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Connecting With Influencers & Using Trends For Twitter Marketing

Uncovering the Best of Twitter: A Guide to Utilizing the Platform for Maximum Benefit

  • Finding right users on Twitter
  • Searching keywords and hashtags
  • Following speakers of seminars, podcasts and other influencers
  • Checking out lists made by people
  • Discovering more users with same interests
  • Finding topics to follow on Twitter
  • Viewing categories and subtopics
  • Seeing suggested people to follow.

Uncovering the Power of Twitter Trends: Exploring Popular Content and Leveraging Insights for Marketers

  • Finding trends on Twitter involves discovering popular tweets, hashtags, and keywords
  • Using the “Trends for You” feature personalizes the trends according to a person’s location and who they follow
  • Content can be found in different categories such as music, radio stations, celebrities, and news
  • When clicking on a topic under the Trends list one is able to view relevant tweets and gain insight into why it’s trending
  • It is also possible to access news without leaving the Twitter app, including live streams of their news coverage
  • Marketers can target audiences in locations where people tweet about a particular topic.

Unlock New Visibility: Exploring Twitter Trends for Businesses with Technic Force

  • Twitter trends provide useful keyword information for businesses to include in tweets for increased visibility
  • Exploring Twitter trends by location or country can help promote blogs, products, and services
  • Technic Force offers tools and training to assist with this process.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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hello guys in this lesson we're going totalk about following the right peoplelet's get started growing your Twitteraccount is one of the goals ofbusinesses on Twitter this waymore people can view their tweetspromoting their products or serviceswill get more reach as more and morepeople follow them on Twitter theirtweets can be retweeted liked sparkconversations from their followers andmake their created hashtagsrank high on trending tweets one way ofgrowing your Twitter followersespecially if you're just starting outon Twitter is by searching for Twitteraccounts they can be your inspiration inyour industry these Twitter users can beleaders in an industry that have tons offollowers since they have built theirbrand for a very long time you maynotice this example Twitter user startedto using Twitter way back here 2007 ithas been more than 10 years that he isgrowing his brand and also his followersspeakers of seminars are mostly great attalking about topics that they are anexpert of as you browse through his feedyou may notice that he also doespodcasts this is common nowadays aspeople can talk about topics that theyknow and people who are interested inthat topic will be eager to listen tothem as more and more podcasts thisTwitter user makes more people are goingto follow him and podcasts can be a wayof talking about certain topics andpromoting products that are related tothat topic use Twitter search box toinput keywords or hashtags to getresults for tweets that include thesekeywords as you can see the top resultswill show us people who have names andbrands related to our keyword search youmay check out each Twitter user here andbrowse through their profile and feed bygoing through their feed you may decideif these people are brand is one of theright people that you can follow onTwitter you can see how many followersthey have this Twitter user has over5,000 followers you can see that theirlatest tweets shows their product rightawaythey also show educationalabout one of the ways to prepare theirproducts you can also see tweets fromtheir customers who also offer to selltheir products we can follow this usersince their brand is reputable amongpeople interested in this industry youcan also look for people who use thesame hashtags that are related to yourbusiness browsing through the searchresults you may see tweets from Twitterusers who include several hashtags ontheir tweets in this example tweet youcan say that their video catches onesattention as we check their profile youcan see that they do have over 4,000followers under Twitter account theyalso do have a website here you can seethat they do have an e-commerce site andtons of products that coffee lovers cancheck out and purchase products fromgoing back to their profile you maynotice tweets where they feature theirproducts and they have a call-to-actionlink on their tweets when people seethis product and want to purchase thisthey can check out on their websiteusing this link here their products arealso offered in stores like in thistweet this Twitter user deserves to befollow it on Twittercheck the Twitter users list when youcheck their profile click these threedots and you will see more options fromthis drop-down menu click view listsyou're now seeing the list of thisTwitter user if you check their membertab you can view how many people haveadded this Twitter user into their liststhat's one good sign of Twitter users tofollow that will benefit your brand oryour business you can even view