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Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs CRM demo, tutorial and walkthrough it’s features

Maximizing Small Business Growth: An Overview of CRM

  • CRM is a small business growth tool
  • It has unique features that others charge for
  • It has four programs ranging from starter to business with different features and pricing plans
  • It offers 14 day free trial, zapier integrations, API access, unlimited CRM access, sales automation (email sequences), multiple pipelines, bulk email sending, power dialer, call recording, custom objects and a dedicated rep
  • The dashboard allows users to manage activity and segment tasks
  • Users can import a list from another CRM or upload CSV file.

Revolutionizing Lead Management with Automated Solutions

  • Custom fields can be created and mapped to specific elements
  • Grouping related rows can be automated
  • The import process helps avoid duplicates
  • Lead filtering is available based on custom fields
  • Smart Views allow for pre-made filters
  • Leads can be added with additional contact details and custom fields added as needed
  • Activity thread of each lead is available, including reminders and emails.

Close CRM Unveils Advanced Features to Enhance User Experience

  • Close CRM allows two-way sync which allows users to filter down what activities they are viewing
  • It includes an Opportunity feature which allows users to build a pipeline and measure the stage of their leads
  • It also has List View which provides numerical reporting of the customers’ data
  • SMS automation is included in the pricing plans and Close will generate a new number for texting
  • Text messages have a small charge but there is 10 dollars in free usage every month
  • The app also allows users to make calls with their own phone number and log notes about them
  • Finally, Sequence can be created for emails and text messages and will allow for follow-up sequences.

Revolutionize Your Customer Relationships with Close CRM App!

  • Close is a CRM app with features such as setting delays and enrolling leads into sequences
  • Reporting to get an overview of activities
  • Smart views which can be customized
  • Untouched leads, emails opened, and opportunities to follow up
  • Free trial link and complimentary demos are available.

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  • Scroll through to check it out for yourself!
  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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  • AI-powered technology that ensures accuracy and comprehensiveness

