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Atlantis knew how to control reality.

Exploring Mysterious Powers of Ancient Civilizations: The Law of Attraction and Subconscious Mind

  • Ancient civilizations like Atlantis may have possessed powers difficult to comprehend
  • Modern science has its limits and ancient civilizations are being studied to try and understand them
  • The conscious mind tends to focus on differences between objects, instead of understanding the Oneness and wholeness in them
  • The pyramids in Egypt, the Book of Enoch, and the lost civilization of Atlantis are particularly intriguing
  • These civilizations may have had access to supernatural abilities like influencing weather or volcanic eruptions, as well as learning how to influence reality with the power of their minds
  • Three main principles of the Law of Attraction and subconscious mind will be explored throughout this video.

Elon Musks Faith: A Story of Teslas Revival

  • Tesla was on the brink of collapse
  • Elon Musk operated on faith and not belief to keep it alive
  • Belief is based off of evidence in the outer world while Faith is an inner knowingness that something will happen
  • Three keys are given to cultivate Faith: it is of the heart, trust yourself, and have a dogged determination to make it happen.

Using Faith to Achieve the Impossible

  • Elon Musk operates based on faith, trusting his gut and ignoring the opinions of others
  • Roger Bannister was able to break the four minute mile because he had faith that he could do it
  • Begin with the end in mind, picturing what you want without judgement
  • Visualize this scene every day before bed and in the morning to start to use faith over belief.

The Power of Belief and Faith in Everyday Life

  • Belief and faith are two different concepts
  • Faith needs to be cultivated daily
  • Visualizing the ideal scene every day will help create comfort in that vision
  • Life tests faith and conviction
  • Too much importance placed on any one area of life creates a disturbance in the quantum field creating an inhomogeneity in the field, which is trying to stay balanced.

Navigating Lifes Challenges: How to Achieve Balanced Results

  • We tend to become insecure when we feel inhomogeneity in a field
  • Life takes the path of least resistance to balance it out, which often means taking away something from us
  • Hubris can cause this too much importance on yourself or your achievements can lead to self-sabotage
  • Instead, stay harmonious with life and create balance by not getting too attached to outcomes and instead staying present in the moment
  • Adjust your sails according to the winds of life for best results.

Reduce Importance: A Pathway to Increased Joy and Freedom

  • The importance of reducing importance in life is discussed
  • Attributing too much meaning to certain aspects of life can cause challenges and obstacles that can be avoided by reducing the importance that is attached to them
  • Instead of attempting to tackle an obstacle, it’s better to reduce the importance towards what’s causing the obstacle
  • Imagining failure and accepting that life still goes on can help alleviate stress and increase creativity
  • Embracing one’s mortality and living today as if it were the last day can create a sense of freedom and joy.

Unlocking the Mystery of Outer Intention: The Power of Unifying Hearts and Minds for Manifestation

  • The power of outer intention, which belongs both to us and doesn’t belong to us at the same time, is said to be the force that moves the pyramids
  • In order to manifest our highest dreams, we must bring together our hearts and minds in unison
  • Southeast Asian cultures refer to this as ‘yoga’ meaning union
  • When our heart and mind act as one, we create a powerful force known as outer intention
  • Destructive pendulums exist to keep us in fear and lower vibrational states, while constructive pendulums bring us closer to our goals
  • In order to gain freedom and become an enlightened person, we must unite our hearts and minds in love towards what we want.

Unlocking the Power of Minds to Attain Goals

  • Harnessing the power of both conscious and subconscious minds to achieve goals
  • Becoming emotionally clear on what we want, not just intellectually clear
  • Understanding that focusing attention on what we don’t want brings us closer to it
  • Asking “What?” “Why?” and “Who must I become?” to attain end state
  • Becoming one with our end state, by living from it and giving ourselves to become it
  • Using the subconscious mind to help become the person we need to be in order to achieve our goals.

