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I Survived 100 Days on a Deserted Island in Rimworld

Player Outlasts 100 Days on Isolated, Boiling Island in Rimworld

  • The player has survived 100 days on a deserted island in Rimworld
  • Temperatures are boiling and the island is isolated
  • The player chops down trees for resources, builds a wooden double bed, creates a wood fire generator, constructs a small shack, sets up growing zones, constructs marble blocks to create a freezer and more
  • The player researches drug production and batteries to make money
  • Security set-up with spike traps and barricades
  • Quests accepted such as hunting monkeys for gleb, converting trid and more
  • Raids from tribe people occur
  • Drug field set up with psychoid plants
  • A mad wild boar appears and is killed for food
  • An ancient danger is opened up and explored
  • Microelectronics are researched to sell drugs like yayo and flake
  • Sleepy joins the incapacitated refugees at the other side of the island chain
  • Augustina joins with chemical interest perfect for yayo and nimble.

Base Built, Sister Lost: Protagonists Journey to a Richer Future

  • The protagonist works hard to build the base and harvest resources
  • They encounter a refugee who turns out to be the protagonist’s sister, but she passes away
  • Silver takes Sami’s extreme armor and Philia gets a persona mono sword
  • Cacao carries back loot from the map
  • The team does combat and deconstructs an ancient danger
  • They sell weapons and drugs, along with flake
  • The wealth of the base rapidly increases
  • Tread and Philia convert crisis of belief
  • A new quest is taken which involves beef being kidnapped by an intellectual mr walter white.

Colonists Recruited, Trids Tantrum, Trading Accomplished with Orbital Beacon, Raids with 15 People, Crafting and Infections Encountered; Slave Ship Bought for 600 Silver, Silver Value Increases, Combat-Ready Helmet Purchased, Beggars Activate Quest for 900 Silver in Exchange for Empire Goodwill, Steel High-Tech Research Bench Created Alongside Rim Atomics to Develop Weapons and Nuclear Power, Yayo Mines Steel Faster; Toxic Fallout Ended with Party of 10 Days.

  • Colonists were recruited and converted
  • Trid had a tantrum
  • Trading was accomplished with an orbital trade beacon
  • Raids occurred with 15 people
  • Crafting, catatonic, and infection conditions were encountered
  • A slave ship was bought for 600 silver
  • Silver increased in value
  • A recon helmet was bought for combat
  • Beggars activated a quest for 900 silver in exchange for goodwill from the empire
  • A steel high-tech research bench was created as well as rim atomics to research weapons and nuclear power
  • Yayo enabled miners to work faster resulting in more steel being accrued
  • A party ensued after a toxic fallout of 10 days.

Colony in Crisis: War Merchant Constructs Gun Turrets, Narrator Researches and Tends to Colony, Engages in Merchandise Activities, Kills Termites and Mechanoids, Activates Animal Pulser for Infestations

  • A war merchant is selling off items and constructing gun turrets
  • The narrator is researching and gathering resources, building marbles and sculptures, doing some plant cutting, and constructing a nuclear research reactor
  • They are also tending to everyone in the colony, engaging in merchandise activities such as organ harvesting and bulk goods trading, killing termites and mechanoids
  • There is an animal pulser that can be activated to help with infestations
  • They are also engaging in manhunting.

Enemy Overpowers Protagonist Despite All Their Efforts

  • The protagonist sets up some barricades and then waits for the enemy to fall asleep before setting fire to them
  • The protagonist’s base is attacked, leading to the death of Azarias’s husband and elena
  • The base is destroyed, but the protagonist manages to rescue some people and acquire loot
  • They use a psychite addiction, inspired taming, and solar flare to increase their wealth
  • Despite all their efforts, the enemy still destroys their base and kills multiple people.

