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This new AI is powerful and uncensored… Let’s run it

Uncensored AI Models: Mixtols Mixl 8X 7B and the Benefits of CustomizationA French company named Mixtol has released a new, open source, Apache 2. license model - Mixl 8X 7BThis model outperforms GPT 3.5 and llama 2 on most benchmarks and can be modified and monetized...


Bitcoin Volatility Presents Investment Opportunity for Altcoin BuyersBitcoin has the potential to move 40% after it closes a daily above its macro 618 Fib levelThis could be followed by a 40-50% correctionBitcoin does not break its high for at least half a year after...

The Truth: Bitcoin’s Must See DATA!

Bitcoin Bullish Trend Unprecedented Despite Weakest Bear Market on RecordBitcoin has been experiencing a strong bullish trendThe Bitcoin halving events have historically coincided with bullish markets but are not a catalyst for themThe current bear market is the...

I built an AI Data Scientist – Open AI Assistants API with Python and Streamlit Tutorial

Open AI Ushers in New Era: Assistant API, Poetry, Streamlit & Config FunctionOpen AI has announced the Assistant APIThis does not mean data science is ending, rather, it is ushering in a new era where AI can be used to enhance data scienceThe API includes capabilities...

🚀 Exploring Bitcoin Rollercoaster: Will it Keep on Giving? | Live Analysis, Predictions & Q&A! 📈

Mr Noteds Mission to Impact 1 Million with Cryptocurrency Swing TradingSwing trading cryptocurrency has the potential to make a significant difference in financial freedomMr Noted, leadswing trading analyst Trader at Swingtrade Pros is on a mission to impact 1 million...

Nightly News Full Broadcast – Nov. 29

Tragedy and Triumph Across the Globe: 16 Hostages Released in Gaza, 10-Month-Old Killed in Airstrike, US Military Aircraft Crashes off Japan, Assassination Plot in New York City, Three Killed in Ohio Explosion, and Former President Carter Attends Wifes Funeral.Today,...

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Full Broadcast – Nov. 29, 2023

American Mother Freed from Hamas Captivity, FBI Investigates Assassination Plot, Rosalyn Carter Honored at Funeral, US Air Force Osprey Crashes, East Coast Braces for Cross Country Storm, House to Vote on Republican Expulsion, Aaron Rogers Suffers Injury, and Well...

Nick Wright reacts to Mark Cuban selling majority stake of Dallas Mavericks | Colin Cowherd Podcast

Mark Cuban, From Mavericks Owner to Possible Presidential Candidate?Mark Cuban recently sold a majority stake of the Dallas Mavericks to a casino tycoon for 3.5 billionCuban kept control of basketball operations, leading to speculation that he could be a political...

What is Q*? Speculation on how OpenAI’s Q* works and why this is a critical step towards AGI

Open AI Board Dismissed as Alman Seeks Return & QAR Threatens HumanitySam Alman was fired by the board of Open AI, but is now looking to come back with most of the board being firedOpen AI researchers sent a letter to the board warning them of a breakthrough algorithm...

When Corrupt Cops Realize They Obliterated Their Career

Sheriffs DUI: High Blood Alcohol Reading Revealed in Emergency SituationSheriff Scott Stevenson was found unresponsive and slumped over the steering wheel on the side of the roadKalkaska sheriff's deputy Ashley van sloten was dispatched to the location and called...