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Tucker: This is crazy

Biden Administrations Unilateral Global Dominance Proves Irrational and Ineffective in Ukraine

  • The Biden Administration’s foreign policy
  • Particularly its actions in Ukraine, is proving to be ineffective and irrational
  • The administration seeks to maintain global dominance by imposing unilateral decisions on other nations but lacks a clear goal or strategy
  • The US has provided over $113 billion in aid to Ukraine, and an additional $10 billion for critical public services, though the current government of Ukraine has banned religious denominations and arrested priests
  • This strategy of using taxpayer money to maintain global supremacy has been met with laughter from other countries.

Americans Outraged as Congress Agrees to Spend Billions Abroad Instead of Helping at Home

  • Washington has proposed spending $123 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine
  • Despite the fact that Washington already spends less than $13 billion dollars on transit, and less than $3 billion dollars on Amtrak, they wish to spend more money in a foreign country rather than helping Americans at home
  • Polls show Americans are against this war, yet both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to ignore their constituents’ wishes
  • This is because it is one of the few things Congress can agree on, even though it may have serious consequences for the US economy
  • If passed, this money could be used domestically to prevent derailments, fund FAA and DOT budgets, pay off medical debt and fund tuition for young people
  • However, instead of using this money for good cause in America, Congress has chosen to send this money overseas.

US Preservation Under Fire: Carlson and Taylor Greene Unanimous in Condemning Criticizers