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i survived a hundred days on a desertedisland in rimworld where insects appeartemperatures are boiling and you cannotmove from the island i'm playing onnaked brutality randy random losing hisphone on 500threatswelcome to rim world we're here on alavish tropical island where uh there'ssome ancient danger but i think we willsettle down right here so let's startoff by chopping down some woodthe great thing with tropical climate isa lot of fruits a lot of wild berries sodon't have to worry too much about foodbut i will try to build up a drug inpower display through let's start off byconstructing a small shack[Music]and there's so much wood here so i thinka wood fire generator will be perfectfor this playthroughwe also have a small structure herewhich can be deconstructed for resourcesso raiders can still come in here likenormal so we have to worry about all theevents that will happeni've also planned out a lot of itemsneeded for our uh everything[Music]and there we go a wooden double bed foruh lovers all right it's more efficientto first chop down the trees and thenconstruct otherwise she will go forwardconstruct and then chop a little treeand then go back so do thatso i will re i will research uh drugproduction display through and batteriesso let's see how much money we can makeall right the shack is essentiallyfinished so for uh security i like to gofor a little uh wooden spike trap justlike this nothing too complicated and afew visitors hello there okay so theyhave a heavy smg but i don't have enoughmoney for that[Music]alright growing zones are set up solet's work onthisall right let's work on making marbleblocks here and then we will make afreezer so[Music]all right we have enough blocks toreplace all of this[Music]we're getting serious heat stroke hereoh my god it's 37 celsius good thing apassive cooler will easily fix thatall right now the marble housing is doneso let's make our freezer all right herewe go when we have some components andsteel luckily here so let's do that[Music]all right a lot of trees here that wehave to roof over geezall right so we're going to construct awood fire generator here and this littlebox here with barricades will preventdrop pod raids and allow heat to escapeso[Music]and now we have enough skill to plantheel roots wonderful some organharvesting is going to go downwonderful a lot of planning is going onbut we will eventually be done with itall all right everything is now up wegot power everyone alright let's getdrug production now all right while wedo that let's plant some cycloid plantsbut before that i will need to uh expandthe perimeter otherwise they will burndown my precious drugs so uh let's dothat[Music][Applause]there we go and it is all done wowall right make some spike traps out hereyes to be surea quest for two men hunting monkeys forgleb okay let's accept this welcome gleboh my goodness staggering ugly steadfastand bloodlust this guy is amazing tenantso silver is working on our uh drugfield drug plant field and trade isresearching drug productionso the monkeys will die to the spiketrapsunfortunatelyall right silver is planting these uhpsychoid leaves quite quickly here soonce this is done i will work onconverting tridand hit tradus hiding in this roombecause of trees ravagedokay so trade is addicted to smoke leafand ambryoshaand our first raid tribes people ortribe women all right what is she doingshe's justwhat are you doing doc doc is justbeating up the uhall the furniture on the map i'm notsure what she's doing i did claim itthough so uh it's good all right so shegave up and left and we also have anancient danger here so i will open thatup soonand drug production all right i will getenough stone to make two bedrooms uh solet's do thatall right let's work on the bedroomshere[Music]need a few more blocks then it should bedoneall these stupid animals are coming inand trippingi hate that or actually i will domicroelectronics first i think beingable to sell all the yayo and flake willbe better a new quest hosting friends ohhe's actually quite bad so let's notaccept this and trid has a food bingeso having the head towards the door hereis the most efficient way of saving timebut yeah the bedrooms are now doneall right and hill root is coming in aswell as corn wonderfula mad wild boarmore like a suicidal boarand free meat anyways haul all of thisback in and we will imprison treadyou're going to have to come all rightlet's convert him and hopefully nothingtoo bad oh my goodness it's 43 celsiusthis is the extreme desert herea new quest sleepy joins the baddestincapacitated refugees at the other sideof this island chaincatatonic you know what that is actuallygood for the uh withdrawal and all thewonderful corn i might have to make anutrient paste dispenser i'll make anelectric drug lab let's do this[Music]all right a cooler is broken so we haveto repair it[Music]and our raid a pirate with a knife buthe will just attack the things again idon't think i'll have to worry about himuh yes like that he has given up andleftoh my goodness the sea turtle has beeneating my psychoid plantsall right the drug lab is up let's dothisand silver is taking a jointoh we got the desert request you knowwhat why not let's become enemies of theempireaugustina here mining