the listmade by people and check the Twitterusers that they added on their list youcan see on this list this user createdthis list with only three Twitter usersas members you may discover more usershere that also follow this Twitter userand posts tweets that this person isalso retweeting by checking the Twitterlists here you can discover Twitterusers that are also in the same industryas your business by knowing how to findright people on Twitter you can increaseyour chances of getting more Twitterfollowers and potential customers whocan be followers of the leaders thatyou're following or the brand with thesame industry as your business now thatyou know about finding the right peoplewe can now proceed to the next topicfinding topics to follow I'll see youthere hello guys in this lesson we'regoing to talk about finding topics tofollow let's get started Twitter'splatform allows you to explore a widevariety of topics that you can check outand learn something from as soon as auser starts following topics on Twittertopics that are related to it will startshowing up in their Twitter feed andTwitter will suggest more people thatyou can follow who also have similarinterests to the topics that you arefollowing let's check out our Twittertopics login to your Twitter accountfrom the Left menus click on more fromthis drop down menu click on topics ifthis is your first time to access thetopics section of your Twitter accountthen this is your welcome page for newtopics to follow you can stay up to datewith the top tweets about topics youfollow and see relevant tweets peopleTwitter ads and also share yourinterests so that people can see thetopics that you follow on your profileto start following some topics click onthe follow some topics button now you'llsee a pop up window showing you acategory of topics here if you click onthe plus icon per category you'll beable to check out more topics under itunder entertainment you can see moretopics like celebrities digital creatorsand channels movies podcasts popularfranchises television and the Oscarswhich is a topic that we're notfollowing yet if we click on anothersubcategory we can view more topics herethat we can followfor example under movies we can followindependent films now scroll down andcheck out more sub topics if you're intohobbies you can view more topics hereyou can find topics here that arerelated to your business if you'reselling products that are related to atopic that you can find here like artsand craftsthen you can follow that topic once youfollow the topics that you like clickdone some of the topics that you chosefrom the list of topicshere let's check people that Twitter issuggesting for us to follow scroll downuntil you see the section of people youmight be interested in if you followpeople on Twitter it will suggest peoplethat you can also follow that a Twitteruser you are following also follows youcan see it's indicated here that thisuser follows this person as you startfollowing more topics and people onTwitteryou may notice retweeted posts onTwitter by the people you are followinglet's try to search for the topic thatwe have chosen from the topics list asyou can see here it shows us this topicthat we have chosen earlier if this is atopic that is related to your businessas you're offering drumlessons sellingdrum accessories drum merchandise or anyproduct related to drums that you areselling then you can find tweets relatedto your industry you can stay informedabout the latest news and you can viewpublic threads that people discussregarding this topic this can help youas a business owner to craft content foryour marketing promotions that cananswer to your target audiences painpoints as they discover your contentthey will know that your products canhelp them with their problems or itcould create brand awareness you canalso find people who are leaders in yourindustry that you can follow to get moreinsights into your field you can checkout their profile and see what contentthey are posting and you'll get ideasfrom these posts doing this will helpoptimize your content and attractpotential clients to your business asyou check out once account you'll beseeing more people that you can followthat are also similar to the interest ofthis userthis allows you to find more relevantusers whose Twitter accounts can inspireyou on what type of content works forthem and you can pattern that to yourcontent in this example they have avideo demo of this product doing thiswill let drummers know how this productcan sound and if they like it they canpurchase it from their website as theyprovided a call-to-action link here youcan view topics about any category thatyou can think of most of the Twitterusers make use of Twitter to learnmore about the news about what'shappening worldwide and also in theircountry most news networking stationscan be found on Twitter they get morefollowers who actively view their tweetswith videos articles that they're tryingto get to the public if you don't haveaccess to a television you can still getupdated with the current news in yourcountry as new stations make use ofTwitter to update current news in yourcountry to update people you can evenview a live stream of their newscoverage but you may notice here that itis