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quasi here in order to understand ourfuture we must look to the past nowrecently I've been studying many ancienttexts that are now resurfacing on theinternet we're finding out now thatthere may have indeed existed ancientcivilizations like the lost city ofAtlantis that once possessed powers thatare kind of difficult for us tocomprehend right now in this modern dayright now people are very confusedafraid angry at what's going on in theworld we're increasingly becoming outerWorld focused which is leading tocomparison unrealistic expectations andas a result unhappiness let me ask youthis if I hold up these two objectsright now right next to each other okayI want you to examine both of these penswhat's immediately going through yourmindI bet you're thinking about what thedifferences and similarities are betweeneach of them aren't you well this isexactly how the conscious Discerningmind works our minds constantly look topick apartdissect and put things and get thingsseparate instead of trying to understandit trying to see the Oneness and thewholeness in it you give a scientist aflower he'll dissect it pick it apartand try to explain every singleindividual part the mind is useful butmodern science simply explains phenomenathat already exists please think aboutthis don't get me wrong I'm a bigbeliever in science I studied mechanicalengineering in college but this form ofscience has its limits and we're quicklyapproaching the limits to what ourDiscerning minds are actually able touncover so what's been interesting forme to get into recently have beenancient civilizations the existence ofpyramids acoustic levitation vibrationQuantum phenomena scientists arecurrently having a lot of troubleexplaining all of this I mean up until1964 we didn't even know subatomicparticles existed we believe that theatom was the fundamental building blockfor all matter how about dark energy anddark matter scientists are saying thataround 96 of our observable universeconsists of this dark energy and darkmatter we don't even understand how allthis dark stuff works now I personallybelieve there once existed acivilization who understood mysteriousphenomena and even may have possessedoccult knowledge everything I've beenstudying so far in this regard has ledme to one particularly interesting areathe continent of Africain this interesting continent there arefew areas that are of particularIntrigue first we have the pyramids inEgypt scientists are still not able tounderstand how ancient Egyptians wereable to put up 80 ton stone blocks up tosuch a height with alleged ancientinstruments now the recent theory onthis was discussed by Randall Carlsonand Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan'spodcast which has taken us back all theway to Nikola Tesla's work on vibrationhow it might have been involved in theconstruction of these pyramids and thelifting of these stone blocks next wehave the mysterious Book of Enoch whichwas discovered in Ethiopia in the 1700sand then rediscovered again in the 19thcentury now Enoch was believed to be thegreat grandfather of Noah the biblicalfigure and this mysterious book wasthought to have been written around 300years before the arrival of Christ thisbook was extremely extremelycontroversial because it suggested someoutlandish stuff like they mentionedthat God had sent over angels to Earthto be Watchers over the people but theseangels ended up mating with humanfemales to produce what are callednephilims which are basically Giantswhich may explain why it was banned fromthe traditional books now finally inthis continent there is also the LostCivilization of Atlantis that's recentlyhypothesized to have had existence inMauritania around North West of Africaaround 9000 BC it said that theseatlanteans had access to supernaturalabilities like the ability to influencethe weather or volcanic eruptions atwill some have also speculated get thisthat Enoch had a connection to theatlanteans and then apparently theAtlantis were breeding the nephilims aspart of a genetic breeding experimentaccording to Plato's accounts there wasa great flood that wiped out Atlantiswhich according into prevalent Theoryput forward by Graham Hancock was acatastrophic event called the youngerdriest that occurred around 11 000 yearsagoEnoch's great grandson Noah was knownfor the ark that he built to safeguardMankind from this great flood so thisactually kind of makes sense that Enochmight have been connected somehow to theatlanteans now part of this specialpowers that the atlanteans possessedalso included learning how to influencereality with the power of the mind andno I'm not talking about your consciousmind or the Discerning mind that I spokeof earlier that Believe It or Not onlyconstitutes of around five percent ofour total capabilities there's a muchmore powerful ability that I believehuman beings possess this makes up forthe 95 of untapped power lying latent inhuman beings you want to guess what thatis I believe it's called thesubconscious mind the unconscious mindor the collective unconsciousness CarlYoung would put it so in today's videoI'm going to share with you why Ibelieve ancient civilizations were ableto use the power of the subconsciousmind to bend reality and createunexplainable phenomena and this is whatI truly believe led to the birth of thisnew age spiritual movement of the Law ofAttraction and positive of thought now Idon't really know how to live 80 tonstone blocks at least yet or how tochange the weather at will but what I amgoing to do throughout this video isShare three main principles of the Lawof Attraction of the subconscious mindthat I believe will allow you toinfluence reality with the power of yourmind and ultimately to create the lifethat you want to live I'm super excitedto share this video with you so let's goright ahead and get started before I getstarted with this video and go to theboard I wanted to quickly share a littlebit about my story so there's morecontextfive years ago I was not the person thatis right here sitting in front of youright now I was a completely differentperson I was destined to go into a nineto five and sell my soul I mean thisYouTube channel wouldn't have even comeabout and I wouldn't be sharing all ofthis stuff that I'm sharing today sofive years ago I was this unconfident uhlazy unmotivated person who was justabout to go into a corporate careerdoing something that he didn't want todo for the next 40 Years of his life andout of deep frustration all of thischannel was really born right and thatdeep frustration led me to a deep RabbitHole in researching all of this andbecoming obsessed with learning whatmakes change happen how we can becomeconscious creators of our lives and Itruly believe every single human has theability