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Real Madrid stun Liverpool & Man United come back v. Barcelona | The 2 Robbies Podcast | NBC Sports

John Watson: A Legend Remembered in English Football

  • John Watson, the legendary commentator, passed away at the age of 77
  • Robbie Earl pays tribute to him by talking about his legacy in English football and how he inspired people like Peter Jewelry
  • Liverpool were embarrassed by a 5-2 scoreline against Remedy, but this is indicative of the challenges they face with their current team
  • Manchester United came back from 1-1 to win 2-1 against Barcelona and Leeds United have returned to the Premier League with their head coach.

Liverpool Struggle to Find Form in Face of Real Madrid Pressure

  • Liverpool and Real Madrid played a game of football, with the first half showing Liverpool’s usual form that fans enjoy
  • However, the second half was a poor display of play. The Midfield players from Real Madrid showed qualities that were lacking at this level with their ability to run through Liverpool and give the ball away. Jurgen Klopp must decide whether to keep playing his football style or change it to be more pragmatic
  • Lee Dixon believes he will never become more passive even though it may be required
  • Liverpool have been lacking in the Midfield position and cannot expect success in European competition if they continue to play as they are. There was evidence of an uncomfortable atmosphere between fans and players when Real Madrid players were applauded despite losing.

John Henry: Liverpool Not Selling, Looking for Investment

  • Liverpool’s midfield is in need of two players to provide more defensive support
  • Rob mentioned Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, and Joe Gomez who have all not been performing as well lately
  • John Henry has recently spoken out saying that Liverpool are not selling the club but looking for investments
  • There may be a chance for the team to buy two or three good players if there is not a desperation to sell.

Liverpool and Real Madrid Search for Success, Palace Test Liverpools Top-Four Chances, City and Leipzig Draw 1-1

  • Liverpool must improve their starting eleven, as they will need to rebuild in the summer. Liverpool’s ownership needs to back their manager and spend money to turn things around
  • Real Madrid have experience, confidence, self belief and know-how which has made them successful
  • Vinicius Junior is a key player for Real Madrid despite experiencing racial abuse
  • Cristial Palace are not an easy team to face, but Liverpool still have a chance of making the top four
  • Man City and RB Leipzig played out a 1-1 draw in midweek with City dominant in the first half.

Manchester Citys Cautious Strategy Leads to Loss Against Liverpool

  • Manchester City changed their strategy in the second half, becoming more traditional and conservative
  • They were leading the game away from home, and wanted to be cautious
  • However, they still tried to play the same possession style that Pep Guardiola is known for
  • Alan Harland was not as involved and this was almost like being a man down for Manchester City as he does not get involved in the build up play
  • City lacked intensity and control of the game due to this change in strategy, which allowed for Liverpool to fight back.

Manchester City-Robert Performance Assessed by Thierry Henry, Old Trafford Sizzles with Excitement

  • Thierry Henry provided analysis on the narrative that Manchester City is not playing to Robert’s strengths
  • Henry concluded that there is a two-way street, with Robert not helping his team by making certain runs as well
  • Pep’s approach of allowing Robert to do what he needs to do in order to get goals may reduce the effectiveness of his playing style
  • Finally, Old Trafford was electric and full of atmosphere which added to the match.

Manchester United Victorious Over FC Barcelona at Old Trafford

  • FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United had an electric atmosphere at Old Trafford, with fans playing a large role in the match
  • Bruno Fernandes was essential to United’s success, acting as a decoy and offering flexibility to the team
  • Rashford and Anthony scored for United, but much of their win can be attributed to the contribution of other players such as Fred and Eric Seymour
  • Ultimately, the game was a celebration of success for Manchester United after a long period without it.

Leeds United: Rejuvenated with Younger Squad Under Javi Garcias Leadership

  • This discussion between two people is about the success of a football team due to healthy competition and understanding when and how to make changes, as well as the current situation of Leeds United where changes have been made with a younger squad. They mention Javi Garcia, former manager of Watford, who has been hired for the job and discuss his leadership style
  • They recognize that younger players need mentorship, advice, leadership and direction from experienced players
  • Finally, they affirm that it is important to have some older players in the team to help guide their younger counterparts.

Newcastle Makes History, Hindu Families Find Soccer Outlet, Chelsea and Napolito on Winning Streak

  • This video discussed the enormity of some Hindu families and how soccer teams are finding a way out
  • The mention of African strikers, great results from Chelsea and Napolito, and the Champions League was touched on
  • Shuttle went through on penalties in the Europa League, and there will be second legs in a few weeks
  • Lastly, Newcastle won their first silverware piece ever against Manchester United, possibly giving manager Jen Ha his first for the team.

