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China’s New H-20 Stealth Bomber is Worse Than You Think

China Unveils Xian H-20 Stealth Bomber: Implications for Taiwan and US Technology

  • China recently unveiled their first long-range strategic stealth bomber, the Xi’an H-20
  • China’s military even released a video of an H-20 prototype in a wind tunnel test
  • The H-20 has many fifth generation aircraft stealth technologies, with a range of 8500 kilometers (or 10,000 kilometers according to some reports), and a payload capacity ranging from 10 to 45 metric tons depending on configuration
  • In 2014, Chinese hackers based in Canada stole 630,000 documents from US companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing that included several blueprints for the F-22 and F-35 programs which helped China’s development of the H-20
  • It is speculated that China utilized the documents stolen by hackers to develop the new stealth bomber
  • The H-20 could have major implications if used in an invasion of Taiwan due to its ability to evade their air defense systems
  • China has been hinting at this aircraft since the early 2000s with recruiting videos and office desk accessories
  • Chinese military aviation expert Andreas Rupreck was one of the first to share images on Twitter about foldable fins possibly being incorporated into the design for extra stealth capabilities
  • It is speculated that China reverse engineered US radar avoiding technology from a crashed American Stealth F-117 Nighthawk shot down in Yugoslavia in 1999 and from No Sure Gawadi who was arrested for selling classified stealth technology in 2005
  • If it achieves nuclear capability via its strategic concept called ‘the nuclear Triad’, it would be able to launch nuclear weapons from land, sea and air, making it impossible to prevent their nuclear capability.

Exploring Chinas Growing Military Strength: The H-20 Stealth Bomber and the F12 Missile

  • National University was founded in 1971 by a military veteran and offers flexible learning options such as online courses and on-site campus
  • Select veterans are eligible for discounts for themselves and family members
  • China created the ftpgb family of precision guided munitions in 2006 which is used by h-20 stealth bombers
  • The F12 variant has a rocket booster that can extend its range to 150 kilometers providing a release velocity of 600 to 1000 kilometers per hour
  • U.S president Donald Trump issued an executive order prohibiting U.S companies and individuals owning shares in cult, which is associated with the people’s Liberation Army
  • They use Western GPS, Russian glow Nas, and Chinese Badoo navigation systems to track their targets
  • H-20 stealth bombers have 3 primary methods of extending their range – mid-air refueling, changing its launching location, and using self-propelled Munitions
  • China is developing airstrips in the South China Sea and using belt and road initiative to install air strips for military purposes
  • Hn2 and hm3 subsonic low observable cruise missiles are nuclear capable with a range between 1400 to 3000 kilometers
  • Patriot anti-air systems may be able to detect H20 as it has relatively small all radar cross section estimated at .0001 square meter.

US-China Aircraft Arms Race: H20 Close to Ready for Operation

  • The flying wing design of the H20 aircraft is meant to reduce its radar signature
  • This is done by a combination of smooth geometry, reduced heat emissions and radar disruptive coating
  • The American B2 program is successful due to a high quality mission planning which sets it apart from other aircraft
  • The H20 is estimated to have a lower range, stealth and capabilities than the B2 spirit
  • Chinese state media has suggested that the H20 is close to being ready for operation in a few short years.

