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Best Moments in Minecraft’s History

Exploring the Evolution of Minecraft: A Journey from Exploits to Griefing

  • In 2009, players discovered flying exploits
  • In 2010, a monolith and far lands were discovered, as well as a duplication glitch
  • In 2011, the first ever Redstone computer was built
  • In 2012-2013 Minecraft began to gain popularity and Minecon events were hosted
  • In 2014 Denmark created a one-to-one scale replica of their country on a server that eventually shut down due to griefing
  • In 2015 seed finding became popular with players discovering rare seeds.

A Decade of Innovations in the Terraria World: From Glitchiest Moments to Greatest Discoveries

  • 2016 repeating seeds were discovered, considered the greatest terrain generation bug
  • 2017 Flying machine and Bedrock breaking machine invented
  • 2018 RNG manipulation and lightning farm invention, Super Quarry mining method
  • 2020 glitchiest moments, Strider overpowered mob and one-third end portal
  • 2021 swamp clay diamond finding patches, AI robots learning behaviors, peak seed discoveries and EPS Mob Farms.

The Limitless Wonders of Minecraft: Unobtainable Items, 24 Hour Redstone Competition and Tax Fraud in Albuquerque

  • Players have pushed the limits of Minecraft technology and discovered new ways to become immortal in Survival mode
  • Geniuses at 24 hour Redstone Competition built impressive inventions such as a slimestone tank and Wither farm
  • An exploit was discovered on June 27th, 2022 which allowed players to generate unobtainable items like command blocks, portal frames and spawners out of thin air
  • Someone was accused of tax fraud worth 54 million dollars connected to car wash in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Original & Concise Bullet Point Briefs