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Hello and welcome to the, toRobbie's podcast yourdestination for in-depth,discussion analysis ofthe Premier League, and thechampions league, andthe Europa League. In thisepisode today, I'm Robbie must,oh,he's Robbie Earl. And here aretoday's topics shambolicLiverpool embarrassed byremedy. A damn field,man cities a waveform takesanother hit as they concede,an equalizer to Leipzig.Manchester United come back atOld Trafford, to get a 2-1 winagainst Barcelona and havingGraciareturned to the Premier LeagueasLeeds. United head coach. That'swhat we've got coming upin today's episode.Yeah, good stuff night before weget to what's been here.Fascinating week, midweek ofEuropean football thought, wejustanother tip our hat, to one ofthe great true gentleman ofEnglish.Ball John Watson, the legendarycommentator, Samsung to you 77years of age passed away today,he's one of those voices. Robertwe grew up withas part of English footballapparently it done 10 WorldCups, he'd been on ten, EuropeanChampionshiptournaments and indeed,commentate on 29, FA Cup finalsandI think there's a kid. Why can'tI can always rememberlike that, his was the voicethat you went out after you'vegot final, you've seen somebodyplay and you and mimicking togo.Goal and the goal call and theweight stood. And you know, hewas a colorful charactercharacter real personality butof a caricature with thesheepskin. And he played, notguys,you know, we made sheepskinscool.But yeah, I just thought itwould be a good time for usjust to be polite to one of theall-time greats in commentary,John Watson.Yeah, John Watson,I mean, absolute Legend. And thelegend Rob. And I think, youknow, youthe longevity of it was wasastonishing. He,I mean, he was theMy voice wasn't, he was thevoice of football.Yeah. For as long as I canremember, of course, BarryDavis was another big voice inthat era, but John Watson wasstill the guy, the BBC guy, thematch of the day guy. Thesheepskin coatthe the way and course wewe didn't get to know him. WhatI didn't get to them,particularly well, but stories,you hear about him beingabsolutely obsessed withfootball. And that's whatsometimes he's top commentators.That'sthe whether they are with thegame but John Watson. Yeah. Imeanthat,that name just like it'sIt was everything and his voicewas so familiarand he was so much love that. Hewas he was working the game,Rob only, and last few yearshe's still at it. Wait, radiotalk, show radio.So sadly missed. Yeah, I meantoo early too young. I meanit's a sad day as well.But John Watson mean got youtalk about Legends in the gameof football from our era in anhour kind of growing up inEnglish football, John Watson,every every everybodyknew who he was and respectedbody did so yeah rest inJohn John Watson Legend. Yeah,what was interesting there,loving, I just, just in closing,I meant to ask becausewe do a production code on aThursday today.We did one earlier and Peterjewelry.Now worked with Peter at BBC andPeter, Julie, JohnChampion, those kind of guyswere allalmost like studentsJohn Watson, John Watson was thedaddy and they werestudents who were coming up andlearning the trade andunderstanding that thevocabulary and the words fitand you know pins, you'll he'sright up there. Now it would bevery beneficial. Festering inthe game, and I'm sure Peterwould out, you know,would have a fitting tribute towhat John must have momentum andhow he steered those guysvery early on, when it wasn'tthat Fastenal to bea Football commentators, maybeit is now but yeah. Rest inpeace gion Matsuri. Yeah.Okay, my friend, let's turn itto.I'm filledwith a25 score line. So I have to saythat again, 25 score line, Solet me pull go to now opennearly 15 minutesand end up losing the game. 52from Liverpool team.Thatit's funny. Well, because as Iwasthinking about this result, Iwas kind of thinkingfive to Liverpool now on areally great Liverpool day,maybe still a maybe foolishly. Iwas still believe the pool,maybe could do damage in 52, oron a really poor Liverpool day,which was Seymour.Or of this season than maybelastnickel beef got beat 52. 52 isalmost become a bit ofa Liverpool kind ofkind of performance kind ofschool. I andit lends itself to Rob some ofthe bigger conversations thatwe've had on the Pug podcasting.People have hadabout where our this Liverpoolteam and wherewill they be going with you Bencloth and the situation asthe oh what's the bigger pictureon? The will talk about detailof the game and Talk about whatcouldn't could have been done,what's a bigger picture for youcan clock in the team rightnow.Okay, so I think the biggerpictureis I think it was a anotherexample or evidence of wherewe're at right now withLiverpool.And I think it's important tosay that in the league. It'slooks like it's picked up alittle bit. They still gotgreat front players. And in thelast game in the league,the front playerstook their chances and lookedevery bit as good as what weknow they are. But it is, again,it's a realization thatthe Of the team is sadlybehind what they've been behindwhat they what they need to beto playJurgen klopp football and it'skind of the the overriding kindofthought for me on this Rob isthat you can crop. And we sawin the first half that, that wasclock football. He said ithimself. He said that's us in anutshell when it was flat-out,High Press great energy.I got to say, I liked the rightside of the team being back asit was with Trent with JordanThe Sun and with no solidLincoln combining, I'm makingnotes in the first half, that'smore like it. That's kind of theright side that we'veenjoyed the Liverpooland that was what he wants fromthem all the time. Now sadlythe second half waswhat we've seen and it's beenthe Poor Side. Liverpool overrecent months, it has been now.And with you know a little bitof a gung-ho attitude. Flyingforward all the time,both forwards going forwardMidfielddefensive. Qualities that arelacking at this level when theygot run through and they givethe ball away and Midfieldplayers from Real Madrid.Of course,look at Magic running through acouple of times. Soon superbagain.So I think it's, you know,and I throw it back to you withthis question Robinagain,we say the same things a lothere and I end up saying thisa lot like,does does Jurgen klopp continueto play his football and tryand make it? Work with what yougot,what is got available?Which is we know, we know it'slacking.Certainly the Midfield, I'lltake defensively after some ofthe performances