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Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Game 1 Full Highlights | 2023 WCF | FreeDawkins

LeBron James and Nuggets Battle for West Top Spot, Anthony Davis and Jamal Murray Lead Way

  • LeBron James finished the regular season as number one in the West, looking for their first NBA title
  • The Nuggets had a hot start to the game, with Jamal Murray leading the team and scoring 20 points
  • Both sides showcased unselfish play throughout the game
  • Anthony Davis showed his athleticism, blocking shots and driving inside
  • Caldwell Polk was in rhythm, shooting three-pointers and making layups
  • LeBron James overpowered defenders and finished baskets
  • Michael Porter Jr. also shot threes while Jeff Green connected from downtown
  • Davis drew a foul while Hachimura made a beautiful pass to Porter for an easy bucket
  • Reeves also hit three 3-pointers while Schroeder knocked one down.

Nuggets Narrowly Edge Warriors in Thrilling Game 1

  • The Denver Nuggets narrowly beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of a heated matchup
  • James and Reeves both made shots from downtown that kept the game close
  • Joker’s two clutch free throws proved to be the deciding factor in the win
  • Davis and Porter played hard in defense, with Davis taking a dive to grab a rebound and Porter fouling James
  • Morrie Ellie and Gordon combined for a great play, while Caldwell Pope turned home a three-pointer
  • Austin Reeves also made a three-point shot
  • In the end, Jokic’s steal ensured victory for the Nuggets.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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and welcome to beautiful Denver Coloradothe nuggets for the first time infranchise history finished the regularseason number one in the west andlooking for their first ever NBA titleAustin Reeves the three-pointer thatshot won't go rebound LeBron James goesright inside and lays it up an endhurry goes inside layup not missed itfight for the rebound Gordon up and inNeil gets nice feed to Gordon and theFinishGordon goes inside blocked by Davis theleading shot Blocker in the playoffsRooter runs to the corner hesitated amoment and Nails the three Intruders hadsome big games in his playoff runfreeCaldwell Polk reverse Mystic yokichonthe second hithe's relentless on the boards AnthonyDavis nice move to get away from Murrayhe thought he got hit as well but getsthe bucketMurray for freea hot start from the Nuggets by Murrayquarters ahead of the pack Murray'sgoing to go all the way and lays it upand inGordon drives hard and finishes harderJames swings it Reeves shot clockwinding down Reeves Banks it at him thatinstructs his shoulders as it goes upthe floor much needed bucket for theLakers the elkich[Applause]he's got 10 rebounds already Davis goesright at him blocked by jokic not knownfor a shot blocking nice entry passivarathrows it down on a beautiful look forBreeze you don't get spins findsCaldwell pulp cuttingJames goes down a lane inside lays it upand inJames Jeff Green Looking to helpspins inside easy bucket justoverpowered Curry Davis drives insideBrown comes to help and swaps it awaynow Bruce Brown has it blocked by Jamesoff of brown LeBron Jameson 38 years oldruns down the floor with the rejectionsthere we go right on two Palmer's secondround pick out of Miami in his firstyear with Denver against him a 14-pointlead James leans in back shot is goodoverpowering once again Jamal Murraydrives leans in pulls up shot is goodMurray with his third field goal RonnieWalkerBruce Brown gets it back again and backsit in beautiful feed from Gordon there'sthat unselfish play Jeff's speaking ofthat James drives he's been getting tothe basket easily Auntie Moore's got totake a three got it jokic blocked byDavis that's his third rejection greatdefense again from Davis the jokic goesinside lays it up and intruders pass to flex but it goes toDavis Davis Turn shoots and scores cutsit to 10 again you'll catch athree-pointers that's good oh wellcloses on reads off the dribble Canyonof the Fall James the rebound oh what apass barely touched it and Davis gets adump almost New York it's a quick spinmove inside for the dunk true kicks itout much more couldn't handle it herecomes Caldwell Polk throws it