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!!! BREAKING !!! Tucker Carlson Announces His Plan For His Show

Tucker Carlsons Fight Against Fox News and American Media: A Call for Truth in Reporting

  • Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News two weeks prior
  • He announced that he would be doing a version of his Fox News show on Twitter, and is taking legal action against Fox News accusing them of Fraud and breach of contract
  • Carlson talks about how the news media withhold facts, proportion, and perspective to mislead their audiences
  • Tucker implies in the video that he was unable to speak his mind or speak freely while he was at Fox
  • Carlson criticizes American media for limiting free speech and making it difficult for reporters to tell the full truth
  • Tucker is accused of being the biggest liar on TV by those who have evidence that proves it
  • Carlson takes on a mantle of fierce truth-teller despite having misled his audience before.

Tucker Carlson Breaks from Fox News, Seeks Legal Action and Partners with Twitter to Reach Millions

  • Tucker Carlson is forgoing the remaining money of his Fox News contract that was set to expire in January 2025 and taking legal action against Fox due to an alleged breach of contract
  • He has partnered with Twitter to bring a new version of his show and is also hoping to use it as a platform to reach millions of viewers
  • Elon Musk is likely funding this new venture and could help Tucker by pressing a button which would send his show to millions on the platform
  • Carlson’s lawyer Brian Friedman sent a letter accusing Fox News of fraud and using his private communications inappropriately.

Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox News of Leaking Tape, Interfering with Future Business Prospects

  • Tucker Carlson is accusing Fox News of leaking tape, breaking promises in the Dominion settlement, attempting to undermine his reputation, and interfering with his future business prospects
  • Fox Board reportedly took him off the air as part of the Dominion settlement
  • Briganti, Fox’s PR Chief, is accused of attempting to interfere with Carlson’s business prospects
  • Carlson may file a civil lawsuit and will have to provide evidence to prove his claims
  • If true, he could get paid as part of the Dominion settlement and potentially receive a large amount from Elon Musk for his new venture on Twitter
  • Even though Tucker is disliked, he has a chance of winning against Fox News.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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starting student will be bringing a newversion of the show we've been doing forthe last six and a half years to Twitterwe bring some other things too whichwe'll tell you about but for now we'rejust grateful to be here free speech isthe main right that you have without ityou have no others see you soona mere two weeks after Tucker Carlsonwas fired from Fox News he announcedthat he will be doing a version of hisFox News show on Twitter of all placesbut this story which is currentlydeveloping as we speak just keepsgetting more interesting because itturns out that Tucker is also takinglegal action against Fox News accusingthem of Fraud and breach of contract nowwe'll get into more details on that injust a moment but before we do why don'twe dive into the video that he posted onTwitter making this big announcementabout what his next media Venture willbe let's watchhey it's Tucker Carlson you often hearpeople say the news is full of lies butmost of the time that's not exactlyright much of what you see on televisionor read the New York Times is in facttrue in the literal sense it could passone of the media's own fact checkslawyers would be willing to sign off onit in fact they may have but thatdoesn't make it true it's not true atthe most basic level the news youconsume is a lie a lie of thestealthiest and most Insidious kindfacts have been withheld on purposealong with proportion and perspectiveyou are being manipulated how does thatwork let's see if I tell you that a manhas been unjustly arrested for armedrobbery that is not strictly speaking alie he may have been framed at thispoint there's been no trial so no onecan really saybut if I don't mention the fact that thesame man has been arrested for the samecrime six times before am I reallyinforming you no I'm not I'm misleadingyou and that's what the news media aredoing in every story that matters everyday of the week every week of the yearso there you have it uh the man whomisled his audience and literally liedto them because he knew that they wantedto hear certain things is now sayingthat he uh is a warrior for truth andFree Speech fascinating stuff there nobut the great irony here and what'sfrustrating to me is that all the thingsthat he just said in that particularclip are absolutely true