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Top 10 Must Have Nintendo Switch Games! 2022 Guide

5 Nintendo Franchises Revolutionizing the Videogame Industry

  • Mario Kart Deluxe is the best Mario Kart experience to date
  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is a fantastic celebration of video games
  • Pokemon Legends Arceus offers a prequel story to Diamond and Pearl
  • Super Mario 3D World offers something different from New Super Mario Bros U and Odyssey, with online play and an additional game included
  • All these titles offer great graphics, soundtracks, customizability, content, and accessibility features.

Explore the Newest Exciting Nintendo Switch Games!

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a must-have Nintendo Switch title
  • Metroid Dread is a 2D action-adventure game that features responsive controls, tricky puzzles, and thrilling enemies
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an impressive 3D adventure with unique copy abilities and immersive environments
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is a remastered JRPG full of interesting characters, immense worlds, and improved visuals
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers a unique wrinkle to the series with cooperative play, plenty of secrets, and extra content
  • Super Mario Odyssey provides classic sandbox gameplay with power moons as its goal, leading Mario through many different locations.

“Exploring the Latest in Video Game Entertainment: Animal Crossing, Platoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Maker 2 & Pikmin 3 Deluxe”

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons is a time-based town simulation game that allows players to build a village from the ground up
  • Platoon 2 is an online third-person shooter with multiple modes and customization options, but lacks an achievement system
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a JRPG sequel with huge landscapes, unique characters, and a turn-based battle system
  • Super Mario Maker 2 is packed full of features, allowing players to make the Mario course of their dreams while also including multiplayer options
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe is an enhanced port of Pikmin 3 with bosses, puzzles, and time limits.

“A New Legend Emerges: Zelda: Breath of the Wild Reinventing Classic Gameplay”

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game that reinvents the gameplay and feel from previous Zelda games
  • It features an open-world structure, a variety of side quests, puzzles and enemies to solve, numerous items to collect and craft food dishes with, and spirit orbs that upgrade health and stamina
  • It also has amazing art style with cel-shading whether on handheld or docked
  • DLC in form of the expansion pass adds extra features and modes.