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hi guys Carlos Garcia from exceed salestoday I want to talk to you about a CRMthat I am now a partner of and it'scalled and it is a CRM builtfor small businesses that are looking togrow now what I really like about thisit's got some very unique features thatsome of the other crms you'd have to paya whole lot of money for and it's quiteeasy to use and so I want to dig in andshow you a little bit about how it worksfirst let's start with talking about theapp itself you do get a 14 day freetrial I'll have a link below to mypartner affiliate so that you can getspecial access and if you're looking tolearn more about the close app reach outto me and I'll give you a complimentarydemo okay first let's talk aboutum pricing so what would it cost to havea CRM like this I think I think that'severybody's question so you could startwith the the starter rate these are allpriced at the annual uh prepaid amountand so if you go with starter basicprofessional business those are the fourprograms that they offer typicallyanything above the basic is when youreally take advantage of most of thefeatures right now I am on theprofessional plan and so what thatallows me to do if you look at thedifferences between basic andprofessional it is 89 a month per userper month and it is billed on an annualbasis if you want it to go monthlybecause you're not sure of making thefull commitment then it does go up Ibelieve ten dollars a month for each ofthe basic professional business and itgoes up to 29 a month if you go with thestarter if you're very small and youjust kind of want to start out I wouldrecommend go with the starter it doesgive you some templates pipelineactivity and Reporting you could dozapier Integrations and API access andthen of course it use the regular CRMfeatures themselves if you do the basicthen you do get unlimited access to CRMyou could do some custom activities andthen you can leverage the reporting todo more customized type of leaderboardsand then if you do have more than oneuser you can set some specific roles andpermissions now if we move to theprofessional and business plan this iswhere it starts getting fun you could dosales automation which are like emailsequences and you can enroll clients asif you were using like MailChimp orsomething like that but this is morethings that are automated in the senseof like if you're working with aprospect and you want to have afollow-up email just to check in what'sgoing on have you anything changed withyour with our conversation you can havesome pre-madetouch points three days later ten dayslater 15 days later so on so forth youcan set those parameters we'll demo thatyou can also have multiple pipelines sothat will allow you to also track whatare some deals that you're working onespecially if you sell differentservices or products and you don't wantto put them all into one place you canhave more than one pipeline that'll helpyou out it's really nice you could dobulk email send there's a power dialerwhich we'll talk about and you can alsodo call recording and then if you gointo business clearly it'll startgetting a whole lot more complex youcould do more custom reporting there'sthis new feature called custom objectsand then you get like a rep that will help you set upand customize how you want your CRM tohappen and then it gives you some moreadvanced features in there so let's DiveRight In I'm gonna go ahead and log intomy accountso the first thing that you see is goingto be the dashboard in the dashboardyou've got the traditional left menuwhich most crms have a left menu withall of the different things that youcould do on the app itself so first isyour overall inbox this is sort of likeyour activity management you know whenyou log in the first thing that you doyou want to check in on like what aresome new stuff that is happening insideof your CRM so you've gotum a combination of activities it couldbe emails phone calls that came in orthat you made that you logged textmessage which is a very special featurethat close has you can actually docustomized texting some other apps orcrms don't offer and if they do theywould charge at a much higher rate toget it and then of course you can createyour own tasks like follow-up tasks thatyou want to set for yourself so you'llsee these icons represent a different uhtype of activity so you have a textmessage you have an email and you knowsome uh these are other type ofactivities like pipeline things that youwill activities that you're recordingin your actual system here so that'syour inbox you can also segment it bythe specific element here on the top youcan select that you can also filter ityou could do a bulk edit if you want tomark all of these done or if you want tosnooze them for a day or so so you don'tfeel overwhelmed you could do that aswell you can segment here which are yourdone activities which are some of yourfuture activities so that would be howyou manage your inbox let's talk alittle bit about how to import a list ifyou wanted to import a list so what you would do if youclick on your profile right here aboveyou will see that there is a chance foryou to do an import there are three waysyou can import so if you're coming fromanother CRM you could select which CRMyou want to import from and they will doa complimentary assistance with doing amigration from another CRM to close.comif you feel like you know the currentsolution you have is not really theright thing for your business and youfeel like is you can go aheadand do that you could also upload yourtraditional CSV file or you can copypaste from Excel in this scenario I dohave a CSV that I want to leverage soI'm going to do that right now so thisis kind of like the upload screen whathappens once you select your CRV file uhyou've got a status menu that'll trackyou know where you are in the stage ofit so there it's going to basically pickuh the column and what it means and sothis is a lead list that I have for somepotential customers looking to do someimplementations for crms which is what Ispecialize in and so this is just afield that will tell me you know whatwhat I want to call this and so I canmap it to the specific element thatwould be relevant to me in this scenarioI'm just going to call it a custom fieldand it's just going to be called exactlyas the column so what's cool is that youcan automate that for you this column isnot important to me so I'm also going toskip it as I do the mapping it's goingto take in the full name if I wanted itto and so it'll automatically read youknow which of the elements it would bewhich would be a contact full name thereyou gookay so once I have selected my customFields then the next thing is going toask me uh do you want to have grouprelated rows which means that if there'sa group you can group them together intoone lead if you have multiple contactsunder the same name of the lead it willgo ahead and just add them as multiplecontacts so it