burning passionand intellectual burning passion withchemical interest perfect for yayo andnimble she also has an lmg andeverythinguh but here's the empire all right feliaget back to basebeggarsi will take some refugeesall right philia is a good miner and shealso has an lmg a bio-coated one so shegets to keep that as we will have toconvert her and we need more bedrooms soand trid has a days uh major foodpoisoning for silverright so they've given up and they'releaving now looks like a good plan tojust claim everything on the map as youcan see and i've always wanted to getrid of this damn sea turtle eating upall my food you know what you deservethis dross that are stuck in your nose[Music]oh no it's coming never mindfree food let's go let's make thenutrient paste dispenserlet's work on a few more bedrooms justlike this all right there we go andwe're working hard on these bedroomspsychiatric finding yes let's get that[Music]all right we're getting some heat strokeout here which is not good all rightlet's build some vents here for theimposter ah there we go our uh what thehellall right i was going to say our firstharvest of cycloid leavesoh my goodness this refugee was trid'ssister and now she's dead while yoursister dying is only aminus 18 mood debuff you'll be fineour combat supplier hello now weactually have stuff to sell so that willbe good and as you can see thetemperature on our base uh quite niceand cool here this is not good thoughall right they're chilling out heregreat never mind i have actually nothingto sell but what i do have is an ancientdanger right here let's do it all rightphillia you will come over here anddeconstruct[Music]oh my goodness a persona mono swordhere we gooh my goodness and they're just aimingfor mejust tied behind the caravan here okay[Music]all right we are moving on uh okaycockhole all right they're they'recoming back okaywhat is going on herei'll get them insidedeconstruct this right hereand uh oh my goodness all right we'recoming kakaoyes you waitall right we need to kill this guy andget his weaponsall right a heavy smg[Music]a days a persona bondoh there's so much loot on the map herethis is insaneyup this guy is just dead he is justdead i mean yeahall right we need to save most of whatwe canuh hopefully not everything burns downbut we should be fine yes actually ohshe's she's perfectoh yeah i forgot there matty crate let'ssee what's in hereohmy a masterwork marine helmets this isamazing all right cacao is uh haulingeverything back in um he will reallyhelp us here all right so samia has goodarmor so i think silver will take thatfrom her and look at all this loot oh mygoodness and our wealth has skyrocketednot good but philia with her personaweapon will shred[Music]a gold you spin on an infectionso cacao here has nine medical so he cantend to this girl alright so these twopeople are just out of their minds sadsilver with the marine armor and reconarmor all right and now we areconverting sami and trid[Music]all right sami has an extreme infectionbut as you can see it she is quicklyimmune to that wonderful and this is ourloot now uh very goodwe should be rich nowand the bedrooms are almost doneand traders berserkand psychite refining let's get someflake which is uh so flake sells moreper leaf so we'll have that for sellingand yayo for our combat drug there we goour business is thriving and more iscoming in so we will get really rich nowit will actually skyrocket and then wecan buy all sorts of stuff and treadcrisis of beliefand we already have 60 flakemore is coming in oh look how much wehave silver has so much look at that[Music]all right we have more mining orders anda new quest oh it's the honor quest ithink i'll accept this with uh silveroh my god it's a an orange angel fish[Music]and she will have just get in theshuttle now unfortunately the empire isour enemy so we cannot actually doanything with this honor now but it isgreatand philia is wandering sadly and i'malso going to make a workshop area herefor uh[Music]there we go and now this is all done i'malso going to make a styling station andthe trid has a dayslet's make another bedroom for uh samihere just like this oh wow they arereally fast and i also need to converteveryone crisis of beliefand our raid okay let's see here oh mygoodness wow already ramping up thedifficulty and to attack the cylindersand stuff well i think they're actuallygoing to destroy everythinga new quest land one corners for 28 daysno oh my goodness one is coming[Music]oh never mind[Music]all right and here they come kill themall[Music]oh cacao took a massive hit[Music]there we go and they're all deadand uh were merchants hello there andlet's make silver the leader if i selloff all the flake i get 2000 silver thatis good i decided to sell some flake andweapons and that's itoh my goodness don't hit him one of themgot berserkuhand they just decide to kill him okayall right more flooring being worked onand server has a psychite binge let'smake a road so it's easier for people tocommuteand we have converted tread great now wecan release him welcome back trid youcan have an auto pistol and trade isgood at researching so let's have him dothatand he's already binging on psychitewelcome back to the colony[Music]and he's overdosing[Music]all right and i also want to flooreverything here with