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War in Ukraine Summarized 2022 | Animated History

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Tensions Escalate After Putins Demands Rejected

  • The War in Ukraine began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea
  • Pro-Russian unrest then erupted in the east and south of Ukraine
  • The Minsk II agreements were signed to end the conflict, but it continued as a “Frozen Conflict”
  • In 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of infringing on the rights of Russian speakers and demanded that Ukraine be barred from joining NATO
  • These demands were rejected, and tensions escalated with the capture of three Ukrainian Navy vessels by the Russian Coast Guard
  • On February 24th 2021, Putin ordered a special military operation against Ukraine and air and missile strikes followed shortly afterwards
  • Despite initial gains, the Invasion was eventually halted outside of Kiev due to logistical issues and Ukrainian resistance.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Struggle for Control of Black Sea Coast

  • The Russian forces, with an overwhelming advantage at sea, initiated the invasion by capturing Snake Island and blocking or mining Ukrainian Black Sea ports, causing global wheat shortages
  • They then attempted to push west to Odessa, to link up with Transnistria in Moldova
  • They surrounded the city of Kharkiv, but eventually failed to take it
  • The siege of Mariupol was also brutal and led to many civilian casualties
  • A Ukrainian surprise counter-offensive in Kharkiv led to the retreat of Russian forces from the Western Bank of the Daniper River back to Eastern Bank
  • Hostilities are still ongoing, with a new phase resembling World War I trench-warfare.

2023: A Look Back After Years of Static in Ukraine War

  • The war in Ukraine has become more static
  • New offensives have restored some movement to the front
  • Ukraine is receiving military aid from the West
  • 2023 will provide a recap of the war.

