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How To Create Twitter Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE) | Twitter Ads Tutorial 2023

Unlock the Potential of Twitter Advertising: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Twitter advertising is an opportunity with 450 million active subscribers and $167 million of spend
  • Twitter offers low CPC and CPM rates making it a great place to test copy, ad images and generate traffic
  • You can target people interested in the product you’re selling
  • To get started you need to set up billing, the Twitter pixel, the goal of your campaign and the attribution window
  • Finally, you can create campaigns using tools such as the creative elements, analytics and more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Winning Twitter Ad Campaign

  • This video covers the steps to create a Twitter ad campaign, specifically from scratch
  • It explains how to choose media, compose a tweet, and set up the campaign
  • Recommendations for creating successful campaigns are given such as adding a call-to-action and providing useful information in the videos
  • Advice is also discussed on targeting followers by interests and demographics
  • Lastly, steps are provided for setting up budgets for the campaign.

Maximizing Twitter Ads: Strategies to Reach Your Desired Audience

  • Twitter Ads can be used to put a company’s product or service in front of potential customers
  • There are a variety of targeting and budgeting options available to ensure users are reaching their desired audience
  • Setting the correct goals, bidding, and pacing for delivery is important to get the most out of the ads
  • Demographics such as gender, age, and location can be specified when creating an ad group
  • Investing 70-80% of the budget on what works and 20-30% on testing new ideas is recommended when evaluating results from Twitter ads.

Successful Advertising: Key Steps to Optimize Campaigns for Maximum Results

  • Advertisers must consider the amount of time it takes for a customer to make a decision in purchasing their products, and analyze results accordingly
  • Testing shorter term objectives can take place over a couple of weeks to a month, while longer-term objectives such as converting customers should be analyzed over three months or more
  • Optimization of advertisement campaigns is key – evaluate campaigns based on KPIs set and refine targets, images, headlines if necessary
  • Overall, advertising campaigns should deliver on what was set out to achieve.