the marble so let'sdo thatso our wealth is almost at fifty 000which is crazy but we will do more uhdrug productionbetrayal ah cacao wants to betray us iseehe'll become a perfect organ harvestvictimoh my goodness you cut off his arm andnow he cannot hold the weapon he stoleit in his left arm ah you killed him nomercy for the betrayersi think i'll alsoconvert philia now so let's do that andwork further on the base and a new questbeef on the runyou know what let's do it oh my goodnessit's mr walter white and when you lookat that he has five intellectual he iskind i think so too and he is beautifuluh he isn't 19 years old though welcomebeef to the colony we will oh nono wayoh beef noyeah they're kidnapping him it's as ifwe never accept the request but we doget a minus six moody buff wowa solar flare okayand a food bingeokay people are being converted soon wewill have sammy and philia recruited andthen we're four colonists strongand a tantrum from tridand a prison breakall right philia is nimble so i think weneed to have two people for this[Music]there we go all right we're soon donewith microelectronics then we can domore stuffand there we go everything is floored inoneclipseokay oh my goodness lightning yeah thestorms here are quite vicious but weshould be fine and a conversion ohwonderful sammy she has no resistance solet's recruit her and we are done withmicroelectronicslet's get some more steel we have enoughan orbital trade beacon here allow us totrade across wi-fithere we go and hopefully people shouldreach out to us i also have rhematomicshere so let's see what kind of power wecan get with dream atomicsand true it has a days wonderfuland we got sammy wonderful let's get themoral guide goingand our raid 15 people okay i might haveto release philia for this i'm sorry uhyeah this is going to be greatall right let's prepare for our attackhere all right here they comeall right get tell back uh trid is justbeing stupid as always[Music]right this group is fleeing all righthere they come and trade us always justbeing dumbkill this guyall right great[Music]all right let them come to usand here we goyes and we go from behind toall right let's smash them from behindand yeah you're just deadoh my god why is everyone so good herecrafting plants nimble i mean i went tooregon harvest but look at thesecolonistsand catatonicgreatand some yesterdays this colony is goingto trash right now all right philia hassome medical so maybe she can actuallydo something hereand an infectionand fill your souls to catatonic oh mygoodness everyone is in our mental daysor in catatonic i mean look at this allright treat us back to normal at leastall right this guy's infection is waytoo bad so we will have to kill himthat just went badand aurora thank youget some skulls[Music]all right sam is also back to normalall right trit has the convert abilityhere so let's use it as philly and thenshe should be fineall right convert philia and she'salmost converted anda combat supplier and we convertedphiliaso i decided to sell off all the weaponsand flake for a shield belt black pantsand medicine sophilia now has a shieldbelt so she will be unstoppable nowmad monkeys hmm they're all deadand we have some more visitors welcomeand smithing okay so now we're workingon machining gun turrets while we waitfor the micro electronics research tableso i decided to sell some clothing andbuy components goodand i'm going to expand the line of basehere because i want to expand down herenot enough room hereall right silver is actually up now solet's get her to construct an art tablealright so we have enough components nowso i think down here we will make aresearch lab all right and black isalmost converted a wooden sculpturefinally and silver is working on ourline of constructiona slave ship oh this will be great ialready know it this will be great oh acheap slave for 600 silveri decided to buy sardine here he isquite good animal social and can docleaning and stuff so uh yeah let's gethim for 1200 silver welcome aboard iwill have to make him our coloniststhoughall right let's start converting innew lovers trident is arya's oh mygoodness[Music]all right we have to build over themount overhead because infestations canspawn here so we really need to coverthis up and a new quest an amazingstructure all right so their reward isfor the empire for goodwill and i don'thave any intentions in becoming friendswith those peasants alright we got yayonow so if there is a raid a serious raidada yayo will save us alright let'scover all this in so all right this isall constructed soon we could get somejade sculptures going that would begreat out of jade here and then we willdrop that on the floor for moreefficiencyand a conversion already well all rightlet's recruit her you have a corpse onyour bed so consider it your own bodypillow all right let's plan out someconstruction here i need a researchbench and a few other buildingsall right all of this is gettingconstructed yes this is this is what iwas looking for this is the best perfectsatisfyingall right let's make our research roomright here a combat supplier good idecided to buy a recon helmet and sellall the flake and that's itget sterile materials for this greatmore sculptures more everything thingsare looking good and a new quest beggarsactive they want 900 silver