they are infact the first two thirds of this videountil he gets Twitter are true he tellsyou what we tell you all the time infact he's almost copying us it almostword for word and what our criticism ofmainstream media and by the way Fox Newsand the rest of corporate media is theproblem is he's the biggest liar on TVwe have the text absolutely positivelyproving it so this guy's a mastermanipulator he tells you something thatat its core that is true and they use itto lie to you it's amazing he's a masterpropagandist but there's more video andmore discussion of uh what he's going todo next so while he talks about theimportance of speaking freely he impliespretty heavily in this video that he wasunable to speak his mind or speak freelywhile he was at Fox what's it like towork in a system like that after morethan 30 years in the middle of it wecould tell you Stories the best you canhope for in the news business at thispoint is the freedom to tell the fullesttruth that you can but there are alwayslimits and you know that if you bump upagainst those limits often enough youwill be fired for it that's not a guessit's guaranteed every person who worksin English language media understandsthat the rule of what you can't saydefines everything it's filthy reallyand it's utterly corrupting so I have alot to say about that because fact ofthe matter is regardless of where youwork whether it's pressure from youremployer or pressure from your audiencethe ability to speak freely in thiscountry right now is in like it'sincredibly difficult to do let's justkeep it real right in his case I mean itseems like he's making an accusationagainst Fox News but let's also rememberJank that he felt that he needed to lieto the audience about the election beingstolen from Donald Trump because he knewthat was exactly what they wanted tohear he wanted a reporter who factchecked one of Trump's tweets to getfired because the audience didn't likethat that wasnegatively impacting the value of foxnews's stock right so like whether it'sthe audience or the employer free speechin the context of news in America isreal difficult to come by so hiscritique again the second part of thevideo 100 agree it is corrupting you dohave limits you will be fired uh so I Iwasn't fired but I was pushed out uhbecause of a very similar situation atMSNBC those things are all truebut then he like in if all you did thegreat irony guys is if all you did waswatch that video you would have the sameproblem that he explained in the firstpart that we showed you you just hearabout the guy who got arrested once andyou wouldn't hear the rest of the storyyou wouldn't hear that he got arrestedsix times you wouldn't hear the fullcontext so if you just see that videoyou go well that does sound true aboutAmerican Media but the full context isthis guy is patient zero absolutely hedid it he told those lies on CNN MSNBCand Fox News he's the one guy that wason every cable station and told adifferent line at each cable station hewent to isn't that amazing and at FoxNews it's definitive we have the textsaying I hate Donald Trump he's amonster he's a destroyer he's a demonicfour he's a demonic force and then hegoes on air goes Donald Trump the oneguy who's great and telling you thetruth what a Preposterous gigantic liartrying to take on the mantle ofsomething that is true about the mediait is but to be fair to him it is abrilliant deception for him to do thevery thing he's complaining about withinthat video amazing right and to take themantle of fierce truth teller who wantsto speak his mind now let's get to thepart of the video where he makes the bigannouncement about his uh partnershipwith Twitteramazingly as of tonight there aren'tmany platforms left that allow FreeSpeech the last big one remaining in theworld the only one is Twitter where weare nowTwitter has long served as the placewhere our national conversationincubates and develops Twitter is not apartisan site everybody's allowed hereand we think that's a good thingand yet for the most part the news thatyou see analyzed on Twitter comes frommedia organizations that are themselvesthinly disguised propaganda Outlets yousee it on cable news you talk about iton Twitterthe result may feel like a debate butactually The Gatekeepers are still inchargewe think that's a bad system we knowexactly how it works and we're sick ofitstarting soon we'll be bringing a newversion of the show we've been doing forthe last six and a half years to Twitterwe bring some other things too whichwe'll tell you about but for now we'rejust grateful to be here free speech isthe main right that you have without ityou have no others see you soonso he is planning to forgo the rest ofhis Fox News contract meaning whatremains of the money that they'resupposed to pay him as a result of hiscontract which is up in January of it's definitely going to be more than20 million dollars uh