI News You Missed This Week!

AI Disrupts Business as Usual: Google Sheets, Gig Workers, Adobe, OpenAI and DeepMind Make Headlines

  • Google announced AI inside of Google Sheets
  • MIT Technology Review reported on gig workers outsourcing their work to AI, which could propagate errors within the AI models
  • Adobe is offering IP indemnity to customers using their Firefly art generator
  • OpenAI is facing a lawsuit over how it used people’s data
  • DeepMind CEO claims next algorithm will eclipse chat GPT
  • Unity unveiled Unity Muse which uses AI for documentation and character animation.

Revolutionary AI Technology: From Closed Beta to Open Beta

  • The Unity Muse is now in closed beta
  • The Unity Sentis is also in closed beta
  • A new tool, CSM (Commonsense Machines), can take 2D images and turn them into 3D assets
  • Wonder Dynamics has moved to open beta, allowing anyone access for a cost
  • OpenAI’s chat GPT app can now search the web via Bing
  • SAG-AFTRA actors are demanding more control over their work which could be used to train AI
  • And Playground AI just announced a new feature called mixed image editing similar to Adobe’s generative fill.

AI Revolution: Mid Journeys Zoom Out Feature, Microsofts AI Skills Training, The Verges Research, MrBeasts Thoughts

  • AI news this week focused on Mid Journey’s zoom out feature, Microsoft’s AI skills training and resources for their Skill for Jobs initiative, The Verge’s research on how people are using AI, and MrBeast’s thoughts on AI
  • Mid Journey’s zoom out feature allows users to stretch an image and fill in the missing gaps
  • Microsoft is launching a professional certificate of generative AI that will be free through 2025
  • The Verge found that 2000 people had heard of some AI technologies, with Millennials being the most prevalent user
  • Finally, Mr Beast believes that AI will free up time for people to focus on what they love.