in. Wellthere's one or two that. I'mnot sure whether they're up toit. Yeah. Does it keep goingwith that? Or does hewhile I'm gone a minute? Like wegot to adjust and maybe ifTrent goes for which he does alot, then Roberts Robbo, you'vegot, you know, maybe you gotlaid back a little bit andmaybe we've got to be a littlebit more pragmatic.Solet's go back on that. Rob'syeah, that's because I thinkthat's The big question and thenwe added the conferencecall. We Said Today, Rob justleft, I met just before you wethrew around a little bit, ourlittle group and I think it wasLee Dixon who made the commentthat I'm not sure he's evergoingto want to do that to be bitmore pragmatic and passive,the even though it might berequired Lee thought, he'sgoing to continue to play thisway. You clean the PremierLeague, where maybe they canstill get through and getthe results needed to the top.For, what do you think in termsof his philosophy in? Should hechange it? So it's good point.And we did Reach Out. It withLee and Peter are on a calltoday. So, I feltI found Tuesday night wasmay be embarrassing to wrongword to say, but I thought youwould almost signal the end ofthat you can clop ear with thatgroup. I felt robbed as thoughhe knew deep downthat his team can't be found oneof the Midfield intent.He's not there. And I think oneof two things now, I think mostmanagers have a style of playthe same content as we've seenPepsi.I've seen clocks,I'm not sure that he canreadjust this group to play,What classes may be non clockfootball that we've knownand still be successful andstill be as successful doing it.So I sense that hebelieves.I'm gonna have to go again withthis group. I'm gonna have tomake some hard decisions. Therewas a time at the end ofthe game Rob where I almost feltgain, embarrasses in wrongword, but I felt a bit awkwardfor some of the players becausePaul fans were cheering thembecause they'll always cheeredhis team. And that's what Heroesthey were applauding.Real Madrid, players who've beenbrilliant, the likes ofmagic and Benzema becausethey're verygiving a to, to the footballteam and I just felt it was, itfelt awkward, drop.It felt an awkward position forLiverpool and clock to be inand that's where I think there'sa realization now, butthis group ain't going to be. Wekeep hoping we keep wanting.We all want for being your to bethe closer, we all want anddo and you have to find the mixwith, by Chetan kid. That'sright. We all want, you know,Gomez to grow into the play andnext to Van Dyke that we seeand a glint. He's butI think over time and you made agood point,I think it was last year whenyou said about Man, Citywinning the Premier Leaguebecause of the quality ofthe opposition and what they cando. When you do get turnedover, I can look at Liverpooland think maybe you get awaywith it in the league and youget a top four spot. I don'tthink you win the league rightnow, but I don't think when theygo into Europeancompetition, Rob playing theway. They are now with the formthat they're in. They can expectto live with the betterteams in the competitionyou know. I just go back to thestart Rob andI don't know whether you saw thevideo, there was a videothat was flying around. Wellflying around, I saw, I'm notsure is that widespreadof the Real Madrid hotel inLiverpool. Did you see that?Did you see the video of thefile? And we talked aboutthe fans did their bit? TheLiverpool fan there was, I meanunless again, likethe source of it is probablyquestionable.Source. But I saw a video of ahuge fireworks flipping display,right? Literally, like, this isthe hotel here. Yeah,like back at 2:00 in themorning.2:00 in the body, their hoteland like Bluebird act, likemust be a nightmare for thoseplayers,but that's what I saw. Andagain, just goes back to what,where would you have done andhow they can handle that? Andandlike, we know, ancelotti Rob?And we know that he's nevergonna Panic that first half onLiverpool of flying, bythe way, Absolutely flying. AndI'm likethis, you know, I'm sureLiverpool fans like this is it.This is what we want to get backto. You know, we're almostthis is and then it fridges, theFall Away in the secondhalf.It was was astonishing.I think it's I think it'simportant just to say thatthe good stuff and yeah I'm kindof enjoyingI'm enjoying watching, Gap, poNunez and salla. It's juststarting to find a bit of anunderstanding. I've gota little analysis this weekendon players on the rise, a littlebit of analysis that we do justfor a minute.It and it's really interesting.Rob howGaba is starting as a number 9,the central player. But humanNunez, a literally so much. Soso much all the timethere there interchanging almostlike it's no pointputting starting lineup up therewith gap. Has a changingall the time and they linkedwell and, you know,and sellers looked brighter.Initially, it's almost likethey were all excited by thesituation the way that the teamplayed. You know, you seesellers excitement rise whenthey started. Then it goesstops. Going back, backwardsand bad.Let me ask you one thing Rob andI might be I might be wronghere. I might I might be alittle bit off here. I thoughtappearance in the game.Yeah, Liverpool didsee off a little bit.I'm not sure that was Mentor.They were forced back there.I thought there was a spell justbefore about 20-25 minuteson the clock. They went quitedeep And almost like look likethey were trying to contain.Yeah, we'll talk. WhichI thought was all right. Rob andI, yeah, Ithink the other point normallythey would they would look withthe energy to go and pressagain. And you can't wait to geton the front foot. I justthought there was a period thatagain, it might be. It mighthave just been a period of timethat they, thatthey were forced to do that, butI actually thought that wassensible, like tal get behindthe ball. Let's see what, youknow, because that would thatwould that was would whata pragmatic coach would do totry and yeah. Coolthings up a little bit. Now goodthings changes.And off, it went back to Russiato end to end andand Liverpool ofstill flying forward. I justI just thought there was momentsin there whereall this is a little bit better.Maybe cops trying toto yeah. A bit more cautious andpragmatic.I mean, then you obviouslyfeeling better. I don't you gotthoseindividual errors. Yeah, thenin July, and we talked about ohwell, you know they mademistakes where if theyhad gone to up here in, kept it,clean it to nil. And maybeyou're gonna need to knowIt's time. We might have beentalking