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China recently confirmed their Xi'anh-20 their first ever long-rangestrategic stealth bomber the newaircraft threatens to change the balanceof power in the world because currentlythe United States is the only nation tooperate in expensive strategic stealthbomber Fleet like the B2 China'smilitary even revealed the video showingan h-20 prototype in what's called aflush air data sensing wind tunnel testyou guys I don't think Xi Jinping isgoing to be happy with this what is thisa stealth bomber for ants fads or fadsis used to gather data collect speed andangle of attack information but othersbelieve this is just a distraction tokeep the h20's final wheel configurationsecret this new Chinese stealth bomberis the type of aircraft that's sent todestroy an entire enemy Airfield orsoften up defenses for an invasion theh-20 would have major ramifications fora possible invasion of Taiwan if it'sable to evade their air defense systemswait a second how did China get thistechnology in the first place in 2014 ina high highly publicized Cyber attack byChinese back groups based in Canada over630 000 documents were stolen from U.Scompanies like Lockheed Martin andBoeing those documents notably includedseveral blueprints on the F-22 and F-35programs which assisted in augmentingthe stealth capabilities of upgradedj-20s soon after 2016 the people'sLiberation Army Air Force CommanderGeneral Mash ocean publicly announcedthat China was developing a newgeneration of long-range bomber thatwould see first production within thenext decade he explained that theaircraft would contain many of the fifthgeneration aircraft stealth Technologiesfound on the j-20 a range of at least 8500 kilometers a 10 metric ton payloadcapacity and an ability to deploy bothconventional and nuclear Munitionsthough some reports show that thepayload capacity could be as high as 45tons in different configurations listenguys I'm gonna be honest I really likewhat I see here but I don't think we'vereached Perfection yet is there any waywe can make it look even more like arip-off of the American B2 bomber itspeculated this same year that theChinese firm Xi'an aircraft IndustrialCorporation partnered with the 603aircraft design Institute and begandrawing up plans for a future long-rangestrategic stealth bomber China has beenhinting at this aircraft since the early2000s with cryptic talk about anaircraft representing strategichistorical significance slick recruitingvideos and some super cool office deskaccessories just to name a few prototypetoy models sound like fun and gamesuntil you realize the world's topaircraft experts closely follow andstudy footage of these models for hintsto the h20s capabilities and Mission setAndreas rupreck is a Chinese militaryAviation expert who is one of the firstto share these images on Twitter he saidquote we have for some time had severalhints including in academic papers thatsome sort of foldable fins might beincorporated I joke about the H20 beinga knockoff of the American B2 bomber butthere is evidence that these modelssuggest it will end up having a uniquedesign and look many of you will alsolikely notice the similarity to some ofRussian and Chinese recent drone designsnow the pla has a long history ofcopying military hardware from SmallArms to tanks if they can get theirhands on a new set of blueprints there'sa good chance that they're going to tryto make a version of it and theycertainly aren't shy about it eitherwith 160 U.S citizens having beenarrested since 2000 on Espionage chargesfor selling classified information toChina and thanks to them service memberseverywhere get to take super excitingonline training courses to preventInsider threats like these to be fairthe United States also does everythingthey can to steal or copy foreignmilitary equipment that they likecopying is the greatest form of flatteryeven when it's really really illegal butChina's military doesn't need toentirely rely on stealing informationthey can go picking through our garbagealso there were rumors and reportsflying around in the late 1990s thatChina had gotten a hold of a crashedAmerican stealth F-117 Nighthawk thatwas shot down in Yugoslavia couldChinese Engineers have reverseengineered our radar avoiding technologyyeah probably especially when they haveone of our guys helping them piece thepuzzle together in 2005 no sure gawadihe was arrested for selling classifiedstealth technology to China he was thechief designer of the American B2stealth bomber and an engineer withNorthrop who in his own words was thefather of the technology that protectsthe B2 stealth bomber from heat-seekingmissiles he's serving a 32-year prisonsentence now that's what happens whenyou break the arms export Control Actfocusing on its nuclear capability for abit there's a strategic concept calledthe nuclear Triad which in short means anation is capable of launching nuclearweapons from land-based silosocean-based submarines and now for Chinalong-range strategic stealth bombersonce a nation achieves this nuclearTriad it's essentially impossible toprevent their nuclear capability you canstrike against all stationary land-basedsilos maybe get lucky with interceptingthe submarine missiles but you aren'tgoing to manage to take down all oftheir stealth bombers before they reachtheir targets think of it as Xi Jinpinggetting the last infinity stone upinstead of only smoking half of us ittakes out all of us in a globalthermonuclear war the nuclear Triadachieved by air is accomplished not onlyby its stealth capabilities