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YouTube Insider Reveals The Truth About Shorts, AI, New Features & More | #ThinkPodcast #218

YouTube Tips and Myths for Small Channels Revealed

  • YouTube employee Renee Ritchie discussed YouTube myths and best practices for small channels
  • Posting both long-form and short-form content generally results in higher engagement
  • Ad Friendly Guidelines are separate from Community Guidelines, and a yellow icon does not necessarily mean distribution of the video will be throttled down
  • Changing titles and thumbnails can help videos rank higher, but they should remain truthful to the content of the video
  • Taking a break from posting videos doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact, though it depends on individual circumstances.

Unveiling the Benefits and Drawbacks of YouTube Content Optimization

  • Using hashtags in titles can be beneficial depending on the topic of the video
  • YouTube is smart enough to recognize if a video is a “short” and will make adjustments accordingly
  • Linking off-platform can hurt the performance of a video, but it may be necessary for some creators depending on their content
  • Time stamps or chapters can both help and hurt a video’s performance metrics
  • Posting time does not necessarily matter when it comes to total views over two weeks to one month
  • Hashtags in titles can be beneficial.

YouTube vs Creators: A Look into Ad Revenues and Earnings

  • YouTube keeps 45% of net ad revenues, while the Creator gets 55%
  • YouTube earns more from January to April of this year at 61%, and Creators earn 39%
  • CPM (cost per thousand views) is the total amount of money collected for a channel over a period of time, RPM (revenue per thousand views) is what the particular video format on that channel earns
  • RPM can be influenced by Super Chats, Stickers and Channel memberships
  • Ads are not factored into Search and Discovery recommendations.

Discovering New Ways to Maximize Video Ad Revenue for Content Creators

  • In this video, the creator discusses the ad placement on their videos and what effect different numbers of ads have on viewers
  • They recommend manually adding ads for a more customized experience
  • They suggest finding topics with higher CPM or RPM, and using multiple languages to make videos more accessible
  • They explain AI audio dubbing which is offered through “” and how it can be used by creators
  • They discuss YouTube’s plans to split test thumbnails and combat spam comments.

YouTube Creators: Finding Balance between Art and Commerce

  • YouTube creators must often choose between their artistic vision and commerce
  • YouTube CEO letters and blogs, as well as external data sources, can provide data about YouTube channels
  • For small YouTube channels to grow they should identify 3-4 topics of content they are passionate about, package their videos so they can guide an audience into binging, and strive to make better videos each time.

YouTubes Global Reach Helps New Creators Grow in 2021

  • YouTube provides new creators with opportunities to grow their channels
  • One way it does this is by surfacing new channels and giving them a certain amount of views/impressions
  • Search based content is still a big opportunity for creators in 2021
  • YouTube is available in 100 countries and 80 languages and the shorter form video has made it easier for new creators to get started
  • Renee Limon, a YouTube Liaison, has created a series of videos on the Creator Insider channel where she interviews experts from YouTube and features myth busting shorts
  • She has also started a new series on her Creator liaison Channel where she asks creators for one piece of advice.

Renee Talks Appreciation, Connections and Reviews on Think Media Podcast

  • Renee was a guest on the think media podcast
  • Conversation highlights included appreciation for Renee and a promise to connect again in the future
  • Listeners are encouraged to rate or review the podcast on audio
  • They should also like and leave an “aha moment” comment if watching on YouTube
  • Finally, subscribers will be informed of new episodes.