in your nextlife maybe let's make a steel high-techresearch bench here all right i have todeconstruct this new trim pace dispenserbecause i'm triggered by there not beingany floors down here so let's do thatall right high-tech research bench andwe don't even have batteries all we haveis two wood fire generators wellgreat all right after sterile materialswe will go for rim atomics to see whatkind of super weapons we can get alrightmore steel here to chop up and then wewill place marble walls right hereand a berserk from black[Music]and sterile materials great let's havethat on our research room let's use awork drive on philly as well all rightso your uh pillow is quite well sleepingwell on top of uhan archer hereand a conversion great let's recruit yousardineall right and all the steel philia isgreat at mining now we have so muchsteel thankfully we'll also have toreplace these walls right here so let'sdo thatall right sterile materials coming inthis will allow us to make a rim atomicsresearch bench and with this thing wecan research weapons and nuclear powerlet's do nuclear power sophilia is highon yayo so she is going faster than thespeed of lightand a partyah no more woodandokay[Music]and gunsmithing[Music][Applause]west a toxic fallout for 10 days yeahthese rewards arebadall right everything is so dirty so letsome silver clean up there we go gunturrets area war merchant hello and we're workingon more flooring here so i decided tosell off some stuff and that's it andgun turrets are now done let's make afew of these gun turrets perfectso we trapped in a green gecko here andhe's going to die to malnutritionunfortunate all right are all the gunturrets are up but i will need more goodfire generators[Music]and a raid from the mecca[Music]come on kill itbut the needle gun on the pikeman hasreally high armor penetration all rightlet's tend to everyone herewonderfuldisease for fibrous mechanize some moremanipulation for us so i'll take that anew quest to jay's dash of treasureoh yeah i can definitely get to that[Music]marriage is on great trident isarius[Music]all right and silver is constructing allthe marble here and then the base shouldlook yeah it's looking really goodso the recreational area here is verybeautiful so everyone will benefit fromthat as you can see very impressivedining room all right i think i'm goingto strip mine this mountain because ithink there might be a lot of resourcesin here all right more cycloid leavesbeing plantedso many sculptures being made i'll juststart putting these in bedrooms nowa prism break okay[Music]a bulk goods traderum so i decided to sell up some leverand meat and that's itand black has another berserk[Music]and there we go enough sterile tiles anda new quest 31 man huntingi'll take this for thelow shield pack yeah all right let's geta nuclear research reactorall right a lot of gold in here sothat's goodand the manhunter pakistan get some morefood from the jungleoh no we have more sea turtles freakingeating our plants[Music]a lot of monkeys here[Music][Applause]all right now we can now shredmechanoids and i'm also going to make alot of steel helmetsnew recruits all right neutralcrafting implants you are great alrightso since we have a dedicated planter nowi will now expand our recycled businesslet's make a lot of moneyall right got the power conduit and wecan also make a few clothing items nowall right izurus is working on clothingand tread can shred some mechanoidsworking well thereand we need some more wood i think i'llresearch grill for oil let's see whathappenspods arrived we didn't even do anythingand now silver can have thismad iguanas okaylots of them over here[Music]there you stud all right we have so manycomponents and steel let's do somethingwith itthe anima tree uh you chop down theanima tree well and a visitorand a solar flare okay and we're up to66 000 silver it's 46 celsius outsidean insulting spreeand a raid from the mech hive uh atermite alright termite is comingthrough here i might need to useeverything in my arsenal for this and aprism breakalright where are they comingwhat are they doingall right kill this[Music]good we got one they're going to comethrough here[Music]we need to kill it fastoh yeahdon't buy me cypher wherever the hellyou're going all right kill the termites[Music]oh they're going for my steel miniturrets ah philia got downedmight have to deploy uh[Music]all right kill thisoh that's hurt[Music]we have to kill this i know this is notgoing to workah we're all a bit wounded here okay ihave a plan hereohmy goodness silverno wayoh my goodnessyou know what let's just wait okaylet's just waitokayokay we got the lancer now kill thepikeman[Music]all right oh the whole base is gettingdestroyedeveryone is wounded but we need tofinish the jobthis is for silver all right we shouldjust kite this thing it's way too slowoh my goodness trit is so slow his rightarm was shot off billiard needs to betended tooh my goodness who elseall right ten to everyone heresilver will get a grave in the middle ofthe cycloid fieldsthese drugs are and he hasa berserk greatwhatno waitoh my goodnessi guess we need to make two grapes now ithought it was a normal berserk but itwas a murderous rage it's very neutralnicoand an infection i forgot about this guyhe's getting frostbitea new quest another infection