a little bit different.Yeah, yeah. And, but just packedup Midfield, Rob, Ford,move on little bitfabinho. Hmm. I thinkagain Morgan's more of evidenceof I just I don't know what'shappened to convenient. Sixmonths. Yeah I mean JordanHendersonmoments of inspiration. Greatcoveringhis heart is still as big aseverand he got on that right handside really wella few times. I think he, ofcourse, is it looks likeanother position that needsupdating I'm going to teachthe young kid whostruggled he struggled Robinitially there's some goodpress in there but he gave aball away a little bit. He madeaI think it was a mistake for oneof the goals where I try todribble in Midfield what ya gotso happy you're quiet. So thatwas that wasliterally the Midfield, threeLiverpooland again more evidence thatthat area needs beefing up withat least two players, Rob, totry andto try and reI don't secure that are in frontof that back. For JoeGomez, Robbie ohcome in for a lot of criticismafter the gameand I think rightly. Soyeah at for Liverpool would youhow would you address it is backfor and a defending itand dropping people are youchanging the way they playtheproblem to say I'm going tochange the way. They'll play isLiverpool that the best whenTrent has a bit more in rubbleof a licenseRob. So that's like taking a DNAaway fromBut what ismassively important? Part of theteam. So what I'm lookingat is to send them back tosometimes, I have to go 1 for 1in think and the holdingMidfield player you can dropback in thereand give us love of protectiontalked about for being, youknow, it's just not happeningfor him. I'm not sure where he'sup the energy. Joe Gomezis probably now coming to thepoint whereWe've got enough evidence to go.I'm not quite sure he'sgonna be a regular top classroomDefender forLiverpool. Yeah, just where I amright now.Mmm. Yeah, and so, that might bea difficult decision in.This is one of the things, wehope that, you know, you talkedwe talked about Club untilI think he's, he's got such astrong relationship with someof these players. These aregoing to be tough decision forhim.Hmm. And and then part of me,not sure if is he going to lookforward to upcoming to makethese decisions?As maybe a sir Alex has in thepast Avengers of us who've hadtwo or three ears of players andbeen quite ruthless attimes. And we've gone like, wow,you know, he's letthis one goes like that. One go.I'm sure clock feels thedifferent personality to meRobin. I don't know if that'sgoing to play into anythinggoing forward. Yeah, Ijust like a little update. Ithink that we, I'd like tobring into the podcast, Robinand the ownership of Liverpool.And this is kind of differentthan when there's a story cameout. I think,John Henry speaking. LocalBoston,report or newspaper. So andthat, you know, we're notselling Liverpool. We'reactively looking for someinvestment. We're not selling itand we're going to we're notgoing to be there forever, butwe're not selling it I which isthe things interesting. Andprobably important forLiverpoolfans may be important for themanager that there might be.You know, if there isn't a moreof a desperation to sellthe club, then maybe they willbe investment and will be there.Maybe they top will get thechance tobuytwo or three really good playersto improve the startingeleven and they can go again inthe summer and rebuild a littlebit. I just think that'simportant to mention becauseI think my impression was thatit was up for saleso and I would but I would beworried if I was a Liverpoolfan about they going to spendany money then and it stoppedgoing to walk away if they'renot going to spend money,maybe that means that Liverpooland the ownership will back themanager in the summer and tryto turn things around. Sothe whirring times when that wasembarrassing, they got,they got ripped. Yeah. Youripped in the second half andwe should we've got toRounded robbed a little bit formove on. I mean,talk about a team that know,I've great know-how and theyhave great experience and theyhave great confidence and theyhaveself belief, which all comesfrom the manager. And it's beensaid, on many things that I'msure we've watched and readthat. There was no Panic fromthe manager. No Panic fromthe team.There's so many class performersin that team thatI got, I don't know. I mean,they're not doing great in LaLiga. We know thatnine points behind the busstand. The top of the league,but still Rob this competition,maybe that environment ofa field.I mean, they just stepped upand really impressive. Yeah.Yeah.At some level, I think it's fiveof the last nine ChampionsLeague. They've won, you know,it's like a night when it'sa bit, it's a big occasion thatthey come to life andenjoy it,you know, they're they'reveterans, it's interestingbecause look at module, which isa very differentprofile of footballer, than forbe, no, but you look at forbeing young, Some of thesenatural attributes are startingto weigh commodious, just withhis intelligence and his music,quick over the ground. Lovethose. Firstly for yards orskips past people weight ofparties, understanding canbecome a vegan and midfieldersis going to be a beast if youkeep developing that seesomebody likehim and he's just you knowBenzema you look at him youknow, Roland or when he but justlike composure like that.Like the last sort of maybe it'swhen you're 42 up awayfrom home you can bewe know he chops it. Takes histime, he steadies himself, hefinds a back in that just likeknow-how and quality, that putsome in another level and if youare going to have any kindof felt he's or look tobe exposed and there's one team,you don't want to facehis is wrong withReal Madrid becausethey are still up there. Love,they'll still be despite maybenot playing too well. And notbeing this not being thatthey'll still be one of thefavorites to win thiscompetition. Hmm.Yeah. Another player we got tomention is vinicius Rob on thatleft-hand side. I mean I'm gladthatI think we all know mate. Sadlythis gracefully is gettingracial abuse in in Spain whenhe plays which is you know,awful awfuljust can't understand that. Buthe steps up and is a regularperformer for them on that lefthand side again, against Trendor against Joe, Gomez, who wentout there a few times to tryand help I thought he was superbin the game. Ben's weget to last two goals. Yeah, Imean it'sYeah, it's just impressive tosee, it's impressive to see and,you know, the whole team part inthe goalkeeperMay mean that both goalkeepersmade a bit of a hoarder in thisgame, yet. The 