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
  • Customizable to fit your specific needs
  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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ladies and gentlemen you are in for atreat today you might be coming intothis video with absolutely zero Twitterexperience perhaps you even have anintermediate level of understanding ofthe Twitter advertising platform by theend of this video I promise you that youwill leave an expert in Twitteradvertising the video is time stamped sofeel free to skip around to the partsthat interest you the most and if youstick around right until the end I willteach you how to get the most bang foryour buck from Twitter advertising sohere's what we are going to cover todayin this video why advertise on Twitterthe assets you will need to advertise onTwitter how to set up your Twitter adaccount how to create your very firstcampaign how to define your budget howto evaluate your results and finally howto optimize your campaigns to get themost bang for your buck so let's startwith why AI you should advertise onTwitter well there are450 million active subscribers onTwitter at the moment on top of thatthere was167 million dollars worth of advertisingspend last year that is an increase of300 over previous years it shows me thatother companies and individuals haverealized the opportunity that exists onTwitter in addition the CPC and the CPMon Twitter is incredibly low and if youdon't know what that means stick aroundI'm going to explain all of those itemsas we go through the video so why do Iadvertise on Twitter for all thosereasons that I mentioned above but alsoit is a fantastic place to spin up acampaign test copy test ad images andgenerate a lot of traffic at a reallycheap price you might want to test a newapp that you want to launch and youservice that you want to offer or justpromote a product that you sell thetargeting on Twitter is what I reallylike most about this platform you canvery specifically Target people whowould be interested in the product thatyou're selling and as we go through thisvideo I'm going to show you exactly howto do that so the first thing thatyou're going to do is get yourselflogged into Twitter so I won't gothrough how to open up a Twitter accountif you're looking for Twitteradvertising you probably already haveone it's really simple either way youjust click a few buttons and you're setup then the first thing you want to dois look on this navigation menu on theleft you're going to click on more andthen under professional tools is whereyou're going to find Twitter ads soyou're going to click on there this isgoing to open up the main campaigndashboard where you're gonna manage allof your Twitter advertising spend andall of your Twitter ads to give you aquick overview so you've got your createcampaign over here which is where you'regoing to create a campaign you can thenlook and see you know over the lastseven days month Etc how everything hasperformed and then you have otheroptions such as the advertising manageragain to create a campaign you've gotthe creative Elements which is whereyou'll create the tweets where you'regoing to add media all of those thingswhich again I will show you as we gothrough this video and then there's moreinformation about analytics as well thatyou can see and on top of that varioustools as well now the very first thingyou should do before you do anythingelse in the campaign manager is you wantto go ahead and you want to set up thebilling part of this so this is amistake I made is that I've goteverything set up and I clicked and gotmy ads ready to go the very first time Iuse this platform that I didn't runbecause I hadn't set up the billing sothat's the important thing to do firstand foremost so on this account Ialready have billing but if you wantedto do it you would just add a newpayment method and of course this iswhere you would put in your of debitcard credit card details you canactually use this service okay so nowthe the billing is set up the next thingyou need to do is set up your Twitterpixel the pixel is basically a trackingcode and it's incredibly important whenwe get further through the stages ofthis video in terms of analyticscollecting data on our campaigns to makesure they are delivering as we hope sowhat you're going to do is go into toolsand then you're going to go down toevents manager so in here what you'll dois go to add events so you click on addevents you would give it a name so maybecall it new page view and you can see wecan then link it with the event type sothat would be a page view there are anumber of other things that we can do sowe could change it to purchase forexample and then we might call this youknow product purchase and ultimatelywhat you want want to do with this andyour goal with this event is whateveryou're looking to achieve from yourTwitter advertising that is what thistag should be called and that is whatthis tag should be looking for so if Iwant someone to fill out a contact formI need to make sure I've chosen contactform submission event or if I wantsomeone to purchase a product then Ineed to select purchase and the reasonfor this is that if you can be reallyspecific with the event you want tohappen then of course you can track theadvertising you can get to a stage whereyou know if you spend one dollar you get10 back out or whatever it may be you'llthen look at the attribution window sothis is basically someone might come onyour website from Twitter advertisinghow long are you willing to wait untilthey actually make a sale so if I comeon your website today and then maybe Igo away and I come back later are youwilling to wait 10 days 20 days 30 daysyou know how long are you willing forthat Gap to be to still attribute thesale to having come from Twitteradvertising um so you can play aroundwith these of course there's a number ofdifferent options you know it's entirelyup to you it's whatever is most suitablefor your business then you'll click nexthere you have the option to either do itwith a URL so if it loads a thank youpage or something like that this one isthe recommended one but you will needsome more specifics in terms of theparameters if there's a button click soif you're trying to do it all yourselfand you're maybe not incrediblyproficient when it comes to coding Iwould choose the URL option is that amuch easier option this option what Idid personally is I just hired someoneon Fiverr I think it cost me abouttwenty dollars and they sorted the wholething out for me so that is what I wouldrecommend for you and if you would likemore great marketing tips or advice togrow your business make sure to sign upto my newsletter I publish it monthlyand in that newsletter you'll findadditional information I don't alwayscover but in the videos there's a linkin the description okay so now we'regoing to move on to actually creatingyour first campaign creating your firstadvert so when it comes to starting acampaign I don't always start by