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ATOMIC HEART PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 8 – GRANNY ZINA (FULL GAME)

Exploring Atomic Heart: Navigating a Complex and Chaotic World

  • In this video, the game Atomic Heart is discussed
  • The protagonist navigates through it, finding a complex and chaotic world
  • They meet Granny Xena, who gives them a weapon
  • They find Dominator and try to get the resources needed to craft it
  • They also upgrade some of their skills with a shield that provides protection against some attacks and an energy recharge feature.

Mysterious Granny Xena Guides Protagonist Through Atomic Heart Adventure

  • In Atomic Heart, the protagonist searches for loot while being chased by enemies
  • They are aided by a mysterious old lady named Granny Xena who helps them to reach the village head and find their way to the VDNH station
  • The protagonist also discovers a chip-chicken, an item they have never seen before
  • While doing this, the protagonist is trained to survive, and discovers the game’s title – Atomic Heart – in relation to a project Dr. Sechino was working on.

Explore the Thrilling World of Bioshock!

  • Bioshock is a game that excels in keeping the player engaged
  • It features car driving and combat, as well as an inverted camera perspective
  • There’s plenty of loot to collect, crafting mechanics to explore and dialogue options when interacting with NPCs
  • The main character must be stealthy to ensure they don’t get attacked while looting various houses and locations.

Players Crafting Adventure: Abundant Loot and Challenges Along the Way

  • Player has too many resources
  • Player is trying to decide what to craft and which items they need
  • Player increases backpack capacity and decides to focus on Shield, Shock, and Frostbite
  • Player looks for obstacles along the way while driving
  • Loot is plentiful and top-notch.