kind of just gives me awhat I would group it to there's2175 elements and some of the repeatstuff kind of merge them together intoone groupuh and so it tells you here check if thelead already exists inside of closeit'll do that for you to avoidduplicates and if a match is found givesyou some more things kind of logical andso then you just click on startimporting and it'll do the work and nowyou'll see that it's populating my leadswhat's really cool is that now I haveall these leads that I've imported and Ican filter outum specific leads that I want to look atand I could even filter them based onthe custom fields that we created whilewe were doing the mapping and so if Iclick on ADD filter here I can playaround with what type of filter I wantto do so I remember that there was onethat's called company sizeso there it is I see that custom viewthat I brought it in so nowif I wanted to look at solopreneurs soindividuals just by one it'll tell mehow many leads there's 46 right there onthe topand by the way the list is stillimporting so it's not completely done soI know how many leads I have based onthe company size in here so you see thatclearly as more employees the leadaccount starts getting smaller anybodythat has five six so that would thatcould help me tailor a different messagebased on the size of the company we knowthere's an individual you know it mightbe a smaller budget smaller sizebusiness if it's a larger team theyprobably might have more complex needsso here I can customize you know whattype of messaging what type of Outreachstrategy or campaign I want to givethese these individuals so it looks likemost of my leads are you know 10 or lessemployees so let me just pull up uh youknow a five person type of uh search andI can go ahead and save that as what'scalled a Smart Viewand a Smart View is another feature thatcould allow you to kind of have apre-made filter based on custom elementsthat you want to specifically Targetwhen you're doing some sort ofcommunication Outreach or even if youwant to manage your pipeline a certainway so that you can filter outclients that qualify for a certainproduct or service or that they havecertain criteria that you are looking tofilter out and so that's a very nicefeature that I like about thatyou can leverage and so you can you canuse that as well so that's um we haven'tadded a lead but we'll go ahead and dothat as well so we talked aboutimporting leads let's go ahead and add anew lead so what you would do on theleft menu there's a little plus signnext to where it says leads so you wouldclick on plus and that's how easy it isso you could say something like XYZcompanyand then the contact name will beBillyBobbyand that's as easy as it is youbasically just add the lead in thereyou've got your contact if you want toadd further details about the contactyou would on here inside of the rightman the right side where this is littlebar is where you would uh customize allof the other fields what title would itbe CEO what would be their phone numberwhat what other custom Fields do youwant to add what's really cool is youcan add more custom Fields if there ifthere isn't one that you feel like isimportant this is an important onebecause especially let's say you sellyou know tires you could say somethinglike you know Tire typeif that's your product or service thatyou're looking to sell to them and youcan have multiple choices so you can addyou know choice would berubber thin or whatever you want to callit rightrubber premiumand then you've got gold whatever youwant to call it and so having thesefields will allow you to say all rightso this is a client that could possiblybe a premium product type of prospect soyou can create custom Fields based onproducts and services or any otherelements that the CRM doesn't have asfar as standard stuff same idea you canadd an email addressin here and if you wanted toto do that you could do so and that willintegrate automatically if you dotwo-way sync with your email it willintegrate all of the email history alongwith that contact so we're going to goahead and save that and there you haveit you have a you have a lead rightthere on the system the other thing youcould do is you've got all theseactivities notes emails SMS callsmeetings on the right side Once you pullup a lead and you're going to get awhole history of what that would looklike so if I were to pick uh you knowsomeone in hereyou will see all of the activities onthe right hand menu you know you havesomething on the calendar it'll remindyou what's really cool is that you'llhave a pop-up as well telling you if youhave a meeting going on right now so asyou're working and maybe get lost in theshuffle of just doing the work you'llget a little activity reminder if youhave a meeting you could go ahead andjoin that you'll also get an email alertright there so you see the the activitythread with that individual right thereon the right hand menu and you canum pretty much work on on emailingresponding deleting whatever you want todo because you have that two-way syncwhich is really really nice and then youcan alsoum you know filter down which specificactivity you want to narrow down in theright hand side of that so I really likethat piece you can literally just workentirely inside of the CRM app with yourcontacts with your leads and and thatjust makes it easier for you now let'smove to Opportunities what doesopportunity do for you so basically it'sa visual status of your leads and yoursales process what this allows you to dois kind of build your sales Pipeline andyou can do so it'll do some real timeupdating so if you notice the annualizedvalue and you'll see that the amounthere is a thousand dollars monthly Asyou move that to the other side thatkind of goes down uh to zero here and itgoes up here so you have real timeupdating remember these arethis is a status a pipeline that you'remeasuring you know what stage they arein in this case the traditional fourstages depending on what industry you'rein inbound appointment set democompleted proposal sent contract sentyou could always change the names ofthose stages inside of the pipeline andremember if you lose the deal or if youif it's not a win you can grab that dealand on the bottom here you can choosewhether it got if you won the deal or ifyou lost the deal and then if you if youlost the deal it populates these twoextra pipelines for you so you get anidea to look back at which deals did youlose do you need to go back to them allthose good things in there so that's uhhow you work your opportunities pipelineuh there's much more you can do with itif you want to look at it in list viewright here you can click on that andit'll give you a more standardized youknow numerical reporting of whereeverything's at you know how manyopportunities do you have What's thetotal value what's the expected value uhyou know by week and so you can get uman activity report just to help you knowall right am I on Pace or do I need