goingto create campaign what I do instead isI will go to create tips and first I'mgoing to compose a tweet so if you usethis account quite actively you mightalready have tweets that you'vepublished on your profile that you wantto use you can do that as well but let'ssay I just want to start from scratchthis video is of course designed at thebeginner all the way up to the expert soI'm going to show you it from scratch sowe come up with a name now let's say youknow new book just published and thenwhat I'm going to do is send them to mywebsite um and then the creative typeI'm going to do as media of courseyou've got a few options here you cansend them to an app or you can just youknow not have a call to actionpersonally I can't think of a reason whyyou wouldn't want a call to action withan advert so I think that important tohave it go somewhere then of course youhave to create the actual tweet itselfso let's say you know amazing book justpublished by incredible author and thenwhat I would need to do next is I caneither add single media to one pictureor I can have a carousel so between twoand six pictures or videos for the sakeof example we will just choose singlemedia now I can add of course the mediaso I click add media so I have a fewimages from my own account here that I'mgoing to use let's take this one hereand we will upload it and then you cansee of course the image fills in hereand then what we would go ahead and donext you know is just go back we've gotyour media so now you would like aheadline so this is going to be yourheadline which is something short Snappythink of something that's going to grabattention you know let's say this bookchanges my life you know something likethat and then you're going to have thewebsite which in this case will probablybe you know forward slashbest book ever you get the idea so asyou can see now I've entered in a catchyheadline I've put in the URL and thenwhat I would do is go ahead and Presstweet and that would then mean I can usethis to create a campaign I'm not goingto tweak this one because it's just forexample purposes and so as the next partof this video I'm going to show you howto actually create a campaign so this isthe juicy part of this video we'vecovered everything else up until thecreation of the advert itself so let'sgo through and now we can click thecreate campaign button so you've got acouple of options here so you can usethe simple option which is a reallyquick way to Just Launch your Tweet soI'm going to show you both of theseoptions you know how to use both of themso if you click on simple click on nextand then it's really going to guide youthrough and make it reallystraightforward forward for you so youcan say you know I just want lots ofpeople to see my ad engagements you knowlikes retweets Etc I want to get morefollowers or I would like websitetraffic so I'm going to say I would likewebsite traffic so let's go next againyou know launching the best book everagain we would of course add media sowe'll just use something that we alreadyhave here and then we can go back andagainbut it's launched website use my companywebsite there we go and then we justpress next and here you've gotdemographics that you can choose you canchoose the location as well and you'vealso got the targeting features you canput in certain keywords you can searchfor followers and then essentially getit to find similar people to thosefollowers you can even select it via theoperating system the interest thelanguage and you've got recommendationsas well so I'm not going to go intodepth here about how to set up all theextras because we're going to do thatwhen we go through the detailed setup ofthe Twitter ad which is the secondoption if you remember but I'm going togo through that now so here we are I'vegone back to the start of that and thisis where I'm going to go through all ofthose options because there are all ofthese options in the advanced versionand on top of that the same that you sawin the simple version so again you getmore options here as you can see youknow Know video views pre-roll views appinstalls there's a lot more that you canTarget so what I'm going to do is usewebsite traffic again okay so here againI'm going to put in a campaign name thenI'm going to click next you can set anad group so that's an optional extralet's say for this book launch I wantedto do five different adverts so I'd givean ad group name to all of these so I'llcall that you know new launch the nextthing that you're going to do is goahead and set a budget for this groupand then also a total group budget aswell so you can set it for the day andthen you can also have this total groupbudget as well later in the video I'mgoing to run into how to set up yourbudgets as well so won't cover thatright now that will follow a little bitfurther along in the video you can alsoof course set you know when you want theadvert to start you can have it to runindefinitely Or you can have it end acertain point again that can often bereally useful if you want to test an adyou don't just want to set an ad up andthen just let it run you want to set itup test it for a week or a couple ofweeks you know give it a good chance tosee how it's working collect enough dataon it again I'll go over this in termsof optimizing a bit later on in thevideo but that's where you can set allof that and then the delivery is thenext thing that you can look at so againwe can look at what is our goal withthis advert so is it site visits that wewant is it link clicks that we want whatis it that we want to happen and thenonce we get them past that first goalwhat do we want to happen here so theseare the events that get triggered whichwe spoke about earlier and again you canalways create new events do you rememberI showed you how to do that the veryfirst part of the video so if you wantto refresh your memory on that check thetime stamps below for how to do thatthen what you can do is you can set howthe bidding is going to be done so youhave Auto bid where you leave Twitterand the algorithm to try and figure outthe best way to spend the money thatyou've allocated or you can set up amaximum bid so you can say look this isthe most I'm willing been to bid pervisit to my website I don't want tospend any more than that that's whatI've set out personally I always go withauto bid particularly when I'm trying tofigure out a new campaign to try andtest it work out what I should beexpecting in terms of the spend and thenyou can pay by impression or pay by linkclick I do always pay by impression thenthere's other options so you have thispacing of the adverts again with a lotof these I stick with what's recommendedI don't play around with these too muchand then again there are other ways youcan measure app conversions on top ofthat you can even choose where you wantthe advert placed so do you want it inhome timelines profiles search resultsreplies there's a whole number of placesyou can put this what I would say isplay around with these different optionsthat's