this is abad quest let's rebuild the base exceptfilia snorts some yayoso she can work hard okay everything ispatched up at least but silver we willhave to do a ritual a funeral for silvershe was great we built up the colonyfrom scratch every single block hereshe's built and now she's gone[Music]not every rimworld storyhas a happy endingclean up this whole place though allright we're working hard herecleaning up the base so it doesn't looktoo bad all right we're working on uhresearching otherwise we're we're justrelaxing and treads right arm is shutoff so that is great and we don't haveanyone to do the plant cutting so umthis is bad we need wood a war merchanthello you know what i am desperate and ilike being desperate let's activate theanimal pulserwe need all thiskill them all oh that was a heavy shotkill the mufflers pleaseyeah so much silverkill thiswhere the hell are you goingand now we have all this food and dudeand i will also do some organ harvestingi am desperateand we got the heartwonderful and we will sell thisthese precious organsi have so many animals wowan infestationwe ignore that we definitely ignore thatokayi have a wonderful idea we will use thisincendiary launcher to kill them but iwill have them mine out some stuff andnew recruit sardine all right sardineyou will have to do most of the woodcuttinga ball good straighter okayi decided to sell off a lot of uhclothing and leather and organs forsilver the insects are expandingwe will torch them soon enough though wehave a bunch of muffler stuff though sothis is great all right for producingsome stuff but a lot of uh cycloidcoming in now so we should become richall right all the animals are back tonormal greatall right i will get some wood and iwill play some barricades here and thatshould do it i'll wait for them to sleepand then i will start torching them allright they're all sleeping now all rightdeconstructors get some barricades going[Music]ohoh no oh he knows he's a nowhereall right you know what it's timenow they should start struggling soonall right temperature uh is rising ohthis is enough oh yeah it is cooking inthereoh yeahohyeahlock this upyes we got the roasting session here uhsee if you can try all that you wantyou are justedyeahthey're all dead let it all burnall rightuh yeah i don't think you spawning intothe world into a an oven would be goodoh my goodness the fire is spreadinghere[Music]that was interestinga garland pod sproutall right is arias and trader gettingmarried well then the base is lookinggood as alwaysand a lot of things coming in now sothis is great um our wealth did go downbut i would spec up look how manystatues we have in our living room thisis extremeall right so now we are researchingnuclear reactor so we need one of thesea psychite addictionoh yeahwe have a lot of power and we are goingto construct thisa new quest um we have noconstructionists in the colony anymorewhile the colony is at peace while weresearch moreand a solar flare okayall power is down we are producing moreflakeuh we're actually quite rich now thoughalmost 75 000 wealthand inspired surgeryfrom azarias even though he has threemedicaloh my goodness a raid from the m andinspired taming yeah that is notimportant right now what the hell isthis uh maybe i shouldn't have becomeenemies with the empire ehjust take what you can alright[Music]my whole base is being shatteredi have so much loot i cannot let themtake this all right i will peak shootthis[Music]okayi might win thisfailure versus uh oh we got him what agrenadeokay let's see what they're doingokay they've decided to steal what theycan and leaveyou have to shoot themshoot these people okay we need to be incoveroh traders down okayyeah he's just dead herethey're stealing their own stuff okay wegot one of them all right more armorokay this guy as wellstripwonderful now we have good loot againand good armor oh my yay oh thankgoodness well most of the basesessentially just destroyed thoughextinguish the fire a mechanoid clusternowno trid has diedit was zarya's husband no waygot a charge lance hmmi think uh azarias she's a carefulshooter soi mean look at our base who doesn't liketo sleep here and bury treadyeah our base is looking fantastic whatdo you think build up everything againhave to repair the base let's constructpack of dromedaries for people why notuhoh no i think they're going to catch upto her better onother oh no that was a very bad ideawell we should be fine as long as wehavethis[Applause]oh no he's arya's other coming frombehindoh nooh noother man in black oh my goodness theyare certainly just run okay they're sosmart all right just kites don't be okaythat was good this guy has two medicalwhat a perfect black man in blackalright get the hell inside okayrescue everyonethat is great if if i can use grenadeson them then they will all die all rightjust wait in here and stumpy as her daysoh psychic bingethis is just perfect maybe we can rescuephilly upnever mind[Music]oh my goodness why i just want to oh andthey're all comingno wayi think philia should get upuhmaybe not ah zarya's got up[Music]no way he got an infectionnoand elena has diedthat is a hundred days so technicallythere are still four people alive thatwas way harder than i thought thanks tomy members and patreons and if you'rebored then watch this video next