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Nightly News Full Broadcast – March 21

Rising Tensions and Storms Across US: NYC Police on High Alert, VA Murder Charges, CA Flooding

  • Police are on high alert in New York and Washington, D.C. amid the potential to indict former President Donald Trump
  • Trump predicted he would be arrested today but this has not happened
  • NYPD officers have been ordered to be in uniform and ready for deployment in case of protests
  • Trump is accused of fraudulently accounting for a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels and a grand jury will reconvene tomorrow to consider evidence
  • In Virginia, seven deputies and three hospital workers have been charged with murder after disturbing video showed them restraining and piling onto a 28 year old man until he stopped breathing
  • California is being hit by another storm system with heavy rains, high winds and the potential for more flooding.

Regional High Winds, California Floods, LA Teacher Strike, China-Russia Tensions, Japan-Ukraine Relations: Global Storm of Change

  • 33 million people are under high wind alerts across the region
  • 17 million face flood alerts in Tulare County with mandatory evacuations forcing thousands of families out of their homes
  • California has experienced 12th atmospheric River storm since January, dumping up to 10 inches of rain and eroding riverbanks causing dangerous water rescues and putting pressure on levees and infrastructure
  • LA school system, the country’s second largest, shut down today as tens of thousands of workers went on strike for higher pay
  • China’s Xi Jinping sent economic aid to Russia and invited Putin to Beijing during a crucial meeting in Moscow
  • Japan’s Prime Minister was in Ukraine today adding to the escalating global tensions.

DEA Seizes 50 Million Fentanyl Pills, California Passes Tylers Law, Urgent Warning Issued for Xylazine

  • DEA issues an urgent warning about xylazine
  • California becomes the first state to require hospitals to test for fentanyl in drug screenings
  • Julie found purpose advocating for legislation in California, Tyler’s Law, requiring a 6-test be added specifically for fentanyl
  • 50 million fentanyl pills masquerading as regulated medication seized by DEA
  • Testing essential for overdose patients, cost of 75 cents per test could save lives
  • Basketball fans remember NBA Legend Willis Reed.