52, scoreline,just summarizing was, it wasa real I mean, from from amfield, that was bouncingin the first half to the secondhalf's kind of likeawkwardness. Like you said, atthe end was something to seewell done remedy, they gothrough to the next round upall her out. NowLiverpool gotta try andjust keep it together made totry and get the top for. Thereis still a chance and don'tforce block Games left inthe Premier League. If there'sfun players can keep firing,you know?They're not going to. They'renot going to play againstfinish finishes jr. And Benzemaand the like, every singleweek. So they still got achance. The top four? Yeah,I just think whenthe issue they have interestingbecause theygot a two forty, five PM easterntime, kickoff onpeacock, this weekend, they goto Crystal Palace which timesis never an easy place foralthough I know they've gota decent record it of like therebut some when you, when you gotbeat five to Rob and you know,For years, watching the games,just like funds and there'saround it. You you lose a littlebit. You see a fact itto people like you knowit just got big five, come on.If I'm interviewing,the obviously dressing roomgives you a bit of belief thattheycan get. So it's going to bechocolate doing on the season.Obviously got settlement to comein the Champions League,but,you know, yes, they've got acouple games in hand onthe fuel up there, but they'vegot to make sure they win thoseappointed. Can I go get em? Openit?Yeah, can I go again? Can theyget the disappointment of that?And A little bit embarrassmentabout that back of the mindand reset them. Their mind for aChampions League push.Yeah we'll see startingthe weekend against CrystalPalace.Let's move it on my friend andyou take a little slug ofwater.Yeah. What we got next? We'vegot Man City and we Leipzig.Yeah. And Wednesday night canbegin actiongame ended 1-1. I mean, like, Imean two different halves.Yeah. Tough to believe in reallywill see how muchcontrol. Rob, the city were inthe first half when they was,it was still Yeah, trollit was like imperious City attheir best. Maybe didn't getthe goals that they would have,would have won it forthe football. But you know, thebuild-up play on a silver.Pulling the stringsSkywalker, flying down on theone side.You had Marez. Get involvedGreeley first off look Livelyandshock coming in from that forthis I meannot much to to toquestion and change of,you know, they go one up, you'reprobably thinking, theygot two or three and then theypretty much make this. Makethis fun and Dusty second halfmy friend.Quite sure what happened whetherthe intensity dropped, whetherI actually did have a girl madea couple changes, you put onHenry extending the silver tribeare, which I don't knowif I write back coming in, canchange that much of a game, butit started to be a bit moreaggressive so I can testthe ball.Push look city back a little bitand all of a sudden,you know, she just got in a, ina, in one of those folks thatthey seem to get into in thischampions league and isprobably why teams willBelieve that that beatable andit's not their trophy to winthis year has its up in the lastthree or four years.Yeah, the goal was coming from,wasn't it lives in second orthird goal was coming? I thinkeven first, I've had a coupleof opportunities.I made a know ofbut but the goal was certainlycomingand my man City's goal. Camefrom a mistake in Midfieldwhere we admiresobviously goes goes through andscores just before the halfhour. Mark and second half,which is so different, andI don't know, I don't knowwhether pep Rob, I just lookedat the setup of the Team.And it was a little, it was alittle bit more.Standard it was a little bitmore like regular what? There'sa word I'm looking for, like,traditional traditional, what'sthe word? There's a word likenormalcar Walkerback for like a typical lineror, you know, and I can't leftback. You know, it's like yeah.And Roger alongside silver withgonna run in the hole. It's likeyeah where the city aretrying toagain, be a little bit morecautious as they as they, theylead the game, they're away fromhome, it's you legs cityof messed up in this competitionbefore by beingmade in it. Open. I've said it,we've said it a few times.Do you think thatonly a little bit? Maybe alittle bit like Liverpool? LikeI said, let me do you think thefact that they are trying tomake the another pragmatic?Yeah. Wasn't the right way andI mean you can't win Kenya. Youknow,we say that then you know,people can go back on a pug us.Say they've got to be yeah magicwe do the other side andsayI think what pep has to be is inand I think I said it aboutmy carcetti of the week and itmight sound. I think we have tobe who he is. He has to playwith that football. Yes you canmaybe tweak a couple of thingsand maybe stop. Wellthey all going to be on the up.They're gonna win this trophy.Robbie won't be thing being toopragmatic. Magne difficult,winning One, Nails that when itbecause of the football,because of the possessionbecause they'll stretchthe opposition, because they'llfind waysto get, you know, to get tothose hot spots in here behindteams and pull things. Butthat's what the DNA of pepperand City and the way they'regonna let. They've just got todo that better with that and getthe big guys going upfront, youGabe. And he's got five in fiveChampions League.Only had one shot in this gamemob.I was really into my 20 toucheswhich, you know, I think peoplegot a little bit caught up withthe touches with Holland, isnever going to be a is not ahurricane, is not a4555 touches guy who comes inand links to play.He runs off the bat. He'sdirecting the balls delivered,he gets in and he gets hisshots.So yeah, I just felt it was itwas,you know, I thought City didn'tdo Didn't.Apply themselves in the same waythey did in the first half.And that's why Life's a got backin the game. Like chickenFurnishing in credit to themwere little bit more ambitious.I thought they'd contesting theball batterand and you know make manydifficult times for City.I mean in some respects he mightthink you know you don't wantto come out with a 1-1 draw.Well Pat was happy afterwards,Rob pepper. Yes, how do you stayout of this naming thing?Yeah. Coming to Germany. Youknow, it'snot easy and simple tips, didn'tthey? Have to do is tosee the scenes and he was doinghis usual coaching andwell-being and that and To thewhen we English journalist askedhim what that was aboutand he said he wanted players tohave their heads up. He wasprobably what they did. Nevereasy coming