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Apple WWDC 2023 keynote

Revolutionary Apple Products Promise Faster Performance and Enhanced User Experience

  • Apple is introducing the 15″ MacBook Air, which is 11.5mm thin and weighs just over 3lbs
  • The new MacBook Air has a 10.8p camera, 3 mic array, 6 speakers with force canceling woofers, an M2 chip for 18 hours of battery life
  • Max Studio is getting the M2 Max chip with up to 25% faster performance than M1 Max and introducing the M2 Ultra chip with double performance of M2 Max
  • Mac Pro also uses the M2 Ultra chip and features 8 Thunderbolt ports, 6 PCI expansion slots, and both Tower and Rack Mount enclosures
  • IOS 17 features personalized contact posters, live voicemail transcriptions, FaceTime messages, search filters in Messages app., Location Sharing for tracking friends’ locations, Catch-up Arrow in conversation view, message transcription when unable to listen right away, check-in feature for safety while walking or running alone
  • Plus button for easy access to most used media and iMessage apps
  • Name Drop feature for sharing contact info by bringing phones close together
  • SharePlay feature for kicking off shared activities between devices
  • AutoCorrect powered by on-device machine learning.

Apples Launch of IOS 17 and iPad OS 17: Wowing Users With New Features

  • IOS 17 and iPad OS 17 have been updated with features such as widgets, personalized suggestions, an API for developers, Standby mode, Siri activation by simply saying “Siri,” a people album to recognize cats and dogs in photos, interactive lock screen with weather and wallpapers, health kit available on the iPad, autofill for PDFs for collaboration in Notes app
  • MacOS Sonoma has stunning new screensavers, widgets that can be accessed on Mac from iPhone via continuity, video effects like presenter overlay and reactions, private browsing locked when not in use, and profiles to help organize information.

Apple Unveils Sweeping Suite of New Products and Features

  • Apple has released a number of new products and innovative features
  • MacOS Sonoma enables users to create web apps for any website with simplified toolbar and adaptive audio functions
  • Airplay and Hotels Support provides a big screen experience for watching favorite shows and practicing presentations
  • Share play allows passengers to connect their iPhones to the car driver’s iPhone for easy music control
  • WatchOS 10 introduces widgets and a mindfulness app through the digital crown
  • Apple VisionPRO augments reality through blending the real world with digital elements, using eyesight, Siri, Bluetooth accessories, FaceTime, iCloud, 3D objects in messages, spatial photos and videos, Apple Arcade games, Disney Plus and a three dimensional glass lens.

Revolutionary Technology: Apple VisionPRO Introduces Spatial Computing

  • Apple VisionPRO is the latest in advanced spatial computing technology
  • It features a powerful operating system, Vision OS, and a unique rib structure headband for a comfortable and secure fit
  • It also includes dual-driver audio files for personalized sound, high resolution video and head/hand tracking, real time three-d mapping, an external high performance battery, an iris scanner for privacy protection, and access to familiar frameworks like XCode, Swift UI, Reality Kit and AR Kit.