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over the past five years the nintendoswitch has built up quite the library soin this video we're going to take a lookat my top 10 first party nintendo switchgames due to how many great titles areon the system i will also include a fewhonorable mentions anyways i'm anton andlet's get startedthe past few pokemon titles on switchhave been severely underwhelming howeverpokemon legends arceus manages to goabove and beyond your typical pokemontitle and was a fun experience fromstart to finish the game is a prequelstory to pokemon diamond and pearl andtakes place in pasino at this time knownas the history region you explore areascatch pokemon and battle trainers whiletrying to uncover the many secrets thatthe land holds pokemon legends arceusrelies more on the trainer than thepokemon you can throw out items such aspokeballs to try and capture pokemononce caught the pokemon can be thrownout to be interacted with collectmaterials or battle other pokemon it'sreally fun to collect them and i alsoreally enjoy shiny hunting as it doesn'tfeel as tedious as previous games and itcan be quite rewarding to build up acollection the main story was engagingand the plot took some twists and turnswhich i hadn't really expected and istill haven't completed all the postgame content and side quests so there'sstill a lot to do i also like the bossbattles against the frenzied pokemonthese test your mobility especially withthe dodge roll some were a bit moredifficult than they needed to be as youcan actually take damage and pass outwhich requires you to try it again butit's a great way to shake things upyou've also got pokemon that can helpyou traverse the harsh landscapes ofheisui such as weird deer and basketlegion the game may not impress in thevisual department but the gameplay is sostrong that it doesn't matter in theslightest the music is great and eachtune complements its surroundingsoverall pokemon legends arceus is afantastic game that i would recommend toany fan of pokemon rpgs or actionadventure gamessuper mario 3d world is one of the manywii u games that i had never gotten achance to play so when it came to switchi knew i had to check it out this gameoffers something very different from newsuper mario bros u and super marioodyssey as it is sort of a mix betweenthe two the game takes a more isometricstyle with a limited camera that isclearly designed for local multiplayerthe switch version does include onlineplay which works very well and is muchbetter unlike super mario maker 2. eventhough the game is more fun to play withfriends it's still enjoyable alone thelevels are very well designed with manydifferent themes you'll go from a brightcircus to a ninja house there's a lot ofvariety with the main power-ups andenemies the game has also received anumber of improvements including acharacter speed boost but there's anadditional game that is included withsuper mario 3d world and that is abouncer's fury a sort of cross betweensuper mario 3d world and odyssey it's ina more explorative style intact with afreely movable camera and 360 degreemovement but it's also got thetraditional mechanics such as the lackof a health bar of any sort and powerups such as the super mushroom this gametakes place in one cohesive worldinstead of many separate ones the goalis to collect cat shines which can befound all across the world as youcollect more you unlock different areasand are able to easily travel with thehelp of plessy the style and music istop notch and from the title you canexpect that bowser is causing troubleonce again and you must stop himalongside your partner bowser jr it'smore experimental as it isn't thelongest of main campaigns but perhaps itis the taste of what's to come for thenext major 3d mario game next we've gotsuper smash brothers ultimate thiscrossover fighting game packs a ton ofcontent into one small package you haveover 70 fighters including everycharacter from the previous gamesreturning you have many characters withoriginal move sets and gameplay stylesto fill up the roster a little bit thereare some echo fighters which are basedoff of other fighters now i'm not aprofessional smash player or anythingbut this game feels extremely responsiveto control with great visual and sounddesign there are over a hundred stages avariety of modes and over 24 hours worthof music the game has an adventure modecalled world of light that has youstarting off with kirby you travelacross a large map battling spirits andfighters to obtain them super smashbrothers ultimate allows you to create alot of stuff too as was the stagebuilder mii fighter creator and movieeditor in terms of me's you can alsopurchase extra mi fighter costumes suchas sans the game has so muchcustomizability and options availablethat you can play it however you wantyou've even got dlc in form of thefighter passes which include newcharacters stages and music i mean comeon they added minecraft steve what moredo you want overall super smash brothersultimate is a fantastic celebration ofvideo games that manage to achieve theimpossiblemario kart deluxe is an enhanced port ofthe original wii u game this is quitepossibly the best mario kart experienceto date the game controls perfectlyespecially with the anti-gravitymechanic there is a great level ofcustomization with a nice cast ofcharacters and cards to choose from thesoundtrack is amazing and the graphicslook quite nice especially for a wii utitle the battle mode has beencompletely redone in this version withnew battle courses instead of usingthese standard tracks you've also got acouple of new characters such as theinklings accessibility features such assmart steering and auto acceleration andthe dlc from the original game is allincluded besides local online play isreally smooth and you can even createyour own tournaments this game has alsogone on to become the best-sellingnintendo switch game so chances are thatyou might have a few friends thatalready have the game that you can playwith there's even the new booster coursepass dlc which is set to expand the gameeven further by doubling the number oftracks up to 96. additions like coconutmall and tokyo blur really showcasewhat's in store especially with theremade music man is so good overallmario kart 8 deluxe is a must-havenintendo switch title and i can't waitto see what the rest of the dlc has instoremetroid dredd is a 2d action-adventuregame that follows samus as sheinvestigates planet zdr samus movesperfectly she feels very responsive andas you learn new abilities they feelvery natural the puzzle solving can bepretty tricky but really the best thingthat you can do is just shoot everythingthe enemies look very cool they havedifferent attack patterns and can becountered if timed correctly thescariest enemies out of the bunch arethe emmys which are super robots thatcan insta-kill samus if she comes intocontact with them you can escape themhowever it's not the easiest to pull offso your best bet is to play it