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  • Original summaries that highlight the key points of your content
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tonight police on high alert for thepossibility of unrest ahead of thepotential indictment of Donald Trump theNYPD ordering all officers to be inuniform and ready to mobilize barriersoutside the courthouse in Manhattan andthe U.S Capitol in Washington Mr Trumppredicted he would be arrested today inthe investigation into a hush moneypayment before the 2016 election Williebecome the first former president toface criminal charges in U.S historyalso tonight the death of a man at aVirginia hospital the disturbing newvideo deputies and Hospital workerspiling on top of him for several minutesuntil he stops moving the 9-1-1 call forhelp the new atmospheric River Eventtaking aim at California after recordfloods Al Roker is tracking it thestrike shutting down the nation's secondlargest School District class iscanceled for more than 400 thousandstudents what workers are demanding ourNBC News exclusive the teachers shot bya six-year-old student what she willnever forget as he pointed the gun ather the dea's new warning about the riseof a deadly new street drug and the Hallof Famer who led the Knicks to twochampionships remembering the legendaryWillis Reedthis is NBC Nightly News with LesterHoltgood evening and welcome this is the dayDonald Trump declared he would bearrested that has not happened but thereare Wheels in Motion we're watchingtonight New York police deploying a showof force ready for but so far seeingnothing in the way of major proteststhat Trump had called for the formerpresident today worked the court ofpublic opinion in a social media postlashing out at his former fixer andpotential witness against him MichaelCohen who he is accused of spreadinglies but all eyes tonight on LowerManhattan and a courthouse where thegrand jury will reconvene tomorrowconsidering whether there is sufficientevidence to indict Mr Trump forfraudulently accounting for a hush moneypayment to actress Stormy DanielsGarrett hake has the latest developmentsTim New York City bracing for a possibleindictment of former president Trump allNYPD officers ordered to be in uniformand prepared for deployment today incase of protests with the grand jury setto reconvene tomorrow Mr Trump's weekendprediction of his own Tuesday arrest notcoming to pass the former president nowunleashing a new barrage of insultsincluding labeling his formerfixer-turned prosecution witness MichaelCohen a quote serial fake Storytellerand a liar it's a typical Donald J Trumpplay out of the Playbook figure out howyou're going to money the water as bestas you possibly can denigrate the persondisparage them the possible prosecutioncould center around a 130 thousanddollar payment Cohen says he made toStormy Daniels on behalf of thencandidate Trump In the Heat of the 2016campaign to buy her Silence about claimsof an affair with Mr Trump a decadeearlier hush money payments are notillegal under state law any a potentialindictment could rest on how the paymentwas accounted for a possible misdemeanorcase or an illegal gamble Manhattan D.AAlvin Bragg could pursue a lower levelfelony Mr Trump's attorney notingBragg's predecessor decided not topursue any charges well they're using acase that by all accounts was was thenon arrival by all accounts was turneddown by every other agency that lookedat it top Republicans peppered withquestions about the former president'sconduct today attacking the DemocraticDA's possible case as politicallymotivated I think in your heart ofhearts you know too that you think thisis just political and I think that'swhat the rest of the country thinks andwe're kind of tired of that Garrettwe're also learning more about thesecurity planning if an Enlightenment isannouncedLester two senior officials tell NBCNews law enforcement have discussedeverything from the airports Mr Trumpmight use to the route he would take toget to lower Manhattan if he had to comeand face a judge but Secret Service havenot yet done a Security review of thecourthouse behind me that's a step theywould only take if Mr Trump is indictedLester all right Garrett Hague thank youin Virginia a shocking video releasedtoday of a man's final moments afterbeing restrained by sheriff's deputiesand staff at a mental hospital all nowformally charged with murder Katie Beckhas more we have to warn you the imagesare disturbingthe actions of seven Virginia sheriff'sdeputies and three Hospital workers onMarch 6 captured on camera images of 28year old Ivo otianos last hours alivethis story was not supposed to end likethis transported from jail to a mentalhospital where prosecutors say he wassmothered to death during intake a grandjury meeting today it took about threehours and they came back with 10indictments what does that say to youit says to me that umthis nine-manand one womanmurdered my son the video released byThe prosecution which doesn't have soundshows otiano's intake at the hospital at419 deputies walk him into a Hospitaladmissions roomotieno appearing to be handcuffed hisankles in shackles at first leaning himagainst a chair minutes later deputiesand Hospital staff pile on top of himuntil about 4 40.otieno then seen unresponsive chestcompressionsbegins anymoreis the patient at Grover is he not no heused to be aggressive right so they'retrying toput them in restraints then eventuallyhe didn't he's no longer breathing theemergency crew arrives at 508 andcontinues to attempt to revive otienobut by 5 48 it's too late one defenseattorney disappointed by the releasedvideos saying it could