to Jim and football9/13 getting Resort. Peoplethink it's a lot easier than itwas,whatever it was. It was, it wasan interesting take and justthat, you know,it's like a good for Schoolboyfootball, isn't it? The coachis calling everybody sort oflooking staring out andallowing for these words whichyou know, pepto's at the verytop level.Let's have, I just wanted alittle bit more chat aboutEarl and Holland Rob.And what I would say is,When they, when Alan Harlanddoesn't get involved too muchand he doesn't get his goal andthey don't play to him. I wantto talk about it a little bitmore in a second.It's almost like they're playingwith Ten Menbecause he doesn't get involvedin the build-up. He's not goingto drop in the Midfield todominate that particular area,so they can do their build-upplay. You know, it's stilland I think we all sawon the, on the broadcast.Use his increasingfrustration. Yeah. Now we'vetalked about it. Many peopletalked about it Rob aboutplaying to his strengths.Now there's a couple ofsituations and on the broadcasthere in the u.s. CBS doing it.Highlighted a few times where hethrows his arms up inthe air is making a run, theballs, not coming.And what I wanted to add in thispodcast was some analysison that showby Thierry Henry.Nowwe know tiara on we've got toplead against him many times oryou know absolutely amazing playthe best Premier Leagueclub best player I ever played.Against honoree,but he's bringing some analysisto it. That's super interesting.And what he saidthis week, this midweek robbersthatThat the narrative is that Cityaren't playing to hisstrengths, right? And we'vesaid, yeah. And most peoplesaid, yeah. But what he broughtto this, that I hadn't heardtoo much of as thathe also isn't playingin a way that's helping City ina little bit. He's alwaysmaking the runsruns not playing awaythe, in the actually Illustratedwith a few examples whereyou really should show here.He really should make that runthere, but he's not. He's very,very set onGetting away from the ball inbetween Defenders, on the half,turn one in the crosses to comein. So we can attack it andhe's World. He's amazing atthat. But I thought on wemade a good point. This isn't aone-way story. This isn't justCity not crossing the ball allthe time or not playing piebaldever told widget which is isthere's a part to it but hebrought that there's two partsof this learning Harlan is atype of Striker or the waistplaying right now, we still beyoung that there's momentswhere the Midfield players needhim. He made a really nicecomparison.With Karim, Benzemathe showed examples of,he doesn't always get in the Boxto where the balls he wants itto be, he's sometimes astherefore Midfield player, docombinations, little ones whoseand still got his goal the otherday. I thought it wasa really interesting angle onit. That basically cherriessayingthat it's not one way street.Thisthat he could be doing a betterjob Robmore involvement of make himselfavailable for histeammates a little bit more inand around the box as well astrying to get into Center forhis goals. So it's some of theWe should watch forlook for those runs.What do you thinkthat you just in terms of Pep?Becausewe will look at thisfrom, like Thierry with itis wonderful. I have plainupfront and playing a Barcelonaand all that. Let me just throwthis one out. You. So what ifwhat if Pepto sort of, let's saya semi agrees with withcherries,Position thatreally we almost become 10 menwhen he plays. We're not thatteam that, you know, like A.JZeus or, you know, even Aguero,we didn't always wanted guerroin terms of dinner,which involves let's just saypeppers in his head Sphinx.Well,my tender good enough to playthe footballand I'll just have him to do.What he what I needed to do.Just, just get me goals. Justget him, girls, don't knowwhat? We about this stuff and,and the other thing I was justthinking as you were talkingagain, just come in my head butI wasn't purple most to thegoalkeeper into anotherdefender in someway back to it. So maybe says,you know what? We get up,actually, play it through. Whata Luzon Island again in my goalkeeper.So I don't get as much there. Ijust wonder if this part of petthat probably looks like thatand thinks. Yeah. Again it andhe's not so Kayla. Yeah, okaywith it.As long as Gets me three goalsand we, you know, and 10 inthe Champions League and we wentthings. Yeah,I'm okay.No, it's interesting. It'sinteresting. I think I thinkthat that's a reasonableassumption. What you're notgoing to get then is isthe very bestof Erland Hollander, what he cando.But again, maybe all pet wantsfrom him.Is those 40 goals Premier Leaguegoals? Yeah,you know, and the rest of itwill work around andI still, I still think.I mean, you look back at hisgoals, a dormant and most ofthem were counter-attackingcounter-attacking board overthe top and runs on. It's justdifferent, a different Club todo that.Anyway, we do want to go onforever about it. It's just,I think it's interesting. Theremight be things that we canpick out in games whereanother Striker might do that.It might make this run. Yeah,butlisten, he's still gotbrilliant, your goals record sofar the eventually Rob goals andto and winning. Thetrophies will W be the actualdecide of whether it willthe right,No. Yeah, absolutely. Right.Alright, Europa Leagueschool,it's such a big matchup. Weought to wait to record. Thispodcast is Champions League. Ifshe didn't leave me in itI mean, Ienjoyed it. Yeah, wow,go on my you, you start on thisone.First of all, rob for me wasjust the whole atmospherearound Old Trafford like that'sthat's what this club is.That's how big it can be. That'swhat What we've playedat us, what they've had in thepast. That's what they looklike. They're getting back to.It was jumping. It was electric.It was all thosethings that you'd want. The gota guy in charge of who I thinkwe've talked about anythingaffect football gamesfrom the, desert from the fromagain,just, you know,you know, I always look atSteven Gerrard and we lovestealing that and always thinkwhen he was asking, Billickcoach, I've rarely saw himaffect the game withsubstitutes with changingplays position. With tactics,10 hog is is a little Masterseen things, changing things,looking at things finalsolution,I just saw it was for me thespectacle of what, you know orand why people will always wantto buy. It might stillthe biggest Club,probably one of the biggestclubs in World football wasnights. Like, tonight Rock, whenyou see all that that'sgoing on and you