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I've documented the craziest Minecraftmoments to ever happen over the lastdecade such as the rare seeds greatestaccomplishments and most elaborateinventions so today I narrowed years ofthese game breaking highlights andevents down into just the best onesstarting in 2009 we're the first everflying exploits was discovered when theinitial version of the game was launchedthere was a feature that allowed you tosave your position with r and teleportback to that position with enter byrepeatedly spamming and resetting thesesave points while jumping in the air youcould use it to fly to the world's Skylimit where you'd get stuck and have tomanually crash your game to escape nowthe only thing better than flyingglitches are duplication glitches and in2009 during the instead version of thegame we would historically see the firstone ever discovered by building a smalltwo by one hole with a 2x2 wall besideit and throwing Whatever item you wantto duplicate right on the corner of thewall the last item dropped into the holewill magically become infinite allowingyou to use it as much as you wanted nowbecause of Minecraft being so Bare Bonesin 2009 these glitches and builds werereally the only Highway lights but goinginto 2010 we would start to see historybeing made a player by the name ofimported socks came across this giganticmonolith that generated mysteriouslywhile playing on the survival world itlooked as if a chunk of the world wasjust raised up to the 128 block skylimit which left a hollowed out pit ofwater on the inside monoliths like thiswere only generated due to extremelyrare circumstances while the terrain wasprocessing but this is just the start of2010's best moments because that sameyear possibly the most historicMinecraft feature to ever exist wasdiscovered the far lands located 12million blocks away from spawn in oldversions of Minecraft you could find themost insane World Generation glitch inthe game's history this ants mazelooking terrain acted as the worldborders we have today but most peopledon't realize is the far lands don'tjust end at 12 million blocks throughoutthe years people like ant venom havepushed Minecraft World Generation limitsto see Secrets way past the far landsone of which can be found 25 millionblocks below Bedrock where you can finda similar looking World Generationanomaly where there's just a bunch ofthese extreme surreal and man-madelooking caves everywhere insideMinecraft's best moments weren't justlimited to terrain generation thoughbecause back in 2010 players figured outmultiple ways to fly using pigs one waywas to repeatedly reel in a pig with afishing rod which would bypass IsaacNewton's laws of gravity but the successrates wasn't so high spamming snowballsadded over and over again thoughfor workingthis Alpha version was also around thetime that Notch decided to add in thenether to the game and while developingthe portals he accidentally left in avery funny feature by simply pressing F4you could literally spawn in NetherPortals out of thin air in some playerswho found this on Reddit even contestedeach other who could make the mostinsane structure using this glitch andyou know what I'll even give this one ago perfect now going into 2011 duringthe beta phase of the game we wouldfinally start to see more featuresleading to the community making historysuch as simulating a live webcam inMinecraft user Nate viniconis coded abuilding program that would createblocks matching the exact color andlocation of what was in front of hiscamera in real time from doing the MrBeast pose capturing himself jugglingand even simulating his cat going crazythis is definitely the best moment ofits time but we're still only at thebeginning built by the internet for thewin this is the first ever MinecraftRedstone computer built up of severalintricate wires and memory programs thisancient CPU is able to do simplemathematics such as addition subtractionin the Fibonacci sequel but the craziestpart about it is that it was also madecompletely in survival mode sincecreative didn't even exist yet as youcan see he said hmm let me make my blockof choice the community didn't stoppushing the newly added Redstone therethough because just a few months laterplayers would discover probably the mostoverpowered and cool looking duplicationglitches seen to this day by justconnecting a fast Redstone clock to twosticky pistons powering them and thenplacing a block in between the blockwill be duplicated infinitely basicallyprinting money out of thin air waitstamp don't you think that many diamondscould maybe cause some bad inflationwhat is inflation now during the startof 2012 and going into 2013 we wouldfinally start to see Minecraft boom inpopularity with every single updatemillions of players started to flock ininsane Minecon events were hosted andhundreds of YouTubers that made people'schildhoods began making videos thiswhole period just had so many highlightsas it was the Golden Age of Minecraftbut probably the most notable of themall was later on in 2014 when the Danishgovernments decided to create aone-to-one scale replica of their entirecountry coming in at over 4 trillionblocks and more than a terabyte of dataThis Server is exactly what you'd findin Denmark but in Minecraft it was meantto act as a cool experience forresidents to see and build onto theirhouses in the game but they've made ahuge mistake they disabled players fromplacing TNT but they completely forgotto disable TNT Minecarts as soon as thiswas discovered Americans flocked to thesermon to grieve every single buildingthey could find blowing up houses toplace tanks and flags all over theinnocent ruins this led to a DenmarkNational Emergency as they shut down theserver with the intention of neveropening it up again following thatinteresting moment in 2015 seed findingstarted to gain some popularity as wecould see players discovering new Rarityone of which being a village house onthis 1.8 C that generated almost all theway up at Sky limit which has itsfoundation stretching over 150 blockstall to the ground skyscrapers wouldgenerate like this because either ahouse somehow spawned on top of afloating island and the code said no youneed to be on the ground or it's simplyjust the alpha of The Village at workasserting dominance however that wasn'tthe only seed as this one found by thepunchlinger goes against all laws ofMinecraft every single sheep heard youfind on this seed will always have apink sheep a part of it despite the onein 642 chance of them actually spawningstaying on the topic of world gen in2016 repeating seeds were discoveredwhich could be considered the greatestterrain generation bug of all time witha 1 in 140 trillion chance of comingacross from randomly repeating seeds area phenomenon where a feature of aMinecraft world is repeated over andover again all the way to the worldborders from infinite mine shafts a lineof diamond door stretching on foreverand even this infinitely generating lavaRavine which has to be one of thecoolest seeds that has ever been foundbut there's still one feature of aMinecraft world that has been the samefor the game's entire history Bedrockwhile players have found variousbedrock-breaking exploits throughout theyears none of them come close tocycraft's extremely fastbedrock-breaking machine in 2 2017members of this Minecraft serverinvented a flying machine that uses TNTa headless piston exploit in extremelyprecise timing to confuse the game intoremoving Bedrock the main goal of doingthis was not just to break the game butalso make history by creating a 1million block Recreation of Skyblock nowthis invention right here would Mark thebeginning of breaking minecraft as allof the year's prior technical Minecraftwasn't taken very seriously but goinginto 2018 the community started to pushMinecraft to its absolute limits withnew discoveries and techniques one groupof players figured out how to manipulateMinecraft's RNG to control things suchas turning on and off the weathercausing hundreds of more mobs to spawnthan usual and even making it so everytime you would mind an ore with thefortune pickaxe you would get themaximum amount of drops this discoverywould spark some of the craziestMinecraft inventions to ever