Tain a jury andsaying his client had limited contactwith otiano this is just that he in anyway acted in concert quite frankly is astretch of the imagination but otiano'sfamily haunted by unrelenting grief andthe question why I call his name everyday I find myself calling his ma'amseveral defense attorneys for defendantsin this case did not respond to ourrequest for comment at last check theseven deputies were on administrativeleave but the Sheriff's Office notresponding to comment tonight as wellLester all right Katie Beck thank youCalifornia is being hammered tonight byyet another big storm system with heavyrains high winds and the potential formore flooding Shaquille Brewster isthere for ustonight another round of intense stormspounding the West Coast Relentless rainsoaking SoCal while whiteout conditionshit Mountain communities where familiesare still recovering from the last stormCentral and Southern California bracingfor whipping winds already topping 70miles an hour 33 million people areunder high wind alerts across the region17 million facing flood alerts in TulareCounty mandatory evacuations forcingthousands of families out of their homesit's never been like this never since welived here it's been 36 or seven yearswe lived out here this is California's12th atmospheric River storm sinceJanuary the system dumping up to 10inches of rain throughout the statewhich has faced drought for nearly adecade California reservoirs now at 70percent capacitybut the series of storms also erodingRiverbanks causing dangerous waterrescues and putting pressure on leveesand infrastructure a water main breakadding to the misery on LA's freewaysthis is a lake that is formed right onthe southbound Lanes tonight anotherdangerous washout leaving southernCalifornia drenched as forecasters saymore is on the way Shaquille BrewsterNBC News Los Angeles let us bring in AlRoker who's tracking this they seem tobe just stuck in this state of storms Iknow and we don't have a break right nowLester 17 million under flood alerts 33million under wind alerts two millionare winter weather alerts and you cansee that radar you can see that all thatheavy rain coming in look at some ofthese wind gusts 30 miles per hour inL.A Monterey 60 miles Needles 31 mileper hour wind gusts today rainfallamounts we're gonna get see another oneto two inches stretching from Montereydown to San Diego snowfall amounts we'retalking about another one to three feetof snow throughout the Sierra and thissystem moves to the east Leicester we'relooking for severe weather ThursdayDallas to San Angelo and then Fridaysevere weather possibility of tornadoesfrom Nashville down to New Orleans somore Coast to Coast weather to deal withall right Val Roker thank you much siralso in California the LA school systemthe country's second largest shutdowntoday as tens of thousands of workerswent on strike Miguel almaguero on thedisruption and the demandsoff the job and on the picket linetonight these are some of the 30 000 Launified school districts supportemployees demanding higher paycustodians cafeteria workers and busdrivers like Lanier Boyd Peterson asingle mom raising three children who'sstruggling to pay her bills if we can'tproperly take care of our families howis it that we can take care of otherpeople's families with negotiations at astalemate the union is demanding a 30percent pay raise for all members whoseaverage salary is roughly twenty fivethousand dollars I can make more moneyworking at a fast food chain than I dohere the three-day strike supported byteachers has shut down the nation'ssecond largest school district lockingout 420 000 students of which nearly 80percent live at or below the povertyline I'm not happy with the kids beinghome but I do support the strikeoffering a cash bonus better benefitit's and a 23 percent raise thesuperintendent says if the district getsany closer to the 30 percent demandLAUSD could go bankrupt and that's sevenpercent considering the size of ourWorkforce uh has a significant impact onour finances it would not be prudent orlegal to go beyond what we have on thetable still the district is confident anagreement can be reached but the unionwon't budge from what they say is aliving wage tonight the fight for betterpay and the cost paid by children lockedout of school Miguel almaguer NBC NewsLos Angeleslet's turn out of that crucial meetingin Moscow today between Russia'sPresident Vladimir Putin and China's XiJinping Kier Simmons has been watchingit in cure for a second day both leaderstouting the closeness of their countriesthey did Lester and president XI todaysignaling more economic aid to Russiawhat does that mean more oil sales moregas sales more trade propping upRussia's economy and offering Chinacheap energy there was plenty morepersonal Chemistry Between the two mentwo president XI inviting PresidentPutin to Beijing President Putindescribing their talks as substantiveand if they did reach any agreement onChina sending weapons Leicester theyweren't saying it publicly all of thiswhile the Prime Minister of Japan was inUkraine today so just think about thatthe leader of China and the leader ofJapan today on two sides of this warescalating Global tensions LeicesterKyra Simmons thank you in 60 seconds ourexclusive interview with the teachershot by a six-year-old her chillingaccount of what happened when sherealized she'd been shutback now with more of our NBC Newsexclusive the Virginia teacher shot by asix-year-old student in January speakingout about the things she will neverforget before the shot was fired and herrace to get the other children to safetyhere's Ann Thompsonfor 25 year old Abigail's Werner