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First Class on Luxury Ice Breaker Cruise | Ponant

Magnificent Voyage: Luxury Icebreaker Cruise to Iceland Achieves Grandeur

  • A luxury Icebreaker cruise departed France en route for Iceland
  • Upon entry, the vessel was observed to be spacious and digitally adorned
  • A two-floor Suite with a private hot tub, fine dining and opulent facilities were experienced
  • The cruise included an Arctic safety video, mini bar, fireplace, bedroom with amenities and a balcony
  • During the voyage, fishing was attempted and sponsored by Fishing Clash.

Millie and Speaker Enjoy Luxury Cruise Aboard Nuna

  • Millie and speaker went to the restaurant Nuna on Deck 5 for a formal dinner
  • They started off with gin and tonic before having sweet potato salad, eggplant tart, veal tenderloin, and a chocolate ship made out of cake for dessert
  • They then attended an entertainment event at the theater
  • The next morning they had breakfast at the restaurant Nuna again as well as exploring the ship’s Promenade, looking at the bridge, and going to the spa with a sauna, snow room and indoor pool
  • They also visited the outdoor heated pool called Blue Lagoon before having lunch in Sila restaurant.

A Luxurious Cruise Experience: Five Days of Gourmet Food, Onboard Facilities and Relaxation at a Cost of $13,570 USD

  • The video discussed a five-day cruise experience, which included an outdoor grill offering made to order items
  • A variety of delicious dishes from burgers and fries to desserts
  • Onboard facilities such as laboratories and Zodiacs for exploration
  • An in-room hot tub
  • A communal outdoor hot tub known as the Blue Lagoon
  • A relaxing bath and movie water combination
  • An extensive menu with starters, mains, and desserts
  • And an evening of dancing. The cost for the five days was $13,570 USD.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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today I'm taking this luxury Icebreakerfor five days from France all the wayover to Iceland I'll show you exactlywhat it's like to live on board from myhuge two-floor Suite with a private hottub to the fine dining and opulentfacilities as we explore thisrecord-breaking vessel all this doesn'tcome cheap though with prices north of13 000 but you're invited along for thejourney with that let's pick up my storyin northern Franceour Voyage today begins at the Portwhich is a mix of cargo hydrocarbon andof course cruise shipsintroducing our ship La comadon charcoalnamed after the French polar scientistwell hello there and welcome back to thechannel we're about to get on board thisIcebreaker I'm super excited about thisdon't have any point of comparison I'venever been on an icebreaker before soanyway let's go and sort out the variousformalities and go and get on boardcheck-in is dealt with in two phasesfirstly our passports are checked alongwith our tickets and health declarationwe'll leave our bags here as they'll bedelivered to our suite in due courseas we walk up the gangway I'm surprisedhow large this ship seems on paper it'sfar from the largest I've been on at 492feet in length two of the friendly crewwarmly welcome us on board and I'mshowing through a brief additionalSecurity check and just like that we'reon the world's only luxury Icebreakerthe reception area is beautifullydesigned featuring digital artworkrunning from the floor to the ceiling ofthe entire shipto my delight I'm offered a refreshingglass of champagne as we complete someof the final formalities as with mostcruises I'm leaving my credit card onfile for any incidentals on board andthen issued my room key encased in thisbeautiful leather sleevewe're currently on Deck 5 and our suiteis located upper level on Deck 6. ourfriendly Butler will escort us to ournew living quartersSuite 642 is to the stern of the shipwith a rather unique app view over twofloors[Music]well I'm happy to welcome you on boardour cruise our ship and our home for thenext I think it's five days but mostimportantly welcome back to the channelMillie hello how are you good thank youall right you're back for another oneright and back so once I struggle tocontain my excitement let's take a lookaround this well frankly palatial 1100square foot residents let's start in ourdining room with seats for six peopleI'm not quite sure who the other fourpeople are gonna be thoughmoving on let's continue to our livingroom which opens out to the full heightof the duplex Suite this creates alovely space flooded with natural lightoh and do note there's even a fireplace[Music]naturally there's a mini bar with moreglasses than I know what to do with anespresso machine and of course yes thedrinks here are bottomless including thebooze outside there's a huge balconycomplete with a private hot tub whichwill take a proper look at shortlylet's