but the h-20aircraft's estimated range of 8500kilometers or 5280 miles without theneed for mid-air refueling for referencethis would allow the H20 to stealthilystrike any land targets in Europe JapanKorea the Philippines and the U.Sterritory in Guam or second island chainan updated report from the dod claimsestimates now put the range at 10 000kilometers or 6 200 miles while it'sstill short of the over 6 700 mile rangeof the current B2 bomber China still hassome tricks up its sleeve that theycould use in effect to extend the rangenot only to Hawaii which holds major U.Sarmy and Naval bases but even the westcoast of the United States so what do weknow about this secretive h-20 stealthbombers new weapon systems where can wemake some good educated guesses and isthis something that the American DODneeds to be worried about or is it justanother cheap knockoff that you couldbuy on but before we get intothat learning is a lifelong Pursuitwhether you're looking to segue into anew career or Advance your skills tobecome more attractive in the job marketNational University was founded by amilitary veteran in 1971 with theunderstanding that you live a busy lifeand they do everything to helpaccommodate you with that with rollingenrollment each month they offer over 75different affordable degree programscredentials and certificates you havethe flexibility to choose between onlinecourses from anywhere or in person attheir beautiful on-site campus in SanDiego California national university hasover 41 000 students and 200 000 alumniNational University even has a dedicatedmilitary benefits team and enrollmentadvisors that offer credits for yourmilitary experience the thing that Drewme to National universities that they'rea student-centered world-class educationsystem that offers quality Marketrelevant programs National UniversityChampions education designed to supportthe whole you now select veterans areeligible for discounts for themselvesand family members jump start yourcareer and apply today by clicking thelink in our description below but whatkind of weapon ammunitions would thisstealth bomber drop if its stealthinessis truly able to match the Americanaircraft it would drop a copycat of thesame bomb that the American cell bombersuse of course a jdam copycat Chinacreated the ftpgb in 2006 which is afamily of chinese-built precision guidedMunitions created at the China Academyof launch vehicle technology they rangefrom 100 kilograms to 500 Kilograms theF12 variant has a rocket booster thatcan be attached to extend its range to150 kilometers providing a releasevelocity of 600 to 1000 kilometers perhour so what is the China Academy oflaunch vehicle technology I'm glad youhypothetically asked because I had noidea as well it's a major state-ownedcivilian and Military space launchVehicle Manufacturer in China cult asit's abbreviated has over 30 000employees and at least 13 researchfacilities in November 2020 U.Spresident Donald Trump issued anexecutive order prohibiting U.Scompanies and individuals owning sharesin call at the U.S Department of Defensehas listed as having links to thepeople's Liberation Army cult are alsothe ones sending Chinese satellites intospace which is a huge part of the h-20stealth bombers puzzle because a lot ofpeople forget the stealth bomber is onlyas good as the military satelliteNetwork supporting it and China's tryingto play catch-up there damn it I'm aninfantryman not a scientist the ftpgbMunitions use a variety of satelliteguidance to track their target it usesthe Western GPS and Russian glow Nas aswell as a Chinese Badoo navigationsystem which is like their version ofGPS because so much of the H20 is stillunder wraps and no one has leaked itsinformation on video games forums quiteyet we'll need to look at how the UnitedStates uses its own flying wings stealthbombers to get an idea of how the newH20 would be used there are threeprimary ways for a bomber to extend itsrange in order to hit a Target which aremid-air refueling changing its launchinglocation and using self-propelledMunitions you can have the stealthiestaircraft in the world hiding from anysensor you throw at it but thatrefueling tanker is going to glow on aradar screen brighter than a Christmastree in July a second method ofextending the bomber's range is the useof forward operating locations or Fallsthese are generally smaller militarybases either in distant Nationalterritories or in Friendly partneredNations that allow a military to extendtheir ability to quickly deploy forcesglobally currently China is developingits capacity for both with the buildupof Chinese airstrips in the South ChinaSea and their usage of the belt and Roadinitiative where through economic aidand foreign Nations they're constructingair strips and Facilities that can beused if needed for military purposesChina currently has four operationalnuclear-capable cruise missiles thatwould be able to be loaded into aninternal rotary launcher unitspecifically in this case is the hn2 andhm3 subsonic low observable cruisemissiles which can have a range between1400 and 3 000 kilometers and thisstrategy would allow the H2 to leveragethe other two methods of extending theirrange much more effectively because acruise missile doesn't have to make areturn trip it effectively adds twiceits own range to the range of theaircraft for example if an H20 launchesan hn3 missile with a range of 3000kilometers it shaves 6 000 totalkilometers off the flight Not only wouldthis allow the H20 to hit targetsfurther Inland of the continental UnitedStates but it would also