safe andavoid them at all costs the bosses arecool too even if i found them to bepretty tricky even on the normaldifficulty they pretty much just taketrial and error but once defeated it canfeel very rewarding the explorationaspect of the game is top notch the mapis large with many different ecosystemsit really showcases how much can beachieved in this 2d style the game isalso beginner friendly with the addedrookie mode but you've also got a fewdifficulty modes as well this is thebest 2d metro to date and with a largenumber of new fans i'm very excited tosee the series goes from herekirby and the forgotten land is kirby'sfirst true 3d adventure that takes placein an abandoned world filled to the brimwith detail kirby feels great to controland the gameplay works much better thani could have possibly imagined the copyabilities were very well adapted andthey all play exactly how they shouldthere are only 10 however by findingblueprints you can unlock variations ofthem some are a bit overpowered but theydo add a lot to the game to craft themyou must also collect rare stones whichcan be obtained by completing treasureroad levels the addition of the dodgeroll is also pretty cool and satisfyingwhen pulled off correctly as it slowsdown time mouthful mode allows kirby tosuck up special objects to take newforms it's fun to use and add somevariety to the gameplay all thelocations just feel so familiar and dueto their abandoned appearance it helpsto really immerse you in this world andthe music and visual style just pull youin this game has you progressing byclearing levels and saving model dswaddle d-town becomes upgraded as youcollect them allowing you to access newservices and mini-games you travelthrough overgrown malls stunning beachesand even an amusement park the bossesare really cool i won't spoil much but ireally do like their designs the game'salso got local co-op which allows you toplay together with a friend overallkirby and the forgotten land is oneincredible game that you'll never forgetand hopefully has paved the way for moreexciting adventures to comexenoblade chronicles definitive editionis a remaster of a jrpg originallyreleased on the nintendo wii i came intothe series completely blind and i wasn'tdisappointed in the slightest the gameputs you in the role of shock you knowthat one character from super smashbrothers that says i'm really feeling itwell after his hometown gets attacked bythe metcon he and his childhood friendryan embark on a journey to seek revengealong the way you'll meet many new partymembers which all have differentabilities in battle the monado is alegendary sword that grants shulkmultiple abilities to defeat the metconand even see glimpses of the featurethis game has a real-time combat systemthat relies on position and timing it'seasy to learn but can take time tomaster and since this game is quite along one you'll have plenty of time tolearn and upgrade your abilities thegame takes place on two massive titansby honest ameconus represent bothorganic and mechanical life the game'sworld is huge with multiple biomessecret areas different enemies toencounter and incredible scenery thegame has had a significant graphicalupgrade with new textures models andlighting it's very accessible withplenty of quality of life features suchas a casual mode and improved menus thedefinitive edition also includes a newepilogue adventure that takes place onthe biona's shoulder which was left outof the original game it's a decent sizeand it's easily my favorite area there'shonestly so much to this game that ifeel like i'm just touching the tip ofthe iceberg that's why i recommendchecking out xenoblade chroniclesdefinitive edition for yourselfluigi's mansion 3 is an action adventuregame that takes the qualities of both ofthe previous entries after settling inat a hotel luigi wakes up to find thatthe sparkling hotel has become hauntedafter meeting up with professor eganluigi obtains the poltergust g00 thisspecial vacuum cleaner allows luigi tosuck up ghosts and many other itemsluigi sets out to save mario and friendswhile collecting the elevator buttons toaccess new areas this game is a ton offun with each room being a delight toenter there are so many secrets todiscover and clever puzzles to solve themany new mechanics introduced to theseries feel right at home such as theplunger the major new addition though isguiji which is the second playablecharacter if you're playing it alone youcan control both characters seamlesslywith the press of a button but playingwith a friend locally is fun too thegame also has a ton of extra contentincluding scare scraper an online modethat allows for local co-op with guijias well as screen park a marioparty-like mode that allows for 8players there are tons of achievementsand collectibles there's a lot to dothere's also dlc available which includenew extras to the gallery mini games forscreen power and scare scraper themesthe graphics animations and music areextremely polished and it's overall acomplete package which is why luigi'smansion 3 gets the third spot on thelistsuper mario odyssey is a return to theclassic sandbox style gameplay fromsuper mario sunshine and 64. the goal ofthe game is to collect power moons apower source that allows you to journeyto further kingdoms while visiting manydifferent locations that bowser waspreviously at you'll go from theshivering desert of the sand kingdom tothe sprawling city of the metro kingdomthe game feels really fun to control allof mario's signature moves are here butyou've also got a few new ones the majornew mechanic is cappy mario's classichat but now alive you can throw cappy tointeract with the world and when timedright you can also jump on it allowingfor mario to reach some extra heightmario also has an expanded moveset andimproved physics that have beenperfected cappy can also allow mario totake control and capture many differentcreatures and characters this allows forsome more variety in the gameplay thenew characters and bosses are veryunique especially the new brutals andpauline even returns as the new dunkcity mare the game doesn't offer much interms of multiplayer only a mildly funco-op mode there's also an assist modethat is helpful for younger players thesoundtrack graphics and art style areperfected this game is ambitious whichleaves me excited for a potential sequelso if you're a big fan of 3d mario thenthis is a must-have game for thenintendo switch and gets the second spoton the listso before we get to the game that hasearned the number one spot let's take alook at a few honorable mentions thatwere very close to making it in but notquite these won't be in any particularordersplatoon 2 is an online multiplayerthird person shooter the game revolvesaround the use of inc which allows youto spot opponents cover ground and useto travel turf 4 is the casual modewhile the league and ranked are morecompetitive in turf war your goal is tocover the ground in your color if youcover more turf than the other team youwin