thememories are indelible I just will neverforget the look on his face that he gaveme while he pointed the gun directly atme it's changed me it's changed my lifenow telling Savannah Guthrie whathappened when her six-year-old studentshot her in her first grade classwhat's going through your mindI was terrified my initial reaction wasyour kids need to get out of here thisis not a safe classroom anymore and thenyou need to go find help for yourselfum it was pretty shocking you knew youhad been shocked I just wanted to get mybabies out of there the police chiefsaid after that you had ensured that thekids got to a safe place you said youyour actions were heroic what were thenext things that you did thatstill kind of a blur got them out and Iwent to get help for myself I didn'tknow at the time that my lung hadcollapsed but I started not being ableto breathe very raspy breaths and myVisions started going out I remember Iwent to the office and I just passed outum I thought I had died zwerner'sattorney said in a notice of intent tosue Newport News public schools that theRich Neck Elementary Administration waswarned at least three separate timesthat the student had a gun but didn't doanything about it there have been manyfailures and there are multiple peopleresponsible for those failures she plansto file a civil lawsuit in two weekstoday the school district said it'sadded more security measures and isexpanding its Partnerships with locallaw enforcement the prosecutor decidednot to charge the six-year-old but isinvestigating whether others could facecriminal charges in the end zwerner'sbest defense that day was herself itcould have been fatal we believe thatby the bullet going through the handfirst that it most likely saved my lifestill struggling to regain use of thathand while coping with what she can'tforgetAnn Thompson NBC Newswe'll take a break up next with so manyoverdose deaths linked to fentanyl whydon't more Hospital er's test for thedrugan urgent warning about the widespreadthreat of a dangerous new street drugthe DEA issuing an alert on xylazine ananimal sedative commonly referred to astranq the agency has seen a sharpincrease in tranq mixed with the opioidFentanyl and says that tranq is quotemaking the deadliest drug threat ourcountry has faced even deadlierand California is now the first state torequire hospitals to test for fentanylduring drug screenings it's a law thatone mother believes could have saved herson's life more a Barrett with more inour series one nation overdosed afterbattling addiction for years 19 year oldTyler shamish was hospitalized forsuspected overdose but inexplicably hisdrug test came back clean I asked thedoctor three times the doctor is like noyou know our talk screen would show itwe test for opioids and it would showfence and all the next night Tyler tookanother pill laced with fentanyl anddiedshockingly for Tyler's family regulateddrug tests in emergency rooms are onlyrequired to check for what's known asthe federal five marijuana cocaineamphetamines opioids and PCP fentanylwill not show up many doctors and labsare unaware do you think it'sirresponsible that hospitals across thecountry don't automatically test forfentanyl in a drug screen extremelyI think because parents you trustdoctors you trust hospitals and ifthey're telling you that your kid's talkscreen came up clean most parents aren'tgoing to think to even question thedoctor Julie found purpose advocatingfor legislation in California to requirea six test be added specifically forfentanyl called Tyler's law it tookeffect this year California is the firstand only state that requires fentanyltesting be added in ERS somethingAdvocates hopes expands nationally atthe low cost of just 75 cents per testDr Roni Lev partnered with Julie onpushing the legislation through it issimple every hospital in America coulddo it tomorrow if they wanted to Joshsymes is one of the tens of thousands ofAmericans who died from a drug overdosea majority of them suspected to involvefentanyl according to the CDC it turnsout the hospital had not tested forfentanyl his partner Melanie Yatestestified on behalf of passinglegislation in Maryland to mirrorCalifornia's law we're undoubtedly goingto have more overdose deaths becausewe're not testing for this how are wegoing to make an impact if we'reessentially blinding ourselves to what'sactually going on how often do you seepatients that test positive for fentanylthat didn't know that's what they took Isee that all the time every single daymore than 50 million fentanyl pillsmasquerading as regulated medicationlike Xanax or oxycodone were seized bythe DEA in 2022 this kind of testing isessential for underwear patients when Itell them that they're positive forfentanyl I could see their eyes light upnow they may want to change or dosomething differently my son could stillbe alive today had the doctor known noteven had they tested for fentanyl justhad he known because then we could havegone and taken him somewhere else fortesting an easy low-cost test that couldsave lives and pull back the curtain onthe scope of this National epidemic moreBarrett NBC Newswe're back with more after thisbasketball fans are remembering NBAlegend Willis Reed the Hall of Famecenter for the New York Knicks bestremembered for playing while injured ingame 7 of the 1970 NBA finals andleading the Knicks to the championshipWillis Reed was 80 years old that'sNightly News for this Tuesday thank youfor watching everyone I'm Lester Holtplease take care of yourself and eachother good nightthanks for watching our YouTube channelfollow today's top stories and breakingnews by downloading the NBC News app