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if you change your title or yourthumbnail does YouTube re-rank yourvideo does posting shorts hurt mychannel if you want subscribers if youwant views if you want monetization theanswer to all of that really is onlymake better videos what is your advicefor small YouTube channels to grow rightnow generally speaking what we've seenacross YouTube is that people who postboth long form and short form tend tohave higher engagement than people justdoing one or the otheron today's episode of the think mediapodcast we are busting YouTube mythswith a YouTube employee Renee RitchieRenee doesn't just work at YouTube buthe also has 328 000 subscribers on hisown channel so it's time to lean in andlearn from this YouTube expert do yellowicons impact search and discovery onYouTube when ads become limited for somereason or any number of reasons whereyou've got green on monetization feelsyou're like oh breath of fresh air butif it turns yellowis the distribution of the videothrottled down in that scenario so theway that it works the best of myunderstanding is that Discovery searchDiscovery is not governed by ad-friendlyguidelines yellow icons or green iconsbut it is still governed by Communityguidelines and oftentimes what I thinkconfuses people about this is thatseparately ad-friendly guidelines willdetermine this video is not safe for adsand Community guidelines will determineoh this is like like for example adultcontent and if you're flagged as likeadult or mature content you wouldn't bedistributed to an all ages audiencebecause YouTube really is meant for 13and up and we wouldn't want a situationwhere like your 13 year old sits down ona sofa and a bunch of adult videos ormature videos pop up all over the homescreen for them so those videos are likeif you subscribe to it if you'researching like that's sort of coveredwith that but because they often happenat the same time I think there is somebelief that the yellow icon triggers itbut really it's two systems respondingto similar signals if you change yourtitle or your thumbnail does YouTubere-rank your video so now not exactlythat way but YouTube like the algorithmtries to follow audience response so ifyou change your thumbnail and your oryour title and the audience respondsbetter to it the algorithm will factorthat in when it comes to recommendrecommendations and it'll probably rankhigher like its distribution might go upand it might and it'll probably rankhigher based on that audience uhfeedback so it's not a trigger in thatmoment but what many people do in hourone hour two hour three they perhapsfeel like their title or their thumbnailcould be resonating better they're likeI'm a seven out of ten I feel like thisshould be like a three out of ten atleast they make a pivot there and sinceyou're maybe still in those early hoursit's the fact that audience Behavior haschanged in response maybe that droveclick through right up maybe even a moreaccurate titlemade people stick with it longer andthat pivot that you just made isaffecting rankings but it's not that itchanged and Google was like all rightI'm just going to re-rank you but it wasbecause audience Behavior shifted yeahand I'm glad you said more accuratebecause I think some people think oh Ijust need to get them to click andthey'll make a more Sensationalthumbnail or more Sensational title butthen that will no longer like the videowill no longer deliver on the promise ofthose things and people will startabandoning it faster so you'll see CTRgo up but retention tank and then thevideo will perform worse like but Idon't understand CTR is way up it's likeyes because you no longer are givingthem the video that matches the sort ofpackaging you put on it does postingshorts hurt my channel generallyspeaking what we've seen across YouTubeis that people who post both long formand short form tend to have higherengagement than people just doing one orthe other obviously there's going to beexceptions on both sides some will domuch much better some will not do bettermaybe even worse but just broadlyspeaking and because shorts tend to livein the feed and long form tends to livein the home on the home page there's notthat much overlap so you put up a newyou put up a new long form people aregoing to be enjoying that in the homepage if you do a new short short timeafter that people will be watching thatin the feed it's not going to conflictwith it on the home page does taking abreak from posting videos hurt mychannel many are worried I gotta keep upone a week two a week but I'm tired orfamily stuff's coming up and if I if Istop for four weeks if I stop for twomonths is it going to negatively affectmy channel yeah so it's a really goodquestion it's something that we thinkabout a lot as well because we do carelike desperately about the well-being ofcreators and when we've looked at it wehaven't seen any sort of universalnegative impact broadly speaking ithasn't made a difference across a widerange of channels on YouTube againthey'll always be outliers like CoreyKenshin shows up takes six months offlens number one on trending every timeover and over again and there's probablysome people who you know maybe they takesome time off and a new like a newpersonality shows up in their space andjust Wows a lot of people and captures alot of audience neither of those happena lot but there probably are some onboth sides I think it also