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[Music]from widespread destruction to one ofthe largest Refugee crises in the worldconsequences of the war in Ukraine havereverberated globallytoday we're going to delve into the 2022events from the ongoing conflict betweenRussia and Ukraine I'm Griffin Johnsonthe armchair historian and this is thewar in Ukraine 2022.our historical strategy game fire andmaneuver has left early access and isavailable now check it out with the linkbelowin order to understand the origins ofthe war it is crucial to examine theevents that triggered the UkrainianRussian crisis starting with theannexation of Crimea and the outbreak ofhostilities in donbassY in early 2014 the euromaiden protestsled to the ousting of Ukraine'spro-ruption president Victor Yanukovychsoon after Yanukovych fled to Russia awave of pro-russian unrest erupted ineastern and southern Ukrainesimultaneously unmarked Russian troopswhich had already been stationed inmilitary bases within Crimea tookcontrol of government buildingsstrategic sites and infrastructurein March Moscow would hold a highlycontentious referendum which led toCrimea being annexed by Russia theresults of this referendum were notrecognized by the InternationalCommunitysoon after armed pro-russian separatistsseized government buildings in donpassand proclaimed the Donetsk and luhanskpeople's republics the separatistsreceived considerable covert supportfrom Russia and Ukrainian attempts tofully retake the separatist-held areaswere unsuccessfulthe fighting would continue in 2015especially around Donetsk luhansk andmariopol with the separatists intent ongaining control of the oblasts still thefront lines would soon become largelystaticas a result in February 2015 Russia andUkraine signed the Minsk II agreementsin a bid to end the conflict althoughthe agreements were never fullyimplemented the donbass War settled intoa violent but effectively Frozenconflict with many brief ceasefires nolasting peace and few changes interritorial controla major escalation would happen threeyears later as the Russian coast guardfired upon and captured three UkrainianNavy vessels after they attempted toTransit from the Black Sea into the seaof azovthe Kirch Strait incident flared uptensions and martial law was brieflydeclared by Ukraine in fears that afull-scale war would soon break outbetween the two countries but newconflict did not come nevertheless assoon as Crimea was annexed Moscow hadbegun to integrate the regions undertheir control issuing hundreds ofthousands of Russian passports toUkrainian citizens this violent statusquo continued for years until thebeginning of 2021 when Russia built up alarge military presence near its borderwith Ukraine including from neighboringBelarus the Kremlin denied any ill willregarding these troop concentrationsstating that they were in the area toperform military exercisesnonetheless Russian President VladimirPutin accused Ukraine of infringing onthe rights of Russian speakers and usedUkrainian collaboration with the Germansin the second world war to accuse somein the Kiev government of supportingneo-nazisPutin argued that Ukraine never had atradition of genuine statehood ratherthat Lenin had created it by carving aSoviet Republic out of Russian imperialland and that Stalin and Khrushchevexpanded Ukraine after the second worldwar Putin continued to criticize theenlargement of NATO publicly anddemanded that Ukraine be barred fromever joining alongside this he alsodemanded the removal of multinationalforces stationed in NATO's EasternEuropean member states these demandswere rejected by NATO and Ukraine underU.S influence continues to seek moreintegration with the Westcreating an objective documentary oncurrent events can be a daunting taskfor creators who want to convey thefacts without any sort of bias towardsone side or the other thanks to thesponsor of today's video ground news wedidn't need to spend hours skimmingthrough headlines and copy looking forimpartial coverage in researching forthis video ground news is a website andapp that combines articles fromthousands of local and National outletsin one place so readers can see the fullpicture by giving you a quick visualbreakdown of the news outlets doing thereporting including their political biashow factual these source is whatentities own the source and whichcountries are covering the story forexample if we look up the Ukraine wartopic on Crown News website we can seeall of the Articles published in thelast three months and if we take a lookat this article on the elite Pentagondocuments we can see there's 33 othersources reporting on it with six leaningleft seven leaning right and fiveleaning Center from here we can read andcompare all the headlines reporting onthis story to see how language plays afact after in shaping our understandingof an event and even click in to readthe article from its original source todive deeper check out the article armchair and if you supportthe mission and want to support ourChannel Sign up for free or subscribefor unlimited access to stay fullyinformed on breaking news comparecoverage and avoid media biason February 21st Putin announced thatthe Russian government woulddiplomatically recognize the Donetsk andluhansk people's republics the sameevening Putin directed that Russiantroops deploy into donbass in whatRussia referred to as a peacekeepingmission in response Ukrainian Presidentvlodimir zielenski ordered a 30-dayNationwide state of emergency and themobilization of all reservistson the morning of February 24th Putinannounced a special military operationto demilitarize anti-notsify Ukraineminutes later air and missile strikeswere conducted across the country thiswas followed shortly thereafter by alarge ground Invasion along multiplefrontszelenski declared martial law and ageneral mobilization of all maleUkrainian citizens between 18 and 60 whowere banned from leaving the countryRussian attacks were initially launchedon a northern front from Belarus towardKiev a Northeastern front toward kharkiva southern front from Crimea and aSoutheastern front from donbassmany expected The Invasion to be a shortAffair that would go in Russia's favorwith even the Americans offeringzelinski evacuation but the ukrainiansresisted the northern front which wassupposed to be a dash to Kiev to topplethe government stalled after initialgains a daring Airborne assault tocapture the Antonov airport also failedafter the damaging of the ensuing battlewhich the Russians won rendered theairport inoperable the Russians would behalted at the suburbs of Kiev during themonth-long battles of irpin pastomo andbucha Russian logistical issues wereevidently seen as their columnsstretched four kilometers in a trafficjam the Ukrainian military quickly tookadvantage of this vulnerabilityambushing Russian