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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Welcome to WWE. Introducing the fifteen inch MacBook Air. It's only eleven point five millimeters thin. Making it the world's thinnest fifteen inch laptop, and it's easy to carry around at just over three pounds. It features mag safe charging, two thunderbolt ports, and a headphone jack for versatile connectivity. And it comes in four gorgeous finishes, including midnight and starlight. It has a great ten eighty p camera for video calls, along with a three mic array, so you come through loud and clear. And the new air sounds awesome. With six speakers, including force canceling woofers, it delivers immersive spatial audio. All of this is enabled by the m two chip, which delivers amazing performance and it gets an astonishing eighteen hours of battery life. That's the new fifteen inch MacBook Air. It has an expansive display, the incredible performance of m two, a six speaker sound system and tremendous battery life. And it starts at just twelve ninety nine and eleven ninety nine for education. You can order it today and it'll be available next week. Today, we're excited to give Max Studio its first big update. Max Studio is getting the immensely k comparable m two max with up to twenty five percent faster performance than m one max. We're adding one final chip to the m two family. Introducing m two Ultra. Connecting two m two max die together with our groundbreaking ultra fusion architect picture, it doubles the performance of m two max. The twenty four core CPU and m two ultra delivers twenty percent faster minutes than m one Ultra. And its seventy six core GPU is thirty percent faster than m one Ultra. Finally, the thirty two horneural engine is forty percent faster. And m two Ultra can support an enormous one hundred and ninety two gigabytes of unified memory, which is fifty percent more than m one Ultra. So that's m two Ultra. We're bringing m two Ultra to Max Studio compared to Max Studio with m one Ultra? Colorist using DaVinci Resolve will see up to fifty percent faster video processing than before. Three d artists using Octane can now render up to three times faster. And with m two ultra's media engine? Video editors can playback a mind blowing twenty two streams of eight k pro res video. For connectivity, Max Studio now has higher bandwidth HDMI, enabling up to eight k resolution and two hundred and forty hertz frame rates. So that's the new Mac studio. Introducing Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. Every Mac Pro comes with the Rige's performance of m two Ultra. Every Mac Pro has afterburner performance built in with eight built in thunderbolt ports. Six on the back and two on the top. Finally, Mac Pro brings PCI expansion to Apple Silicon. It features six open expansion slots that support Gen four. So you users can customize Mac Pro with essential cards, including audio and video io, networking, and storage. Finally, it's available in both Tower and Rack Mountain closures. So that's the new Mac Pro. Max Studio with m two Macs still start at nineteen ninety nine. Mac Pro starts at sixty nine ninety nine. You can order both products today and they'll be available next week. Let's start with iOS seventeen and we're making a big update to the phone app this year with personalized contact posters. Content posters feature beautiful treatments for both photos and memoji, paired with eye catching typography. And in Chinese and Japanese, the new layout with vertical text looks incredible. Live voicemail. Now, when someone calls you and leaves a message, you'll see a live transcription in real time as they speak. Face time. Now, when you call someone on Face time and they aren't available, you'll be able to leave a message. Messages is the way we stay connected with the people who matter most. First, search is more powerful and precise with the addition of search filters. Next, a new catch up arrow in the top right of your conversation lets you jump to the first message you haven't seen. When you get an a message but you aren't able to listen right away, they're now transcribed, so you can read them in the moment and listen later. Finally, location sharing now lets you keep track of your friend's location directly in the conversation. Check-in. Whether you're walking home after dark or going for an early morning run you can start check-in with a family member or friend to let them know when you get home safely. But if something unexpected were to happen while you're on your way, it can recognize that you're not making progress towards your destination and check-in with you. They can automatically share useful information such as your current location and the route you took. And you'll also be able to see your battery level and self-service status so they know if you might be able to take their call. With just a tap of this new plus button, you'll see all the things you send the most, like your photos, audio messages and location. And when you swipe up, you'll see all your iMessage apps there too. By tapping the plus button, and then tapping stickers. You'll see the brand new drawer that brings all my stickers into one place. We've made all the mochi into stickers. I can pick any one of these photos and turn it into a sticker. And check this out. When I tap on the live photos tab, I see all of the live photos that will make great animated stickers. And this year, we're expanding how you can use Airdrop to share in all new ways. Name drop. With name drop, you can just bring your phones close together. You'll see the same contact poster we talked about for phone calls, and you can easily choose the phone numbers and email addresses you wanna share along with it. And share them just like that. You can use name drop with an iPhone and an Apple Watch too. You can