depends againon your personality some people seetheir YouTube channel as like theirbusiness it's like their mom and poprestaurant or their mall kiosk like whatwould you do if you had to take time offfrom that and it might be that you planto have someone fill in for you or youbatch a bunch of content so that maybeit's not going up the same page but youstill have a study steady stream ofcontent or maybe you you put up like youschedule Community posts you dosomething to keep engagement because youjust want to manage it you don't want toleave anything to chance it feels betterfor you you're more comfortable managingit other people don't even want to lookat it they just like taking a vacationI'm gone for a month I'm not evenlooking at my channel I think Tom Scottfamously had guest hosts every monthevery year when he took a month off soit really depends like on what yourpersonal stress level is like and howyou want to handle it does anunderperforming videohurt my channel if I have like onereally bad video should I be depresseddiscouraged and should I give up no notat all YouTube tends not to look atindividual creators and channels we tendto look at videos and topics so justbecause one video isn't the bestperforming video even if it's a completedud it doesn't mean the next video isn'tgonna be the best video in the historyof YouTube and it would be bad foreveryone involved if we didn't give eachand every video a fair shot at like themaximum potential it could possibly havelike imagine the baby squid right beforebaby start baby shark hadn't performedwell baby shark would never have beenthis huge video so just it it doesn'treally work that way but I also thinkthat sometimes we over index onperformance like on my channel I know aniPhone review is going to do gangbustersit's going to do really well andaccessibility or environmental oreducational video isn't but those arereally important topics and a reallyimportant audience for me so sort oflike in Hollywood the big Blockbustermovie gets the actor like bigBlockbuster box office and numbers theycan go do the Art House film The Bigvideos sometimes gives me theopportunity to do the smaller videosthat I really want to make I just go inknowing they're not going to be like oneout of ten and I go in knowing they'regoing to be 9 or 10 out of 10 but Istill think they're really important forme to make does linking off platformhurt my video performance YouTube allowsyou to link to a approved website duringyour end card but of course people Linkin their description maybe to their ownwebsite to other social media platformsperhaps to their book on Amazon or anyother number of things if perhaps theyeven put a link in the pin comment doesthat ultimately hurt my videoperformance I think like the way to lookat that is is waiting so like somepeople immediately put a card when thevideo starts and go watch my other videoand they'll even say that like if youmissed this video go watch it and thenpeople are gonna leave like if peopleare interested they're going to leaveyour video like you chose to sacrificethat video to send them somewhere elseand I've gone through this on my ownchannel because I have sponsors inalmost every video and I always thinklike so I always do the sponsor spot atthe end because I figure like they'vewatched my video now they can just go ifthey want to but that means I'm notgoing to get them to watch a second oneof my videos and we know binging likepeople watching like one or two or threemore is a great way to get into theirwatch History which is a great way toget into their recommendations and beshown more of my videos I think all ofthese are like choices so if you have alink to another video top most like themost attention pinned whatever you mightstart getting up like build up thatsession time build up that binging ofyour content if you choose to make thatan affiliate link you you're sort ofsacrificing that binging but maybethat's going to make you a ton of moneyso these are all like I think like morebusiness decisions especially at theCreator side do time stamps hurt or helpmy videos timestamps AKA chapters AKAtime codes that are clickable and thatis that are they helpful or could theyultimately hurt my performance metricson YouTube I think it's a bit of bothlike I think we worry about them ascreators because we think people willhop around and that'll hurt our totalwatch time maybe cause a bunch of dipsin our in our retention but I thinkthey're also good for users like goodfor viewers and where a viewer I thinkthis is boring I'm just gonna cancel outof this video I'm gonna abandon it andyou see like retention just drop at thatpoint they might see the chapter and gooh but this one looks really interestingto me so instead of just leaving thevideo they're now going to go and watcha later section maybe they'll keepwatching from that point I think likeultimately you want a video thateveryone watches every second of butrealistically there might be videos thatyou make that have certain sectionsappealing to certain people so I thinkit's it's sort of like a trade-offyou're trading off the potential of themjumping around for a reduced risk ofthem abandoning is there a correlationbetweenkey moments when videos rank on Googleand the video has been kind of choppedup in terms of a search term and beingfound on Google and the metadata of timestamps or chapters that are added onYouTube I'm not sureum I think for most