  • People who criticize those attempting to preserve the United States from destruction are accused of siding with a foreign dictator
  • Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Green agree on this point
  • People who despise the United States are those who often point out its flaws, such as slavery
  • Those who make these claims should be ignored as they do not come from a place of good faith but rather lies.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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good evening and welcome to TuckerCarlson tonight there is a poignant butrecognizable thing that happens topowerful men as they decline they getbursts of irrational energy 85 year oldTycoon marries a stripper on the face ofit the marriage does not make senseeverybody groans how's this Arrangementgoing to work out for him really howabout for his childrenbut the Tycoon doesn't care he isn'tthinking long term he's reacting againstwhat he feels inside which is the steadyloss of his power as a manthe faster that power recedes the morefrantically he asserts it he is Ragingagainst the dying of the lightthese last embarrassing decisions are infact his death throws it's sad reallyunfortunately what happens to men alsotends to happen to the systems theycreate for the last 80 years our worldhas been governed by a system formed inthe final months of World War II itsfeatures Define our life free and openglobal trade routes guaranteed by theU.S Navy a universal currency called thedollar and overseeing it all one supremepower the world's largest economy theUnited States of America it's been agreat system in most ways but for manyreasons including the passage of timethat system is dyingwhat comes next is not entirely clearbut how to influence it to America'sgreatest possible Advantage is the mostimportant task that faces any U.Sgovernment nothing else comes close tothatsadly the bite Administration geriatricand irrational in its best moments isnot up to that task no one in the whitehouse even seems aware that thearchitecture of the world is changingthey call themselves progressives butthe Biden people think it's 1961 whenAmerican power seemed Unlimited justtoday our elderly treasury secretaryscolded the Chinese government like atardy servant Shape Up China will sendyou back to the seller watch thiswe have made clear that providingmaterial support to Russia or assists orassistance with any type of systemicsanctions evasion would be a veryserious concern to us and we willcertainly continue to make clear thatthe Chinese government and to companiesand banks in their jurisdiction aboutwhat the rules are regarding oursanctions and the serious consequencesthey would face for violating themwe're gonna tell them what the rules areonce they hear the rules they'll obeyJanet Yellen seems shocked and outragedthat China has decided to align withVladimir Putin in the war in Ukraineit's an outrage it's unbelievable whocould have seen this comingwell almost everybody actually it wasobvious to the world it was going tohappen because it was always going tohappen if we didn't force a peace inUkraine but somehow the biteAdministration didn't see this comingnow that it has happened now that theworld's largest country has joined withthe world's largest economy which alsohas the world's largest population inorder to fight a war against uswhat do we dowell if you're Janet yelling you justorder them to stop stop it you naughtyChinese stop it otherwise we'll we'llimpose some serious consequences on youwe can't tell you what they are buttrust us they are serious they mighteven include further statements ofoutrage so Shape Up Chinese peoplepretty amazing to watch a lady who'snever been in a fist fight ordering theChinese military around like she owns ityou can imagine the laughter in Beijingtonight next we'll have Admiral RachelLevine wagging his Porky finger atchairman G Surrender Your Arms Chinabecause trans women are womenit's all pretty amusing Until yourealize it's realcaught in the middle of a historicGlobal pivot in one of those rareMoments When Everything Changes foreverthe by demonstration has decided to livein the past and to pretend that theUnited States is still capable ofimposing unilateral decisions on therest of the world because we said sohere's Joe Biden once again playingChurchill to Putin's Hitlerfreedom is pricelessit's worth fighting for as long as ittakesand that's how long we're going to bewith you Mr President for as long as ittakeswe'll do it as the president has saidShannon we're going to support Ukrainefor as long as it takes again the UnitedStates will continue to strongly supportUkraineand we will do so for as long as ittakes as President Biden has said wewill stand with Ukraine in its fight foras long as it takessilly ineffectual buffoons the world islaughing the adults are laughing and inthis country it's a measure of ourmedia's total corruption that no oneever asked anyone in the BidenAdministration what the United States ishoping to accomplish in Ukraine as longas it takes to do what exactly now theoriginal answer was well to push Russiaback to where it was a year ago beforeit invaded Ukraine and that seemed likea reasonable and measurable objectivethe public scene behind that thenwithout Fanfare or even official noticethe goal changed and became ticking theRussian Port of Crimea just because itwould be nice to have that always wantedit why not take it now then the goalbecame overthrowing Putin and puttingAmerican tanks in Red Square becausesure we could manage Russia once weoverthrow the dictator we're good atthat we did it in Iraq we did it inLibya now the objective appears to bewinning World War III against bothRussia and China a war that would bydefinition include the use of nuclearweapons and the deaths by incinerationof hundreds of millions of peopleat this point there is no limit to thewar in Ukraine it is all that mattersthe war in Ukraine is the focus of theentire U.S government all branches bothpartiesit is also is our own economy degradesas huge companies lay off thousandsthe war in Ukraine is one of our mainexpenses here's Janet Yellen to explainour economic assistance is makingUkraine's resistance possible bysupporting the home frontfunding critical public services andhelping keep the government runningin the coming months we expect toprovide around 10 billion dollars inadditional economic support for Ukraineokay so just to be clear in case youweren't listening carefully and it'shard to understand what she's saying butwe have the transcript that's not 10billion more in war aid that's to fundcritical services in the governmentthere was a zielinski's political partywhich has banned a Christiandenomination and arrested priests that'swhat we're paying forand leaving aside the aims that's still10 billion dollars more in tax dollarsthat's on top of the 113 billion thatCongress has already approved that's 123billion dollars pledged to Ukraine in ayearand then once you add a thousand otheroff the book sources of Aid the entireIntel world you're looking at perhaps200 billion dollars to zielinski and hiswife in 