the brilliant thing aboutcreating the ad group is you createmultiple ads within that group that areall similar that select differentoptions and then see what gets the bestresults when it comes to demographicsyou might have knowledge of yourparticular product to service so if it'smainly men that buy the service thenjust Target men it's mainly women thatbuy the service just Target women youcan even go into age ranges so forexample with my business I know thatit's people largely over 35 we don'treally sell to many people under thatthis is the publishing business that I'mtalking about um so with that businessin particular I know the age range so Iwould just select it in order that I'mnot advertising to people that are 18because they're probably not going tobuy that particular product or serviceand you can even set the language youcan select locations you can even selecta radius around a specific location andit's only available in the United Statesat the moment so for now if you're inthe UK you have to stick with locationif you're in the US then you can usethat option and you can even play aroundwith the operating systems that they'reusing you know what's the model of phonethat they're using a lot of these seemover the top but if you are selling aniPhone app then of course you couldselect only Iphone unit users because itwould only be relevant to them and thenyou've got all these targeting featuresso these are various keywords that youwant to put in these are other Twitteraccounts that you think the people whofollow you would also likely beinterested in your product to serviceinterests you know movies events itreally does go on and on in terms ofwhat you can select and I would say goas deep and as niche as you possibly canwith those selections and so once you'veselected all that you would press nextyou would then again as I showed youbefore you would go ahead and create theTweet you would add the media you can dosingle Media or Carousel we've beenthrough this already earlier in thevideo again go back to that time stampif you need and then you would pressnext and you would actually launch yourcampaign at this point so you would justgo ahead and press launch campaign nowon to the next important element is howto define your budget how much shouldyou be spending this is the part thatmight surprise you usually people spendtoo little on their initial budget sodon't spend enough to work out if thatadvert is going to work or not theymight spend 10 pounds a day or somethinglike that which quite frankly just isn'tenough to really figure out if thatadvert is going to work if it's going togenerate results for you you need tocome in with a pretty hefty budget spendthe money and really work it out interms of roast which is return onAdvertising spend when you first startadvertising something you want to getabout a 0.5 x return on a product saleso what I mean by that is if the productsells for 10 pounds you want to bespending around five pounds to get thesale that's the ideal Benchmark whenyou're just starting so I'm notsuggesting this should continue to bethe roast once you've really figured itout once you get to a stage where you'vegot adverts that work and where yourproducts are selling and they're fullyoptimized well then hopefully you couldbe spending two dollars and get a tendollar sale or even one dollar and get aten dollar sale because by that pointyou've optimized it what I'm saying isinitially set your expectations a bitlower understand you're going to have tospend some money on this platform sofigure out what is going to work for youthen finally once that's working you'vegenerated a good row ass going forwardhow do you then manage the budget wellwhat I always say to clients is toinvest 70 to 80 of your budget on whatworks so the bulk of your budget spendit on what works the other 20 to 30percent test new ideas and Test newadverts so we're coming on to the twofinal points of this video well done forsticking with me this far if you havethen you will will be in a phenomenalplace to go on and generate some amazingTwitter advertising campaignsimportantly we're going to now talkabout how to evaluate the results thatyou get from the Twitter advertising sohow you evaluate the results is going todepend on your business the product theservice that you sell as an example theservice that my main company sells thesales cycle can sometimes be as long astwo to three months from when someonefirst gets in contact with us on top ofthat they also are going to do theirresearch so they're going to come andwatch YouTube videos like this that Icreate they're going to go on ourInstagram they're going to sign up toour email list for a bit because it's avery big amount of money that they areparting with they're going to spendthousands of pounds with us work with usfor a long period of time so it's not aquick decision so analyzing our resultsis of course going to be done over amuch broader time frame of course wewill be looking to see is the advertactually generating click are peopleactually come into the website are theythen filling out the form and so that isgoing to be done on a shorter time framewe can test that in a couple of weeks toa month but then are they convertinginto customers that would be tested overa longer time period you know threemonths or maybe even potentially morebecause of the decision part of theprocess in purchasing our products soyou're going to have to think about whatit is that you sell do you sellsomething for twenty dollars online thatis really quick and simple for people tomake a decision on if so maybe you'llevaluate it over a much smaller timeframe maybe around about three days orsomething like that finally you need tothink about optimizing your spend so didyou hit the kpi that you'd set foryourself if so great keep it going didyour initial advertising campaign dowell but not as well as you'd hoped okaycan you refine something in the advertdo you need to refine the target teamsyou need to refine the images maybe theheadline if you do all of that and itstill doesn't improve okay we'll cutthat out a look at another option startagain maybe use a video or somethingelse and really keep attention to whatis it that you want to achieve what areyou happy spending what's the roas thatyou need the row ass which you spokeabout earlier your return on Advertisingspend are you hitting that goal so youneed to constantly analyze if youradvertising campaign is delivering onwhat you've set out to achieve okay sothat was a lot of information I hope youenjoyed this video and it brought youtremendous value if you'd like to reachout you can head to my personal and get in touch I'd loveto give some further consultation on howto set this up and get it working I alsohave a newsletter you can subscribe tomake sure to like the video share itwith someone who could use informationabout how to set up Twitter advertisingmake sure to subscribe to the channel ifyou haven't done so already and I'll seeyou in the next videothank you[Music]