people probably nota huge deal anyway because externaltraffic typically isn't like even iflike Google is 90 of your externaltraffic external traffic is maybe two orthree percent of What discovery is so Idon't think it's like anything thatwould move a needle but I also don'tknow if Google's doing anythingdifferent there than YouTube does andyou touched on this a little bit earlierbut to put it bluntly does posting timereally matter no I I mean there theremight be certain categories where itdoes matter like like if you're doingthe stock market and like the openingBells at 9am and you know like you needa video out by 9 30. like there might besituations where your content is boundto external time clocks but when whenwe've looked at it for the majority ofvideos If you're willing to wait like ofcourse if you put a video up in primetime it's going to get more views fasterbut over the course so and like that'slike for the first 24 to like 36 maybe48 hours but if you look over the courseof two weeks to a month we've seenalmost no difference in how like wherevideos end up in views depending onwhere you what time you post them thatwas technically our lightning roundmythbuster uh uh sequence of questionsbut now going back into some topicalquestions touching on hashtagsshould I ever use hashtags in my titlesI think like you don't have to usehashtag shorts for example anymore thesystem is smart enough to know if it'svertical or square and under a minuteit's a short but there might be timeswhere you think a topic is so much moreso much more gravity around it than youdo as a Creator or you do as like a likean individual video that you want to tieinto it like maybe it's a coronation ormaybe it's like the World Cup and youthink there's just so much attentionthat you want to show up on that tagpage that's basically what it does likeyou click on that hashtag and you seemore videos around the same topic andyou think that there's so much interestpeople are going to do that and you wantto show up there other times you mightthink you know people I'm a big enoughCreator my videos are interesting enoughand I don't want to risk sending peopleto a hashtag page I'd rather they watchanother one of my videos afterwards soagain it's one of those things you'vegot to weigh the the risks and rewardsso personally using a hashtag in a titleis different than adding three hashtagsto the description which show up abovethe title and are clickable would youopt for adding them to the descriptionkeeping the title clean with if you willless chance of clicking away or is it acase-by-case basis yeah I think likeit's it's more of a macro like do youneed hashtags to begin with I agree withyou they're cleaner not in the title ifyou think that it's so important thatit's wicked obvious it's the mostimportant thing about the title then youcould do it but I would be more likelike what benefit do I get fromincluding the hashtags gotcha talking alittle bit about money how much doesYouTube keep and how much do creatorsearn I read on Google's page that if youturn on watch page ads YouTube will paythem 55 of net revenues from adsdisplayed I recently though did somemath and um this may have changed theremay be all kinds of different factorsessentially that YouTube that theCreator gets 55 YouTube keeps 45 we sawin between January and April this yearthat actually YouTube had earned morelike 61 and we had earned 39 based off Ithink our yeah our our RPM and I alsoknow that RPM gets a mixture ofdifferent Revenue sourcesum but kind of keeping it at a broadlevel with the question is that just ageneral rule and would that be perhapsnormal calculating and that I I wascalculating the difference between CPMand RPM CPM being the Top Line moneycollected for the channel over a periodof time and then RPM on that videoformat for the period of time to beclear this was just long form videoswhat do you think that discrepancy isand what maybe would be a way isactually technically this mysterious oris there anything that we can sort ofcount on as creators I think like it'snot it shouldn't be mysterious and itshould be 55 I think like it's 55 ofmonetizable views will always be likesome views that are claimed by a rightsholder for example like maybe not onyour channel but on some people'sChannel and there might just be likejust because there's in like there's aslot on your video it might not havegotten filled uh by an ad so like theseare just monetized bills monetizableviews that were actually filled by adinventory and then there's also likede-spamming that goes on for examplelike there's some level of spam views orspam clicks or something like that thatmight be happening and that could belike discounted at a later date so Ithink like if you look at when yourAdSense actually comes in that'sprobably the cleanest version of itbecause we try to give you data in realtime but because it's in real time itwill sometimes be updated like you mightsometimes see views for example goinglike go down those views and it's justthat there was a bunch of spam accountsor Bots that we removed from the systemand then their views disappeared withthem where their likes disappeared withthem where their ad clicks disappearedwith them so I would if like if if thereis any discrepancy I would first go andjust look at AdSense and see what youryour total was there I want to betterunderstand RPM and let me know if mythinking is correctthere actually isn't