to do this for themselves sothat's why I went about on this journeyto learning how to do this helping otherpeople do this and once I figured it outfive years later we have over a thousandsuccessful clients clients who are doingthis for themselves our businessesgenerated over 5 million and you knowwhen I started off I wanted to just make20K a month right and so all of theseamazing things have happened I've metthe woman of my dreams I was single backthen and I was you know I just felthopeless and doomed and uh I I was acompletely different person so whatreally helped me are all theseprinciples that I share in this Channeland in particular the three principlesthat I'm going to share with you todayso I'm really really excited to help youdo this for yourself I want you to payclose attention take notes and do theexercises that I am going to share inthis video okay so without further delaylet's go right in to those threeprinciples so one of the very firstprinciples that we really have tounderstandis the fundamental difference betweenbelief and Faith there are lots ofmisconceptions about this and this iswhy a lot of people get stuck in thisjourney and over thousands of clientslater I've realized that a lot of peoplehave this huge misconception that inorder to manifest what you want in orderto use the Law of Attraction you have tobelieve and have confidence in what youwant and I can totally understand thatthis misconception exists becausethere's a plethora of material that tellyou oh you've got to believe you knowyou you've got to believe in yourselfyou've got to be confident and you'vegot to fake it till you make it it'svery very difficult to fake it till youmake it when you're starting off in acompletely new Venture and you have zeroconfidence to start with right it's justvirtually impossible and that is becausewe don't understand where confidencecomes from now I'm not saying thatconfidence is not important it can helpyou but it is not necessary let meexplain what I mean by this if you lookat the nature of belief what is beliefwhy do we believe why do we know thingsit's because there is evidence in theouter world that this exists right weneed evidenceto believe we need others to say thatit's possible we need others to to makeit okay for us to believe so for exampleyou believe in oxygen and the concept ofsubatomic particles because you trustscientists and their opinions do youreally know that this is true how do youknow if we really look at every singlething that we believe in do we reallybelieve in it we don't belief is justanother way of saying I don't knowright if you don't really know somethingyou say I believe I believe in particlesI believe in subatomic particles Ibelieve in the internet do you see whatI'm trying to say you don't really knowanything we don't really know anythingit's all implied because and we imply itbecause it allows us to exist with easeit's like mathematical theories rightyou don't have to prove a theory on thespot every time you just accept thatthis theory has been proven and theEinstein relativity theory is true andreal because it just makes life easierfor us we don't have to rederiveeverything right on the spot okay inorder to believe something we needeither someone else to tell us that it'spossible or we need evidence for it butthere's something even more powerfulthan belief it's something that allowsbelief and this outer evidence to comein in the first place and this is what'sknown as Faith okay so think about anynew Endeavor anyone has ever tried to goforward and try to achieve how do theydo it if they don't believe it becausewhen you when Elon Musk has the missionto colonize Mars no one's done thatbefore where does he like where does heget bags of confidence to do it and thisis where that faith comes in faith isinner knowingness belief is outerknowingnessokay I want you to please remember thatwhen we believe in something it'sbecause someone else has told us thatit's possible some scientist or someAuthority or some figure that we trusthas told us that this is doable it'swhen our focus is on the outer world andwe listen to what other people tell usand we are hanging on to their opinionsand we're dependent on their opinionsand whatever they sayfaith is when no one else around youtells you that it's possible but youknow deep down within yourself youactually don't even know if it'spossible or not you just have a feelingand you are going to make it a realityone way or another right it's just thisdogged determination that we have andthis is what we need by the way in orderto create the lives that we want pleasethink about this the life that you arewanting to create for yourself no onehas created before because they are notyou okay so they will not exactly no onehas exactly created the life that youwant so to create your own unique idealreality the way you want to manifest ityou must operate on faith and at leastget started with faith okay this hasbeen a crucial realization for me so Iwant to explain to you what thefundamental difference between beliefand Faith are but also three keys on howyou can Implement faith and cultivate itmore and more every single day okay sobelief is of the mind and faith is ofthe heart aha we're getting somewherenow so when I believe in something mymind says oh someone said this is truetherefore this is true when I have faithit's I don't know if this is true mymind cannot comprehend it but I feellike somehow this is gonna happen I justtrust that somehow this is going tohappen why I don't know why there's justno other way my life would just lose allmeaning if I didn't right that's kind ofhow these people who are in all thesethese Visionaries if you call them likeElon Musk that's how they operate likeif you look at the uh one of theinterviews in Elon Musk was having withWarren Buffett's partner in BerkshireHathaway and Tesla was about to collapseand that partner was like Hey here areall the arguments for why Tesla is goingto crash and Elon Musk says I knowyou're totally right and the partnerasks so why are you continuing to doubledown on Tesla and then he says wellmight as well see it through to the endthat's operating on faith right and evenjust because he operated with that faithit didn't collapse or maybe you knowthere were some other factors but inevery single successful person I've seenthey've operated with something Beyondthis outer knowing this mind and they'veoperated based on inner knowing deepdown within themselves they've had ahunch they've trusted their gut feelingand they were able to shut out theopinions of the sheep so that's what wehave to learn to do in order to use lawof attraction or your inner Powers youreally have to turn away from the outerworld and Trust you're in a judgmentokay you also have to know that theouter knowing is