head upstairs to the masterbedroomokay I'm gonna say this is not only themost insane cruise ship room I've everstayed in but it's actually the mostincredible room periodyou'll note our bags have already beendelivered which is most efficientcompare this to other cruises where I'vehad to wait several hoursthere's a bunch of Pawn and goodieswaiting for us as well such as thisamenity kit along with waterproof bagsfor any Expeditions we may take now forthe bathroom I think I need to removeany preconceptions of cruise shipbathrooms from my mind this is insane[Music]Owen furnished with my favorite diptapeproductsthat's not enough there's a walk-inwardrobeoh and by the way or your laundry andpressing is included during your voyageand finally the toilet which seems alittle forgotten tucked away back hereit's fair to say Millie and I arespeechless[Music]prior to departure we must watch thesafety video which is a little differentdue to the Arctic itineraries that thisship embarks upon for example check outthe Arctic immersion suit provided toall guests on board this will keep youalive for 24 plus hours in extreme coldconditionswith that it's finally time to get onour way[Music]over the next five days we'll sell some2 000 miles northwards up through theIrish sea and onwards up the NorthAtlantic to Reykjavik Icelandnow we're moving it's time to get therest of our bags unpacked before we canget ready for dinner and explore therest of this incredible shipwhat is that well what are you doing ohhey Millie let's go investigatedefinitely gonna catch a big one yeahdon't mind me I'm uh attempting to fishuh I don't think that's how fishingworks yeah I don't seem to be verysuccessful in catching any fish todayhowever I tell you where I would be istoday's video sponsor the fishing crashthey've been my go-to mobile game for awhile which is why you should downloadit today for free the cool part about itis you don't even need to leave yourhouse or in my case the luxury of thiscruise ship you can fish all around theworld exploring new locations and catchdifferent kinds of fish one tip for newplayers you can use the weight gain tohelp you catch bigger fish it certainlyhelped me improve you can download thegame right now just hit the link in thedescription or scan my QR code on screenplus use code track trendy for twentydollars of free in-game perks thanksagain fishing Clash for sponsoringtoday's video[Music]after a quick shower it's time to getsomething a little more formal on I knowfor once there's no ripped jeans or NASAhoodies in sight[Music]doesn't really look just stunning thisevening so let's kick this evening offwith a date in the observation Loungenow we're still learning our way aroundthe ship but for each stairwell andelevator there's a handy plan to consultfor directionswe're heading up to the top deck 9 whichshould also come with the ship's bestviews[Music]this will do perfectly right by thewindow and with a stunning view out overthe bownow whilst locked on board is inclusivesome alcohol such as champagne is notbut that's not gonna stop us oh mygoodness would you look at that for thesake of the bingo card we simply mustget some caviar forum 65 Euros I say we Millie is not a fanof caviar so Ops for a passion fruitMartini[Music]I've decided to up the ante further andcomplement the caveat order with some2012 Dom also in FYI it's commonplace inFrance for champagne to be served in awine glass now for caviar it's theperfect accompaniment for the champagneand a wonderful start to an evening ofFine Foodnow to continue this trend we must headback down to deck 5 to the restaurantNuna this is the ship's main formalvenue offering contemporary Frenchcuisine by three Michelin starred Chefyou see it's not like a traditionalCruise where you're seated with othersor indeed you're not restricted by adining time we're asked our preferencefor seating and naturally we'd prefer tobe by the window so they'll ensure thisor a similar seat is reserved for eachnightthe menu is extensive with options toofor vegetarians you can also mix andmatch between the set menu should youwish[Music]to begin we'll kick things off with agin and tonic these are also notinclusive by the way we're initiallyserved a sweet potato salad with Citruscoconut milk and hummusI do believe I've spotted Jack SparrowI'm captain Jack'snow for the lobster tail green asparagusand almonds[Music]next up neither of us fancied the foiegras though for reference this is whatit looked like thanks to anotherpassenger instead we'd both choose theeggplant tart with truffled fresh tomatodressing and black garlic surprisinglywe're both going strong still it's timefor main course the veal tenderloinwhich comes with truffled vegetables andpotato gratan[Music]one word phenomenal well we've made itthrough the five courses and now it'sdessert time would you look at this aminiature of our