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all right want to take a minute to saywhat's up welcome back to more atomicheart and join this game a lot I reallylike how the structure this game is youkind of start off in the very beginningshows you like an overview of the entireworld and then it's like you're in likethe bunker area for a very long time andthen you finally get outside and it'slike chaos so anyways love you all bestaudience ever if you want more of thisseries each day just keep it up and uhlet's go ahead and get thisall right so we're headed back downthat's cool she's still alivefor some reason I thought somethinghappened to her butforeignhere we goI'll be honest the game is kind of scarytoI guess like navigate through we gottago to this fence right hereI might just run for it because I'musing a lot of ammoreallythere we golet's head up here really quickthat's cool for interact with herbecause there's like there was a list ofcharacters we're supposed to seethroughout the game when I was likedoing some research but it's like everygame I play I usually get like a PDFfile that has like some tips on it stufflike that but I try to not read itbecause I don't want to see spoilers butI did seewe're gonna see her later onall right so this is her areashould we look through here firstlet me go over there I guess buthmmit's like a freezer but it had likeweird insulation all right let's seelet me show you son of a [ __ ]this is a cool entranceyeah about time that [ __ ] pot almostkilled mewell I'm here now Sonny thanks for theassist granny Xena so where are thesebig guns of yours I'm gonna need themcome on in have a cup of teakettle's there help yourself uh okaynice TV what's oncartoonshave a seat and watchwhat the hell are youregardlessfacility 38 26.the malfunction has already beencorrected comrade Molotov everything'sback to normal there's nothing to worrycorrected or notour American friends are likely to findout about this outrageous incidentdo you realize what this could mean forusan international scandalI am fully aware of are you our atomicheart project is in jeopardymy projecta project I started before the beginningof that damn War a project you allrefused to acknowledgehow many millions of Soviet citizensdied in that Bloody meat grinder of awarI swore that the world would never seeits like well well I'm glad to hear youstill value human life over yourmechanical toys comrades such enough butthat does not change the fact that weare all slowly being suffocated byWestern sanctionscomrade Molotov I value human life AboveAll Else and the age of capitalistexploitation is coming to an end soonthe Westernpresser I understand my duty all toowell comrade Molotov the polymerizationof the entire Soviet population thelaunch of the collective neural networkoperation atomic heartwhat Duty are you referring to comradesection off do you even realize that ifthe Americans find out that your robotscan be switched to combat mode Iguarantee your project will be dead inthe water they're not going to find outI repeat the malfunction has been dealtcomrade such enoughsome members of the politburo may bewilling to take you at your word as anhonored member of the Academy ofSciencesbut I'm afraid your word is just notenough for mewhat's that supposed to meanthe politburo has come to a decision andI have been ordered to head a specialCommissioninvestigating your malfunctionwe will be at your facility later todaydo I make myself clear comrade suchenoughwell comrade Molotov if the party deemsit necessary thenholy [ __ ] granny Xena how the hell didyou get out direct connection I've goteyes and ears everywhere sweet cheeksdon't worry about it okay it's none ofyour business besides you've got work todoforeignfor you it's in the corner you know whatto do with volan codes right and takethis blueprint you can give it to myrepair vendor it won't biteunlike your girlfriend authorizationsthanks lady you're a real peachart is called Dominator I don't have theresources though oh my goodness that'swhat the game's kind of telling me okayso if I want tolet's seeI could get rid of some of this stuffyou know what let's do something quickif I want to like change the resource Iwonder if I can give back onyeah upgrades like levelI don't think those are differentI don't see able to change those to givethose back butsee on mapoh she's just gonna give us the weapon Iguess after you know I'm still kind ofgo for it everybody let me uh what willit be majorcheck here really quickso you can redo these I do want toupgrade some of this all right the shockum I'm not really filling thetelekinesis I mean it's cool butI kind of want to try some of this otherstuff what does this one docan be set on fire let's find okayreallywhat about thiswell we have a shield which we could trythisdoes not protect against whatcritical attacks okay energy managementthe energy recharge and stuff so theseare like passive thingsI might try out the shield for a littlebitI'm gonna put that where the lift isyeah let's try that for a bitall right defending against any attacksand instantly counter attack okaywith the screen kind of weirduminteresting doesn't seem to last toolong but it might help me a little bitso I'm guessing she has enough materialsto craft this thing okayall right cartridge slotsit's all cartridge you need anappropriate upgrade for this okay youcould pretty much make like flamebullets that's pretty coolplease select the desired procedure Iwant to see insufficient funds so I'mmissing man I need a lotwell the good thing is we can alwayscome back cartridge guns let's seesufficient I can make this one but do Ireally need to right nowI think if anything I should probablymake some ammo because I'm kind of lowonthis one whereas my daughter says thisoneuh let's say you get eight rounds forthatlook yeah we'll create thatsent to storage interestingand then four shellsyou have to actually go get itmade a little bit more there okay thatshould be fineI think as far asthe auto sortwe just have a lot of stuff on Amazon wedon't have any more space by the wayso what I should probably do here[Music]umlet me move thiswhat is this thingso bring out some more shells more ammothat should be fineyou're no ordinary old lady really youseem a little mixed up sonny no kiddingyou've got a flying Hut a quantumcomputer hanging from the ceiling ofcourse I'm mixed up I've never metanybody like you before you've got amemory like a sieve haven't you well Iguess there's a few little things Ican't remember since I got injured but Idefinitely