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Battletech Alpha Strike Clan Mechs Review

Comparing Modern Mechs: Warhawk, Nova, Timberwolf, and Fire Moth

  • The Warhawk/Masakari has been modified from its original art with two energy weapons in each arm
  • The Nova/Blackhawk has undergone a major change to the legs and arms being built together and the Torso of the mech all sitting in between them
  • The Timberwolf/Madcat is very similar to its original art
  • The Fire Moth/Dasher has been changed to have three pairs of lasers instead of a missile launcher.
  • Catalyst Creates Accurate 3D Model of Clan Wolf Pouncer

  • The speaker discusses the difference between a Fire Moth and a Pouncer
  • The Pouncer is a new figure that appears in the Alpha Strike box set, originally from the Clan Wolf sourcebook
  • The model does not stray too far from its original piece of art
  • It has an aerodynamic cockpit and round lasers with hexagonal housing
  • Overall, Catalyst has done well producing these figures, translating well between line art and 3D models.
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    • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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    • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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    good morning and welcome back tominiature Monday here on gaming withADHD where today we're going to startthe first of three videos where we'regonna look at the alpha strikeMiniatures now these come from the newAlpha strike box set that's theintroduction to the alpha strike versionof BattleTech and dear lord I can'tbelieve how many times I've said Alphastrike within 30 seconds butbefore we get started uh do make surethat you are subscribed to the channellike I said this is going to be thefirst of three videos and uh I want tomake sure that you are notified when newvideos come out uh you know if you'vebeen here before I've done quite a fewreviews of the battle Tech Miniaturesfrom Catalyst game labs and uh yeahhopefully we'll have some fun with theseso with that out of the way let's goahead and get started on this so uh onething to keep in mind if you have beenhere beforeum most of the Miniatures that we'regonna see have been seen before howeverin this set they have been modified inmost in most cases or uh given differentoptions as far as the equipment thatthey come with so they are going to beslightly different Miniatures than werereleased in the other Mech packs sowhat I did in the other videos is wetook historical art for the Max and thenthe new ill-clan art and just kind ofyou know compared it along the timelineand so for these I'm gonna do it alittle bit different I'm going to lookat the original piece of art and I'mgoing to look at the ill Clan art sojust two pieces for the mechs that havealready been done and then uh for thenew Mac for the clan uh we'll do a fullhistorical breakdown and comparison tothe art so just keep that in mind andlet's go ahead andtake a look so the first one that we'vegot is the Warhawk now the Warhawk isum the the original art uh the clanstuff when it was first released in thetech readout 3050 uh you just got theseface on you know kind of 3D blue or faceon blueprint style uh pieces of art notvery Dynamic you couldn't really tell uhhow the mech looked and I think theyactually did pretty well with it uh giveme just one secondwe're going tomodify this in real time because itlooks likeour camera is a little out of focusall right much betterall right so as you can see uh thisversion does have the uh the two energyweapons in each arm and the originalpiece of art you can see some lrms andsome srms uh on the top and on the lefttorsonowwhen we go to the ill Clan artso again we have the missile launcher attop we no longer have the missilelauncher here on the Torso but for thisnew miniature we no longer have thismissile rack uh up above there's alittle bit different uh kind of likesensors underneath the chin herebut other than that the the mech looksmore or less the same it's an Omnimax sothat's not surprising butyou know that's the Warhawk or masakariif you're one of us old timersso let's let him finish spinning aroundand then we'll move on to our next Mechall right next up we have the Nova orBlackhawk now this is one with one ofthe biggest changes as you can see heretheum the legs and the arms are kind ofbuilt together and the Torso of the mechall sits in between the two uh but forthe miniature and for the ill Clanversion uh they have changed that up youknow you still have your hands with theuh the six medium lasers going aroundthemum yeah overall they still keep a lot ofthe design veryum very reminiscent of these oldblueprint Stylebut when we go to the ill Clan versionyou can see that the lasers are moreevenly spaced out around the armsand then uh you actually have a propertorso and hip mountso allows for a little bit of reposingum which looks like that's all theyreally did with the alpha strike versionof the Novaumyou know not a bad lookum I've painted multiples of these atthis pointum it is a it is a nice solid Mech thatum you know the the art from plug hasyou know definitely carried over verywell to this one sothat is the Nova will let him go aroundone more timeum yeah overall this one I think is theclosest to the ill-clan artumyeah the legs are a little bitrepositioned but overallyou know the mech isn't very differentso that is the Novaand next up we have our