usually led by theinner knowing the inner knowing causesthe outer knowing the internal Worldcreates the external world so if you'resomeone's building a building orsomething you begin with the thought theintention of wanting to build a buildingthen you have the blueprint that youcraft in mind and then you hire a teamand then you get all the material andthen you execute so this whole journeyis the unmanifest becoming the Manifestright something coming from nothing justlike God says in all the holy books inthe Bible and the in the Quran somethingcame from nothing zero equals to onethis is beyond the realm of cause andeffect we don't fully understand how allof this works it's beyond what sciencecan explain right now but this innerknowingness is what causes the outerknowingness Roger Bannister before youknow he was the first person ever tobreak the four minute milebefore that people thought it wasimpossible to run a mile within fourminutesas soon as he breaks the four minutemile the first time ever high schoolersstart to do it afterwards so it's theseperceived limits that we have that weset with our minds but what did RogerBannister operate on pure Faith he hadfaith that somehow you'd be able to doit otherwise he wouldn't have been ableto do it so that's where this innerknowingness comes in handy and I alwaysremember one of the greatestphilosophers one of the greatestteachers of this work Neville Goddard healways talks about this and one thing healways says is begin with the end inmind live from the end State okay so theway to tap into pure faith is to clearlysee in your mind's eye turning away fromthe outer world and being able to see inyour mind's eye what that ultimatepicture of your life looks like and notjudging it not saying oh this ispossible and not possible forget aboutall of that that is not up to you yourjob and your time ask is to choose whatyou want and place the order and juststay with it okay over time it'll beprepared okay so now I want to show youthree keys so you can start to use Faithover belief number one begin with theendwhat do I mean by this look at five tenyears from now what do you really wantto create for your life what do you wantyour life to look like create a vividpicture of this so who do you want to bewith who are you being what are youdoing every day what makes your life acontinual vacation okay it doesn't haveto be like oh I have to do this and Ihave to do that forget all obligationand do this with zero judgment this iskey number two whatever you pickdo not judge have zero judgment towardswhether or not it's possible your job isto daydream right now imagine you couldhave anything that you've ever wantedwhat would you really want just behonest with yourself some of you may belike oh I want a billion trilliongazillion dollars the heart doesn'treally understand money so what wouldthat money buy you right what do youreally want and by the way this isalways subject to change we begin withthis unclear vague picture of what wewant for our lives but then as weprogress as we put One Foot In Front OfAnother towards our goal the goal getsclearer the territory gets clearer andclearer every single day and then thisgoal gets subtle adjustments as we findout about it ourselves what we reallywant so for example I wanted to wake upin the mansion in LA and have this bigfancy lifestyle now I don't care aboutany of that now that I'm moving forwardin this direction I'd realize you know Idon't really care about any of that Iwould rather do something that I enjoyevery single day and have a decent sizedhouse and not have all these headachesand all this maintenance issues you seewhat I mean now I'm getting clearer andclearer on the picture as I progress inthis journey but initially I thought Iwanted the Ferrari and the expensivecars and all that stuff but now that Ican afford it I'm like I don't reallywant it it just leads to more headachemore chaos more problems do you see whatI mean so you'll get clearer and cleareron this as you progress in the journeybut you have to begin with a picturefirst and begin with zero judgment andnumber three visualize this scene everysingle day I like to do it before bedand first thing in the morning so I'llgive an example six years ago I began onthis journey and I learned aboutvisualization and I learned aboutthinking with the end in mind and Iremember reading Think and Grow Rich andmuttering to myself I'm so happy andgrateful that my bank account has ahundred thousand dollars and I did itfor a year and nothing happenedbut then I learned about the heart andthe mind belief in faith and how theheart doesn't speak the language of themind okay but if you learn to harmonizethe heart and the mind powerful thingscan happen which is something we'regoing to talk about in the next twoprinciples so when I learned all this Istarted to visualize that end withoutjudgment what do I want and by the wayback then I was in a completelydifferent situation to where I am atright now I couldn't have imagined thatfour years five years later or six yearslater I would be here today so I wasvisualizing waking up in my mansion inL.A next to the woman of my dreams I wassingle back then she's blonde I godownstairs and I open the door and myred Ferraris there I forget the keys tomy Ferrari my partner at the time shecomes up and then throws me the keys andI ride off into the town that's what Ivisualized for the next four or fiveyears until I realized until thingsstarted happening and I moved forward inthe journey and then realized wait thisisn't this isn't exactly what I want butI still kept visualizing that you seewhat I mean but as I visualized itas I took action on what I believedwould be the right thing to do movingone step forward towards that FinalDestination with zero judgment ideascame to me first I had the idea ofstarting up a YouTube channel then I hadthe idea of you know offering up acoaching program and then slowly I wentfrom about to go into a corporate jobmaking barely 50 Grand 60 Grand a yearto making over a hundred grand a monthin my business and doing the thing thatI love to do and I couldn't haveimagined it at the time and this is alla power of you just turning away fromoutside influences and finding your owninner Center and doubling down on thatbecause the the reflection that you'retrying to see in the world it's craftedby the image that you present to themirror right but the mirror won't smilebefore you do so it has to begin withyou and by the way I'm not saying thisis easy it's not easy especially whenthings around you are crumbling it's oneof the hardest things to do to turn awayright now you might be going through areal tough time with the economic Stateand you know things could be fallingapart around you but this is why only aselect few become successful because nomatter