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How To Play Catan | The beginners guide

Rolling the Dice, Building Resources: The Game of Settlers of Catan

  • Players take turns rolling the dice and collecting resources which correspond to the numbers on the tiles
  • Players can then build roads, settlements or cities
  • The goal is to achieve 10 victory points
  • Certain cards allow for extra points
  • A robber piece is introduced when someone rolls a seven and that player must discard half of their resources if they have more than seven
  • Trading among players is an option.

Unveiling the Strategies of the Popular Board Game Catan

  • In Catan, players roll dice to collect resources
  • Settlements must be placed next to a road
  • Ports allow players to trade two or three of one resource for another
  • Cities can also be built and upgraded by paying the cost in resources
  • Development cards can be acquired through rolls or buying with resources and they grant bonus points and abilities
  • Robber pieces can be used to steal from other players or move them to an empty hex for guaranteed resources
  • Popular house rules include rewarding twos and twelves with resources, as well as allowing robbers to target empty spaces.

Discover the Excitement of Playing Catan and Subscribing to the Channel

  • Playing Catan is a popular board game
  • Watching the video is an entertaining experience
  • Subscribing to the channel is encouraged.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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the game where you gather resourcestrade them all while avoiding a robberthis is the classic game of Catan intoday's video we're going to go throughhow to play Catan including how to setit upgameplay rules as well as States at thevery end because I have a few HouseRules that I think you're really goingto enjoy let's get startedso these tiles are pretty easy to puttogether and if you see on these cornersright here and on the ED on the outingpieces and any pieces there are numbersand those correlate with where you putthem so this three matches with thisthree two matches with a two andsurprise surprise a one it matches witha 1 while the six matches with the sixnow you have your border made let's goahead and add the hex pieces these arethe hexagon pieces and go ahead and mixthem up in your Catan box there is a mapthat you can follow and it shows youwhere to put the resources where to putthe numbers and all of that but once youget into playing it a little bit moreyou'll just be random with it there aregenerators online you can check out andI haven't actually used the generatorsbefore I've always just done random butsome people will point out that howrandom can you possibly be if youshuffle alike that if you shuffle theresources like that so those generatorscan be really beneficial if you want tomake sureokay and once you have your board setout you can see all these are verycolorful except for one this is calledthe desert piece and this isn't part ofthe rules but I usually just switch thisfor the middle piece it just makes thegameplay a little bit easier for therules sake you would actually have justleft it there honestly it's more fun ifyou put it in the middle so do so andnow that you have the board set up let'sgo ahead and set up everything elsethese are called development cardsthey've got a shield on them and you canjust mix these together I want them tobe nice and thoroughly shuffled and justplace them on the side of the play areathen we're going to split theseresources up into their individual pilesthen you've got player pieces okay theseare white you can't really see those soI'm just gonna use these three check outthis white tablecloth might as well notuse white right this is one of myfavorite parts of setting it up becauseyou get to see the opponents and howthey organize their pieces I like justdumping them out of the bag and leavingthem but most people will line them upand make them pretty it's kind of fun tosee how different people do things thenyou're gonna place this gray piece it'scalled the robber in the center piecehandout building cards to the playersbased on their color so you see the bluebuildings they get a blue card redbuildings get a red card and then thereare two additional cards longest roadand a largest army and these can beplaced at the side as well and theydon't come into play until later youhave these these number cards so on oneside you have numbers and on the otherside you have letters flip all of themover onto the letters and inalphabetical order we're going to goahead and line up and once these areflipped are all laid down you can flipthem over now before we get into eachplay and everyone placing their firstsettlements let's talk about the goal ofthe game and the goal of the game is toget ten victory points you can pickvictory points in different ways if yousee the building cost card we can getRoad you get zero victory pointssettlements you get one victory pointcities you get two victory points anddevelopment cards question mark questionmark there is because there are victorypoints inside this deck and you can drawas many as are in the deck and havethose as victory points for you once youreach ten you win the game so now thatyou know what to be thinking about let'stalk about your first turn so everyone'sgoing to roll the dice to see who goesfirstsee this is orange gets four blue getstwo and red gets four okay orangere-roll five okay so orange got fivethey got the highest number they get togo firstthat means they get to place theirsettlement first there is strategy tothis but that's for a different video socheck out my place in the strategy videoif you're curious about that and I'mjust going to go ahead and be randomwith it you can place your house andthen you place one road then clockwisethe next person gets to go so blue justit's place a house and they get a placea road and red place a house and then aroad and once everyone's gone throughonce it then repeats the process ofgoing in a counterclockwise position sored gets to go againin a road it's a house and a road orangeit's a house and a road and now thateveryone has placed their settlementit's time for you to gather your firststarting resources so orange for examplegets a wheat sheep wood brick or andsheep and we do the same processeveryone does that now that everyone hastheir starting resources it is time toget started with actual gameplayall right so each turn goes like thisyou take the dice and you roll it andwhatever the dice lands on is the numberthat you look at here for example thisis 6 and 6 so it's 12 there's a 12 righthere and because blue is on this 12 theyget that resource they get an or onceyou are done rolling you can trade orbuild things so for example this personhas these cards three wood a brick andor and a wheat they can using thebuilding cost card as a