technically a wayto measure we can see CPM that's goingto be the total amount of and it may bea general number like you said you'rejust feeding us kind of real-time databut that is what a particular video orChannel overall is earning the totalamount of money collected but of courseYouTube's from an Advertiser that wantsto advertise on videos YouTube takessome the Creator gets someum music's right rights holders may getsome all that whatever so then RPM isthe amount we actually keep however theRPM metric could also be influenced bySuper Chat super stickers and the moreactive those other monetization formsare on a channelperhaps the more diluted that numbercould be if you were just trying tofigure out how much a video earns am Iis my thinking correct there I think soI have to be candid with you that I'mthe worst when it comes to business likeI'm very bad at it I could I I I hiredlike a business manager instead of aneditor because I know how to edit videosI don't know how to do anything withbusiness so you're probably a muchbetter source of that kind ofinformation than I am gotcha and forjust for the record it would be uhawesome in the future to even just havemore granular uh meaning how much myvideos earned that's kind of thequestion would be like could I look atYouTube separate from and regardless ofI'm just curious regardless of superchats regardless of Channel membershipsregardless of anything else if there wasa way to break those things down thatmay be there but that's just a personalask any features anytime let me know andI'm happy to pass them on to the team alittle more Ninja question that came infrom Josh on Twitterabout ads if you just let YouTube do itsthing with ads so we just check theboxes and if the video is longer thansay eight minutes in this case he'ssaying if it's a 30 minute video I'mletting YouTube manually place the adsif I let them do that does YouTube Sharethe content more is question number oneor does it matter in terms of search andDiscovery yeah the search and Discoverysystem deliberately has no knowledge ofads so it has no knowledge if you haveads turned on turned off what kind ofads because we didn't want that to be aninfluence we want the the pure is thewrong word but we want likerecommendations or search and Discoveryto be its own thing so whether youmonetize it or not and how you monetizeit has no effect on assertion Discoveryif a 30 minute video I let YouTube dothe ad placement and they placed fiveads in there or if I manually went inand decided to place 10 ads on a 30minute video will the viewers be showneach of those ads no matter what I'm notsure about thatum it might also depend on admin storyat the time whether all those slots canbe filled not something I have anyexperience with but I also think like uhjust as a Creator I personally like tomanage the experience I gotta thinkabout it like from the audience whatmake the audience happiest I think maybemaybe it'll get maybe it is good maybe Ishould go and look at it again but Ialways think that I made the video Iwant to design the ad experience the wayI'm designing the video and that is moretime consuming and cumbersome but itjust feels like that's my CreativeVision so you recommend you personallyyes manually add them and I've seen anhour-long video on your channel so youmight be thoughtful thinking just like aHulu show that there's going to be maybead breaks that are relevant but you'regoing to be choosing those yourselfmanually yeah I don't have arecommendation one way or anotherbecause I'm not like I don't know enoughabout it and maybe the maybe thecomputer would beat me I'm not sure Ijust feel like it's part of my artisticVision to put them in do you have anytips for a creator that wants toincrease their CPM or RPM I mean I wouldI would just like totallynon-facetiously say watch Channels likeyours I think like you have like there'sso many different categories and topicsand very very different RPMs and CPMrates and maybe it's as simple aspicking like a topic that you're stillpassionate about but has a much higherCPM or RPM or maybe it's aboutidentifying times of the year wherepeople are more interested inadvertising against the topics that youmake like it's a it's a market like itis a real Market where there's ups anddowns and changes and it is way beyondanything that I can understand butthere's channels like yours that do areally really good job of explaining allthat there's a new AI audio dubbingfeature coming can you give us a littlepreview of what that is is it alreadyhere and what could that mean forcreators yeah it's allowed it actuallywas like a startup within Google and nowit's been brought over to the YouTubeside so they're in beta right now youcan go and sign up to get on the waitinglist for it and they're doing like acouple languages of AI uh dubbing andit's hopefully going to be built out tothe point where you have multiplelanguages and it offers like a fullrange of of dubbing Services I thinkthat's really interesting now becausewe've seen like Mr Beast Jimmy has hisown dubbing service Creator Global andthere's a bunch of AI startups trying tofigure that out as well and it justseems like a really interesting way tohis Point like 15 of the world maybespeaks the language that your videos inbut if you do two or three or fourpopular dubs maybe you start reachingfifty percent if you do like five or sixmaybe you reach 70 percent so it's justone of those