what's happening outside theydon't get so attached and stuck with thereflection they can turn away and turnwithin to their centers so this is yourmission to execute on these three keysand focus on what you want to create inthe longer term okay so that's the firstprinciple understanding the differencebetween belief and faith and cultivatingyour faith every single day by havingzero judgment beginning with the end inmind and visualizing your ideal sceneevery single day as you keep visualizingthis ideal scene you'll see from theinitial discomfort that you have whereyou're like oh I don't know if I canachieve that I don't know if I can havethat what will happen is over time youyou'll get more and more comfortable inthat scene and it'll almost becomesecond nature to you and when thathappens that's when things will start tocome into your world opportunities willstart to come into your world becauseyour subconscious mind is focused onthat okay so the next principle we'regoing to talk about is something Ibelieve is much more important than theone we just talked about right now andthis is the principle of coordinationthat a lot of people get stuck with Okayso let's jump right into that okay sonow let's talk about this funky thingcalled coordination what doescoordination mean well as you startabout in this journey of becoming aconscious creator of your life and youmake the intention to have somethingthat's quite different from what youhave right now you're immediatelyoperating outside the limits of yourcomfort zone so if we assume that thisis your comfort zone what you're tryingto do is widen the limits of yourcomfort zone you're currently operatingin here but you're trying to go in herewhen you try to go from within thecomfortable circle of your comfort zoneto outside the comfortable circle ofyour comfort zone you need to stay inthis outside line for long enough for itto solidify into a stronger morecomfortable line right so you'reoperating within without outside thelimits of your current comfort zone sowhen this happensinevitably you feel uncomfortable andwhen you feel uncomfortable what youfeel is that life is trying to test youso whenever you see that life isthrowing tests at you things are juststarting to go wrong a lot of challengesare arising a couple of things arehappening number one life is testing tosee if your conviction if your faith isstrong enough to withstand these testsnumber two somewhere along this waysomething that you're striving towardsyour importance level is a bit too highokay so I want you to think about itthis way we have different relationshipsto different things in our lives we havean attitude or relationship towardsmoney our career our wealth we have anattitude or a relationship towards ourpartner and how we feel about them andattitude or relationship to the housethat we live in ETC we have a connectionto all of these things these connectionsare actually a point of identificationI'm going to say that one more time allof these things that we have in ourlives it's a point of identificationwhen the identification to one pointgets too strong we say the importancelevel is too high for example if yourcareer is more important than yourrelationship with your spouse then theimportance level in your career is toohigh if you're constantly worried andanxious about your career gettingdemoted or someone else replacing you oreven you know lose using your businessthen your importance level in thisparticular area of your life is too highnow something very interesting happensto the quantum field when you have toomuch importance on one area of your lifecompared to all the other areas of yourlife please pay attention to this whenmy importance to one area of my life isa little too highI generate a disturbance in the quantumfield so think about gravity if you'vebeen in high school physics perhapsyou'll know that when an object withmass exists within space it curves thethe field the vectors of space-time okaythe the field of space gets curved itgets curved towards that object gravityis attracting that object similarly whenwe have an imbalanced amount ofimportance towards one thing in ourlives our thought energy curves thisfield this Quantum field and when wecurve it we create an inhomogeneity inthe field okay it's basically a fancyway of saying I'm creating an imbalanceso if you imagine all of the field linesare homogenous if we have differentfield lines that are homogeneous withimportance we create this concentrationover here when we create a concentrationin the field here what life wants to dois always stay in Balance okay so thisuniverse is a perfect system that'salways in Balance if you do somethingbad to someone Karma will haunt you backright so this universe always stays inperfect balance if I raise thispencil up to this level it gainspotential energy so that's what we'redoing when we attribute importance tosomething when our business and ourcareers become too important to us orour relationship becomes too importantto us we start to feel insecure and whenthis inhomogeneity in the field iscreated life takes the path of leastresistance to balance it out and thepath of least resistance usually meanstaking away the thing from you so ifyou're always thinking about yourbusiness and losing your business whatlife says is oh okay he's thinking aboutlosing his business let's take away hisbusiness from him let's make hisbusiness fail and that way thisimbalance in the field is balanced outright so life will always take the pathof least resistance to even out all ofthis in homogeneity in the field andthis is why I believe Atlantis actuallyfell because it was a lesson in hubrisso the atlanteans because they got sopowerful their self-importance theystarted to believe they were God andwhen you start to believe that your Godyour self-importance goes up too muchbecause your importance to yourself incomparison to other people it's a littletoo high and so what God the universedoes it says okay let's throw a greatflood to wipe out this civilization sothey don't think you know they have somesort of secret powers in their God rightso that's you know one of the beliefs ofwhy that happened but usually what I'vefound in my life is when I get a littletoo cocky life will try to teach me alesson so if you don't humble yourselflife will humble you okay or if I get alittle too insecure then life will dothe same thing so what you always wantto do is have balance if you don'tcreate your own Balanced Life willcreate it for you so why am I talkingabout coordination well in this journeywhen you go about and you're trying toachieve a certain goal if you seecertain signs of progress what naturallyhappens to human beings is we get alittle too attached to it oh you know mybusiness is going well I expect it'sgoing to go well for the rest