guide you cansee you can build a road with a brickand wood so you place the brick and woodback in there a lot of piles and thenthey get to take one of their roads andattach it to a pre-existing road orsettlement now you're not able tooverlap with other roads so you makesure you understand that before you getstarted you can place a road attached toa pre-existing road if you'd like youcan also initiate a trading with otherpeople and for this example we'll goahead and just finish the turn to sayI'm done and you move on to the nextplayer if the player rolls a seven thisenacts the robbernow there's two parts to this if youhave more than seven cards then you haveto get rid of half of them so thisperson I only has fourI've only had two or six seven so theyhave seven they're okay and I don'tthink this person has if they had eightfor example they would have to get ridof four cards and from here in additionto that the person gets to pick up therobber dice and put it on another playersay this is the orange player is playingand they want to damage red and blues sothey can place they a robber on top ofthat resource this does two things itlocks this resource so even if thisnumber which is a three in this casegets rolled and these two are on top ofthat location because the robbers herethey're not able to gather thoseresources the second thing this does isit allows the orange player to steal onecard from either the blue or red teamand the orange player the player thatrolled the seven gets to choose so youdon't have to show your cards but youcan place them face down and you justfan them out sometimes you can ask forlikes sometimes people like oh I havevaluable cards that I don't want you totake just tell me what you want and I'llgive it to you that's fine that's alsolegal in the rules an additional rule issettlements have to be attached to aroad so for example if you have tworoads here you can place a settlementhowever if you have a road one road andso there's a house within one roadsdistance from you that is against therules even if it was like this you stillare one road away from another player soyou cannot place your settlement thereyou do have to have a road leading up toyour settlement you can't just place itwherever you want there does need to bea road that follows you there anothercool thing that you can do with Catan isif you have a bunch of one resource forexample if I had four wood in my handI could trade these for wood for one ofthese resources just by putting it backand I can take the resource that I wantanother thing is if you're on a portwhich are indicated by these boats eachport has tells you something differentfor example this has a question markthree-for-one it means if you had threeresources of one type like this personfor example has three or they can tradethree or four whatever they want if theywere on the port if you are on one ofthese where it shows you like 2 4 1 4 orsay we had any settlement here you cando this two for oneso you take two or and you can trade itfor another resource so you've you'vebuilt a settlement you can upgrade thosesettlements to a city by paying theallotted cost so city cost wheat andthree or so you pay the wheat in threeor then you can replace one of yourexisting settlements with a city thegreat thing about cities is if yousomeone rolls an 11 for example thislocation gets you two of the brick andin this particular situation we have acity and a settlement so someone rolledan 11this person would get 3 break in thiscase if someone rolled a 12 they wouldget 4 or as for all these smaller housesthey get if there is an 11this one gets one would this red getsone would if 11 is rolled as fordevelopment cards that's what these areand as you can see on the building cardif you pay a wheat shipping or you cantake a development card developmentcards tell you what they areso moved this one is a knight move therobber steal one resource from the ownerof the settlement or city adjacent tothe robbers newnow you can't play this on the same turnthat you take it but you can just placeit facedown near or in your pile andthen on your next turn you can play ityou can also hold on to it for laterturns as well there are differentstrategies for getting development cardsas there are multiple types of cardsmonopoly which allows you to take all ofthe cards of one type from every playeron the on out in the the game there'sone card where it gives you a victorypoint where if you're only one victorypoint away you can reveal it and that'dbe your tenth and you can get fourvictory points from that deck so there'ssome benefits to having developmentcards you have these cards which doexactly what they say longest road thiscard goes to the player with the longestroad of at least five segments anotherplayer who builds a longer road takesthis card or if you have the longestroad you get two victory points withthat largest army is the first player toplay three Knight cards gets this cardanother who plays more Knight cards totake this card so this person who haddrawn a development card if they had twomore nights then they would also get tohave this in their arsenal so that's twoadditional victory points now let's talkabout some fun house rules you know howthere's a twelve and a two on the boardthere's only one of each and they don'tget rolled very often well one of myfavorite house rules that a friendintroduced me to was if you roll a 12even the two the two and the twelve getssomething if you roll a two then the twoand twelve gets something so it justadds it a little bit more likelihoodthat you're going to be on a twoespecially for games that have reallyimportant valuable resources with atwelve or two it's a fun way to increasethe likelihood of getting resources ifyou're on that place another one is withusing the robber if you roll a seveninstead of placing it on your enemiesaligns you can just place it on an emptyhex and gather the resource from thatfrom thatspace so you get what you want a lot oftimes you get what you want withouthurting anybody's feelings now of coursewe're not too worried about hurtingother people's feelings when it comes towinning right but this is a great way toget wood it's pretty much a guaranteeway to get wood if you want wood or it'sa guarantee way to get cheap if you wantsheep however if someone is on thatresource it doesn't matter if you want acard from them they're your only chanceyour only choice so if you want to takeadvantage of this house rule then find aresource that doesn't have any buildingson it and target them and that sums itup for how to play Catan and some funhouse rules I hope you enjoyed it if itwas helpful please give it us a thumbsup and if you have recommendations orhouse rules please leave them in thecomments belowI love seeing house rules and I know thecommunity will too thanks again forwatching the video and please subscribeto my channel enjoy playing Catan[Music]