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here's a breakdown of the AI news thatyou probably missed this week this cameout after I recorded last week's videoGoogle announced that they're startingto roll out AI inside of Google Sheetswe can see in their example here theytype agenda for a one day sales kickoffevent with session description andStatus the AI does its thing over hereand then generates an entire plan forthe conference here's another examplefrom a preview they put up on YouTubethey type personalized messages for ourclients it looks at a spreadsheet of alltheir client information they just dragand drop down and then it writespersonalized messages for all of theirclients now they don't actually tell uswhen it's going to be available foreveryone it just says rolling out now inGoogle workspace Labs also at the end oflast week this article was released onthe MIT technology review website thepeople paid to train AI are Outsourcingtheir work AI it says many companies paygig workers on platforms like MechanicalTurk to complete tasks that aretypically hard to automate such assolving captchas labeling data andannotating text this data is then fedinto AI models to train them the workersare poorly paid and are often expectedto complete lots of tasks very quicklythey used AI detectors after gettingsome of the work back from some of theseMechanical Turk workers and afterrunning it through these AI detectorsthey estimated somewhere between 33 and46 percent of the workers had used AImodels like chat GPT they say that usingAI generated data to train AI couldintroduce further errors into alreadyerror-prone models if they generateincorrect output that it itself is usedto train other AI models the errors canbe absorbed by those models andAmplified over time making it more andmore difficult to work out their Originsessentially meaning that if these AISare continually trained on outputs thatwere generated by AI it sort of becomesthis for lack of a better word incestualprocess where potentially hallucinatedbaked facts are then further trainedinto the AI model making things worseand worse and worse over time now thearticle does say I don't thinkeverything thing will collapse but Ithink the AI Community will have toinvestigate closely which tasks are moreprone to being automated and to work onways to prevent this now here'ssomething that adobe's doing if you useone of their Firefly art generatorplatforms Adobe says they will beoffering Enterprise customers and IPIndemnity which means that adobe wouldprotect customers from third-party IPclaims about Firefly generated outputsso right now there's a lot of fear goingaround that if I generate images with AIand I use them in my business well thedata that it was trained on may comefrom unknown Origins that the trainer ofthe data may not have had the rights toand is that going to cause legal issuesdown the road for the companies that usethe images generated with these AIplatforms now Adobe is telling theirEnterprise customers you don't have toworry about that if you're using ourFirefly products and somebody sues youand you lose will cover the cost for youthey're that confident that they own therights to the data that was trained intotheir AI model Adobe feels comfortabletaking the stance because it has trainedFirefly on Adobe stock images which ithas broad permission to use along withopenly licensed content and publicdomain content where the copyright hasexpired so all of this is basicallysaying that you should be able to trustAdobe on how their models were trainedand any images that you use that weregenerated with one of their Fireflyproducts like Photoshop generative fillor directly from the Firefly platformyou should be barely safe to use thoseimages without any future legalconsequences and if there are legalconsequences adobe's got your back onnow to jump forward in the news cycle alittle bit chat GPT on the other hand isfacing a lawsuit right now over how itused people's data a law firm islaunching a class action lawsuit againstopen AI alleging the artificialintelligence company that created thepopular chat bot chat GPT massivelyviolated the copyrights and privacy ofcountless people when it used datascraped from the internet to train itsTech basically the lawsuit is sayingthat when people posted things onTwitter or Facebook or blog posts orwherever they posted on the internetthey were never posting them with theintention that that information would beused to train AIS in the future andtherefore everybody who's data it wastrained on should essentially becompensated for the use of that data forprofit now open ai's defense on this isgoing to be that that data was availableto the public for anybody to use andbecause of fair use policies open AIused that data in a transformativeenough way that it really had nonegative effects to the people thatoriginally created the content it'sgoing to be interesting to see how thisone plays out in court because like witha lot of AI we've seen lately there'sgoing to be a lot of legal battles and alot of discussion around how the ethicsof all of this should be handled in thefuture earlier this week Google deepmindCEO says its next algorithm will Eclipsechat GPT now I read this entire articleon wired and there's nothing really inhere that substantiates that claim theybasically are saying that they're goingto use some novel methods that combinewhat we're seeing with tools like chatGPT as well as using techniques fromalphago to make their AI systems nowalphago was a really powerful chat botthat learned how to play a very populargame around the world called go andactually managed to beat a grand masterwhich nobody thought AI would evermanage to do so it's using technologyfrom that Alpha go plus the same type oflarge language model we're used to withsomething like chat GPT to create whatthey call Gemini now other than thatinformation that they're just kind ofcombining some technologies to makesomething bigger and better they don'treally tell us how it's going to bebetter or what we can expect to bebetter about it just that hey it's gonnaEclipse chat GPT and just wait and seethat's kind of what this article says ina really fun announcement from Unitythis week which if you're not familiarwith unity it's a popular game enginewhich developers use to actually build alot of the most popular video games theyannounced Unity Muse in their examplevideo they actually managed to questionthe documentation for Unity and learnhow to do various things inside of unitywhile it searched the documentation theyalso demoed creating characteranimations directly from text they typedo a backflip and the character does abackflip they also demonstrated theability to quickly create 2D Spriteassets they took this image that lookslike it could