of my lifethat's how the mind works in black orwhite it's going well now it's should gowell for the rest of my life it cannotbe any other way it should only go wellnothing bad can ever happen to itand so when you get attached to thatidea you're immediately putting it on apedestal right you're like it should belike this you're trying to make lifeaccording to what you want it you'retrying to control you're trying tomanipulate it and when you are lifecannot operate with its natural Ebbs andflows right and so you create thisdisturbance in what life wants versuswhat you want you're not in harmony withit so when we do that we inevitablycreate what people call self-sabotage soI've seen a lot of clients who say hey Iwas doing 70 grand a month in mybusiness and all of a sudden the nexttwo months two months later I lost it sowe see people do really well but they'renot able to maintain it because theirinternal State they start to getattached to it and when you get attachedto something you self-sabotage so thisis exactly what happens so thisimportance it creates an excesspotential with our thought energy whenwe put too much meaning on somethingwe're creating excess potential pleasethink about it this way when you'redoing creative work and you want toproduce a piece so if you're a singer asongwriter or maybe a marketing campaignmaybe creating ads or something andyou're like this ad has to perform wellif it doesn't then I will have wastedmoney and I will have wasted my time andI will have wasted all the money that Ipaid for contractors to do this oh thiswill all have been in vain you'reimmediately putting it on a pedestal andyou're putting way too much importanceon it so guess what happens you're nolonger able to be creative you can'tflow with the direction life is tryingto take you so you're hampering progressby insisting on your way or the highwayright and that's the worst way to bewhen you're trying to create yourreality you have to co-create it lifewants to take a certain path of leastresistance and you want to take acertain path how can you align with lifeso that you can ride this flow andadjust your sales right so imagine youhave a sailboat when we have a sailboatwe just simply adjust the sales towhatever the win is so we can use it toogo wherever we want but instead we'retrying to manipulate the sale instead oftrying to present a different image tothe mirror we're trying to manipulatethe mirror to change the reflectionthat's what unfortunately 99 of humanbeings are accustomed to doing becausewe operate from here we're not presentto the moment here and what's going onwe're like oh I want this in my mind Iwant that so I'm going to try to make itdoesn't work you just create more andmore resistanceso the optimal point in which you canoperate at the highest level of yoursubconscious faculty your creativefaculties is when your importance levelis the lowest please think about it thisway if you're playing a sport you'redoing something creative when are youthe most at flow when you don't carewhat the outcome is you don't care ifyou fail or succeed you're justcompletely immersed in the activityitself you're doing the art for the sakeof the art and when you're doing thatthat's naturally when the outcome getstaken care of it's the same thing whenI'm making these videos if I'm thinkingabout hey how much money is this videogonna make me how many views am I gonnaget how many clients is going to get meif I keep thinking about that I'm notable to creatively express myself and as opposed to if I think aboutmaking this video just for the sake ofmaking a great video and sharing valuewith people how much can I give away inthis video my energy completely changesdo you see that I go from a takingenergy take take take and when you takeday take you become closed off but ifI'm give give my arms are open and I'mgiving and when I can give I can alsoreceivethat's how it works so the number onemistake every single person on thisjourney goes through that inevitablyself-sabotages is in attributing excessimportance whether it be self-innerimportance or outer importance so thisis what you have to do to completelyeliminate this importance because I canpromise you if you just get rid ofimportance things will just take care ofthemselves you will be shocked at howyour life unfolds if you just get rid ofimportance okay key number one right nowlook at your life and look at all thethings all the areas of your life thatyou're struggling in just ask yourselfwhat am I attributing too much meaningto right now what's a little tooimportant right now that's possiblycausing these problems or thesechallenges obstacles in your life willdisappear if you simply reduceimportance you don't even have to try toremove the obstaclewhat most people do is they try totackle the obstacle do not tackle theobstacleforget the obstacle reduce yourimportance that you have towards what iscausing the obstacle so if I'm havingbusiness troubles if I'm thinking oh nothis month I won't make as much as Imade last month oh crap come on justscurry and try to fix this problem don'tdo thatsimply reduce your importance hey it maybe the case that I don't make as muchthis month as I did last month andthat's okay life still goes on we stillhave the following month and thefollowing month and the following monthI will do my best and you'll see whenyou just reduce this importance it'slike a weight gets lifted off yourshoulders and when that happens all of asudden your creative faculty start towork again all of a sudden you're tappedin you're connected you're getting ideasleft and right oh I could try thiscampaign that could work but then whenthings work you get attached to themagain right you're like oh no I gotta doit again so that's something we have tobe careful of so number one what's tooimportant right now number two imaginefailing imagine failing in that lifestill goes on this is very veryimportant the whole time what we'redoing is we're resisting failure do notresist failure Embrace failure sure yesI fail I failed this month I failed lastmonth I might fail again the next monththe way I live my life right now it'scompletely different to how I used tolive and it's so much more freeevery single day I wake up and I realizethat I'm going to die tomorrow I mayjust everything might just completelyend in the next moment I think this iswhat I learned from um Gandhi MahatmaGandhi he said live as though you'regoing to die tomorrow learn as thoughyou're going to live forever since Iread about this I've always abided by itbecause when you live like this if youlive like today is your last day imaginehow free you would live you know in thenext moment I could lose my business Icould lose everything everything everthat's that's you know like how freeingis that it's just knowing thateverything