backMurray to pointer for the slamDavis Davis inside the athleticism fromAnthony Davis there Murray connectsthree-pointer Jamal Murray Reeves getsInside swatted by PorterCaldwell Pub lookinggets it back out Porter Corner three gotit[Applause]as Davis lines that one upMurray gets away from Reeves off onefoot is goodtalk about gifted Shooters Davis goesright at jokich Banks it inthree speaks Russell passes Walkershoots that's good Lonnie Walker withhis second three-pointer Murray findssome space jumper againlethal for mid-range Jamal Murray Murrayfires away got it with a second RyanLeBron James drives left-handed off theglass Murray a three that's kind ofJamal Murray three for four fromdowntown he's got a 20-point game Murrayand it's a 20-point lead and this is thelargest James nice pass Davis notexpecting it but catches and finishesoff the turnover Russell turns spinsfires rattles it in D'Angelo Russelltrying to get unchecked jokic getsinside and scores had to work hard forthat one Joker strives down a lane andBanks it in what a touch he has oh wellpass again and Caldwell pump lays it upand in such Precision great pass fromLeBron James he's got now five assiststops a porter fires away it's goodIntruders back to Davis Davis with agreat touch on a floaterReeves looking for an opening they leavehim and he scores Reeves with his thirdfield goal Caldwell Polk aggressivelygets it away and the runner is goodhe's got eight pointsCaldwell pump in Rhythm knocks downanother back up to 20 timeout Lakersjump shot rattles in[Applause]continues his assault Davis answers backJames drives on Gordon lays it up and inback to back buckets from the LakersCaldwell polt puts it inReeves a long distance that's goodReeves with the answerCaldwell Polk he's in Rhythm right nowknocks down another Bruce Brown you gotthe last name right as brown throws itdown achimora[Applause]with 11 points Off the Bench Davis drawsthe foul shot is good and one AnthonyDavis got aggressive move and a chancefor a three-point plus jokic lookingfalling away it's goodachimurarides and finishes boy he's played astrong game the jokic just gets it offin time it's up oh it's good of courseit goes in jokic from downtown AnthonyDavis just stares at him this isdangerous you got LeBron James workingpeople over in the paint gets insideBanks it in and a foul James justbullies his ways in the basket a chancefor a three-point play four on the shotclock Murray steps back James allLouisville has to hoist it up and knockanother circus shot goes down hachimurato the basket lays it up and in he willnot be denied going to the bucket Reevesgets a good look puts it in Reevesknocks down his third three-pointerquarter in the corner that's KhanMichael PorterJames I slipped past Davis inside theHachi Moore beautiful pass from DavisPorter looking for a spot to shoot getsit in the corner Jeff Green connects ona three the veteran Green from downtownback up to 12.Murray finds a way to the basket backsit home hachimura shot blocked by Porterhis second block of the game four on theshot clock Murray Falling Away got it[Applause]Davis tries a three-pointer that's kindof an Anthony Davis from downtownshot clock at six Caldwell pump anotherthreeDavis backs in Baseline jumper won't goJames the rebound back out Schroedershooter a three-pointer puts it inDennis Schroeder answersDavis throws it up and puts it injokic pass deflected by Davis Here ComesJames James down the lane goes up shutno good but a foulJames to Reeds Reeves throws it up it'sgone raised from downtown nine straightpoints it's a three-point game shot inand out Davis tip won't go reboundknocked loose still loose Porter Diveson it Davis Dives on himand Caldwell Colt comes out of the packHere Comes Morrie Ellie up to Gordon ohwhat a playAustin Reeves the three Austin Reevesfrom downtown and it's back to threeagain Caldwell Pope on the drive scooplayoff he turns it home three-pointerside of the rim shrew to the reboundoutlet for James and he's fouled byPorter clutch free throwsachimura Garden Joker strives insidelayup assistant but a whistle Joker'stwo critical clutch free throws Jamesback to Reeves Reeves Chase off thethree-point line gets inside inside theJames stolen by jokic that'll do it theNuggets survived the comeback and wingame onewell I can't wait for game two[Applause]