remember you little thingsyou say well now you've got somethingreally important to do right pretty muchI need to get to the vdnh is there atrain station around here it's rightpast the village head down the road youcan't miss it just keep an eye on theskyall right I want to ask her everythingyou're a sharp old bird granny Zenathanks for noticinglet's just say you're lucky I felt likelooking after you why did you what'sspecial about me I wanted to see ifyou're a real man or a [ __ ] harshthat's what it takes to get through athick skullhow did you survive anyway I didn't I'mdead huhwhat's that supposed to mean what kindof stupid ass question is thatI ought to grab my Ladle and smack youon the headI'm trained to survive so that's what Ididhow are you tracking such enough sameway I check everybody else technologySonnylet's just say I've got a fancy Hutyou've got a fancy glove and we don'task each other where they came fromdeal fair enoughthat's a weird pet you got there what'sso weird about her I make some prettyspecial tea I'll give you that but thisis just a plain old chickenwhat that's a joke this is facility 3826it's like the Emerald City haven't youever seen a chip chicken beforecan't say I have actually I didn't evenknow that was a thing well go ahead andtake a lookall right I think we're goodanyway I gotta run off you go little pupoh I almost forgot you didn't find acouple of rings down there did you goldones in a facility 3826 box rings in aboxno granny Xena I didn't see anythinglike that I waskind of busy wellyou go thenenjoy the vdnh thanksI really appreciate the helpwaityou're meeting stockhausen there aren'tyou how the hell did you know about thatlittle bird told metell the Crouch things might have beendifferent if he hadn't been chasingafter another man's woman whatever Ihave no idea what you're talking aboutgrab a car in the village it's a longwalk to the stationall right grab a car in the village allright let me make sure I'm gonna lookaround and look look for loot againbecause I feel like I'm probably gonnahave to oh there's the uhshe's talking aboutthat's pretty cool all right let mecheck this one more timewhat I might do I meanwe're so far off on all the uh theresources I'm just gonna collect as muchstuff as I possibly can and then craftthis sowe'll be on the lookoutmaybe go through some of these houses aswell I bet you there's a lot of loot inthese who is this granny Xena ladyanyway that's a difficult question toanswer comrade major I've never met heryeah I figured you knew her why is thatyou didn't say a word when we weretalking I assumed you didn't want her tohear your voice I decided not to revealmyself until I can determine exactlywhose side she's on makes sense so whatabout this atomic heart project Drsechinob was talking to comrade Molotovabout I have no data about it you'd haveto ask Dr sechino nah it doesn't matterthe boss will tell me about it if I needto know let's go find a way to thestationjust kind of searching around so that'swhy the game's called atomic heart thatmakes sense I was wondering when thatwas going to come into playoverall I like the game a lot like thevibe of it is really nice it's Iwouldn't say it's likeit almost feels like a couple ofdifferent games into one you hadthe first game was the prologue you knowthen the second game is likeyo every time I take my eye off ofanything I was looking around in the skyyeah these things were everywhere what Imight dodoes this workhold onI might be dead here[Music]well I'm going upbut see y'all laterdoesn't take a lot to uhrun out of bullets and stuff in thisgamewe're finally in the system we can seethe whole place this waylet's look for the right cameraall right so we can zoom inoh waitno that's not itI'll scanwe've got a camera are you getting anyTelemetry Charles I'm in the systemthis is the two gates I'm pretty sureopen the gatewatch ityeah I think we're goodall right going down the one thing thisgame needs is the wingsuit I feel likeI think the Far Cry stuff got me kind ofspoiled over the yearsimagine just jumping off the top of thisand just Gliding Over the treesvery awesome game to look at I will saythat the combat's fun the alarm systemI'm not quite sure about yetpretend godslike everything I possibly can I shouldgo into somebody's houses really quickand loot upthere's just enemies everywhere so Idon't really know if it's safe toreally commit can I hold on can I makeit up to itI'm getting stuff from these enemies sothat's goodwhy don't I hear the camera somewhereyou got a big fight ahead of you moreenemies incomingI'm already out of bullets on my pistolthat's crazydoesn't take muchI might just ignore the uh let's just goin here loot aroundthis is where you get most of the stuffin the game you actually needand they're already bombing me againwe can look in there or we can goupstairs huh let's go check this outhey here we goa lot of lootsrecipe for shotgun shells alreadyunlocked so I'm guessing if you didn'tfind it early on in the game that'swhere it isI can now see what all these peopledidn't make it out alivebecause there's a lot of enemies nearbyyeah I feel like most of the loot comesto these houses so I may just try ohthere's a different floors wellcan't lose that all rightI may just use these more oftennow we're up topI'll loot what I can yeah there's somuch stuff here look at all thatthe only thing I could see being toughisthe repair robotsbeing like theyjust everywhereokaylike it's just smarter just to stayinsidewe're going out this wayforeignis right there so we should be all rightI really wanted to go in some of thesehouses there's one right here that'slocked butcan we even get into it without gettingattackedeven by this little guy right there holdonwe got to be quick oh it's one of thesenah I'm doing it wrong hold on uhthere we goyeah that's gonna loot these houses asmuch as I canI feel like this is where everythinggood is at we're getting okay we'regetting AR rounds so we don't even havethe gun yet so that's actually a goodthing I might need to put up some ofthat stuff I think I might even put someof my inventoryuh we have these things every time Iscan this OR look for ityou can't like I wish you could listenlike the voice stuff as you're walkingaround the house you knowforeignwhatever that was niceis there an upstairs or is that itall right uh dear let's seeanyyour husband Vladimir okay what's goingon hold ongetting worried urgent must read I loveall these Vladprefer to pause it if you need to mostthis stuff I can go back and read lateron I'm pretty sureI thought