get a victoryand there's teams now, still infor competitions, we've got ourmoney.A juror who can match theambition in the size and thepotential of the club.It all starts to look very,very positive for United.Yeah, agree, may agree. I just,you know, that the team lookinspired, they played ininspired way today and maybebecause the atmosphere and maybebecause the conference isup now,maybe, because it's FC Barcelonacoming to Old Trafford,this European night kind ofsituation there. It did feellike a Champions League Robinand the fans are absolutelyall.And they're all in on ten hognowthey're really, really behindhimthat the some of it. Some of thethe changes are going tohalftime rub and I want to goover it because I know we saidit, my favoriteI mean, talk about everythingworking out. So first off itwas customary alongside Fred. Itwas essential in the wholeit was Bruno right side. It wasRushford left and they cost upfront butit's almost like Vegas. Rob isis like a decoy, right? Itstarts again. Yeah. Yeah, heloves him into a false sense ofsecurity than Eric Seymour.Okay. Now it nowit comes out and then the front,the whole front looksdifferent. Again, like a look atit to rush right up front.Center then goes to the left.Antony comes on place tothe right hand side and Brunoand Fred. Yeah, a back intothe eights, Rob, the back intothat position going forward, twoofthem. Yeah, customerís it. Andso, you know, again, the goalis that the first goalfor the centerpositions and Fred sticks itaway. I mean, again, it's likeit It's remarkable what? He'sdoing. How things are changing.How players are changing, howthe team is coming forward? OldTrafford. Absolutely bouncingbuzzing. Yeah,some performance is robbedagain.Lissandra Martinez by the way.Yeah. How good is he robbed? Imean, I know we've said ita few times, I think that anunderappreciated and weI seem to pick them out eachweek, but,you know, I've grown into areally, really importantDefender for the team.We did. This was tough on ingrown into a Centre forward atall. That's all about hisheight, his lack of. Yeah, he'sgrown is nota bad word. Yeah, everybody yet,everybody was sayingmoney, it can't be assertive,you know, Center back in thisleague. Yeah, five or 10 orwhatever he wantswhenever he stands but I alsowant to mention the other fellanext to him. My friend, afterover an MMO, with a great blocklater on in the game. Not sureif it was possible offside justbefore theit happen, but just hisinfluence, Rob on the club andSomebody of standing somebodywho's been there, somebodywho's, you know, played a bigclubs knows what it's like towin.It must just be an absolutemoney, just dream to have himas part address me as well, notto, you know, tons of moneyjust voicing in all situations.You can hear too much ofthe manager, whether you're thetop of thebottom of the times. You need acouple of good people in yourdressing room. We were makingsure those messages are beingdelivered as abuffer overrun, is that man.Absolutely. That Mom for,I think the The team and thefans robber waited so long forthis. I just enjoyed at the endthe players I look like a lap ofhonour.Appreciating the support is thefans. Our fans areobviously loving it. I justI'm just thinking this been solong since this fan base canbelieve in something since SirAlex Ferguson step down fromthe manager's position. Therewas a shot with me, I thinkAlex so Alex Ferguson andhard one out. One out for dinnertogether recentlybut I know. I'm just I'mlike you In. Don't we love tosee big clubs?Don't let me see. Big,atmospheres in big games.I just enjoy the game, enjoy,what the managers done enjoyed,how some of these players arebeing rehabbed like yeah,literally, in some situations,another little good sign. Rob,is thatit wasn't really a markers forAshford night wasn't him, who'storturing? And let me start avery good game. Yeah, butthere's goals from other areasand I think this is somethingthat has beenproved important. Other teams,wherever youLook now that the good side toget goals from different spotsand Anthony scoringa really nice winning goaland friend as well with atMidfield run that's what'simportant. It's not. It can'tall be about a rash of itbecause yeah, they can't hecan't, you know, he can't bethe only guy that's got to dothe attacking business, to getthem back up into good spots inthe league. So, great night atOld Trafford, Robin reallyenjoyed it.I thought another really goodpoint as well. Rob thatthe moment he's finding andwhether this is luck or designbut likeinterchangeable pieces, thatlook Welcome play left side,send about when you need to go,he's gives them an option,you know, Sancho can playany of the wild and possibly, inthe,in the 10. You know, Antonycomes on can do the similarVegas, give them flexibility. Iwas just use. Lots of, youknow, Fred necks to casimirotoday. Thelast week we thought you know sothere's lots of entertainingdollar and 1/4 socket. Yeah.It's not like it's ten oreleven that's a team. And yeahthat's it. These areinterchangeable pieces and andpeople All pushing to get enoughto his team picture. Youknow, he's got that whole thinggoing as well wear, thesehealthy competition in afootball clubis alwaysa barometer of success. No, it'sa good point. Makes a goodpoint that they've got differentspot differentsolutions for different issues.And he is a manager seems toknow when toand how to make those changesand next franchise. United Robis is Sunday's League Cup Finalagainst Newcastle, United full,massive game. We're going to,we're going to, we're going towatch that game and do our nextspot on the back of that. Yeah.Yeah but it's good. Good formine United today. Enjoyed thatBarstow and what a team? What amanager Javi. When amI flipping favorite Midfieldplayers of all time? And theystruggle to hand. All theintensity Old Trafford withthis man united team.That's absolutely flying. Sothat enjoyed that really,really enjoyed it.Yeah. So did you will round offthis midweek party, mate. Let'sjust have a moment totalk about Leeds, United, theirsituation. Jessi Morse left,much Kabbalah was put in chargeof a couple games things inquite Go as kids to plan.And they now bought in happyGarcia. I think we talked on thePod or certainly onthe show license if they needsomebody in the building. It'sgot to stop getting someaccountability. And Leadershiphave aggressively has been. Theguy who's put in charge ofhearing flexible. Contractorof. He must doa new. One on me. He's got aflexible. Basically means