linked to another website if they'renot using Twitter for their live streamTwitter will allow people to view andwatch the news live without leaving theTwitter app finding topics on Twitterand following them will allow you toview tweets that are related to thetopics that you are currently followingTwitter will make sure to show you themost relevant topics that you might beinterested in and discover more topicsthat you can also follow finding topicsrelated to your business will also helpyou in reaching more audiences onTwitter who are not familiar with theirbrand yet with Twitter's help people whoare interested and are also followingtopics related to your business willmake your tweets and Twitter account bevisible to these to other users now thatyou know about finding topics to followwe can now proceed to the next topicfinding trends using explore I'll seeyou there hello guys in this lessonwe're going to talk about finding trendsusing Explorer let's get startedtrending content on Twitter is thesection where you can find a populartweets hashtags that are getting agreater number of tweets daily Twitterwill show you the top 20 trends that youcan explore if you track your top 20trends you may notice that some of thetopics here will be replaced by othertrending topics as the day passes thisis due to Twitter's algorithm of showingyou topics that more and more people useper day causing a sharp spike on thenumber of people who tweet such topicsin this example Trane's list you can seethe category where each topic hashtag orkeywords belong to such as music andradiokpop radio stations celebrities andmostly trending in your location orcountry below each trending topic youcan also see in this section the numberof tweets that people on Twitter postedwith that hashtag or keyword if you tryto click on a topic under the trendslist you will view the tweets as if youare searching for this keyword onTwitter search box if you check out thetweets of people and you have no idea ofwhat their topic is all about you can becurious about how this trending topicaffects people upon reading their tweetsin this topic you can learn that manypeople like the music of the trendingtopic as the lyrics touch their heartsthis is a song we can relate to and theyget emotional with and with this topicyou can check the Twitter account of theartist who made such a beautiful songand made it to the top charts as you cansee the drop down suggested keywordsearches here showing that our keywordis trending as we check out this artistssweater account you can see here thatthey do have eleven point three millionfollowers that is a huge audience thatmarketers can target if they can crafttheir tweets that these followers canrelate to you can see here that they dohave merchandises that they sell andtheir followers who are mostly theirfans will definitely purchase theirproducts as they posted tweets withphotos of their products and include thecall-to-action link where people can buythese items as people click on the linktheir followers can browse theirproducts and purses from their websitesby checking this account they mentionedthat this song is currently top onetrending on different countries in thelist as a marketer you can use this asan opportunity to target audiences onthese locations where most of the peopletweet about the song you can think aboutideas of how you can relate the messageof the song or the title of the song towhat is happening in the world right nowand relate it to your business trends onTwitter depend on each person it matchesand depends on their location who theyfollow and what their interests are youcan check out their different trends perlocationif you need to gather data for yourbusiness to change the location of yourchance go to the explore menu beside thesearch text box click on the Settingsiconyou will see a pop up window showing youtrends for you you may notice that thischance for you feature is enabled whichmeans that Twitter personalizes trendsbased on your location and the peopleyou follow on Twitter to change thelocation uncheck this check box thechange location will be activated hereby default it will show you worldwide ifyou choose worldwide you will noticethat your trance list has changed to themost popular tweets not only in yourallocation but worldwide but if youchoose this it will show you differentlanguages from other countries asidefrom the English language that you mightnot be familiar with so let's try tochange our location to a specificcountry click the Settings icon andcheck the trends for you then clickChange location and choose from thislist or you can type in the country thatyou want to check the transform now yourtrends list will be the top 20 trends inthis country that you have chosen usingthe explore menu to find trends onTwitter will help your business indetermining the keywords that you canuse to include in your tweets based onthe trending posts on Twitter you cancheck the trending topics keywords orhashtags on your location or indifferent countries as well doing thiswill give more exposure to your tweetsas you promote your blog products orservices of your brand or your businessthanks for watching don't forget to Likeand subscribe and go to technic Forcecomm for more tools and training