but he is alsoagain pursuing legal action against FoxNews and is acute accusing them ofbreaching the contract first which makesthe exclusivity clauseuh invalid according to him so I'm goingto give you more details about that uhimpending legal action in just a momentuh but Jank It's Curious to me that he'sgoing in this weird Twitter Directionwhen Twitter's been malfunctioning quitea bit like what's going on no I totallyget it the minute I saw it I was like ofcourse I should have thought of thatearlier why what did I tell you guysNewsmax and Rumble and all those guys Idon't think they could really affordthem they might be able to give him 20million or 40 million for the short-termcontract but they just don't have thatkind of money and they don't have thatkind of audience and it's notsustainable the platforms on the otherhand especially if they change theiralgorithms all Elon Musk has to do ispress a button and goes everybody getsTucker Carlson's show served to them hewill have millions upon millions ofanybody that does a show like that wouldgetmillions of viewers okay it just needsElon to press a freaking button andwho's the one guy Rich enough to be ableto offer Tucker Carlson more than 20million dollars a year which is whathe's foregoing from Fox by breaking thecontract well of course Elon Musk ElonMusk already burned 44 billion dollarson Twitter he'd be almost irrational notto do this okay but I I'm trying tounderstand what that would look likewhat would a show super easy theyalready had one so I could tell youabout okay go ahead so uh what they dois they you know how we're uh if you'reon whether mainly on a desktop laptopEtc but it is featured in different wayson your apps on the phone but they putit next to trending there's a videothere used to be a Morning Show onTwitter in a previous administration andyou see the video going on the side andplus they can serve that videoto all of the users right or a hugepercentage of the users when you sendout a tweet it only goes to acircumstance report let's take me as anexample roughly half a million uhfollowers right but when I send a tweetit doesn't go to all of them yeah itonly goes to people who hate follow Jakefor some reason that's what it seemslike but every platform has an algorithmwhere they say hey it goes to 12 of youraudience ten percent eight percent nowFacebook it only goes to a smallpercentage and you could purchase theability to send it to more of your ownaudience your own followers okay so butall they have to do is change thealgorithm and say for this particularvideo send it to everyone now all of asudden hundreds of millions of peopleare going to get it and that isincredibly powerful none of the otherplatforms have chosen to do that and Ilook I've talked about this in the pastI think YouTube Facebook Etc they keeptheir Ferraris in the garage especiallyYouTube I don't know why they don'tunleash them but they don'there you think Elon Musk is going tohave any kind of constraints no he'sgoing to pay Tucker a lot of money andthen he's going to press that button andhe's going to send it to everyone and sothis is actually if I'm look our jobs tobe honest with you guys I don't likeTucker I don't like Elon but this isprobably a brilliant move it's probablygoing to work spectacularlyso that's my real opinion I'm a littlemore skeptical than you are let's seehow this plays out I mean you would needto invest in the platform and Elon Muskaside from investing his own personalmoney has done the opposite oh you'reright Anna that's a good point I meancould Elon screw it up I mean he screwedup everything at Twitter right he firedpretty important key employees with thefunctionality of the platform yeah it'sglitchy as all hell so he's gonna haveto reinvest in the platform if he wantsthis to work and so don't get me wrong athousand things could go wrong but if heif the news today was he's going withNewsmax I'd have told you that's the endof his career he's starting something onhis own I'd say good luck brother I toldyou yesterday that's a very tough thingto do to run a business in the digitalmedia space on your own but if you gowith a giant platform with the rich oneof the richest men in the worldfinancing you that makes a lot of senseand is likely to work now in terms ofhis battle with foxlook it's he played that one smart tooour jobs to be honest can I give themthe details on what he's doing here okaygreat so he is accusing Fox of Fraud andalso breaching the contract which wouldmake the exclusivity Clause invalidaccording to the lawyer representing himand that lawyer is a pretty high-powereduh lawyer named Brian Friedman so hesends a letter to Executives over at FoxNews and in that letter uh theaccusation is that fox broke anagreement with Carlson not get get aload of thisnot to leak his private Communicationsto the media and not to use Carlson'sprivate messages to take any