keepshim up. We'll talk about it nextseason. Don't keep themup.Well, we'll see if you're theright guy together withchampionship but obviouslyinteresting shot.Signing. Maybe, maybe not quitethe glamour that some wouldhave lied but, you know, doing agreat job at what forgot whatpotatofan and I'm a right and keptyapping league andyeah,yeahI read a really interestingpiece of iron object that cameup one of the Spanishjournalist has spent time withhim in the said one ofthe great things about him he'snot and it's interesting we maybecontradicting ourselves tooearly but he's not worthy toa defensive setup. He's notworthy to this way. The track,he's not it can kind of molddifferent players, depending onwhat he's got last job, strongrelationship with his playerswho likes two-waycommunication with his playersand they're kind of all intogether and it kind of, as Iwas reading it and thinkingthat sounds interesting, I'msure that some of the reasonswhy leaves of looked until we'vegot some young players,you need some help and advice,you need a little bit ofleadership and Direction, butall the things thatJewish were talking about have aGracia kind of made it,the kind of fit that I thoughtthis Interesting.Yeah, I mean it's obvious thathe wasn't first. Maybethe second choice for this jobRob. But yeah, yeah. I like it.I kind of like it when you thinkabout what he's done inthe Premier League before, Ithink there was a14th finish and an 11th Placefinish. Yeah. And then FA CupFinal starts and exceeds. Ithink the loser first for he'sfired. I remember walking to thestudio. Yeah.I'm never walking in and saying,that's the mostridiculous thing I've ever I'veever seen. You remember thatone?A few months before. So I thinkthis is a sneaky goodappointment by leads. Anotherthing that I read about Robabout how he, how he works. Isthathe works a lot onplayers helping everybody elseon the field. So players helpedanother players, which which,I mean, you meant to do thatanyway. But in terms of leads,if they want help defensivelythan the front players Midfieldplace, I've got to help Defendermaybe a littlebit more, so maybe if he workson that,But he's, he did good work atWatfordreally unlucky to lose his jobthere.I think he had a couple ofstudents in jobs between his inQatar for the his last position.So, I mean, he's gota difficult. I mean, this is ahuge game, Saturday, 10:00eastern time.Please entertain Southampton to,to new people in charge,really the room and sellers thatmay get a job full-time orSouthampton. I think youprobably should.So it's a massive, massive game.But one thing Robin andthere was a little bit just onthe game becauseWe're in this weekend.Yeah. Is this. An exampleof two clubs thatwanted and felt? It was theright thing to go. Youngyoung. Squads young playersyounglings. Yeah, they're not.But just the team's the first.Okay, this is a young team.Southampton got really, reallyyummy, their new owners insummerand they're both there. Sat inthe bottom two positions inthe league, just a quick line,you can't.It's all right, in theory to goyoung. But is there always gota The bonds. You need to playsome to assign a couple ofolder ones. Recently, would youthink? Yeah, you need a bit ofknow-how mate. You just need abit of no out. What's downthe track? What's, you knowwhat? It takes to if you drawthem to go at Leeds and getresults if you leads how to makesure that you keepthe fans on the side and you dojust a bit know how that inaddressing remember the year, wewent down and they lot ofthe younger playersfeared, the games, I could justsent it good playerstechnically players who couldplay way above the level. We'refearing. What It's going tohappen in the next night, many.So I think is an old approach isalways your job thatI come on, you knowyou play well we win today. Ifyou know, don't lose your nerveand that I think it can get toyounger players. Just likesometimes people say youngerplayers, you know,don't get the enormity of it andplay a little bit free.I've also seen the other sidewhere the enormity of it inthat the family in the Hinduspeople murmur. Yeah, don'tforget phone. And so, yeah, it'san interesting. Shout outto yunge squads,but you just answered both. Ifeither of them could get a headof steam up and get a littlelong going. Both kind of youcan see I'm finding a way out,Rob down at the bottom here.Like yeah, you could. Yeah soI'm turning got they broughtcouple of newnew Strikers. African Strikers,come in,played up front. The last game,great result against Chelsea,a good game. Should be a goodgame for 10:00, plenty ofGloom. Hollow canonly what you choose the otheronefrom gank. Yeah, so yeah, shouldbe good game.You're going to yoursurroundings up with theChampions League in. Yeah, sojust yeah we got other resultshere that we can just go overNapolito nil. Look a really, really,really good side of the moment.Internal and one port O'Neill,Europa League results Berlin.Go through severe, go throughsporting go throughLeverkusen, I believe wentthrough Ren, I think wentthrough again, the time ofrecording. I think that wasa result. There you've entered athrough and roma a through. So,plenty of big sides, I mean, theway the Man United playtoday, it's like, wow, who'sTo stop you. If they have thatkind of, I think about drivegoing momentum going and thingscan change pretty quickly.Shocked. I did go through onpenalties. Yeah.Okay. So shocked I went throughis that right? Yeah. Shuttlewent through and pants. A sighso extract went through as well.Yeah, so yeah, that'syour results. May love it. Welove the European weeks.Yeah. I think this back in acouple of weeks time with him.Yeah. A couple of weeks we getback toSecond legs in all those. We'reactually in the ChampionsLeague. None of the Englishteams one drops. Are they?Difficult second legs. You know,I did get it duringthe Europa League with a biggame against bosses,will be back on Sunday, that'sFebruary 26th. So, review my325 with games at both ends isthe tables, where you toasting,so panting, we just talked aboutTottenham taking on ChuckChelsea on Sundayand then we'll be backlooking at the caravel Cup Finalafter the Wembley finalNewcastle taking on ManchesterUnited and Newcastle win. Theirfirst piece of silverwareforever. And can Jen ha get hisfirst for the shovel. Where it'snot just, you know,but for now, I'm out, he'smostly together with the toRobbie's. Thanks for watching.Listening be safe. Stayhealthy. It's a good night forme.And it's good night from him.Good night.