ways to make your videosmore accessible to more people in moreplaces so what is this called and how doyou sign up for the beta I think it's a-l-o-u-d but it might be dotGoogle I'll double check what the linkis but or if you just Google like a louduh dubbing uh it's so it's it's still inbeta but it's a service anybody can signup for uh to be on the waiting list soallowed a-l-o-u-d dubbing for everyoneallowed we'll link up allresources in the show notes of coursebut excited for that do you think thatYouTube will add the ability to splittest thumbnails so it's something we'vesaid we're working on like I think westarted talking about it last year andwe talked about it again this year andit's something that's really interestingbut we want to do it of course like in away that really benefits creators thatprovides substantive value where you getlike a like a statistically signifsignificant responses from it so I Ithink Rick we're still working on it nowand I think the team is doing reallyreally interesting work and no timelinefor it yet but it's being asked likeit's being actively pursued I can't waitfor it is YouTube planning on doinganything regarding spam comments uh oneof the big things I'm sure you're awareof is a lot of soliciting typically ofcrypto so they take your avatar theytake your channel name there's no checkmark and obviously is check markreserved for 100 000 subscribers yes soto get a check mark to get verified onYouTube you need 100 000 subscribers sofor a small creator of course the goalhere is they say hey WhatsApp us andthen they try to typically do somethingregarding crypto I always know that yourrole in YouTube employee roles ingeneral can get the hammer from creatorsI can't even imagine the technologicalimplications of the platform the size ofYouTube but just kind of playing in themiddleum I know that there was Graham Stefanalmost had his channel being threatenedof being deleted and had a countdown toit or something that was not an actionof his own but something from peoplethinking he was soliciting people formoney in all of the above what'shappening in regards to the fast-movingworld of spam comments and solicitationat YouTube yeah so something that wework on all the time is something I'vebeen involved in since I joined YouTubebecause it's just it was it wassomething I saw on my channel I wantedto help as much as I could and I thinkwe started working on impersonationscams that's when you would see thatWhatsApp or you'd see like uh telegramme and it would be like on differentchannels like you won an iPhone on likea tech Channel or you want a car uh allthose sorts of things and I think we'vegot a better handle on that now so ifyou go to your settings and you turn onstricter moderation I think you'll see alike a good deal of that is no longerpresent on my channel anecdotally Ithink it's gotten rid of all of thatkind of comments like it's done a reallyreally good job we're always updating itit's a game of cat and mouse so theyescalate and like we work on it and nowwe've heard like there's other kinds ofspam that people are dealing with we'repaying much closer attention to that andit's just it really is a back and forthbattle between highly highly motivatedcameras and and us trying to stop themall the time what advice do you have forcreators who are frustrated by limitedadvertising so I think it's one of thosethings where and by no means like Idon't mean to sound callous about thisat all like I think about this deeplyand a lot like I I didn't have to dealwith that on my channel because it wastech reviews it was like phone reviewsand laptop reviews and that comesnowhere near advertising friendlyguidelines but it's also not somethingthat's really unique to YouTube it'ssomething that artists always have tothink about for example we used to haveexplicit and clean versions of albumsbecause explicit versions couldn't getradio play and if you decided to make anexplicit version maybe your fans lovedit or you felt like it was your artisticvoice but a lot of radio stationswouldn't go near it and now you hear allthe time about Hollywood Studios andmovies and negotiating between like an Rrating and the dreaded NC-17 rating andthe PG rating and because that wouldvery that would like some some uh thedistribution could be greatly affectedor the amount of people that your videogets shown to could be greatly affectedand I never want anybody to have to likein a perfect world nobody would everhave to choose between artistic visionand and commerce that's sort ofhistorically always been the issue forcreators so if you have a huge videocoming up and it's really important toyou that you get every bit of money youcan from it maybe just like spend a fewminutes re-looking at the advertiserfriendly guidelines and say like do Ireally need these curse words do Ireally need to show this scene andtailor it more for like that PG likewhatever the movie equivalent of thataudience would be like I want all agesto see this I want the maximum exposureand then tailor it for that sort of anaudience or if you're like you know thisisn't about money for me this is myvision you know I need to say thesewords I need to show these scenes thenjust like realize that you've made thatchoice as an artist and that maybe it'snot going to be as commercially viablebecause it'll only be available foradults or it'll like you might beturning off some percentage of theaudience it just doesn't