ship made out ofchocolate cake aside from beingdelicious the attention to detail withthis menu has been outstandingwith the Sun finally beginning to setit's time for this evening'sentertainment at the theater towards thefront of the ship on the same deck fivegiven the ship is small I wasn'texpecting this level of entertainmentprovision especially when comparing tothe larger Ritz Carlton Yachts which hasvery limited entertainment space[Music]come alive[Music]we've just come back from Gala nightyeah it's been a lot of fun hasn't ityeah it's been delicious food followedby jazz music and dancing all right I'vereally enjoyed it and to be fair somereal sophistication for once on thechannel so I think we've done prettywellfall to the brim with food and happinessI make it bedtime it's been quite theeventful first day and tomorrow we havelots more exploring to do around theshipthank you[Music]foreign[Music]well a very good morning to you from theIrish sea we've made Solid progressthroughout the night and I make it timefor breakfast located back on Deck 5'sNoona restaurant[Music]the menu is again extensive withanything from avocado on toast to Frenchcrepes and truffled eggs benedictto placing our order I'll start with theobligatory caffeine hit before headingover to investigate the other optionprovided for breakfast the buffet it'sagain Mighty impressive and comparableto an upmarket luxury hotel with theaddition of champagne let's return toour table then and see how our ordershave turned out Millie is gone for theFrench toast with a rich caramel sauceand I've chosen the avocado on toast apersonal favoritewith breakfast out of the way it's timewe take a proper look around the shipPromenade on Deck 5 wraps around theentirety of the ship I love this andprovides some much needed space to walkoff all that foodwhen it's colder such as in the Arcticwhere the ship is heading there arethese incredible thermal benchesbasically it's like sitting on aradiatorup to deck 6 and you'll get access tothe helipadalbeit quite windy it provides anawesome perspective of our shipespecially right at the front here infact we can see the Isle of Man in thedistancelastly we must check out the stern andwhilst we can get a similar view fromour balcony this doesn't come withaccess to the secondary Bridgeso for background this secondary controlcenter provides two purposes one as abackup in case the main bridge iscompromised however this is actuallyused frequently when in the polarregions it allows full flexibility inoperation and the ability to break icefrom both directionsin contrast this is the main bridge onDeck 8. it's actually nearly always opento pop in and take a look unlike arecent Royal Caribbean cruise where Iwas charged 200 for the privilege that'sa story for another day thoughdid you know there's a world-class Spafacility on board so let's hot foot itup to deck 9 and indulgenow access to the spa is complementarywhich is unusual as most cruise linesmake this a paid facility what's notcomplementary are the treatments howeverfor an onboard Spa I think these arepriced pretty fairly we'll be maximizingthe facilities thoughfirst up the sauna this is on the largerside and offers fabulous views out overthe ocean[Music]I think it's fair to say this is one ofmy favorite saunas I've ever been innext up the snow room this is a facilityI'd never tried before but seeing asthis is a polar Expedition ship it seemsfitting[Music]sprayed the freezing temperatureslet me just say Millie is dealing withthis a lot better than I to warm uplet's hit the indoor poolI always find it bemusing swimming on aship it seems like the definition ofirony but hey it's warm and we have thepool to ourselves so why not there'salso another outdoor pool called theBlue Lagoon and thankfully this isheated so we'll check that out a littlelater onback pull side I think it's time we makethe most of this extensive tea andcoffee menu with a cappuccino albeitit's iced but I'm so predictable[Music]I make it lunchtime and this is servedin the Sila restaurant on the same deckdeck nine like Nuna on Deck 5 it's abeautiful modern space however this ismore of a buffet than a la carte setupthis is by no means a drop in qualitythoughpersonally I love the outdoor grilloffering a selection of made to orderitemswith my order placed I'm momentarilydistracted tempted by a freshly shuckedoyster again this is no ordinary cruiseship Buffetso what have I gone for well my arm gotTwisted by the beef burger with sweetpotato fries perhaps one of the juiciestand most delicious burgers I've ever hadwhilst Millie goes for the surf and turfselection the ribeye fried prawns withthick cut chipsfor review purposes I simply must sampledessert now this is something we allknow the French do superbly thischocolate mousse has totally ruinedstore-bought mooses for Life Rich creamywith large chunks of chocolate