vehicles and furtherworsening their supply situation byApril Russian command had realized thattheir offensive had run out of steam anddecided to withdraw from the Kiev frontto redeploy elsewhere ukrainians laydiscovered that a number of civilianswere executed in bucha when Russianforces left the areaRussian fortunes were different in theSouth with the recapture of the northCrimean Canal on The Day The Invasionstartedthe canal which had previously supplied85 percent of crimea's drinking andirrigation water was blocked by Ukraineafter its Russian annexation as such itscapture represented an importantobjective for Moscowtwo days later the siege of mariopolbegan as the Russian army linked Eastwith the separatists held Don bassRussian forces would also alarm theInternational Community by attacking thezaparesia nuclear power plant stokingfears of a potential nuclear catastropheat the time of making this video thepower plant remains under RussiancontrolRussian troops would also attack fromCrimea toward the west with manytheorizing that Russia wanted to push toOdessa and link up with the pro-russianseparatist region of transnistria inMoldova it was on this front that thefirst major Ukrainian city kirsan fellto the Russian army the fall of kerasanwas accompanied by the capture ofantonovsky bridge holding this strategiccrossing over the danipa river wouldallow Russian forces to attack theimportant Junction City of mikolai theRussians attempted to take this city butwere repelled stopping their Advancetoward Odessain the East the Russian army attemptedto capture Ukraine's second largest citycar cave while kharkif is less than 35kilometers from the Russian border theukrainians put up strong resistancesubsequently the city was continuouslybombarded and shelled as Russian forcestried to surround the city although theyhad some success especially toward thesoutheast with the taking of isium theRussian push toward kharkif ultimatelypetered outamid the heightened shelling of kharkivon March 31st a helicopter strike tookplace against an oil Supply Depot insideRussia in the city of Belgard noteworthyas it happened on the other side of theborder the Kremlin was quick to blameKiev while Ukraine denied responsibilityadvance from the donbass was slower incomparison to the other fronts as theregion had already been the setting ofbattles since 2014. as a resultUkrainian troops there were already wellentrenched meanwhile the siege ofmariopol was underway the battleincluded troops from the regular Russianarmy as well as the Donetsk People'sRepublic militia the urban Warfare forcontrol of the city was slow and bloodyin an official statement the UnitedNations confirmed the deaths of 1 348civilians in mariopol but warned thatthe true death toll was likely higherthe U.N also reported that 90 of thecity's residential buildings had beendamaged or destroyedthe city's Defenders were eventuallycornered into the azov stall steelworksa maze of a metallurgical facility thatserved as a well-defensible position asa result on April 21st Putin orderedRussian troops not to storm it opting toblockade it instead the Russians didcontinue to Shell the steel works withheavy airstrikes on the 27th and 28th ofAprilthe humanitarian crisis in the city wasbecoming increasingly dire and after avisit by the U.N security General toMoscow the United Nations and the RedCross started to run evacuationsthroughout a humanitarian corridormany civilians were still trapped inthese steel Works although they wouldcontinue to be pulled out during thefollowing Days by May 7th the Ukrainiangovernment reported that all of thesecivilians in the steel plant had beenevacuated with many heavily injured andlow on ammunition food and supplies theremaining Defenders surrendered by the20th six days later Russia reopened theport of mariopol to commercial vesselsfollowing mine removalwith Ukraine being a major producer ofwheat the taking blockading and Miningof its Black Sea ports had seriousGlobal repercussions with increasedwheat prices and the threat of famineespecially in the Middle East as aresult the Black Sea theater has alsobeen significantthe Russian Navy drew first blood takingcontrol of snake island after theirCruiser muskva bombarded it Russia hasan overwhelming Advantage at Sea whichbecame even more pronounced once theUkrainian Navy scuttled its Flagship thefrigate hetman sahayadetnydespite this Ukraine managed to somewhateven the odds by sinking the muskva withtwo Neptune anti-ship cruise missileshowever the Kremlin denies this claimingthat it was a munition explosion causedby a fireeventually Moscow and Kiev would reachan agreement brokered by the UN andturkey aiming to resume grain exportsfor the retreat from Kiev the Russianmilitary concentrated their efforts onthe south and the East although theymanaged some advances the Ukrainianmilitary managed to hold the line forthe most parton the 6th of September prompted by thewave of military aid from the WestUkraine launched a surprisecounter-offensive in kharkiv whichsuccessfully cleared the surroundingareas and eliminated any risk of losingthe city15 days later Putin announced partialmobilization which was followed by anexodus of young Russian men from thecountry in late September Moscow wouldorganize referendums in the DonetskKirsten luhansk and zaparitia oblastsand hurriedly proclaimed theirannexations to the Russian Federationthese oblasts were not completelyoccupied by Russian forces and themajority of the International Communitydo not recognize the claims of theannexation at the same time theUkrainian military was conducting anoffensive in the South although it wouldtake them months the ukrainians managedto disrupt Russian supply lines to thepoint that it made their positions onthe Western Bank of the denaperuntenable this was worsened by an attackon the Kirch Strait Bridge which was acrucial supply lineafter repeated attacks and being forcedback the Russian military decided toretreat from the provincial capital backto the Eastern Bank successfullycompleting an orderly withdrawal in thewake of the success of the kirisonoffensive the war had shifted back tothe donbass where Wagner groupmercenaries have been involved inintense fighting to capture bachmundthis stage of the war has beencharacterized by brutal fighting withlittle forward movement for either sidewith sights of trenches and a pronouncedNo Man's Land some have called thisphase reminiscent of the first World Wara first among our videos the conflict inUkraine remains ongoing at the time ofrelease while today the front lines havebecome much more static than last yearnow that the snow has thawed newoffensives have introduced somesemblance of movement to the front oncemore as Ukraine receives an increasingamount of military aid from the Westjoin us next year for the 2023 recap ofthe war in Ukraine