allow it torefuel or launch from less conspicuouslocations overall making it much harderto detect or analyze its purpose thispossibility is supported by the reportthat the H20 will contain an activeelectronically scanned array right areusing antenna to conform to the body ofthe aircraft and would be used to guideMunitions like cruise missiles onto thetarget but the billion dollar questionabout the H20 is whether or not taiwan'santi-air systems like the Patriot coulddetect it while the pla didn't respondto my emails asking exactly how stealthythis plane is we can make a pretty goodguess by looking at how its physicaldesign affects radar return and thestealth capabilities of its cousin thej-20 we can get a rough idea based onsome known stealth factors of bothAmerican and Chinese aircraft before westart analyzing the combined stealthcapabilities it's important to rememberthat not only are calculatedcapabilities closely guarded Secrets butalso incredibly hard to determine andcan vary from any number of things liketypes of detection systems angledetection speed of aircraft weather andall that stuff just understand that wheninternet analysts like myself talknumbers behind stealth detection it'simportant to take it with a grain ofsalt first we'll look at China's otherstealth aircraft the j-20 while it has arelatively small all radar cross sectionor how large it appears on radar it'sestimated to be anywhere between half asquare meter to three square meterscompare this to the American equivalentF22 and F-35 which boasts a .0001 andzero zero one five square meter crosssection respectively the B2 despite itslarge size has the exact same RCS as theF-22 because of its flying wing designfor reference this means that the B2with its 172 wingspan to a radar is thesame size of a b with those numbers inmind we can roughly estimate that theh20s radar cross section to be on thelower end of the j-20 statistics whichcould possibly allow it to pass throughlong range early detection Radars butnot higher band air defense Radars fromall of this we can determine that it'snot likely the H20 is going to beanywhere on par with the American B21and likely is not even on par with theB2 spirit in terms of range stealth orcapabilities but does that mean weshouldn't worry about it like mostmilitary equipment it's only as usefulas how smart you are using it when askedwhat makes the American B2 program sosuccessful Lieutenant ColonelChristopher Conant the 393rdexpeditionary bomb squadron commander incharge of all B2 Spirit platforms saidquote in the B2 Community we see Missionplanning is our primary tactic and ourquality of mission planning is what setsus apart meaning regardless of how goodyour plane is how you use it is moreimportant the entire purpose behind theFlying Wing design is to reduce itssignature both on high frequency shortrange radar systems and also lowfrequency long range early warningRadars this is the critical point ofStealth Tech because these aircraft arerequired to fly well within the range ofenemy sensors in order to conduct theirmission set ideally without relying onescort fighter aircraft now stealthtechnology essentially works not bytrying to make the aircraft invisibleboth literally and figuratively butthrough a combination of smooth geometryreduced heat signature and radardisruptive coating with this an aircraftcan basically trick a radar system intothinking it's much smaller than itactually is by doing this it eithermakes its signature so small that theradar can't detect it or at the veryleast small enough to where it could beconfused for any number of things like abird a bug or a balloon it achieves thisthrough a number of design features suchas its four engines that are buried intooverall shape of the fuselage lack ofvisible vertical stabilizers duringflight even things like ensuring thescrews on the fuselage are flush withthe frame helps it achieve the level ofstealth required to be used effectivelya state-run Chinese publication calledmodern Weaponry a monthly magazine runby the Chinese weapons manufacturernarenko published a 3D rendering of whatthey claim to be the new H20 aircraftbut these are strangely dismissed byanother state-owned publication thepolitical tabloid Global times claimingthat these images were fake news hey nowthey're stealing our slang not just ourblueprints funny enough some of the bestideas we have as to what the final H20will look like come in the form of adesk decoration gifted to two Chinesepilots during a state-sponsored flagceremony in August of 2022. the displaysprominently show two very distinctvertical stabilizers This falls in linewith other reports that the H20 willinclude a set of stabilizers that can beretracted back into the fuselage andextended when the pilot needs moremaneuverability and these models looknear identical to the ones published inthe original magazine this is moreevident when you consider that it wouldbe incredibly effective in a campaigncloser to the Chinese Mainland such asTaiwan or Japan in the South China Seain July 2022 Chinese State mediasuggested the H20 was close to withintaking its Maiden flight and could beoperational in a few short years whilethere's still a lot we don't know and wewon't know for a while we're starting tosee how the H20 is taking shape and itwill definitely be a development tofollow as we get closer to the h20sfirst operations if you guys found thisvideo useful in some way please considerhitting the like And subscribe buttonI'm your average infantryman Chris Cappythank you guys very much for your timethank you for watching