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Instant Summaries for Any Business Application

Summarize any video or audio content with ease using VidCatter for Business. Integrate the service seamlessly with your existing workflows and tools, and customize the summaries to fit your specific needs. Streamline your workload now with VidCatter for Business!

  • Effortless Summaries

Get easy-to-read bullet-point summaries in seconds, which can be posted via email, Slack, or integrated into your CRM or preferred tool.

  • Extensible Results

We can easily adapt the desired results to your needs. From QA of a call to Public Speaking feedback or executive summaries of meetings and more.

  • Seamless Integration

Our API First approach allows easy integration with your existing workflows and tools.

Enhance Your Business Communication

VidCatter for Business is the ultimate solution for companies looking to streamline their workflows and enhance their communication. Our AI-powered platform provides original bullet point briefs of your video and audio content, along with customizable options to fit your specific needs. With seamless integrations and a dedicated support team, VidCatter for Business empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.

  • AI-powered bullet point briefs for video and audio content
  • Customizable options to fit your needs
  • Seamless integrations for efficient workflows

Pricing Plans


For small businesses or teams looking to enhance their communication

  • 150 Hours of Content
  • YouTube and MP3 Import
  • 9,000 AI assisted questions


Inspired and innovative progress for busy workforce and time consuming tasks

  • All Starter Features
  • Webhook and Pre-Built Integrations
  • Custom Intentions


For workflows at scale and application embedding

  • SSO
  • Professional Services
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Inputs and Outputs

Simplify Your Workload

With VidCatter IO

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