like cursewords in their videos or something so Ithink like it's one of those thingswhere artists and commerce inside ushave to keep fighting it over is thereanygood place to get great data aboutYouTube how like how many channels thereare also perhaps how many channelsare actually active have uploadedrecently or significantly how activethey are I love seeing letter from theCEO or updates from YouTube that willsay channels that are over a millionsubscribers is up 15 year over yearwhich is really cool and encouraginginformation or but sometimes somewhatvague understandably how many channelsare monetized the amount of monetizedchannels and so I know that YouTube uhdoes pass along information but I'm justcurious for you if there's anywhere youlook that maybe I don't know about orpeople don't know about in terms of justgetting data about channels and YouTubeoverall yeah I think there are like Idon't know of any like official sourcesother than what you just said which islike the letters from Neil now like theCEO letters or sometimes like theYouTube blog will be focusing onsomething specific like that and they'llbe able to surface that informationotherwise I think there's some companiesthat offer it I've no idea how accurateor not they might be what is your advicefor small YouTube channels to grow rightnow so I think like if growing is whatyou want and it may not be like I thinkthere's a lot of people just assumeeveryone's a girl on YouTube where somepeople just really want to have theirlike a place with their artistic Visionbut if you really want to grow I thinkit really is about identifying likethree or four topics that you'repassionate about that you'll be able tomake hundreds of videos on for likeyears and years and years becausenothing else matters if you just don'twant to make the content anymore andthen just be willing to try like testthose videos make a few of each seewhich ones resonate with your audiencefigure out which ones perform the bestand then go all in on them and startpackaging your content so that peoplewho watch one video there's always likea fast follow video that they can watchand you can get them to start binging itso like I watch like they're finding mychannel through this video I'm gonnadirect them right to this video I'mgoing to Deep dive them into this videoand get them watching in sets and themore you can make it so that not only dopeople love your videos but you alwaysgive them more videos like that to loveit's almost like that Simpsons the samebut different every week analogy andthen the last bit is something I'm goingto completely steal from Jimmy andMarquez Brownlee which is make bettervideos and I think you see people likespend a lot of time on metadata or a lotof time but I'm very obscure analyticsbecause making better videos is hardlike it is soul crushing ego suppressingwork sometimes like you have to bebrutally honest with yourself and it'seasier to go mess around with SEO or togo mess around with something elsebecause that has no like personal costto it but if there is nothing that thatmaking better videos like well if youwant subscribers if you want views ifyou want monetization the answer to allof that at the end of the day really isonly make better videos and for me itwas about consciously like looking atevery video making a list of what Icould do better and then work pickingone of those things and working on itover and over again whether it waslighting or storytelling or presence oreverything like that and until I got tolike diminishing returns and thenpicking the next thing I think like likepeople like you say that all the timesomeone will say I'm not growing andI've done everything you've said and yougo to their Channel and they've donelike one percent of what you said andlike they need better thumbnails andlike I had Jimmy once just open mychannel and say your thumbnails areterrible your titles are terrible andyour videos are are boring like yes thatis true and even at his level he's likeI don't want to know why my videos aregood I want to know why they're terriblebecause I can't fix good tell meeverything that's terrible about themthat gives me something to work with andhe still like is hungry enough that hewants cares so much for making bettervideos he wants your harshest criticismon it I think that's like if you reallywant to grow you have to sort of investin that you mentioned earlier how theviews that shorts are getting areactually kind of more like Impressionsbut you you kind of quoted thateven for newer channels YouTube willperhaps give a new short or a newchannel a certain amount of viewsImpressions to see how the contentperforms and perhaps to see if itsatisfies viewers so along the lines ofthe opportunity for small YouTubechannels What should creators know aboutI think I heard Mr B say that YouTube isstill actually the most generousalgorithm on the internetum and that channel starting right nowcan grow from scratch you don't have tooh it's only the channels that started10 years ago and that have millions ofsubscribers is there algorithmicallyanything we should know opportunity wisefor a small Channel or a new channelyeah so we do have a team that's job isto try to like surface new channels likesometimes I think you'll see like you'llgo to your homepage and you'll see likea video from something you never heardof and it has like like 23 or 300 viewslike why am I oh that's actually kind ofinteresting