tostep it up same idea if you're workingwith a teamgreat assessment for you to do somecoaching and some ongoing pipelinecheck-ins with your team so that theyare doing the right activities andkeeping the pipeline healthy so uh theopportunities pipeline is really nicesame idea you can filter these as wellyou can filter them by smart views wewon't go into detail with that but reachout to me you have my contact here belowand we can go into detail if you feellike this is a CRM that would work inyour favor all right let's move intosequences something that I really reallylove about this is you can createsequences both for emails and for textmessages and so how does the SMSautomation work basicallythere it's included in yourpricing plansall right so let's talk about SMS for amoment and phone dialing so closeactually does generate a new number foryou if you wanted it to you can alsobring an external number but clearly youwould lose access to your existingnumber if you were to bring that intothe site so the idea is to create yournew number and basically you wouldrequest it and what they do is dependingon the plan that you have they'll giveyou an actual credit because there is arate and a charge for every text messagethat you want automatically sent nowit's a very small rate one thing that Ilove about close is that they have ahelp uh guide you know basically kind oflike Google you could type anything andit'll give you all the answers so what'snice is they have the the plan availablein there it tells you what thisbasically does it it cuts you fromhaving to pay for another system like avoice over IP like ring central or someof the others that are named here andyou get up to ten dollars in free usageevery month depending on your plan I'mon the professional plan because I likethe sequencing feature meaning that Ican pre-make templates that willautomatically send with customers toremind them of things it's great forcustomer service all that good stuff soyou'll see the rates if you go into thesite with more in detail I'm not goingto go that much into the details butokay so let me show you the callingfeature and what's cool is you do haveto download the app this is the actualapp it's in my Mac you'll see that theicon is right here on the bottom inorder for you to do the calling featureso if I wanted to make a call this isthe the phone call that's provided by uhclose and basically I would dial thenumber I'm going to go ahead and dial mycell phone so you can see their livecall being made so you can call from theCRM itself and you're going to see thephone coming in right nowthere you have it right uh so that'sreally cool so if you call and they pickup you can and you can actually set thesettings to be on your computer if youwant to make phone calls from there sowe're not going to go ahead and takethat call but you can go ahead and putin notes when you're done if you want tolog add a note about the call and youcould say you know uhno answer we'll try backback later rightthat's really nice you it'll actuallylog when you made the call think aboutif you have a team and you want to dothat that's a really fantastic uhfeature now if you want to send them anSMS you could say something likehey Carlos tried reaching outcall me at yourconvenienceyou could also choose a template if youdo have a template you just choose thatand it'll go do that againit'll reset it'll just give me a warningif I do that so if I send itso there you have it right the automatedtext message coming from the actual CRMso really cool feature you could dosequences if you want to you could do anemail or you could do a phone callsequence and that's another awesomething you could do that sort of replacesthe the MailChimp customer Journeyfeature or again if you want to set upsome sort of follow-up sequences let'stalk about sequences I personally beenworking on email sequences in particularwhich you can enroll someone into and sowhat this is a sequence that I builtbasically I haven't activated it yet butwhat it is it allows you to set when tosend the email you can create particulardelays on it you could say aftersomething happens you enroll them into asequence you can create a this is aemail nurture sequenceand basically what it'll do after dayone it'll send them email number one andyou can create a next follow-up so daytwo I want them to receive this emailday three I want them to receive thisemail day four and you can pretty muchdo it on limited number of times itdoesn't have to be literally like oneday after you could do it every threedays every five days every ten dayswhatever it sees you see fit for thetype of Pipeline and Cadence that isrequired for you to nurture leads and uhkeep them active in your particularsequence clearly the first thing youneed to do is kind of think of whatwould be the typical follow-up templatesthat you normally send manually andcould you set some sort of cadencedepending on like what category yourprospects fit into right if they're coldthen you maybe have a cold emailsequence template if you if they arewarmer or they are a hot lead right youcan kind of do something with a smallertime frame in in between the emails sosequence is a really cool feature thatyou can leverage and only available inthe professional plan to do that thenyou've got reportingand what this will do is it'll give youan overview on all the activities you'redoing so how many emails are you sendingphone calls have you made how many leadshave you created and so on and so forthand you can customize the reports in averyparticular Fashions especially if you'regoing to be working your opportunitiesthis is a demo account so we don't havevery uh specific details but you can getinto the weeds of things and you cancustomize you know what specific datayou want to be able to pull so overallthis is a very nice CRM app you could doa whole lot of features with it smartviews there are some that arepre-selected for you which is reallycool you've got untouched leads so ifyou have leads that you haven't done anyactivity on you can quickly filter thatleads that you need to call as wellleads that you have never emailed so youcould see how that number changes emailsthat you've opened this week so youagain some customized very common typesof activities that you can measure youknow if you haven't had contact with aparticular lead in the last 30 days andthen opportunities to follow up and youcan create more and more smart viewsdepending on the needs of your businessyour industry your clientele so that isa small demo of close in a nutshell Ihope you found some value in looking atthis and if you have any questions belowon the description you're going to see atrial link to the free trial you canalso reach out to me send me an email ifyou want to know more about this CRMsolution if it's right for you and I'llgive you a complimentary demo and we canhave a conversation and see if it's theright fit for you thanks again fortuning in and talk to you soon