might just be gone okay ifeverything's gonna gohow can I be the most joyful todayhow can I be the most peaceful the mosthappy today how can I give the mosttoday if I'm not going to be aroundtomorrow how can I put a smile onsomeone else's face today right yourlife just becomes so much Fuller so muchmore joyful and when it becomes likethat that's when things just take careof themselves you don't even have toworry you're operating on a differentlevel of Consciousness you're no longerin the lower states of force force forceyou're in the highest state of powergiving openness receiving loving soevery single day that that's justpersonally How I Live you don't have tolive like this but I always realize myown mortality I believe Mankind'sbiggest problem is we forget that we'regoing to cease to exist and our ownself-importance and ego gets heightenedto such a point that we become like theatlanteans right we just start to thinkwe're too important we're never going todie we're going to be here forever soI'm gonna try to accumulate as much as Ican and take and you know competition Ineed to be better than everyone elsethat's exactly what happens so imaginefailing and life still goes on imaginelosing it all what would you do you'realways prepared you're beyond all ofthis there is a space within you that'sbeyond all of this this goes back towhat we talked about with faith and youknow an example about I can give youaround this is when I got started off inthis journey my importance level was waytoo high because I had something toprove I had to prove to my parents thatI could sustain myself with my ownbusiness my own online business becauseback then they were like what theis YouTube why would you be going onYouTube when you have a nice engineeringjob that's giving you Healthcare 401Ksecurity and you know a good decentsalary why would you do that why wouldyou do YouTube how would you take careof yourself so they just didn'tunderstand it and so because myimportance level was so high in themonth that I graduated and I wassupposed to go in full time to myengineering job that month I wassupposed to make 5K because that wouldshow my parents that hey look I can dothis by myself I just made 5K I replacedmy engineering salary which was 60 Granda year at that time right and that monthI made zero zero and I just completelybroke down and I just remember justdropping on the floor and just cryingthat whole month and I kind of had oneof those Dark Night of the souls momentand I realized I was attributing toomuch importance to it and so theagreement was if I made 5K a month bythen I would quit and just do my ownthing but I didn't and I still keptgoing and after that month my importancelevel completely vanquished you knowafter that I was just like oh okay youknow what I don't know what's gonnahappen next month whatever man I'm justgonna try my best and just try to makeit work because this is what I wantI don't care when it happens I reallydon't get at that point I just didn'tcare when it happened I just this isreally what I want to do and if youlisten to Mr BEAST's story that's kindof how he was like right like he justknew he wanted to do YouTube he was likeI don't want to go to college I don'twant to talk about this stupid likeI can do homework I just want to doYouTube all day he was obsessed withYouTube and he didn't have any friendsback then because all he cared about wasYouTube when he was like 15 16. and sothat's what I did and when my importancelevel disappeared after that monthliterally the next month I believe I didan 8K monthand then I did a 11 12K and then I did a20K month I reached my goal of 20K amonth that I made uh one year one monthago when I started off in this journeyright so that's the power of getting ridof your importance so now let's go tothe last principle which I believe isalso super super powerful because if youlearn how to work with this faculty thatyou already have access to but if youjust learn to tap into it everythingthat you're seeing right nowit becomes that simple it just takescare of itself okay and this has to dowith the power of outer intention theintention that belongs to you anddoesn't belong to you at the same timeokay so here's the last principle thatyou must know to become a powerfulcreator of your realityand this has to do with aligning theconscious and the unconscious parts ofourselves okayto begin with we must learn how to haveour hearts and our minds act in unisonwith each other when your heart and yourmind comes togetherwhen the two become one like JesusChrist said in the Gospel of Thomas whenthe two become one we give rise to apowerful force known as outer intentionwe possess two types of intentions ourpersonal intention the inner intentionthat we have and the outer intentionwhich both belongs to us and does notbelong to usthis is said to be the force that movedthe pyramids that made all the beautifulthings that you see all the things thatcannot be unexplainable phenomenamanifest every single human being everysingle living being has a touch of outerintention within thembut this requires all of our facultiesto act in unison to act as one the mindand the Heart acting as one in SoutheastAsian cultures they have a word calledyoga and it's called the yogic traditionwhy is it called yoga because yogaliterally means Unionwhen we can bring everything in UnionGod's intention and Our intention becomeUnited so this is what we want to dowhen we bring our hearts and our mindstogethernow I want you to think about thiswhy is it that our worst fears getrealized much easierthan our highest dreamsso have you ever seen it when pessimistsare constantly complaining about theirsituations and they're stuck with thosesame situations and they keep attractingthose same circumstances again and againand again they keep complaining aboutsomething in our lives that's goingwrong or they keep attracting they keepsaying oh I keep attracting the wrongpeople in my life again and again why doI keep attracting this wrong personthey have the thought of attracting thewrong person and they feel deeply thefrustration of attracting the wrongPartners the wrong people who keepbetraying them who keep treating them acertain way their thought and theirfeeling become Unitedand when this happens they manifest thatparticular scenario that they hatewe get more of what we hateand more of what we love it is justharder now in this modern day and agefor our hearts and Minds to becomeUnited in love because there are thesestructures around us okay I'm not goingto get too deep into this they're calledpendulums and these pendulums formspontaneously kind of like the groupsthat you have religious groups um othergroups that have similar ideologies whenpeople have similar similar ideologiesthey come together and they form thisstructure called a pendulum