be out of like an age ofempire style game and told it to changethe color of the roof they're able togenerate realistic textures instantlybeach sand debris it generated thistexture and overlaid the texture on amap this Unity Muse they say is nowenclosed beta one cool thing about Unityas well as Unreal Engine is they're bothactually free platforms to use so ifyou've ever been interested in gamedevelopment you can use tools like unityand Unreal Engine and develop games forfree and I imagine all of these new AIfeature is that they're adding intoUnity are going to be available withinthe free platform as well which is goingto make it even easier for anybody tocreate games now when I say it'll beeasier for anybody to create games I'mnot saying it'll be easy for anybody tocreate good games I still think there'sa lot of Storytelling and thought thatgoes into good games but anybody couldcreate fairly basic games they alsoannounced Unity sentis is now in closedbeta as well if you remember my previousconversation with pernendu from conveythis actually uses the same technologyto give characters unique dialoguewithin games but it's built directlyinto Unity what hairstyles would youchoose if you had hair if I had hair Iwould probably go for a messy bun orponytail I like how they look on otherpeople and I think they're easy tomaintain what's the secret to life thesecret to life is to find something youlove to do and do it every day you cansee right here below the video on theirannouncement they actually say you cannow find professional quality AIsolutions from providers such as conveyand World layer Leonardo and more andconvey is actually the company that Idemoed with their CEO in a previousvideo speaking of game assets here'sanother cool tool that I came acrossthat is also enclosed beta but I'mexcited to play around with it it'scalled CSM which is short for commonsense machines and this is a tool thatcan take 2D images and turn them into 3Dassets theoretically we'll be able totake images that we generate in toolslike mid-journey or Leonardo pull theminto this tool and turn them into a 3Dasset that we can use inside of a gameinside of a movie inside of a virtualreality or augmented reality world orwhatever we want with them in facthere's some examples that they show ontheir YouTube channel of some of theassets that were generated here's the 2Dinput here's the 3D output that itgenerated here's the 2D input of IronMan here's the 3D output that itgenerated as a character here's someother examples you can see where itcompares the input on the top and thenwhat you get from their output theirCommon Sense machines output compared towhat's existing right now with theopenai shape e which you know obviouslystill leaves quite a bit to be desiredand what that's capable of I can't waitto get my hands on something like thisand show off what it's capable of alsothis week the tool Wonder Dynamics thetool that I use to make this crazy robotshooting basketball came out of closedbeta where just a small amount oftesters were able to use it and now it'sin open Beta where anybody can getaccess I'll be it for a little bit of acost now in other news this week openai's chat GPT app can now search the webbut only via Bing now I don't know whythey added but only via Bing because ifyou've used chat GPT anyway it alwayssays chat GPT with Bing so even thedesktop version is searching the web viaBing but basically if you remember acouple weeks ago we talked about how youcan now use chat GPT directly on youriPhone you now have that web browsingfeature available inside of chatgpt Pluson your iPhone and speaking of chat GPTand this article from Gizmodo they askis it starting to get a little too crazywith what we're putting chat GPT intothey talk about this e-bike which nowhas built-in chat GPT and there'sprobably very few scenarios where you'reactually going to need chat GPT builtinto your bike I mean if you're out fora bike ride and you happen to have yourmobile phone on you and maybe likeBluetooth headphones in your ears don'tyou get the exact same thing now there'snot a lot that I agree with from Gizmodothese days however this is one where Ido feel like all right this bike companyis just throwing AI in thinking that ifI sprinkle some AI on this then it'llmake more sales of my bike it this one'san odd one to me also in semi AI newsthis week hundreds of actors are readyto strike if sag aftra doesn't secure atruly transformative deal a ton ofactors in Hollywood are trying torenegotiate the minimum pay that actorsearn on jobs and as part of thispotential strike that might happenthey're also concerned about AI it sayshere the letter also called for morecontrol of the degree to which studiosare able to make actors recordthemselves during the casting processand pointedly called out the industry'sadoption of AI tools as something sagafter us should be thinking about veryseriously during this current round ofnegotiations we think it is absolutelyvital that this negotiation protects notjust our likeness but make sure we arewell compensated when any of our work isused to train AI now in last week'svideo I referenced the Black Mirrorepisode Joan is awful which again I'mnot going to spoil it for anybody butthat kind of touches on this issue andwhat that could look like forcelebrities if this all goes horriblywrong for them but it does make mewonder if a ton of actors refuse to workbecause they're afraid of AI takingtheir jobs couldn't that potentiallycause AI to take their jobs even soonersuhail from playground just announced anew feature called mixed image editingthis seems to me to be very similar towhat we get from adobe's generative fillwhere we can see in their example theygenerate an image of a chocolate cakewith fruit then they sort of mask out acertain area and erase the fruit theymask out a spoon and say make it a forkand it replaces that spoon with a forkthey take the cake and they add birthdaycandles and then they mask out the topof the candles and say light the candlesand it adds Flames to the candles alsothe big news of last week was midJourney zoom out feature stability AIalso recently released uncrop well itnow looks like you can do that same kindof thing in playground where you canjust stretch out an image click generateand it will basically uncrop zoom outwhatever you want to call it to thatimage and what's really cool aboutplayground is that you can actuallystill generate images for free onplayground right now if you want solet's write a prompt here a wolf in asnowy Forest let's generate I get something that looks like this I could clickthe button that says edit in canvas nowif I come up to the generate image uphere expand it outside the box a bitlike so and just click generate justlike uncrop or generative fill or zoomout