I want to see that that'sthe sort of thing that we're doing we'retrying to work to find like really goodcontent from new and emerging channelsthat we can Surface yeah we still thinkyou'll have a high likelihood of wantingto watch there's nobody any good if wesurface videos that you're not going towant to watch and you're going to ignorebut we want to find like those those newthose new videos that are going to beenjoyable to you and give you the chanceto enjoy them and then hopefully thathelps those channels grow better andfaster as well that's encouraging thatyou have a team dedicated serving smallchannels and we certainly see in ourcommunity channels starting from scratchthat are experiencing some big resultsit definitely does come back though asyou mentioned making better videos andI've noticed I watched a lot of YouTubeon my Smart TV and I have noticed beingrecommended content from very smallcreators all I'll be like that one Ilike it like it gets my attention Istart checking them out and then I'malso surprised that again it's not justthe big channels so that's incrediblygood news for small creators is searchbased content still a big opportunityfor creators this year yeah I think ingeneral like if you don't know where tostart and you can optimize something fora search it's a good way to get intosomebody's feed like you're going towant to convert them into browse trafficor suggested traffic so you're going towant to have again like an easy followvideo you get them in through search andyou answer their main question but thereis like another part of that answer orlike a deeper dive or something that'sextra value to them that's going to getthem to watch that next video so I lookat it more like that's the that's a wayto open doors for your channel butyou're still going don't want to havelike a full home for them to walkthrough once they get there what is theworldwide opportunity for YouTube rightnow I were recording both in the US hereright now we know that YouTube is amassive opportunity like in 100countries available in 80 languages butfrom your Vantage Point what is kind ofthe global growth Global opportunity onYouTube I think it's just it's alwaysgetting more exciting marching there'salways more creators I think shortsshort form video in general has loweredthe barrier of Entry like we used tohave me at the zoo and that was that'sbasically a short like in today thatwould be like look at me I'm just doingsomething but then like the the likegetting into long form kept seeing likeit's just harder and harder and it'slike Marquez has robots and likesthere's like 400 cameras on this videoand it can seem daunting but with shortsagain everybody can just grab theirphone and go and make a video and someof those videos perform ludicrously welllike just incredibly well and they canthen learn all the basic skills and thennot graduate but start making long-formvideos and off of what they've learnedfrom telling stories and like framingthings all of that so I think like theopportunity now is just it's it's triteto say it's bigger than ever but I thinkespecially like multi-language audio andall of these new features podcasts itreally is just still growing Reneeyou've been incredibly generous withyour time you took a lot of questions uhI of course we've mentioned a coupletimes that in the show notes people canconnect with you and everything butshout out where people could follow youwhat they can find I know there's acouple different YouTube Creatorchannels you've got the Critter liaisonone so what are all the different placeswe should know to connect with youum on the various things you're up tosure so I'm at YouTube liaison onTwitter and on YouTube and there's theCreator Insider Channel we have a newseries of videos there interviews we hadMatt Helper and the head of communityguidelines talk about what policies likeon YouTube which I think people you weretalking about before would be finereally interesting like how do how doesYouTube think about create and forceupdate policies we had Dave Rosensteintalk about copyright and uh Creatormusic Todd Beaupre was just on last weekand we talked about how the algorithmworks in a multi-format world and alsolike how YouTube supports smallercreators and a lot of the myth bustingshorts that we do are all up on thereand then the Creator liaison Channel Ijust started a new series where I askcreators for like one piece of advice solike how do you I asked Eric how do youblow up without spending money and Iasked Mr who's the boss how do you makefunner like more enjoyable videos andthey all give like really quick answersbased on their channels I love it wellRenee appreciate you so much thank youfor coming on the show and look forwardto connecting in the future thank you somuch it was so great being here sothanks for checking out this episode ofthe think media podcast reminder this isactually part two of my conversationwith Renee so if you missed part onedefinitely go back and listen to it andif you enjoyed this episode and learnedsomething today please rate or reviewthe podcast on audio if you're watchingon YouTube smash like and let me knowone of your aha moments in the commentssection below and if you have any otherquestions that were not answered becausewe're definitely going to have Reneeback on the show in the future subscribeso you never miss episode of the thinkmedia podcast and I will connect withyou on the next episode