adverseemployment action against him it is veryobvious that someone at Fox News isleaking tape uh to the Press which iswhy we've been covering those leakedtapes we've been covering all sorts ofcontent of Tucker Carlson he's miked upand it's probably during breaks orbefore he goes live the only people whowould have access to that areindividuals over at Fox the letter alsoalleges that fox broke promises not tosettle with Dominion voting systems in away which would indicate wrongdoing onthe part of Carlson and not to takeactionor any actions in a settlement thatwould harm Carlson's reputation andCarlson was told by a member of the foxboard that he was taken off the air aspart of the Dominion settlementaccording to two sources briefed on aconversationum on the conversation and they spoke toaxios about this Carlson is alsoclaiming finally that Briganti uh who'sone of the executives over at Fox Fox'slongtime Communications and PR Chiefattempted to undermine embarrass andinterfere with Carlson's future businessprospects which he maintains wouldconstitute another breach of hisEmployment contract so that is what he'saccusing them of I don't know if this isgoing to get to a point where they'regoing to if he's actually going to filea civil lawsuit against Fox if he does Imean he's going to have to provideevidence and he's he has to make hiscase we'll see how that plays out butthese are some pretty seriousaccusations and it's clear to me that hejust wants out of that contract so hecan start this New Media Venture withTwitter so I read all the details of allthe things that he's accusing Fox so andI would summarize it this wayhe's got a Fighter's chance so meaninglike he's look he makes an argument thatyou guys broke the contract because theleaks that you're doing maybe it's partof the devanian settlement they say it'sdefinitely not part of the Dominionsettlement if they if Tucker's rightabout that he's almost definitely goingto get paid uh but Dominion denies itEtc but there's like four or fivedifferent things that he lists where Igomaybe and remember the question there iswho broke the contract first and and sowhen it's a maybe what happens next isyou go to court and eventually bothsides go this is too expensive to fightand for one of us to lose and usuallythey settle so then what's going tohappen Tucker's gonna get the money fromElon Musk and then he's probably goingto settle with Fox News and get a bigchunk of money maybe he doesn't get thewhole 25 30 that they owe him now rightbut for the rest of his contract maybehe only gets 10 15. good enough he'sstill going to get a world of money fromElon Musk anyway so he's going to getthe double dip from Fox News and ElonMusk and then the third thing that'sgoing to happen is now that they're inopen Warfare he's going to get to hithim over and over and over again whilehe's setting up the competitor onTwitter and the last part was a was aclear shot across uh the bout too theysaid if we go forward with the lawsuitwe're gonna want uh the pr person at atFox News brigantes uh text messagesand so did she talk to other people inthe media and leak against me if she didthat's a breach of contract we'll seeyou in court and knowing burgundy shealmost certainly did and she's not goingto want those text messages out there sonow Tucker's got a super strong hand inmy opinion against Fox News and he'susing some of their tricks against themand he's got a strong hand at Twitter Iwish it weren't the case because I thinkI can't stand the guy I think uh notonly uh does he mislead you on air weknow that definitively but now thatwe've seen the textI mean there's so many telling thingsthere about his racial views yeah andthey're actually even worse than what hesays on air we can't stand Tucker but wealso can't stand Fox so let him fight Imean whatever we'll see how it plays outbut I mean it's not like my heart goesout to either party in this situation100 and I hope that they tear each otherto shreds although they probably Tuckerwill win but my point is even though wedon't like Tucker or Elon Musk or Foxour job is to be honest with you and Ithink that Tucker played this reallywell it seems like that's the case andyou know he retreated for two weeksseems like he really thought about whathe wanted to do and what his next movewould be and it seems like he has astrategy that could work so again we'llsee how it plays out the story is stilldeveloping it just broke but as we learnmore of course we'll share it with youthanks for watching The Young Turksreally appreciate it another way to showsupport is through YouTube membershipsyou'll get to interact with us morethere's live chat emojis badges you'vegot emojis of me Anna John Jr so thoseare super fun but you also get playbackof our exclusive member only shows andspecials right after they air so allthat all you got to do 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