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ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Full Broadcast – Nov. 29, 2023

American Mother Freed from Hamas Captivity, FBI Investigates Assassination Plot, Rosalyn Carter Honored at Funeral, US Air Force Osprey Crashes, East Coast Braces for Cross Country Storm, House to Vote on Republican Expulsion, Aaron Rogers Suffers Injury, and Well Known Actress Remembered

  • American mother of three with ties to Philadelphia and New York released from captivity by Hamas
  • Hamas claims three other hostages, a mother, 10-month-old baby boy, and four-year-old son, have died
  • Eight other American hostages still believed held captive
  • FBI investigating alleged assassination plot targeting an American citizen in New York City
  • Former first lady Rosalyn Carter honored at private funeral attended by former President Jimmy Carter
  • US Air Force Ospry crashed, one body recovered
  • New cross country storm expected to hit east coast late week
  • Vote coming on expulsion of Republican George Santos from the House of Representatives but newly elected Speaker not fully on board with expulsion
  • Aaron Rogers suffered torn Achilles during opening minutes of season
  • Well known actress remembered.

Tragic Air Force Osprey Crash off Japan; Heavy Police Presence at NYC Christmas Tree Lighting; USS Carney Shoots Down Yemeni Drone in Red Sea

  • The US Air Force Osprey aircraft crashed off the coast of Japan
  • 8 personnel were on board, 1 body has been recovered
  • In NYC, a heavy police presence was seen at the Christmas tree lighting as a result of increased tensions in the Middle East
  • 30 Palestinian women and children were released by Israel in exchange for hostages and two Palestinian boys were shot and killed during an Israeli counterterror raid
  • The USS Carney shot down a Yemeni drone which was heading towards it in the Red Sea, while the USS Eisenhower encountered an Iranian drone but did not shoot it down.

Breaking News: Political Turmoil, National Losses, and a Heartwarming Story of Connection

  • The Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is not fully on board with expelling New York Congressman George Santos who has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges
  • A funeral was held for former First Lady Rosalyn Carter in Plains, Georgia
  • Former US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger died at the age of 100
  • An FBI special agent was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington DC and their car was later recovered
  • An American Airlines passenger was arrested for allegedly assaulting crew members while boarding a flight from Miami to New York City
  • Actress Frances Sternhagen passed away at the age of 93
  • Aaron Rodgers has been cleared to return to practice less than three months after an injury during his first game of the season with the Jets
  • Chris Olsen, a seventh grader in 1967, wrote a letter and care package to soldiers in Vietnam. Colonel Ned Felder responded and the two corresponded for years. 56 years later, they finally met face-to-face.

Long-Lost Bond Reunited: Colonel Felder and Davids Incredible 56-Year Journey To Reconnection

  • Colonel Felder attended the school’s Military Appreciation Day
  • David, a seventh-grader, wrote a letter to Colonel Felder that began a bond 56 years ago
  • The colonel and David had an incredible reunion due to the kindness of strangers
  • David recognized the power of those letters and was moved by the emotional experience
  • David M appeared on World News Tonight with his story.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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