in ranked and league the modesrotate you have one such as rainmakerbasically capture the flag and powercontrol which has you trying to wellcontrol the tower you can go to thedifferent shops to buy clothing weaponsand there are many different play stylesavailable so you can play whatever wayyou want the game has a single playercampaign and a co-op mode called salmonrun which is really fun there's even theocto expansion dlc which is anadditional single player campaignplatoon 2 can get a bit tiring aftersome time especially with the absence ofan achievement system but hopefullysplatoon 3 can improve upon this gamewhile adding plenty of new contentxenoblade chronicles 2 is the directsequel to xenoblade chronicles this is ajrpg that takes many elements from thefirst game while introducing many newones this game follows rex as he embarkson a journey with pyra to travel toelysium a promised lands of sortsthroughout the adventure you'll meetmany new characters and party memberswhile exploring massive landscapes onand inside massive creatures calledtitans the world is huge and there is alot to discover the visuals and musicare amazing and the battle system is amix of turn-based and real-time as yourarts have a cooldown so you gotta bereally strategic with your blades whichcan change up your arts and can allowyou to create combos using theirrespective elements like the firstxenoblade it's easy to learn but complexto master but overall xenobladechronicles 2 is an excellent sequel withsome stunning locations excellentcharacters and a fantastic story and ifyou're craving some more after theadventure you've also got the expansionpass which includes tournament thegolden country a smaller prequeladventure very excited for xenobladechronicles 2020 what game could have been betterto come out other than animal crossingnew horizons this is a town simulationgame that sees you living on an islandthat you get to help build from theground up this game centers around timeas you will have to wait real world daysfor certain projects to complete and onspecific days there'll be events or youcan buy certain items so it's best tolog on each day to see what's going onyou're able to craft items and toolsusing materials you find you can fishcatch bugs dive underwater forcollectibles and even dig up fossils todonate to your museum you get a lot offreedom such as the ability to pick thelocations of shops facilities and homesyou can even create custom patternswhich can be used for clothing items andeven floor patterns you can also investin turnips which are a great way to geta large amount of bells you can spend somuch time on this game and playing withfriends is easily the best part of it asthey can join your island and vice versaand after a ton of updates there is alot to do and there is even theadditional happy home paradise dlc thatcan easily extend your play timesuper mario maker 2 is a sequel to theoriginal on the wii u and 3ds this gametruly deserves the 2 in its title asthere are so many new objects andfeatures to play around with and makethe mario course of your dreams thereare slopes on and off blocks new enemiesa brand new 3d road style and much morethe game's level builder is completelyrobust and the game gives you a ton offreedom when designing your very ownlevel there are plenty of themes andstyles to choose from including thebrand new knight option there aremultiplayer game modes as well includingthe ability to play levels with yourfriends both locally and online themultiplayer might be better depending onthe wifi you have and who you areconnected to but in my case it worksfine enough also some of the levels justaren't designed for multiplayer the gamehas had multiple large updates that haveintroduced new features such as newbosses powerapps modes and even a worldmap builder which allows you to stringyour levels together to create your veryown mario game and you can upload yoursand play others online so if you love 2dmario and want an infinite amount oflevels to play then i recommend checkingit outpikmin 3 deluxe is an enhanced port ofpikmin 3 that was originally released onthe wii u in 2013.the plot of the game is about a team ofexplorers that are in search of fruitfor their home planet the game has youcommanding an army of pikmin to solvepuzzles explore collect and fight bossesthe bosses and enemies are strange andprobably one of the most unique aspectsof the game different pikmin types havedifferent characteristics that arehelpful in specific situations you alsohave a time limit for each day thatrequires you to be strategic the deluxeversion includes plenty of quality oflife improvements the dlc emissions fromthe original some new missions featuringolimar and louis and the piklopediamakes a return from pikmin 2. there'salso bingo bottle which is a fun localmultiplayer mode that has you try andcollect items on a bingo card there'salso a demo available on the nintendoeshop so i recommend trying it outand the game that gets the number onespot is you guessed it the legend ofzelda breath of the wild this gameleaves out most of the past tropes ofzelda games behind but reinvents thegameplay and feel this action-adventuregame is a masterpiece of puzzle-solvingstory and exploration the open-worldstructure allows you to go anywhere yousee in the distance you can climb up anymountain or mostly any building you canjourney to wherever you want do whateveryou want and see whatever you want inthis massive sandbox there are plenty ofside quests and an adventure log toorganize them in i came into the gamecompletely blind so at first i thoughtthe great plateau was the entire map butafter finishing the prologue it becameclear the game was much larger than ihad anticipated there are shrines tosolve all over the place and whencompleting them they award you withspirit orbs that can upgrade your healthand stamina you collect many differentitems including weapons tools and foodyou can use these to create your ownfood dishes but cannot craft weaponsthis encourages you to find weaponsyourself as the weapons can breakyou also have special abilities providedby your shiga slate the device that youcan use to solve puzzles and even defeatenemies there is so much to do that evenafter completing the main story mode ihad like 10 percent of thingsaccomplished so there's a lot to do inthis game the art style looks amazingwith its cel-shaded look and no matterhow you play the game it will alwayslook amazing whether on handheld ordocked you've also got dlc in form ofthe expansion pass which adds a bunch ofnew features and modes to the gameoverall the legend of zelda breath ofthe wild is one incredible game as itmanaged to shape the video game industryand i'm very excited to see what thesequel has in storeanyways that's about it for the video ihope you all did enjoy it and if you didmake sure to leave a like and subscribeto the channel thank you all for 20 000subscribers you guys are the best andwith that i will see you all in the nextone[Music][Music]you