be madesuch as prototec's lightning Farm whichmanipulates not only the weather buthundreds of skeleton Horsemen intospawning every single minute now if thatwasn't doing the impossible already onceagain on the prototech SM P playersinvented an ender dragon farm which isone of the most overpowered Farms tothis day showcased by Rey's works thisFarm repeatedly re-summons the EnderDragon and uses Pistons to push it intoa single TNT blast chamber while doingso the player is also loading in and outof chunks which somehow manipulates thegame into dropping maximum XP everysingle time the dragon dies the XP willthen float to the player in the minecartgaining around 6 million points per hourwithout even moving gold muscle so nowplayers have completely revolutionizedRNG and XP farming but what about miningwell this is the super Quarry the mostefficient mining method ever created onthe scycraft server it's a giant movingslimestone machine which takes blocksthat are in its path and automaticallyremoves them with the use of TNT dupersoverall it can clear out over 400 athousand blocks an hour leaving thisabsolute Wasteland of a perimeter thiswould be one of the last majortechnological Milestones of 2018 andjust looking at the game's highlightsgoing from random Alpha bugs found inour survival world to intentionallybreaking the game is honestly kind ofnostalgic alright so now let's fastforward to 2020 when we would see someof Minecraft's glitchiest moments inhistory during snapshot 20w13a a playerdiscovered that if you simply die insideof this version you will be put intospectator mode in survival mode at thesame time but the weirdest part is isthat you can punch yourself to death andupon being killed you will become stuckin this third person State foreveralmost as if you've entered the fourthdimension now if that was an RDA Mojangbruh moment and the exact snapshot rightafter this one Striders turned into themost overpowered mob in the entire gameif you were to ride a Strider up againsta wall it would suddenly start goingMach 5 through the nether not only didthey go fast but if he reeled one inwith a fishing rod from above thenmounted onto its mid-air The Striderwould start to fly and you'll actuallybe able to Pilot it it was also in 2020where this very strange one-third endportal was discovered now every singleend portal has a one in one trillionchance of generating with each eyevendor in place which one on this seeddid but it also happens it generatesright on a chunk border which glitchedthe portal into activating only onethird of it which I didn't think waspossible staying on the topic of WorldGeneration findings in 2021 MatthewBolin discovered something that wouldchange the way humans played Minecraftforever being able to find diamonds justby using a swamp clay patch quicklyspreading across the entire community nos p was safe for players logging on andbeing full diamond within minutes I evengot banned ones from this guys as a pjust because he thought Mick yum and Iwere x-raying just because he didn'tknow about the Strat similar to this youcould use lapis and other world featuresto locate the diamonds and it wasn't asurprise that Mojang immediately patchedthis in the next update Matthew Bolandsays it might be possible that firepatches in the nether could be used tofind ancient debris and if discoveredcould be so powerful the world wouldnever be the same continuing on with2021's highlights we would also see thehistoric rise of artificial intelligencein Minecraft while people like Techotechnicia have designed sophisticatedbaritone Bots to complete the steps ofbeating the game organizations likemindorow went further creating a humanbrain in the world of Minecraft thatlearns different behaviors based off ofpunishments and rewards for example theystarted off by putting these groups ofrobots into a new world with no priorknowledge of the game at all as if ahuman was thrown onto Earth for thefirst time the robots were then givenpoints based on the type of blocks theymined so as time went on these robotslearned what blocks give more pointslike diamonds and what blocks to avoidmining all from their own judgmentalthough this is still very much in theworks with how much AI has improvedrecently I can definitely see itchanging Minecraft very soon 2021 alsohappened to be the year of peak seedfinding from players cracking theoriginal Herobrine seed to play onfinding the biggest Cactus ever comingin at 23 blocks tall and even a seedthat has everything you need to beat thegame just in the spawn chunk it's clearthere truly isn't a limit of discoveriesin this game around the same timeplayers also showed that there isn't alimit to mob Farms either because thehypnos Minecraft server created aContraption called EPS that produces 3.7million Hostile Mobs an hour by using aseries of platforms and Nether Portalsplaced in this gigantic void perimeterHostile Mobs will spawn and instantly beteleported into The Nether at anabsurdly fast rate where they aregrouped together executed and their itemdrops are collected the level oftechnology that went into this and eventhe decoration just around thecontraption is definitely the Pinnacleof mob farming okay okay let's take aquick second away from all thesedramatic moments and insane technologyand appreciates the most realisticMinecraft texture pack ever madereleased in 2021 these textures coveringevery single block in the game costed mea whole 40 dollars but the amount ofdetail the blocks and atmosphere on thistexture pack has definitely makes itworth it since it's just so commonsometimes it's just nice to get awayfrom the wife and yeah oh hold on guysmy PC is kind of getting loud right nowalright so as we go into 2022 the bestmoments at this point become greaterthan any in history due to discoveriescompetitiveness and new featuresstarting in April where for the firsttime ever players figured out how tobecome immortal in Survival Minecraftduring my best player simulatecivilization events one of the threeteams had engineered stasis Chambers Foran upcoming War which would use enderpearls to teleport them back to theirbase if they were ever in danger but thecraziest part is that they use an updatesuppressor to manipulate the stasisChambers into teleporting them backautomatically when it detected therewere no more totems in their inventorywith this they won the war by repeatedlyfighting the other team tell teleportingback after running out of totems gettingmore totems at base and then going backto fighting but this wasn't the firsttime players in my events push limitsbecause during my 24 hour Redstonecompetition the Geniuses participatingbuilt some of the best Minecraftinventions I've ever seen one of theplayer's mythical Pingu had created agigantic slimestone tank which couldmove around while shooting off TNT andeven being equipped with a giant nuke ontop there's also cubic meter who hadcreated a Wither farm this was done byloading an arrow into a blast chamber atthe top of this Tower while ignitinghundreds of TNT which would shoot thearrow down so quickly it would one shotthe Wither right before another one wascreated now all of these inventions andother highlights shown throughout thisvideo are impressive but in my personalopinion I still think there's one momentthat tops every single thing mentionedin this video the day unobtainable itemslike bedrock and portal frames andbarriers were obtained for the firsttime in Survival Minecraft on June 27th2022 all of the people on screen rightnow discovered the falling blog exploitwhich is described as one of thegreatest exploits in the entirety ofgaming history by using extremelyintricate Redstone machinery andcombining the binary codes of differentblocks such as water sand and anvilsthese players Were Somehow able togenerate entirely new items out of thinair such as command blocks and Portalframes and spawners which when brokenwill actually drop the item for theplayer to use and now we're in 2023 andthings have gone so extremelycomplicated sometimes I wish I couldjust go back in time to when things weresimplehuh wait where am Itax fraud 54 million dollars all beinglaundered with the car wash AlbuquerqueI know nothing about Albuquerque NewMexico I I think I need a lawyer I thinkI need a lawyer please