it will fill in the missing gapshere I can select this little pen uphere make this a little bit larger if Iselect this tree here and say make thetree green and click generate I now havea green tree that's called mixed imageediting and it's available now inside and I don't actuallypay for playground this is actually freeto use right now if you're a fan of midJourney mid Journey just announced a newcommand that you can try called weird socheck this out if I enter a prompt likea woman in a colorful dream like world Iget a pretty cool image that lookssomething like this if I do the exactsame prompt but add dash dash weird 2000it goes between zero and three thousandI get something like this so just a funNew command that you can try out and ifyou're looking for something reallywacky and crazy try ramping up the weirdalso this week Microsoft announced thatthey're launching their new AI skillstraining and resources as part of theirskill for jobs initiative now this isonline coursework it's also going togive the first professional certificateof generative AI so you can actually gothrough their course and tell peoplethat you are certified in generative AIthe coursework will be unlocked andavailable for free through 2025. thisweek The Verge also released someresearch they pulled 2 000 people on howthey're using Ai and this was actuallyvery very interesting although 2000people isn't a huge data set to reallybe pulling from it is interestingbecause you can see on the left sidethese are people that have used or heardof it and these are people who have notand if we hover over here 57 of peoplein the US according this poll haveactually used or heard of chat GPT 43haven't Bing chat only 46 percent ofpeople have heard of it my AI fromSnapchat only 45 percent of people haveheard of it in my opinion that'sprobably really high because even amongAI circles that I run in I don't think alot of people have heard of Snapchat'smy AI only 38 of people have heard ofGoogle bard only 25 percent have heardof mid-journey I would have thought forsure more people would have heard ofmid-journey than Bard or my Ai and thenonly 23 percent have heard of stablediffusion which that tracks for meMillennials seem to use it the mostfollowed by gen Z followed by Gen Xfollowed by Boomers that tracks rightalong with the data that I see in myYouTube analytics of who watches myvideos it's probably mostly Millennialsand gen Z so that seems about right tome also in their poll they asked whichof these technologies will have thebiggest impact on society 74 of thepeople said that AI will have a bigimpact on society 69 electric vehicles60 virtual reality quality 52 augmentedreality and only 34 nfts if I had toguess that VR and AR over time are gonnaflip I think more people are going tosee AR as the future more so than VR Ijust think VR is a little more in themovies with Ready Player one and stufflike that but so many people are alreadyusing augmented reality without evenreally thinking about the fact thatthey're using augmented reality forexample Snapchat and Instagram filtersare all using augmented reality I'lllink up to this article below there'ssome other interesting information theycame up with like what most peoplethought AI did a better job than theydid at what people's biggest concernsaround AI have been including 70 percentof people saying that they believeartists should be compensated when AIcopies their work and how people feelabout regulation for AI they also foundof the 2000 people they pulled 51 ofthem believe that AI will becomesentient at some point at 64 of thosepeople are not opposed to companiesproducing an AI that is conscious orsentient which I think with a wider dataset I honestly believe that number wouldprobably shrink but it is what it isI'll link up the article below if you'reinterested in learning more about whatthey found and finally I want to endthis one with some comments from MrBeast one of my personal favoriteYouTubers about his thoughts on AI fromthis amazing interview that was on theCullen and Samir show again another oneof my favorite YouTube channels ifyou're a YouTuber or Creator yourselfcon and Samir they're the best you gotto check out their Channel here's MrBeast thoughts on where AI is going howdo you think about the differencebetween human intelligence andartificial intelligence I don't thinkit'll destroy things I think it wouldjust free up people to do more of whatthey love and like focus on creating andthey'll have that for inspiration andlike there'll probably be a period whereeveryone just plagiarizes and uses thatand like it's gonna get more homogeneousat once and then they'll normalize andthen the people who break through aregonna be the ones that use that asinspiration and level up on it and youknow just kind of is what it is again asI've said in so many videos in the pastthat is the the way I think peopleshould be thinking about AI I don'tthink it's going to replace people it'sgoing to give people that use it superpowers and free up their mind space andtheir time to focus on other things thatcould benefit them and their growth evenfurther and so I love Mr B's thoughts onthis and curious what you think about itbut that's what I got for you that's abreakdown of the AI news this week andI'm recording this on Thursday so theremight even be more news that's droppingon Friday that didn't make the video butif there is I'll make sure it's in nextFriday's video if you haven't alreadysubscribed to this channel maybe now's agood time to do it to make sure you seethe next AI news video that I put outnext week and if you do like this videomaybe give it a thumbs up that'll makesure you see more videos like it in yourYouTube feed thanks so much for tuningin check out this iswhere I will keep you up to date on thenews in near real time as well as tellyou about all the coolest AI tools thatI came across and if you don't want tokeep up with it on a daily basis duringthe free newsletter and every Friday Iwill send you a tldr of the week in AIthe high level overview of just what youneed to know and just the coolest toolsthat came out goes out every Friday youcan find it over at thankyou so much for tuning into this video Ireally really appreciate you there is somuch going on in the world of AI and Iam just absolutely in love with it andI'm gonna do my best to keep on keepingyou up to date and making tutorials andfinding new and exciting ways to makefun content around Ai and Tech that Ithink you'll enjoy so you watching thisvideo is helping me get closer to thatdream of just getting to live in thisworld all of the time and talk about Aiand Tech all of the time so honestlywhen I say I appreciate you I really domean it thank you so much for tuning inI'll see you guys in the next videobye-bye[Music]thank you