also bring your devices together to instantly kick off a shared activity using SharePlay. And for developers, this will work automatically for apps that support SharePlay. AutoCorrect is powered by on device machine learning, the keyboard now leverages a transformer language model. IPhone can run this model every time you tap a key, sentence level auto corrections can fix more types of grammatical mistakes. If an auto correction isn't quite what you wanted, Tapping the underlying word shows what you originally typed with the option to quickly revert back to it. And now, you'll get predictions in line as you tie type. So finishing a word or even the whole sentence is as easy as tapping the space bar. Journal. A brand new app coming to iPhones later easier. Using on device machine learning, your iPhone can create personalized suggestions of moments to inspire your writing. And you control what to include when you enable suggestions and which ones to save to your journal. And for developers, suggestions will be available as an API Let's look at this one of a trip. It includes where you went, the music you listened to, and photos you took there. You can add these to your journal in one tap. And when you do, there's even a writing prompt like. What was the highlight of your visit? No one but you can access it. Not even Apple. We call it Standby. Standby is perfect for your nightstand, kitchen counter, or desk. When you wake up, it's easy to see the time with a clock. And it's easy to personalize. Standby automatically shuffles through your best shots, taking full advantage of the screen. It also embraces the power of widgets, which are more glensible than ever. With a quick swipe on each widget stack, you can see the current weather, home controls, or your favorite third party widgets. Siri and standby works great, with rich visual results that are easy to view, and it's just as easy to ask to play music or set a timer hands free. At night, when you're charging iPhone, Standby adapts to low light, taking on a beautiful red tone to help you sleep. IOS seventeen has many more features, including the ability to simply say Siri to activate Siri. And now, you can issue back to back commands without needing to say Siri again. In maps, you can select an area and download a map to your device to use when you're offline. And in photos, the people album is better than ever at spotting your favorite people and now can even recognize the cats and dogs that are part of your family too. And that's iOS seventeen. IPad OS seventeen takes iPad even further with widgets and the lock screen. We've made widgets interactive and I can take action directly in the widget without even opening an app. I can learn something new with flashcards from quizlet and track it with streaks right away. We want to bring a greater level of customization and personalization to another space, the lock screen. There are so many wonderful wallpaper options, like photoshuffle, weather, and emoji. And when you select a live photo, we use an advanced machine learning model to synthesize additional frames to create a gorgeous, smooth, slow motion effect Whenever you wake iPad, the lock screen gets one other feature that makes it even more useful, live activities. So now, right from the lock screen, you can keep track of a food order with Uber Eats, travel plans with flighty, the score with Major League soccer, or a timer. And we're happy to report that now you can even keep track of multiple timers. We truly live in an age of wonders. The health app has been designed to take advantage of the larger screen on iPad, so you can see rich details at a glance. And because your health data is securely synced, you can see your health information from your iPad iPhone, Apple Watch, as well as compatible third party apps and devices all in one place. And for developers, health kit comes to iPad, opening up new ways to build innovative health and fitness experiences. Thanks to new machine learning models, iPad OS can identify the fields in a PDF. So you can use autofill to quickly fill them out with information like names, addresses, and emails from your contact. PDFs and notes are also fantastic for collaboration. When you're working together, you see each other's updates in real time. So as you scribble something down, the changes you make appear right away on your collaborators' iPad. So that's a look. At iPad OS seventeen. Introducing macOS Sonoma, starting with stunning new screensavers, that show beautiful slow motion videos of places around the world. And when you log in, this imagery settles beautifully into your desktop. Sometimes you want to see information at a glance while you're using your Mac. By simply bringing your widgets right into view here on the desktop, I'd love to catch a glimpse my favorite photos throughout the day. And weather too, and I can put these anywhere If I open up mail, my widgets instantly fade into the background, so I can focus on the task at hand. But I also have some amazing widgets on my iPhone. And through the magic of continuity, I can now access them all right here on my Mac. So I can see my Apollo for Reddit, high coffee, and even my car widget. My iPhone just needs to be nearby or on same WiFi network. We are so excited to see developers bringing more games to the Mac. Here's legendary game creator. Cajimassan. This year, we have great new ways to help you present remotely. A new video effect called presenter overlay elevates your presence by including you on top of the content you're sharing. With small overlay, your face appears in a movable bubble, so it's easy to be seen while showcasing your work. With large overlay, you remain prominent while your shared screen is framed beautifully next to you. When you want to let others know how you feel, you can add a reaction that seamlessly blends