it was at most video gamesall right wasn't much of this housesurprisingly I'm gonna go through thefence now because we've beenworking on getting around this for aminuteactuallyohall right we're goingit's pretty funnyshout oh these spots remind me of it's apleasure serving with you major P3unfortunately you are about to be killedforeign[Music]level twotake a carI drive this oneit seems out of place so let's gohey let's get itthat's actually pretty cool you candrive in this gamewas not expecting that when she kind ofmentioned that I thought maybe be like acutscene butactually do it is pretty cool oh here wego[Music]I actually prefer driving in a carbecauseit's kind of nice[Music]all right this game keeps opening up oh[Music]really car combat heretwist the metal on it[Music]I think one thing that made Bioshocksuch a masterpiece every time I playthis game I think about that game is itwas airtight you know you're in aconfined area for a long period of timebut it never got dull I felt like thefirst three hours of this game was likethe first hour was really good then itkind of got a little like repetitivewait where do I go I see the icon butthey go around this way okay what am Istuck on the tree right theredown here here we gowhy is the screen like I'm looking upoh it's inverted I just noticed thatI forgot to change thatforeignbut this game it started off reallyreally good then I was kind of in thatarea for a long period of time I'mwondering ifthe open what it doesn't seem as openworld as I'm thinking because a lot ofstuff's blocked up for those lasersrightjust really curious what's going tohappen nextpretty large map okay we got the thingin front of us but we also havea place on the side right here which howdo we get outforeignthis feels like you should be in hereyou knowI don't mind I get spottedgotta get some of this loot so I cancraft this weapon that's what I reallywantlet's see it's one of those corpses ittalks rightI guess notwait no reflectionthat's interestinga lot of stuff oh I'll like thiscan't go back there but you can loot itso maybe you gotta climb like a windowor somethingoh we just pick up condensed to milkoh we gotta crawl through right thereokaybut of course we can'tclimb up there okaywe have that side as well wait how doyoucan't crawl through this oh wait aminute maybe you gotta like Run and Jumpthat's probably what it isall right here we goI don't think I would see someone listenyou should get out of here I'd love tobut who's gonna clean this mess up if Ido no I've still got work to do hereyeah this is exactly what we werethinking waiting for the train very wellI hope you'll have better luckyou know a game I wish it would makelike a sequel to I know it probablywouldn't sell well but just like I havelike a list of games I would I wouldpersonally love to play like I'll beplaying this to my spare time if Iwasn't making videos stuff like that thedarkness The Darkness 2 those two gamesI played the second one on my channel Ibelieveit's been a long timeuh another one is condemnedI love those games so muchall right going to the windowwe made itlook at all this loot give mekind of got a nice feel for the game nownow that I understand what's going onstealth has never been my strong suit soit's gonna take me some time[Music]I think that's everythingyou have a robot right there I'm gonnago aroundhey appreciate all your patience on thisseriesfor it I'm still kind of up in the airfollowed go all the way but I've heardit's not that long so I wouldn't mindjust finishing itkind of see how it goes I'm kind of justgoing video to video but I most likelywillkeep it going hold on let's seethat's weirdthe doors on the other side but I betyou can't even go inall right I'm Gonna Keep on drivingwe got an area to our right as welllet's check this outyeah I prefer this more than the othersection we was just in becauseit was just too many camerasare we gonna save spot we got why is thesafe spot all by itselflet's see what we got really quick letme go to my leftstorage as wellI think I got way too many of everythingthis is the AR ammo that I can't evenuse so we're gonna move thatuh Auto sortcondensed milk I don't really need thisdo Imove that as wellwe got tons of hillsI almost feel like I have too many youknow disassembleumI should probably bring out this rightlet me move those out yeah it Stacks itokay so this the highest stack this cango is 18 which makes sense but at thesame timeuh crafting and sufficient we're stillpretty far away on the first item butthe other one's 21 out of 22. so we'llkeep on goingmaybe even by then I will uhhow much does this cost to makedoesn't tell menow 146 on these let me I'm gonna goover the character stuff for a littlewhile the shield okayso I've tried to Shield out I've triedthe telekinesis I didn't really like anyof those The Shield just doesn't seemthat goodthe jet would be the last thing I couldtryI feel like shock and the frostbite arethe two best thingsat least right nowhmm I don't knowI feel like in order for this to be agood thing you actually have to use thecartridges that changeyeah because he's going to use the fireleads towards it and then flamesyeah I don't knowall right so I'm going to increase thebackpack capacity I felt like that was apretty big dealumsome of these other ones I don't knowadditional Dodge I like thatwhat does this one costyeah let's do itI might spend more stuff on the uhcharacter part because I'm not really afan of so The Shield's kind of weakgranted I don't have it fully maxed outyet so there's like other stuff I canget with ituh shock seems really good I want to Maxthat out frostbite I really like a lotthis one's cool but I I wouldn't mindseeing like what elseyeah I like that take damage when theyfall The Shield just seems kindakind of weak almostso I don't knowI'm gonna try using it for a little bitlonger thoughall right we're gonna keep on Craftingwhenever we get something we canactually craftI just like Loot and get materials allright we're gonna go over here now letme take the carbefore I leave it therejust wind up just leaving it all overthe place all right uh we gotstuff back there but I'm not gonna worryabout it here we gowhen the game first started I wasn'tsure if you could actually drive becauseand the train is right there all we haveto do now is take a seat more off Isincerely hope we don't encounter anyobstacles along the way don't jinx itgloveotherwise we'll find a goddamn canisterlock on the doorwe got something back here hold onI keep getting AR bulletsthe looting in this game is top notchokay