and apendulum's main goal is to extract itsadherence energies okay so the pendulumtries to extract our energies now therecan be destructive or constructivependulums destructive pendulums takeaway our energy and get us away from ourgoal constructive pendulums thinkbusiness masterminds and otherproductive groups they take our energyand Deliver us to our goals usually whatdestructive pendulums want to do is keepus in fear and keep us in lowervibrational States because in highervibrational States we gain our freedomand lower vibrational States we areentrapped and enslaved to theprogramming from outside all sorts ofpropaganda you'll notice that they'reall used to keep us in a fear-mongeringstate news raises your fear you have tounderstand who's putting out this newswho like what's their incentive who'sputting out all of these social mediacompanies who's running them what's thepower behind them that's running them soall of them have an incentive which isto keep us enslaved to their programs sothey have control over us right controlis the most addicting thing you can haveover someone do you realize that that'swhy every single Monarch wanted to havecontrol back in the day they did thisthrough direct threats and violence nowthey have mischievous ways of keeping usenslaved to these programsthe only way we can gain our freedomwhich is what they don't want is throughEnlightenment intellectual spiritualenlightenment an enlightened personisn't enslaved to anything you can takethe house away from them they won't careyou can take their clothes away fromthem they won't care they roam aroundthe streets naked you can take theirfood away from them they won't carethey're free that's complete Freedom ifyou can just sit in one corner and notneed anything for the rest of your lifeyou are free if you need something tosurvive to live and you're con concernedabout your survival all the time andyou're trying to accumulate you'retrapped you're trapped by the thingsthat you want you're the things that youown own you right soin our whole lives our hearts and ourminds are always United in this Fear TheChallenge becomes uniting it in lovetowards what we want the first time Iheard about this or one of the veryearliest instances that I've seen thiswas with Greg Braden in that lecturethat he hadand he was sharing how Chinese doctorswere healing a tumor with just chantingand feelingright they were saying certain wordslike gone now gone now and they werechanting and they had this intentiontheir mind was intending for the tumorto disappear and they felt that feelingof the tumor disappearing and felt lovetowards it now again I don't know howtrue this is I'm just saying it as I sawit maybe it's true maybe it's not Idon't really know but I'm just saying itexactly as I saw it but I do believethat there iscertain power that we all possess whenwe can get our conscious and oursubconscious or Collective unconsciousas Carl Jung would put it however youwant to put it when we can unite thoseand it's best to unite them in loverather than hate right the biggestproblem right now with most people whoare striving to achieve their goals thisis what I see they're intellectuallyclear about what they wantthey know intellectually that they wantFinancial Freedom they want to make moremoney they want to have this kind oflifestyle and that kind of Lifestyle butthey're not emotionally clear pleasetake a moment to reflect on this theyare not emotionally clear emotionallythey're stuck on what they want to getaway from oh I want to get away from theshitty career that I hate and I want toget away from this situation that I'm inthat just keeps bothering me all thetime I don't want that they'reconstantly thinking about the thingsthat they hate whilst focusing theirminds on the things that they wantthere's an incongruency here it's notcongruent imagine this imagine you're ona highwayand you're driving your car on one laneand there's a car on the next Lane andyou're thinking about getting away fromthat car while you're looking at thatcar the more you look at that car andyou think about getting away from ityour car just gets closer and closer toit instead of getting away from it youyou're moving closer towards it that'swhat happens with our attention what arewe whatever we think about avoiding weget Target fixation so most peopleunfortunately living in this statenowadays their attention is absorbed bywhat they hate and what they want to getaway from life does not care what thenature of your attention is if you wantto get away from something or if youwant to move towards something it justcares about the content of yourattention if you hate bills if you hatefailing you're going to get more failureif you love making money if you love youknow living life on your own terms thenyou're going to get more and moreinstances and situations that lead tothat so what is the content of yourfocus you always have to to be incontrol of your attention otherwisethese pendulums will take your attentionand convert it into energy forthemselves right so let's talk about akey that'll allow you to getintellectual and emotional Harmonyfirst you always have to ask what's myattention on right now what am I focusedon what's the content of my focus rightnow next you have to figure out theanswers to two questions in thisparticular area of my life or whateverit is that you are wanting and you set agoal on what do I want and why do I wantit what is the associated feeling that Iwould feel if I were to get it what doesit feel like to have it to do it to beitbecoming one with it when you ask whatyou become intellectually clear which iswhat people are very good at when youask why then you become emotionallyclear and now the final thing to getclear on is who must I become in orderto achieve thatwhen you have the what the why and thewho the how and the when you're takencare of that's something you never haveto worry aboutjust focus on what you want why you wantit and see clearly in your mind who youmust become to achieve it everythingthat we accomplish in our lives it's alla result of who we becomewe become someone in the process and asa result of that we experience that endState just as Neville Goddard said whenwe live from the end when we become whowe would become and we give ourselves tobecome that now the mirror thereflection starts to form itself okay soI made a comprehensive video describinghow to perform this process of becomingthe who by using your subconscious mindyou can click right here I urge you towatch it right now it's 50 minutes longit's one of the most comprehensivevideos that I've ever made and I don'tthink there's anything like this onYouTube it's very detailed I want you totake your time and go and watch thisvideo right now right after this I'llsee you in the next one right now thanks