your video with balloons, confetti, hearts, and more. You can use these new video effects with any app like FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, Webex, and more. Safari is powered by web kit. In just the past few months, we've added even more features for developers. Another cornerstone of the safari experience is privacy. Private browsing now locks your private browsing windows when you're not using them. Completely blocks known trackers from loading on pages and removes tracking from URLs as you browse and private browse We're now adding the ability to securely share passwords and pass keys with the people you're closest with. We have another exciting update to help you stay organized with profiles. Profiles help you separate your cookies, history, extensions, tab groups, and favorite So you can sign in to the same site with your work account and personal account and quickly switch between them. With web apps, we're elevating the website to use most often with some of the same great features as apps. From the file menu, I can click add to dock, and the title and icon load automatically. When I click add, the icon instantly appears in the dock. Now I can close this window in Safari. When I launch my web app I get an app like experience with a simplified toolbar. On Mac, you can create a web app for any website, and developers don't have to do any extra work for their web app to look great. And that's macOS Sonoma. Adaptive audio dynamically blends transparency and active noise cancellation to match the conditions of your surroundings. So you can stay present within your environment while distracting noises are automatically reduced. Just start speaking. In conversation awareness will automatically lower your music, focus on the voices in front of you, and reduce background noise. We're excited about launching airplane hotels. We AirPlay Support and Hotels, it's easy to take advantage of the big screen in your room. To watch an episode of your favorite show or practice tomorrow's presentation, air Play will be available in select hotels before the end of the year. We're thrilled to bring share play to the car. Now when the driver's iPhone is connected to car play, any passenger's iPhone will automatically suggest joining their session. Just tap to connect. From there, it's easy to play your favorite music, control playback, and enjoy the ride together. WatchOS ten. Now from any watch face, you can simply turn the digital crown to reveal widgets in a smart stack. I can start off my day with a glance at the forecast and headlines, and the smart stack uses machine learning to show you relevant information right when you need it. So later in the day, you'll see some upcoming meetings, tasks you need to complete, or medications to log. So you'll now be able to log your momentary emotion and your daily mood in a discreet and convenient way from the mindfulness app in watch ten. You can use the digital crown to scroll through the engaging multidimensional shapes and choose how you're feeling. All of these OS releases will be available to our users this fall. Introducing Apple VisionPRO. VisionPRO is a new kind of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with a digital world. When he first put on VisionPRO, you see your space? And everything in it. The home view lives right in front of you. It's where you find all of your apps. And you can place apps exactly where you want them. And launching new apps doesn't take space for existing ones. They simply occupy a new space centered around you. They can grow beyond the dimensions of your room with environments. Environment extend and transform your space so you can control how immersed you are by simply turning the digital crowd. Whether extending a small portion of your room or being fully immersed within an environment, You browse the system simply by looking. It's effortless. App icons suddenly come to life when you look at them. In fact, every graphical element has a sense of vitality and responds to your eyes. Simply tap your fingers together to select and gently flick to scroll. With VisionPRO, you can look at a search field and just start dictating. Voice input has never been this seamless. And with Siri, you can quickly open or close apps, play media, and more. So VisionPRO displays your eyes when someone is nearby. It's incredible. This breakthrough innovation is called eyesight. This is how it looks when using apps, and this changes when you're fully immersed in an experience. Sending a clear signal to those around you that you can't see them at the moment. When someone is nearby, they will appear in your view. And vision will simultaneously reveal your eyes to them. VisionPRO is always in sync with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All your notes, messages, photos, and documents stay up to date automatically with iCloud. You can ceive a three d object in messages, pull it out and look at it from every angle just as if it was there in front of you. VisionPRO also works seamlessly with familiar Bluetooth accessories, like magic trackpad and magic keyboard, which are great when you're writing a long email or working on a spread sheet in numbers. FaceTime now becomes spatial, taking advantage of the room around you. You can join a group call and see everyone life size. As new people join, FaceTime simply expands. With spatial audio built right into VisionPRO, you hear each person's voice coming from the location of their tile, making group conversations easier and more natural. VisionPRO is Apple's first three d camera. It lets you capture and relive your memories in three d with spatial audio. It's easy to capture a spatial photo or video with just the press of a button. And eyesight makes it clear to those around you when you are capturing one. You can capture a spatial video of a fun