Timberwolf nowalmost seems that uh if there's a clanrelease coming out there's gonna be amad cat in it uh with the clan Invasionbox set the notable Mech Warriors boxset or legendary mechwarriors I shouldsayum the wolf dragoons uh uh command Starbox set uhI thinkI think also within one of the regularClan star sets uh we got a lot of madcats uh or Timberwolves whichever youprefer I prefer MadCat uh so it's it's asolid Design This one really hasn'tchanged much uh you know again we've gotour original blueprint style artand thenwe have our ill Clan artum again pretty standard considering theart I don't see a whole lot ofdifferences I think the left leg mightbe elevated a little bit more than onsome of the others that I've painted upuh but overall it'syou know it's a mad catyeahnot too much different uh but absolutelyone of those classic one of those iconicmechs in battle Techand fourth up we've got the fire mothalso known as the Dasher now if you'vewatched any of my uh YouTube shorts thathave been coming out uh you will noticethat I put up one called the fastestbattle taxi in battle Tech or somethingto that effect I I called it a battletaxi uh basically it was a joke betweena friend of mine and I uh about thespeed of the fire moth and its abilityto getum Elementals into combat now this oneis a little bit different it does have adifferent Loadout uh on its left arm uhor right arm I should say uh in theoriginal model it's got a missilelauncherand then it's got a couple of lasers onthe left arm in this case uh basicallyit's been changed to have uh three pairsof lasers andtrying toyeah so that's uh basically thedifference that uh that I see obviouslyit's a little noticeableum but the mech very much looks like afire moth uh the other one that Ipainted up uh its legs were very much inkind of a Center Line position I do likehow this one has a little bit wider of astanceum you know comparing it to theuh the ill Clan art so as you can seethe big missile launcher here on theleft and another missile launcher overuh the Torsoum yeah so they've changed it up alittle bit but overall still just a areally you know solid representation ofthe art uh into uh into an actualphysical formnow for our final Mech we actually havethe new figure uh for the clans in thealpha strike box set so this figure hasnot appeared in any of the other Mechpacks so if it's important for you to bea completionist for uh at least all ofthe different chassis you will have topurchase Alpha strike in order to getthis and The Wraith miniature for theinner sphere that'll be coming in alater video The Wraith uh this is theart uh where the pouncer originallyshowed up it was from the clan wolfSource book I do find that a little bitironic because for Alpha strike the twofactions that they chose were theNorthwind Highlanders and the uh andJade Falcons so uh kind of kind of funnythat they you know yes I know that thereis some crossover between you know whichClans use which Max but the fact thatthis showed up in the clan wolf Sourcebook but you know in this particular boxset as represent to buy the clients Ijust find that a little funny that's alluh but uh you can actually see I I thinkthis oneumyeah the model itself doesn't stray toofarfrom this original piece of art[Music]umyou know it's uh it's got a little bitdifferent as far as the venting uh overtop the Torso uh the miniature shows thevents running all the way across wherethis seems to be like an air intake withthe vents you know directing in towardsthe center so a little bit differentthereum this is from Tech readout30 55 I believetechnically out 3055 upgrade so we're alittle bit closer you can see kind ofthe round uhyou know cockpit that they've gotum they'll still have these hexagonalum you know covers for the the lasers inits armsum but overall looks relatively similarand then finally we go to the ill Clanvariantso this we've got more of theaerodynamic kind of cockpit going onhereum the round lasers in a hexagonalhousing the vents you know coming downacross both sides so overall reallyreally good representation especiallyFor the First Time Out in uh in plasticumagain you know I'm not I really don'thave too many complaints about theBattleTech figuresum I've been pretty happy to take themand paint them upum you know I've I've done over 60 ofthem now uh not counting uh a giantproject I did to paint all of the clanmechs in in beta Galaxy for clan wolfum but overallum really solid showingum you knowCatalyst has has done very wellproducing these figures andumyeahkind of fun to see how how well they'retranslating between the uh the line artand the 3D models so that's kind of coolas well so that is the pouncer that'syour new Mech that you're gonna get outof alpha strike and that completes theclan Max so I do hope you enjoyed thevideo if you did please do like thevideo comment Down Below have you pickedup Alpha strike what do you think of theMiniaturesum definitely would love to hear fromyou also I will have links down in thedescription for our social media onFacebook and Twitter I would love tohave you come followum yeah mostly just try to talk aboutgaming stuff on thereum and then uh also there is a link todrive through RPG if you do purchase uhlike your BattleTech books uh in digitalformat that's the site that I like touseand it does give a little bit of akickback to the channel so I can getmore content and more products to reviewfor you guys so with that being saidthank you so much for watching and wewill talk to you next time bye