12 months 200 billionit's truly crazy how much money is thatwell to make it easier Let's Pretendwe'd only spend a hundred billion inUkraine so far we know we have what canwe do with a hundred billion dollarshere in the United States for one thingand this is kind of in the news recentlywe could modernize our rail system toavoid the Thousand derailments we haveevery year and the mushroom clouds overOhio that sometimes result for thema hundred billion dollars is more thanfive times the entire discretionarybudget of the Department ofTransportationthere's just 13 billion in the Dot'sbudget for Transit and less than 3billion for Amtrak remember that theartery that connects to cities on theEast Coast then there's the FAAthat's the government agency that'ssupposed to prevent planes from crashinginto each other and killing hundreds ofAmericansthe FAA got 20 billion in the lastbudget 20 billionso given that planes seem to be comingvery close to hitting each other latelyit might be worth funding the FAA alittle more oh but no zelinski'spolitical party needs it and then ofcourse with that money we could dothings that matter long term likebuilding a wall along our Southernborder we could build four of them forthat that would save in addition to alot of other things hundreds ofthousands of American lives by blockingdrug traffickers from entering thecountry then you wouldn't have a CartelWar in Texas and Arizona which we'reabsolutely going to getwith 100 billion we could pay off halfthe medical debt in the entire countrywe could pay for two years if CommunityCollege tuition for every young personin the United Stateswe could fund all out-of-pocket expensesfor cancer patients for five yearsthat's a lot of money we could do a lotwith it why isn't Bernie Sanders doingthe math on this why isn't he eventalking about it why is the left of someright-wing TV show to figure out whatcould be done with that moneydomestically Bernie Sanders is all forsaying that money to Ukraineand it turns out most so-calledprogressives are Sandy Cortez voice ofthe people she's for it too it'sfascinatingof course we could also just keep themoneythat'd be useful we need it our nationaldebt is now over 31 trillion dollarsit's bigger than our GDP our debt isbigger than our GDP in just the last 27months the bite Administration hasincreased the national debt by 7trillion how much is that I mean it's anincomprehensible number but here's thecontext it took 215 years from GeorgeWashington to George W bush to accruethat much debtinterest payments on that debt have hitmore than 400 billion this yearso according to calculations by Pewthat's a hundred billion more per yearthan we spent on Elementary andsecondary education disaster reliefAgriculture and Environmental Protectioncombinedwithin the next decade interest costs inthe debt will be greater than spendingon National Defense and Medicaid within30 years interest payments will be thesingle largest expenditure in the entirefederal budget bigger than SocialSecurityand a lot of that debt you should knowwell over a trillion dollars is owned byChina the country we're now fighting inUkraine you see how this works mostAmericans do see how it works and theyoppose it they're afraid of it theyshould be polls show clearly they opposeit but here's the interesting thingneither party in Washington cares whattheir voters thinkhere for example is Republican MichaelMcCall he is the Republican party's headforeign policy genius in the house a mancompletely controlled by the Intelagencies but here he is on televisionexplaining that in a democracydoesn't matter what voters thinkand a new poll is showing support amongAmericans for arming Ukraine is droppingHow concerned Congressman McCall ourforeign leaders you're speaking to thatAmerican support for Ukraineparticularly within your own party isweakening I would say that support isstill very strong and this delegationthis bipartisan very strong support forUkraine I think where you're seeing asplit from the administration though andI have to say that Pamela this isbipartisan as well is that for the pastyear we've been very slow at gettingthese weapons in in the name of it beingtoo provocative whether it be Stingersjavelins these short-range artillery nowlonger range artillery attackums theycan take out the Iranian drones inCrimea and also Aviation like F-16 if weput this stuff in from the verybeginning of this conflict a year fromnow may have been very differentso you'll notice that whenever there's abipartisan consensus on something inWashington it's a bad idea usually it'sthe worst idea there's no bipartisanconsensus on saving middle class Americaor rescuing rural Americans fromfentanyl there's no bipartisan consensusand that nobody cares the bipartisanconsensus is that we should send thecontents of the U.S treasury to acorrupt Eastern European country tofacilitate World War III now why is thatwell the truth is Washington is sodysfunctionalthat funding a war destroying things islike the one thing they can do andthat's why they love it so much becausethey can get something done of courseit's purely destructiveso we wanted to talk to CongressmanMichael McCall of Texas the foreignpolicy genius more about this you don'tcare what your voters think really so hehas to come on tonightwhy do you support a war that you'reconstituents oppose how does thisbenefit the United States were you proudthat you helped Russia and China alignin a block that's more powerful than theUnited States is that good for us howdoes that work Congressman he can't makeit unfortunately Congressman Mike Turnercan't come either he represents OhioSenator Mitt Romney of Utah didn'trespond at all Senators Lindsey Grahamand Mitch McConnell were of course hardnose no way we're not gonna answer aquestion shut up we'll do CNN firstnow you should know that everyone wejust mentioned is a republican theycan't defend this of courseonly a very tiny number of Republicansvoted to stop this insanitybefore it destroys the economy of theUnited States and triggers World War IIIand they've been punished for it and alot of Republicans care because on MSNBCif you're against World War III you'rean agent of Putin watchten House Republicans voted againstmilitary aid for Ukraine The UsualSuspects but I'll read them out hereAndy Biggs Dan Bishop Warren DavidsonMatt Gates Paul gosar Marjorie Taylorgreen Thomas Massey Ralph Norman ScottPerry and Tom Tiffany the point isMarjorie Taylor green and Vladimir Putinand too often than I think anyone wouldlike to acknowledge Tucker Carlson areall on the same pagewe're on Putin's side it'sfunny how the people who hate the UnitedStates the most and spend the most timetearing it down oh it's tainted by theoriginal sin of slavery it's a terriblecountry 1619 but who truly hate theUnited States are the one who accusepeople trying to save the United Statesfrom being destroyed in a pointless warof siding with a foreign dictatorignore them they do not speak in goodfaith they're Liars subscribe to the FoxNews YouTube channel to catch ournightly opens stories that are changingthe world and changing your life fromTucker Carlson tonight