moment with your kids, to share it with your family, or to experience all over again for years to come. Turn any room into your own personal movie theater. This environment lets you focus fully on the movie and is built to give you a fantastic viewing experience. You can watch three d movies as well In Vision Pro, three d movies have incredible depth and crisp motion. You can play your favorite Apple arcade games. Like NBA two k twenty three on a screen as large as you want with incredible audio and game controller support. There will be over one hundred arcade titles available for you to play on day one. So I'm thrilled to introduce Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. We're tremendously excited to give you a sneak peek of just some of the things that we've been dreaming up. You could experience your favorite stories. In unexpected ways, you could do more than just watch sports. You could be at the game without the in your home or be part of the action like never before. And I'm excited to announce that Disney Plus will be available on day one. The entire front of the product is a singular piece of three-dimensional formed and laminated glass. It's polished to an optical surface, allowing it to act as a lens for eyesight and a wide array of cameras and sensors that need to have a view of the world. The glass flows seamlessly into a lightweight frame, that houses a button to capture spatial photos and video. And a digital crown that summons the home view and rotates to control immersion levels of environments. We studied thousands of heads to get a detailed understanding of the huge variation in cheek with face angle and head shape. This led us to design a modular system that allows us to tailor the product to fit you perfectly. The light seal comes in a range of different shapes and sizes and flexes to conform to your face delivering a really precise fit. A extending from the frame are flexible straps that conform to their head, ensuring the audio pods remain close to your ears. They deliver rich, spatial audio while keeping you aware of your surroundings. The headband is three d knitted as a single piece to create a unique rib structure that provides pushing, breathability, and stretch. The band attaches with a simple and secure mechanism. Allowing you to change it for a different size or even a different kind of band. An easy to reach adjustment dial helps you secure the device comfortably and enables micro adjustments during use. VisionPRO supports all day use when plugged in and up to two hours of use with the external high performance battery. A separate battery means that you don't wear that weight on your head. The soft aluminum form slips easily into your pocket and connects via a subtle woven cable. A display where the pixels would disappear creating a smooth a smooth continuous image. They're just seven and a half microns wide. Combined, VisionPRO has twenty three million pixels across two panels that are each just the size of a postage stamp. Personalized sound is delivered through the integrated dual driver audio files. Allowing us to create ambient spatial audio. Well, your brain is totally convinced that sounds are coming from the environment around you. You using a technique called audio ray tracing. The system also provides high resolution video to the displays. Enables precise head and hand tracking, performs real time three d mapping and more. After a quick enrollment process using the front sensors on VisionPRO, the system uses an advanced encoder decoder neural network to create your digital persona. This network was trained on a diverse group of thousands of individuals. It delivers a natural representation dynamically matches your facial and hand movement. I'm doing well. Thanks. With your persona, you can communicate with over a billion FaceTime capable devices. When viewed by someone in another VisionPRO, your persona has volume and depth, not possible in traditional video. None of this advanced technology could come to life without a powerful operating system called vision OS. We added a host of new capabilities to support the low latency requirements of spatial computing, such as a new real time execution engine that guarantees performance critical workloads. A dynamically focused rendering pipeline that delivers maximum image quality to exactly where your eyes are looking for every single frame. A first of its kind multi app three d engine that allows different app to run simultaneously in the same simulation. And importantly, the existing application frameworks were extended to natively support spatial experiences. Vision OS is the first operating system designed from the ground up for spatial computing. Developers can use familiar tools and frameworks like XCode, Swift UI, Reality Kit, and AR Kit, to make new apps for VisionPRO. And to streamline the preparation of three d content for spatial apps we built reality composer pro, which makes it easy to assemble complex scenes with realistic objects. We are excited to care that we've been working with unity to bring those apps to vision pro. So popular unity based games and apps can gain full access to vision OS features such as pass through, high resolution rendering, and native gestures. Uptick ID. This new system uses the uniqueness of your iris, which is distinct even with identical twins to instant unlocked VisionPRO. In Apple VisionPRO where you look stays private. I input is isolated to a separate background process, so app and websites can't see where you are looking. Only when you tap your fingers, your results get communicated. Apple VisionPRO starts at thirty four ninety nine. It will be available early next year on apple dot com and at Apple retail stores in the US. With more countries coming later next year. Thank you so much for joining us. Have a great week and a great WWDC.