wowforeign[Music]was all plain sailing but of course weare dealing with Mother Nature and herunpredictability when at Sea so uh yeahneedless to say unfortunately it's notquite what it was earlier on today butneed not worry we've still got plenty todo on board so let me show you some ofthe things that you can do when you'vegot a bit of a rainy yucky sea daynow one of the facilities you may nothave seen on a cruise ship before is alaboratory and our ship has multiplegiven that sailings go to some of themost remote parts of the planet namelyAntarctica and the North Pole Bonnet hadscientists on board for such trips thelabs are located on Deck 3. alongsidethe Expedition rooms this is where yourboard attender like one of the 16Zodiacs for a closer look ashore in thepolar regions oh and this oddContraption is a boot warmer I could dowith one of these for the colder daysback home anyway the labs there's a wetone for well as it says in the nameexperiments conducted with instrumentsfrom the water and iceand then there's a dry one where we gotto see a tardy grade this micro animalcan survive super harsh environmentsfrom the extreme cold to Extreme Hot andeven the vacuum of space[Music]with the weather showing no signs ofimprovement I think it's finally time wecheck out our in-room hot tub this isperhaps our favorite part of our duplexsuite and whilst we don't quite have thesun on our side it's certainly somethingwhich you can enjoy whatever the weather[Music]trueyou may be wondering if you don't have aduplex Suite is there a communal outdoorhot tub well I can do one better for youthe aforementioned Blue Lagoon on Deck9.which is kind of a wraparound pool keptat a constant hot tub like temperaturehowever in rough Seas like thisafternoon it's probably not the mostpopular of Pursuitswith that I think it's time to head backto our room and get ready for thisevening's plansrather than a shower this evening I'veopted for a relaxing bath and moviewater combination[Music]so it's back down to deck 5 and to ourusual table by the window[Music]foreign what's on the menu tonight thenas with last night it's pretty extensivedo let me know what you choose downbelow after placing our order we servedsome fresh bread along with a couple ofrefreshing gnts to start we're offeredat a moose Bouche of red quinoawatermelon feta and green asparagus[Music]and I've chosen the broccoli soup whichis divine[Music]now for a personal favorite The BeefCarpaccio with black truffle andParmesanthe main I opt for something a littlelighter and maybe not to everyone'staste the Tandoori cauliflower sliceit's surprisingly really filling andsuper tastyfor dessert I'm served the forest Noiror well black forest chocolatey fruityand wrapping up another delicious mealnow for tonight's entertainment albeit alittle low-key compared to last night'sproduction we're invited to the mainLounge for an evening of dancingsomething else has really caught my eyein here and that's some of the drinks onoffer aside from the wide selection ofchampagne and wines there's some LouisXII cognac which retails at threethousand dollars a bottle this isnothing compared to the 1904 armaniacserve which retails at thirteen thousanddollars a bottle[Music]not quite ready for bed we have a brainwave the 50-inch TV in our living roomwould be the perfect Mario Kart setup[Music]for Grudge to report I lost beforeturning in for the night let's get someroom service breakfast orderedthe next daywell good morning from Iceland despitesetting my alarm for 6am we've arrivedearly into Port it's certainly excitingto wake up here though I wish I'd beenable to see our arrival with a knock atthe door our room service is deliveredlet's see what we've gone for aside fromthe obligatory caffeine hit of acappuccino Millie's ordered her favoriteFrench toast complete with caramel saucei instead opt for the buttermilkpancakes not usually the one for a sweetbreakfast but this was absolutely spoton[Music]sadly this marks the end of ourIcebreaker cruise and yes I know wedidn't exactly break any ice but that'sa reason to come back and try one oftheir North Pole or Antarctica voyagesthose are at an entirely different pricepoint though which brings me nicely ontoour costs for five days full bored inthe duplex suite cost us thirteenthousand five hundred and seventydollars now whilst that's superexpensive when you compare this to othercruises and give them the spaceattention to detail and experience Ithink this demonstrates a good priceoverall but do let me know what youthink down below[Music]well just like that welcome to Icelandwe have arrived here in Reykjavik afterthe last five days at Sea Nelly how'syour experience been oh it's beenwonderful it's been the best cruise yetit really has isn't it we've absolutelyloved every second of it so anyway thankyou again so much for watching and we'llcatch you all again next time bye